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Latrobe Bulletin from Latrobe, Pennsylvania • Page 1

Latrobe Bulletin from Latrobe, Pennsylvania • Page 1

Latrobe Bulletini
Latrobe, Pennsylvania
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TWO CENTS TEN A VEEK EAKING UF OF AUST -HUNGARY RE PORTED AS ALLIED DRIVES PU SH FORWARD MM. Decares Hungary Indepen Anglo-Italian Offensive Crushing the Austrians "Flu" Situation Encouraging In Latrobe; Twenty-Three More Cases Reported dence: Forms New Nation Today rose upon a new nation In Europe free and Independent Hungary. Authentic cables reported the definite revolt of Hungary from Austria and Its organisation as a separate state under Count Karolyl. The new Hungary. Is anti dynastic Twenty-three new cases of grlpp were reported to the Board of HealtH since yesterday.

They are: Mrs. John Queer, Monroe St. Wm. Woods, Chestnut St. Homer McDowell, James 81 'Miss Bates, Avenue i Miss Mickey, Llgonler St.

Rebecca Tucker, Jrlhker Ave. Miss Atkinson, Harrison Ave. (By United Press) Reports from Lalbachjn Hungary have reached the Allied capitals by ay of Zurich atating that Albanian aoldter who had been fighting in the 'Austrian array, have aelxed the country from the Montenegrin capital to ScuUrla, the capital) of Albania. The Austrian are evacuating the country, according to report. Latest report from Hungary said that Count Karolyl has been elected headpf the notional council.

When he arrived in Buda peat he addressed great crowds, who are him an enthusiastic reception. Emperor Carl, he declared, has refused his program, for a great degree, of separation between Austria and Hungary and the establishment of an independent nation was therefore necessary. Turkey has made a new appeal for peace, dispatches from Copenhagen, declared. ThTswM made separate from the Porte, and without consultation with the Turko-Germanic allies. Details have not yet been received of the alleged new offer, but all advices indicate that Turkey is facing a situation almost as grave as th nt In Austria, which now appears to be rapidly falling apart.

Six Austrian divisions have lost more than fifty per cent of their effective fighting force in the Anglo-Kalian offensive, according to dispatches received from Rome today. No Hallowe'ening Allowed Because of Flu Epidemic Tliejnjlirctiga- sltuntlon In the bor-ouxh of Latrobe continues to 'be highly encouraging. Twenty-three new- cases wero reported to the Latrobe Board oi Health during the 24 hour period ending at noon, today, but they wore light cases, for the most part. They brought the total number, reported since the outbreak began, to 260. Another death occurred at the hos pltal, during the night, bringing th total number of deaths, of borough residents, from Influenza, slfice thb outbreak began, to ighf, 'Utroho Is the best town I havfc visited, thus far," decared Miss Ross, a representative of tho.

State Ijoard of Health, yesterdoy afternoon, dur Ing a visit of inspection -made-here. The remark was made after Miss Ross had been shown the records at the -Board I of showing, that there had been leas than 250 cases reported, all told, with but seven deaths occurring among the residents of the hnrouRh, She said thnt these figures were by far the best she had found, In an extensive survey of the State. Miss Ross seemed to. think that the precautionary steps, taken by La-j trobe, before the wave of the epldem lc reached this locality, had been largely responsible for the small num her of cases, and after looking ovet the records she ventured the opinion that the town might have passed thh peak, late last week. When shown the emergency hos pltals.

opened uj at the hospital, the Kilts' home and tho parochial school. Miss Ross declared the system was The system by which thn supplies were being distributed, thru the main hospital and the Red Cross, wjs commended hy the State representative, and that she wns pleaded with the situation, was plain. MIhs Ross was particularly Inter ested la the Ijitrobo Board of Health's plan of fiimlKftiliU hoiise hnlds, following convalescence, or following the tuklnt of a patient to the hospital. She said that she did Because of the "flu" epidemic, there is to be no jllallowe'enlng, In Let robe, this year. Tho Board of Health has strongly' urged 1 against any demonstration, and the today, issued orders that there be no observance of the Hallowe'en season Howard Helnx, of the Federal Food Administration for Pennsylvania, his issued an appeal to the people against the waste of foodstuffs, during thb season.

