Daily News from New York, New York on September 25, 1949 · 99
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Daily News from New York, New York · 99

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 25, 1949
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& I if t I Sf y iris! ToniGiiT r ' II ( U (C&. DAN DURYEA SAM LEVENE KENNY DELA1AR JOAN LORRING The ruthless racketeer always got what he wanted. Would the time ever com when he got what he deserved? THEATRE GUILD Z AIR New time, newtation WNBC-8:3(L The ONLY twin If ad Ijqhtntnq rretr apffrnvrd by U L tor OUTDOOR-INDOOR installation! SIMFU TO IN5MU . .ltt.cN,, t any raua.iW k)tt...at aay awi-titm fctwe ttia aatsnaa aittl Ilia sot, autdMrs ar Indaert. install rr rouRsrir i. a faw Minute. M axavrieaaa a awary. S225 ONLY Now Available M All Leading Ttltviitsa Dealers JFO MANUFACTURING CO., Inc. SI 17 16th Ave;. Brooklyn 4. N. Y. mm i- 8 EXPOSURES 30c COMPLETE 12 Exp. 43c 16 Ep. 60e 36 Eip. (I Enlarged Reprints c tatn from your wn negative 12 for $125 for $2 100 for $6 Including envelopes Send for FREE example and choice of styles PROMPT DELIVERY GUARANTEED Box 216-N V Madison Sq. Sta., N. Y. C. 10 if Write for FREE mailing bags tt cL-eloped for profitable careers in Radio, Television, NigM Clubs freeauoitions.no EXPERIENCE NEC. Coaching V styling for grefesaional fields. ENDORSED BY LAU RITZ MELCHIOR D'Amicis Studio of The Air IIS W. 57 ST., N.r. IS CALL CO 5 1153 lOrOO A. M. WCBS. Church of the Air. 12i:ifl P. M. WJZ. Piano Playhouse. 12i'f4l P. M. WCBS. People's Platform. 1 P.M. WINS. Yankees-Red Sox; Mel Allen. 2:HP. M. W.BC. University Theatre; "Pen rod." (Premiere). 2:0P. M. WMCA. Giants-Braves; Russ Hodges. 2:iMH. M. v !;!. Jjodgers-Hhillies; Ked Barber. 3:HI P. M. wi'B. CBS Symphony Orch.; Anthony Collins, Ernst Toch. 4 rOO P. M. W.BC. UN Drama; Eddie Albert tn "Journey of Trygrve Jones." 4:45 P. M. WMGM. Giants-Pittshurgh Football; Marty (Sliekman. (Recorded). S:'tl. M. W.XHC. James Melton Show; Rise Stevens. Premiere). R::tOP. M. WJI. The Greatest Storv Ever Told ; :!!. M. WVBC. The Catholic Hour. :MP. M. WCBS. Family Hour: Jane Powell :: p. M. WXBC. Hollywood Callintr; Ray .Milland, iiana Lynn. 7:0P. M. WCBS. jack Benny Show; Red Skelton. Edsrar Bertren. Amos "n" Andv. ?:: P.M. WSBCi Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show. :0 P. M. WJ.. Stop the Music. t.lP. M. WXBC. Theatre Guild; Pan Duryea, Sam J.evene. Kenny Delmar, Joan Lorring ill "The Gentle People." s ( Eastern Standard Time) 5:30 A M. ToT" pTm. 5:30 WNEW. News. 3:45 Wo R. Sunrise Serenade. 6:30 WNEW. News. 7:0 WJ2. Xes: t'oncerl HalL 7 30 W NEWS. News. a-00 WNBC. .News; Prayer. WJZ. Revival Hour. WCBS. Xrwi. WOR. Crosby Sings. 15 WNBC. Kaillo Reporter. WCBS. Organ Music. 1:30 WNBC. Siring Vluaitet. WNEW. News. WCBS. nanlen Gate. WOR. Here's Hehly. :5 WCBS. Lake Siu-cess Memo. 9:00 WNBC. Win Id .News. WJ2. Mens Pate. WCBS. News Kmindup. WOR. News. i:l5 WasSC. Comien Man. WCBS. K. I1. Biggs, organ. WOR. A New Life. 0:30 WNEW. News. WJ2. Voire of Prophecy. WOR. Radio I'hacel. :45 WNBC. Millers Ouartet. WCBS. I l.lrlnl Wheels. 