The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1947
Page 11
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FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D*U<r nt« p«r line for couecutiT* la- Minimum Cfctrc* *1M 1 time p«r line I5e Z tjtnn p«r lint pef d*y lie J times per line per **T IK 6 times per llu« per day ,. 7c 1? tfznes per line per day 5c Mouth p«r line • .. .. 9tw Count fire averace words to tb» line. Ad ordered fur thrc« or six times anJ ttopp«d before expiration will b* chare- ed lor the number of Umes the ad appeared anJ adjustment of bill made. All ClasslfU-d AdveillslDC topy suD- UiHted by persons residing outside ol thf tliy must be accorapauled by cash. Rates niny l>e easily computed from the aliuve table. Advertising order for irrtruUx Iu tlons takes the one time rate. No responsibility wilt N; takcm for more than one Incorrect ins«rtU>n or *Eiy classified *4. For Safe PAGE ELEVEN For Sol* Fryers for sale. Kouth Gl. c. Abraham. 0i8-iic-tf Jec|> nnrl trailer, iind n:ilr platform -scales. Con be seen at KJOI W. Mnln. 3 nice residence lotr. all together. Owner lenvlriK lowa snld sell [hem See Oscar Alexander. Heal-Kstate and Insurance 107 West Main lilytlie- I vlllp. Pliono 830. Resident Phone 3«0- DilO-ok-9:i3 Prkle RillHllvlKlon on Carolyn Rtrppt One lot with one four room house with ii servant house It) back The house number l.s 2m. 9 ul-»k-IJ Snperfex Oil circulating Healer 4 or 5 room capacity. Phon D.ll-uk-14 !Jnthlul> mitl KIlclu-M r.lnk 40. r ) N Uroathvay, phone 3:ii)ll. o. S. Itolllson Buy your coM before tile winter rusti. .'-et us fill your blu. Phone 489. Uox 309. fllylhevllle, Arkansas. (ioocl liny. Phono 805. 8'29-i>k-9'29 Allacide Johnson grass. Poison now available at 1'hnters Hardware Co., Inc. I'hone 515. 8 18 ok tf For fresh fruits and vceclnblca, nUo nil rinds of cunning fruits roascm- nbly ijrlceil visit 1J1I1 'niompso'i's Curt, Mkt.. Ihw. 0. B*"* 75 acres, one 5 room Uous-e om* two room housL- :ui(l small burn, I-MI:I good laiul. 3 miles of Manila. 1GO ncros. good improved gravel road olpctrlclly. and all nicxtmi ronvtrn- 300 acres, KttivcL road, electrlrlty In itlmusL till hoiiM'.s. i;aoci Iminove- 140 siores, state E; ravel road, nice rc- sidenc'c. barn, tenant housi-. 110 sicrt'B rxtra yood i;iouml, lair Lin- 82 acres, wry besi lo;irn coll? Tuir in»- piovcMienia. GO at:re.s, 5 room hoxiso tind burn ^ootl soil. ;tl7 acres, extra yood land for tjiilck Hiili 1 53^.5(M), noii-ifMtlonri 1 ! o*ner. 214 Jirrcs. 4 house-:; and j-ood barn, Ejrai'd road, all In ]-«v, p <TOI>. 58 nere.", one yood -1 roi>jn House, one 3 room honai-. two lioocl bains, vrry best loam ton. This itlucc Is all In folion, c» a very sma.ll n mount of oiish to handle. Ni;w gravel road and elcctricliy roliiK by the place now. The.sf farms are close lo niyLhevllle hi Miss. CO. 100 acrrcs, tlirc-ft houst's und one ham Two. BO aero tracls. This hitid fs within :t mllos of CaruLh- crsvllli*. Mo., on [; ravel road mul electrielty. Can Ijc- Diirchnscd foi- do\vn hulancr over :\ ]ODK period .ate model Cushman motor scooter, complete with buck sent, windshield, etc. In excellent condition. Reduced for quick sale. Phone | ^ time, low mo^i ^^ 8 2(J dh tf J A T T !