The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1948
Page 11
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(JRSDAT, FEBRUARY 19, 1948 iwls Provide •otein in Diet Horn* Economic! Experts Discover Many Ways to Cook (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Cheese Adds Much Zest To Vegetables Fur x well-balanced meatless meal In one dish, combine assorted cooked, leftover or canned beans with milk, cheese and CRRS. Keep this Bv Guvnor Maddox tf ^ f for Lenten use and on clays NEA Slaff Wr/ler *l^'Priced S "" P *" "*"* " •oday, chicken meat is relatively | (:. 1M ; ro |, of reliable, aper than many other protein i (« MrvlneV ds. Fowl, however, is really the O ne cm. scalded milk \ cup dliner. These mature heavy- Mfl b| . es(( crumbs 3 (ablosnoons ght brids are fine (or stewing, i melted butler or fortified marei- ising. rncftsseclng and other us- ; ,.),„. 2 tablespoons chopped pimlen- Lj i ! to. 1 cup grated American cheese fj/ crxiking experts of the U.S. | tablespoon finely chopped nntoii! , '* teaspoon salt, dasli of pepper, -> xiokcd ! eggs, well-beaten; i cup cooked or I canned vegetables (peas, beans, carrots, elc.i. Pour scalded milk over bread crumbs. Add butler, pimlonto, cheese, onion, salt, and pepper; blend In beaien ecus and vegetables. Turn Into Rteased 8-incli linking dish. Sel |n pnn of hot water, hav- j Ing water 1 inch deep. Bake In mod.. the fat cook the celery, onion ' erate o\ p cr <350 degrees F i 1 hour. i pepper for a lev minutes. Slir j Here's another satlsfyirip me.itless the flour nnd blend throughly. | dish for your [lie of meatless pro- en stir in the coo) or lukewarm lein " ' :th and cream, and cook the , ice until smooth and thickened. won lo taste with salt. Add the cken. Heal the mixuire Iho- l?hly and serve hoi in a rice or idle ring, on crisp toast or mash- potato. Chicken Creole four or five, pound chicken •Ids six servings. Besides the ieken, use 1-4 cup flour. 1 tea- oon sail, pepper, 1-4 teaspoon prika, 1-4 cup. fat (chicken fat iy be used), 1-2 cup chopped on>. 1-2 cup water, 1-4 cup chop- d green pepper. 2 1-2 cups to- Anderson Waits For Stability in Grain Markets State Claims Procedure Change Urged ghl brids are fine (or stewing.! lising. fricasseeing and other us- | crxiking experts of the U.S. ' lartmeiu nt Agriculture sugi;e.u ! se methods of using I: Savory ('reamed Chit-ken 'hree. cups diced cooked chicken, atalcspoom butter or other tat, '.ip chopped celery, I tablespoon ippcd onion. 1-4 green pepper ipped. 1-2 cup flour. 3 cups cken broth. 1-2 to 1 cup cream. WASHINGTON', l-'eb. 19. cUP> — Secretary ol ABliciillurp Clinloi) P. Anderson said today he still Is] LI1TLK "wailing for" to sla- j tUpi ..\ billze before resmniiiK guverninenl .netliod of grain pmrhnses. ( | ho s ,.,, He told a Nailrmnl 1'ress ' T hil'l|i, )n luncheon >vstci'diiy he was underi ' . : " ""• "s'-^"m.<- riMnnm- oljligntlons"' in connectwn tff "' ['"' -^'kansiis Knr Asswlrvtiou meets hcte IOIIIOILOW. HOCK. Ark., y,.b. 16. .irniKKcjl chance In (he brlnpini; claims mtalnsi vi!l be ii|> for eonstdern- ilic leglslaii with the grain markets: 1. As purcluisei for the stale de- parlmenc and foreign cmmlries to "buy a.s chpitply a.s possible " 2. As adinini.stiutor ol government price sijpjx>i I operations, to keep pru-es from sinking below the .supjHlrt prn-i'. "Th;i! hn.