The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 11, 1947
Page 13
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1947 BLYTHBVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION t*t UM tat nauartui* ta- 1 ttaf'Vf%? . i »er UJM i aer UM per «ar Tc L* iwea per ume an *aj se Monk per 'UM ....:.: fie : ffw aTeratc woraa U tk* U»*. 'red for three or all tteet IB 4 ., _;(ore' ezplratloav wlU b« eaarc- «* for ine number o* time* the M appeared and atflustment of bill made.' : lot Clailliled AdTenUIac copy au»- aartled by r4ergons'reildlnc outride o* the city must be aecompaalea by caib. Rates may be easily computed from the • bote table. Advmliint eider for irref ular uuer- tloai takef'tbe eae tlaae rate.' No reiptmslblUtr wilt be take* for aavre (ban one Incorrect IMerttoa or ««T elauille* a*. For Safe For Sot* • PAQFT itA lor &»le: Soiiftvei. c, ^bcahftm. ' Vi|-|>C-ir Je>p and"trnllVr| 'arid " pair "platform scales. Can Ue seen ai 1601 W. Mixln. 3 like residence lots nil together Owner lenvliiK town hulil sell them. S« Oscar Alexander. Real-Estate ana Insurance 107 West Main. Hlvllie- vllle; Phone WM. liesldcnl Phone 3470. i)!lo-ck.<J'l3 Pride subdivision on G'arolvil Street. 1 One lot wllll one [our room hoinr with u Ht-rvant house' In back Th«: hoiit;*' number I.s 2212 D'10-nk-li uiicriex Oil Circulating Uoaiur 4 015 room rnimcU}'. Phone 4310, U!IL-l)k-l4 ntliuib JUKI kiu-lie ti lirondvvay, phone xiu'J. sink 405 N. O. S llulHMiii. 1 5 acres, one roo BUT Your coal before the winter rmn. I almost Jit us 1111 your Din. Phone 489. Box ,^!,\'?:. 158. Blythevllle. ArkaDB»». £htlby 4 wheel farm trailers, ft ply tlios ull Blaes truck and trailer beds. Also' wagon reimtrn. Henry Wefit- , Phop. (oriuerly Dan Stout • • ' 8!lJ-pk-9H2 ."'863. ' 'S!29"Tlk-9129 \llacide Johnson grass. Poison now a'Vailable at Planless Hardware Co., Inc. Phone 515. 8 18 ck U 5 ruom house 0111- xwo houst' illul small burn. e>.lr;\ Innd. 3 miles of Muiilln. ICO tlcrt-.s, t;ood Ijnproveil snivel rouil. 'elcctrlcLly. auu ujl jnoilern CIHIVCII- leucles near\orn. nrres. gravel rmul. elrnrlcHy In ull Imuse.s. Kootl Improve- 140 acrc.s, siaiu finivel road, nice re- tifik'iici 1 . ljiLi]i. ictinni • 110 ucri'S cxirtt youU Kroutul. ftilr 1m- jirovei ne tils, on sinie htRluvay. 82 acrpi, very b provefiiciH^. CU IU.TCS. 5 I-OOJ . ]o;itn soil. (nlr ; li house cmd ham. HOO acres, i-xlrn uootl land fur $32.500. noii-res QT Iresh Irulls and vegetables, also nil -klntis of canning fruits fja^on- ubly' iirlcecl. visit 'Bill Thompson's Curb Mkt., Hwy. til North. ' Coinblnatlon blacksinltn - weldlnK shop mid Rariuie. Two anti oiic-lmir uill'is west of Osceohi. hlshwuy 40. Ht. ^. Box ^5, Osecoki. fl. li. Mills. 27-pfc-Ofll Late model Cushman motor scooter, complete with back seat, windshield, etc. ' In excellent condition. Reduced for quick sale. Phone .. ownuf. yi-1 aci es». -1 houses and yooil > Ijurii, 1 ti ravel io:td, 'all In row crop! ' 58 iitrres, one KOOI! 4 room hoiLse, pun 3 room houmi, two liootl hams, very he-si cypn'.sii louin soil. Tills itltK'ft' is itll In coiton. tiikes u very small union 'tit of cash to handle. MVW {•ravel rouil anil elcctrlriiy noJnn hy the place now. These Iwrins ;m: close to Illy tin.