•: N 'i 1 I 0 N— Farmers - Truckers - Ginners Wo Are In Production On All Styles of Custom Unlit Truck Covers For liny -- Cottonseed — Soybeans Carney Awning Co. 1135, First Phone 2972 Ulythcvllle, Ark. ' nilrs of Holland. 211 acres Just NuriM of KenneU. all uootl loam .son, nil in row crop, priced SI^D.OO JUT (terns. 200 acres. Joins JIufljn:ui Urns, farm, all fenced with new liu-? wire Priced $JSO.OO per acn . HI ALES LAM) CO. Office upstairs in Hale across from City Hall. Phonu JJ322. Russell E. Hinlcs—R. M. Keck We have exclusive listings on approximately 20 farms ranging in size from -10 acres to large tracts. If you are interested in Ijuv- ing or selling, or in making a loan be sure ami call us and we will be glad to show or discuss these farms with you. Cecil Earls Noble Gill Agency Osceola Telephone 9ft Hlytheville Telephone 3131 9 1 ck tf IQ4G C'lievrolet tv,'o ton truck, crili over engine, radio, neuter, 12 ply tires, sadtJIe tanks, T^XIC ft. bov. 14X22 tarpaulin. W?ll equipped, nnd like new. If interested sec Karl Slaughter, feoiitb end 21st Street FOR SAFETY AND ECONOMY KEEP WHEELS \ LIN Wheels thnt ore out of line or wobbly £rind the life out of tires ami make your car unuife to drive-. Let us check your wheels periodically to save you money QEul keep your cnr safe to drive. r Wonted to Rent _ Wont tn ivm t wi> O i three room luniso or uiiuiliiietii. rmjiKlii'ii or vmlm- lilslu-d. Hu\ Allc- <\>urii.v I/™-" xiimirnLsiica. i>h. tv l,. unmiu>. »>2» ut l!Hn ]L.-;Hh llntnu Aiilu Mxunny. niiarlmriu, lui nlsln-il or mi. 'il. I'oniiU. imly. I'huiie ;tOV(i tl a-l'k-lii nmlslii'ii or uiminilslivii iiiiusi' or •uiumiiirm. full Mr, MicXrt ut :'l\u Ho/p Wanted YOIIDK man .-.tMtui: ;in<l \vll1lhK lo work, c.iii hlnli.vilif cum M,irki'(, "'•'»' '•' "ml 'J [l ID-i'k-H WiMiUM i-\i>iTl.>ii,'cil (vnldoss. Awirty )t.i.''nl):irv.. ^Mitli Dlvli.lon St il-lO-ok-13 Senutce I! K:mii;tll (rncldr Mini Inter- niitiiiiiEil Inirli luei'liiiiiii-.s. Apply in iii'rson to Mr. Mnc Alexander a( Oelljt liniili'inonts, Inf., :!I2 South Sonnul. !) 10 ck Wanted To Biry v.s: nil kllltls mm\ tM; (iiiinhn: «'*|nhl- Hiols; UM'tl tuiul- M'ivKvul)l>>, I'linni' ompainy !Hh at Walnut I'hone <M f>.'{ One Suncrfex oil tieuter. Will he tit a G room honse in the coldest v:etither. Phone 2714. 9 12-pk-9 10 fjcconclhand furnace with I ton n re- man stoker. Sufficient, capacity for 10 room house. C. P. ninker. DLnint: roam Kiilte. ol! burner n.nd automatic oil beater. I'hone 2984. Call niornln" or afternoon after 5. y !2-pk-9'lG Personal I For Hire Army surplus — Tents — Shoes — Kahki Pants — — Shirts — Woolens — Hoots — Comforters, etc. 112 Lilly St., Vi IHock Southeast IMuin St. 9 5 ck 10 5 TRUCKKItS ATTENTION 1912 Ford \Vi f«>n dump truck. i:M inch wheel base, must he sacrificed in a mortgage foreclosure sale. Full price $550. See Jim Roleson at IHi N. 2nd. 9 12 ck 1G Attention I'ickers Planters Wu nre asMn making quiillty Cotton Pick Sacks for those wtio want the best. Carney Awning Co. 113 S. First St. Ulythcvllle. Ark. 8,23-pk-y:23 I'Yyers for sale. South <il. <K Abraham. 