The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 11, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 11, 1947
Page 12
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r * PACE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLl'; fAfiK.) COURIER NEWS tmJRSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1047 Fiscal Board Runs Into New Litigation -LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Sept. 11. (UP) — The State Board of Fiscal control ran headlong Into Ic- gnl trouble again yesterday when Willtnm Brooks asked the pulaskl Chnncery Court to enjoin (he band from re-Issuing warrants on his claim for $93,901 wlitch lias been pending since 1D17. Brooks refused lo accept n stale voucher for $15,405 awarded him by the 1941 legislature. His court action today would prevent the stile board from issuing a separate . voucher to pay Ills nttorneys frcs. The nllorncys, SUitc Sen. Clyrtc E. Byrcl of El Dorado ant! State Senator G. W. Lookudoo of A-k- ndelphla liad requested re-issuance of the warrant giving Brooks $10,270 and then $5,135. Hoard members indicated lli?y probably would postpone any action pending outcome of the suit. Brooks' original claim was filed for cotton seed allegedly furnished for the state penitentiary, plus compound interest, since 1811. • In other action the board look under advisement n claim for $2(1.000 filed by Mrs. Bessie Hutto a\ LiUle Rock for the death of her husbajjd, Dr. J. A. Hutto. Thf doo- tor was drowned when hi* cur overturned .Jan. 2, 194G, as he ivns tn route from the state prison farm 'to his home 'near, the Cuminiiis Farm. He was prison physician. •The'board awarded the Hev. Bob I*. Pool .of Arkartelphia $M1 for damages to his car when he run into a ditch on Highway 07 between Pre.scott and Gurdon. \\s? a- Shrimp Season Opens 'in Upwards of u million pounds uf shrimp went to market during the first week In September Horn Hock poll, Texas. About 300 shrimp vessels trawled Aransn; Bay o f Kockpoii. Here, with <tccks piled liiKli willi the calch. crews cull sin imp f''<>'" H'rish lish. (NEA Teleplioto.) greed to waive claim for $1,000 personal damages if the .stsilt' would pay for his car. lie contended that the vehicle hit a ditch lc!i by the highway department. The L. K. Myers Co. WHS nwnnlecl $031 for tiamages allr^edly done when its truck WHS struck by a car driven by highway department employe G. O'Neal, a district superintendent at Hope. U.S. Slashes Fund to Aid Schools Lunch Program LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Sept. 11. <UW —The director ci Die State Education Department's hot lunch program says n cut in federal aid an- nnunced yesterday, come.s at n bail lime for Arkansas. The reduclioi cents less of federal funds spent on each meal, according to Director -I. I*. Eidson. On Hie average, each meal cost 21 eenls last year. However, in spite of Ihe reduction, -some lU'J additional -schools will partii'i]);ite in the slate program tills year. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE NORTH^ TENTH "I don't know how much good this home economics course is going to cio me—I've been opening cans for my family " all summer 1 ." Although the English language has only 26 letters, il has -H dis- \vill ninount to two I llnct phonetic sounds. FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS3ER The Wag Is Wealthy 01 Diilrfeutcd by MCA SERVICE, INC 11 Wuo.t- lel M-r •r. Mkkl THE STORYt Acting Mi.rd'. nilvlce nul <n . rinni-e be (<>o Klire »'f I Illr(« ,,pi lily "lib "U,, Ibp Oiidi-e bull. llrliin IHT.IIILI-. miKrj- un< tiry qunrrrl. • * * ,.,'!.-. i i L;:";.."_'.". "....•' xxn ' : " "-•.'i-A. NDREW WOODWARD was not L .'.. . .a man to act upon.uncon- x ;sidered impulse, or should lie do 'So, lie quickly adjusted his flcl- ".'