The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1947
Page 4
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f AGE KOVJH BLYTHEVII.LK (AUK.) COUUIKK NEWS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBEU 12, 1047 Pop Powerhouse Pounces on Marked Tree Indians in Season Opener at Haley Field And Piles Up 50-0 Score Before 400 Fans "'., By GEORGE CLARK C'ouricr News Siwrls Kilitor : ..Sparked by the brilliant running of tlici:- alloniale captain "Hough" Lutes, the Hly- thevillc Junior Higli School Papooses opened their 1947 football schedule at Haley KicU! last nifrht, thrilling some '100 spectators \vi.h a 50 to 0 victory over the Mnrlccd Tree Junior Indians. Lutes, witnessing his first year as a member of the bac.Ufiold, personally accounted for-five of the Paps' eight touchdowns, two of them on 40yard jaunts. Loroy Priiitl, the-right halfback, crossed the double chalk line twice and lloborl Keid, Hie fullback, tatiied'once. * — Tile Pai>s. holding a weight and i , , i f , I I Attendance at Southern Loop Mobile New Orleans Nashville . . Chattanooga I/KAGUK (Playofl) W. L. Pel. 0 1.0 ;0 1 .00 J BASEBALL STANDINGS ^ Prinrft Yniinrtec* Mifrf A » *~ \A/:~\S* ars Sidelined by Upsets DfOllCa J OUngeSl nUrler tO Win /„ National Links Meet 20 in National League Season .OUJ AMKKICAN LEAGUK W I, .Pel. New York Bii &2 .K!J Boston 74 03 .5<M Detroit 14 (H .Wi; experience auvaniage over their opponents, completely rjutclaf.sed the Indians in every department. Handicapped by the lack of re- servi! 'l)b\ver. the Indians' defense buckled in the third quarter -allowing the Paps to score almost at Will.'. Pruitt scored the Paps first t'>vo touchdowns in the initial period, 'the first from the-19-yard line and U;e second from the 35. on off- tackle .slants. Neither conversion attempt- was good and the quarter ended with ssore reading 12 to 0. Blylhevlllc. • • " Second Period Scoreless Games Tops 2 Million Mark NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 12. (UP) — Eciitliern Association figures for tin? season just ended topped the 2,- OOO.COO in;uk easily, Lcayue President Charlie Hinth announced today. Official attendance figures released by the I.ongne offices here revealed thnl a rerord 2.180,344 [nn.s paid to see their favorites tlic 1841 Hag. Tlic lollll was 349.- 1C8 above last year's fisure, which Cleveland . Philadelphia Cliicnso Washington St. Louis ... ...09 ... 61 ...59 ...51 CS CO 71 Tlu Marked' Tree defense rtug; --- .- - -ill during-the second quarter, hold-! also wns a record. Huitn .said, the paps scoreless even though I F'V teams set turnstile ro 1113 the entire' period, with the exccp -! for themselves, with Atli.nta s filth- tion of]-two plays, was played theiv.- own territory. BlythcviVlc's apparent drive for pay dirt in that period was" stopped short by a pass interception by Dent, the Indians right-halfback, on the 11-yard lino. Dent' nnd Jack Brewer, the Ic'.l halfback, combined forces to move the tail to 31 but on the next play, i y -Jim D;cr. the Paps right end, hroitc ! through'the. Indians defense nndi nailed Brewer for a 13-yard loss place, often colorless Crackers drawing 401.584 Inns at 7i> home ijnme-s. Ncv.' Orleans »lsr> went over the 4M.OCC marl: and showed a yain of 10.005 aver last season's draw. Tiie filial Pel iipurc was 40P.03G. At- ;?nd rarcrt for ;\ touchdown From mid-way in the first rjr thf-ir- wns never any doubt. in tlic minds of the fan:, ns lo the out- cn the 11. Dent punted to Mel Hay eiuiic of tin 1 game as the Paps for- 011 the 45 where the half ended. | wn ,d «r,ll broXe through ^he In- Mirk?d Tree Threatens ; cllnrs Interference lo upset ijumer.iu:; __ ^ ... Mark-id Tree's o;ily real scoring p]jyr>. Ends J.»