The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1948
Page 3
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 19. 1948 Bl.YTHEVII.LE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THHBB Brooklynite Held:£«£ L ? a $? e ^ ll1 /nv o st ^ 9 c te presence oi U.S. ^ In Shooting Case Strife in Kingdom on Red Sea Woman Mysteriously Shot, Seriously Hurt On Miami Beach Drive Ry Itobrrl Vrrinlllion (United I*TPSS Stuff {'nrrrspoiitlpiitl MIAMI HEACH. Pin.. Feb. 1C. <UP>— Pnlicc today held for nups- Uoutnp a Brooklyn titi can manufacturer whose ex-cl!0im-firl companion was mysteriously shot ano; . ^riticaUy wounded on J Miami Headi rltive ; c ;!|For Robbery retnniliiR lionie from a swanky nishl c.liih. Mrs. Eleiuior McCoy. inlddle-aKcd dh'orcee. was !n f\ hospital brd with one bullet \vnuari in tiie neck nnd another Jo the left side. Doc- I and drove a third Into exile for frtllins'lo observe his teachings. Yemen is one of the seven Arab League slates. It has atl area ol some 100,000 square miles on Ihe ; Red Sea ill Southwest Arabia, with lors gave orders that police cmilri j a pc , 1H ,iation of 4.500,000. not question her about the slraiiRe , T |, c kj, lg ' s dealh could not be circumstances of (he shootinK lllHi! she has KOttcn out. of riaiiRci. confirmetl. for strangers are nol permitted to enter Yemen freely Meanwhile, officers held her es- | visitors must have permission fron corl. Irvinu Fein, who satrt lie and , lnc k j nR himself and then they ni< Mrs. McCoy had been "KIHK! | lis K11 ests. friends for (en years. They Rave [ .j. hc A |. ab [_ caK i :n .secrclariat re i ported it had received word of Kini Imam's dealh and newspapers to Ihe same addresses—575 Park Avenue in New York and Bay Harbor Hotel nl Miami Beach. riny mio |p,i a broadcast from Sanaa The couple lold police shortly; coll ji,. ln i nK that Die klne had rited Klnp Imam wn.s K:i and had rule Yemen since 1905. He succeeded hi ' father. Imam Mohammed, wh spent his life fiRhtiiiR asalnst th Turks of the Ottoman Imatn tqok up tile fiRht and b after Ihe shooting yesterday llrat they were attacked by two men who drove up in n lilack sedan as they wre retpniine from nn evening's fun al Ihe swanky Copacabanca niKht clul). Kirfd IVKIinul Kxiilanalion They said tht men forced them ppn(lcnce ( , t Yemen, lo park their car and without a rmnrn was Ihe spiritual nnd ten worrt one of the assailants fired two shots at Mrs. McCoy. 1918 could proclaim the full hide poral ruler of his country. He rule with an iron hand, adherliiR Fein .said he jumped out ot Ihe , n{1 mosl , nlrUan , or[n ln ]s .... car and crossed Pine Tree Drive ., |ld ( | ccrcc i,, K slr i c ( pnnishmenl fo lo seek help from four persons In drink j nR , lm ,. s | c or moral loosenes n pnrked automobile but Ihey turn-! Th(;re nrc . no ( . nfcs („ Yemen an ed him down. , no mllslc js heard in the countr According to account, 1 ; Given to j police, however, while Fein was supposedly away from his car. Mrs. He J R J] C ,L two of his The kind's antipathy anainsL f volily extended to his own famil He JaileiL two of his 13 sons I McCpy-althoiiRh hadly wounded-i lhrpe ,. bfcaasf ,hey were RU drove off alone to the hospital. , v of .. anti . tl , cotejc .,i' looseness. This version of the incident left officers pcrple.xed and they wanted to ask a lot more quest inns of ioth parties. Fein stuck to his story .