The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1948
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1948 BLYTHEVTLLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEW8 PAGE i ELHVBM 1 DELICIOUS 1 WAFFLES 1 Are Always In 1 Sciisoul • TRY THEM AT THE 1 Nickel Stand H Mn. Jack Sr.llba • 10} \V»t Mnln Street "Buy Yours" Rt City Drug Co. 101 Kast Main SI. Name Brandt • LIQUORS and • WINES t_ — First National Insurance Agency FOR COMI'LKTK PROTECTION Phone 2311 108 North 2nd St. RILL WILSON CHARLES BITTNER ,'' £••••' "Aff, ••••:.•':'$<•<.*' BEN WHITE & SONS These Three Make a Crowd Blood Research toy Tell Secrets Science Has Only Scratched Surface In Plasma Studies By l>oughis I^trsen (NKA Stuff rorresiiomlpiiO WASHINGTON, (NEA> — Within ordinary human blooci lies ;r«itc.sL hop e (or future developments of nc\v medicine. prominent U S. doctors and scientist.* believe cxiK'its even sny Ufa I present-day re.seArch In the field ol blood might be on the truck of uncovering the secret of life itself men agree that blew research since the war with surplus plasma has been one of the most fruitful programs In the whole field ol medicine. Having admittedly only scratched the surface in discovering uses fo the by-products of blood, scientist In the last few yours have already produced valuable new I real ment for measles, anemia, kidney liver dLsciusps, shock, hemopliclii burns and ulcerous wounds. An they hn\'p tnven smuenns new tool for" braiii and other dangerous op ^The'TiM n[ developments worker ™»«-H'<| IXS26.242 pinU of blooci , ,,c In the Wood flrlrt hope ,o he able I <™». ^ ^ ^^«cW«von^ut j fqiinled in previous (eep Heart* Oft Trees, Expert Warns Lovers KKNT O, (UP)-rXm'b wear your icnrt on u Irw. That in oftect, U lh« St. Valon- ine's D(\y wai'iilng Bounded to lov- M'S who miftht be templod lo cairn .heir symbol of mutylng affection m liees, puttlculnrly (ho »moolh- wrkod hcech. I). Q. Orovo, chief field Mipev- visnr o( I ho Duvey Tree iOxsiiTl Co., [I deep vnrvinK Interferes with (ho circulation of snp in Urn tree. It Is sotclotn filial, but con prove rmnniul, f.ipMully if lo<> many Koine as operate on the .siune Ueo. You are talking nt a oncf-ln-M.OOO.noo linppfnliiK. Tbrae new-lion triplets \vere the .second threesome Uom lo Mrs. Miuynrct Wnlker, 40 of Syracuse. N. Y. The two gu'l» «"<t n Ixiy »tve the Wnlkcrs nine children. Tlie other trt)>lot« ivre now 4 years old. They live In n fniir- bedroom house on lather MldlRel Wnlker'R $50 a week. NUIM'K 1.. OUranun. B. S'.niunn ami Mary Blimp exhibit, die triplet,-., which weighed n l-a iKiimrls m, lilrth. —INKA r !Virph<iio.» Friendly Movie Theatre Obliges Lost Child SRA'lTljK (UP) -.. Probably the ItU'ntUii'.st movii' thenlei 1 In town Is the ono In t)u< Seattle Art Museum. A picture wii.s botny; .shown, A.s an oxi'Ulns mnmi'iU iiimroai'tu-d, (l\e niuvh- wti.s lialteil niul HuhMi \VCIH on. Kv'niyoni' ttuniuhl (he Him iiarl broki'ii, bill It turned out a mull child hail wondered from innu' "She was found unil tho nuivlc conlumeil. Smoke* l'i efrrrrd - , .MAIN. OFFICE—NORTH TENTH ' ' Soy Beans Cleaned Don't platil S'rass and \vecil seeit wifli your .soybeans. Our new cleaner removes all obim \ious seed, lief ore Inivin? your seed li c:n is cleaned cm in 1 by und sec our new inuilern cleaner. Brhip your beitns lo be cleaned at your convenience. Doyle Henderson Soybean Co. highway 61 South Old American Legion Airport Phone 28HO CALL 4627 For Lower Cost Insurance • HOME • AUTO • BUSINESS Arkansas Mutual Agency W. I/. Tamke, Mgr. Isaacs Bltlg., Blytheville, Ark to announce soon i.s much more Impressive, 'llio.sp Include revolutionary treatments for infantile paralysis nnrt inlertUtti* Jaundice Work is well alrniR on n scrum which would control mump.'