10:00 WNBC. Bible Hiuhlighta. WJZ. Messace of Irrael. WCBS. Ctiiirrb of the Air. WOR. News. 10:15 WOR. More Out ,,f Ufa. Ml-'" WNBC. Children's Hour. WNEW. News. WJZ. Houthcnialren. WCBS. rburcb of tlie Air. 10:45 WOR. Your Hvinnal. 1 1 -00 WJZ. V. H. I.ln.llahr. WCBS. News; Newsmakers. WOR. News. ICIS WJZ. Fine Arts Ouartet. WCBS. Howard K. Smith. WOR. Tmruliiy and lick. :3(l WNBC. News. WNEW. News. WJZ. Hour of Faith. WCBS. Salt Lake Choir. 11:45 WNBC. Bob Houston, Kings. 12:00 WNBC. Mr. Kix-It. WJZ. The Filr;eraMs. WCBS, Invitation to .earning. WOR. Show Shop. 12:15 WNBC. Recoil. 12:30 WNBC. HI. Jlnj. WNEW. News. WJZ. 1'iano Playhouse. WCBS. People s Platform. WOR. News. WMCA. .Ies?e Crawford, organ. 12:45 WOR. To Be Announced. I :I0 WNBC. Indian Tubule. WJZ. Korean Reporter. WCBS. ( has. ollinKWood. WOR. Sidney Wslton. :1s WJZ. IMik Cliarlet. WCBS. Klimi Roper. WOR. Crosby Sims. Mystery Solved Medfield, Mass., Sept. 24 (U.R). Authorities thought they had a murder mystery on their hands J ft Jl7r- ar WW r?- 1 ) ' " f LLilu.. Vstf -iIm, -Ifaisa j LESSONS ( C lata tmslrmct ton ) SPECIAL FALL OFFER Sfnd 1nr frfr Hnoktrt "..V" OLYMPIC SWIM SCHOOL 33 Wast 56th St.. N.Y.C. Circle 7-3680 SUNDAY'S RADIO FEATURES 1:30 WNBC. N. Y. (luil Kills. WNEW. News. - WJZ. Stiiulay Vespers.- WCBS. Pmine's tlrih. WOR. Miftiarl ODuBy. 135 WINS. Tanka-R.d Roi. 2 P.JKTO 6 P.M. 2:00 WNBC. Unirertlly Tbea. WJZ. News Review. WCBS. Choraliers. WOR. Deems Taylor Conrert. . WMCA. (liants-flratrs. WMGM. Iwdacrs-J'hiln. 2:30 WNEW. News. WJZ. Mr. President. WCBS. DaughertJ s Orch. WOR. News. 2:45 WOR. Usvid Snell. talk. 3-Dfl WNBC. Mualrale. WJZ. Harrison WCBS. Cits. Symphony. WOR. Treasury Slum. 3:15 WJZ. Bitty Claik. sonH. 3:30 WNBC. Uuiz Kids. WNEW. News. WJZ. Bresloft a Orch. WOR. Tom .Mil Preview. 4:00 WNBC. IN Dlain. WJZ. V. Icei That J.ive. WOR. House of Mystery. TELEVISION n.fs 10:15 H'NHT. Old Newsreels. IO::fl WXBT. Children's H'ur, JI::mi wT. Masri.- Clown. J M I'lX. .uv l.eow. 1 :'l WI'IX. Snorts, Album. i:55 WI'IX. t.iuiits-KrHveH. M4Z. (aiaiits-Sleelera. 2:00 WCBS. Doili.eis-1'hilp. :.10 W.ATV. Feature Film. :i:4, WATV. Film Serial. 1 :0 WATV. WiKtem Film. :0 WJ. Sutler Cirr-ue. WATV. Junior Frnlii-s. 6:.t0 WMtT. Western Film. WATV. Starlets. S:W WAItlt. News Review. 6:W WPIX. Tele Clmuel. WCBS. Chuck Wiurtin. WABII. Western Frlm. W JZ. Sinetng: Laity. W ATV. Feature Film. 6:.'t0 WPIV. News. WJ. AtllotiT.'Uihf?. WMtT. Charades. :'0 WPIX. Sour Parade. WJ. Sine-Copatton. 1:00 WCBS. Film. WXBT. Crosier Salute. WCBS Channel 2. WAP. II WNBT Channel 4. WJ- Frequencies of Neiv York Stations at a Glance WMCA 570 WJZ (70, WINS I0I0.WLIB 1190, WNJR .43u WVNJ 620 WNYC 8.10 (WMGM IO'iO'WOV 12801 WHOM 1480 WNBC 6b0 WCBS 841- WHLI IIOOlWEVD in WOK IM0 WOR 71(1 WAA1 O'f ' WNEW -- when they found a human skull in the town dump. Mrs. Catherine Clark explained it. While house-cleaning, she said, she decided to THE Fred SUNDAY GENERAL Opportunity for Singers! Get Info' Show Business Radio. Television, Band & Vaudeville. Qualified sinifers auditioned for profes-siimal work. Talented sluirersi coached for professional eiigasfeiuents. Small fee. IMIK auditions l ;-K I'. M. GEO. MURRAY CHAS. MEKRITT. Director. 