-ill'l liuiipened yet," he snul. He was n.skcd wl^ prlres xvlll go up or down" when the uovern- ineni resumes grain pui'chases. "Wheiher prices go up or down." | Anderson giinnrd, "1 know who i wll get blamed." | He said he already hart been ] accused of driving prices up and ! down nl Hie same time In connec- i tlon with (he mniket break. "Von j have to be pretty versaliln to do ; Dial." he Mid. j Tlie proposal uc in lion Piv I Hrmkley. «•(,« in ls the 1'minj, rule on UlP MlIN J-'iscal C'< \\ as mude by bar W. \V. Slia'-p of suscested that claims of Ins left up to lh> whlmt of Rrtmln- islntive oflK-ial.v. lie said Hut, prior to 10*6 Hit federal government had an administrative bureau handling cluiins and it proved un.salislaclory mil II Ihp flutlunity (vns transferred 10 U. S. district courts. The bur association president suijgc.stcd Umt Arkansas naticni n sysleni atlcr the federal clninw iiet- ii|>. Rtvini! all m » portion of Hie cncim judses the authority to hear niul lull' tin claims. He MiKsesled fmthn Hint (he liability ol the stale he no more, nor no le.«. than that ot any Individual OL- corporation un<i*r dm ln\vs t>f the stnte. He .said il is (lip duly ,,f Arkansas' attorneys to tnkp Hie lead In explained that In till. w»v "|"»"' ; ""'K «'"«t )»' lm»«l "an ill W h,,!!.,.,! n,, .i,,. !,„.;. l"hvlou.s ami jtlnrlnn Inslnncr of bint pitK-eduie" on Die jinrl ot the alnl*. BL1TBK claims will b(, Juilgcd on the basis <" li'KHlny inul fact, Instead of be- Bodies ot Butlnetiman And Girl Found in Cabin OHARl.^S'l'ON, Ark., Feb. I*— (Ui'iThe bodies of » Korl Smith liiiMiu'.w man »nrt • younx I\irt Rmltli woman wcrf found In « lontlst cabin «t ChurleMon trxlsy apparently the victims of nsphyx- Inllnii. Ofllcerii Identified (hem nj J. n. KlMlin 1 )', :i'J. co-owner ut the iml- loiin supply c.o. and N«dln« Mnt- tux, about 30. f>l.leers said denth was due lo asphyxiation. 'Ilir wlndowi were liKhlly closed and (wo KHS stove* were lighted. Sign Friendship Pact 10NDON, Feb. 19. lUPl-Rus- sia and Hungary signed » treaty of friendship and mutual assistance totliiy, the Moscow mdlo reported. iitocs (No. 2 cnn or fresh torna- °.z in season). Cut the chicken Into .serving ^ces. Roll iti mixture of tht' flonr It. pepper, and paprika. Brow:) melted fat. Add onion. Cook 2 3 minutes. Arid the water, cov- . and simmer about 1 hour or ill! almost tender, adding mmc ttfr if necessary. Stir occasional- to keep from sticking. Add srcen pntr and tomatoes, simmer about '•|nutes longer. Serve on fieason- Vot noodles or rice. Sunday's Menu BREAKFAST: Orange juice, ady-to-eat cereal, link sausage, rn bread, butter or rot-tilled mar- rine, honey or home-made jelly, Ilee. milk. DINNER: Chicken creofe on hoi :e. buttered small white onions, liraine salad, heated French hreart, iple Brown Betty, hard sauce, ffee, milk. SUPPER: Sliced cold chicken, earned potatoes, pickle relish, en- :hcd rolls, butter or fortified mar- .rine, fruit bowl, oatmeal cookies, a, milk. dishes. KBRS naked in Cheese Sauce IG servings) Three lablesiwons butter or mar- (jarine, :i tablespoons all-pm-noKe flour. ' t teaspoon salt, dash of pepper. 