? with its danger of sterilisation when contracted by adults. A substance from blood Is beinp developed which It \K hoped will Rive an Immediate and exact test for syphilis, KeporU Encouraging There are encouraging reports thfit a chemical might be discovered from blood which would prevent ciu-mia In pregnancy, highly dangerous to muther and child. It would make it possible for iron and fat rnolfculcs to combine and be asMnillaled by (he body. Trent• men Us for malnutrition and aids in j plastic surgery are two more possibilities from blood derivatives. i j The cautious group i scientists who are doing this research are re.- ' JucLant to reveal even what they : are working on until they can ! announce positive re.snlLs. Many .special projecting involving the byproducts of blond are under way which they won't discuss at all, • Tile work to produce scrums with: which to fight communicable rii- I sense holds the greatest promise ' for the future. j Behind the tremendous activity which has been going on in this field are move than 1,500.000 pints of -surplus dry plasma which the Red Cross has given free to hospitals throughout the nation for direct aid to patients, and for research work During the war, the Red Cross 10 Ford Tractors Complete Wifli Equipment MORE EQUIPMENT ARRIVING DAILY! . See or Call Douglas Lnwson at Russell Phillips Tractor Co. South Highway fit Phone 2171 niiidp never before warfare," The surplus phtsma glvcti lo the? researchers under the Blocxl and Blood Derivatives Committee o[ the American Red Cross Advisory Board oti HeiOth Services hns'been vital In their accomplishments so far. To keep tin's Important (iclcl of resarch open nnd to keep Americans .supplied with the great current direct need (or. blood, the Aiuei ii'an Rf<i Cross has launched Its national blood drive. CnlliM'ilon Cenlem Opened The first blooci collect Ian centers were recently opencil at Rochester, N. Y.. and Wichita, Kan.s. .Soon such renters will Uc opened in Washington. UHllsvllIc, Atlanta, and Stockton, Calif. The Roal Is to be colEecUiiK 3,700,000 UonatLons of a pint cfith. per year. The use of whole blood and pins- ma has Ixrome so standard In Renera I medical work since the wnr id (he \T)lunlecrn, In Dlslilhiilc tci Mnspllals nioot! will tin (ilMrlbuled to Liwnl I haspitixl.s tor as \\ holo blood, i A.% collect Inns, some ulll ; be shipppil lo rotntnerclnl ln\xu H ;t- 1 lories tnr fvactioiintlon into the. j mnny \ r nhirtble tlerivnllvcs. nloiitl I hclnR highly pci'L.slmble. the hancl- ] llrp requires trejit core. I Initially, the best passible »rrnnnc- will bo mrtdn in each community to make whole hlnud and the by-products most effh-lonlly nvullable to both doctors nnd hos- plliiLs. Government, hospitals will net their share, too. The only churKc (o Ihr pni' ( -nl will be Ihi' doclor's ft'c fin- mhutn- l.steriiiK it- It will