The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COU1UKK NEWS State Demo Party Warns Bolters Independent Vets Of '46 Election Not Allowed on '47 Ticket BY BOB UK OWN' (Urtlt«d Press Staff Correspond^"!) (UTTLE ROCK, Ark., Sept. 12 — (UP)—The Arkansas Democratic pirty yesterday clamped down i«i insurgent Gl's who ran as independents in last FaU's'general election. State Committee Secretary Harvey Combs said that, the names of independent GI candidates in the 194U general election will not be iM-iiHc-.l on the primary ballots'next. Summer and that rules governing parly allegiance will be ".^tnctlv adhered to." ;The announced i/nrty policy apparently hud the backing of Gov. Ben Lanes', although he would not comment directly on it. "I am a party man," the governor said. Combs said he had written to Jack and Pete Coughlin, editors of the West Memphis News, informing them that GI candidates who bolted the party in Criltendcn Comity last November could not enter next Summer's races. . His answer came Kiir.ultancous'y with an announcement by Royc::? Upshaw that he plans to run for Crittcnden County Judge in 19-13. CJpshaw lost to Judge Cy S. Bond !n the 1946 genual clcclioiv He 'aid he would go into the couria i necessary to get on next Sum- K1UJJAY, Bomb-Proof Mine Is Possible Atomic Plant Site This mine tunnel, 700 feet mirier the (jround ai Mincrsvillc, I'a., offers a iiutcntinl site for a bombproof atomic factory or slorcliousc. It is one of several abandoned and near-exhausted coal mines prniio.sed for use ns im pregnable \var phuits. \ inet's iicl:[-l. ' The K.JVIM-IIOI- re/used lo comment on the Crittcndcn County case. "If T expected bfMicfil.s from tiv.! Democratic party, I would consider it my duly to abide by the inks," he saic\. The governor said lie saw no objection to a candidate selling liim- f.clf up as "u tree lance operntor' Fort Smith Man Killed -:, Ali:.. Sept. 12. IUI'1 — McKayetie Meiulors, '29, of Fort but indicated I hut lie should export no help from the party, "He should not be hot one day aiul cold Hie next. 1 simply don't like that ];ind of politics," Lancy i declined. •Smith and formerly of Yell county, was killed instantly yesterday in ;tn automobile accident on Highway L'fl two miles east of Bluflton in Yetl County. The car he was driving failed to iU'£Oti;iie a curve and struck a steel banister {•>, i<J47 . IM/ BY KE* 5ERVICE.1KC. T.TOtCni. S. PAT. 5m "I hope it won't shock you, but I'll tell you now—my reservation home is for a month from todayl" Read Courier News W»nt Ads A SERVICE. IMC TII12 STOHYt Andrew K aen lo Cfctcneo (i) Kiiinnl mil Ivan (:rff£nr fcrfore iirCMmliti^ liln IKIIIIC fit itu- ' roninK DIr colors' .tlviMliiK. WEirn i ^p dlftcavera (lint <;rpp;iir IM fin ; rxlrfinrEy ilyunmlo ner.sininU IT, 1 fcowfver, he Imckw tlmvu, nltcmiu* I To dUeimriipre him from <-vfii CDII- [ nldcrlnpr « iioKltfim ;it lln- l<nlr. I B«( <:r*K«r, lo "\Vnoil\vn nl '» tliM- ) M«T, fx very |nle rCKlcil, *ny* ln-'ll • coriHidcr nny offer mrule him. Ihut 1 he vronM value Ilie clinncc lu work vrilh II r. Alnleolut (jlciiu. "v^-f XX11I -"-•-.-">••--• r\R. WOODWARD returned to . the Lair in a fine temper, n Tact which his mother, his operating crew the next morning, and his classes, quickly discovered. When he returned to his oflicc alter class, Miss Dyson gave him a memorandum asking him to get ft touch with Malcolm Glenn. ;What in the dickens does he •want?" Andrew snapped. Miss Dyson straightened her cap. "I'm sure I don't know," she said primly. Malcolm was iallcing over the phono when Andrew entered his office. He gestured to the leather chair, went on with the instructions he was giving to an intern. "Call me when you're ready. Doctor," the surgeon completed, carefully putting the phone in place, and ; swinging : his chair to face Andrew^ "I'll,hav6 to -Come -to my .point quickly— Sandberg has a breech upstairs. I—" He paused, and moistened his lips. "I do not care for your attitude here in the hospital, Woodward. I'd like to know why you so constantly oppose me." Andrew looked shocked. "Do I, ,sir? I had not realized— oh, a time )or two upon a diagnosis, but — " | "I'm not referring to diagnostic disagreement — though there, too, you seem to take pleasure in disagreement. I am not questioning the integrity of your professional behavior. But there have been .other things — the little matter of delayed or immediate autopsy— the Hospital rulo is six hours, and it seems particularly annoying and futile for you lo seek to circumvent that rule. You constantly object to being called at what you call bad hours to receive and ex- nmine newly admitted cases—" "That's what you have a Resident for!" "K's what wo have a closed Stall