- vllle In MLs-s. Co. 100 acres, three Ituuses untl out' h^tn Two. 80 ucre tracts. This [ami Is svlihiit :i miles or CanHlt- i-rtivlllt 1 . Mo., on Rravt-V road rtiul flcctrlcity. Can tjt; purchased for Ii3 down ualancc over a Ions period of liiiu-. low rale o[ Sntcre.sC -10 acres, goof! house mid bain. 1 ij mtles or Holland. 211 acres Just North of Keiinett. all good loam soil, all in row crop. priced S120.00 per 200 acre.s. joins Hufln iiti llros. rnrni, hoj; wire. Prlo- 2H25. 8 2fi dh tf A T T E N T I 0 N— Farmers - Truckers - Ginners We Are In Proaucllou On All Styles of custom Built Truck Covers For Has — CoUotvEcctl — Saylic.ans Carney Awning Co. 113 S. First Plione 2972'Bl'ytlipvlllc. Ark. We have exclusive on approximately 20 farms ranging in size from -10, acres to large tracts. If you are interested in (>uv ing or selling, or in making a-foan be' sure and call us and we will lie glad to show or discuss these farms with you. Cecil Earls Nolile (lill Agency Osceola Telephone 9;l Blythev'ille Telephone 3131 9 1 ck tl Army surplus — Tents — Shoes — Kahki Pants — — Shirts — Woolens — IJoots — Comforter's, etc. 112 Lilly Si"., Vi Southeast Main St. .9 5'ck 10 5 1 AC combine, "quick speet).", T tiallcr v.-llli Dcil. Ed Ilnrilln. Dell. Ark. -• Ss-nn-12 CAFK - A 4 room building anil flxtuies. hns u Hood short arilur unct .Irlnll business on 61. Red Top din lot. $501) month rent. $150000 e:ish. 1 Uirse v.'urUTObe YrunK. $2000. 8 foot electric display incut case $300 Of). Homo real grocery business with llv- 1ns rooms. : Phone Field 2394 9 5-pk-12 Attention Pickers ——- Planters We'are again making auallty Cotton Pick Sacks tor those who want the best. Carney Awning Co; H3 S. First St. Blythevllle. Art. ''Fryers 1'or sale. South Gl. C. Abraham. 9 i) ck 16 Complete Scout equipment. Practically new. INxotie 4433 or can be seen ut •101 East Vine St. 9 io-pk-9;i8 If yon have anything to sell let us auction It Tor you information phone 051. 9;|[)-lik-10!U nil fenced wllh etl $15000 uer nere RIALES LAND. CO. Ofncc'u'pstairs'ih Hale I iicross from City lial'l. Phone. ,'i.'!22 issell 1C. Hialcs—K. M. For Rent Bedroomg. 106 117 K. Until. Ph. 952. fOR SAFETY AND ECONOMY WI1EK1S LIF Wheels that arc out of line or wobbly fcrind the life out of Ure§ and mukc your ear unsafe to drive. Let us check your wheel* period!enlly to save you money eep your car safe to drive. ompany f>th at Walnut Phone 41 f>:t Do your owb concrete work uml -iaVe. Kent a concrete mixer by day ' or hour Phone 489. Boi 659. BlythevlUe. Ark. ' ' ' • ' 8!10-ck-tf Bedroom: Ph. 3731 lifter 4 p.m. Dedrqoni - 314 N. 911).. Phone 2328; ' Two room furnished aparcitu'i '' ut 515 For Hire Tractor, breaking plow, bustera. disc, harrow, planter, cultivator, clipper combine. John O. Bright. 300 S. Second St. Phone 819. 