"Corn, beans, peas, apples, pump kins, should not be used," Mr Heinz declares. Every year thou sands of pumpkins" are "cut up and wasted In making Jack-o-lanternn. The same wasteful practice has ai plied to apples In the time-honored Hallowe'en sport of 'bobbing for ap pies. It Is not the purpose of the food administrator to discourage harmless little celebrations in the home, but this year it la imperative that every scrap of food be. sared." HALLOWE'ENING BANNED Tojhe people of In view of 28th Division Again Comes In For Praise "Flu" No Worse In Perry Today Derry, Oct.

29 Sunshiny skies this morning seemed to bring slight relief from the flu epidemic. Physicians yesterday seemed to be kept on the go all the time and new cases were reiorted while there were Insistent culls from 111 persons who had been Drying for many hours to get one of the harassed local physicians to come artd see them. This morning there was a notlcea ble let up In calls, altho the numlxT of cases still continues Urge. A noticeable -condition Is the otwervance of the proclamation of Burgess J. II.

Rush. The streets are almost deserted Insofar a small children are concerned. Tho children who are out seem to keep going and to realise It is up to them to help check the malady. The Pennsylvania railroad company has been busy Inoculating its employes. Sunday and yesterday Medical Examiner C.

W. Bank and his assistants inoculated ISO employes and the work Is proceeding, as It Is the expectation that all the local employes wilt be Inoculated. Those who have been sick for some days with the flu or related diseases, seem to be on the road to recovery. There are a number who are still quite 111 but the really serious cases are very rare. Derry Conductor Completes Trip and Drops Dead Derry.

Oct. 29 Just as he was completing his run lust evening. Philip Crum, a prominent Derry conductor, dropped dead near the yard office. Heart failure was the cnuse. A local railroad man for thirty two years past, Mr.

Crum was widely and favorably known. He entered the employment of the P. R. as freight brukemah on November 12, INSfl. He was promoted to conductor In 1902 and has continued as such ever since.

Apparently In good health, he left yesterday on bis rcitulur run, the Mt local which does local work between Derry and Johnstown. Shortly after nine o'clock the crew arrived at Iterry. last evening, having completed the day's work. ('rum, after looking to see thnt his engine had been put away, started toward the yard office to make his reports, Nenr-Ing It. he fell over.

Fellow employes rushed to his side and he as cm tried Into the yard 'office, but death' hud been practically Instantaneous. He was born on March 23. 19. In Portage. When a young man be came to Iierry to enter the employ of the P.

It. It. He was united In murrl'ix on December 16, 1S90, to M'ss Maude Campbell, of Derry, who survives him. with the following children: Ralph V. Crum.

Derry; Charles of Frank, somewhere In France; Harry, a student at State Colicae; Miss Martha Belle, at home. The aged mother of Mr. Crum, Mrs. Rylvester, Is still living at Wilinore. The following brothers and sisters Mj3LGorge rtowen.

New Florence; John 1'ettlnre. Wllmore; Mrs. Clinton RukIi, Conn msugh; Mrs. Harry Brown. Beaver- dale; William Crum, Wllmore; Wal ter Crum, A I toons; Charles Crum, Wilmore.

Mr. Crum was a member of Kt. Paul's Reformed church. He was also prominent In the local lodge of Hie Order of Hallway Conductors, and a member of the F. O.

K. Funeral arrangements will be announced later. Car temaraet County Potato ft at -car; 12.03 delivered. Come early and bring tack, or call L. McCurdy.

Thona 70. Also a few By Henry Wood With the Italian Army in the Field, Oct. 29, 10 a. m. The Italians are now advancing on a continuous front of thirty-seven miles from Stonoci to Rocandelle.

The Austrian line has been completely pierced east of the Piave. Italian patrols are already acrosrrThe Monticano river; ten miles beyond the Plare. A number of additional bridges have been thrown across the Piave, these being constantly added to as engineers worHlke madmen. Across these bridges light infantry and other units poured nil night long In Increasing numbers while pressure Is being maintained against the enemy where his lines have been shattered. Telegraphic News (6y United Fress) London, Oct 29 Reports pouring into London from The Hague quote German newspapers as exposing a military coup d'etat planned by General Ludendorff and Field Marshal lilndenburg, to block concessions to President Wilson.

