The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1948
Page 9
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WHWDtDAY, 18, 194t upply of Stored teat at New High Summer Shortage Will B« Eased Only Slightly, However By Vincent Kurke Inlted Frew Staff Correspondent. WASHINGTON. Feb. 18. irjp, _ he nation's meat packers ami holesalers are holding more meal i storae* today tliari in any peace- me. year since 1937 Is a re-Milt. the meat shortage Js Summer—while almost certain i be bad — may not be ijtiite as ad as the Agriculture Department rcdicted. in making up tiieir fore- a-sts. department officials said, hey iDiderestlmaled the amount, of leal that would be "held off" the lent counter this Winter and put i .storage. •But they Mid the improvement. i tiie summer supply outlook re- ulting from tliis miscalculation is oo small to assure any significant elicf. For example, your share of the Hion pounds of meat now Ifi stor- ge oniv amounts to about four id a half pounds. Normally, the packers and whole- alers hold out about 3.2 pound.s per apita Irom the heavy Winter aughtoring to store for dislribu- ion during the Summer slump m leat output. But with the impending meat lortage they figured it was good 'Usmess to boost their storage hold- ngs this year. Coolers 90 Per Cent Pull The packers' coolers were filled 0 90 per cent of capacity and their reeaers to '17 per cent of capacity in Feb. 1. Iri Michigan they were lied to capacity. Private and semi- irivate warehouse coolers and free/.- •rs throughout, the nation were hree-foutths filled. The Agriculture Department re- orted yesterday that cold storage neat holdings on Feb. 1 totaled 1,10.000,000 pounds. Theoretically, that amounts :o bout, seven pounds per capita. Put agriculture meat experts fif»- j^)hat 2.5 pounds will never leave le -storage pipelines. That repre- ents what the trade calls it.s min- mnm "working stocks." Even dur- ng the "meat famine" in October. 646. when farmers stopped sending linlals lo market because of price eilings. storage holdings never fell x-low about 1.5 pounds per capita. Tne heavier - than - anticipated ock.s of meat that went into stor- ie this winter don't change the griculture Department's estimate lat meat supplies per capita—for he year—will be 10 to 13 pounr'.s elow last year's 156 pounds. "If we were making a new esti- ate today on per capita consnmp- on" one expert said, "we would ill keep Ihe figure at 143-Hfl joundi. But. we might take some it of the Winter quarter and put ' in the Spring or Summer qilar- rs." Eisenhower Swears Bradley In as Chief of Staff r »«L D rtT l H 0 '. EJM "" 1IWer ' "•"' »"»"» l ~' e « "'" "«th of office lo ocn. Omar NV mndlev. as the l.ii'e, C R ovMI wun'tr.r* n 1 "' °' **" °' '** *""''' ''''"'"^ 1Y " m " U """ ^"^ "' ""• *"»> Kp »"""> O. Ko S aU «H,,e.w the three-nnnute ceremony In the Pentagon bvilkli,, B In Wash1n B ton When Kradlev said I do." Eisenhower smiled and .snld. "With words you have a Job.- INKA Telephnto.) Little Rock's Divorce Court May Re-Open u-rrt,B ROOK. Aik. Fcb, in (UP)— Little Rock'j Idle divorce nuir.hlnery wa,< prcpmlng to grind KKaln today alter Pulaskl Chancellor rrnnk Dmlse announced t)i«t Mis. Ruth Hale had agreed to return to her old post » ma.der In rhancf ry. There have lippn no divoicM 81-anled In Puln.sVt County lUltlc Rock i during the M days ilnc« ihe Arkansa-i Supreme Court, held that Mis. Hale'.s 2nd Division CTiRiicriT Court did not exist ami lint 1150 divorces uinntrd by lier were noi valid. Mrs. Hale v!mt appointed muster In rlmncerv a year «s». shortly before !h» Arkansas legl.s- IttUire created lier Domestic He- laliont Court ami n,mrd her as Judje, Mrs. Hale will rrsiiin* hearinss in domestic Relations Court and will make recommendations to Jud/e l)<>dSP. the procedure followed prior to establishment of her court. Meanwhile, mi action hn.s been taken iti an effort to validate divorces gr,iiile<| by the woman Jiidj-c although Chuurellor Dottiie. lias expressed the opinion thnl he can sign the decrees, using her rultiiBs as recommendations from a muster. Contract Let ForVA Hospital In Little