1f.8 Broadway cor. 5 1st St.. X. T. C. Hi 15 i P.ilren Callxbass-si faaklnn feature aiipenria every day In Tlse Xesvs. Mead what this expert has to say. : P. M. WOK. Ooera Concert ford Harvuot. 8rtiP. M. wvc. It's Your ::wp. M. W .BC. American Album of Familiar Music. (Premiere). 8:3 P. M. WJie. Chance of a Lifetime. l:UOP.M. WXBC. Take It or Leave It; Eddie Cantor, j TKI.KllMOV KEATI HKS lOJO A. M. WXBT. Chil- I dren's Hour. 1 ri5 p. M. WPIX. Giants-j Braves. 1:55 P. M. WJX. N. Y. Giants-' Pittsburgh Steelers Football. 2:im P. M " WCBS. Dodgers-Phillies. 5:00 P. M. WJ.. Super Circus. I:N p. M. WPIX. Television Chapel. :30pjm. WJZ. Action Auto- Kraphs. (Premiere). 7 SKI" jm. WAHU. .smateur Hour. 7::tO P. M. WCBS. Mr I Magination. S:Oo p. M. WCBS. Ed Sullivan's "Toast of the Town;" Victor Borpe Hilly Vine. S:(m p. M. WJZ. Think Fast P. M. WXBT. Leave It to the Girls. : l. M. wpiv. Voice of the People : P. M. WCBS. Fred Waring Show i Premiere). : P. M. WXBT. Television Playhouse; William Prince. Kira Hunter in "The Lonely." r P. M. WAtin Cross Question. :.lo P. M. WJ.. Music Room; t Belie Shopp, Bess Mversnn. 10:)t p M 1 ....... jme iiarrnway snow. lW:o P M. WJ,. Celebrity Time; Basil Rathbone. 4 30 WNBC. Voices & Events. WNEW. News. WJZ. Opera Album. WCBS. At the Chase. WOR. William Oargan. 4:45 WMGM. fliants-PltUburgb. 5:00 WNBC. Playhouse. WJZ. Family Close-L'p. WCBS. Musicale. WOR. I nder Arrest. 5:30 WNBC. James Melton. WNEW. News. WJZ. Greatest Story. WCBS. Symphonette. WOR. True Detective. 8 P. M. TO 9 P. M. " S.O0 WNBC. Catholic Huur. WJZ. Drew Pearson. WCBS. Family Hour. WOH. Roy Hoters. WNYC. Oscar Brand. 6:15 WJZ. News. 6:30 WNBC. Hollywood Calling. WNEW. News. WJZ. Adlam s Orch. WCBS. Kve Ardtn Show. WOR. Nick Carter. 7:00 WJZ. Think Fast, WCBS. Jack Benny. WOR. The Falcon. PROGRAMS A. )g W'ABD. Amateur Hour. WJZ. Kelitrious Film. WATV. Western Film. 7: 1.1 WI'IX. Telepix. 7:"t IPIX. Jimni.v I'owers. T.Mt WI'IX. heal nr. Film. WCIts. 1. Maiiiatton. WXBT. To Announce. WJZ. ABU Players. WCBS. Ruth Gilbert. 8:IMI W( BS. Ed Sullivan. ABU. Mystery Players. WJZ. Think Fast. WATV. Feature Film. 8::st) WNBT. The Girls. - W'ABI. Film Shorts. WJZ. Little Jteview. t:0 WPIX. Voire nf Pfnule. WCBS. Fred W'ariiisT. WNBT. Playhouse. WABIi. Cross Ouestion. WJZ. Doetim. Film. 9:.11 WJ. Music Room. 10:011 WPIX. J. J. Anthony. W BS. News. W NBT. I). Garroway. WJ.. Celebrity Time. 10:30 WI'IX. Telepix; News. hannel B. WI'IX Channel II. hannel 7. WATV Channel i:t. 1130 WBNX 1 30 WWRl 16.0 discard the Waring BACK AGAIN ON TELEVISION A Great Show for the Entire Family! j 9:00 P. M. :: ELECTRIC aajj UfCTi 0 PRINTS alall film and BOND PHOTO -4 Fan mm $ Frances Greer, Clif- Life: "Alcoholism." WMGM. Today's BasrhalL WNYC. Masteiwurk Hiair. 