The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1947
Page 8
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PAGJJ: EIGHT ]3I,YTJIKVIU,K (ARK.) COUiUKU NEWS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 1047 Britain Resolves To Help Herself -• Increase in Exports Preferred to "Aid" ; With Strings Attached -By-WILlIAM HIGGINB-3THAM (United Press Staff Correspondenll vXiOJvdon, Sept. 12. (UP) .— Sir Stafford Cripns rejected in advance today any American aid Dan Cupid in This Area Takes Jolt in 'Death' of Island Queen CAHUTHERSV1L.-E, Mo.. Sept. im.wis. .stunned, 12. — Dan Cupid took a. severe his huad.... jolt in Soullicnsl Missouri uiid Northeast Arkansas this week with (he unexpected "riftith" of Die excursion steamer Island Queen, which exploded, burned nnd sank In Pittsburgh, Pi*., Tuesday niter- noon at. the Monogahcla River landing. For-more than 20 years the huge steamer liad been inakinj; two annual calls nl Caruthcrsvlllc, except carrying political strings, aunounc- j during the war years. One trip was e<! plans to increase British c» ninde on her way down South for • • • ' • • the Winter, and another in tiie Spring on her way North for the .sorrowfully shakes ports one-third, and suggested enclosing the British economy In a great empire customs union. ^"We are determined to maintain our economic independence," the board of trade president said. "We do not wish or Intend to bo tied b'y economic strings to the political policies of other countries, liow- evcr Iriendly they may be." ;,Cripps ivarncu Britons (hit. they may have to endure even greater hardships while their country struggles for economic survival. ;' Self Help 1'lan Favored ' Britain cannot, ai'd must not count on additional American aid, although some may be forthcoming, he said, but, must strain to increase her experts and strengthen trade within the commonwealth and empire. Without stating outright that an empire customs union would formed*. Cripps told Industry and , 'traMe union leaders that IrndiiiK within the empire v/oiiid be easier if "we are able to work out a customs union." "He said the labor government would direct what goods arc to be made, control their export anil direct labor into essential industries under what it hoped would be largely a voluntary program. If voluntary efforts fail, the government will issue direct orders. "Just as the United States and Russia have built huge free trarie areas -,\ithin their territories, he ^siri, Britain might, benelit from creating a similar free area throughout, the empire. i3c announced increased cxpurf. trade targets averaging 104 per ceul of 1938 levels and ranging as high as 310 per cent for automobiles. . Try tn Ilalanco Own Account* "Though we, might be nbU 1 to get further temporary assistance from ,the United States of America under the Marshall plan or in some Masonic Degree Awarded Father, Son in Some Rites Taxpayers Will Agree The Governor in Right About Capitol Scandals UlTLK ROCK, Sept. 12. (UP) — Guv. Ecu Lincy may not know «l. :tll times what is fr-oing on in ihe capitol, but he is a good Judge ol liLimun nati'ro. During a 111 I In y, press conference, Hie governor wus asked If there was any scandal In the iitate- He thought p. moment and then answered soberly: "Probably is, but I don't know it," I "rr< •' ' a be lit CAliUTlIEnSVIL'.K. Mo., Sept 12. — A new "first" was plnced up- , on the records of iiic caraihurs- Delinquent Tax Collector vlllc Masonic I-odgc hero Tuesday ,, ,, , _ .... . _ nlshl when a lather nml son look I "d" "C-t entitled to Fee Summer. The steamer, almost 300 feet long, had accommodations for 4,000 passengers, and was always popular here with "dalins" couples. Many of these couples, since married, will fondly remember that it was on the "Queen's" broad, nionn- swept decks that their romance first took shiipe. The Island Queen was we!! known to the small fry of this section also, [or the steamer usually prc- ceedcd Hie moonlight evening excursion with an afternoon trip for kids of Scout age, and leen-ace. The steamer was due in this section about Oct. 8th. and at Memphis. Tenn., Oct. 10th. But, now the Queen is dead, her flamc- charrcd hulk buried in 20 feet of water at Pittsburgh, her "moonlight ride of romance" ended for- ver. And the Dan Cupid of South- cast