Rock I Sub-Zero Cold and Snow 'No Obstacle to Stork ATTICA. Hid. i UP)—When little Karen Karlson grows older, her parents will have an interesting story to tell her about the night .she was born. LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. Fcb 13 " wns " vc ''Wees Mw zero (UP. The contract for construct- " ntl "*' "L" 1 Mrs Ol ' vlllp K «' lls <»' ion of a MO-bcd Veterans Adi "in! - i w "? . s > 1(!l>nlll B "ver snow-covereri s rttimmis i roa( ).s in an automobile to get to Pennsylvania. Lynch bought (he lop soil land for $:i,HDix Engineers found the hidden vein held 600.000 lo 1.000000 ions or coal, and estimated 'the mine could be worked for four years, with a »75,000 return to Lynch of >f a SCO-bed Veterans Administra- I',," '" ", n »»t<"nobil«. to get to ion hospital liere via aivnrderi yfs- ' . \ F , nlalc ™">' war d at a Crawfords- terday to the S. Patti and Associates ' — hns|> ""' Construclion Finn, of Kansas City. The award was announced by Little Rock District Engineer Gerald Galloway and was made on an alternate bin of $9.182.858—(he figure which fell within the allowable 14 )ier cent of ibe government estimate of SSI.S19.35J. Col. Galloway explained the alternate bid accepted provides for substituting marble partitions Instead of gla.<s in certain rooms and They didn't make it in time. The little girl wns born In the car nine miles out of town. Doctors said neither the mother nor ihe child was any worse for the experience. $3,000 Soil Investment Brings $75,000 Return rerUiu other chnngc.s. Awarding of the" contract is expected to allow construction tn start by mid-April. ions Hold Quiz Program A quiz program was conducted oy k^iard H. Pease at the weekly teting of the Lions Club ye.ster- ay noon in th« Hotel Noble. Guests were Harry Roese. of 3«midji. Minn., and Horace Scrape ' Memphis. The word animal originated from he Latin "anima." meaning breath ' life. Governor Cancels Plans Sulrs TalV HARRISlllmCi. Pa. (UP) — Ail enU'rprlsiim local market, advertised that it was selling country CBCS at 57 a tlozen— considerably lesi jlian ihe average price in other stores—because, they were produrrd by "price - conscious" chickens. i PITTSBURGH iIJPi Gray; haired Jimmy Lynch believes (he. reason he's wonh $75.000 today is • he wa.s flat broke 10 years If he hadn't been penniless, Lynch claims, he never would have TV, J o*fI-'~ ', A.""' borrowed money a nri bought B.i I O Attend Political Dinner I acre s of bottom land, from which «r r , : he hoped to make a fciv dollars by | "AfaHINGION. FVb. 18. (UPl—i selling the top soil lo property own- t uoi. j. fctrom Thurmond of South , ers. underneath the top soil"Lynch ' oaiolina has cancelled his rcserva- i discovered on c of the best scams of [ lions lor the Democratic party's , coal (or strip mining in Western ; Jeffcr.son-Jack.son anniverArv dinner here Thursday night, it was! disclosed yesterday. A spokesman at Democratic Na- -«6n»l •Commftfi.e 'hea'flquartefs" said nnirmond did not indicate w ; he- tner this Imd anv connection with the threatened Southern revolt agnmst' President Truman's civil rights program. Mr Trumnn «'il) be the chief speaker at the dinner. j The spokesman said the dinner j committee received a letter from Thurmond saying that he. wished to I cancel reservations for himself and his wife because of "a change of plans" since making the reserva- I lion last month. NOTICE N'olir-e Is hereby given that the animal school election will be held March 20, in IB, from 3:00 to I! 30 . rn. The purpose of this election Is to select directors for each school district, levy tne «-nool lux. and elect County noard Members (rom zones three and four SlRiied: •Tolin Maycs. Counlv School Supervisor Mississippi County Schools 2:11-18-25 \VARNI\(i OIIIIFH In Hie Clmu-rry rniirt. Clikku- sawlia IHslrlrl. Ml»sU«l|i|il Counly, K»thryn Trnnlham Plaintiff, Clem O. Tranthnm Defendant The defendant Clem O. Trantham i.s herebv wartied to appear wltliln Ililrly days In the court nnmeri In the ciipllon berof mid answer I lie cniplnlnt of the iilaltl- (Iff Kathryn Tranthnm. Dated this 10 day of fVlin IMS. Hm'vey iMorrlj, c.'lcrk By nelly Peterson, n. c. C. p. Coo,|>cr. Ally for PHf. Ed B Cook, Atty B d lltem. 