The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 19, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 19, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ill'. DUM1NANL Ol' KOKTUKAMI AHivANSAS AND SOUTUUAS'l MlSSUUltl VOL. XLIV—NO. 278 Blylhevllle Courier Blythcvllle Daily Newi Mississippi Vallcv Lender Blythevllie Herald HI.YTIIKVII.UC. ARKANSAS, TIUJKSDAY, FICBKUARY 10, 1918 SIXTH UN I'AGKS SINGLE COPIES riVB CENTS I West European Federation of Nations is Urged Amendment to ERP Is Proposed by New York Republican Ry John U Sleele (United Press Shif Correspondent) WASHINGTON. Feb 10. (UP1 — A member of the House Foreign Affair.s committee snld today lie will introduce nn amendment to make "a federation of Euro|>can states y one of tlie objectives of the ">( European recovery program, °" Rep. Jneob K. Javils, li., N. Y.. explained that his proposal \voulrt | C. of C. Arranges Annual Banquet For Friday Night The annual clumber of Commerce banquet will be hold in the Hotel Noble tomorrow night at 7 p.m. instead of l:^o us announced earlier. Chamber of Commerce Manager Worth D. Holder said yesterday. Charles T. Evans of Little Hock, vice president of the Arkansas Power nnd Light Co., will be principal spender at the baiU|iict.' The banquet also will .serve as a greeting to bu.sincs.smcn who have come to Blytheville during the past year A report of Hie Chamber's activities during 1947 will be presented by retiring President Fanner England and plans for the coining year will be discussed by Greek Guerrillas Captured president, C. Murray Smart Tickets lor the bouquet may be uiii i obtained from Mr. Holder al the not be a condition of U. S. aldTo ' Chamber of Commerce office, B. A. the Marshal plan countries, but ! IjJ ' nc)l " l tne Fanners Bunk find an objective of the program. .Trust Co., Sam u. Williams at the - - - -- First National Rank, J W. at Adams Appliance Co.. R Nelson al Dr. Pepper Bottling He announced his Intention at a foreign affniig committee hearing on the recovery program. His proposal would follow the out lines of the suggestions set forth by Gov, Thomas E- Dewey of New York in his recent Boston speech. Previously, Rep. Hale Boggs. D, La., urged thnt the committee write into the preamble of the ERP bill a provision that Congress fuvors the creation of a federation of European states. He was promised that the Idea would get "sympathetic consideration." There were other foreign aid developments: 1. Secretary of State George C. Marshall will be tlie administration's lead-off witness before the House Foreign Affairs Committee tomorrow on President Truman's So"iO,000 T 000 China aid program. 2. Wayne C. Taylor, spokesman fo, the Committee for Economic De- i velcpment and former undersecre- i tary of commerce?, proposed to the committee that President Truman be given direct authority and power to administer the European recovery program. 3. Senate Republicans criticized Mr. Truman for not including anti-Communist military assistance In his China aid program. There were Indications that Republicans might Ivy to write in a military aid clause when the program comes up for congressional approval. The president yesterday recommended 5510,000,000 to enable China to finance essential imports, and an additional 560,000,000 for selected reconstruction projects. Chairman Styles Bridges, >„„ N. 'H., of tlie Senate Appropriations Committee said economic aid alone would not be sufficient to combat the Communist threat in the Far East. This country, he s».id. should •flV.rt military supplies flowing immediately to the Chinese Nationalist, government of Chiang Kai- Shek. "The European recovery program makers little sense," said I Bridges, 'if China is permitted to j go to the Communists by default." He sugcgsted that the United States assign a "strong and forthright" representative to the Chinese government. Tears Futile Cits lure ] SUH. Owen Bit-w.stcr. R., Me-., snid | tlie [minium set, loilh by the President would be "fiuile" without military assistance smiilar to that now being sent to Greece ami Turkey. The U. S. should not scrimp on its aid to China he sairi. he- cause reconstruction of the Orient has "far more vital consequences lo us' 1 than any other portion of the world. There were murmurs of discontent from Democrats on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee over Mr. Truman's recommendation that aid to China be lumped with the European Recovery F'roRram u |.1er a .single administrating agency, one Democrat said this might prove "embarrassing" to Committee Chairman Arthur H. Vandenberg. R.. Mich . who has rejected similar suggestions from his Republican colleagues. Ch a i rma n Cha rles A. Ea t on, R,. N. J., of the House Foreign Affairs committee scheduled hearings on the Chinese Aid Bill for Friday. Adams A. Co. and T. F. (Doc) Dean. House May Act On Resolution To Trim Budget Republicans Plan $2,500,000,000 Cut In Truman's Askings WASHINGTON, PYI>. 10 (U.I 1 .)—Tim House Hj)|>PHi'p( ; certain (inlay hi ^o alon^ I lie Sennit* and okay a vrso- 1 n lion lo clip $U,. r ]do,000,001 •>IT President Truman's no\\ Two Negroes Killed, Third Hurt at Cooter COOTER. Mo.. Feb. 19 — Charges of murder are expected to be filed in CaruthersvtHe today against C. J. William. 1 ?, 30. Cooter Negro, following his arrest late yesterday connection with the slaying of Negro girl and her alleged suitor. Williams is alleged to have shot Lucille Cunningham, 26. and Willie Simmons. 22, both of" near Cooler, yesterday afternoon at the Cuu- Four of 121 yiiPirilhis who were captured utter their forces .shelled Salonika, Greece, me nuuched through the streets as 200,000 residents jeer ami pi-it thctn with roltrn CKK* nml fooUli-s. Presidenl Trunmn has denounced the "ruthless" communistic: activities in Greece and notified COIIKVI-SS he will Hsk for "additional niilit.iiy assistance" for the stricken country. (NEA TclepholeO Civil Rights Fire, Built by Truman and Fanned By Wallace, Has U.S. Political Cauldron Boiling By LVUE C. WILSON United I'ress SUiff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 10. ' L'.!\) — PresHonl Truman tops Hip Jefferson-Jackson mver.sary hill tonight a I two $MU)-or-niore-H-plale dinners here lo raise funds for his presidential election campaign. IL Is a political occasion and a political speech is expected of the PresidetU. His re- ningham woman's home one mile j marks will be broadcast into the South where there are threats of rebellion against hi. 1 East or here during a fit oi jcal- i candidacy, and into the North where Henry A. Wallace is trying to raise a third u Army to defeat him. Mr. Truman is in a toti^li spot in some ways. Washington iiwaits his speecli with more than usual interest. Nearly 3,000 Democrats will us-*- — — — - - .setnble here for two dinners ,simi- - Democratic National Committee, lar to those on a «nnller scale :n | Jumped ihc mm ni;:ht with a other cities. Mr. Truman wiH dine i speech lenrlni; at the vitnl.s of the with about half of the Washington I Republican Party* He reserved a group at the Hotel SuiLlcr. He will | few cracks, too. for Walhice, the proceed then lo Mower to deliver 11 drt-bs of the evening at 9:00 p.m. CST. It will ho broadcast hy NBC. CBS ami MBS, ousy. According to Town Marshal Roy Jones imd Deputy Sheriff Melvin Clark of -Cooler, who investigated the shooting nnd arrested William. 1 ;, Williams shot Simmons once in the. abdomen and the Negro woman twice, once in the arm and once in the abdomen, with bias Us from a double-barrel 12 gauge shotgun. The Negro woman was killed instantly and Simmons died at seven o'clock last night in the Walls Hospital in BlytheviUe. Third Negro Wounded According to reports ol tlie shooting, Williams is alleged to have met Simmons iti Cooter yesterday and asked him to go with him to the Cunningham home. Shortly after their i\rrivnl there, Williams is said by officers to have obtained the guns and shells from another •room, and shot, the couple,,,., s -_ v ^ ^, ficer.s .stated, and the Negro w^ man was .shot as she ran-from Uie house in an eilort to escape. Williams is also alleged lo have shot a third Negro, a woman identified only as "Johnson" as she attempted to escape from ihc house, but she was not seriously wounded. Williams was arrested a short time following the shooting as he walked it:ross a cotton field. He i.s the Hole! May- j third pam presidential candidate* .he principal ad- He sovifihl to brand Sen. Robert ! A. Tall. K., O., as an isolationist who woiiUI cripple tlie Marshnlt plan and lewritc the United Nations charter. McGi'mh .said there \vn.s a growing tendency among Republicans to ' He ridiculed Republican claims that .say what is politic at the moment. ! Abraham Lincoln is Ihe patron saint, of the GOP. He snid Lincoln was a Republican 'by label but would One hundred bucks was the minimum for Washington Jefferson- Jackson diners. Party officials explained there actually was no charge to who will assemble, here to- I He dealt at .some length with Wiu- night. But all who gave $100 or j lace and urged that the nation more to ihe parly for the occasion ' cling to its two-party system tion.s of Europe Into governmental collapse." McGmlh did not mention Tuesday's New Yoi'k congressional by- election In which Wallace's American Labor Parly ciimlUhile won n surprise victory over tlie criudidalo of the Democratic nine hi no ltd by Edward J. Flynn, Democratic lu- tioual com mil teem an. The cliair- man Bare the hot l.vsut of civil nghU tlie once-over very lightly. Ucpubllfiui louder* felt sm-h n ru would lotivit ph'iity of mom for n> dui'hiK pt'r.soiml ini'otne luxrs b 1 Inim tn Sd.MIU.OIKI.OO Cor a MiiiMantliil pnyim-nl uii th nntlonul debt. The House already luis approve a bill lo rut Incuine luxes $i!.riUO 000,000 this yi-nr. HiMmti? l.-ndei urn tnlklnK hum- of a cul of luoiiiu $5.000.0 uo.uuo. Republic-nils expect tti en i ihc InulKet-emiiiiK le.s.milfo utuctlmc urxl week, protwUly Wed H'Mhiy or TJntr.'stiuy. Thr uu'n.s which dors not require White House approval, would cul Mr. Tiunmn's! 1911) buduet e.slliimU- of $:iu,- ifiH.OOO.OflO to $'J7,'21K).000.000. While the budurl rrlllnj; M-t by Con KJ ess l,s not binding, the Kc- [inblican.s want hi tic! nu icciird tn favor of Pt'Diinmy uml. Incldcnlrtlly, lower- la.M's. Republican cstimale.s ol the moiu oy thai will be uvnllnblr for lux nnil dclil re<luc'tlon tint of ihc Imd- gct for I lift U)-19 fiscal yejit 1 , lie- filnnlnt; July I. ninn* 1 Irnin $10 01)0,000.000 lo $K),(]DO,000,(IOn. The 410,000.000.000 JiffitiT. ^ nr- rived lit by ttikhiK the C'sllinuli! ot coiiKicsslnnul r^vcnut; c-xpeil.s who any treasmy Incomt- In llu: 19'l!l li.scal your will bo $-n.:UlO,000,000. SublrnclltiK s:(7. '^10.000,000 for Ihe new ImdKCt, $10,100,OOI>,000 would In: lc(L over. icyc/e Riders Warned o Observe All Traffic ignals on City Streets Clilef of Police Charles Bhoit to- ay warned bleyclc and motor sccot- r rldei.s Hint they arc not exempt •om tralUc. reKulatlonn I'rquirlDK hat all vrhlclrc slop lor rod traf- !r. slRiials. no\y Ix-lni; luslallcit troiiKlioul the city. Chief Shotl Mild thai numerous n.stances have been Ixith reixii-lerl |K>lLoe and seen by (hem in vhlch riders of bicycles and motor scoolcr.s l,a\'« failed to heed Ihe .ruffle IlKhl.s. '1'hey Hre letjuired la .slop fo]' Ihe red lights nx are drivers of liny nllirr ly|M> of vehicle. Chlof F>hort stiid. p'Lillme lo do so mak< k s Ihem liable io the same punLsii- inenl, be suld, l)y running red liKhls, Clilef Short pointed out. the biuyrh- nnd motor Hn 1 opi'i'uloi's nol only endanger tholi own li\'o. r . but also present lm?.urds thai endanger [ti'ivcr.s of othct vehicles who must attempt lo avoid (hern while drlvliiK "with" Ihe lights. '1'lils w;uiui)f[ apiiHi-.s to slopping for linlfir slKns as vwll as I lit- new slop llRlils. Chief Short said. Harvey Morris Asks Re-election Mississippi County Circuit Clerk Enters Democratic Primary lliu-vey Morris, tif niylhevillt 1 . rlr cult rlork and rx-nfllclo recordcr tllsclo.