> Hcer ami Jnlln ' fimnes on an attcndancc-pcr-gainc threat came in the third period p.,,,; r.utchers-in end tp.ckio BHZIV ; n ;, cr[1 g ei lhc D j x | e t cams finislied j •• shortly after tiie opening Vick-olf. , \vunderiich were in their opponent's Jn l))c fo (iowiti!j order (number of Brewer intercepted Hay's pass to i-.nlr almost <:ons::i(Uiy nil die iinn; p ] 1O nic games Indicated In parcnllin- Hiuchcrecn onthcUI,vtheville49nnri ; u 1( .y were in tlif came. And the , esl lama's Bain over 19-1G was R.885. H- was Birmingham, however, V-hose I3ai'on.s could d;> no b?ttc;r than sixth in League stunilinus. that dax/.led the ticket counters The Karons drew ;)2:i,300 fans, or 105.480 more than they attracted in 194G. MoUle's jientiant-x'/inninj; bears pulled 237,^22 cusloiiiers, tnppini;. last reason's total by 100.260. Another club lo show ;i Kain was Nashville with 251,Ml! paid admissions and an increase of :(K.- tl.W. Little Uork's cellar leam nhow- j od :t bare gain of U98 fans over : ' last .st-ason. The Travelers won only i •01 t'ainrs but played to iM,. r >Ut)| fans. ! j Two teatiM finished in the rctl. | las far ?.?. cyiuparlsoiis i'. Ill) 1!M6 i |\v(-;it. lagged v-'ell In'hhiil i | wllli 23,819 less fans than tho j I Chicks entertained last year, while j T n n " | onattanoo^a's Lookouts, who arc now in the Slianjihncssy piuyo'f.s. felt G,G2ri bckiw their 191(5 coxint. Me:nphis played to '210,^15 fans, and Chiiunnoosu drew 202,97;!. Breakint: <iown lhc front office lirooklyn . .. SI. Louis lloston New York .. Cincinnati . Chicaso , .. Pittsburgh . Philadelphia NATIONAL LKAGUE W. I,. 8li 53 IS 77 71 .4:4 .431 .31.' Pet. .1519 ." #i .51 J ,521! .4fJ .441 .41') .4J! Yesterday" s Results sou'i'iiEitN' U:AGUE (Playoff) No games scheduled. AMERICAN I.KAGUK Clevelatid 10-3, Boston H-8. Detroit 1-5, New York 2-11. Cliicar.o 7, Phi adel]>hia 3. St. L'Jlii:; '2, Wa.'ii,itlgton 0. NATIONAL UCAOIIK PitlslJiiirfh -1-10. Boston 3-C. Cincinnati 3. New York 2. Ernc.klyn 1, St. Jjjirs .'i. Plnladflplna at Clac:ij;o. rain. ii v cv.iti, lijiiti.-{| I'r.-ss Spurts Wriler) Ni:\V YCRK, Kept. 12. (UP)— One si.-.'r L:I.'O the kid Wii.s just another ! a legion of .s:)re-armed pitchers, b -i ti-day riflin' Ralph Branca was thi' iiii', winner of the pennant bound Hiirklyn Dodgers and the youngest ln:ili-r in hall a century to win 20 .'::i!H.'.s MI one season in the National L(ii:;iK>. U:-:'.rifj!. a 21-yeir-o!d fireballer !ii);n Mcunl Vernon, N, Y,. achieved iii 1 , l)i;^ goal last tii^ht when ne tci!| f<i the Cardinals, 4 to 3 ftt St. Louis in what many folks regarded iri the ir.cst c.-ri'.lcal ijnnic of the eu- ir.i- niaior I'.'U^ue season. T!:c victory, achieved alter an up- l.ill li'-ht in which Cookie Lavagetto :.,i a bnsis lo:ided pinch single to u:.\c- in the wintiin:-.; tally in the , i !i;h ir-irti'iH, Itit ti-.e Dmlgevs 5-1 2 I'iimcs in tront of Si. Louis with • iiiy )") more to pL'.y. ] Tile O^d^ers now need to win only i:.' i'l'iK- KiimLs to clinch the Hag, l,vi,,.!i llvc'y cou'.d do even If the . Vidimus won all of their remaining i -'':. Today's Games SOIJTIIKItN' I.EAf.MIE (Shauijhncfsy Tlayoff) New Orleans at Nashville, night. Mobile at Chattanooga, night. went to t!:e 33 before being ohe:ked. A 15-yard penalty on the rext play ino'ed tiu- ball lo the Bl;thcvrtlc 15, 'and U;nt. sKirlcU end for two. Brcwor tried the other end but was thrown for a three yard loss to l!ie)lE, and two plays later. Lutes intercepted Brewer's pass to 'eU end Smith and s:a;np',-'rcd 56-yards to his; own 43 before being brought do 1 ciov.-n Iicld bleekiii;; of tlic Pops was a sreLU iiir.:rovement over that shov.n in the pre-icnson tvnhiinj. | Coach Fisher subslitutcd frequent- , !y in t!ic second half and the mem- ! t'ers of ti:e ss:cn.l s'.ring woik.-:l lucely on both ofiense and defense. 