The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1948
Page 5
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19. 1B48 BI.VTllF.Vlt.l,! 1 : (ARK.)' COURIER NF,WB PAGE rm Wallace Claims Another Victory Third Party Head Says His Candidate Won in California MIAMI HKACH, Fin.. Feb. 19. lUP' — Fi'^'fl''!!!!;)! aspirant Unify A WiiUacr, \v)inf,r> <-;iiKhrt;ur \ surpnM 1 victory in n Bronx by-c-hv tirm Tuesday, annnmuvrt yrMnrta that his third ;>m t\ hud won ;i place in the CMilornui primary bal- lon ne. Wallace, hi're inr n .sporih to- niaVit, said he h;ui rei't'ivrd toclny H teie^fnm from the iruleiiPi progressive F;irty ot California itAtm? thut slip p;irty hart coUcri- ed pot if ions .sismrrl by -KM .000 registered vol r^ts, almost I'A'irr K.S many as required lo p:u-ik:ipal« hi th-j primary. He said ihe pi-tit inns \\oulcl be field between now and fVb. 24 m 57 of California's S& touiHies. The third puny t 1 and id u to io!d ^ PITAS con t*. 1 rone p in the uanler.s c> ' the hiyh-pL'ict'd Honey Pln/n Hnit-l horr tliat he was "sur -ph-sod" by ih*> overwhelming victory his candidate won in t!ip Bronx vol in (f. "It's a pnMty iiood answrr 10> who j-ay voting for lap in-w pimy assures the November election for tlir- Hennbhcans." be said. SurrrmncU'd by newMii'iii am) curious residents of ilie hold's S-iO-a- day rooms, WallJirc said he expected to br> "weaker in ihe .Smith ihan in any oilier place" but bcm-v.'d iliai "the South is i he ^i source ot poifiilial liborrUiMM." * Tamp:i Surpmqs Him ( Wallace said he was "ani:ixf-ii by i the spnthnpnt found at Tampa" where be spoko last nicht. Asked for a direct answer to the. que.sLion "Do j'ou welcome support from the Communist party?" Wallace drew sc-altereri applause from the expensively a Hired onlookers by declaring that "1 do not welcome the support of any sooup or persons who advocate overthrow of the United States pnvrnnnont" but be said lie did wrU'ome i lie. I support- of "Communists \viio 1 avor world peace/' HP sflkl he favored the civil rinlv.s legislation proposed by Pu'sk.ent Truman but doubted eilhcr it or thp threatened Saul hern Democrat bolt "wcniJd co far." He urnert tlip Nepro lendri.s in the United States 10 put "the utmost effort on both parties in Wash in son" tn demand cloi ure cm debate in the Senate on the civil rights bill to avoid the filibusters which have killed such Ip&islaiion before-. At Tampa, Wallace hailed the victory of Leo Isaacson, American Labor cm id id ate for Congress, as "a real victory over bosnsrn and machine poliiic.s." Italian Weapons Captured by Greeks WillJinn Andrei: iH'f. inspi'fls \u\ (Kircr.s are uic-n Government Report Snows Cattle Decline WASHINOTON, jvb. IP. (inn I'hc utivomtnruL vopoitod yi-Mei •- diiy 11ml iv o ft IT I'Rthiii up Ihr "fru-tortt's" ihrtl- prodnrp oui hnf( and rnllk. 'Dip AuiH'ititine ijppiu'lmrm #\\\t\ Hit' ntnnhrr n( ciittlr oj» [iirnvs dr- clinod 2.<Vi:i.lXH) hrwd. 01 :i,^ pri- retu, diifinn thn past yrar, A(jrlrul- tuir oxpt-rtfi MI Id tliiil Hie flerllnc In ihe irtltN 1 jiopulnUiin IR pxivrt.- otl lit roiilltuir for »( least I wo more yen i s und s(\ld this mm UK beef Mipl>Ut-s \sill korp .MnlnklnR (or »l li' [din- yo»r,v Tlip nuinin'r ol mHV covv.s Jan. 1. I!MB, \vi»s (itiwn 0:4:1.01)0. ot' 3.2 pn i ''in. bclnw tin- pluvious yrnr. The loin] nmnlun of llve.slcji m fiums nod fiim-lir.'v declined lo iln IOWIM ifvri sim> io;in. The lotul ntinihev o[ |rk - irludinx t-uttlf, slH-cp. HI Irs, i-hU'kriis n nd invkry: iv lined I or fcuii 1 .si rn IK tit > I'nt.s • iitile liave declini'd tut 1 Uin-c yours Cntdf on furnis Jan 1 loli\ VH.ftiU.OWl hond. Tlinl Is Rlyhl PC t'l'iil bi'Iow (he m.'nn1 Jun. I. 104. fkmr of K.'i.Aia.noO bond. ltiv;li PS Ici'.s [ur im'nt ni.'ltnn bftvr icMilicd In ih,« tiHirl-Mii iuul .'