Latrobe Bulletin from Latrobe, Pennsylvania on November 23, 1918 · 7
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Latrobe Bulletin from Latrobe, Pennsylvania · 7

Latrobe, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 23, 1918
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LATROBE BULLETIN P A13E SEVEN " If- Seiiii-Weekly. Pa iefry News w , - : SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1918. nr. LOCALS Additional Drry New on Page First 8. and T. Company pays 4"JW Mr. Annie Traynor has returned Irom o visit with relatives In Leech-;- burg. ' 5lra. R F. Barr left last evening to spend a, few days In Philadelphia and New York. If .It's a pice box of candy you want for-YOUR SWEETHEART, we hare it, J. W.' Freeman's pharmacy, adv s Wllbert J. Duninlre, of the Third nard, was one of the 26 who euccess-fully passed the recent examinations for certificates registered phormn-cists. The announcement was made from Harrlsburg, this morning. Mr. Dunmlre Is a son of Mr. and Mrs. P. E, Dunmyer, of the Third ward. - Best spring wheat flour at 310 per tacit This price for cash only. L. ' A. Wheeler, adv Mrs. Raymond Stlffler nnd danghter were' visitors In Latrobe yesterday. How about, something . sweet for Thanksgiving? You know, after the turkey has been done away with. The contents of our line of candy "will just fit in. J. W. Freeman's phnrmacy. Adr FOR SALE ON PAYMENTS Large double heater, $30; large rook - store, $20; small rook stove, $12; oil klntU of furniture, organs and stoves, on payments. John .0. Ash-. ' baugh, 511 Fourth avenue, Perry, Fa. Mrs. E. E. Brubaker, of Juniata, returned to her home last evening after a visit with Flrsh ward relatives. , The ladies turned out so splendidly this week to sew for the Belgian women and children, that It will not be necessary to open the Red Cross sewing xooms next week, as the quota for the month has been completed. Vehave some very pretty boxes of candy for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but It's not tljo boxes. you want, it's tlio contents, and that's the thing we are proud to say, Is the very best. J. WY Freeman's pharmacy. adv Mrs. P, E. Crnm was. a visitor ln Pittsburgh yesterday. " Mrs. Edw. B. MtRelrywas at Johns-town, yesterday afternoon. Mrs. C. If. Blair and Jamegjjilajr were in Latrobe yesterdayV afternoon. J. C. Batschelet ls-liome from a business trip to Pittsburgh. 4 Dr. H. F. Kiinmel, who had been nonflned to his home by a slight attack of the flu. is able to be about again. Miss Sara Boyle left last evening for a-visit with relatlvesTtot Jeannette. Mrs. Edw. J. ciaik was in Latrebr yesterday afternoon. Mra. Minnie Mowry. of Wall, was .visiting Mr. and Airs. D. A. Mowry yesterday. . P03TAL AUTHORITIES GET LOCAL MAN On a charge of sending scurrilous matter thru the mall; to a young lady, Samuel . D., Hoffman,' a brakeman employed at Deny, was placed under arrest yesterday by Railroad Officer Keffer. Information had beetrmode by Post Inspector Smith who had Investigated the ease and Officer Keffer was asked to arrest Hoffman. Lieut. Pnnlelson cam from Pittsburgh yesterday and took Hoffman to Pittsburgh, where he sas turned over to the federal authorities. ALLEGED DISORDERLY HOUSE PINCHED s Last evening Mm. Frances Bratton, of Balrdstown, was released on bail, after having been locked up all of Thursday night .: She" was arrested on information received. It seems from the allegations , made, that she Is the alleged proprietress of a disorderly house at Balrdstown. Four people, Including -a soldier, were guests a few nights ago. It Is said, and started a rnmpua, which resulted In the arrest. She gsve ball lout evening tor a hearing before 'Squire Doty next Wednesday evening. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH '..' c North Chestnut Street -' E. A. McCully, Minister Morning worship at 11 o'clock So, -won, "Keeping Quiet." Evening worship at 7: SO o'clock ' Ssrmon. "8ecrc.t anl Revealed ' Things." , . .., .Sabbath School - at-$: 30. Fifteen miutue earlier than usual. All de lartments meeting In tho auditorium j "to? annual Thanksgiving service. Of fering to National Home Missions. Dlblo classes will follow. 1 ".. "Vednesday evening prayer meeting at 7S0,' Subject, "The Thanksgiving , riement In Prayer." - , The general public Is cordially In vited to ail these services. J CAPTAIN REED IS BUSY Local Mends of Certain Joseph M Reed will be Interested In the letter received from blra last evening. He, U atatkmed at the Walter E. Reed '. Oovernmeut hospital, at Washington, j IX O, where much. reconstruction Of. disabled men is expected to lie done, A fine picture of the lounging room at h hnmhml aepomnanlea the let- ter. Among other things Capt. Reed'pract'cc .