8il4-pk-Ul4 A ferret killed 49.1 chickens before bejng captured, after escaping from its cage at Mansfield, England. : Mfl> wuntril lu train !or Ulrsi-l Ki. f. i 1 "' ""vy <iuiy I'linlihiiiviu work. I j Pay. Wrll,. C ...... r Kli,>,> Ti .il.ilil,:. I "S Hr, ,,,;,,,,, IlillUHUK llUIISUllI 2 ' Lost * '"•:*• Smur.las- HlBlit. I'huler "leas,, reuiin |J:I K ,.u,l I'cmelllu ami !'''l> tin- money, fall Oru.'e Wvnll Instruction, Mate ___ ___ Wonted to rhiKiliin coniilc ili>sln-H uimrt- 1>, K. Dauli-l. lMu»H' UIKI2 till!' " i»Ui'. y 10-rk-lv Wniic t.i i.'iu two or Hirer room house HI' uiculmeilt. l-'uinLsheil or unfur- nl.'.lieU. || t i\ A1KJ Courli'l' Ni'\vs. IHHM' ur iiiKiitineiH. I'lliulsliell I'h, (!. 1,. ICin.lU' «l Hi'iill,,.' Alltn Klin u|iarinii-iit, tiirulshi'il ur mt- '0, C'oiiLiU- only, rimiu- :uifC -- l-'ilinlslii'il or ,inluiiiNI:,.il lioilso ii|ii>ni>ii-ni Cull Mi. lilrkrt ILV Help Wanted Vnuiii; imui MIXHIK inul WILIIUK • lo ««fk. Cull lllvilii'vllli' <'nrl> Miirki'l. fu-lwi'i'ii -J miU II )nn. iiu>-i-l;-U W'limc.l i^inTLi'iirod \\nHix-ss Apply ]iLiViiil>in V, Small IHvtslon 31 IMO-rk-13 national truck Apply in person lo Mr. Mac Alexander a I Doit a (s. Inc., :U2 K^ulh <J 10 t-k i:i Wanted To Buy WE'JUNK'JUNKED CAR! Any questionable automobiles are sold to junk dealers. Qurcars carry 30 day guarantee,financed through GMAC preferred plan, to pur knowledge the lowest finance charge containing the full 15 coverages to protect you. We ask your patronage. Remember price alone does not constitute a bargain. I lit 12 fhovvoloi Town Helton l!).|(i SULK.,- (Snick S. Coiiverlililo. Vi'i-y low mili'Mc. HH2 llllMl'V. li UM7 I'oiilmr S Sedan. It's new. Driven only ;i low iiiilos. See lliis one today. . 1910 (.'lievroli't -1 n»or Sedan. 11)10 1'ackartl 5 Passenger Coupe. 1(111 OcKoto I Door S Wiuili'il: iiM'd stoves: nil klmls useil eiuthlii;;; inillms: lurmliii; I'tiulp- nieiil; rniiieulei tools', iifiril [uriil- tun-. iinytlilin: si'ivlceiiljle. Phone !'.',! IMO-llV.-UM I Casli for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Auto Snlviijte, Ntirlh Hiway 01.' phone :!785- S r. ck tt' Personal. Notice 1 LUII IXICk ill IOWII. Blll-ch-O IH VYanted Cdmblnatloh Ilreman iiiiu nl^lit watchman at Gin. Vlioiie 670. l-ek-15 Services AIJLJ3N East Find" Shoe Repair Ser,vice, 112 Lilly St., Vz Block East of Main. Workmanship and material guaran- ' teed. 9. 6 ck 10 f PAInttng ahfl paper liatiglng. R, I. FrM'mliTi. Phone" 2835:' '•• Bi28-pk-lH23 Homi> Laimtiri'. Bring clotlies to 101 W. ^tllthIB. Ellyjibtah Biirtl«y. ' SEWING MACHINE We elertrKy your aid treadle aewlns mecbhie' l;ilb a inodern eleutrlc nortaljle or trablnet model. C. E IJruke. «8 E. Asli. g:i4-pk-9!14. MONEY TO LOAN l)o 700 need i km. U reyalr or remodel T No down p»y- •>ent, no mortgage, no re>l tape. FHA approTed rate SV Ask (or deUIto. Sta|-i Lotmn, Realtor, phone 20S4. Ljnicb BMf, BlytbcTlUe. 9-28-ck-tf Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any 8lw T. L. MABRY 3 MIS80CRI ST. FH. 1627 IlKhest value for used, -surplus iteim. in trade at Elbcrt IlurruiAirn' Swap Shop. 401 E. Mam; ph. 859 ' 21-ck-tt Concrete Culvert-tile H" U S«" (Reinforced or Non-Reinforced) Cheaper and Lon(cr Laaiinc than any other Brldjte Material. Concrete nnlta for Sanltarj' Privy—Concrete Scptio Tanks. A. H. Webb Hwy. 61 N. at State Line Phone Bljlheflllr. 