Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas on August 2, 1954 · Page 23
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Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas · Page 23

Abilene, Texas
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Monday, August 2, 1954
Page 23
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DAWN TO DUSK ALL THE WAY FROM H. HONOLULU 1924: FIRST DAWN TO DUSK TRANSCONTINENTAL FLIGHT 1927: FIRST FLIGHT CALIF. TO HAWAII, 25 HRS. 50 KIN i -. First Transcontinental Trip Dawn-to-Dusk 30 Years Old NEW YORK -- 'NEA --Thirty [ years ago tiiis June, a young Army j lieutenant. K. L. Maughan wedged hinie!f into the open cockpit of a single · motored Curtiss Pursuit plane and hopped across the continent from N'C'.V York to San Francisco in 21 hours, « minutes elapsed tune. It was the first Dawn - to - Dusk transcontinental fliSht. Sharply defining aviation progress in three decades, commercial aviation has now linked the bright lights of Broadway with the white sands of Waikiki in a new Dawn- to-Dusk flight -- the first ever attempted between Xcw York and Honolulu 'see map*. · i A special press inaugural .light i 12 HOURS A DAY Ship at Sea Beams U.S. Message to East, Russia WASHINGTON 3i -- For 1 wo midnight when people wilh hidden This Vertical Float Is Mind Easer? SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. *-Most anyone can fioat, says Iver Johnson, but when you can float standing up vou've accomplished something." Johnson has been clocked floating in a vertical position for 20 minutes without twitching a mus- years a sleek white Coast Guard I radios can take the chance of cutter, the Courier, has been aa- j listening. cle. chored off the island of Rhodes in Capt. O.C.B. Wev. the Courier's ; --];s 99 p er CPn ( con trol of the the Aegean Sea -- a floating radio j commanding officer since she was ] sp ; ne ·· sa ^ tne .7 . year - old station broadcasting the American i commissioned, feels certain the i jet i--ed accountant "When the story to the Near East and south-j message is reaching an increasing , ^{^ is s t ra jahlened from its THE ABILENE REPORTER-NEWS ~i g Abilf nf, Texas, Monday Evening. August 2.1H RADIO, TELEVISION LOG StatlAKK pr*TUiac tfcctt UCic-TY CHANNEL » ABILFJCE MOXDAT 2:45--Movirtimf Matinee 4-(-- Kitcb£Jl PI02CB* 4-30-DcUy Devotions 4:4*--Music of the Kins-L ay* rei»»«ible faf thrir _ acclir .* c _ y .'. An old Navy cargo ship, the only such vessel afloat in the world today. Her antenna, a retractable j audience. Discussing the Courier in Washington, on his way to a new assignment as chief intelligence officer for the port of New Orleans, usual curved position to a fect plumb line, you float per- ver- 1 tie-ally. Of course, the mind must | be absolutely serene-- otherwise ! 4:35--News Headlines *:00--Kalvio Keewee-L 5:25--Cruwder Rabbit-F 5:30--PaJomicQ Playhouse G:»--Evenia? !°e?ort-L 6:45--Inside TV-L 7:00--Amos £ Afldj'-CBS 7:30--Lose Wolf £;OJ--T*xac la R*vU*"F 5:34-Jtobert Montgomery Presents NBC 9:^0--Take A Staod-L 1^:00--News. Sports. Weaiher-L. 10:15--Movietime 11:15--Vespers 1 you'd sink," he said. device whirl* csn shoot uo to 1721 he said: feet, is pulled into the air by a ? *'This spring we noticed the Rus- p small balloon which floats at"740 i sians were particularly anxious 10 i Johnson swims about a mile feet. - ! jam our programs to the Ukraine, j out into Lake Michigan to