The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1947
Page 5
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FRIDAY, SKITK.MliKR 12, 1SM7 RLYTI1KV1LLK (ARK.) COURIER NLIWS PAGE . Chicks Tackle El Dorado Wildcats Tonight \S.E. Missouri Grid Loop Adds Two Elevens CAIUITHKiiKVILl.K Mo., Sept . -- 'llie Smitheiist Missouri High Jfehool l'\>otb;il! Conference "Little Sl\" has been inereased to the "Little Right" wiiii the iiddllion of IllniD-Kcirnfi'lt. mid Rlsuo schools In the division nrmi|>, It was an- nmniu'd here yesterday. Oilier trams enmprj.slllK llic Mlllc KUjlu, mv <.;ha((n'. VJoxlev, K.vsl I'rulrle. Frcdericklown. Ihiytl, unit Mulden. May, superintendent of'schools at Etui Prairie, ; \vas e;<;ct«dVpresWtr>t'.' of tiic conference' r6rvthe"c6inJri'<' year. Otlicr plficers named ,were Paul Jenkins, principal..,ol v C»p»-. Cilrardeau central'High} vk*ipre- • sldent; uiid KaJdl Lee., principal at East, Pniliie, ?ecre[i>rr-tfe'JHiitt«r. j, f This 1018 conference schedule Va»r adopted at the meeting, and plans were announced for a football rules find Interpretation meeting for coaches und jeylstcred officials to be held ot Slkcston Sept. 'IT, at lire Members of Ihe "Ilia I Curulhersvllle, Cape oirardeim. Jackson. Kcnneli, 1'erryvllle, I'op- lar Hlulf, .Slkeslon and ClKU'les- ton. Dlfrereiilialion between the "little" niid "bi«" groups Ls delei'mln- ed by enrollment In the lilijli schools. At a meelliiK c;f -15 eon !|.re.sriilnttvi's in .Slkcslou. At this meeting, a Missouri' State High School Athletic. Association.. film, "r-'ootball Up To Date," will shown. There will also be demonstration with players and 6f- llc.lals in uniform. J(m .Miller, ,a . member of the state board, will be present to assist In clarification- of riilct! and procedures. ' • ' Crash Victim Dies IiranrNE, Ark.. Sept, 12. (UP) — Funeral services will be held here today for Mrs. Luther Hauls, 5». who died In a Monilcello Hospital U-IK;L- yrstordriy of Injuries suffered in a lluuh'triick accident last week, i t Hilly Coach Firman "Nig" P.vmim'j Rlythevilic High School Chickasaws, Shown above ?re (1) . Captain Hilly Wane Mi-I'iirlariil, halfback; will ojicii their ICV! grirt .schedule ajahist the El Dorado Wildcats in (2) E. t!. Gee Jr., (iial Icrback; i::i IE. A. I'riend. quarterback; (•!) Coach (5) Assistant Coach Walter H. Davis; II',] alternate captain Ilirck" Traylor, half; 17) JaeU Elliott, quarterback; (8) 1M7 the Oil City toni£hl. Avrr.igiog a little better Unin 100 pounds to the liyiium; man, Ibe Cl'.icks will enter tonight's ynme as the unt'erdugs by a three- Harold touchdown margin. Hut this fact dill r.nt blemish tlicir spirit and hopes iMose Simon, fullback; [9) Iluddy Umincr, [ackh ; (10) Gcorp, for victory. Willl the cry of "On lo El Duruiln" on their lips, Ihe Chicks Biiard; Ml Itobcrt Knonce. unaril; (12) Hill Dnulln, center; 113) II. C. left [SlytbLville by bus yl sterday morning fur the Southern Arkansas Allen, fullback; (II) linger I,urn, halfback; (15) John Hoover, center; —t'ontier New:, Vhutns, ciul; (l!i) Klwyn I'alrhvcll. jjliard; (20) i>udley Hardy, cml: i2!) Hoy S " liUl ' ul<1; 1W> '" w " l '' il » ll "B 1 '- >'-"-"' l] - ^ »«» "'sl'arse, lackle; < 21 > llcniilc Gentry, eml; (2fi) Hilly Itob lilliulf, ei)d; (16} Kenneth Xcnos, Hood, (;uarrt; (27) Jim .Tinimy (larncr, jjirird; Kerry. Inrkliv, CiS) It. II. 1lt«\K<; tackle; (291 :Kl I.arry liiLllliiuk; and (111) Don Ilucy, city to try their hand at a liltic Wildcat taming. Lloyd KoonW, j 4!icIi!c; I'.