714 Phone 3371 Night Phones 2527 and 2903 WAIPOLE ELECTRIC Complete Electrical Store Wiring - Fixtures - Appliances 117 So. Second St. lliytheville, Ark. Free Estimates on All Work For n licensed plumber or for expert slove repair work call Hurry Meyers at Huubaru Hardware. U,2-ck-10:2 John Deere trailer. 2 bale bed Claude • McOllcc. Blythcvlllc. in. 2. Ill miles west or Snndy Ridge. 9i3-pk-12 2 combines. 1 - 11A John Deere with Brnln' bin — I J 52H International. .See H R. Eddliiuton. Herninmtale. Missouri, or call a?s. 9;6-pk-9;i3 Corona portable ' typewriter - good ni new. 1 Rear. 81G Clark Street. Modern beauty shop In Blvthevllle with all new equipment. Write Box 300. TJ, Courier News.' 9:a-ck'-H 1940 Chevrolet two ton truck, can over cnftlne. rudlo, healer 12 ulv tires, saddle tanks. 7UX1C ft box 14X22 urpnulln. Wsll eqlilpiied'. Rnri like new. Tf Intercstccl see Karl SlauKlurr. South end 2Ist Street A nice 3 room house and lot Will p.lvc Immediate jxKsrsslon. Inraled 411 Konlli 10th st , Blythevlllp. Ark ' ' Five room residence, corner lot. Price §5750. p. C. Campbell. Phone " 444fi or <) 10 tf ck Eight room residence close in. Missouri Street. 1'rice S5000. Terms. Immediate possession. H. C. 'Campbell. plume 4Vir,'or '20.16.. 9. 10. ck If 5 rooms nntl b.ilJi on bus lln" completely furnished. Price J400C ' H ilown. . " 3 *vxlroom HOIIPR located on Vine st In KOOd condition. Reasonably priced 4 rooms nncl bath close to business district. Can move In today Kirxe 6 room house on Missouri st Can be used as a duplex. Quick possession. Can bo financed Several FHA approved • lots, r can finance 90^, or the cost of &• new llOUEC. ' We win be elad \o show TOII env or tl^sc houses or lots lotlay. See or call Max I.ogfln. Realtor F.. T. Kubburd. Salesman Phone 20.M, Lynch Building. •' ' ' 98-rk-lS Expert radiator repair for less. We have the hcst in radialor repair equipment. Let our trained man bflil out and repair your rad,i- atpr for you. Quick Scr^y- icc. Pickup and delivery. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. Douglas Lawson, Mgr. Phone 2171. 8 9'tf Call Bill Davis for Free Ifis- limale on 1'aperhanging and decorating. Phone <I4,(J<) 9, 4 ck 10 4 SKWINCi MACHINES REPATREO Kx^eit service on all mnke.4. O. J E. nrakc. 408 K. Ash. 8:il-n)t-9112 WnshlnK anil Ironing. Willie Well'! : Grrfn. 1112'S. IjiVe. 8U9'nk-9]lv NEW CHROMK method for surtarln^ furniture. Ouaraiitced work. 1605 W. Vine. 1'honc 3949. 9,9-pk-lo IIEARINO AID BaltcrLes. supplies and service. Free demonstration. Call for appointment. Mrs. George W. Hftrham, 1303 llearn St: Piioiie 33SO. 99-ck-9H2 Job Wanted FARM .TO15 WANTED I'll \york l^ay and Night- pump all the'water you need and deliver it anywhere you want it in your house, barn, and other buildings. Take no, Sundays off. Salary ask- ed7'only S1.80 permontH Dayton Water Systems c^re Delta Implements. Inc.', 312 "South Second Street, Blytheville, Arkansas. 9 9 ck !) 