9 9 ck 1(> Con^ilete Scont e^jltiiinieiit. Practlcrilly ilt'W. Phone ^^;iy or rail he seen at 401 Blast Vine St. 9;io-i)k-9'13 If yon havi? anything to sell let \is auction it fur yon Information liiioile OSl. __ 9 10-ilk-lCJ.ll Large, well builf. (i r<x)m room house with bath close to high school. Complete s^as equipment. Kenl- al house on rear of lot will make payments. Immediate possession. Can be financed. Sec or call Max Logan, Realtor, or E. T. Hiibbard, Salesman, phone 2IKM, Lynch lildg., ISIythe- ville. » 11 ck 18 •>. combines. 1-HA John Dccre with yrnlii bill — 1 - 52R Iiitcrnntlonal, -See II. R. Eddlngton. Uerniandalc Missouri, or call 975. 9C-»k-D'11 5-room liovisc. h^th. simatecl on two lots. Price S2500. A. O. UvirrcM. Hol- Inncl. Mo. 9:i2-nk-2G Nofice Highest value fur usptl. surjilus Items m trade [it Klbert Huffman's Swap Shop. 401 B. Mnln, ph. 859. Jl-ck-tt For Rent Do your own concrete work and save. lient o concrete mixer by day or hour Phone IBS, Bo'x 059. ulythcvin?. Ark. 8tl(i-ck-t( Bedroom - 314 N. 9th.. Flionc 2328. 9 9-pk-10;9 Services ALLEN PICKARD'S East End Shoe Repair Service, 112 Lilly St., '/ 2 IHock East of Main. Workmanship and material guaranteed. 9 (i ck 10 (I Painting nml pnper lirtrigljig. tYcen\an. Phone 2835. SEWING MACHINE We electrity your old treadle sewing machine Into a modern electric portable or cabinet model. C. E. TJrake. 408 E. Ash. 8:i4-pk-9!N MONEY TO LOAN Do you need a loan to repair or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red tape. KHA approved rate '•>',,. Ask for details. Max Logan, Realtor, phone 2(KM Lynch HItlff., Hlythevillc. 9 23 ck If 1 fun hack In town. Hcil 9;]i-ck-9 tit Wonted Coin>)1nntlon flrniiinn tint! nl^bt wntcli- Ein at GUI. I'hone C70. l-ck-15 everal [joocl iisetl pintios, paid. Phone ^O'JG. Lost Wlittc purs*- Saturday nlf;ht. Finder Jf^s» return baj< mill contents tint I et'fJ the money. Call Grace Wyatt t Rlre Stls. fl.D-nk-U 1 ]4 Tractor break hi f? plow, bustora, tllsc. Imtiow, |)lanicr, cultivator. eHmiiri coitibltii;. John G. HrlRht. 300 S, a«- coiifl Si. I'tiotn; 87Q. 8|l'l-])};-liH A ferret kilted 4GT clilckcnn bc- foro being eivpturod. niter csciipl from its cngc at MansficM, Ei land. Instruction, Male Men waiitcitl to train for Die.sel Klcctrh: nml heavy duty cc|lll|)mc.-nt unth bis: Pny. Write CSrcer Shop Training, H08 Herinanu Duiltllnff. Iloustoti Ii. Tcxns. Oi8-nk-l& Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any SUe T. L MABRY J MISSOURI 8T. MI. S627 C;ish for wrecked or junlt nuloinobilos. Wade Auto Salvjijje, North Iliwuy (U. plume ;t7S. r >. S n.'ck If WE 'JUNK' JUNKED CARS Any questionable automobiles are sold to junk dealers. Our cars carry 30 day guarantee, financed through GMAC preferred plan, to our knowledge the lowest finance charge containing the full 15 coverages to protect you. We ask your patronage. Remember price alone does not constitute a bargain. ' Phone 3371 Night Phones 2527 and 2903 WALPOLE ELECTRIC Complefc Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Second St. lilylhcvillc, Ark. Free Estimates on All Work corona ixirtnblc typewriter - K oo<l nt;w. Rear. BIG Clark Street. ' ^^<K!u^n brnuty sliop In Dlytlievlllr V.