The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1948 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1948
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams BLYTHKVTLLK (ARK.) COUR1HR NKWS FUHS WHAT KIND Of- FUN? A GUY MUST HAVE EGEW SIMPLE- MIWPCD TO HAVE FUN AROUND A HOLLOW SHELL LIKB THAT/ WE HAP TO MAKE OUR OWN FUM--we DIDtJ'T HAVt EVERV- THING XAADE FOR US" WE HAD TO THINK/ 1 BQRN THIRTY YEARS TOO Our Boarding House with tyaj. Hooplel PAGE THIRTEEN E.GAD.' THIS PLACE CERTWMUV COULD 66 IMPROVED VJVTK EASY CHAIRS AMD A 6HELF OP SOLID UTeRWORE/— - BOOSTING ONi TV4\c> MARBLE-LIKE COULD A TRANSGRESSOR Bt FOR trtisiKi^G ej7^ WELL UP M&fJ CGIM.ESf'/-l (ITS COLDER AR& Tl4eS& .32 CAUSE.I EID6ES//-—L6TS GET ORGANIZED AMD CM.L CPlhi PRODUCE A UHOUGWT& VJUIL.& STROLLING CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING ilL'drooni kitchen pnvi leges. Automatic not water. 2j| E. Davis. Phone 3160. 2;l3'i>K-20 Nicely furnished bed too in close In. kitchen privileges. 218 E. Davis. 2,IB-pk-?L Comfortable bedroom for re [it, I 267S. Irl3-ck OFFICE By Adelaide Humphries e ky AJ.Iaid. H.n.i*,, lr.t,.,J b, NtA StUVICf. IMC rronl bedroom, close In. ConMAilt Hot w«ier. Phont 306J. 3:l»-px-31 to Warehouse in good condition. Approximately 10,000 square feet of space wanted by Montgomery Ward and Co. Call 591, Mr. Lashbrook. 2-16-ck-19 Wanted to Buy Local & Long Distance Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any Place Buck Meharg 401 E. Main St. Phones: Day 4677 Night 2986 Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any MM T. L MABRY 423 MISSOURI ST. PH. XXVII ""7V1KRCIKUL hetivcnsL" Miss , Willows ^asjjcd. The cloc- • lor'i ortice, in nil her long years i of loyal service, had never been I held up before. "Oh!" Beity Jane groaned and i caught hold of her patient, but It Jwis the young nurse, and not the i patient, who crumpled to the floor lin H dead faint. Dr. Holbrook started to step forward—then stopped. He was not Booking at the man who held the Ipistol; his eyes were focused on ; Janice. "Don't anyone move," the man said, as a holdup man should. Only this one did not look at anyone .except Janice Hilary. As a matter of fact, everyone in the room, or in the doorwayi leading to the room, was looking at Janice. If she was awara of this Janice .did not show it. She did not seem the least afraid or thrilled or as though she might keel over. She took a step toward the man with the gun. "What do you want?* 1 Her voice sounded perfectly nntural. She might have been addressing patient who had just entered the office. "You know what I want," the man said in a menacing growl, taking a step toward her. "But she is no longer with us," Janice said. Her tone now was the reasonable, reassuring one a nurse would use with a patient who had gotten out of hand. "You know that she left some time ago.' • * • 7VJISS WILLOWS thought, Janice - 1 is behaving foolishly—and bravely. She also thought that it would be buttt-t' if II were the loclor who wiis taking command i>f (he situation^ even if his ofllce use did usually run everything. "II isn't Lilecn I want to see," ;he man with the revolver said. tils voice was as cold and full of steel IK the thing he held. "It's you." The menace had turned into threat, Hip eyes were wild and full of hatred. "What do you want to see me about?" Janice asked. She spoke in the same cool, courteous tone. She even took another step toward him, perhaps lo show him that she was not afraid, and so make him come to his senses. Or perhaps—who knew?—to protect all of those others, and mainly the doctor, whom she not only loved but who might b« the one in gravest danger. "Just this!" The two short words were followed by two s(:ic- calo shots. The man turned and disappeared through the doorway swiftly and dramatically as he had entered. "Janice!" This cry came from Dr. Holbrook. He moved into the room toward Janice, who now leaned against Ihe desk, having fallen back those few brave steps she had taken forward. "Are you hurt?" That was a useless question Anyone, doctor or not, could .see that she was. The hand pressing against her side could not prevcn the white blouse of her uniform from slowly turning to a deep red • • * ATISS WILLOWS came quickly from 'around tier and pu a firm arm around Janico's slender waist. "Of course slit's hurl!" she napped—Miss Willows who had icvor snapped at Dr. Holbrnok, \cr idiot, before. "Do something. }on't Just stand (here." She turned on Miss Susie Fox md Mrs, Smylhv-Sniith. "One of 'on Indies get <;omo cold Wiiti'i- and hrow it in Hetty June's fuce. We'll iced her lii'lp. too. A fine time for \ nurse lo faint." ». ftnc Ui\ie, she might have idded, for a doctor to give in to hit icrsonul feelings. For Dr. Holbrook still behaved like a man in stupor. He inised one hand to show Miss Willowi—or anyont who cared to look—that It wan trembling like Uie motor of an old model T Ford. "I—you'd better send for Dr. Richards." he said, his voice irembling, loo. He sank down in (he chair Miss Willows had vacated and covered his face with iis bands. Meanwhile, Miss Susie Fox hntl come b.u-k \vilh the water. Miss Willows took it from her, and instead of tossing it in Betty Jane't face-—Betty Jane had opened her eyes and was struggling to sit up —she throw it on the doctor. Afterwards, M i.s.s Willows could not believe thai she had done such a thing. To Dr. Holbrook himself I But then, afterwards, the doctor could not believe that had lost control of his nerve* for a few minutes. Betty Jane could not believe that she had fainted. And the only explanation she could give was that she had not slept th< night before. But perhaps the most unbelieving of them all was Janice herself when she woke up nti the day she was supposed to have flown to Mexico lo find herself in a hospital. The unforeseen, as Miss Willows had fot L^L-uii, had indeed come to pass. (Tg Be Continued) Delinted Cotton Seed (Actual Six*) tf .. 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By FRED BARMAN Ume KfvEK's fosse TAxffpoHM RMSO TO AlWAVS WE HUM foKHlrt.' f\E CrtANYTE NO-MlrtG TO PD (JUT KEEP SEARCHING/ FIREFLY FOR f\W MOOrtS WE SEEK t** PAVEFACE KMR, FRiENO BOILIMG rvAD AND VIE SEVER Yeuovo sW •TILL You REORYPER: WHAKTH RXJW miWOO COIL WS HANDS WITH TK" MJRDEH Of »s LOWBORN ?/ ARK YDONUU YJL1 A.CT DAMS <SStEOV HA\V£> AN' TAX6 OH fUCH A LOAD YOU CAN'T PERFORM DUTIES: rOONT WANT HI TtUNSTWC DO YOU BOOTS AND HICK Itl'DDIKS By EDGAR MARTIN & SO 6OOQ voo Now a\_o AKSO . WW •• WX. '. TVViT 'S FOR WV»itR S r-v—' -,„ -Z_—KV

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