prac- For 12 hours each day the call|\\e don't think they succeeded be- tice. It took him 12 years to goes out: "This is the Courier, j cause we use so many channels I master it. seaborne relay base for the Voice 1 at different times of the day. j "Think it's easy?" says John- of America." The call is in 16 Ian-1 "But their jamming ties in with I son. "Try it some time." guages, including Turkish. Arabic, 1 the rumors we have from other , -- · Persian, Urdu, Ukrainian and! sources that the Communists are Russian. ! having '.rouble controlling the peo- ' pie of the Ukraine." Voice of America staff checks show that letters from the Near} DA RLIXGTOX S C. -r-When East have trebled since the Coun- i de3Ulies Sam chapman and Ed dropped ancaor at Modes.; Bi ; vanl WMl [Q ser ' e a bad t!ieck programs The Courier staff's first job is to make friends for America in the Near East countries. Its second job is to beam the American story behind the Iron Curtain into southern Russia. Programs to the Near East are' commenting on Voice concentrated between 6:30 p.m. j came in during April, and 10 p.m.. when citizens of the ! The Courier. 338 feet long and ! crea collect in coffee houses to talk i weighing 5,800 tons, has a crew of ( and listen. They especially like: 87 enlisted men. 10 officers an-J 3 i li?iit music, drama and short; Voice radio technicians. Her riro- ' stories ! grams are written in New York Programs to Russia start after. and Cairo. Bad Check Warrant Brings 2nd Charge HEpENBERGER, MAITLAND ... examine a sextant a United Airlines DC-7 on May ! 24 is designed to demonstrate the i feasibility of breakfast-in-Manbat- 1 tan, dinner-in-Hawaii air travel as I result Q[ new stepped-up trans- MADRAS. India Jf -- Bootlegging i continental flying schedules start- Bootlegging Up In India Province and moonshining are increasing in Madras after seven years of prohibition, says a government report. warrent and drove into the man's i yard they heard from inside the : house the sound of jars being broken. i The man's effort io destroy boot- i legging evidence was not success: ful. The deputies charged him with i possessing illegal liquor. DCB-TV CHANNEL 12 LIBEOCK MONDAY 11:30--Program Previews it-~'_--T\' Sermon*!lc 11:45--Noon News lj:W--Kobert Q. Lewis-CBS 12:13--Love of Ufe-CBS 12:3--Welcome Traveltn-CBS 1:00--Shopping Ba? 1:30--Bob Crwby-CBS 1:45--Cotifitry Chapel of Sou* 2:00--Brighter Days-CBS 2:15--Secret Storm-CBS 2:30--On Your AccoucKBS 3:00--Recipe Round-L'p 3:43--Doty on Duty 4:0-- Children'* Thtx'tr 4:45--Untie Dirk 5:00--Age* the Ciown 3:30-- Dous Edwards News-CBS 5:45--News. Sports. Weather 6:00-- Famous Playhouse 6:JO--Communiiy Crossroads 7:03--Public Defender-CBS 7:30--Masquerade Party-CBS 8:00--Paramount Wrestling 9:00--My Hero 9:53--Rocky King-DTK l.i:00--News. Sports, Weather 10:15--Skyliner W1AJ-TV CHANNEL · TOUT WORTH MONDAY AM S:Oft-Suoup-S ·,:00--Breakfast Club-ABC S-IW--Ojag Deal School-NBC S:»-A Tims TO Live-NBC *r45--rare* Sxeps Io Heaveo-.NBC 9:00--Home-NBC :0:»--Movie M»rg.'jee-F l'.:00--Musical Memo-S n-20-Good Moraia* Puioi-S 11:30--B« Picture-F MONDAY PSf --Farm Editor-S I--W*a:!:*r-S 5--Newx-S 12:30--Bobby Peters Sbow-s l:»-t»e Mao's Fisnily-NBC 1:15--GoWe» Windows-NBC 1:30--First Love-NSC 1:45--CoceeraiaK Miss Marlowe-NBC 2:00--Wait's Cookias-S 3:00--Movie Mari;aee-F 4:15--Ana AMec-S 4:30--Sii GCT Theater-F 5:00--See Saw Zoo CJub S 5:31--IQWie Hit Parade-S 