-H11 al] l\c\v cqnlr)rnent. Write Hox :{00. '*. Coxnlcr News. 9,a-i:k-n A Hire 3 roorn house aucl lot Will Hive Immediate possc.sstoi] located •112 South IGltl St.. UlythcvlllF. Ark. ___ 0,9-pk-te I'ivp room residence, corner [ol. Price S.V750. H. C. Campbell. I'hone .1110 or 2o:i«. n 10 ir ck Kiy;li( room residence close in. Missouri Street. Price $5000. Terms. Immediate possession. H. C. Campbell, lihnne -1-Mfi or 2n:)0. 51 10 ck tf 5 rooms and bath on bus Nnp completely furnished. Trlco S-IOOO. '.'•, flown. 3 iKXlroorn honso located on vine St In noort condition. Reasonably priced' 4 rooms anu bath close to busltiess district. Can move In today. I,nrt;c 6 room house on Missouri St Can be used ns a duplex. Quick pos- srsMon. Can lie rinauccrl. Several FKA approved lots. I cati finance 90 r ^ of the cost of a new house. Wo will be RTad to show you r.ny of these houses or lots today. 3ce or call Max Logan, Realtor K. T. Hubbard. Salesman Phone 2034. Lynch BullclinR. For a Hr.E'iised plumtjer or ror expert stove repair work call Hairy Mes'cr.s at Ifubbard Hardware. 9 2-ck-10.2 Expert radiator repair for leas. We have the best in radiator repair equipment. Let our trained man boil out and repair youi; radiator for you. Quick Service. Pickup and delivery. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Douglas Lawson, IMgr. Phone 2171. 8 9 tf Call liil! Davis for Free Estimate on and decorating. Phone 9 '1 ck 10 .1 WnshluK arid Ironing. Willie Uelte Green. 1112 S. Lake. 8:iO-pk-9;iv NEW CHROME method for surfacing furniture. (Guaranteed work. Ifj0.°i \v. Vine. Phone 3919. 09-pk-lO Bring your family laundry to Mrs. Nfable Todrl 707 N. Ilroadway. for pronijit. satisfactory service at reasonable rates. 9 12-9 19 Job Wonted FARM JOB WANTED I'll Work Day and Night- pump all the water yon need and deliver it anywhere you want it in your house, barn, and other buildings. Take no Sundays off. Salary asked, only SI.80 per month, Dayton Water Systems, care Delta Implements. Inc., 312 South Second Street, Hlylheville, Arkansas. !l 9 ck J) 1G GIVE YOUR CAR P-0-W-E-R PLUS! Run your car powerfully, run il economically. Make sure that, it always slarls inslanlly—an inslant start is a safe start. Have your batteries rhofkcd and charged, new ones installed if you need them. Low prices always! • Body, Fender Work • Motor Overhaul • Wheel Alignment • Brake Adjustment LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Phone 555 Female Hefp Wonted li)12 Chevmli'l Town Sedan ........ ........ .... lilKi Super Ituifk S, Convertihlo. Very linv niileaKO. HI-12 I'onliac (i I'asst-iiKor Coupe. A honey. 1017 I'onliac S Sedan. K'.s new. Driven only a few miles. SIMS (his one today. 1!)10 Chevrolet .1 Door Sedan. I!) 10 Packard ii Passenger Coupe. l!)tl Dt'Snli) -1 Door Si-dan. Most of Those Cars Have Radios and Heaters Local c<inii)iiny has |>usiliun iOr VOMIIH lady iihle hi typo, run striuly tMiipliiy- iiivii(, wilh peviddicii] raises, stiirliiin siilavy SHIO.OII. Hours (I a. in. (o 5 p. in. ! Half clay Safuniay a. m. j (live :\KV, piTSont and past oinpliiymoiil. liiix A1A I'M re ('(iiii'ior No\vs. i) J.1 ck <) 15 TrucUs. !,_',_]!, -i',,,, s | 1( ,,.