-acey, cuard; (IS) Oil Gossctl, lialflucl:. BHS Chicks Rated as Underdogs In Opening Jilt With El Dorado The c-iirtiiin <;ocs up tonight on the Arkansas .High School 1!)47 I'ootball stHSon. And llic eyes of the state's gi'iil^faii.s will be focused on Kl Oor;uio where the .^Uito's no. I contest this week, between the lilylhoville Chicks and the El Dorado Wildcats, will Uikc place. The WiUiraln are rated fay .-ports -scribes throughnu: the state re; I ho team Hi b?at. and Ly virtue ol Ihr; ie:or:i. Ihe Csitr. arc ranked as a il'-ce-tonehdov.'n favorite over ih • Ch!:!:s. v , over ! their the highly-rated Cats, for in final weeks' drill, Coti~hcs Xte JJynnm and Walter Davis schooler! the Trilyj largely on then' nir silta.'fc. But should this attacK fail to click, the Big Chiefs have drummed up a. smart-looking ground of'cn. L :e that they can unveil. Traylor Dcliiys Start It.irr:ld "Huck" Traylor. one of tin 1 Chicks li'adin:; yround gainers Jhii-ks startin;: liivi by virtuallv 13 I la:;L year, will be absent from too 12 poimds per m:;n. Ii- Hie back- nicht's startini! •BcsLsiint: several n;:t-.y linemen. Coach £.ki;>)ier Hays' forwsini wall will avcras.e 'seller thai: no rounds to the man and wii; o:it\vci;h the Chirk t [icl<! the CliJcis will held n sl;-.;hl weiglil advsii-.tasic. Flu- Tr.bc's starting ba:ks v.-lll avi-r.u;c bctv.ccn 1S5 ancl ICO pwmls while the Ca'.s b;ick.s. ac':o]'chni: :o v. ei^his rclriirsed by Conrh Hsiys. v. ill avc':ai:o -iliBhtl •,- ;ibo\e 155 poiiLid.s. ncfial ollc!:,e of p>i:li:i v.i'l ir:i;rt to et victDly halt lineup due to :i baci: ailniem. Trayior was bothered all IhroiKh the three-week training peiirui with Ule a.:...^nt and ordered lo take it e-.isy for awhile. Pot^ IIi;e\. the diminutive :;rol!ild-^i< ot the Gallup. N. A!.. Hi.:h School squad last year, and a member of t..e Chicks iii^ 1S45, ^ rnnnin.-: from Tra>lor.s lefl po>t i:i toniyiu'.'; oiHtst and ill couple with Captain Billy Wayne McFarland in leadim; tlie round attack. Jnck Ellioit. the Tribe's niitmer- i f.hieks Lirae-Up For Tonight's Game of last year, will set the .-.tailing nod for the .signal rallim: duti", with R. C. Allen occupying tiic full- . back slot. i Bolstered by t!-.e vetuvn ->t '.'.illy i Bruccy, a first string ;;uard on the I 1945 crew, llic Chiefs forward v.-all | will luu'e con.sicierabl'j si/.o and b? pretty well experieiu-ecl. At the jtiicr guard slot will be L. VV. I-'ilsiiiiich, of the XB team and n; tackles. Coach Bynuin will call on Lloyd K-JOIIU, a last year Ictterman an:i ' His .Jim" Berry, of the li;4j Tajrs. rjeiai:" Gentry and Hillv Hob Elliott will work al Die Hanks, and John Hoover at center. Weak nil Ilc;ior'.