1 teaspoon dry mustard, IS cups milk, 1 cup grated American cheese, 6 eggs. 2 cups wheat, flakes. 1 tablespoon melted butter. Melt 3 taMcspoons butter, add flour, and .seasonings. Stir to a .smooth pnslf AM milk gradually; cook over low heat, stirriiu; constantly, until thickened, and stir imiil melted, torn of greased pan, IQx es. with half of the sauce. Care fully break eggs inlo sauce; cover i with remaining sauce. Crush cer- ; eal flakes into fine crumbs, mix ] KNOXV1LLE. Tcnn.. with remaining butter. Sprinkle; (UPi Kelly Rogers. 3 crumbs over top. flake in a slow r gambler and bootlegRC oven «325 degrees F.) about 3 min- Injured utes. Burns Cause Death Ot Jonesboro Engineer JONBSBOHO. Ark.. Feb. in. tUPI —Joseph J. Hicks, a SO-yenr-old engineer at a Joneshoro basket factors', died yesterday of burns suffered Tuesday niciil when an oil stove exploded in his rooming house. He was said to have jumped from Che second story lo the pavement below. Surviving are tine daughter, one son, four brothers and four sis- ter.s. . m:« cm.' , Cover bot,- xfix2 inch- 1 ) ,r j Victim of Auto Mishap Read Courier News Want Ads. _ Fell. 19.— . convicted . was fatally nuto accident here in yesterday. Tills was Hie second city traffic death for Knoxvillc this year. Slayer Convicted by Crimes Court RfERNBERG, Feb. 19. (UP) — ,eld Marshal Gen. Wllhelm List, rmer German commandw in the Ukans.wa.s found guilty today o( ^r crimes against Balkan civilian! .- shooting hostages in retaliation List was one of H German army ader* on trial for war crimes rainsl Balkan civilians. List was found guilty of crimiiia •sponsibUity for shooting thoils- nd.s of innocent civilians in re- iliation for the sluying of German ildiers during Ibe German am' :cupatlon in the Balkans, Convicled by tlie American wnr imes tribunal along with List J.-HS :. Gen. waiter Kuntze. armed irce.s commander in the. Balkans. Two other German generals \\cre quitted. They were Hermann xrlsch, chief of staff in the Balms, and Kurt von Geitner, chief ' staff in Serbia. I.ove In December GLOUSTER. O. I UP)—W. F idglcy. 85. and Mrs. Anna Grubbs , were married here. GRAPHITE! Boftle and Contents created for people who would rather do without than take Second Best... people who demand Superiority. Remember, lher« ti only one Gropelfe, Ihc sofl drink creation wilh Ihe lush, npe flavor and soft <oibonotion. Soy: "A GRAPETTE, £f please!" UU. FLAVOR-PROTECTED IN CELLOPHANE WRAP Made fresh daily in "our kitchens for Beef Mats Grand ammo.' £ve# Better When You Choose Mayrose * RPAKJH DT from MAYROSE TEST KITCHEN Rolled Rib Roast of Beef Place the Mayrose Brand rib roast on a rack in an open shallow pan in a moderately low oven (325° F.) (Use no water.) A meac thermometer is the only true test of doneness, but the following table of "Minutes per Pound" is » useful guide. «>»E maim Mlnutei P«r Pound 3 la 5 Ibt. 33 min. 37 min. 42 min. Minut«t Ptr Pound 6 lo 8 Ibi. 29 min. 33 m ', n . 