13ul this name could not be. clisrA- lied P.S a re:.l list '.or the Pups for the tndiuns were no match icr them. Atlanta (75» — 5,334: New Or- Irans ("7) — 5.195; Birmingham I71i _ 4.10D; Nashville nm ._ 3.307: Memphis <1G) — 3.240; Mobile mi — 3.082; Chattanooga (711 — 2.722; Little Rock (711 — 1.483. Seminoles Go NATIONAL I.KAPUK Mew Yoik at Cincinnati. Philadelphia at Chicago <2I. Brooklyn at St. I^ouis, niaht. Boston at Pittsburgh, niahl. AMKKICAN LEAGUE Detroit at New York. Cleveland at Bo.son. Chicago at Philadelphia, nifhl. St. Louis at Washington, night. Tennis Star Falters In West Coast Event il.s we Ml to work early ::-. i!!;irra s:urin^ tv.o runs cheaply i';i two s!iw,le.s, an ciror. a hit. bats:,;:>:. a v.,.ik i.ncl a double play In ,'.'.- .'-(TIIIIC! inninu mi;, J.ickie Rohinm: (ii;:i!i<n-ki:;l it ai 2-all in the :i!'|-! with a tv.o riiu homer. Johnny .!rj..c::s('n'.i double ;,nci Pete Raiser's :.:i"\-< pn' the Br.'oi;.s ahead in the : \-ra:ii !jjt tin- Cards came right 1..:. [< : ] tie i 1 . at :*-;$ en a homer by V.ii;:d iNi])|):.-i, the first ot !.,:• l;n: l:;i:Mi" i':ir«.er. Tliat left it to l..v,-avrtU), 0!:c ()t tin: "o'd pros" on :\M< l;i.-.l.'el's and lie cracked the ui,,\Y winch SL'i:t Irltj Harry (The irrchecn. Ce.rtlinal ace down tietcat. IV.UIM- CJets TMiiir Homers I'n'ir.a't ll'.(. only Elalpll r.-.i'.S'.c lj:a leaijiic headlines J'es- 1'J^y. R:*iph Kiner. .'icphoniorc ntar th(( Pittsburgh Pirates hit four .M:-,i.ri to tie Johnny II.ze at 47 for :!• iiiitjcjr league lead and equal two .: jjr League marks. Kiner had his i I'i'.y.: us the Pirates scored -I to and 13 to 8 trium])hs over the v.iu;.i ai Pltlsbtirsjli, thus beconiini; ".• ::;t!i inaj^:- league player to hit ;m- in a double header. liv ran Ins .string - r cr three straight .mies 10 s-.x homers, equalling a ).i:k set in 1938 by the late Tony ::-ji-n of the Ne'.v York Yankee.;. i:,{i- drove in s-jveti runs in the two ;;amcs tain thy mcst important. runs with three hits Including a three-run homer, his 27th of the year. Hal Ncwhouser of the Tigers fi- nahy beat rookie Prank Shea of the Yankees, 7 to 2 after three straight lickings at the hands of the younR star, but New York came baek to win the second game, 11 to 5 with a 16 hit charge that included Joe DiMagBlo's 19th Inmer, o double and single. Roy Cullenbine hit tlircc homers for the Tigers in the two games, while Eddie Lake, Pat Mullin and Doc Cramer also hit second game Detroit homers, The While Sox drubbed the Athletics, 1 to 3 at Philadelphia as Rudy York led the 15 hit attack with his 20th homer. All error by Johnny Sullivan, Senator shortstop, gave the Browns the unearned runs they needed to top the Nats 2 to 0 at Washington Sam Zoldak and Bob Muncrief collaborated in a Fix-hit shutout with Muncrief getting the victory after Zo'idak retired with sinus trouble after two innings. Philadelphia at Chicago in the National was rained out. DEL MONTE, Cal., Sept. 12. (UP) -Two surprised ncwcomeis In the top ranks of amateur golfdoin tangle with two veteran, but longshot stars today in tlic semifinals o! the National Amateur Golf Tournament. With every major amateur champion of any kind on the sidelines, the ac-liolc semi-final competition stacked up like this: Jack Se:i>y, ?8. Rye, N. Y., vs. Johnny Uawson, Hollywood, Cal, Felice Torza, Welhersfleld, Conn., vs. Skec Klcgel, Monterrey Park, Cal. That's not exactly a star-studded lineup because it leaves sitting on the sidelines sueh performers as Marvin CBud> Ward, who captured :his coveted crown In 1233 and agairi 1941; Dick Chapman, the 1940 titleholder; Frank Stralacl, former National Public Links Champion and Chuck Koc.iis, ex-National Intercollegiate King—a:! victims of stunning upsets in yesterday'.! play. Builder Raxes the Root — But on the Wrong House DETROIT. Sept. 12. (UP) — J. 1). Wilson was right when she heard noises that sounded like the roof was coming off of her house. She Investigated and found Contractor Robert Eclierlie and two workmen removing the roof. Schei- lie had the wrong house. He promised to replace the roof. Read Courier News Want Ads. Televising ot U. of A. Games a Possibility LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Sept. 12.