for," Malcolm snapped. "I've bowed to your order on that subject, sir," said Andrew. • * * "VES, voicing your objection each lime. That doesn't make for n smoothly funclioning hospital, Woodward. Then there was the mallei- of my wanting Barrett on the Stall— 1 know, I know! We won't discuss it, now. What we shall discuss is your constant, untiring opposition to me. Why do you feel that way? Why do you net so? Do you dislike me, Dr. Woodward? Yes, 1 mean personally. Or—do you doubt my ability as Surgeon and Hospital Chief? And if you do. why?" Andrew looked at Dr. Glenn as if he considered the answer lie would make. Then he smiled, in a diflident, boyish way. "May 1 be frank with you, Doctor?" Malcolm sighed. "I'm trying lo gel you to be frank!" Andrew hesitated for a second, and when he spoke it was with evident reluctance. "I was not aware that I had'been opposing you, sir," he said humbly, "but 1 will admit that, since coming here, I have thought you were in the wrong job." Malcolm's brown eyes widened, then narrowed. "You've thought that, have you?" he commented. "\Vhat job should I be doing?" "Not hospital stall work, sir with its ivuoling demands, its pressure, ils constant need for change and adjustment. 1 think you should get out of this Stall, his Ho.^.icai, for your own sin;;, met lo let new ide:is ami i.e*r loot! come into ihv Lnir. I ;i:n jure you have the Hospital's \vel- Tjre at heart—in /act, I am sure ,he Lair is a passion with you, more than your wife or your children. And perhcips you do not realize—as otic coming in fresh from the outside reolix.cs—thnt the Lair is in a deep nil, bolh as lo policy ami practice. Take tilings like your six-hour aUEopsy rule— I've met such ideas only iu ho;;- )Uals staffed by older doctors—" * * » 7VTALCOLM loaned forward lo filavc at Andrew. "Mow old do you think 1 am, Woodward?" <; 1 know how old you Eire, sir. You're 45. In another ninn, ihat vauld be f;iirly yoimy fur the position you hold. Uut—isn't il true Lhiil you've been here Eil Caroline Lehr since it wns built? Over JU years. Haven't you worked under Dr. iMc'An, followed his directions, nacle his kleju your own? Certainly, no is an pkl man. And you are ll^e shoclow oC that old man and his notions. Atid—" he paused. Malcolm looked at him. his eyes narrowed. "Go ot^ f " he said. "Well," Andrew said, "you'd be the last one to deny lhat you arc a sick man." Malcolm's hands dropped lo his knees, hi:; mouth fell open. "Me? Sick?" He jilmosl smiled. But Andrew was deadly serious. 'I don't know of anyone who gets sicker than you do, sir, with mi- ramo. The aura und blindness, .he swollen lin.^-ji s and nausea, and the extremely severe pain followed by lassitude— Of course, you're a sick man!" "WJicn I have an attack," said Malcolm coldly. "The very uncertainly of an attack occurring, sir, is a burden. On you, and upon the hospital. We—• You're lucky if one of your seizures docs not cause your knife to slip—or if it does not. some day—" Malcolm slaved at him, shocked, Was \Vood\vurd riflht? Migraine was no joke—not the way" Malcolm had il—aud had had it cvcv since lie could remember. Was lus afliicliou a burden u; Die Hospital? (To lie Continued! Free Delivery Call PiCKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2013 1014 Cliickiisawba FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS Hisc iit By MERRILL Shine BLOS3ER we R NECKTfe. IS THE HOTTESr TWIMG- IM SMADYSlDe GlMCE BOBBLE SUM .' LIKE ALL SRi?Ar INVENTIONS, HOWEVER, ir HAS ITS DRAWBACKS' HEY/ uov/zABour DIMM IMG THOSE LIGHTS?' YOU WANT TO CAUSE A CRACK-UP? BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE FICE NQRTH TfNfH Phone 3151 ^ , \* GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 975 Ark.-Mo. 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PL-.'.'.CSOKE^ PHOTOS TO AAAPAM > McAOPLE AT THK LOS LOCO WALR'JSKt BEFOSE ( ASYLUM FOR A STATEMENT TITUS 3ET5 TOO 'i THAT WILL S1LEMCE FOZP1ER CURIOUS ABOUT '£,« \ ALL DOLIBTS ABOUT MY AMO CONNECTS ME fc^. SAUITV. 1 ^ REP KTDEH | ALL RIGHT, BOYS . F~OR MIGHT No Sltnolinjr BOYS, we H.\VE A NEW rCLICY HERF- WE PRESENT C-\CM NE BEALIT.HML BUFCHEK KNIFE A.Mf A HUMTIWG KNIFE.' ) EVERY APPRENTICE KID N\-\KEO liUlVES OLIT 'Or TIME— TH' BULL OF TH P \VOOP 5CLF l!= HE THIS'LL STOP IT. IjS aimed at the top of the ''Briefs head and took a half breath. Oul of Tw MAI.jLKY ami RALPH I.ANB ^^^^m-^ ^S^gv^ 3 squeezectaj ^ - ^/Nifes^i - ALLEY OOP Win You Him? By V. T. II AMU N ITSTIM= __ LUTEACH «3U XOT \ I_UNKH=.V35 ' INTO, RSSPECT EL.DE55.' SfeSl OU SAY AL(.eV OOP'S BACK? BE vou SUHE? WHE3E 15 5?.SPtAi< UE? VOU OPES...OOHT VOU EAUZE THAT'5 BOOTS AN.n Hjv^ BUDDIES > S Very Simple

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