.l;iiinhti-[h)« <>f entile Unit o And ilir liiuh price unii >f [ceil Kraln.s hn.s Is >MIK1K« GARAGE Located In tri« Business End of Blytheville! -, WE DOCTOR / AILING . AUTOS! Wi« linik imr diifloi-'s rlcpiTe in 'rinil'n why we nut spot IniithU- fiisl jintl fix it jnsl ns ijtiickly! Al lln> I'it'st si^ifof Irouliln, tlt'ivp lit unit li'i us flii'ck »Hil vrpnir yinir ear. (\\v Cnli>r Id Trurkors . . . No llellur Service!) LEE MOTOR SALES 307 East Main-Street CMC TUUCKS Phone 519 •XTK^wfwWHW?. •&*• ^''-™* ;•*,-, ".v-^v •• -«f,* s-js-'*^ - .-•««; *•:-;-.-..• ^ • liii ' I'd MHU^ni ri'in}! of illicit atilmn ionl. kneeling riuht. a mrmbcr of the joint U. S. mihuiry and phmninii Ki'«np nm«; i-mliiT tluui usiml. Italian IJredu nisirhlm* ^un raptured frmn yum L'illii tntvi-s in nmLlu'in (irenc 1 . | - . „ ... ifopis of the Greek Ai'tny. iNKA Radlo-TelephoUi-. He-ail Courier Notts Wnni Ails. Banker Warns Americans Against Indifference to Money and Its Value ATLANTA. Ga.. Foh. 19. (UP) — Tho Amenran people have picked \ ^ . HP the 'vioiou., habit- r>t beiirvinc Community Chest that money and Us value do not j J matter, Presidem Joseph M. DrioVe. f*ont rlKll if !or»C of the American Bankers Assocla- V.OHf TIDUTIOnS tinn sairt yeslprdny. lTr»f<ll £90 77^ Tlic Detroit bank president told \ ' OTUI ^>f.\},IIJ a ['mifeienee of bankers here "we , scoin tn havp ac-ei'ptpil the ranlns-I '''"• 19-1S CoinnHinit.v Clirat (imrl tic irtfa dial :\ man can be pairt ril1 "' '" ''•''"' ''as collected a ;.,l:il twiip ns much for thn work he "' V' n ^^M in Ihr carniiaipn s .Tk- nscrt ID do willKjut payiiis any '" B •S- 15 "*" '» (innncr 20 niythc- IHOI-P lor H-hat he buys."" ' , vil1 '' >' ivic - wi-'Ia'T ami ymrtli or- /?,//>•/ RflPMTMm ATIIU lcl " 1 "We Have become,., indifferent, ^ 7^^™^,^,^'''"' Y " : ' r 'I V MCNTOOIATUM .ju,, lo Ihe use of money and debt lhat '" ^'' s -"" w ""<-ra lod.^. | ^ w(|(i|i liili||t; r|[w wi|ula a|( ^ Bk»i thotis a job for "Com/y'cmd "Mirtty* the MENTHOLATUM TWINS ^e stionlri not be surprised at flic. I Coiiiribntimw announccil yester- iTsulis." lie warned. "Now we be- i rin . v f"""*'. Bin tn see lh e penalties. Both mnn- Alpha Delta iHctn Sijiinn rlii' S2 ey anrl debt are having thetv re- | c - M - l'" |i): 1° venue " | DiMie Creiun Houullinit ^ He said that people seem to for- ! Anna Mario Fellhaue, 2 R oc that the erVcc,' of an tnf)a,ion ' ^'^e,^" 1 .'". ?™ .'. [ ['. K ctilly Ix'lp wiolbo louilor lip irklyn-vivo dried out "Iliimly 1 ' lls, hi-lp Itinn retain nctilt-cl ymr lipji fuel nofliir, KinimlluT yuu ainilo ii^ain. Cnl Mi'iillmliUum loony, AlSO R[lllVfS HtAD-COLD STUTFIHtSS, CHEST-COLD TIGKTHLSS. NMSU UIIUTIDH is very much the same as a rirpre.s- I siou suul no niattcc bow hnrd they Arthur 3, <Tod > Haiiison .. . Cntton Company .work there Is insufficient money J>«n>l s Cntto,, Company . to bay what they need and v/ant. i ^ „ ",""^ ^ t ' 1 " 1 I,^,N,N^,,,,J Ir, IV, „ .^ \ *-" ' «U!>S( J V\ LTL . '2D Read Courier News Want Ads. Paging Jonah What has happened In the mnr- kels." he observed, "should be a ! warnine to everyone of the com- LoV( , lffllcrs Ro Uiroui;h the mnils pleiely \mrrali.stic price structure ' n{ half-pricft in Vpiicmoln providrd on which the country hn.s been op- they are PIK .i asC(l itl a rc(1 envelope. erating." Another .sijcukcr, Lehrnnn Phmi- mer of Dr.s Moine. lo\va. paid banks should make. Ioaii5 available to nil IjmTowi'i's who can increase .sup- l>lie.s of goocis anrl services and discourage loans tending lo boost j inflation. lA'.siei- E. Shipper: of Hart lord. Conn told the conffrciien that, the | recent bnupy period of compnni- | j lively risksle.