|. . lm Konl 2 speeil Iraclor ready lo r>-o. w ;,,j" F( CaL . (c| . lrili] We Never Close KIOrUKSKNTATIVKS Co r lilyllii'villv and surround" inn UTrilories; atlvaclivc | lino ladies' lingerie, excop-j (ional <i|)|Mii-tiinily. new i idcii. \Vriie or phone iMrs. Ceo. .). Smidi, .1217 Harris, Si. l.uiiis, 15, i\!(i. !> I,S pk !) l(i SALESMAN WANTIOI) LOYESCHCH 301 Walnut Sales Dcpt. Open Until 8 p.m. CO. Phone 578 iliive- :i few more nk'i- lots h-ft. In JJnHlroii in-w snh-Hlvl.sioii — West of ULrhv.-nv lit on Oami> Mtjultrlr Dilvi- — I'j blocks Nurlli i>( nvv: wchuol Mu- u-hloh nrr n-^lrhUcl to iilcn- iKisncji. t)uo iii'W IIOIIMI rnnnili-li-tJ ami oiicii lor lm,[HM;ckm to tlir iniliU<; lit :>)t tiiiu-.';. Tills l!> tin- iourlli Kub-illvLslnti T hnvr OLii'iicd In niyllH-vlllc. all lot:; him- lj(«-ti (lrVi'10|it.-tl IiiKi lionics mid ihi- n-:;:iJr.'i Jinvc clinihff r! 1n valtif, I O. S. KtiHisoil | •105 N. HroiuKvay Plmnr 3:iOD !) n-ck-rt is We have t-tiotJ orxiuinf; for m»ii \vlili < ar. <MJl Sf!i) loi iii.iioLnliiu-iLl. Mltl- , outh l-HMi Lhutlim Co. The pouch of tlic fiill-Rvown prl Ic-uti Js capable of holding .spvc ciiuirls of water. Farm Loans Af Lowest, Kate of Inli'resl ()uick Korvicc A. F. Dietrich United Insurance Agency Kid S. 1st. Si. Injrram }}\<\ K RADIO REPAIR 1 ANI) 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MOIJUL. HK- LIAI3LU WOKKMANHKIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIKAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Hadlo Sales and Service 10G South First St. City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 for Expert Kepulr* 321 E»t Main 8k. Felix A. Carney DON EDWARDS "The TTpewrlter Mui* XOTAI,, SMITH, CORONA «nrl KKMINQTON FO 110 N. BECOND BT. PHONE (Every Tr»nfinctlon MUBT BE BATIBPAOTORT) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Ucst Prices Kirby Drug Stores CAN WATKR AID IN KIDNEY—BLADDER Disorders? Yos—If it's Mountain Valley Minernl Wntcr, (lie famous health water from Mot Bprirics. Arkansas. Mountain Valley helps stimulate, kidney action, soothe bladder irritation, coinbitt nnc-acicilty. Why not fjive M(iuiH:iin Valley a trial? H lias helped many tlujll funds for ninre than Til) years, nelinhtful to drink . . . delivered Just as it Hows at Hot Springs. Order n supply today. Call or write lor booklet. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP , Main »nd Division BIjthtTllle, Ark. ; Tj /l VMMA^- ^ J r. I. Keay Moltu- Company! "Calling 'I'. [. Seay Motor Company! "Culliiijf T. I. Seay Motor Company! Cltnlo 5H Main, Bljlhtvllls, Ark., Thone Rc sure Mom Rets n frond supply yf juicy ripe ripples in linio for school! K:itinK and ('mininz Apples $2.00 ,t $3,00 Itu. Blyrheville CURB MARKET T;. Slain 1'hoiic We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkmson Treads Let Your Next Tires Be GENERALS Cost More — WortK MODINGER TIRE CO. i UG E. Main I'KTCILLA'S POP I'rom One \Vlio Knows Gy AL VERMEB1 -that's just when you'll be

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