5:45--world N'evvi-F 5:55--Evenlflf News-S 6:00--Cowtoy Thritts-F B:25-Weatnermaa-S 6:30--Voice of Music-ABC 7:«-Sl« KiM-ABC 7:30--Lilile Theater-F 7:45--Wooders of the Wi!d-F B--3--Wrettliaff-H M:li--Weather Telefarts-S 10:25--.Vews Fiflal-S 10:30--Sports With Shermaa-S 10:35--Movie Marquee BIG TV SUCCESS ing June 1. The luxurious Mainliner is in contrast with the hi - motored Fokker monoplane in which Lieuis. The report sivcs liule cncour- A. F. Hegenberger and L. T. Mait- asement to Ind'ia's drys. who look j land made the first flight from on Madras as one the key areas j California to Hawaii in 1927. Their in their fight to extend prohibi- Hying time was 25 hours. 50 min- tion over all of India. It paints! utes in a plane stripped of its a picture in many ways similar j essentials to permit Installation of to that of prohibition America extra gas tanks. and calls for a bigger ment staff and stiffer enforce- penalties ii there is to be ''any appreciable decline in the incidence in the crime." The DC-7 will carry a full payload of passengers over the entire 3000 - mile route from New York to Honolulu in 17 hours fly- j ing lime. THE WORLD TODAY Riley Really Led Life Of Under RKO Contract HOLLYWOOD UR-- By the time i runs. Re-plays of the serie; may Chester A Rilev becomes a grand- h" e11 go on for years and years ' , ..." . . . .. father, he will be able to ret.re on his cut from "The Life of | in TV areas that have not seen yja network and ;,, other i If vou want to rid vour premises | of Rats and Mice, get DURHAM'S RAT-KILL. Chemistry's new weap- . cities and hamlets where stations i on to end the Rat menace. Rats Riley." But. being an actor. Wil-; are yet to be built. And with dubbed ·· ] 0 ve it--but it kills them. Results liam Bendix v.Ul not retire. ! vciced. they could, and probably j Guaranteed and a big 1-lb. carton :tar : will, go on in foreign countries for ! only Sl.OO at ' the next 50 years. j "Because," explains Bendix, si of the perennial Riley series, ''what good is an actor unless he acting?" Riley made his bow on radio 10 15 ! less we run smack into color. What | ' then' I don't know. I'm afraid, j after TV converts to color, that j THORNTON'S Drug or Feed Depts. DIVIDEND NOTICE years ago last January and con- i people won't want to look at black j unued for eight years on the air. and J^ any more^ ^ ^ j This week. Riley and ^ f a m i l y , ' at television is off his rocke r. | Th e Roord of Directors of are completing tor 104th TV j BmdLx believes The wotk ^ easi .| 1 he Board o. uirectorsor show - ., .. , ... : er and there's more money The series has paid well and will continue to do so. In addition to his salary, Bendix has a 25 percent interest in the. show on re- KTXL-TV CHANNEL SAN AXGELO MONDAY ·1:00--Small Fry Time j:30--Your San Angela 5:4S-MusJcaIe 6:00--Burns k Allen 6:30--RJieem Reports 6:40--\Veatiier t Sport* 6:45--Joe Krektow 7:00-- Public Defender 7:30--Masquerade Partj 8:00--Amos Andy 2:30--To Be Anaoonced S:Od-TJhw.