The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 12, 1947
Page 3
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"FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 19-17 Carufhersville Plans Big Fair Event is Scheduled October 1 to 5 for Pemiscot Citizens CARUTHEHSVILLE. Mo.. Kept. 12. .., —Flans are rapidly inking form wants u cracker". Inn this bird only BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURffin NEWS Parrot on S. Franklin Hums Stardust National Gimrri And Warns Interviewer of 'Bad Cold' n "* X• Recruit Dnye Starts Tuesday tor the Hth annual American : r .e- gion Pair lo be IHd here October 1-5. it was announced tndav by James T. Ahcrn. prcstdeni of Uie fair's board of directors. Wednesday, Oct. 1st. will be Children's Day, with all school children of this entire section admitted .~rec, and the mile-long carnival ;iiidway will olfer special attractions, with all rides and show.s to be reduced lo the nominal foe ol nine cents. Thursday, is farm Bureau Day, will! HvesUK'k and <jroui> agricultural exhibits judged this dale. Cash pri- X"s are being offered in various swine and blooded cattle classes, and :ilso lor group agricultural exhibits. Quite a number of 4-H Clubs and Future Farmers or America groups have advised the J- L .iir Board they will have group exhibits entered. -- Friday has been designated as Governor's Day, and Gov. Phil'M. Donnelly is lo head the district, slate and national dignitaries wno will be special guests. Saturday is Home-coming day— an annual Fair-time custom of residents and former residents of this area. To them, this date is annual entertainment. Fall, home-coming, nnd happy days, all rolled into one. Sunday, the closing date of the Fair, is Visitor's Day, with a full al- teruoon's running horse race program planned, to give out-of-county and out-of-state visitors an exciting program of rices, free grandstand nets, and midway attractions. Considerable improvement has been completed for the 19-17 Fair, Mr. Alicrn stated, including :\ new S10.003 concrete block and steel exhibit building, 'and n new $5,003 concrete block and si eel stable. Tnc exhibit building is approximately VU by 170 Icct, and Ihe new slable will add stall space for about 35 additional head of racing stock, bringing total stall accommodations to lia head of stock. cactus plant will take root and Whistling for the dog, makitiK like u dlve-bombci 1 , and humming parts of Hoaey CarMichacl's. Star- dus; are only a rev. o; ,nc accom- pIMiisient.s of "" Hie versatile Mtxk-nn Yellowhe.ul parrot owned by the A. N. Cliftous, who reside on South Franklin Street. Some parrots' vo:abulary may not cx'.end In-yoncl Ihe stereotyped "Polly resorts to such commonplace clmtier when actually liungry. Polly used to run the Clifton's doa batty with her shrill whistle and then. "Here pup." Her dive- bcmbina is really very harmless as it's only a swooping motion with the head taught her uy one of the Cilftous' Iriends. lloagy Carmichael would have something lo think about If he could hear Polly hum, in perfect, Mine, parts of his "Stardust." Polly crys. jus-. ;.ne a baby, when her feelings have been hurl nnd only Mrs. Clifton can soothe the pain, generally by scratching the leavned bird's head. Although slv: habitually plays with a pencil, Polly is not much .it figures. She counts ' four-fiveioiglit" .followed by nn enthused "O'lioy." Translation Garbled '. Probably the four-flve-eight ii the garbled translation of "Pieces- of Eight" handed down by Polly's, ancient predecessor who made fie-' tioii history on the shoulder of the notorious Long John Silver. ' ' At any rate, Polly manages to keep pace wit:i the mooorn world and every lime the Clifton's telephone rings gives out with "hello" or •'mama" as if to call Mrs. Clifton from another part of the house. Thr: parrot has heard someone piny Ihe trumpet and lets out frequent blasts that would do credit to Harry James. Right now Polly has a cold and siic didn't hesitate lo toll this rer porter about it before the interview had progressed very lar. She didn't have to apologize though, for her diciion wns very clear and precise. "Polly's gol o cold," she offered, and- il you've never imen"lewed a par-' rot you wouldn't evaciiy