Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 2, 1897 · Page 23
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 23

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1897
Page 23
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TREATMENT FOR WEAK MEN. TRIAL WITHOUT EXPENSE. The famous Appliance and Remod lea of idieErieMedical Co. nowlortheflrsttiinfc offered on trial without expense to any honest man. Not a dollar to bejpald In advance. Cure Effects of Errors •r Excesses In Old or Younjr. Manhood Fully Restored. How to Enlarge and Strengthen Weak, Undeveloped Portions •f Body. Absolutely unfailing Homo Treatment No C. < >. D. or other scheme. A plain offer by a firm of high standing. NIAGARA ST . BUFFALO. N. V I LDDDPOISOH A SPECIALTYonSIr, tiarj- «LOOI> I'OISON permanently cured In 15 to35 days. You can bo treated at homcforsume price under same (guaranty . If you prcfur to como hero we will ccn- truct to pay railroad farcand hotel billd.and BOChiree, If we lull to cure. 1 fruit have taken iner- eury. Iodide potaHh, and still have aches and mine, Slucousl'atches In mouth, Sore Throat, Jfimples, Copper Colored Spots, UlcerH on any part of tlio body, IJLuir or Eyebrows fullinc •at. It ll thID Secondary 15LOOD POISON wts caarantee to euro. Wo solicit the most obnti- laite canes nnd cnulleiiire the world for » ttuie weoaunotcure. This disease has al7. ya fcafiled thenkill of the most eminent physi- CteiiH. 850O,OOO capital behind our unconditional RTHrunty. Absolute proofs son taualed on «llcatlon. Address COOK KKMEpY CO., Silatonlo Xcmple, CHIC AGO, Hi. SOME OF THE DOOR NEW VELVET OUT- GARMENTS. nmrrvn QT^VTPQ 'handsozw and is well adapted for the L/UilLl-A IT Oil liJ-jO. ; pnrposei though all of the rough woolens look better in the street than in the house. This is very rough curled goods and makes stylish skirts and short coats. A new importation is a line of fine thick wool completely covered with horizontal or perpendicular braiding. This is often put on in the Greek key pattern and still of t«:ner half an inch or less or more apart, according to the width of the braid. The same distance as the width of the hraid is generally left uncovered, but in cases of wide royal purple velvet and is lined with ermine and has a little jabot arrangement o:: point lace from the throat down The world »dm1re» t»»<V"fcct Man! Kot •••race illcnlty. or muscular development aionc, SS that. ubtle and wonderful force Known a, SEXUAL VITALITY chistbe Klory of manhood— the pride of cse K i old and younp,buttaere arc thousand* of men crinK tne mental tortures of » weaU«ie<l ihood, Bliattcrcd nervca, and falli ital power who can bo cured by our Magical Treatment w 80 to ccmo hero, If we fall to cure. Ifrco prpscrlptlons.freo cure or C.OJ). fake. W« »«850,000 capital and Ruarantce to cure every we treat or refund every dollar yon pay ns. or r»»y be deponlted In &ny bmlc to be paid nt ? a a cure !• effected. Wrlto for full particu!»r», FATK MKDICAli CO., Omul>», Sefc. ASK THEM, k" You want Information About Home-Seekers' Excursion. Ticket Agents of tbe Pennsylvania Lines i^ll furnish information regarding- Horae- •kekeri' Excursions to various points In the Morthwegt, Went, Southwest and South. It •wUl pay to Investigate if you contemplate a trip. Apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line »cket Agent, or address W. W. Richardson •istrict Paetet ger A(.ent Indlanapolis.Ind Bt»rtliDE Colors and Magnificent Trim- roinc«—Sew Goodn For Winter Wear. The later Tendency of Millinery—The Cue ol I'loith—>"ew Sllk». [Copyright. 1897. by the Author.] Surely no queen could ask a more regal wrap than one now put on view as ^idsTthey"^^ ; e " we d close together. a mod<:l for grand winter function.-,, j Tbis braid g d dcth is cnt and made up This is made iu a deep cape form ol .^ ^.