-ice S:33--Tomorrow's Headline* 9:4O--Weaih errasl 9:35--Ringside wilfa RassJprs McCarthy's Role During Censure Typical for '54 j Discount Corporation matJe j clared a dividend of 5 cents Bendix likes the work because {per share on the Common 3:GO-On* Mu's Fimily-BC 1:13--Coldtu WiDdows-NBC 1:35--First Love-NEC 1:45--Concerning Miss Marlowe-NBC 2:W--Hawkins Falls-NBC ?:15--Date With Dorothy-L 2:30--B«ty While Show-NBC -l:Oa--Pinky Lee Show-NBC 3:30--Howdy Doofly-XBC 4:00--Aflercoon P!ayhouse-F 5:00--Bill Hood Shaw-L 5:30--Star oi ihe Day-F 5:45--Magic Waad-L 6:00--Southwest Tonlgbi-L C:US--Warren i The Wea!her-L 6:10--CaU For Adventure-F 6:30--Tony Martin Show-NBC 6:50--Crane Ihe Weather Van'e-L C:55--News HignlighLs-L T-00--Dennis Bay Shoiv-NBC 7:"0--Encore Theater-F 3:33--Wrestlin? From Chicajo-F 3:30--Paul Killiam Show-F S:4a--Variety Time-F 16:00--Tei O'CIock Xe-.vs-L 10:10--Warren 4 The Weather-L 10:15--Spons Spoilt£hl-L 10:20--Wanted By The F.BJ.-L l(i:2S--NiRhu-sp Thealre-F KCBD-TT. CHANNEL 11 i.i;BBOCK MONDAY !:00--One Man's Family-NBC !:!--NVws 1:30--First Love-NBC 1:45--Norma Rain* 2:00--Hawfcins Falls-NBC 2: IS--Mek-d y-Go-Round-r 2:39-- Belly While-NBC 3:00--Pinky Lea Show-NBC 3:30--The Cook; Book-L 4: IS--News 4:30-Serenaden 3:00--Time for Beanie-? 5:DO--Space Ranger-F 8:00--Eoapiiality Tim« 6:25--Sporis-L 6:30--The World Toda*-L 6:40--Weatber-L 6:45--Bernie. Howell-L 7:00--B^dge 714-F T^no--Eeart of lh« Cky-F S-00--Dennis Day-NBC S:30--Roben 5Iontgomery-NBC 9:20--News of the Hoar-L 9:W--Weaiher-L 3:^5--Sports-L S--50--Tonts Square Playhouse KWFT-TV CHANNEL · WICHITA FALLS MONDAY 11:15--Preview* 11:^0--Welcome Travelers-CBS 12:00--Robert W. Lewis-CBS 12:30--TV Varieties 1:00--Beulah 1:24--Bob Crosby-CBS 1:45--Film Shorn 2:00--Brighter Day '2:15--The Secret Slorm-CBS 2:30--Oa Yonr Account 3:ijO--Mid-day Theatr* 4:00--TeJecomics 4:l-Cnaader Rabbit 4:ao--\Ti Qoa 4^5-- ifosic Box: 4:30--Frontier Theatra 5:30--Doc Warren 5:^5_Xe*s 5:35--Weathtr 6:00--Crown Theatre 6:30--Texas In Review 7:00--Public "Defender 7:30--Masquerade Party-CBS 5:00--Captnred-NBC ! 9:00--Texas Rasslin* I 1Q:00--News ! 13:05--weather I 11:10--Sports Scoreboard each days' film requires only work. In the fall, three when MONDAY EVENING Stock of the corporation, pay, o ble nn September 30, 1954, | fiiming resumes, the company will i to stockholders of record at | ;e of business on Aug- 1954. Francis J. Knoll Secretary - Treasurer Mountain Climbing School for India NEW DELHI au-Prime Min- j " Bu't iiot'iislf so wonderful as the ister Nehru has agreed to become j j ob he had for the first president of the moun- ! ' " ; is wonderful. , i taineering' institute "at Darjeeling Bv JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON t-P--The position Sen. McCarthy found himself in Friday--wait ins: while his fellow senators argued whether to cen- ftire him--was t-pical of the roie forced on him in 1954. It's a new using Schine one for h i m . Ever since 1950, when he firsc made headlines with his charges of Communists in government, he had moved fast, kept punching. He rolled with the counter-punches. slugged harder in return. Nothing kepi him quiet. For most of this year he has been forced into a role sometimes passive, sometimes defensive. It has been that way with him ever since the Eisenhower administra- sought special treatment for Pvt. I through the hearings he had com- i i n eastern India, at which Sherpa G. David Schine and had threat- plained they were delaying his j Tensing Norkay. coclimber of Mt. ened retaliation if they didn't get a half years- as one of the inexplicable Howard Hughes' conirsct aciors. ICT DISCOUNT CORPORATION K\VKC-FuItoa Lewis, Jr. KRLD-TeDn. Ernie WBAP-Man on the Go 6:15 j KRBC-Soons Spoiligfat KV.'KC-Sports Extra KRLD-SportjcastinK WSAP-Farm News S:3 KRBC-Lone Ranker K\\"KC -Gabriel