Missouri and Northeast. Ark- annually. Tlie deficit remains $>,483,000.000. Crlpps said Britain nu:;l nuikc this u|) by increasing icr exports by more than $' .0.000,000 a month. If it is not made up by export." i if Impart prices rise, it simplj iicans. he snid, that more ji'.istcri- ty cuts will be imposed. son. i intf stated it war; Ihe time i to their knowledge 'thai a [nllicr and son had received tlii.s dnqrc.; I t]ie same lime in the lodye hcve. The lather was Unbelt L. IJiina- vnnt Sr. of Caruthcrsvllle of thh city nnti Ills son. Alvin Diinavant. The decree was conferrc-d on Mr. Dunavaiit by the Sikcston desrce team, nnd on the son by the Ca- iithersvllle degree leain. | '1 he meinbci's of Use .Sikcston. tram conferring the first .scelion in- l eluded A. A. Harrison, Marshall | Hollenbcck, Marvin \j. Carroll. Ar- vellc Williams, G. -:i. Kline, und Sherman E. Grant. For the sc:o]id section, thc. l :e were jiue,meiite:l by M. E. Montgomery, Chris -L. Francis, A. C. Barrett nnd C;>r- encc Dowden, Several members- of the Hayti lodge were present to observe the fiikeston team. Ucluccn conferring of the (legrec-s, refreshments v.-cre served to about 7S memljers and guests. LITTLE HOOK, Ark., Sept. 12.— County d[,'lin(]ucnt !nx collectors ar« not entitled 10 a ICG out of recent sctllenirnts received by counties from t:ix n s paid by Ihe government on the nig iinc! Little Inch Pipe iiiifs. Atty. Gen. Guy E. Williams .said today. | Williams' opinion \vcnt to Jackson | Ccuniy J.:d(;c D. J. Nanec of New- I port. j A sci I lenient of approKimutely $3f,0 : CCO was made recently by the I'lanL Corporation to the state and counties, with Jackson county receiving $26,701. "The delinquent lax collector collect;, only delinquent personal taxes, and tie gels the fee then only when he luis ccllcctcU the lax." Williams said. 'I he tax?:; on the pipelines were real estate taxes. Butane Gas Dealers Meet in Little Rock LITTLE' HOCK, sept, 12. <UPJ— Gasoline and other combustible fuels .shouid be used only in appliances specifically designed for their use, SOD butane dealers, safety inspectors, insurance men and firemen were lold here yesterday. Meeting under the sponsorship of the Arkansas Butane Dealers As- soclnlion, the group was told that many fires arc caused by misuse of gasoline, natural gas or butane. H. P. Drown and E. J. Podgor.skI, engineers ol the United States Bureau of Mines, explained that gasoline should be used only in gas- oiine motors, high octane fluids should not be used for cleaning, and thai only approved solvents should be used for household purposes. Teacher in Negro School Here Speaks in Chicago While ntecrvlng classroom procedures in the elementary schools of Chicago, Bessie P. Ivy. teacher at Richard Harrison School here, spoke to the pupils of the A. O. Sexton School. She also spoke to members of the Men's Bible Class of the Pilgrim IJaplist Church of Chicago of which her son, Cecil Partee, Chicago's youngest Negro lawyer, is a member. Heads Tuberculosis Board LITTLE ROCK. .Jept. 12. (UP) — ' Dr. Brian E. nnrlcnv of Dermott was elected yesterday as head of the Arkansas Tuberculosis Association. He succeeds Ur. J. U. Riley ol Brxmcvlllc. WARNING OK11ER Cora L. Tiirnquisl, Plaintiff vs. No. 10.202 Stuart C. TurnquisL, Defendant. In the Chancery Court. Chicka- sa\vba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. The defendant Stuart C. Turn- quist Is hereby warned to appear i within thirty days in the court ; named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Cora L. Turnqulsl. Dated this 21 day of August, 1947. HARVEY MORKIS, Clerk By netly Smith, D. C. Claude P, .Cooper and Gene E. Bradley, atty ad !ite:n. 8.22-29-915-12 Lute to Classify for Safe Tv\-o John roiors In u-ii ti'.'Hs vtr<* lita mo 12 A coinTilne-i excellent conclltloii ;tiu". ctinvass. L-xira Hr diJii. ic-tnTorcca with with Ends Training Course Master Sergeant Roy R. Hranllcy of Blythcvillc lias comiileted a six- nontli training course as l P-GO jet aircraft mechanic ul the Air Force Training Comtuand :hool at Chanule Field, 111., the Army said today, lie will be sta- lioneci at Egltn Field. Fla. Read Courier News Want Ada. Nc-\v 3 room liousc. C:ui KOl Ln 15 or 20 (UU's. CJood ncl^ 01U Clark St. Price S2500. other way. we cf.nnot count. o»,ii m n , ( | V ini: this and we must therefore proceed ' "°" SL n " n '"h Upon the basis that \ve must, our- sftlves balance our own accounts; imrt to that end we must adjust ohr standards of living and conditions of work wherever it is nc- Sfrvlcf* Hi years ex Plenty of equip merit. Kcfercncts. L.evcliniJ: Ifltinclatum repairing. Virgil Holey, phone 2JOf>. 