_ !:var«e with plans and purpose such as would make his future progress : satisfactory. So it was in the matter of .Ivan Gregor. He had mentioned the name first to Pop and ;Dr. Glenn through idlo impulse. •The reaction had been so complete, Glenn had so obviously been ' " ^upset by his interference, thai il -hud at once appeared to be the : peitect line of attack. .Gregor's name, well-known, ad;B*i«Kl, broughl up by Woodward 'at the coming Directors' meeling, ! surely obscure the name of nil's unforlunate, unknown -—ffwid. The Directors would ail- point Gregor, would be grateful lo Woodward for securing such man for the Ilospilal SlalT. But there was one possible hitch, and it was Andrew's inlcnUon to .x^ftiove that knot. He must know "• b£f.4rehand if Gregoi- would accept , 'axrAill to the post at the Caroline . j*hv Orthopedic wing. There was • ,rtolpoint : in Woodward's making a " '^{it for him at the meeting, only ". tp (have him refuse the position. •Chi the other hand, should Grcgor he 1 disposed to accept, it svould .be'well if from the first he understood that, he came to Ibe Lair under Woodward's sponsorship. So, one week-end, Andrew wenl to the Children's Clinic in Chi- .cago which Gregor and live other specialists conducted wilh Ire- ; niendous success, identified himself to Gregor's secretary, nnd seated hirnself in the waiting room while she inquired whether Dr Gregor would see Dr. Woodward "piIB secretary came back and asked Dr. Woodward to follow icr. She led him through-a lUcd hall, into the elevator, out again into another hall; she .opened a door and stepped aside, saying softly, "Dr. Woodward." The room into which Andrew stepped was small, and cell-like in its austerity. It contained a steel desk, a chair. On the desk \vas a telephone, and a ncn in a stand. In the chair sal a man—a slender, homely man with dark hair. ' At sight of Andrew, he got quickly to his feet, his haiui oul- slrclchcd, his faco alight. And that face ih animation seas like no face Andrew Woodward had ever seen. The brown eyes shone, the big mouth—well, something happened to it. Something happened to the whole man. A person— Andrew or anyone else—meeting Gregor, fell that this was the biggest man he had ever seen. His voice was deep ;i'id rich, his smile not Hashing, but so warmly con- idcnt, his hand clasp so sine- Dynamic! Tha 1 . was the word Andrew wanted. In a daze, Andrew identifier limself lo Gregor, accepted th [Irink offered, answered the questions of the alertly listening specialist. Heck, he hadn't guessed Crregor would be this sort. A good doctor—ludas, yes! Dut not this —this type of person. What sort of man was this to bring to the Lair? Ur. Woodward rather regretted (he day he bad been inspired to mention Grcgor's name. He looked up now, and smiled ruefully. "I'm uwfully afraid I made this trip- ami asked for your valuable time —because of a wild-goose chase, Doctor," lu: said diffidently. "I can't imagine any man with the facilities of a clime such as you have here listening lo the oiler of a hospital Stair job." "Were you about to offer m* inch a job?" Gregor asked alertly. Andrew laugr.etl, his heavy inderlip jutting. "It isn't in my lower to oiler it. I did mean ,o present your name at a Direc- .ors' meeting next week—and, of course, the offer would then, be mule to you. ' I came to sound you out—but I can see that you would not consider sueli a thing." • • • T)UT why do you decide that for me'.'" the' other man asked quietly. Tlis voice was like velvet —but there was a quality in it— or perhaps it-was his steady eyes —that demanded, an answer. Andrew shrugged. "Your clinic s loo fine—and you arc your own boss here." "No doctor is his own boss, as you know." He spoke English perfectly, this Russian doctor, but wilh n crisp litlle accent that was very attractive. "Do I imderi. stand you correctly—this position which might be open to me is that of Orthopedic Surgeon in a new department of. the Caroline I.ehr Hospital?" "That's right," said Andrew, ahnosl sulkily. Dr. Gregor set his half-full glass' aside, got lo his feel, "f would like very much to work wilh your Dr. Glenn," he sairl firmly. "In my opinion, Malcolm Glenn