Heaiter KRLD-Nation's Easiaess WBAP-Morgan Beatty C-.45 KRBC-Lone Kanrer KTV'KC-Today-'s Top Tun* S:00 KSBC-Music by Csmarta KWKC-Bill Henry News KBLD-Gansmcke WFAA-Donald \'oorbees S-.15 KRBC-Music by Camana SWKC-Biseball KRLJJ-Gunsnsoke \\~FAA-Doaald Voorhee* S:30 I KKBC-Doorway'to Future KWKC-Baseball KRLE-Gacgbast ers WFAA-Bacd of Ajaerici S:45 KRBC-Doonvaj- to Future KWKC-Baseball ~ search for Reds in those plants. ' Everest, will 'serve as an instruc- Let Bendix tell it: i A Member of the !CT Group, 5rAA-x e «* t s?ons "Word suddenly came, 'sign Ben- ] Dallas, Texas I0 r. | ^ives The institute, which will open ; j on - t know, because I've never October, is sponsored jointly j ta u;ed to Hughes, why he suddenly due/ and when Howard Hughes j ac j^ Cage Co. f Managers gives an order, RKO jumps. I j g £n j Qck Cage, President ii. Schine was formerly on the He made a brief stab at holding j staff. ' hearings on that subject and then j When McCarthy counter-charged I dropped them, at least for the ] that top Army officials had been I till] e being. He has probably been ; by the Central and West Bengali Bedded he had to have Bendix. "hostage" to more quiet since the hearings end-! 5late governments. It will train j T s jg ne{ f llp a f ter a little haggling make McCarthy pull up on his [ e d tiian ' :n an v similar period i slu dents in mountain climbing. | [or " stra i" g ht four years, and no search for Communists in the since 1950. " . using the nearby Himalayas as| o p t j o n s _ at a 5j g sa lary. Well, it For there was some unsetiled ! practical classrooms. Tensing is: ^ as 32.000 a week for 20S weeks. " re '! ''After a few months I played small part in a picture. Worked ; | seven days. A few months more | j and I worked in another picture, i I for 11 days. Every week I got S2.000 for nothing. Then this TV series got hot. We always were trying to get ahead with 'Rileys* because I never knew when I ; Army, the fat was in the fire. The Senate itself had to step in to investigate. and the subcommittee took on the job-- with McCarthy temporarily sidelined as chairman. Right t h e r e McCarthy was slowed down. McCarthy, glued to the hearings, was like a boxer with his hands tied behind his back. His field had been narrowed. In business: \Vhai his own Senate sub-j now in Switzerland taking a committee, which conducted the ! fresher" course in preparation for j hearings, would say when it fin- j the institute's first sessions. j ished working on its report. I t ; hasn't finished yet- ' j In the meantime, he lost his j Noise Good Sign right-hand man. Roy M Cohn. w h o ! I- Mental Hospital resigned after it was reported a r ·esig majority repoi of the subcommittee-- SCARAMEXTO There's long weeks of the hearings he had j three Democrats and one Repub- one place where a bunch of noisy I might get a picture call. After all. tion early this year struck back a; him. In the past he called his shots. setting attention uhen he wanted it with a statement or an attack. This year the shots hsve been called on him. Most of the attention given him in 1954 has not been ci his choosing. McCarthy, a man of energy who thrived on action, has been slowed down. Whether or not anyone in the administration foresaw the result of the decision to hit back at him, the resuK was to crimp his style. Although it was his own Republican party which had taken over, McCarthy began sticking needles into the