-e ro\ver The Chicks will ix' lahly .sto:'. L :e:l vviin ie.sei'\'e power bnt iu>Uiin r| . i*> bi-,\a about. Accoinjxr.iyin;: tin- ;irv. string on the trek ID the Oil City were. Traylor. Mow Simon. Kw 1 ' Luin. Pat Elirk. ;;n:l E. 11. ei:c. backs; and Cal Gosspit. Dudley .Hsir- dy. and Uoy Siv.ilM..eii«s; Hntl;ly Donner, stnri H, B. Ilodae. ta-klen Jimmy Garner. Khvyr. CaiiKu-ll. Tirjb- cil Koonce. Kenneth H-KKI. an. I George Xenos. ;;u'uds; and B:il D.Tolin. center. Only a small portion <>: Ihtse v i- servcs have had imich "'Kpel-ieiK'e in liigh .school fcotb.iil. ir.cst of them I'laycr H. Klliott L. Koonlz f-it^hnt-h Hoover Uracey Berry Gentry J. Ellictt Hucy Mcl''arland Allen Wl, 175 no no 1G2 113 ICO ISO Iii5 150 no 1G5 LT LC! C lu; RT RK QH 1,1! nil t-'B IH:J 1QQ 105 173 140 HI lil Dnradu Player Wllldhil:-.! Ciarhnglon IhirnliMi iilllilll Hull nv: Canady Johnston Antliuny Jainc.i • Rlsinf.rr McKnu-.i nt lowan Boasts of Ability As Swimmer, Then Fails To Impress Teen-Agcrs MEMPHIS, Sept. VI. (UI')—Car- Iress Taylor, about SO. of Watcrlou. la., boasted yosterduy th;it he was Die ehiimpicn swimmer of Toledo und \vanted to bet 75 cents lie could .swim across the 100-yiird wide pond at Chickasav; Garciens liere. "I'm about llic best swimmer the world," lie tnlii tour U'l-n-iv | boys who accepted his 7;"i-ccnt bet. Taylor plungcil into the lahe. cdmmcnllni,' that the w.iU-r was fold, and executed a fancy stroke Compensation Board To Get Office Building IJTTLf: HOCK, Sept. 11!. IXJI') — Pj'c-constrnr.-tioii work on a two- lory brick and tile building for the Arkansas Workmen 1 ,: Compensation Conmii.s:<i<m will v.v.; uiuti rwsty here Monday. 'I he $li;:i,i;'ja building will Lc cn'cted in d[iv;nto\\n Little' Hock. as he Headed tor Uir fav skle. Wlten abniit haitway (iver the (l lance. he turned on tils back ancl tried a cunple of buck strokes, and v/cnt down, lie didn't slrntu;le nuike a f.iumd. Tyvenly ininntes later the champion .swimmer of Toledo- "iibiml I lit' best In Ihc world' was pulled from the pond by 10- ycar-uld Griidy Ssmders. one of I hi i buys wlio accepted Taylor's hcl. 100 ll«. at coal. • IJurni ,iny kind of coat, coke or bru]ucii. • Starr n fire (nit one* a year. • He?is all Jiy "nif n uiitiont refueling. • Yourlmni! is WARM cvc/v MOKN1NO. Conic in. I;.van\inc iu cx- , patented f Hubbard Hardware Co. Hubbard & Hoke Appliance Co, Hubbard Furniture Co. fresh hem junior hli;h school. | At hull-lime toui^lil. the Wild- | cats will hold dedication ceremon- | its lor their i:r ; w STO.IJ'J stadium '. lim.shed only this Bummer, and J rated as or.e of '.he best in the Gin Supplies Don't leave lilythevillc to buy Crin Supplies. We am comjietl- tivc with any niiti-:»lllh linn on these supply prices. liny here ior better merchandise, and lower prices. U.S. Belling Detroit Belt Hooks Crane Valves and Fittings Pyrcne Fire Extinguishers WELL, HE.CE (SOE'S- MV (JOSH / I \MEICrH ONE HUNDRED AMD FIFTY POUWDS/ See I'liinlcrs Hardware Now'. Concrete Culvert-Hie e<) Plymouth .SiCOND STREET (Relnforccd or Non-Itclnforccil) Cheaper anil I.onRcr I.aviin? lhan »ny other UrldRC Material. Concrete nntts tor Sanlt.Mj Privy— Concrete Septic Tanks. A. H. Webb Hwy, 61 N. at Stale Une Phone Blytheviile 711 An Expert Is Coming From Great Shops oi Indianapolis! Mr. Martin Robertson Special Representative of Kdhn Tailoring Co. Will show you a beautiful line of Suitings and Coatings, and take your measure for Fall and Winter wear t — At Our Store — Monday& Tuesday, Sept, 15-16 rimes Men's Store, Inc. 313 W. Main Blytheviile, Ark.

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