be up to Americans In the first plan; to supply the blood. Not the leust motive behind the whole blood drive Is (he fm-l that i>lootl is nn esM'iHUU tmiimrnL t« any pt'iMm who tins been Injured by an atomic bomb. It may or may not be n coincidence that IOM Is .he date the Woniini pr.snni'i'.s iti ninnln^hi Jail tvrc passing up Umlr rrfi'n Kfiinlcd prlvtto,!o «[ bnylnti umko- up. A ])ri.s(in rrixn-t Mild Oil tint of every t03 women ni I-SIHHMS jiie- frr In ,spond (hctr |Kn-krt money on t'lUfirrUo.s nisleiul. by which (hi* Red Cross hopes lo have Itfi pi'oj;rnni ROhin full swing. Ihal It is now rsltmated that flvr ; Govcnniieiil. prnEicts ' other conn- pi nt.s of blood prr year arc needed for every general hospital bed In the U. S. The Red cross estimates thai $5.000.00(1 mlRlu bft needed to finance the .sinit of the program this year. In rive years, when they hope to have tht> program going full swing. It Is po.vilble thnt the complete Job might cost 5^,000.000. ll\e progrnin will be linndlcd In the same way as during the war. Permanent ancl secondary donor centers will br set up The Red ! will -supply thr professional help, In born lory workers, nurses will be atomic bomb to deliver an the siitne dale DIONNE'QUINTS' promptiy ral«v« c 'CHEST COLDS! YOU'LL BE ASA AFTER YOUR CAR LEAVES OUR BOW AND fENDER REPAIR SHOP! SH ELTON Molar Company 110 W. Ash !)lnl .H.'t PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Hest I'riccs Kirby Drug StoreS fOX RIAL M&CVW StWICt AWm sny OUR srfjet&t&f ***&& Still & Young Motor Co. Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Phone 3479 Hlytheville Ark. 112 Walnut 9t, When In Need Of Shoe Repairing Call 4347 Free Pickup and Delivcryl H A L F O R D SHOE SHOP 10S Snulh 2nd St. Guaranteed RADIO REPAIR by Expert Call 811 Brooks Music Store 107 K. Main Porto Rico KILN nmi-:n SWEET POTATOES ' Delivered to Your Door Phones '11577—2!)8(i Buck Meharg Produce 401 F.. Mnln SL A Natural Aid For HYPER-ACIDITY OF TIIK STOMACH Mmin(jin V:illoy W.Tlrr Is a nnlurM aid In helping diniiiKilc \vastrs from llin system. Xol a laxative, H wiirks si""tly llin>n = li the kidney*. Ask your doctor alunit l>iis [.infills hcMlth «atpr frn inHnl Springs. Ark. It h;is IHTII prcsrribrd fur more than 75 years. Free Ilonklct on KeipicM. Orrter SL Casp. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY Main and Division Blylheville, Ark. SHOP Radio Service At Its Best! We Mrvlr« •!! maikm rudlol and back nur repalrn with a guarantee. Our* li the most complete radio ^ervlre to h« fnund anywhere. We specialize In Frequency Modulation (t'.M). • Complete Line of Nam« Appliances See Felix Carney -at DITCH BANK LEVELING TPftlVfttE ROADS BLYTHEVILLE SALES COMPANY 138 East Main St. Phone 3616 CALL EVANS GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 a 13 South Second Remember ROTHROCK'S For PRESCRIPTIONS • Surplus Army Shoes • Combat', Boots • Overshoes • •Rubber Boots Anderson Shoe Shop A Oliithlns Stor« 31 fi E. Main Sf., Rlytheville Concrete Tile Sewer Til* Sires 4. 6 and 8 Inch Culvert Tile ~ Slr.