10 ri«^=^fc aarjD H 3A7-ri:«Y'"tte" GIVE YOUR CAR P-Q-W-E-R PLUS! Hun your cm- powerfully, run it economically. M:ik« sure that il always starts instantly—an instant start is a safo start. Have your batteries checked ami charged, new ones installed if you need them. Low prices always! • Body, Fender Work l> Motor Overhaul f Wheel Alignment f Brake Adjustment LANGSTQN-WROTEN CO. Corner Walnut and Broadway Phon. 555 Most of These Cars Have Radios and Heaters Trucks. ',-_',__!', T,,,, H | u)rl illl( | | nn( , Jl]m()s( Koril 2 xpccd Inirlor reiidy In fi - (> . ,,,, (;il| . (cr We Never Close The moon sninln^ in n sleojior's eyc,s ciiusc.s blltuliu's-s, accoi'dhiu to n .su])crstilions belief of our iniL'e.sUn.s. Gin Supplies Don't leave Blythovlllc lo buy Gin SupiJlii'K. -\Vc nre canijHjLl- Uvt< vvilh Etiiy iiucl-soiitli firm on these .supply prices. Buy hm> for bc'ttcr and lower prices. * U.S. Belting •fa Detroit Belt Hooks Crane Vglves and fittings •^f Pyrene Firo Extinguishers Sec 1'lunters Il.'mlwarc Now! RADIO REPAIR 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE OR MODEL. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHQNE 2642 We cull for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized MotnroU Kadlo Sales and Hnrvlce 1«6 Soulli r'lvst St. Sa , es Dcpt Open y n ji, gy ^ LOY EICH CH EYROLET CO. 301 Walnut Phone 57g 8*W0 sr BAC« FOR SERVICE ro C H EVROLET J ' The pouch of Iho riill-Rrinvn ppl- Iran Is cnmljle of linMIng seven <nmrl.s (if water. Farm Loons At Lowest Itulo of Interest <l»ick St'rvicu A. F. Dietrich Insurance Ayeacv Ui() S. 1st. S(. Ingram tity Radio -Service- Dial 2407 For Kzpert K«pam SZ4 Eaai Main (I. Felix A. Carney I DON EDWARDS To* Tjpewrller Man* . :, , 8M1TI1, COKONA and KEMLVUTOn PORTABLE 110 N. SECOND ST. ' "' ' • " p^dxj^jgg Tnumictlon MT38T TO aATMFACTroRTJ ' I V MOTOR COMP PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores CAN WATKIl AID IN Kl DN E Y—BLA ODER Disorders? Yes—If it's Maiintain Valley Mineral Wntcr. thp fn- innu.s liualtli water from Hut Springs, . Mountain Valley lieliw stimulate kidney nclinn, soolhe bladder irrilation. combal tiric-aclrlily. \Vliy nnl (jive Mmmlain Valley a Irinl? It lias lielpod many thon sands for more tlian SO years. Delightful to drink . . . delivered just as ft flows nt Hot Springs, Order a .supply today. Call or write for booklet. We Guarantee RECAPPING with ;• HiwkintoB Treafc Let Your Next Tim B« GENERALS CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main »ml DlrbUm BlTlheilU«, Ark. lie sure Mom t;els :i Road snpnly juicy rijic apples in time for school! and Canning Apulrs $2.00 * S3.00 Bn. Cost More — Wort* Mon RECTAL DISEASES Blytheville CURB MARKET MODDiGER TIRE CO. lie K. ' PRICILLA'S POP Gy AL VERJEEEI And Well Concealed dfter we buy our own home / think it wou/d be nice to otvn g summer home, too. Oh, Waldo, be practical! Those things are only for rich people] well, I expect to be rich some day--when some big executive discovers my hidden talent. rfon' should I know? It's hidden! You never to/d me/ What is it? -•* . ~** IBZi*\Hr «•' , T. I. Stay Motor Cimipany! "CaJling T. I. Sciiy Motor Company! "Calling T. |. Soay Motor Company!

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