^ ^^ ^ UoVLSeSt also """ capes, us if the braiding upon it made one part with the cloth. These lavishly braided costumes are very fashionable and the horse show has get the stamp of high style upon them. With braided skirts one finds, besides the braided blouses, blouses made of fine furs, such as seal, astrakhan and sable. These naturally are beyond the reach of most of us. Some of the newest hats are quite modest and very different from those first offered. Flat felt brims seem to have the preference, though these are often tilted up or down a little according to the face beneath. Nearly all have soft made crowns. Draperies of velvet, plush, fur aud ribbon are all seen, aud no end of jeweled or cut steel buckles. Some have no feathers, while others are covered. The tbr jinnies, each falling in a different dilution, seem to please nearly everybody. Flower-de-luce and large pansies, also violets, made of velvet are among the decorations. A few roses are worn, a few velvet carnations and sometimes a close bunch of velvet for- getmenots, but the most of the trimming for hats and bonnets are made feathers and jet and jeweled ornaments, Satin draperies show well. Grebe is seen as trimming, and on some felt hats are. draperies made of heavy honiton point. Shirred velvet, plush and satin hats are amonc the most expensive and most striking. The majority of them are of large dimensions, with monstrous fe^ nvinc Kun o? Cectr*; AH fOLLOWl* - t'^Ur • DillJ. flX^Pt Saoaai . , .u-Tf, ',<j»V5 *»xr<ri ^.om IXJOA V -" ;U> ro CHICAGO DIVISION DAILY. Leuve for Chicsgo'S;05 a m;»ii:OD a m;*l:35 p ro •2:00 pm: "4:30 pm. Arrive from Chicago*l'2:oO a m;*12:30pm;*l:00 p m; *1:40 p m; *S:15 p m. BRADFORD AND COLUMBUS. LM-V6 for Bradford -1:10 a m;t7:40nm; -1:45 Dtn't4:30pm. • Arrive from Bradford -2:45 am; tlO:20 urn; *l:20pm;t4:15p m, IFFNKR DIVISION. L««Te for Bffner+8:15 a m; *9:08 a m-13:05 p m 5 n m Sunday onlv- Arrive from Rffner-7:35 a m. +12 50 p m; 12:« p m; 8:30 a m Sunday only. RICHMOND AND CINCINNATI. l,j«ve for Richmond +12 ,w »m; t5:30 a m; *1:05 pm; t2:20p m. ArriTOfrom Richmond *3:30am: +11:00am *l:50pm: tW:50pm. INDIANAPOLIS AND LOUISVIli*. L«ve for Louisville 12:45 am; *l:10p m. Jfilvefrom Cxjuisville*2:40» m; *1:55 p m. J. A. McCULLOUGH, Agent, Loganaport, Ind. LOOANBPORT MQ. HAST BOUND 4 Eastern Express dally < Mall »nd Express dally •I Atlantic Express daily H Fort Wayne Acco Ex Sunday.,. 7? Local Freight Ex Sunday BOUND. 3:SS a m »:«* a tr 4:18 o vn 0:.B p m 4:1S> p m •Western Express daily ]0:'-1 P m Fast Mail Daily P m 5 ............................. Mail and Express dally .................. 2:40 p m Paciflc Express daily ..................... 11:88 a m Decatur Acco Ex-Sundnv ...... ----- T:8f> a m Local Freight Ex-Sunday ...... . A STYLISH BRAIDED SUIT. to the -waist line. The velvet is of the richest possible quality. On the high collar and in the corners are very fine traceries of black silk embroidery with the tiniest of cut steel beads sewed like veinings in the leaves and stamens and pistils where flowers are wrought. Where the design is in arabesques it is outlined with these fine cut steel beads. There is something incomparably rich about the steel beads. Jet ones are handsome, and small gilt ones, too, but the first are not- so showy, and the second are not retined in some way, while che steel ones are as beautiful as stars in a frosty iky They sparkle on the velvet, these steel beads, but it is with a chastened sheen that makes the garment elegant ds well as beautiful. Some of the new velvet aipus have ribbon to match twisted into rnfdike rolls with bows in the back ami front, and these bows are fastened iu the ceuter with cut steel, silver and imitation diamond buckles so finely made that they are almost works of art. Some of the garments have fancy buttons to match the buckles, aud these aru set on generally more as ornaments than for their usefulness from a practical point of viuw. Some of these velvet capes are made of startling colors, such as cardinal, ce- ri.so, burut orangu blue and black. Sometimes combinations are made of two distinct colors, like gray and saffron, magenta and gray, red and tan. beige aud bright blue, and so on. Black velvet as a material for rich wrap.- is not limited to wraps uuil mantles, for sonio of the prettiest and must stylish jackets, street blouses, etoiis aud ' ' three- quarters" are made of it. As a general rule, all these garments are trimmed with rich silk passementerie, though some are embroidered with heavy silk in the raised designs so popular a few seasons ago. The designs are picked out with fine cut jet beads or jet and steel mixed. A very few have narrow gold braid in elaborate oriental work, but few persons look well in such striking garments, and it is better to be too conservative iu such matters than err on the wrong side. These garments are generally of black, though there are a few in dark colors. They will bo very popular, especially for young ladies. A few