^rd lodny Ibiil he will bo ; cnncHdiilc 1 for rr-tied ton lit tl; Dcmoc-ruUc prlnmrlo.s to bf lirUI Mls,-,is,sii>pl county I his Suinn E''.iiiHrr Coutily Jncliti! nolnnd Grrci ,sr\ld he- would s^t-k rc-nlccllon 'Mr. Murrl.s Itxtny ^f\i^^ IhnL lin nskliiK rc-i'U'nllon <m his rcrort Convicts Battle Flood Waters In Mississippi had been invited. On thai basis thu I gross take here would be miuii. of JltfflO.OCfl thOrc bcmp JOI jj)uu'-5 *et. iJ,;Uiii LAO hot.t,uf 'Jor riighl. ^ Cabinet nietubers and juLhLi.s be'speaking'elsewhere In Uie nation. Sen. J. Howard McGralh oi Rhode Island, chairman ol the hope he " " ^ K* sud, that Henry IM the uiucrup- •<o l*^c*or 4AM Mt in ' dfeupt 'nortnftr"tCtrvUlrt of fmr-twtii IKiily systfini and iji Ln^ about, Llie chaos anrt eonlmion ol .spliiUer partic.s that has sent so many na- not be a Republican today, 'Lincoln believed in civil rlghUs," McOrath said and spoke .scornfully o^-lhe \ olalion of those riRh'^s b]r.j>.lbe Hepublican l»»rly In the S(Ktt4a nftti Lincoln's us,s.i.sMi)aLio'i HhH^«Hcr the Civil War. He did not titcntlon Die civil rights pm- grain recently submitted to Congress by Mr. Truman, Russions Brand JMcGrof/7 WarnsDfxieGovernors btlng ht-lU in Uie county Jii Two Motorists Penalized Aaron J. Smith forfeited a botiil of S3f).2.i in Municipal Court tliis morning when he foiled to appear to answer to a charge of driving while under the influence of liquor. James R. Perry pleaded guilty to a similar charge in court, yesterday and wa.s lined $40 nnd costs. Weather |r Coughlin Trial Witness Arrested in W. Memphis WEST MEMPHIS. Ark., Feb. 19. (UP!—A defense witness in the $10.000 libel suit against West Memphis publishers John G. and Paul E. Coughlin was nrrcstcd as he drove into Crittendcn County yesterday afternoon. John Atwell had testified (hat he was a poker dealer at a Wesit Memphis Rambling establishment, As he returned to his job as a watchman on the Harahan Bridge, he was arrested by a deputy sheriff and charged with gaming. A few minutes later, a riverside hotel was raided and two white men and a white woman were arrested. They were charged with Their hearing has been set for 10 a .m. Fr idn y Rt Ma rion, Atwell testified in the libel suit brought by the Crittcnden County sheriff that a part of nil money taken in was set aside to pay lav* enforcement officers to wink at the gninbtln?. Arkansas forecast: Partly cloudy today. Mostly cloudy with scattered .showers tonight and Friday- Con- sidcrJy colder Friday and in Northwest and ex t rem c Nor t h port ions tonight. Minimum tliis morning—54. Maximum yesterday—73. Sunset today—5:47. Sunrise tomorrow -6:41- Precipitation, 24 hours to 7 a.m., lodny—none. Total since Jan. 1-8.73. Mean temperature i, mid way between high and low>—63.5. Nornia 1 mean for Feb. W A This 1>alc Last Vcar Minimum this morning—24. Precipitation, Jan. 1 to this date —3.72. BERLIN, Feb. 19. tUP»—All available copies of the book "Siu-akiiu: Frankly" hy (miner American Secretary of States Jainr.s Byrnc.s have been seized in the Soviet sector of Berlin, the publishing house of Deutsche Verlag reported today. The copies, in pamphlet form, were prepared by the American mil i ta ry govern men t for dis t ribu- i tion to the Germans. American of- j les ficials said they were checking tlie report and would bring the matter j before thr- allied control council if ] the report was found to be true. I Ail copies of the hook also MEMPHIS, Term., nf the Democratic N:.: uncertain funs ttuit Truman's civil r ignis Hy l,i:O SOU OK A led Press Slalf Cur respondent l-'eb. J9. (U.P.f— Chninnan J. Howard McCirnlli iuiifil Committee let the South know today in there is liltlo i! any hone of altering President program. Fd). l ° McCirath said last uijjht ihr.t five Southern Kovcrnors who plan ;cc niin and olhrr paily leaders In Washtuytoii next week to pro- Mi. 