Vorwaerts says that the constitutional congress was rushed to frustrate the coup d'etat and that the exposure of the alleged plot Is believed to have forced the resignation of Ludendorff and to have started a movement to oust the opposing members of the Reichstag. The Socialistic press, loudly demands the abdication of the It is persistently rumored that the German armies will retire behind the Rhine-end that Orman headquarter will be transferred. Civilians are said to be stampeding away fro mthe Rhine region and Westphalia. Dispatches from Budapest allege that the stormiest demonstrations are being enacted there, similar to those of 184fi (the date of the Hungarian revolution). Copenhagen, Oct 29 The federal council has approved the bill to amend the German constitution, as passed by the Reichstag, according to dispatches from Berlin, received today.

The federal council, of Bundesrnth, represents the Individual states of, Germany, while the Relehstag rejire-, sents the German nation. The sixty-one members of the Bundesralh are appointed by the government of the Individual states' for each session, while the members of the Reichstag number 397, and are elected by ballot for the term of five years. Copenhagen. Oct. 29 Comment onlhe.

Austrian notes. In the German liberal newspapers, say there no use to complain, that the Austrian action was no surprise to Germany. "We must regard Austria as definitely out of the war" Is the concensus of the German press comment. Austrian consider thealllnnce with Germany as finally brokne off. PREMIER VENIZELOS COMING TO AMERICA At the solicitation of Peter Tatanls, editor of the New York National Herald, and on behalf of the national cause of the Greeks of America, the following cable was received by Mr.

Tatanls from Premier Venlzelos, of the Greek Legation, Ixindon, England: "Your desire that should come to America has always 4)en i-hared by me, and I trust very noon to be able to realize it." Quite a number of prominent Greeks- In this community have arranged "to hear Premier Vanl-xelos when he comes to this section. GRACE BAR RICK DEAD Grace, the eighteen-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burrlck, of the South Side, succumbed to a lingering Illness yesterday at 12 o'clock. The funeral cortege will leave here.

tonight on the 9:. 10 train for New villa wher Interment will i made. 9500.00 Reward For Information which will convict any person or persons of aUrtlnj forest, flrei in the mountain and rl4ge Frnl Information to Fejer Brother, Ugonler, Pa. Adv and will have no connection with Austria, It was stated. Czechs and Jugo Slavs have been welcomed into the new Hungary and are co-operating in the establishment of the, government, Vienna dispatches said.

Cables today reported revolution In Montenegro. taking all precautions possible, against the spresd of Influenza In our community, I feel that it will be the part of wisdom to forego all public observance of the Hallowe'en customs, this year; and aa Burgess of Latrobe I hereby forbid all upon the part of tna boys; together with all masquerading, all visiting from house to heuse by mummers, and all other forms of Hallowe'en observance which, If permitted, might be the means of spreading the disease which is claiming so many lives in other part of the country. Aa Burgess ef the town, it Is my. plan to add several plain clotheem'en to the regular police force, In order to make certain the enforcement of these orders. I trust, however, that the voluntary acquiescence In the plan to da away with all Hallowe'ening will be so complete that It will not be necessary to make -a single arrest ger, gavo their best efforts to further the success of the division.

As a result of this operation, which extended from the morning of September 26th until the night of October Mh, with almost rontinuou "sitting, the enemy line was forced hark more than 10 kilometers. In spite of desperate resistance the enemy was drD'en out of Grand Bourequilles, Petit Bourequllles, Vrennes, Mont-blalnvlll. Apremont. Plelnchsmp' Farm, La Forge, Chatel Chehery and st rem holds on Mills I'X'l and 2H; these were captured In the face or strong machine gun nnd artillery fire -Cited by General Headquarter Aa a new division on the Vesle River of f'huteau Thierry the Twenty clxhth was cited In orders from general headquarters fnr inr excellent service, and the (Continued en Page Two) THE WfiATIIEB -T5 tA GRAND Utl OLtd THOUGHT THAT EVEfltf V0U BUY (A lAro ENG. U-U.