40 min . lnHtno\ Temperalur* (Mwl Thermometer) 160° F. 17O' F. INDlPfNDIMT PACKING COMPANY To Pick Cotton, Return At They Cam*— Walking 'I'll* Bennle Phillips family who cume to Dell from 8nn Anlonlo, Texas, hist .Sununcr Ui pick cotton, today HIT returning to the Ixmc Slur (jlnle In (lie snme nmmier they made the HM-mlle trip, Hennlii Hhllllps, 79, hi., W tf 0 Mlu- nle Iff. aft. ami |heir 12-yenr-old daughter, Hes.slc, are making tin, I rip by foot. AH Phillips pushes * Mv»-«h(>e!«! inn piled hlxh with Ilielr belongings, his wile. anil daiinhtpr follow, bun-fool. PhlllllK wenrs slioes. but t|i e oilier l\\o say li'.s Dion 1 cojiiforljtbJi" walking wllhoul them. Thf fnrnily has niKiujjh money lo Inu-cl by li«lii <» bus, I'liillips snid. but preferi viilklng "to keep in Him." Traveling »| ih f im,. „( (,.„,„ | S to 30 mllc.s n day. the 1'hllllps' ex| pcct lo be buck htiiun In about « Cony let Volunt»* f t AH Ma/arie JOUHT, III. (up)_ rrom the gr.y w.ll, of t h. «UU pr has come help for veter»n« whtt mnlnilK whllt flghtln. In tropIcS «nd Medlterr»nnn *r«u. Convlctt vo!unl«r«d thcmMlfM «s guinea plgA [ Or rewarch br ant- verslly of Clilcafo Joctor. A new drug, pentaqulne, wu tested on th t eon»1ct«. w pnnt effective und n»w 1« bclnf dUtrtb- uled free by tht IlllnoU Vctwui* Ooinmls>ion Scrvlct. Aulhorlll*. ujr ptnU^uIni wUt aid In 9$ per cent »f all rfTM *t reln|Mlii( malaria. Read Courier N«m Want M» month. The trio also*walked tram :)nti Anlo.iln to [>ll la*t »ummw tc pick cotton. Taysrcc, Wonder or HART'S BREAD Yes" Cleansing Tissues and REGULAR MODESS - 55c Yal. 3-lb. Can Snowdrift or 2 for 25C • only39c - $1.20 10ibs.89c "Kitchen-Tested" Flour - - 25ibs.$2.29 Camp fire MARSHMALLOWS - package IOC CRISCO SHORTENING - Pure Domino CANE SUGAR - 5 ibs 45c Gold Medal Va-lb. Package Mother's Cocoa - - 1 ib. can 1 5c Welch's — None Better — Pint 25e Grape Juice ---- - quart 49c Durkees 2!/ 2 Ib. Pockage Shredded (ocoanut — 35c Hrnok's 11 Ox. Hot lie TOMATO CATSUP 18 oev,u, c 29 si.nn Value JERGEN'S LOTION 87 W ntidtmry S LOTION Ifi ()•/.. ('an TOMATO JUICE 23 •II) ()/.. (,'an Texas GRAPEFRUIT JUICE 15 Texas .16 ()/.. fan ORANGE JUICE 19 All I 'op ula r fjrnnds CIGARETTES Cln 1 Jani;i(i«n »r PET MILK ,, J 'Jrnde "A" Fresh COUNTRY EGGS "The National Jov Smoke" PRINCE ALBERT Princes — 2 I,bs, ,|5c CRACKERS I( > 23 , 58 C(n Graham—I'rincess CRACKERS 24' GRADE 'A' BEEF At Fair Trade Price*! Mayrose PORK LINKS (Jr.'ide "A" Sliced BACON Ocrjin I't'K'li (ir HADDOCK nosh K,o/en. l.b. 55' PYosli froxcn WHITING ]h 22 Oelk'iotis .Uimlin ,,„.» .: ,,85 c SHRIMP ,Sclecle<! I'resh OYSTERS Klmtl Ifih.s of BEEF Ken! Hcef GROUND MEAT I.h. 38 43 C Lg*. $!•• 32« E . eh T 10 e Crispy Ictlieri; Houdn FANCY LETTUCE Itnnliii For Hitlatls mid (iarnisfie* CELERY I In (lie Tulic RED RIPE TOMATOES 22* 'Ymi've Wiiilrd Kor 'Km" MEW POTATOES ...... tt . 7i e fJrecn Hnnl CABBAGE H<ix Delicious WASHINGTON APPLES Lb 10* Fresli Fine Flnvorcil OREGON PEARS Ih W Kmpcrur K«d GRAPES , Ib ,25< (,'uban Fresh PINEAPPLES 15 C No. 7fl Si/.c Marsh Heedless ILta GRAPEFRUIT K«eh Deviled Crabs Chicken A La King Birdseye Lima Beans 45c Birdseye English Peas 32c Cloverlcaf Rolls 2 Dozen 21c LIBERTY CASH GROCERY Low Prices Every day ....

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