-f being fuvay looking for help when his companion sped off. The two sons were the child n of his favor He wife, but. it w By Waller Oolllii* + It'iiilrd I'rrKS Stall Oorrfspondfill) , _ .. , . CAIRO, Feb. 19. «u!'i - 'i''iei5usDects neiu Arab l^e.iRiie announced loday It ' ~ would inveiillpate thf reportei death of KiiiR Iman Yaliya of Y men nnd hinted dial political strife may have broken ont In the tiny Arabian kinfidom on I lie lied Sea. A communique issued by the lea- Rue said thai it would send representatives lo Sanaa, capftnl of Yemen, to Ihul out whul is Roins on in the isolated monnrchy. KinR Imam, known ns one of the fnshionablc • mos t absolute monnrchs in the they were-world imprisoned two of his sons Ship Protested Yugoslavia Sends Note To State Deportment On U.S.S. Providence MIAMI. Fla.. Feb. 19. (UP) - Vo- loday held Anthony Novickl. .' Donhnm, Mas.s., in conneciion { Yl th a $,>0.000 Harvard University j Ui AciitiK nn a tip. officer Pnt Per-; lie seized Novickt at the tnnnicip- ! I airpoiL as ho arvived in bat!\- ; i£ shorts lo inert friends on an ; icomiiiK plane. i Mr. and Mis. Benjiunm Tilley. ot oston. ttie couple Novieki wa.s >o leet lly Donald J, <IiHi7jh's nlUil I'li-ss Staff C'urrfsiinmlrnl WASHINGTON, fYl). 19. (Ul>. - - u^o.slavia has protested to Ut'' Stairs over the arrival in Trieste o( Ihe A in en ran cnnsor Providence, it was learned lodav. , lit a note doiivcre.l in the siad- 1 rom , Hnlm ' Tlu> >' '-•si'd Another an note Deput Inient, Yn^o.shivla ML id tli" presence df Ihe 10,000-ton i miser laised the -strength of American forces in Trios tn above (he -S.fOO- rnan murk rs(;vbli.shr<l In the Hal- were iilsn'hplil for question- S ilin pence treaty. [•. . Yimaslavirt charged ihul the Two Mns.siU-hUKptt.s officers, ivi- | tTmspi's visit violuled imily terms • McCiiuh-y and John J. Norton, j whirh Male that nn armed Jom-.s clued make the arrest. will bo allmvi'd in Trieste, rxci-pt Thr Boston officers .said Novlckl lh ™e direi'ied by the United Nv- ad been "potiiiivclv identified" in linns -Security Council, lambridge, Mass,, 'a.s "the liiRger '''he mm\ delivered n \veek 111:0. nun" in a Jan. 9 theft from the ' »«ked for :in invr.sii|;iULnii of thi* ci'iii-ser's call. U n.sked ussmniuv.s ih;ii similar visits o( American vcs- i pels would not lie ninde in the [n- ' lurt witnoui "proper" tun hoi it y. Fnnr Nntes Df llvrreil A ut horn u live .sources said th. 1 nou wti.s one ot four delivered by ; Yu^vOiuui in the hist wee!:. None j them had been disclosed pn-v- \ Polish Officials WARSAW. 1=VJ). 19. tljp> -- The I'olisl) novel iimeut warned today thai the nm . US. army air ci"w tlyhiK lo WiLrsnw wit limit valid visns '.vill be imprisoned and put to tual. 'This is the- time," n tavern- mriU .spokesman said. "Our pu- tirn.e IN rxlmnsled." He suit! tin- crew. 1 ., il M'nloiH'ed, "will serve i iheir sentmre.s In thi.s i-mmlry." '• OIK- ait rri'W of live men wns j inu'.sU'.'l Mmuiiw when they lle\s i Amb;i.s.s;ut<ir .Siunion Grit Ms here were later renew was S017.- rOO, nil salable, Hardly l-'j dor<-n liiads o( -steers offered; heifers aiui mixed ycarttnus makmi; up \tc\n 1 than J-J of Mip|>ly ol cattle wk'h nbout 30 per cent of offerings cows. Opening active on all clasfirs, wllh .sales :-i IOIIK t<i unevenly hi«l;rr, exc'epl bulls, steady, Reveial .loads iniil lol.s medium to low Rood .steers, ,'^; odd head to $27; good helfets and mixed yearlings $24-27; one lot top Kwd mixed yearling, $27,50; xond cows, $20-21; common and medium beef cows, -17^0-19; caliners and cullers, $14-11. iarvard Co-Operaiive. "arm Labor Placements •feovy; More Jobs Open LirrLK ROCK. Ark., Feb. 19.— i UP >- - A .MiUstEinMnl In .he nutuber of men and women tcckiiiK jobs through |ho Employ- , ionsly. nent Security Division will result ; Two of Ihe no(r> from the ntldition of a new fa/.n placement service, state Adminls- rator 1'nrifoy C<11! predicted today. GUI revealed that since the division InstilniccJ the tnrm labor sftv- ice nn Jan. l. more thr.n 4.000 [arm workers hav? been placed. Hnw- f-ver, I h*r n umber of i'rquc-sts >vas still about 400 more than the farm labor available. only after she had worn mournh In Ills presence for three years that he released tin-m. Imam's heir is Prince Ah- \Vhen she heard that Fein was mcd wbo scWom lcaves lllc - Contract is Awarded for Arkansas Hospital WASHINGTON, Feb. 19. iUPi— j The Army Engineers