— (UP)—The possibility of televising fttture University of Arkansas football games was revealed yesterday in incorporation matters forming the Razorback Networks, Inc. The organization filed articles with Secretary of State C. O_ Hall, listing 930 shares of no-par value stock. The firm was formed for the purpose of broadcasting Raz^rback games, and the articles mentions:! television as a possible function o! the firm. Resident Agent Beloit Taylor of i Little Rock said the number of stations to broadcast this Fall's games was still being worked out. Other incorporatoro were John F. Wells and Philip G. Back, both of Little Rock. Indja'r.s'ii first down un the nnd- fielS slvipi; and .three more plays neticKl ^tteirj :,onlj- tliree,yards aivd Lleiit piirttcS ''(olj-kJi.*:- Blythci'lllo I'D, no l-e'.uril';»'•- .'-' '•' Lutes ,brq)ce loose on another bril- 'if.iit Br&^W'fitld run all the way lo the. Iiiditns' 36. Rskl nil center lor - two- -yards whc-ie the quarter ended.' '• r- ' ;• Kutciiet^^n tpo;^ Hay's pars on the 19 gotog.all ihe way to !lic three. Lutrs^-hTtr renter to .-score but the plaj ira;4 "nttlll71f!''4"'by nn off-sidj penalty against the Paps, and Lules hitlcenjjjr ^galn.Qn the next play . lo iporo. 'Hay's pass lo Deer for conversion was knocked clown and B'ythevi!le led 2k to 0. - Indians' Defense Fails li) tiie final period the Marked Tree defense completely collapsed and Lutes and Reici ran wild. '1113 Pajs scared Io\ir mere times in Ihe filial period and completed two conversion altempU. On the final play of the frame, LuEes intercepted Dent's pats on the Marked Tree 4i yard line i'l-st. rsUhe bvzz^r ou the clock of the new scoreiroard sounried ending the Lutes H. U Brewer R. Reid F. B AUair Subslilutions: B'.ythcvillo — Knid. Oriffin, Mac Hay. Criner .Dcyd, Ccb'j, Richardson, v Craig ' VVtbb, Dozier. Marked Tree; Russell. !.i:'l. 'McC.uug, Bcarbrougli, and ] Henry. nr.tchdowns, L'.itc 1 ; 5, Prnitt 2. K. Reid 1. txtra pr.lnts, Mell Hay, and Ma= .core by Quarters: Elythcville 12 Matked Tree 0 at the hlsli school alhclclic field hero lanighl. Kickoff lime ib 8 o'clock. i The Scminole.s xvonnd up Iheir three-week training period in good ! shape tills week and Coach Boyce i l>ior.annced ainn reatiy tor aclion. The Krtninoies' i-ostej - contains the names of only IB candidates but the majority of these is experienced and a number of them i arc leltcrmen from last year's' squad. Coach Boyce staled lhat wmlc Jim Drink of."'.' Seattle, a virtual unknown, made the world's No. 1 player look like just another guy named Jack. Obviously worried alter losing the I starting lineup would be as follows: ' cyfelt. fullback. H. Griffin, lell em); I). Pender- grasl, left tackle: W. ITawtliornc, Vallv l<-ft guard; D. Kersey, center; C. Langston, right guard; 13. Barber. i right tackle; J. L. Walker, right ! end; 13. Kelt-, quarterback; J. Shail| cyteU. Islt half back. C. McKnr- hLs, latul, right halfback; and. E. Snan- ti and -sc'Jicd tlic marginal run :,;'.v; pitcher Ken Raffens- bvri .-i 1 '.- iir-li <1 him in. Ur:(t -S<:x Split \\ilh Indians '"' 1 h" Hcti Sox diviclf-d a double bill with the Indians at 'Boston, winning 8 (o H v.Ks! a live run third inning li.c live innir.g nightcap after il-.r Incii.m.s loo:: the opener, 10 to !; as J.e Gordon drove in six second M - . ha-ln'l mi: pulled (,ut tor\'. Kramer blew shots he <-'*\ in years but finally a G-l, 3-S. 9-7,7-5 vic- Reconditioned Motors for Sale ALL GOOD MOTORS! Recently reconditioned hi our shop, using latest factory methods. Come in 1-30 H. P. to I'/i H. P. These motors will do the job. See them today! Medlin & Lane Electric Company 129 So. First Phone 21 SO 'IT 03 !- -J All Acclaim FARMALL The Tractor that does the job! Owners throughout Mississippi County and Southeast Missouri attest the fine service given by their FARMALL tractors. 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