^s lending has ended, j "Now," he sakl, "U'e are f^cffi wiih fircumMancc.s which make j it prudent for ns to a en In pretty PILES TROUBLE? For Quick Relief DON T nr.IVY ANY LONOI'lt! Nu«- - s'victly atiheve to the so\nul and tune-letted r'll^s governing lhe extension of credit. 1 ' IRD DOG STRAYED OR STOLEN SlO.dll lU-wanl Ten- infnrniiilion lendiiiK t(i (liis [lojj'x rotnvi'L-y. Thin, litrlil ticked, yonr mid lialT old. If you kno\v >\ licToaljimls of (his flo^, seo or fall - - JESSE M. WHITE I I I So. Hntaduav U.S. Men Inter-Marrying YOKOHAMA. Feb. 19. < UP'—The American Consulate here Jin now 1 ! ml ypslmlay tbat 824 American men, mostly Nisei, married Japa- ne.*-e ^ii-is (lurhis 1947. AmtTK*aH \voinon appurt'inV 1 rrnuul Japanese men nppeiiliiiK. ' I Only tVirre took nntive ItxisbantSs. \ Looking curiously like a whnle itself, the Norwegian whaler Anglo-Norse rest;; in drydock in Brooklyn. N. V., where shipyard workers are scraping 35 tons ot barnarles from its hull. The marine growth slowed the vessel's 12-knot speed down to live. HEADACHE X>'*••(•( CipuJin* com»in» 4 i P < ( i>llr • '•^?IJT l[! '" h ' r '" R'« fl««k "' : '' I) ! [rtn h"'' 1 ^' )rrt nfntllil*. -^J M;1iliI»IKni • ask about our Insure enjoyable weekends next summer, as vvpll 3 Great fls a p!cas\irablc vacation, by coming in NOW and arranging for your MARTIN OUTBOARD MOTOR on our easy pay plan. Here is the on I boa re! mot or t hat folks everywhere prefer. TO HAVE IT... WHEN YOU WANT IT.,. ORDER NOW! "*o" Alt. Firing Twin Weigh! - A3 Ibi. H.P. 7.2 ICerll MAtTIN "4O" All. firing Twin Wei 8 ht - 3i'A !b'. H.P.- <'/. (Cert.) MARTIN "10" Single Cylinder V/tigKI- 29'/I Ibt H.P.—2 1 /. (Cerl.l HALL'S GARAGE 1 THE AiNSWER TO YOUK BUDGET PROBLEM NEW DRESSES AI This New Low Price! 10-90 One .in<! 2-piecc spring »lylcsl Scallujicd pcpluni-, irnpnnto and lace triniining. Pastel slindct, 9-15. IJrre! I.ntftl Stylrt! Spring HANDBAGS ^J« I/ Opine l.TJt You'll IK dclislucd willi these hriglit, new li.Tiulhaps of plastic suede, patent or cdlf! Laical slyloa in gay Spring colors. Kich black or brown rayon faille, loo. Colorjut, Rayon 5ii«l» SLIP-ON GLOVES 98' Choose from a ho»t of brilliant Spring (hadeil (You'll fiud Ion of black, brown mill white, too.) Neatly piped tops, popular 3'/4 button length. 6-8V4- GIRLS' SPRING DRESSES Lois of smart Spring cottons with lavish (ouches of while. Deep hems to let out and Sanforized' or prcshrunk fabrics. 3-6x, 7-14. tShrlnka^n will not exceed 1%. Mr. i ennej, 1 have a problem... "I untidily liny out' gain! outfit well si'iiton, rind llifii ilrcm it uj> trith a rnri'cfy oj firetty hntx nnd S/UKM. Hut this year than ac teem to expensive, I cttn't tio that, Cnn yon Iti'lfi me?" Here'* Variety, Low Price t Neic and Pretty SPRING HATS Oilier New Styles 2.98 Slrnw hraitls \n ofT-thc-fnce atul forward styles Iriinnicd willi hown, flowcru, feat)}- crt. . . . You can afford variety when you t'hop nt Fcnney'i! Durkg, liriglitj, pa«lcl», wliile. Delight-fully Feminine! Delightfully Priced! SPRING SHOES Pcnticy's excellent Cynthiai* — handsomely detailed, »killfulljr made of smooth lcatbcr r «ucde or patent. Graceful Aandalj and pucnpi with bigli, nicdintn or tow hecli. Black, brown, red, n*vy, green. You'll want several pairs'. Penney'* Soltict Another Problem! SHARP FLATS FOR TEENS They're nifly! Sancy pumps with fling hacks, cul out vamps • ml Ucc lie* — for HrcM or ras- ual wear! Calf wedgies, too. j uM i mm

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