Eisenhower administration r.irly in 1953. He kept on sticking them in. The decision to tell him "whoa" w'as made when the Army charged i McCarthy and his Senate investiga- ; 1 ions subcommittee s t a f f had to concentrate on one subject: | lican--were alter the young New Trying to make himself and his! York attorney's scalp. Cohn had j o n e adolescents That is the been chief counsel for McCarthy | mentally ill adolescents at Napa i go . But the strain became too and. judging from what McCarthy j 5 !ate Hospital. said, invaluable. Meanwhile. Sen. Carthy. first with.an effort to get. the Senate to take McCarthy's j committee chairmanships away \ ,j from him and. when that seemed staff look good and the Army bad. He fought hard, he was nimble, and before the hearings ended the Army and the administration may have wished the whole thing had i bene trying to cook up grief for Me- j spo c i a ii ze( l treatment, never been permitted to start. ~--'- '··-- : -- -- -"-- - -Maybe. I f t h e administration had planned, or hoped, to keep McCarthy off its back for most of the congressional session, it succeeded. For even when the hearings ended McCarthy did not resume his old role. First of all. he w e n t off for a rest of almost three weeks. Then he wanted, he said, to go after Communists in defense plants. All a welcome sight, i was getting a lot of money and special unit for i if i was called to work. I had to |much. 1 either had to quit Riley . The new unit was set up to give I or Hughes. Flanders had j a (,out SO mentally ill teen-agers j "So afte/ two and a half years-- j and 18 days' work--I got released "It is much to early for a n y ' j r om the contract. I had collected judgement." said the Mental Hy · j £$0,000--but lor what? Isn't that Department in a report, i incredible? i least they are now show- j _ - HKnuSWHW / D C A T HARDWARE STORES KRBC-Your Land t Mine KWKC-FElcon's Adventure KRLD-My Friend Irma WFAA-Best of All 7:15 i KRBC-Home State HajTitie ; KWKC-Kalcon's Adventure KKLD-My Friend Irma WFAA-Besi of All 7:33 RKBC-Firestone . KWKC-Under Arrest KRLI-Tal*nt Seoul WF\A-Be5t of All r 7:45 - KRBC-Firesion* KWKC-Under Arrest : KRLD-Ta!ent Scout I \\TAA-Best oi All WTAA-Baad of America 3:00 RRBC-Headlictf Edition KWKC-BasebaU KRLI-Mr. Keen WFAA-FIbber -McGee 9:15 KRBC-Johnny Allen Show KWKC-Bassbali KHLD-Dance Orch. RTAA-One Man's Fsinily KRBC-Johaoj- AUea Sbaw KWKC-Baseball KRLISports \YFAA-Daace Orchestra S:45 KRSC-Joanny -Mien Show KWKC-BasebaU KRLD-CBS Orcn. WFAA-Danee Orchestra II :H KRBC-News KWKC-News KRUD-Sews \VBAP-NfiW5-HUl 1D:15 KRBC-Family Altar KWRC-Bafiio Sporti P«* KSLIVGuest Star WBAP-Morgaa Beatty 10:30 KREC-Devotioaal KWKC-TBA KRLD-HUlbiUy Biis WBAP-Night Watchmaa 10:45 KRBC-Mariin Block KH'TC-MoocTt^it Mitine* KRLI-HiIlbniy Hiw WBAP-Xisbt Watchman 11:00 KRBC-Msriuj Btocfc K\rKC-MoonIighi Matinct KBLD-HiUbULv HUs WBAP-Nisht Watcima* 11:15 KRSC-Martin Block IC\VKC-lIoo.-!isht Matiaet KaLD-Hi!lbiUy Hits " H:3f) KRBC-Martin Block K\VKC-Mooalight Matins* KHUD-Dance Orch. V.'BAP-Night Watdunu 11:45 KR BC-Manin Bto(* TUESDAY MORNING ticketed for tailure. to censure him. j ing the heallhy s f sn of being noisy But whether or noi anyone likes [ on thcir own W3rds where th ey or dislikes McCarthy, friends a n d j u s c d to ,- u «. t sit and slare on lhe foes will probably agree: He has aduU W3rd ,;never so far looked like a quiuer ! ^_ when the going was rough. He'll probably bound back, censure or no censure, as soon as he sees an opening. K I L L R E D A N T S ! ' KRBC-Moming Bound a p ' KWKC-News Jt Sports j KRLTMusic Rack i WB \P-Buckhouse Ballads i 6:15 ! KRBC-Morninst Roundup ! KWKC-MominX »i|rtrt»r ! KSLD-Stamps Quartet : \VBAP-News i S:M · KRBC-Mnsic With Messaje ! KWKC-Mornins :*eUtibcr i KRLD-News i \VBAP-Fann New* ' «:« ; KRBC-Farm Review i KWKC-Weather. Farm New I KKLD-Rsral Mailbox ; \VBAP-Hyian Tin-.