'Human's act inn will ue making a useless trip. GREENWOOD. Miss.. UP)—The rich cotton nrowinx sec- Lions of the Ufllii were Imitulntcil by flood waters today ns 300 con- Is, nutlojinl ^11 a i its men and vol- nnlGcrA reinforced enrthen.- lr>vera SoutJl of hnre. U. S. Army En^ hirers reporifd thiil nbont 4)],(I[K) ncri's ol ouUy- lnn land were niuiuUttr'd. and Hint nn e.stiinntcd 7(W.OO;> nen-s »rc nx- pertcri to lie rovfK-d with w»lcr IhroiiRliout the Va/oo bnstn lietori! the end of the week. Tin! YIIWIO Ilivi-i 1 wa.s still willi-, In it.s banks one (out short of the -id-foot crt-sl predicted, lor.s of lour rivers—' Ynlntjou.slia, Yoconu und Cold ter—which converge Nonh of he 1 to (<>i in t lie Ya^oct wen- j unnin^, Nfi'jai sand in'i^fng el fort during ihe 48 hours held Uie rainpnK- inp waters from Ihl.s cl|y ot 15,- flOO. Danger points now nrc in towns South of here. House Committee Acts. To Extend Rent Control ordered confiscated Tuesday in the Soviet zone of Vienna. Austrian authorities quoted a Russian order as .saying thr l>oo - >t was "deli imrntal fo democracy and contained ami-Soviet propaganda. ' | Trash Fire Spreads Sparks from a nearby Irtish fire were Rucn a<; the cause 1 of a snirtll blaze in .scaffolding lumber vcster- day aftci nooti at the BL-LI Whil r residence on North Trtilh Street. S.;?:ht damage resulted lo the lumber. Firemen afc-.o extiiifiui-shed a j;ra.-iS firo at 614 South Lake yesterri.w afternoon. "I don't -sec whai ]nitpi>se ll^L 1 coin nut tee hcpe.s to acfinnphsh." McGraLh said in a telephone interview. were i McGrnth's pnxsitiun juovokcd im>\i\ members '>f :onuniuce ap- i;;o ;u rt South- Meteor Explodes Over Kansas Town Shattering Windows Over Wide tlie Kubei'natoriiL) pouiu-d two wei-k.s j crn j;oi.rrnorH confcri'iuc. Gov. Fu'klinK L Wn^lit of Mts- i sis.sijjpi, WJH) uii.iin.Ti'.ssjiilly tried ;.o j f;et nis lellow ^ovej j:oi s ro join 'him in a Southern revolt movement, ; Mii-.l McGi'atii'.s action "was i wh;it I expected.'' | Tor yuvci nor.s turned down I . Wight's \tli'\\ and in.sic:id approved i a 4U-(iny cooiin>; oil penudJ to give | the administration an opportunity i to pcr.->iKidc Air. Truman to .soften I his proposals to Conurcss for s-veep- • ing civil ngjHs Ic.sgi.slation. j ConnuilnKiils Alrrndy M:nlc j H:il. M:;Grath .said in elfccl that j tht'ie j.s not a chance: ot OIL: South- j President Truman ns he will on awny on a Caribbean trip. I3ul Mo Gnuh said he would meet the governors with nil coiirlrsy and trail in uny other party leader they tare to consult. U. of A. Alumni To Organize Blytheville Unit Plans for Unierslty of NORTON. Kan.. Feb. IP. iU.P.>,rlap. Wo had a cracked window —Authorities said today they be-' in our office ami the concussion licvcd a terrific explosion high in knorkcd out llic class." the sky over Kansas mphfc KrehbiPl said the nirtf or ar>was caused b>' meteor which blc\v, prxrcntly cxplcdcd dirrctly over ihc up when it eiHercd the earth's town of Norcatnr. Kan., 16 miles U.S. Revenue Department Sends Deputy to Missco 7"o Aid Income Taxpayers A zone deputy collector of the District of Arkansas Internal Revenue Service will be In O.sceola at Ihe Planters Ui\tik tomorrow tlirou- ph F'eb. 27 tn assist and taxpayer.-; In preparing income tax returns. The collector will be at the Internal Revenue office in the Lynch Building here Mar. 1 through Mar 15. atmosphere. Concussion from the blast windows, rocked buildings terrified residents over a section of Kansas, Nebraska Oklahoma. The meteor leH a annul bluish-while smoke ext across a ivkle scpmont of Ihr sky just before it exploded alrout 5:01 p. m. west of here. By estimating the, broke: angle from the earth to the point and ' of explosion, he decider) thai the wide meteor blew up about 30 to 35 and miles abme the rurth. j "H wa.s just, about the most ex£e ol rising tiling that Yuxpr^nni aromjiS •iKhng I here in a ]on^ time." he suit), "tivovybody in thr AVVA ran onl of (heir housc.s. They sUxirt around for hours lookinc at the long the formation o/ Arkansas Alumni Association in BlytheviHr are to be rliscusscd at a tneetiiiK of tormci University of Arkansas of Arkansas Students and member. 