-7 V aF V mtnn mm m alarm 'fire Is out' there remains anuch j daily, to, the secretary of the board to be done in the way of reeonetruc-Jof health, Dr. B. Haughwout. This tlon; Our hospital has a capacity for has been done in Latrobe and other 3,000 patients, and they are stilt build- inr wards of temporary charcter. The lnfluenxa here Is abbat gone. -"I am In my own specially now and see murh of interest. Washington Is full of business Just now, Am glad to cooperate with my Government tn adding comfort to those" who fasve sacrificed so mucli for me." 55.00 Reward 110.00 Will be paid for first and second information of any person 1 or per- sons throwing garbage or refuse of any kind on the lot3 or In the alleys In EWiadale, or for destroying aigns or staKes. , (Parents are liaaie ,ior the acts of their chllJren.) By order of the officials, Holland System Co. Adv Notice Our office for Elmddale allotment is now located In the room formerly occupied by u. A. Mowry, across i from the Postofflce. We will be glad,! to see our old acquaintances and to make new ones at all times. Lot prices and terms to suit all. Come In. We thank you. j Holland System Co. Adv . ALLEGED ABSCONDER UNDER ARREST. On a charge of having taken a sum of money from his business partner, Germaine Fry la under arrest in Pitts- bnrgii anil will be brought back to Derry today for a hearing, With F. Morrone, Mr. Fry started a restaurant business a short while ago. It Is alleged that on thc.evenlng of Derry's big peace parade, -on November 13, that Fry disappeared and at the same time a large sum of money, sald to be In the neighborhood of a thousand dollarsr belonging to Mr. Mo1frone7diippeared, and some belongings of boarders at the place. Learning that Fry had been seen going toward Pittsburgh, Mr. Morrone went to that city, and thru officers, located Fry In a hotel in tha. city, ana ne was arrested and lorked up, II IS SO 111 ill denee nnd the prisoner will befrojight back to Derry for a bearing. BRIDGE WAS 8KIODY Horses had a hard time getting up the approaches of the overheal bridge this morning. The snowfall made the bridge very slippery and several horses Skidded aad went down. It's up to someone to place ashes on the bridge, as it has to bo done this time of the year. And there Is another argument for some better arrangement of getting from one side of the tracks to the other. OERRY HIGH WILL ' TAfKLE SCOTTOALE The Derry High School football boys will Journey to Scottdale on Thanksgiving to compete with Scottdale High. Derry High has not met Scottdale since 1915, three years ago. That year our boys were defeated, but this year they have better hops. This yar D. II. S. has used no materiel except strictly High School men and has won 4oth garnet played the others hating bn cancelled on ac- count of the flu ban. scheduled for 2:30. The game is MISSIONARY 80CIETY MET The Woman's Home nnd Foreign Missionary society of the Psesbyter-lun church met at the home of Mrs. O. S. Klner, Thnirday evening. This .program was carried out: Devotional Mrs. George Mowry. Texts of Thanksgiving by the mem-bers. v Jfotm fopl Mountaineers. Foreign - topic- Slam Leader, Mrs. CUas, M. Kemp. Home Field notes By members. . Editorial on Home Missions Mrs. Janios Fry. ? Rcpdlnj Mrs..led M. Harris. Leaflet "TH Flag end the Little Boy'-Mrs. E. A. Culley. Reading "The MisKlonsry Takes Chsrgo"-Mra,W. L. Robb. Leafitt-4-MrsI, Warner Utts. Business. v . - . Ttoxology and T Lord's .Prayer.' You Should B A Dally This Psper Reader of1 PHYSICIANS MUST 7 REPORT FLU CASES That the Bu situation tn Derry la i . - not so menacing as u was ?,- be conclusion of the board of health, at its meeting held last evening, after reports'had been received of conditions. " was decided that all iihyslclans resident In the community or who In Derry, will be required all new cases of the flu. towns, ana is me oniy y wi'u . tboritles can keep -any tab on the number of cases. Out of town physicians who practice in Derry , will also be expected to report, to Dr. Haughwout, all oases they may have in i no wro, All funerals must be private, the board decided, until further notice, where the victim 'died from flu or related diseases. J. When - the ban was removed, In Derry. It was also lifted on all