« 10, 12, IS, 18, 2), 24, 30 and 36 Inch A. H. WEBB Hwj. 61 at State« Fbnn« *^^^^^. -f ree ' S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BtDG, BLYTHEVILLE ARK ATTENTION MR. C T,. PERRY, formerly of lh« Hlytheville Sales Company, is now with un KR General Radio and Appliance Repairman For th« b*fil In Radio Repair' and Appliance Maintenance call us at 3150. HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. W« Deliver Phone 691 RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Icctriciil Apiiliiitice Co. Authorised Motorola [Udlo Snlr* And RrrTtoe 105 South First 81. *•• I Have On Hand At All Times Several tractor.-! »nd rtiulpmcnt . . . lioth new nnri nsrtl ones JOHN DEERE. FARMALL nnd other makes. Also, I have for snln r>t nH times 70 lo 80 head of mules Ten us can be arranged. Will trade for anything yon have, New Ford Traclors Hcjidy for Delivery F. C. CROWE I Mile S. of Braggadocio FARM & LOANS Hum. Ofllce, Nownrk, N. J. LON« TB«M PHOKPT CLOMNO LOW RATB CALL, WHITE OK SP.I RAY WORTHINGTON IIS S, Third S(., BIjrllievlllB, Ark. Herrlnc This Rrrllon 2S Vrara Aultiarltnl MotIgttg* Loan Solicitor Inr THR rUlDKSTIAL INSUXANCR COMPANY Of AMERICA AUTO UPHOLSTERING 307 East Main Phone 519 \Vc S|1l>l'lnll/l' 111 SKAT COVERS, IIKAH L.ININGH, DOOR PAN- EI,S, FLOOK MATR nnrt nil Interior dim ni n cur. Let us iidd ri'nl cliui'in iind lirnuty lo your cnr *llli gay colored Kh'juv.% rind lnl)rlc». Add viiHio to your cnr by Ipltlns »s supply your nilto upliolstcr- ILIK nfccl.s. KVi;«VTHINO TAll.OUf.K TO HT ,VM) INSTALLED AT NO ICXTKA COST So Economize and-Patronize THOS. J. LILLY & SON Drive In unilrr (lie .iljn "Audi To|i Sho]i" .mil WIIM for ncrvlce. anialionall NO cJtiry bog to *riiply . . . NO heavy wtighl lo puih a round 1 Gcli till lli« way lov/ furniluiB. Clcani rugt like magic. Duih from Poor lo .5, ceiling. Guoron/«ec/ to pick up dog hair. Cotnplet* \vilh ai1achm»nli for Nvaning, n>ol^iproofing, ip raying, Sc« II, today I REQUEST A DEMONSTRATION OF THIS FINE HOME CLEANER. OUR SALESMAN WILL CALL ON YOU! Appointments Any Timu • . lousy Tcrmi HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS-BRANDS 126 W. MAIN ST. PHONE 515 STUD EB AKE RS GUARANTEED USED CARS & f RUCKS SKE Tin-:sK -: YOU 1012 Obcvrolcl 2 linor Sr- IS:l!) Chevrolet I Door Sr- il:in. Clciin as thcj thnu Vnu can't go romr, wroiiR nn this one. 1011 Chevrolet 2 I)"nr Se- 1837 Knnl 'I Door Serlnn. i]:ni. A rc : A\ Iniy! Tinnd (Trice. 11111 Konl Canrarlllilc. !t'l I'J^S ChrvnikL (i Ton. A OUR PAINT AND BODY SHOP IS THE BEST IN THIS SECTION! • •Kiiclnry Trained Mechanics • ['nils ;iiid Acrcssnrics • Wrecker Service Chamblin Sales Co. Lex Chamblin Bill Chamblin i Take a pood koU. ]>r> your | family'* shoe,* need mend In?, i new hft:l% sole*? Le.t our em- ' pert* do the Job! „ H-flLT€RS QUflLITY SHOC SHOP IZl W. M fl I N ST. Free Delivery CaJI PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2013 1011 Chickasawbs R. H. Ik Ash .Slrcelt I'liuilc 2195 STUDEB AKERS Notice to Our Friends and Customers BLYTHEVILLE GARAGE 21 fi LaClcdc Street North Robinson Gin Complete Auto 4697 and Tractor Repairs PHONE Frank Asliby nml Eric Hall, Owners " Cot (on Moore, Trnclor Mechanic Attention, Soybean Grower Have TOUT soybeans rcclcanctl IIP Tore planting. We have recently installed one of the best bean rlcnncrs In Ihe Stale. Double cleaning process, we have two cleaners In operation, Xo appointment needed, prompt service, no waiting-. Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main BlythcvilU

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