The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1948
Page 10
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PACE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, FKmtt'ARY 18, 1948 Wallace-Supported Candidate Wins Congressional Seat in Special Election in New York B>- I.VI.K C. WILSON 1 Vnllert Trrss Staff Cur respondent WASHINGTON, Fob. 18- (U.P. >—t 3 resident Truman's November ehincM wer* clouded today by returns frnm n New York rily eon- frewional by-election in which Henry A. Wallace hoisted his third parly candidate to wholly unexpected triumph. The district, had been a Democratic stronghold for yj§:irs. -fr — This by-election was regarded rus I0 forr luus been Vilo Mntraiilnnln. * twt of Wallace's presidential He repr<vent.s a Harlem district :n pulliiiR power among the belt Wins New York City and vote* the Com- elemctita which long rallied behind ' Party Imp straight. the late FDR. Polling was in New] i.sac.son, tlie winner, N;tid: "Tim is li victory for Henry A. Did You Ever See a Bull Cowed? York's 24th congressional distrii Bronx area of numeron.s Negro, Jewish and Puerto Rican voters, Wallace IfmibaMitt the Truman administration for its Pnle.stine poli- ci« and on charges that it talks much but does little about raejnl segregation. issues were sun? fire in the Bronx. Democratic hopas that Wallace i might get out of the presidential rac* were hit hard by the election upset. Leo Isacson, American Labor Candidate anrt Wallace's man, poli- wl more votes than the Demoe.rutic liberal and Republican candidates combined. His share was 55 per vent to 31 per rout for Ihe Dem W raise canrtidate. Thai 'A'a.s a Krunnin-: blow to Democratic Parly prestige and to the Bronx organization of which Edward J, Plynn is the leader. Isacnon beat Karl Prop per. Democrat; Dean Alfange, Liberal, nnd Joseph de Negris, Republican, Here In a comparison of yesterday's vote with that of November 13-10: Nov. American l-itbi.r .. 22,001 ZV-MII DemtKrnttc 12,578 39,;{10 Liberal 3,81ft R,5I)1 Republican 1.48Z " 10.JI51 Totals . 40.591 7JJ.100 It, was a light vote but., a whopping upset victor for the ALP although the district nitty be cxnocl- ed to go Democratic when most of 1U 96.000 registered voters turn out next November. I.siu-son will be the second all members of congress. The party's only representative here-" Wallace and the third party, people's party. This also is a re- smtndin^ repudiation by the people of Tho imHeie.s of the Tinman ad- minis! rnlion." C. JJ. Tlnldwm, national campaign, manager of Wallace's presidential cant])aiun, .said: "It is proof tint I the America*! people <tenmnd a now purly, a third parly led by Henry Wallace, dedicated to peace, security and fibun- darire." Wallace campaigned for Isac.son and t lie Ilemotrrat.s hrou^ht Mayor \villiam O'l)\vyer of New York City and Mr.s. Eleanor Roosevelt, J# to make speeches for the Oeinot-raiic candidate. W:t!l:u-e has the riKidiy disciplined stmport of the Communist A who are Hie backbone nf I ho American Labor piu'ly. One the face of the by-election returns the extreme lefl winu of the new deal-Ucmoc.ratic coalition in New York has bolted to Wallaco- for-president and can deliver its votes. Thul will be had news for Mr. Truman nnd other IX-jnoeratij candidates in New York .state. Thry cannot spare the lelt whin support. Wallace heard the returns in Tampa, Pla., and said: '•It i,s a rcpiifliiition of the j;et- touRli. double standard foreign policy which lias been leading us toward wai'. It is n real victory over iKtt.sism fttui machine politics." Renu Zcnto seems n little cowed by the fancy gel-up on opera star Winifred llcidt. Miss HeJdt, visiting on Cl.'iurlu K. lleard's ranch in Bccvillo. Tex., tried to make friends with the 550,000 prize bull. U.S. Should Mind! Her Own Affairs; And Forget Soviets MIAMI BKACK, Kin., l-'oh. 18.