funerals, but the doard deems ( it best that where death occurs from the malady or Its related diseases, the fnneral shall be-strictly confined io "" To date there havHbeen only four deaths In the borough from flu, and I'hysMans reported this week a considerable diminution In tho number of calls and new oases. There is still the greaieat need for care and the taking of reasonable precautions, and i the board of health hopes that rltlzcus will co-operale In every way, both for their own personal good, and for the health of the community. DERRY MAN IS MARRIED On the nineteenth, at the Reformed parsonage In Somerset, Lester (1. Rml'th. of Herrv. and Miss Marv Mitch- ell, of Somerset, were united In mar- 1. riage. Miss Mitchell is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mitchell, of Somerset. Mr. and Mrs. Smith are in perry where they will make their J home for a time until Mr. , Smith 'eaves for another point to locate. SPECIAL THANKSGIVING SERVICE It Every member of the Presbyterian , Sunday school Is urged to Je on hand at 9:30 tomorrow morning for. the thirty-minute Thanksgiving service to b held in tho- main audttoolum-ot tha church. This will precede the regular lesson study and a special offering for Home Missions will be taken. BUNNIEE 8UFFERED EVEN IN THE RAIN It was some wet, according to local hunters who had Just" returned after spending a few days In the vicinity party got soaked (with the rain) every day they were out, but still the bunnies had to suffer, and fifty rabbits and a grey squirrel fell victims to the good aim of W. B. George, S. L. Cowle, Q. A. Madison, Boyd Peoples and A. S. flollingsworth, who composed the party. SERVICES IN DERBY FIRST METHODIST EPISCOPAL . CHURCH ' North.; Llgonier Street John C. Burnworth, Minister Morning, combined services. Preaching at 10:30. Theme, "Birth and Decay of Nations," to be followed by Sunday school. Evening Preaching at 7:30. Theme, "What the Kaiser Tried to do to America and What He Did." Prayer meeting, next Wednesday evening at 7:30. Let us not forget the Union Thanksgiving service In the Baptist church Thanksgiving morning at ten o'cloc'i. Sunday evening. December first, Dr. J. W. Car will preach for us and hold the first quarterly conference. . i . FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Second Avenue Samuel Meade, Minister Service both morning and evening. At the close of tho morning service there wfll bo a matter of Importance bsooght before the church and It Is needful for, every member that finds It possible, to be present. On Thursday morning next will be , held the snnual union Thanksgiving service commencing promptly, at tea o'clock and lasting only one Jrour. ' We hope that every pastor at both services llinorrow will extend a very earnest invitation to their congregation to attend. ST. PAUL'S REFORMED CHURCH South Chestnut Strsst , William II. LandJs, Minister. , Morning worship and sermon II Delving worship, and rfermon 7:30. Sunday school $ 4 a, ta. ' , Teacher Training class will meet next Tuesday evening In 'the church study at V.H. TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH Second Avenue Rev. J. J. Brubeck, Minister 1:SO a. m."-8undny sehool. ---10:45 a. m.Chltf preaching service.' 7 : 30 p. tu. Vesper service. ; ' IT. JOSEPH'S CATHOLIC CHURCH Broad Strsst and Second Avenue Rev. Father T, J. Conlln. Pastor 7 a. m. Early mass. 9 a, m. Late mass. 730 p. 'm. Benediction. FOR 8 ALE 35x4 tire, too small for my car. Address, Drawer B, Derry. Pa. WANTED 3 or 4 furnished rooms, ' central. Light housekeeping. Small family. Good rental. Address "11. D." Bulletin office, v Pcrhapa, Lucky la the man who marries a widow whose first husband wu weuu to her. Chicago Evening Poat. , LEGAL NOTICES Marker Holllngsworth, Attys, .. Estate of Samuel S. Kelly, Deceased. EXECUTRIX'S NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that lottors teotamentary on the estate of Samuel 8. Kelly - late c of Derry Borough, Westmoreland County, deceased, having been granted to the undersigned by the Register of Westmoreland County, notice Is hereby given to all persons Indebted to said estate to make Immediate payment, and to thone having claims against the same to present them to the undersigned, duly authenticated, for settlement. MRS. MARGARET A. KELLY, Executrix. P. O. address, Derry, Pa. TRAYNOR'S CAFE The best place to cat. Service at all boars. Meals and short orders. Home made pies. . A-iew-jiicajrooma-for-tranar leat quests. . TRAYNOR'S CAFE Tint Avenue DERBY, FA. ren't we happy N - Mothers, fathers, grandrpar grand-ma. sisters, brothers, daughters, uncles, aunts, nieces and everybody. Our Boys Are Coming Home Wouldn't it be delightful to greet them with good music, such as come3 from a Victrola or Sonora? We have both either are cood. Buy EARLY. Victor records first of month . i i J. W. Freeman's Pharmacy Derry, Pa. W -v."'