Fair tonight and Wednesday. Not touch chant la temperature. not know of atiotluja-town or city Kdward Dalton, Gertrude St, Three cases In the family of Peter Anient, Monroe St. John Tuscas, WashlngtonJSt M. tifmuui, Spring Bt.

7 Ijiwrcneo Senbert, Weldon St, Mr. and Mrs. Ceo. Altman, Be mice Altman and Ocorge Altman, Jfc, Katherlne fit. Kdward Shugars, Avenue C.

Mrs. Jones, Obcr Ltgonler street. Airs. Tlwmas Calvin and Ellen and Jerome Calvin, Jefferson St. Maxwell, the Creensburg undertaker, to help him out with soma of th funerals In the County Seat Mr.

Maxwell said that he had 22 funeral scheduled, and that he could not po slbiy attend to them all A Mr. Maxwell Is but one of several undortak-' ers. in tho County Rest. It may ba appreciated how fatal the epldemle has been to the people, In that section of the county. Mors Subscription Received Several new subscription hava teen Wince yes.terday'i list was published, to the emergency fund which Is being raised tjt defray the tMJta JlkOj!" The subscriptions may left' wljih Jas.

T. Hughes, the treasurer, at the Red Cross, the Trust Company, or at tho Bulletin office. The ney contributions follow; Previously reported Mr Mr. Miller Johnston Bruno Tnmalno' 10 Fred Lowenstnln Mrs. Mnry McDyre Mr.

and Mrs. Miller 50-3 10- W. MuCurdy Miss Besso Mitchell K. W. Altman 1 19 1 Owborne W.

Feyh-r oa-ox I 10C0 Appropriated for "Flu" The Creennburg borough councft. at a sp lul meeting held last even- fnx Hn of tlO.OO to tho Clvllluit Relief Bureau of tha (, Westmoreland County VliitK, which to help carry on (n the "flu." this niornKi (1H commissioners were asked for for use In the same manner throughout the county. Tho Westmoreland County JamesA-' Donahu. o0 years, of Crei nt burg, employed by the Keystone Coal und Coke Company; a soa of Mr. nnd Mrs.

Albert Donahue, of Mis. Nellie Keiinelty, aged 21 years, wife of Ceorge Kennelty, ot No. I. 1 1 death, occurring on cvenlnK. followed by a fea' bours the death of her four-year-old daughter, Melda, from brain fever splnul meningitis.

Philip W. Sampson, aged IS yearn, (Contlnutd en aa Five) Car 8omrt County Potato 2 at car; $2.05 delivered. Come early and bring ack, or call 1 W. McCurdy. Phono "0.

Also a few choice apples. Ad Ladles! "Save your money by buy Ing a pair of up-to-date dres hoe at about one half prtca at hltemaaa. Adv which this was dAnn, nnd she asked i i3 i I a i rvji-iiii) imiflUiiB-m nrt. tihoAliiK whether or not any cases de. veloned, following disinfection, this Information to bo forwarded to thei State.

The aitlvlty of the health author! tien In advocating a general cleaning up of the town, also was commend 0 ft Al the different hospitals thb. morning, most of the patients getting sIouk' rilcly Several wen, discharged, and several others were taken to the convalescent wards. Several additional patients were re cehed at the Family school. I Kvery front was ablate with action today as" the great inter-AUIed conference on armistice terms was scheduled to get under way in Versatile. On the Italian front the combined Italian and British- forces have smashed Jn the neighborhood of Gre-vlfiO.

They have driven a sharp wedge lata the Austrian lines which they have penetrated to a depth of several tallies, east of the Piave, on a 15-mile rront The entire front is 50 miles long, extending fromthe Aslago to a point beyond Travlso, on the Piave. Oi i 30-mile front the Allies are acrwa In Albania the Albanians have taken Alesslo and are pushing toward San Guovannl di Medua. French forces extended their gains otween the Oise and the Sorre, last sight, General Halg's special Belgium communique reported nn advance by French troops along the right bank of the Lys. They have reached the railway on a front of eight miles. Heavy artillery fighting was reported constantly In progress over the entire west front, except at the extreme southern end.