has done mure, will do more, for obstetrics than any contemporary. I have my own theories about pre-. natal care—and the lack of it. I think Glenn and I together might much lo put chaps in your specialty end mine. Woodward, completely out of business." lie walked Andrew toward the door. He helc! out his hand. "Thank you for coming to see me. I believe *you • may tell your Directors that I would consider an? fl'er they care to make to me, and you may explain, if you wish, il is because 1 admire Dr. Glenn so very much. I really envy you. Dr. Woodward, your present opportunity lo work wilh such a man.". He smiled Klightly, and left the deflated Dr. Woodward alone in (he tiled hall. (To Be Continued) .:"' - j Free Delivery t Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 20 13 10-11 Chickfisawlia ' - if It's INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Projection « > Accident & Health • HospitaMzation • Fire • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation First National Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Charles O.niUner-W. M. (BUI) Wilson ' • ii i i *• THE GLO-BO CARRIES ITS OWM POWER. PRESS THE HIDDEN BurroM AMD YOU LIGHT UP LIKE SATURDAY NIGHT-YOU GOTTA HAVE 'EM.' STUFFLEBEAM'S GOT 'EM ' TO , . STUFFLEBEAMS/ HAVEN'T HAD ANYTHING LIKE IT IM AMD i PROMISED LARD SMITH 1O% BECAUSE I THOUGHT THEY'D BE HAPD TO SELL i 6c. J. WHY, HE'LL BE THE RICHEST KID !M TOWN AND Y THE GATEWOOD GROCERY Phone 97! Ark.-Mo. State Line on the left at the Arch • ' » Ft V- 7 Crown ...... ..... ; . . 1.35 Calvert . ............ 1.35 Schenlcy . ...... ..... 1.35 Three Feathers ........ 1.35 Hill & Hill ............ 1.40 Old Taylor ............ Four Roses ............ 2.65 2.65 2.65 2 65 2.75 4.35 2.85 Uh 4.15 4.15 •4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 5% Beer per Case $2.8*1 GAS ' re 3 17.5c; Ethyl 19.5 ! All Brands Cigarets,ctn. $1.3! STUDEBAKER9 u CHAMBLIN SALES CO. p. B A TC( . Sales — Studebaker — Service Headquarters for Guaranteed New and Used Cars and''Trucks • 1547 New Int. \y, ton Short Whetl Base 1947 New Ford VA ton Lone Wheel Base 1947 New International l',4 ton Long Wheel Base 194C Dodge '/• ion Pickup 194C Chevrolet '/• ton Pirkup 1946 OMC '<A ion Pickup 1941 Chevrolet % ton . 1941 Chevrolet V. ton Pickup 1940 International 1 ton »• 1947 New Ford "8" Coupe 1942 Nash 2-Door -'•••., 1941 Plymouth 2-Door " U' 1 1911 Studebaker 4-Door ., 1939 DeSoto 4-Door Sedan 1 L E E -X A K E B STUDEBAKfiRS WASH TUBBS JUST OCCUSfBEPfo MG.J.R.. I'LL HAVE YOU, SEMATOB MIDDLE, AMD SECRETARY BOHATCH OUT FOP NEXT WEEK-END. THEVll SMM SEE THAT-ER-MENTALiy «3U'BE SOUND AS ACCLWRJ. Those Pictures a BEAT SCOTT7 pTvET BY LESLIK TUKNU1 VHE CAhl'rVEEf w y EyVT TWINS MUST'vJE THOUGHT | fOOK J.E.AI HIS ASE! N6ECEP A FEW PIW-UF4? ... INFATUATE? WITH * SOME YOIM6 BALLET PANCER Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople Out Our Way By J. R. Williams NOL) UMDERESTIM.KTE / WELL, \ / IT M1SHT \ I BRING A ) OM, THAT.-' VERV EAC-Y, TO IMITATE HIM CM THEM.'BUT IT'S TH' STEPS THAT 00 UP PPCM THERE THAT 1 CAM'T EEMTO GIT • \ 1 STARTED OM, J SO THOSE ARE TH 1 VERY STEPS THE GREAT MAM WEMT DOWM •A 1 HEM HE LEFT HOME ON HIS CLIMB TO FAME MILLIONS.' IDENTITY Al^TVOO SUPPOSED T.'M. PERFECTING A BL/XCK OBLlTERWE SUCH RftucOliS UOISES AS BS AND CAVWG CROWS! / LUCK. TO I T RV THE / > SAME \ I MEDICINE.' I 'SHOEHORNS •r ROMAN* CANDLES SHOOTING OTOF- V OR EVE-M FINP/ r" WELL, LET'S GCT BACVC nPSTA»RS =• BY MICHAEL O'MAM.EY and HANDKfRf V/ltl QUIET YOU UMIL IHE PllE Ol SlASCWERVOURHE/iO FORHOWl CRIBB. [ PIANN1N6 TO SHOOT BOTH OF YOU, BUI HOWITHINKIUW/E IAT KINDNESS FOR DOILY MOGUL ricuM.' »t*> wovto OOt Of; IINE WUH I'VE GOT ro AIM ft MULE HIGH. PICTURES OF THE SAME BALLERINA IW HIS ROOM! U's TtM) Much DONT S1VH .. HOOT NWAT SOT! YSOT NO BUSINESS BUSTIN' IMTO MY PALACE LIKE on; fojLPf voue H1SHNES5.&E. X 6OT TERRISL.E AN." HF-.l BUDDIES .- VOUR. ftat i RtftLVS i

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