appreciate, how the reporter lelt, especially, when her next tuougiv, was "Helio; Popeye." When Polly was only eight montlis- old she was purchased from u St.. Louis pet shop by Mrs. Clifton's mother, ?. resident ol Bernie, 'Mo, 1 Last February Polly became, the petj grow again after having been hung' ol Nina Ruth Clifton, ill) in dry air for. six years. The parrot will be 25 who next is 13. April, AKERY Mrs. Clifton said. Suffers Lapse ill Alfiuory Once during the interview,' 'Polly seemed to hnve a lapse of memory nnd said, "Get up Mrs. Smith, it's four o'clock."Mrs. Smith was Mrs. Clifton's mother. Then cocking hothead lo one side as if in pleasant reverie followed with "tlello, Annie. Hello, Mrs. Smith." Tvidcntly Polly hasn't forgotten her 2-i-yeai relationship with'Mrs. Annie Smith. Now 'Mrs. Gill ton is the blvu'r, revered mistress, even though it belongs to her daughter, she's llic only person who can handle it. Po'.ly waf:hos her mistress prepare most of the in'ctils and no doubt drops a few cooking hints here and there. Incidentally the parrot's menu con- lists of warm sweetened coffee, u. piece of buttered cracker. i\nd one piece of bacon for breakfast. For lunch, one piece of boiled egg with boiled potato. She eals her regular parrot food for the evening meal. This is the diet that Polly probably will follow for the next 75 years, because, according lo science. Ibis particular specie of parrot is supposed to live to be u hundred. -Mrs. Clifton says. "If Polly does die be-loic 1 do, I'm going to take her back to Bcrnle and bury her beside my mother, because she loved the bird as if it were one of the family. 1 ' 1 Regardless of when Polly dies some one will probably see to it that Mrs. Clifton's'wish is carried out. Thus, a parrot has talked its' -way into the hearts of first, the Smith family, and now. the Clifton family. -And probably its' youthful owii^rs' children, yes, and her chil- drens' children will listen to Polly call their dogs and by then, perhaps, ;eveh .hum their favorite tunes. PAGE THRBB Trades Text Books for Hot Dogs to Give the Family a Treat Devil's Food Cake Thick, "2-iayer Cake covered in Creamy Devil's Food Frosting 69c '•CaruthersYille Youth 'Center Plans Programs CARUTHERSVILiE, Mo., Sept. 12..— The Youth Center Committee yesterday announced the Fall and Winter programs lor the Center here, and listed, activity nights to be Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The committee is composed of Mrs. L. H. Scluilt, Mrs. p. w. Colemari, Mrs. J. H, Hutchison Miss Kathryn Taylor and Mrs. J. I! Parrar. The committee commended the city council for the recent cmTcA luw it passed, requiring all teenagers 16 and younger to be off the streets and out of public places b.\ 10 o'clock ertch night. ON SALE SATURDAY ONLY! Telephone Your Order — Dial 2073 HART'S BAKERY 1.1TTI.1.; ROCK. Ark,, Sept. 13.—' (DPI—A trip to Washington, a visit, witli President Truman and a llok- to the Anny-N'avy football game nit the Arkansas National Guards- maii who leads the Mate in remiil- ncw members during I lie next two montli.s. Tin- prlz.'s were listed (oclny uy I'ltf. Gen. H. L. Mc-Alisler, Alain adjutant, us he annjunced Hie opening ol an ull-onl iwmlllng drive (or al Icest 975 new milkmnl guard members before 'Nov. 10. The drive will .start Tne.sduy along wilh .similar campaigns in other states In an effort to raise 38,m gumdsmcii from coast tu ;-uas(. President Tni- iiiul Clov, BUI L-iney nave dcslfjrut- ed Tne.sduy us Nntiuiiul Oimrd day. At present. Arkansas ranks third in percentage of a'lowcd stren-uii already cnllsled with 2.3-17 members us of July 31. Authorized slrenjuii ol both air and ground units in H" 1 slate is 7,450 men. Only Alabama and Oklahoma Imvir n higher peiventat;^ of enUstiiiciil.s. .McAllslcr said dial Individual quotas have been assigned to all Arkansas nnit.s and emphasised that "our slate goal must be attaiiied." He direeled that unit cumiimmler.s seleel their junior nrilcers and l:-jy enlisted personnel lo work '.out campaign plans. H is expected thai each null will have Its latrst equi|>- ment on display at least once during Ihe campaign and probably will have open house at drills. Tlic enlistment n[;e \vns lowered recently to 17 