American guns of tremendous calibre are blaring away at the Boche. The Longuyon-Mezleres railroad, one of the most vital switch lines, and one of the most Important supply lines the Oermana have on the west front. Is under Ore. Giant sixteen inch guns with a range of 25 miles are In action against the railway. French artillery experts who at first were fearful that the American! would not be able to move their giant artillery are now enthusiastic, both alwut tholr mobility and the way they are being handled.

uTiiey are served by both French ad Americans. Guns of slightly mailer calibre have appeared on the Allied line In the St. Mlhlel region, description of these is prohibited, but 11 may be staed that they were tsken over seas, fastened to the decks of ships. The Americans now hold most of Bolleau wood, and are slowly forcing the enemy back on the front where the bitterest fighting of the war In going on. CRANPMOTHER INDEED Mrs.

Harriett Davis, wife of Wm Davie, who died recently st her home the ae of 71 veara. fwas known to all as "Grandmother" Davla. She was. the mother of 16 children. 11 of whom survive her and was the grandmother of 74 chll dren, 51 of whom are living.

Sixteen gteat grandchildren also survle her fine was Grandmother" however, to more than her own kin, as she waa known throughout the neighborhood for her great kindness, especially to llltle onea, In time of sickness. Another lot of up-to-date ladles' dress shoes la ray and tail at about one-half price. Come while we have yaur sire. At Whltoroan'a. Adv Yen Should Be A Dally Reader of This Paper this "morning, and" throe more were of the iled Cross thl mora received during the dy; at the maln foxm.

the dlHtrlbutlonoLsenim. hospital taking the pliwes of those wth (l, llal0 un inoM d. who were able to return home. airing It Thoii'rh belni? called upnifto service of a most exa-tlng nature Still Many Death in the County the Sisters nnd th volunteer nurses i Amon'g those dying from Influenxa are holding up "well Several wen or pneumonia, yesterday, In West-rnmMclted to "report off duty for a mon-laml county, were the following; The Twenty-olshth Division, (The Pennsylvania division of the National Guard, to which the I loth, and Company of Utrobe has again won commendation for its ureat work in the Argonne Forest region, to which place It was sent, September, following a brief rest which had been granted at the conclusion of the "0 days or more of continuous service along the Marne and the Yoale, Referring' to' the fight In-r of tile Division, in the Argonne. Major Gen eral Mulr.

the commander of the division, directed that the following Im Issued: The Division commander desires to express his appreciation to all officers and soldiers of the Twenty-eighth Division and of attached units who at all times during the advene In the valley-of the Aire and in the Argonne Forest, In spite of many hard- -rhlps and constant personal dan GROWING INTO AN INDUSTRY The great demand for "Creolol" aa an agency with which to help combat the Influenza has become so grnut that Dr. L. C. Thomas, who manufactures tho disinfectant, under tho corporation name of the American Creolol Company, now has seven per sons employed at the factory. In the First Ward.

Cruolol always has been recognized as a most favorable disinfectant, and now that there Is a Treat need of disinfectants, Creolol Is belnx bought as fast as it can be made The orders for It have been coming In from the wholesale firms In Increasing quantities ever sin the "flu" epidemic began. Keep your feet dry In a pair ef Whlteman's triple tread rubbers. All styles for everyone. Adv FOR SALE 1111 Ford truck, panel body, worn drive. Slightly used.

Latrobt Auto Co. Mono 371 Adv Cat flowers tod funeral dettgai at LeDmaao'i. Phone t-J. Ad rent, yexterdoy. hut today some of them are bo'k ot work ngiiln.

At tho hospital Miss Megeary continued In a mnft critical condition, today. Mb-, Mellon, the other nurse was Improved. Former LotaroL Eoy Seriously l.arl Klciicy, of Creensburg. In re ported seriously 111, with pneumonia developing from I Undrtkr Akd for Help J. W.

Il.irtmun, tho under- taker, was asked, this morning, ly Ct Acquainted With Our High School Subscribe to the "Oranio and Blark." Price fiOc per year. 8end subscription to J. Lowenstelu, rare of Utrobe High School, Adv CoaPdeirfered" at 14c for forked or llo for run of mine. Geo. Kruaky, rtone 93S Adv apples.


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