1 ; of tlu Chicka.sawbn Chapter of the Rn- xorback Boo.sler Chib in the Court House Monday nlRhl nl T o'clocfc it was announced today by J. I«o»h Cherry, president of Ihe Ra?.or- back Booster Club- Mr. Cherry .stated that Sam Sheffield of riiyeltevlllc. .secretary the U. of A. Alumni Assoclall athletic clrpnrttjicnt. .wil McGra'h said lurlliriiimrt it lrt i | be prc.sciU at Ihc mecUtiR to oicJ n "for the Prc.s)dcnt to back up on the formation of llic Ulytheviili association. No such urKnni'/,;\tfon hn ! em mission to WashniRton next [ \vcek accomplishing a ihmg in that "I cannot, muke any ciuinnif.mcnc fi>r tlic Deiuorrntic Party anil i cLilainly have no auLhoni.y to rnaks idcnt Truman," he said , j-vcrsltys No one appeared to have seen streak of smoke up there." the actual explosion. There was 1 The -smoke trail started over nn flash. | Nebraska to Uie north and ran The explosion terrified thousands j .southward. of people across t hp three-state! The meteor was f fit as far away area. Many believed their houses | as Buffalo. Okla.. 230 mile. 1 ; south bad been nil by Irucks. Dozens of of >ieio. mid Sharon Springs, K:i liis proposals now would be. political suicide." Mi. Truman advocated m " T1 ^ l>;<rk;!£,c Laws thai uoulU stboht, i poll 1^! x«'.s. rcinoit: .se^re^.ati< Ihr tfK'i'.s on nitei.-.t;itc truirirr i:i\'. federal am liunLirs jui HI 1;, ii' h r;<M'.v Cu>v. IJi n J.iu.ey ot Ark.u^ .nennu-r ul tin: ^ioup thai v, to Washm^lon Sunday, said "\\c don't, intend to le', our re-si in ihc hands of McGrath." Plan Strategy ('on fete nee GL>V. J Stioin Thuinumd of -Soutl; Ca:nJ,n^ -s?,id ihe Sou t he i tiers I \voiilii llieir hilly rfinll'/if." lio snid, "Hint U Ls nn office (if public trust, n, tl;nl the holder of the office IK srrviuil ol the people, nnd thai h is accountable I" tin* people for h conduct ns nn oftlclM. 'If re-clot-ted. f plednc myse iiiul my deputies to n conllnuitllon of nin coi^stniil ef tut t ki mulntnhi the hlRhrst. (te«ree of efficiency, courtesy aiul In hnnd- lli^K ihe nflalr.s of ihe office SfiU tlenienls with (lie county Irensurcr nnd Improvement cllslrlcts nnd other anencies to which money K ilue will be made promptly nnd In full." Glvrx Kull Tlmr to OffU'fi Mr. Morris .snld thnt he will continue his policy of d(!Yutiu(t his lull liin't: io the uffiiir.s of the office, nnd Llml hu- iiirrsnnnlly will iitlnit] all court M'.Hslons, win-tiler rustilnr «or ndlourned trun.s, iti encb of the two cllsl rlcis of the county and inrnt.s nnd ordei.i of thr cuttrl.s. Credit \vns nlven by Mr. Morris lo for the liniullltiK of Ihc office which Includes ri'rortllni; of deeds, moi'lnftfiN null otlu.-r l«:Kiil 1n,slriii]i(fnl«. "Tlicv liuve co-oiu'iaU'd with utc at nil liini'S," lie said, "anil liuve been (nithful untJ wHlhiK to K!VC tJje very liesl service In the performance of their duties. Tn -sccklnR rc-clctlon I nm soliciting suiiport on the record of sei vlcer, rendered hi tlie past." Mr. Morris I.s active In civic and rclklmis n f tuiis und K chidrman tif the Hoiinl <if Stewards of the First Methodist Church. Arkansans Move To Bolt Party Over Civil Rights Democratic Central Committee Members Act With Unanimity U'lTl.E ROCK, Ai-k.. Feb. !D. (U.T 1 .)— Tlie Arknnsttfl Dciiuici-nlic Central Commit- toe voted unanimously today to lioll the pnrty unless na- liiinnl Democratic officials revise thoir stand on anti- Soulheni legislation- I» » .vni>rlsc move here, the com- illlce voted to Irani ns a rcsotu- <m n iwtillon I>C|UK circulated In sdue l)y Nntlonnl Commlltec- i H. li. !iol]|n» of Cnmilcn en- orslnx Oov. Hen Lnncy's stmici IMMiflcnl TniniBll's civil AlU'r coiuniciulliiK the n'ovcrnof, In- resolution siild: "Unless the leadership of th* nny cnn IK |ircv«llrd upon to rco ' RHi?.p Hint tlie tinriltloii* nr»t fun- lilinent.i] |]rlncl|>lcs of tile pnrty iuis<:(.