announced | today award of a $9.792,R50 con- j tract to three companies for con- ! structinn ot a SOO-bed veterans hos- tftal a( Little Rock, Ark. j The coi'porn lions arc S. Pal ti i nndcr Mrs. McCoy said hys-; ]R||[K ' Cod is my judse lie did not do It." Mr?. McCoy told police that strange men had threatened her three times before and that a stranger once pave her a bad beating, breaking her jaw. She could give no explanation for the shooting, she said. lmor al inovemcnl roups once dpvC | 0| Jackson County Slayer Given One-Year 7"erm NEWPORT Ark.. Feb. 19. lUP) — Carl Sutterticlti. 46, Jar,ksnn County farmer, today faces one year's Imprisonment, following his conviction of involuntary manslaughter 1n the fatal shooting of his 19- yrnr'-old yon-in-lfuv. Billy Joe Terry. However, Suiter field's attorney. Claude, M. Erwin, indicated Vin might appeal the conviction. County Jury had i educed j ; Yemen, and King Imam cracked ! down mercilessly. j La ; st year the eighth son of llic . klnp, Prince Self el Islam Ibrahim, j rebelled against the absolute rule of his father and was immediately sentenced to death. Prince Self fled to Aden and now is in I Cairo, where lie is head of the I exiled liberal movement. | The king's In!l name was Imam Yahya Ibn Muhammad Ibn Ha mid Al-Dln. protested the ;\rnv>t in Trieste of two public officials, p re MI in iibl y by ihc United StsU4\i. A third objected to the alleged "interception" and sea ids .if the YuKO.->lav cornier in TrieMr. It was, understood that the .Stale ilepa/t nil-lit has asked Am erica n avulifiriiu's in Trieste for information mi the alleged "incidrnt.s." A Navy .spot's in an confirmed that, • the. FiovHlr-iico wu.s in Trieste the first of this munlh on a "routine" call. The .ship left Taranto. Italy, on Jan. 29. for Trio.ste, and remained Ihr-re until about Feb. G when il moved to Venice. The providence i.s nf Na\y":> Mcciitri rainiar carries a normal peacetime complement of 500 men. cd and ivleii.srd sovei'rtl weeks n^o when they landed In Warsaw lo pick up an injured American army Arkansan Injured DAULA.S. Ti-v.. Krb. 10. UHM A H5-yrar-ntil Wurren, Alk.. man was mi lea My burned this morning in a ] >;0la.s hutr] fire. Hospital atlomhtnl.s suid HHITV II. Welts, Jr. Im.s llilrd di i Kiee Imni' mul that lii.^. nvovi'i-y t.s doubtlul. The fhe was confined to Wells' Cotton Firm to Close Tomorrow for Funeral Tin- }*i\Uon and Wilsmi Cnllnn Co. lien- s\ ill hi- i-lo.scil (omuinnv berausr uf ilie funi'ra kif Alexander 11, Mcl'Sultlcn of Cictirnr II. Me- Kiddrn inul Urns, in Memphis, tnr whom the Hlytficville firm are deal- er.s. K. C. Pit turn <>[ (tie mylhevllli' In in ,sai<i today tiuit Mn'vlcejs for Mr, Mcl''addrn, who vvus killed in a skiing ;urich-lit In Aspen, Colo,, i Saturday, will lir cnndtu'trd nt I 'J:!fC pin. lomornus- In Philadelphia. i Pa., u In-vi' he was born. Mr. Mc:i KudUm \va- r i a Ivcqui'iu visitor In . lllyth<'vi!U\ Livestock will seek thr office now ! Construction On., of Kansas Oil y, ,Mo., (he Miu-Domild Construction Sheriff Roner West. West, who has , c '°- of st been (lie objfcL of several charges ; Manhattan that he allowed open camblinc in the county, lias not announced if Louis. Mo.. Construction lie allowed open Rambling in j Muskogee, Okla. : KT. LOU 18 NATIONAL STOCK- uct! to tUo ; YARDS, rob. If). <UPf---iUSl)A> — Force. U ^jvr.sirwk: Hnjjs 10.500; .sahiile in.OM; un- tvrn; weij-lits 1BD to ',!:iO Ihs.. '.'/i to' .MV lowrr I ha nsivcriiRe Wi'dne.sdny, Heaviei 1 weiwhls 50c If) $t luwei ; Hi^-lb, 1 -; down, steady Ut '1'w. Hiwrr; :o.v.s, .stetuly to mostly l!5i: IWVCL | Hulk t-wid a'ml ehoice IflO to 2110 Ihs.. I $^1.2">-24; ni r\clira 1 1o|) S24; small \ lui $2!'jr». a-io to 3f>D ibs $'^i.'2r>-'J3.'2r>; and the Co., of i tor installatloti of etc- he will seek re-pled ton. Porter is Forrest City. ,300 to ;tr>i vntois at the Little 1 Hock ho.spiliil . -j > . ] (lft , foi'iner mayor of i wont to WCMin-house l^^ctrlc Co..' !b-s 5lO.SO-S22.f>0; few $22.