* · 7:0fl ; KSBC-Ksrtin Aeronsfey ; KVVKT-S'fast With Bacoo KKUNews Kouct.jp WBAP-Xews: Scnaonette 7:15 KREC-Breaktaa Chib KWKC^TofEe* Titce KRLTMZBS News WFAA-News S;15 KR3C-Breat£a*t Club K\\-KC-Co££w Time KRLD-1QSO Club Birds KRBC-BreaSfast Cta i KWKC-Coffae Time KRLD-1080 Clab WBAP-Cedar RiU« Studenf-s Rough It In Summer Class CHICAGO W - Thirty civil engineering students at Illinois Institute of Technology are spending eight weeks at. the school's camp near Woodruff. Wis. roughing it, doing classroom work a n d ; practicing surveying. Prof. Ernest P, Masur says the camp was opened in 1908 as one of the first summer camps (or furthering engineering education. Special Stork Case NEWPORT NEWS. Va. UP Andrew Xiftros. who drives a delivery truck for the Newport News Daily Press and Times- Herald. had a load of papers when ha passed a stalled cur with a soldier frantically waving. It is orders not to pick up strangers but Xiftroc sensed something special, stopped and backed up. Later he sped pnsl nn MP at the entrance to Fort Euslicc. The MP followed and asked why nil the haste, then offered his aid to Xiftro* and Sergeant F.ugene Pwkn. Th« mgwt and his wife bent the stork to Uw hospital, WEATHKR OUTLOOK -- llci-c is the weather outlook for the nest 30 days across the nation as shown by the above temperature anil precipitation maps issued by the U.S. Weather Bureau. Fidelity Speaker MINNEAPOLIS. Minn, (f-- Ross j Robbins. flight steward with North j Central Airlines. Inc.. has invent- \ eti a pint-sized speaker system: which he says delivers sound; similar ' 'hat heard in a concert; hall. Ro who spent a year and a half perfecting his system, says' the secret lies in the design o t ; his cabinet and a new arrangement; of the speakers. i The cabinet, made of plastic, j ; prism-shaped. The front grill 1 measures 19 inches square and; the sides of the cabinet taper o t f : like a wedge to a point nine and j one-half inches behind the center i of the grill. It's supposed to be placed in a corner of a room.! Inside the cabinet. Ross has! mounted five baffles and f i v e : speakers--one for the treble tones.' one for the middle ranges and two! for bass and one for the very low i hass. Arranged properly, they j form chambers acoustically design- i ed for maximum reproduction. ' Rohhins has applied for a p a - ; '.ent. j Hunter Gets Gas Stove UAGETOWN. Mich, tf - Lee Russell went hunting. His bag included a new gas stove. ' Russell found a balloon with a card attached, explaining it was one of many released in St. Louis. Mo., as an advertising stunt. The balloon that traveled farthest would brine a new gas stove to the finder, llussell. who lives in the Michigan Thumb between SaRi- naw Hay ami Lake Huron, won. CDO * r ' h j |CK '- DRUG STORES SOUTHWESTERN FIDELITY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY A TEXAS CORPORATION SO! HAIGH. PRESIDENT COMMON STOCK PRICE: TEN DOUARS PER SHARE rjl Scfuritics Holer, in loB. *ena Conpan b«low « l-««s Tre *( Joe Grt*. «1S Mims Sntldio(. . p re sp*«u* »Qi Sc.uth«-»sifrn Fidrtil- Lilc Iftsunnce Company. tht State ot Tcx*s. Boys XRBC-Lest \Ve Forisrt KWKC-Ne«-s by Air ' KRLD-Musiral Cara \VBAPCarIy Siros ~ van Birds 7:45 KSBC-Weaiher-Mctodies KWKC-BrsaUast Bandstand KRLlVFop Tunes WFAA-EartF Birds KHBC-Bresiifast Chib KWKC-CoHee Tiaie WBAP-Cedar Rio^e Bo 9:W " i KRBC-My True Story ; K\VKC-Ceca BTOft-a KRLD-Anhur Godirey WBAP-Ecb Smiti Show { - S:U I KRBC-My True SlorT.