— <UP> —Ohnrlrs F. KoUpriiiK. fonnrr dli'pcfor nf firnr-ml Motors Rf- srnrch, dlsHo.srd Inst night -tlisit ho had planned to of for a $I5.()OD pri/p for iho best plnn of atomic filtnrk hut wns ad- vi.srd nnt to Ho It. Hi.s plan would JIHVP uivrn ihe pi'l/o tnonoy 10 flit- rie- volophig Inc br-st system of dolt-aso against llic dn-ncJi-d atom bomli. KGttoring told llin rninmitU'e of 100, an ultra-exclusive organization of millionaire business and profes- Mrmnl men, ibat ho bet-eve.d >:ome defense anuin.sL I he bomb n-Uhor had breji devised or would b> He did not .sny who vetoed his idea. "We ai> not sn .stupid ns to ui- vent sonirthinii M, - e cannot eotHro!, 11 KelteniiK .s:iici. "If the hiumui men is srnfirt enough to mako the atom bomb It Js smart enough to design protect inn a«;iitisl, it." Kellerinc MUd thp United Slair.s will not nt'-Hl to worry abmiL Russia "i( \\t> Jinnrl our own business. 11 Read Courier News Want Ads, Jury Selected To Try Youth Who Killed Boy CHICA(10, rn). JR. CUPr -A nicy of 10 women and two men, no.s!, nf then) prtrrrUs, bo.Ran lieai'- IIK s anr! Ir.siimony lo- day <Vi charges that Howard Lanm, 13, killed hi.s so von-year-old playmate, Ixinnip Fellick. Prosecutors saltl their first wit- nrs.s would bo Gernld Michalk. 9. who told police he held Lonnie's feet, pinning him 1o the ground, while LRMK -stabbed him and smash- ex! his skull with a rock, Anna May Evans, a 17-year-old Rh .school .student, also was to testify today. LRIIR told police she was. his "girl friend" ami she ad- wi of the ni«ht in fear that ol her Ixidies may have been covered- All persons on r.he job wove inter arrounlrd for. New Mexico export records reveal that the state .ship. 1 ; more than 80,- l>0fl cnltlo and horse Inde.s annual- Four Killed When Roof Collapses KINGfiPORT.Tenn., Fell. 10. <UP> —A new concrete roof hrhiK poured on (i • ono-story building col- lapsixl Tuesday. killiriR [our work- meri and injuring \'2. Twenty-eight men were on the roof at the time. A survivor who managed to Mnylnt KvadaJn, Ark. atop the tumbling girders, timbers! She is survived by her husband, and mortar .said (lie work crew •. J. L). Brooks and three children. \vfis pouring fi conrreie ititn I Home Funeral Home is in chai'^c. wire webhiiif when a nirdrr hold- Jiisl Ton V1NITA. Okla_ <TJPI__A wontan hern apparently hati had enough : the third time she was • broiiphl. Negro Deaths Funeral services for Tallif? Ann 13 rooks, nepro, n«e 43, who died Sunday at her home of a cerebral hemorhriKC, vs'Ll] be con<ittcted, Friday, 11 o'clock at the True.light Hnptist Cknuch by the Rev. !,. O. Davenport by the Rev-. S. n. \Vllson nnd the. Rev. I,. Evans Burial will be in Evadale Cemcierj niiUed disposing of his clothing i which became bloodied during the murder. Lang, the murder dc- fendent in Chicago's liisiory, admitted ihe killing which orcurcd in a. forest preserve of Chicago last Oct. 1ft. He said, he killed Lminie because he "called me a bad name" and ihrriiioiod to tell l.-ang's nmther tliat her son had stolen $10 from her purse The jury was rompleierl late yesterday after nearly 100 vcniremen had. been rjuesltonort. Assistant District Attorney Alex Napoll asked each prospective jurior whether he or she would .sliow "undue sym- pthy" bccaiisr? of I,aim's r^KC. l-ang li.siencd allpntively duriiis the first few hours of tl:e proceedings. Later he appeared bored and sapped backward in the chair which is so big forhim that his feet d not. touch the. floor. Napoll did noi demand the death penally. He was expected to ask that the boy be Imprisoned for 1* to 20 years If he is convicted. i]ping the roof seemed to snap. "The roof just dropped down and took us with it." lie said. Ttn« di'iui were identifies as Will H. Walton, Alfred Roberls, Floyd W. J Tiplon an(t Will H. Dougherty. 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