|i(l In Importnilcc llic supposed iwlltlcnl expediency of Ui» noiHcni. the,, It Ls time for us to nki! wlintrvcr effective action l.i n|>ei] to us lo withdraw mir support from them-" Drtiy Concerted Move WASHINGTON. Feb. 19. (UP) — No Southern Democrat In WnsfilnR- lon would admit lo<lny thnt H concerted move Is nfoot to boycott th« linrlyj Jcffej-son-Jackson day dinners tonight—hul a lot of Southerners aren't ROlng. Nntlotial Democratic Headquarters pooli-poohed reports thnt a nr niori' disgruntled south- crn Deinncrnl.1 had cancelled thflr rescrvallous tn protest Rgnlnst Pre.s- Ldpnt 'rruinnn'^ civil rlR%is proixi- sids, Neverthiess tt apixjnrccl ccr- tulu thnt at least Hint many prominent Southerners will be otherwlsa occupied tonight. Tnllnhalcliuv llis »1''t»'Hc.i ' nnd Colclwn-" | uHnlrs of th WASHINGTON, l-'cb in. (UPl— 1 hn flonsc Rules ConnnlUec lodny Rave Hie K'een llphl for the House .o consltliir next ut-ck n .slop-Ka|> i>lll extending present rent con- roJs for one month. Tlie present rent control luw ex- ilj'cs Feb. 29. The. .stop-nap House liH would extend Hint luw through Mnrrh ,11. Hut that date. Congress resuiiuiljly would decltii- wli:U It iiiil.s to do about a longer ex- 'I'lie Senate opens debalr tomorrow on a bill to e>:trnd rent control mull April 10. l!Mf>. with some modifications Srnate leaders \v;ml lo ^o ahead with Hie longer rxlen>,ion measure now. Hut if ;he Hou.^n refuses. Ihnre Is nothing Ihey cat! do except vote for the temporary bill. Tlie House Iliilcs Committee, which determines whaf bills arc brought before Ihr Mouse, also oka\t:tl for floor iietion a mna.sure lo rontinn,- Ihrouuli March 31 the wartime economic controls over such key materials as tin. antimony, fats and oils and rife. 'Hic-se powers alr,o expire Feb. 'J9. City Leases Warehouses At Air Base Seven warehouses and * refrigerated warehouse on the »Sr b«j« property recently acquired by- Ihn City of Blylhcville have been rented nnd will bring the city a total at S425 luir month for the next year, Mtiyor l K. R. Jackson 3:1 id today. The seven \vnrrhous*!.s were rented (u K. M. Rcxcnoirt, manager of the l.x'e Wdsoti intnresls at Armorcl, (or ojie yeiu- beginning lust Smithy, Kiurlt rented for $50 per month; The Two-StaU'.s Produce Co. of Rljthev!l!e was given a similar one- ytnr lease on the refrigerated bufid- ijiK for R $75 per month rental. The wan* Houses are located tilonaf tlie ntlhoiul spur in the Southwest sector ol Ihe uir property and arc 160 feet long by SO feet wide, Mayor Jackson also said the City Council tins approved leasing of the nir base gymnasium, theater and swimming |X>ol to Bill Godwin, V'bo will open the dyinna.slum a-'s a skat- Ing rink Saturday. Thf mayor met briefly with council members this morning to approve some maintenance work on Air buildings. Futures in Wheat And Corn Higher; Sales Are Slow CHICAGO, Feb. ID (lll'l— Wheat and emu futures tmulc KniPS on Ihc bonrd of trade tottay but lack of support held oat.s on the downside. Allcr an Initial rise. R lack of lurcc-vohmic buying support sent most fiiuues otf IKIIV. lUeir ri-.iy's and in many eases below yesterday's clove, but strength which developed hi wheat and corn brought tlie list back up. Hew Cold Wove Moves nto Northern States (By llnlicd Press) A mass of cold ftir ruslicd out of >anndn Soutbcnstwnrd across the tb Central ntnle.s to<iay, phnig- nx temperatures as much us 11 leu re PS In less than three hours. 'llic cold wave ended a four-day bnw and threatened once again lie critically short supply of fuel ill nnd pas. The Chicago Weather Bureau ,nld the new cold front wns "mov- IIK like a shot" and would engulf Minnesota, Montana, the Dakotas, A'yomlng. Iowa. Minnesota, Wiscon- iii] and the Northern sections of Nebraska and Illinois by late this afternoon. cs f. n- li. Chicago) opeti hlfcb lr>w Mar. May windows were shattered. "It sounded as though the gasoline stiHion a block away had blown said M. R. Krehbicl. editor of lha weekly Norton County News. "Afterwards there were a lot of little explosions. th« rumbl« alter 1IS miles Mjulluvcs!. other report been active in Ulytticvlllc. since; 1935, he said. Mr. Cherry slated lhat the nice! hip will be of particular interest to U. nf A. alumni and members of Uie IxHwtrr club bnl thai, the meeting u.111 hi- open Id anyone who wi.slies lo attend. 