9 12 i>k 10'12 -•Britain, lie said, WO-S ruuvting — trito the red at the rule of 52,400,- CCO.OOO a year be'ore introduction I of the recent austerity ruts. 1 "We have very litllc time Mid very small reserves with which to accomplish this very big job." he said. Such recent measures as choking off American film imports by lax- ation and eliminating pleasure motoring sBvert Britain 5912,000.000 Help Wanted The burrow of a prairie do straight down 10 to \5 feet. : Wanted to Buy : J Highest Prices • I Paid for Used • I Tractors and • • Equipment * i Russell Phillips j J Tractor Co. j TSo. Highway (il Phone 2171; FARM LOANS Home ORicc, Newark, N. J. LO1 . PROMPT CLOSING LOW RATE CAM.. V.'KITK OK SVI' RAY WORTHINGTON 11!> S. Third St.. Jllythcvillc, Ark. Serving This S:ctioii 25 Years Anltinrlirtl Mftrfxttire f.iicm Stilltltor for TIIE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCK COMI'ANY Of AMXRICA Opens at 0:15 p.m.; Starts 7:15 p.m. Allen Pickard's SHOE REPAIR SERVICE • Surplus Army Goods • Supplies • Shoes See us for the very best In Army surplus slices. Nearly new—Rebuilt—To Be Rebuilt. Hundreds for sale. Quantity Frii'es Available. EAST END 112 Lilly Street V>> Blk South East Main DIRT FOR Pride & Phone 517 Friday & Saturday "FOOLS GOLD" wHIi William lloyd as "Hopalong Cassidy" Final Ch»i>U-r: "Lost City the Jungle" Also Shorts Hardware Mutual, Insurance Company of Minnesota Large Dividend Savings txjw Net Cost Protection For 8cr7l:« W. L. TAMKE . Saturday Midnito Show Starts at 10:15 p.m. with Hela I.iigosi and l>avid .Manners Also Shorts I Sunday and Monday 1 "Without- Reservations" j with , Claudctle Colbert and .lithti Wayne I raramount News and Shorts I «08 K. Davis (St., P. O. Box 431 1 Phone 2481 HinheriUe, Ark. ! New Theater Manila's F;nes* Shows KVIJKY M;C;BI Matinee Saturday A 8niula« B»i Opens Week naj> 1:*C |>.«. 8at--8*n- I p.m. Cnnt. Hhnwini Last Time Today "COURAGE of LASSIE" with famous Collie "Lassie" a M-G-M Picture Also Shorls Will Imvc Tress SclmUur inolor ru\lti: open OcloDer I oncrnlliiK out ol Oscool;i. Must Imvc car. Write n. H lxicl:c. niylhcvlllc. Ark., or »liani> 2H4 9;l2-l>k-9 10 For Rent Nice furn!slit;<l -sleei)!!!^ loom or bc;l room Kitchen prlvllci-M. 2l« E. Dnvls. Ihe Maschino Troupe - Indirext From Sweden One r,f ^Sweden's outstanding entertainmenl ultrac- (ions has been ohiained fo.- this year's Hair. The ,Ioc i\l;usciiino Troupe of five people is hchiK iniporletl from Sweden al great expense, and from all reports il will be a sensation. The Troupe presents a spectacular routine of whirlwind acrobatic stunts, tumbling, pyramid building and other tricks. Formerly a liarnum and Kailcy attraction, the members of the Maschino Troupe are all ' accomplished performers. Their routine of tricks is varied, including many original tricks. The Maschino Troupe will appear daily at the Northeast Arkansas Fair Walker Park— Sept. 24-28 Saturday 'ARIZONA TRAIL" with Te.v Hitler Also Shorts Saturday Owl Show ''Notorious Gentleman" a Universal Picture with Ilex Harrison ami I.illi Palmer Alsrt Shorts Sunday and Monday "BUCK PRIVATES COME HOME" a Universal Ficture with Bull Aliboll and I,nu Costcllo Selected Shorts RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Friday and Saturday "CODE of the SADDLE" ivilh Johnny ^T;ick Brown Cartoon and t3th riiaplcr , 'Turple Mnnsicr Strikes'' ALWAYS NO. 1 CHOICE ARROW WHITES America 'j highest standard of zood shirt, value Fine Sanforized fabrics, sofl collars, • figure fillinfj illitoya cut, anchored buttons ., . yes, we have 'Arrow whites for yon — TODAY! Cordon Hrockicy Saturday Owl Show "DESPERATE" Sieve Brwlin and Audrey L»n" i*^| ,\lso Short Sunday anil Monday Tuesday Oxford Cloth *:».7r» AllKUW I'OUI.AIU) TIKS /f It's For A Man MEAD'S Will Hare It . In<-<m«Iill«nnMl roniiori a* I • i- <rf!-SiJ>-.V~*. -•-• ~*™' ----- -•.-«,_ -.. v.f-jjjl I. MEM'S JJ2 MAIM

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