years, n fuel expected to aid recruitment us the younger Inds renli/.e (hat. by joining the National Guard they can escape universal military training ir a should be authorised by congress. MeAlister said thai a major prize wll] be awarded the champion recruiter, un enlisted man. In addition to the visit with President Truman, the prize also includes n llnnei- with Mnj. Clen. Kenneth P. amor, chief of Ihe National Guard Bureau. The pr)ze Mill be awarded ,n the basis of poinUs with each nan being allotted one point for 'aeh new or renewed recruitment. The adjutant, nlso will give a \my.K lo Ihe individual run- 1 icr-up and to the unil he Icels ins done the most effective work. While no unit in Arkansas Is now nt complete strength, llic itini-d's air arm, the 154th Fighter jroup under Lieut. Co. Timothy Shea of I.iUlc Rock, is expected lo •each tn;/ie or organisation strength shortly after the opening of the campaign, shea already has re- lorted that ICO men arc expected lo join his enlisted ranks after Tuesday. Bid on Bridge Near Memphis Called High MKMPHI8. Tcnn.. Kepi. 12. UP) — 'I lie lov.'ist bid for coi.slnicllon of :lie steel .supcrsli-ucturc of the ne:w Miv;ts> i]jpi River birdxe here to- lalli'd $4.q;r),8«5. Ihe Arkansas and Memphis Highway Commission »n- Jimmecd yesterdny. 'I'lie cnimnl.sMlon \vn:j schi'rtulcd tn me', I iiKain later to dliicuss Ihe bid. * I :M,i.CiS't) hl;;her Ulan one two ycai'rf ai:n. b'-ciiih-e 11 was loo high. 'I lie Imv bid was made by Harris si run in-ill Steel Co., Inc., New Courier News Want. Ads Clinton M. (.iiilbrullh. lunh school Olnitellville, Mlelilisan, liiuls that clnriiii: the .summer by working ii Miehii'.an. iNKA TelcphoU;. I Arkansas Amycts to Oder World Peace Suggestion M'lTLK KOCK. Ark.. Kept. 12. IU1') — Tin-'Little Hock delegation lo the American Volernus of World War II slate convention, which got. underway In Fort Smith loday. Is expected t» offer a plan for world peace. The pi,,,, suggests an Interchange of war veterans In America with those in foreign countries, (or the purpose of better understanding nnd perhaps helping to solve each others' problems. The proposal i.s similar to the cx- obmiKe of students proposed by Arkansas son. J. W. Pulbrlght. The c-iipitol city Ainvels atso are expected to mijc Hint Hie organization sponsor a cotislltntionnl a- mcndmcm lowering the voting age In Arkansas to lil years. Instead of the present 'Jl, Senator Kulljrlglil Is lo be the Jjrincipal speaker nl the convention. Ills address 1ms been scheduled for Saturday night. '.t. Harry Hopkins' Widow To Marry Socialite . NEW YORK, Sept. 12. (UP)—Mrs. Louise Giil Macy Hopkins, widow of Harry Ho]:kins. and Geoffrey BRISTLECOMB U-m-m Good! ICE COLD WATERMELON Cold 2 l-2c Lb. Hot 50c ea. up ELYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET ISO 10. Main . Phone ,07,1 Rog. $3.25 Special Sept-. Price C. C. Eldndge Blythevillc Phone 4496 Cattle Rustler Trailed MORRIL.TON, Ark.. Sept. 12. 'UP) — Police today were believe.'! to be closing in on 18 year old J. C.' Standridge, confessed c'UM' rustler, who escaped from a Clinton jail earlier this week. Stnndridge was last seen just out-side Morrilton, but lie escaped arrest. The search is being personally-directed by state Police Director Jack Porter. Fort Smith Man Killed FORT SMITH, Ark., Sept.. 12. <UP> — Funeral services were being planned today for McP'nyette Mcadovs of Porl Smith, who \vas Alttecl instantly yesterday In an automobile accident near Jllufrton in Yell County. Meadors' crushed body and de^ . .: ,,• . , ' "',, I moltshed cat 1 wci'c found on High- Gates. New York .soc.ahte. will be Wil> , 2R , , lwo c . r(lTOllv Avk ,„,.„ married_ today. Mis, Gertrude Macy. llft ' c ,. „„»„„,. lllul fol ,V rt ,' OK ", 1C ,,' O ! s!SL«r of Mrs. Hopkins, .said ycster- | t |«t c „ curve an<l crashed into a , J : I steel railing. Flic marriage will take place at ! Meador.s Ls survived bv lwo sls- thc home, ot Mrs. Hopkins' sister |,. rs Evil nn( | Mil ,. i( .. M o . l( | ()rs o f and brolhei-.n-law. Mr. and Mrs. , Little Hock, and his widow, who Ludmgton. in Ardmore. Pn. lives in Tori Smith Gate.s is director ol the Parson, | ' School of Design in New York. 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