of them have open bell sleeves edged with some sort of fur, while others have the usual sleeve of the season for coats, and that is a medium sized plumes tipping this way and that as if blown about by the wind. The coloring is very vivid in the most of the bonnets, toques and trimmings to the hats. Coral red is a new color, and when a twisted roll of that is put about the brim and a crown made of tbe same and a high black paradise plume waves in the air it makes a toque of which any black eyed lady might be proud. The soft Tarn O'Shanter puffed crowns are decidedly fashionable. Some felt bats with flat brims have the place for crowns cut out, so that a velvet one may be inserted, 'aud a plaiting of felt is made to stand up all around. In such a case a folding of velvet or plush reaches around the front, upholding the thick velvet loops that stand up high and stiff at the back. The caps to the sleeves and basque had stiff featherboniug to make them look almost rigid. A new idea in skirts is a sprung flounce reaching up about to the knee. In some cases the flounce reaches around the back breadths, only leaving the front one smooth. It is uot pretty, but has found some favor. Plush in rich bright colors has been made into attire for grand functions where it is uucessary to wear high necked gowns. One of ruby plush had the skirt plain but rather fuller than is the usual size at present. There was uu open jacket, bound with chinchilla fur on the sleeves. caps, high collar and arouud the whole basque. Under this was a shot blue and white taffeta vest gathered very full and with a draped belt. Among the ue\v silks are thick and heavy white aud cream armuve, peau de soie, satin duchesse and corded silk, HOW TO ASSAY GOLD. An Intercstine Process Fully and Simply Explained. [Special Con-eSDondence-1 SAX FRAN-CISCO, Kov. 24,—If there is a subject of more importance to the engineer than the gold mine itself, it is the determination of the value of an ore in dollars and cents for the purpose of inviting or discouraging further investment. Technically, this test is known as "an assay." The rules which govern it are easily acquired aud are within tbe understanding of any one, regardless of a knowledge of i-heuii-srry or other science. The subject is best treated under the 1-.'.-• ad of two division.-: First, the securing aud prc'iuiriug of an average sample : second, the assay proper—that is the valuation of this .-ample. Of the cwo the importance »f -swuring a truly representative «impk- ia the greater. Excepting for the pnrpoj-es of the sharper it would serve little to know tbe value of any one selected and particularly rich sample. This is the point that has caused many an inexperienced enthusiast a fortune. The methods for sampling are many and ingenious, consisting in cases of delicate and complex machinery. The one most used, though primitive and laborious, has for its recommendation both handiness and accuracy. A pile, or heap, of ore. is to be tested. In such cases where the ore is to be shipped or moved it is an easy matter to throw every tenth or twentieth shov- elful on to a barrow, to be laid aside for separate and further treatment. Otherwise the digging of two channels at right angles to each other and passing through the center of the heap makes it possible to select in the same manner as before an average sample, representing the value of tbe entire body of ore. The sample is then mixed by shoveling and reshoveling it upon itself until finally it is piled up in a round pointed heap, approximating the s,'iape of a cone. This is roughly quarter :| - Two opposite quarters are considered as representing the true average of the entire sample, of which, of course, there is now but half of the original quantity to deal with. This process of mixing and quartering is continued again and again until the original sample has been cut down to a small one, weighing in the neighborhood of 10 or 12 pounds. This quantity is then put into an iron mortar and alternately ground and sieved until all of it has passed through a sieve of such fineness that there are GO apertures to the inch. Again the ore, now in the form of a- powder, is heaped, mixed and quartered until the operator arrives at a quantity so small that it can be read- DERFUL MEDICINE FREE! PROMPTLY SENT TO EVERY MAN WHO NEED* A GENERAL BRACING UP. It Brings Perfect Manhood to All. The Greatest Discovery of the Famous PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, of Chicago, III. GRATUITOUSLY, GLADLY SENT to all men who need it and who will write for It. A lane percentage of the men of today arc sadly In need OS ihe right tod of medical treatment lor weakness peculiar to aen. M»r cases are kind of . duo 'oe-riwk-es others to excesses. while many of the cases are due to overwork worry and ;:caeral nervous debility. It matters not, however, what the iauEie may have been.