..1 ... IV Announcement The undersigned announces" to the public that ho has purchased tho Shoe Shop, of W. IV Wads worth and is pro-pared to do first class SHOE, REPAIRING a' reasonable price. Your patronage is respectfully solicited. ' Llgonier St., near School Btdg N. C. RHODES OERRY BARGAINS In Fariris AND ALL KINDS OP TOWN AND RURAL PROPERTY Insurance of All Kinds D. A. Mowry DERRY, PA. Now office neat to Kuntx's Barber Shop Phono 7S-M " FOR SALE! A FINE SELECTION OF HOMES IN DERRY I room modern brick with bath, ateam ' heat, paved street all Improvements v $5200.00 Six rooms, heat, bath room. .$2800,00 Double house, fine Investment $4.'00.00 A number of five room houses with bath. Good locations. Several six room houses, with bath, Reasonablo. A number of houses to be sold on oasy payments. Geo. H. ftlcWherter NOTICE! . Ou and after this date, until further notice, my office will be open front 1 to S: SO P. M. each day. Morning- by- appointment. Prompt and careful attention given to all legal work. - " W. T. CRUSE JUSTICE OP THE PEACE Gem Theatre Bldg. DERRY, PA. THESE PRICES FOR CASH ONLY Gas Mantles ..3 for 25 o Toilet Paper 3 for 25c Good Loose Coffee...,. lbs for 60c Canned Milk ......... S cans for 40c Nino O'clock Washing Powder . . . M Potatoes, per buushel $2.00 Dnrgalns In Odds and Ends of Dry , ; Goods. ' GREUBEL'S Phonfe -M FIRST AVENUE OERRY, PA. W THEATRE TODAY A Vltagraph Bluo Ribbon, "THE SEAL OF SILENCE." featur-iug Earlu Williams, supported by Grace Darinond. Also a big V Comedy. Orchestra tonight. - Monday The seusatlonal stage sue i em "TODAY," with Florence Reed, America's greatest emotional actress. Seven acts of thrills. Directed by Ralph Ince. . This is a stirring story of a woman's struggle to force her hus-band to obey her, despite a financial failure which crippled his whole career.' SrcneH depicting a famous New York cafe, with a story of lovo struggles and temptations which beset tho path of a young society matron, are shown. Her performance is said to bo wonderful. Also a two-reel Charlie Chaplin In "THE RING.' Rhow forte 'of chlldfen and Ho for adults. ' ,44Aaoo4OO0O0 t Racine Country Road and Multi Mile Cord Tires are the lest on the market. We have them, also do AUTOMOBILE REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS, ! And have full line of Accssiorlas, Gasoline, Oils, etc. Cars" stored at reasonable rates. Lots of floor space. We Invite your patronuge. t I DERRY AUTO AND MACHINE COMPANY X R. B. WATT, Msnsgsr DERRY, PA. J just off Second Avenue (formerlocatlon Scger Garage) 4444m444444444444)444t44m444M44mH4 i xytn t a Tn a txtci IN REAL ESTATE I Two eight room house on West Second Avenue. Two six room bouses on It op la Street. , One eight room house on West Third Avenue. Lot 120 by 120. Alt conveniences. One six room house on West First Avenuo. All conveniences. One six room house In "Pottery Town." Four six room houses on West First Avenue, Prices on those from $1,400.00 up to $5,000.00. Easy terms arranged to suit you. Many more bargains. See James R. Mpwry Evenings at 112 West Third Avenue Buy Fruit Instead of Meat During the warm weather eat more fruit Wo have whatever you want Watermelons, csntoloupes, and other summer fruits. Tomatoes are coming in fast. Greens of all kinds. Nicest new potatoes at reasonable prices. , All kinds of tropical fruits, Including bananas, oranges, lemons, grape fruit, etc., Battaglia Brothers, Deny, Pa. RETAIL DEPARTMENT Next to Post Offlee Fhono t24 WHOLESALE 'DEPARTMENT First Avonue -- Phono M The Right Place to Eat Is the place where service la prompt, surroundings neat and dean, tho cooking good, and -everything-11 Just right. - , i, That is what wo are living. Meals or lunches at all hours. We are open 24 hours in the day. Railroad lunches or buckets packed. Specially equipped dining room everything new, Vlctrola and piano to furnish music. Everp Sunday we servo a special chicken dinner for only Sixty Cents. DERRY LUNCH SECOND STREET . DERRY, PA. MORRONE A FRY Proprietors. A regular 25c Phono 139 R after P. M. DEW

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