1'Hienls ol [lies- cut UnivcrMly of Arkansas .Sli>flents arc Invited to attend, Mr. Cherry said. Mr. Sheffield and Mr. Davis will a.islsi m the discussion of the plan?, Mr. Cherry staled, and II is nndci- stood that Mr. Davis will show a caucus Sunday to work out. t football film of one of the Hazor- Mralesy. Thru- mission lo I barks 1947 sanies. that case came from Dodnc lieloi! Solomon City, lirookville. l>rcs«-iu:« ol Salin'a Russell, Simlh'.s W;i.sliin:ilon will be bolstered by the | V'entller. Ulylheville al- Conrordia and O.sbonie, sll .solltll of here. Many airfields In the oniethinp like belief an big thunder-1 In flight. dispatched search planes vicinily in the airplane had exploded vend member.s of the ! lorncy. who was itcciilly ic]i't;atioli in Congics^. j led as ex-officto inctnber Othr-r members of Ihc commit- I board of directors of the Univcr- Ice ol goven.ors are Gov.s. Gregg sily Aininnl Association and Mrs. Elsajane Roy, secretary of the Chiekasawba Club will a.-'l«t Mr. C'.icrry ranging for the meeting. Cherry of North Carolina, Bcauford Jester of Texas and William Tuck or The group will nol jc.1 to see til Rnaorback Booster in ar- Circult Court today. A number of promineni Fastern Arkansas Planters Testify In Behalf of West Memphis Editors JONKSnORO. Ark.. Kcb. 19. i UP) i brouglit paper sarks onl lo Ills car —The SIO.OOO lll)Cl suit nfiain.sti A (ornior gambling hmisc dealer ,Jt)!in G. arid I'nul K- Couglilin, the , Jnlin Al.wMI. Icsllficd tlinl n pur <if West Meinplils Publishers j o( all Ihe money ho took In was went into tt.s thin! d:iy U] Cinlphcnd I p]:u-0(l in what he railed a "mil 1 box." lie siiul n "nut" 1* the express. Ka.slmi j '"" r " r I'i'V-"" phinlnll'in nwnris niul i llnlland U-slllifrt Unit l>c Vnrv l> liu-ll ilmlccl yr.sti'lilay lliat . nnlhlnj; at <)|H'il Kamblllie ill Ihi LXlitoiials in llic West Memphis rity and ilcnk'il lliat lie received an; News (lurins llic tieated political j pa.v-olf money. He denied that th campaign In 1516 Injured the rcpu-i Cnughlin brothers fallowed him I tallon of Sheriff Cecil V. Goodwin ' ' ' " '" Jl «-ho h]-oueht the suit. The militant publisher* It-stifled that they trailed West Memphis I'nlice Chief livid Holland for several days as he made llle rounds of; operating a name where 15 KatnhlinK holiM-s and picked up i hud been committed, what Ilir-y ilpstrllicd as his pay-j CharlcU.n Jerry, a TuiTrll plan lalion owner and churchman,! fled that the sheriff reinsert, to ral .several Negro gambling establish menu until he swore out-the war ranis. The gamblers were, arrested c-!, At olUer places, they testified, ! lie salrl, but were back in oncrntio Negro operator* of the houses j a short lims later. the places simply because he dl< nol BO to them. Later. Ihe police chief admillc< that Ihe first he knew of Ramblin was when a man was indicted fo mnrdc off numcy lo permit Rambling. They mentioned specific cases of Holland's BoinR Into a gambling house and coming out with bags In vhlch money Is customarily deliver- New York Cotton Mar. May July Oct. IX-c. open 3199 3229 3116 2951 2924 high low 1:30 3216 3182 3130 3213 3212 3221 3192 3156 S16S 2910 :940 2940 29« 2917 2917 New York Stocks 2 p.m. Slocks: A T and T Amer Tobacco AiiMoi\d!i Copper . . Ueth Stt'i'l Chrysler Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward . N Y Central . ...... Int Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum . .. StiiclebakN- Standard or N .1 . .. Texas Covp Packr.rd U S Steel 149 3-4 64 31 1-2 32 1-1 55 32 7-8 53 1-4 49 3-4 13 1-8 85 9 1-J 25 8 15 1-8 11 3-8 11 1-4 53 7-8 4 1-4 at 1-8 America vanks 10th among thfe ra:;ms ol Ihe world in public

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