- i( , s $1:| . 50 . 1B . 15 . CjU(1( , 2 .3CO- .salable '2.0D3- calves Director of State Police May Seek County Office « ( .fac ihn charge from first decree murder before finding Sutterfield irnil- t.v. FORREST CITY, Ark.. Feb. 19. <UPi—Stale Police Dircctoi Jack Porter is considering running for sheriff jn St. Francis County In A the 1948 elections. Friends said today that Porter ' More Comfort Wearing FALSE TEETH Three Princeton Students Here is a pleasant way to over- Injured in Explosion i romc loosc 1)late diKomfori. FAS' r 'TEFri'H, nn improved powder, sprin- pRTMrF-rnw M T Frh iQ , IIP| i ^'ed on upper and lower plates holds PRINCETON, N. J.. Feb. 19. (UPl t] firmor sa tb . lL thcv [oe , rnorc -An explosion occurred riiinng ", comfortable. No aurumv.gooev. pas- rlnss .session tn the Prick Labora-, (v tflsle or fepl)] It:< . alkaline tory on the Princeton University; <non .,, ckl> . r>,o.s not .sour. Checks campus today, and R university j .. p , nt( , odor -. td cniure breath i .Get spokesman said three persons were: FASTEETH today at any drug injured. ( Mor[ ,. The spokesman denied police re- [ - -- - ports which had said earlier that t^'O persons were killed an<J five injured in the blast, CAUSB of which had not been determined. Hospital Site Discussed LITTLE ROCK. Feb. 19. <UP>— i Tbe Board of Trustees of Ihe Uni- : vcrsily of Arkansas was expected to take action today on a renewed : demand that, the proposed veterans administration hospital be added to thr state's planned medical center.' Meanwhile, medical men through- < out the state were rallying i 3r _ ; hind a move to re-locate the VA ! J'lospital on the State Hospital : pj'onnds in Little Rock, i Political Announcements Tlir Courier News IIHS been Aiithonzird to aniiounre the following candidates, subject to the general city rlecfion, April g; FOR (ScrnniT Ward) ,1. L. < Joriipr Nabr "(Mdat 40,50,60?" — Man, You're Crazy . NxlT'i lack «t i At All drug stores everywhere — Ir BIytheriHe, at Kirby Drug. A FEW DROPS OF VICKS (DOUBLE-DUTY NOSE DROPS) Relieves SNIFFIY, STUFFY DISTRESS O Head Colds It's 'wonderful now a llltle Vicks Va-tro-nol In each nostril acts fast to soothe IrrHalkm. open cold-clogged nose and reduce stuffiness. And if used In time. Viclts Va-tro-no] helps prevent many colds from developing. Try It! ! Follow directions In the package. at DREIFUS ANNOUNCING BUCHANAN CHEVROLET CO. "Ports Dept, Party" FOR • Dealer* • Parts Men • Mechanics At The Qsceola Community House March 2, 19IS 6:.1S P. M. Free Fish Fry Colie Stoltz Orchestra Attendance Prizes! Pay as Little As 10% Down SI. 2.1 DHEIFUS Meet Ilriiifus . . . Wear Iliiimuwls 31B WEST MAIM ST. STORES IN MEMPHIS, BLYTHEVILLE AND DYERSBURG INTERESTED IN A NEW CAR? If You Are . . . See- WILFRED MAY NEW KAISER-FRAZER SALES MANAGER at "" 61" Motor Company • 20 Years Experience • Ail Makes Automobiles Hear what Mr. May has to say for the New Kaiser and Frazer! "Sec Your Kaiscr-Froxcr Dealer. Get a New Car . . . RIGHT AWAY!" "61" Motor Company Carl Wallace ' Bob Smith "Home of '61' Implement Company" North 6th Street Phone 2142 right for your job! right for your budget! STURDY WORK CLOTHES FAMOUS PIONEER BRAND BIB OVERALLS AND JACKETS hill nit nf ovlrn sliinly, ' ll-ra. ' lilllr, drnirn, Sfinfori/.r'! (1% shririkrc^r), Uokccl .inrl flinililu-^ilchi-'l for !nnj;i!r wear! Overalls, 'M)-M; Jackcl, :!(>..">(). Hi»nir.«lp.iilrr (|iislily \^irl; shirt in pray rnvrrl. S.mfnri/rfl (urm't sliptnk <I\IT l',r) f'»r |inniiiinrill I'll. Si/rs I'Cz I" 17. J39 Alvi slunly rli.inil.rny Miirls 1.39 Men's "lit-llrr": l(i<i< K:lllil w.;rfc ftiop. Sufi, pll-lilllllPil Ir.llllrr uilli rllnici- "f cunl lire or dnnlilr ItMllinr solrs. (>-ll!. A98 Atk About Ward« Corw«ni<tnt Monthly Pnyment Plan,

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