7:30 WNBC. Hanls-Fave. WNEW. News. WJZ. Noonan's Oreh WCBS. Call the Pel Ice. WOR. The Saint. WNEW. Jimmy Powers. :00 WNBC. Sam Spade. JZ. Smp tlie Music. WCBS. Johnny Dollar. WOR. Mediation Board. WOXR. News; Symphony. i:.10 WNBC. Theatre Guild. WNEW. News. WCBS. J. Carroll Nalsh, WOR. News. 6:45 WOR. Robert 8. Allen. 9 P. M. TO MIDNIGHT 90 WJZ. Walter WincheU. WCBS. Corliss Archer. WOR. Opera Concert. WNYC. lfs Your Life. 9:t5 WJZ. Louella Parsons. 9:30 WNBC. Familiar Music WNEW. News. WJZ. CJiance of a Lifetime. WCBS. Horace Heldt. WOR. Sheilah Graham. i WNYC. Cliicaco Roundtable. 9:45 WOR. Walkrr-Gar.lo.r 18 10 WNBC. Take It or lave It. wj. jimmy J-idler. WCBS. Dress J'arade. WOR. Runvon Theatre. 18:15 WJZ. Ted Malone. 10:30 WNBC. Kay Armen. WNEW. News. WJZ nrsan Musie. WCBS. I. ms j, Orch. WOR. News Heartbeat. 10:45 WJZ. Georjie K. Soknlsky. WOR. Involved Mysteries. 110 WNBC. Robert Trout, news. wj:. iirew Pearson. WCBS. Genrze Bryan, news. WOR. M. Klliott. news. 11:15 WNBC. C. l iley. news. WJZ. Thoughts in Passing. WCBS. CX In Action. WOR. R Flanders, news. 11:30 WNBC. LeWinter'i Orch. WNEW. News. WJZ. Gem: Neiehhnr's Orch. WCBS. Tuwne'e Orih. WOR. Waller's Orch AFTER MIDNIGHT 12:00 WNBC. News; Smith s Oreh WJZ. Music to 1. WCBS. News; Black's Orch. WOR. Barry Gray to 2. WNEW. Matinee to C. 12:30 WNBC. Brandon's Orch. WNEW. News. WCBS. Welk's Oreo. 1:00 WCBS. News 1:30 WNEW. News. 2:00 WOR. Big J.se to S. 2:30 WNEW. News. skull she had bought as a war souvenir from a merchant seaman who told her he found it in Italy. Show WCBS TV Non-Fade guaranteed tfeckle eafga - - r8 eKH. Film -f-IEnlarged C lEnlaroement saj 3'il5 1 I Matt.57-- ea I g Jumbo. 35cj MQ cash or write for FREE film mailer LABS.. Bi 88N, B klj. 39. K.J. Ke-ad l)r. Vast Hellcat column How to Keep Welt" eaerjr day ia The Xim. ' Study Labor Peace The annual labor - management round table al Columbia University will get under way Oct. 6 with "The Conditions of Industrial Peace" as the first subject. William H. Davis, chairman of the Atomic Energy Labor Relations Fanel, will be gues'; speaker. , lUhb. WhU. & 1 HURs. i NEW SPINETS J FROM $345 Excellent Tone Beautiful Workmanship Superior Design Used Spinet Sfye I rem $145 JSED GRANDS FROM M95 CHICKERING FISHER KNABE STEINWAY USED UPRIGHTS end PRACTICE PIAN&S ' from $125 LIBERAL CREDIT TERMS ARRANGED Opt- r.r.J.y Etmmt Umt.l : 39 r. at. lo (rt t-B' t-jtyfj iji STARRING 4t y JAMES MELTON America's Favorite Tenor RISE STEVENS, Guest Star, Sept. IS SUNDAY, 5:30 P.M. EST ovl. WNBC Tune in your favorite NBC station at 5:30 P.M., EST, every Sunday for James Melton, Frank Black, the International Harvester Orchestra and Chorus and famous faett stars. Wonderful music radio entertainment at its best. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER ai I (5 1 1(1 mCS DfVfl0PfD Ifjwlffiym x "niargid BBaauauai I ll lTQIl t1" ilZI - I BSmm&Bmgf QCC0lJHtIf DEVEL- I t?fSyv,.v-,. f aJaaf will. IIU DOUBIE VALUE ---ClTt -' V Wy 12EisrtBoa50v' stttI.otti WJ0i 16Epssufelloll6Sc V.t ' Vx36fjtpstjrellll$1.2S A -Xi FOX FOTOS I ftOX 10. GENUAL POST OFFICE a zn r3 M S3 to V. El m

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