*!* fact still remains that they all req^re proper medical siti-auoa IMMEDIATELY. Wri'c •'•* -11 one.- =ivins .1 description of your case, and we will prepare vou a cour-Te'of ' i re.-.imeiit serially adapted to your condition, and send i> M „„ IRSOLUT^LY FREE in plain -s,-aK-J package-. We can give full strength, development * ° Sno -c - ^ L -"on and crpm of -.he Hody. stop ,11 drams uuu losses, and restore you » PERFECT MANHOOD Failure is impo^iV,, vrith our method. monuils Tram all over the world. We taw thousands ol te READ WHAT THESE PATIENTS SAY: Fhtpnciaux' laslitat,; C!:i.~a;n- BLAXCHA3D. WifH., March S, 1396. Pi-IK SIRS—I have nearly finished my ciursa of treatment, r.ml find myself n d' Uuran; man. 1 i-aimoc find words cuou-:h to. praise andI oipn** tue ooep inii itudi. 1 ii-el iim-nr-ls v,,u. Your treatment « f implv vrondorful. I «m I«r- fsctiy cin.J, and thimk yic o hundred timus and wil.! help you oil I possibly can- Muy God bless jou md your work. Yourstruly, u.-t-f. nw _ LOTEX. LA., ,lunel9.1B9G. Mi- DEAR FRIENDS,-- Please accnpt my thanks for the kindness you bore m 1 IwTier than I ha™ bwn far »years. I do not fuel like the saro« man. All rieniia \viu-n they m-« m". say, tt h » c hnvo you haea dome. •L LOQARRPOBT AMD CHILI. WIST »OD»D. »o-» Sj-rlrei - 8:SO «. n Ho. 87 ...Arrives- S:80 p. tt •ABT BOUHD. Ho M ™_Le»vei _..J:06 a. n •O.M .Le«Ye* P. VANDALIA LINE. Time Table, ID effect Sept. 3S, 1897. Imdiua all of one shade or other of white. These are all intended for wedding gowns. The latest are draped with chiffon flounces, with Grange blossoms at the apex of each festoon. Pale mauve and lilac striped taffetas are produced for bridesmaids. These are also in faint blue and pink aud are simply fashioned so as not to overshadow the bride. HESRIETTK ROUSSEAU. lum my fi .. man come out hke you. rtVirt.-:' Institute: Ever your friend, NVver saw si. P. a HAVANA, S. Li., Jsn. 23,1896. GENTLEMEN,-! wish to eipress my hoartWt thanks for the remit of m? •ea:m!"i:. Uurini; the last two wwt* th« I took your treatment.U;e improve. iSafT-'V-mn-ir''"^!"^T )mve ^ yocr roo'di'ciac'. Mr friends i-.rc. all snriirised nt the iinproramnnt in raj- (--•—•' appearance. Ilopiug thnt jou nnay over prosper,! renuua, ioumnina Hundreds ol similar letters are now on flle ia our business office, and all are bona nd9 expressions of permanently cured nr-j. Do not delay writing to us, and remember that >«e are not only a -esnonsible institution in Wbry way, but ours is the largest medical institute in America tnat mukes a specialty of SEXUAL AND NERVOUS DISEASES. Inclose 6 cents lor postal9 on medicine, which is always pluinl, sealed. PHYSICIANS' INSTITUTE, 1151 Masonic Temple, CHICAGO, ILL 5CORIf"l A Novelty In Cushions. It would seem as if every variety of pincushion that could be desired had been made over and over again, but FOB THE NOBTH lin f _„ —10:36 a. m. Jfc'.S.". — S:3B p. m. FOB THE SOUTH. MQ 21 -..- _7:C6 a. m. So! s" 2=25 P- m. For complete Time Card, giving all trains and c**tion§. and for full information ai to rate*, through oars, etc., address J. C. KDGBWOSTH, agent, Logsnspon. or 1 4. FORD, Geceral Passer^ xt Arent, 8t. Lou*i. Mo. L, K. & W. Time 1 able, Peru. Ind. Solid trains between Peorli and S»ndu»ky ud mdlanapou* and Michigan. Direct connections to and from all points In the ttatM and Canada. BOOTH BOUJJU DIP ART No « lndl»n«poli« RIP dailj 7:10 a m No S3 " Mail & KipUl:! (da)'j except 8 >Blndpl'«Bxp t Sunday) :S8»m 3:36 p m No 151 Rochteter local arrive :45 p m except Sunday, XORTB SOUND. No 30 Mail * Kip Ei 8uu, ~M:18»m J have noticed this week some very good effects in tailor made costumes. These are no longer restricted to hroad- cloth alone, but coverts in the new mer- veilleux weaves. These have a smoother surface than heretofore, and the threads are finer and closer, so that one No ISO Acoom except Sun. . . i:i5 a m •DOM not rua north o?F«ru on Sunday.. M aodji*neral