- KWKC-Hit* for M«scs KRLD-Artfcur Godfre.v \VBAP-Bofe Smith Show 5:5« XRBC-'WTibperiEy Streets KRLD-Arthur Godfrey \\BAP-Xews i Markets 9:i5 KRBC-When a GM Marries KWKC-Roy Acuff. KRLIArtlisr Gwifrey w SAP-Break tc« Bant KRBC-Modtrn So mince* KWKC-Florids Caffinj KRLD-Arthar Godfrey WBAP-Strike it Ridi 18:15 KSBC-Music for the Miwet KWKC-Florid* Calliat KRLO-AnKur Godfrej* WBAP-Sirike ft Rich 10:» RBC-Mnsic for tht Missus KWKC-*ieen for * Da- KRLD-Mae Vp Vour Mini WFAA-Piirase That P«i'S lfl;45 KRSC-Music for th* MLtsu« KnrKC-Queea for a Day f KRLD-.Ve^f WFAA-Second Chaac* 11:90 KRBC-Music for the VbaiiS KWKC-Brosdway on Review KRLO-Weady Warren WFAA-Bicfc to Bible 11:15 KRBC-Music for the Misses KWKC-Capitol Conunea«ry KRLIVAuat Jeony WKAA-Back to Bible 11:3* KRBC-To the Ladies KWKC-Hiats * HarznoniM KRJ.I-Helen Treci WFAA-P.-.nline Frederick 11:4S KRBC-Nftt-5-Weallwr KWKC-Hollywood Sbowtim* KRUW)ur Gal Soaday WFAA-Xeal Joaes Show TUESDAY AFTERNOON FA'ANGELIST PAUL MATTHEWS GOSPEL MEETING HIGHLAND CHURCH of CHRIST 5th Highland MONDAY NIGHT 7:45 O'clock Hear Paul Matthews , Discuss: "THE PARABLE OF THE SOWER" 1 KRBC-Panl Harvey I KWKC-Cedric Foster i KSLDJolley Fane Xe WFAA-Murrav Cox 12:50 KRBlMVMther Jt \UrkeC KWKC-Luocheoa S*reaad* KRLD-Stanips Quartet WBAP-Bob Cravi-ford Show 12:45 j KRBC-Xews on Review · KWKC-Moods 1 Music KRLD-Goidiat L'SM and Jane \RBC-Tuae Tmw KDKC-Wsrmups KRLD-Answer Gam* WBAP-Bcb Hope 1:15 KRBC-feople and Placei K\SKC-Gan:e of na}- KHUVP«ry M350n \VBAP-Coantr- Roadshow 1:30 SRBC-Slim Willet KWKC-Garac oi Dny KRUvxor* DraSt a WBAP-Counlr Roadafciw 1:45 KRBC-SUm ttUIett K\VKC-;ani* of D^y KRLD-BrUhttr lUy KBAP-News It Market* XREC-Slim Wfllrt KWKC-Game of Pay KKLTJ-Hilltop Hyase WBAP-Welrome Travelii* 1:U KRBOSlim WU« \VBAP-WcJconie Travelers KRBC-Slim Willet KWKC-Garoe of Day KHUHoase Pan_v WBAP-Pepper Vonnjt KRBC-Slim WiKet KWKC-Game 01 Day WBAP-Righ; to KRBC-Recd 1 KWKC-Game of Pay KRU-M«t the Menfeus '.stase Wife 3:15 KRBC-Recd Bro^nmjc V»r. i KWKC-Gam* of !a,v KRLP-Koad of Ui \VBAr-5t«na Pallas KKBC-Helra OTooatll KRLD-^U PerWns ttBAP-VouEj Widder BTOWJ KRnC-.\moD U)« Shop* KWXC-Concert M»tioer KRLIVVount Dr. Malone WBAP-Woman In m- HOUM KRBC-BIue Scarecrow KH'KC-lr.tsrstatc Date KRLD^coad Mrs. Bttrto» \VFAA-Just Plain Bill Scarecro* jesi Oub KRLIVMiXc t Baff \VFAA-Lorcjuo Jones KKBC-Local News KWKC-R*que»t Club s KRLD-BaadstaDd Spol^.. ! WFAA-FronS Pa;e Farrell } KRBC-PM Parad* KWKC-Tips * Tun«« KRLD-Bar.ds!and Spotlight WFAA-Pavs to be Marriwl 5;W KRBC-Birlhday Bird XWKC-Town Talk KRLD-AlUa ,'acksoa \\TAA-Siar Reporter 5:1S KRBC-Art i Ddtit Todd KWKC-Town Talk KRUD-Curt Mawey \VFAA-New5 KRBC-C.K-Tia' Parker KWKC-lJoyd \\hiic ShffW KRLD-Xcvvs-HoSiin WFAA-Bob Crawford 5:45 KRBC-Sonv*nir So»t KWKC-Ltorf WUKe Show KRUVLovvell Tltomai WFAA-News Every Year More People Buy RCA VICTOR tha.i A n y othe T E L f v M O

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