Information call r, ttokel acent, L. I. * W. XEW MILIIXEET. has to look well to see that there is more than one color represented. The newest of daese shades iuid weaves are gravs, castors, browns, olives and a delicate shade of frosty cadet bine, Ar- mnrette is another straff for outdoor •winter wear. It is between annnre and tricot in weave. It is pretty and qnito firm enough for tailor costumes. Of broadcloths it is not necessary to speak. A new ituff called Russian frisette it 1& some ingenious woman lias hit upon still another novelty iu that direction. This time it is a long, narrow affair, CUPEL TONGS- THE ASSAY TOOLS. ily handled. Fivo or six ounces are considered plenty aud are sufficient for a dozen verifications of the result. By means of a balance several grams of the ore are weighed. ' The delicacy of the foregoing operation is woi'tby of special mention. It is not that theoretically the result of the sample approximates the value of the original heap, bnt practically it is the exact value of the main body of ore, though, depending on the size of the latter, the final sample under consideration is some millionth part of that which it represents. The ore having been weighed, it is brushed into a small earthenware saucer about four inches in diameter and known as a scorifier and is capable of withstanding practically any heat, A furnace is readily masoned out of a few rocks and some clay. Small portable furnaces Coke or Arrangements have been perfected for a line of Semi-weekly Pullman Vestibuled, Double Drawing Room, and Sleeping Cars between St. Louis and Lo sAngeles, Cal., running through without change. These cars will leave St. Louis every Wednesday aud Saturday night at 9:00 p. m., arriving at Los Angles, Saturdays and Tuesdays at 5:50 p. m. A Buffet Smoking Car and Dinning Car are attached to this train at Kansas City, running through to Pacific Coast without change. Only three days from Logansport to Los Angeles, via this line. For berth reservations etc. ,caH on or address C.B.MEWEll,Agt. W ABASH R.R, Loganspori, Ind. Special Rates Via Pennsylvania Lines This Month. On December 7th and 21st Homeeeekers' Excursion Tickets will be sold via Pennsylvania Lines to points in Alabama, Arizona, Arxansas, Colorado, Florida. Georgia. Idaho, Indian Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana. Mich«JD, Minnesota, Miseisfippi. Missouri, Nebrasua, N«w Mexico. North Caro Una. North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South are those generally employed, charcoal is the fuel used. Ordinary granulated lead is then v <•' J1 'fi llELtt ISUI'LU LSn&VLJlt '-' ruii'JV •-••«** ,» . -w-»-^™- T poured over the contents ot the scormer , earo]jnai gouta Dakota, Tennessee. Texas, and by means of a pair of tongs the ves^- j rtah> virjrma, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Auy- 1 "^ tody may take advantage of tbe low rates. Full information free upon application to nearest Tlcfcet Agent of the Pennsylvania sel is "introduced into the white heat of the furnace. Gradually the lead on top of the scor- ifler's contents begins to melt under the The Central Passenger Association 1000 Mile Interchangeable Rebate Ticket Is for sale at principal Ticket Office* o The Pennsylvania Lines. It is honored one year from date of sale, lor Exchange 'l Icktts over either of tbe following named Lines: Ann Arbor. Baltimore & Ohio, Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, Chicago <S£Wes!. Michigan, Cincinnati & Muekingum Valley, Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton, Cleveland & Marie :to, Cleveland, Canton & Souihern, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & Ht L Cleveland. Loraln & Wheeling. Cleveland Tern.in-.! & Valley, Columbus, BocKing Valley & Toledo, Columbus, Sandusky & Hocking, Detroit;*: Cleveland Steam Navigation, Detroit. Grand Eapids & Western. Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley & Htilburg, Evanevllle & Indianapoila, EvansTilie & Terre Haute. Kindlny. Fort Wsyne & Western, Flint & Pere Marquette, Grand Hapl^s & Indiana, Indiana, Decatur & Western, Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, Louisville & Nabbville, Between Louiiville * Cincinnati and between St. L acd Bvmavlll* LouisvilX EvanevlLle & 8t Louil, Louisville, Henderson & Bt Loull, Michigan Central, New Toik, Chicago & St Louis, Ohio Central Lines, rennsylvania Linea West of Pittaburs, Peoria, Decatur & Kvanisvlue, Pititsburg & Lake Brie, PitUbure & Western, Pltteburg. Lisbon i Western, Toledo, St Louis & Kansas Citj Vandalia Line, Wabash Railroad. Zanee-rtlle & Ohio river. The price of th< BO ticket* are Thirty OoUrir* each. They are not transferable If the ticket is used in its entirety and exclusively by tha original purchaser, a rebate of Ten Dollar* i« paid by the Commissioner of the Central P«»- lenger Association, . A. Ford, Gen. Pass. Agt. Pitteburg-, Pa Sept 30.1887 same time giving plenty of room for the many fancy pins used in an up to date toilet Mrs. N. Honsinger and her daughter, Miss Maud, are the official draftsmen for the state land department of Man- degrees. The lead melts faster and faster, until, being entirely in a fluid state and being heavy, it works its way through the ore tow.ird the lowest point of the scorifier, currying with it every particle of gold aud leaving the melted refuse—now kuo-,vn as "slag"—robtel and worthless, to float on top, a redhoc fluid mass cf. a siruov CODS much embroidered and bedecked with I tremendous heat of some 3,000 to 4,000 laces and frills—indeed a great addition ' to any bureau. To make this cushion, first cut a strip of very strong muslin 2'2 inches in length and II in width. Of this make a bag and stuff very full and fight- with bran. The beauty of a cushion depends largely on how well and skillfully it is filled. It should be very hard and" firm and the corners well filled out. For the cover select a piece of electric blue satin. On this embroider in filo floss a design of buttercups in solid Kensington stitch. Let the leaves be of a dulCpale shade of olive green. Of this satin make a cover to exactly fit the cushion, cut in same proportions given for the muslin bag, leaving it open at one end. Stitch firmly on machine, then turn and see that the corners are sharp and clear. Slip the cushion in and overhand the end very neatly with fine silk the shade of the satin cover. Make a full bos plaited frill of satin ribbon of the same shade and five inches in width. Sew this firmly all around the cushion. Over this put- an ample ruffle of soaae dainty lace, and the article will be complete. This cushion is intended to be placed on the bureau, close up against the glass, thus forming a decorative hit and at the ITTLE IVER PILLS Lines or 1'y addressing W. W. Richardson, District Patteufe-er Agent. Indianapolis, Ind. For earache, put a couple of drops of Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil on a bit of cotton and place it In the ear. The pain will stop in a few moments. Simple enough, isn't it? SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these Mttle Pills. Ticy also relieve Distress from Dyipepsfa, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating. A per- fcct remedy for Dizziness, Nausea, Diowit MM, Bad Taste in the Month, Coated Toofno P»m in the Side, TORPID LIVER. They Regulate the Bowel*. Purely Vegetable. Small PHI. Small SmalMc*. Then tfie scorifier "is taken out and cooled. By means of a hammer it is knocked apart. In the bottom of what was the dish there is. surrounded by a brittle glasslike substance, what, from i its appearance, is known a.s a "lead but| ton." The remaining problem is a sim- 1 pie one. Since all of the gold formerly i contained in tbe ore is now confined in j the lump of lead, it but remains to get rid of the lead and retain tbe gold, when i the latter, being weighed, is readily calculated per ton. The lead button for eonvenicuea o! handling is hammerer! into a small cube- i Another dish of about one inch in diu- j meter and of the same height is nesr 'employed. It is known as a "cupel" and is made of compressed bone ash. Ii is porous and absorbs the lead after it has been melted, while it refuses to ab- Borb the gold. In to this "cupel "the lead cn.be is placed and onoe more it is exposed to the heat of tha furnace. If much remain*, the button !• halt the size of apinhead; usually the extreme point of a pin ia & better comparison. In either awe the result is-weighed md calculated. A. W. Home Seekers Excursion... FOR November and December '97 - -THR -- have authorized reduced rates to many points in the West, South and Soutfc- •west Tickets will be gold NoTember, 2nd and 16th, December 7th »nd21«t. For particulars, call on or addiee* C. (1. Newell, Apt Lofansport, lid.

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