2 l)-m-25-.'l:H Meyers Indicted Second Time by U. S. Grand Jury HAI/I'IMORK. l"eu. 18 U)P» — A (cdrrnl Brand Jury yesterday Indicted MnJ. tlen. Bennett r 'Meyers, former No. 2 Air Force procure, nient olflcer. on . charge of evart- l'fi5l" f $16 '* 5S ' r7 '" '"Mine taxes m I' WK.S the seconrl federal Inrtlet- KU'ul iiKaiust Meyers, «tnr witness nt last jcar's war (mud liearin«» "f Hie Senate War Inve.sti K Htl.- B Commldep. He K oes cm trial m WnshliiKtrm fob. 2-4 on three counts of perjury and subordlnnllon of*per. Jury us a result of his committee "ppi'uranres. He Is neni.sed of lyi,, B („ s,, mt , nui'.sllsators about hU wmtlme Coi'iiT 1 ' 0 " W '" V Avl " tl<m Klectrlc FBI Gives Officers In S. E. Missouri Training Awards OARUTUK[<.SW1I.!,E. Mo FVI, IV. -Twenty-five Bouillons! Mlssou- •llnw euforrcincnl officers were prewmrrt rerllfivnle* ot nltemlntice by members of iho rvclr-rnl liureiin "( InvoMluiitlon office i>( S( Ixmls wild cimrlililed a .six-tiny h,w r\- fi'ri'omfill tilllcers' IrnlniiiK schnnl here' Siinmluy. 'I'liose ri'Ci-lvliiK the cerllflrales ncci>rd1ii K lo chief nepuly sheriff .Juke cliixton. wcri-: lluytl ('.. W. Vales, w. W cblsin K M. CuimnlnRs. w. I. Mullory II I' 1 . Wlckhnin, Harold Schmidt,' nmi Cniutliersvllle .K. p. C l ax(on . A )_ lierl Walker, i, o. Aln.nvorlh Mil- Ion KiilB, Robert K. Kriink •SpelBhl. Klnii'i- I'onl. Iliuold Jones. ". M. W«rd«ll— Orll, KMt«, Marslon— PHUI Havilwlt, !_, j r,,. lltner. ( "''BBS: City- Otto Kllburn, Emetl JOUY "llargnin sn/o.' Hccli, no — thtu'rt /inf /Vpsi-Coln 'Tr«a»ti r< TofuV • Knlor r<(|)»i-( ^In's j;roiit $203,725.1)0 'Tr«a»ur» Top" SwcopntnkoH nntl Conleatn. Over 15,000 C«ah Prin»\ • I'lvw.v iMilry cr-l» ill li-nsl. n Tmi.wre: Ccrlificjit* for th« l)ix I'tunily Swe('|)sl«kcs--Kiml. Pri/.o, $2(>,000.00. 0 i/mk fur liiiUtcn (Iraijjn under (ho cork in I'vrry l'f|wi-('ol;i hotllo lop, Collect, 'cm! Swap 'cm! H'H I'un! tt£T ENTRY BLANKS AT YOU* 5TO« /Vjiii-CoNi Carnimiii/, l.anti Isiaiul City, N. Y. iinrn.iN« COMPANY OF BIATHBVILLR Political Announcements Thr Courier N'RWS has nilLhoi'i/rrt lo nnnoimcc the (nllmv- IIIR cnndMslM. nubjpct (o tin- DomocrnMe prlnifxry: FOR AI.DKKMAN iRRrnnil W;irrlt J. L. iJndiei Nabnri toots FINEST ALL-VEGETABLE FOR DIGESTIBL COOKING BLE | ~~™ BIRD DOG STRAYED OR STOLEN SI 0.0(1 Rewind Cnr informal ion leading to this (!I)K'.S recovery. Thin, liylit ticked, year ;md hivlf old. If you know whereabouts »f Ihis Hog, see or call - - JESSE M. WHITE S like wildfire: is */»» // LAWN and ^GARDEN the nation the car you step down into I G '-T in oi) the excitetiieiil. See a new kind of motor car- only five fpet frniii prnijuH lo lop. htil with mart iiisiclc. head rnnm and roomier seals tliati in nn.y other niasn-prociitcei] Iiuilt loclny! Hudson is the only Anirrir.'iii-hnilt curyon .str|>r/dir<»into when cnlrring, not MJI on-yel it niaiiilains rontl clriir.iiice. Hn.lson's new. all sleel Monohill l>od.v-Biiri-frnmc» is Ihe only niolor-rar coiislrnclion lh,-it r™ii[>lclely encircles yon. even ont- si<le Ihe rear wheels, with ,i rugged, box-siccl foiimlatioii frame. You rid« wilhin this frainc-cradleil between nxles-not on lop of the frame as in oilir-r tar.s. And as yon ride, Hudson's combination of unique crinslrurlion ami comfort features pive.s yon n scu.sntion of snug snfcty and ?rronc, sinoolli noiiif- unlike i-'nv- thniK you've known before! s Trr.-rt yourself | o Uic Uirill of riding lichintl Iliulson's all-new Kiiticr-Stx engine-the mosl pi.wrrful six iniill todav-or Ihe licMer-lhan-ever Sitpcr-Ki^lil. Kind out nlioitt aiiloiii.ilic eenr fliifljng in forward spefds us provided by Ifiidson'.s exclusive "JJrtve--Master" lr;ni.smis.«ion. Step into the nearest Hudson fliowroom. You'll see whv. across the nation, they're exclaiming, "Thin lime il.*« Hudson!" "Q &• H^»»ia:^gg||^%>, •^ f§ SEE THIS AUTOMOTIVE rKIUMPH AT THf HUDSON DfALfKS USTED BELOW, Glin Harrison Motor Co. Unwrpautd Btavly, Toi Pick-Up CART 6.95 rut* r*r- Long Handled ROUND-POINT SHOVEL Ia>y-KolfU«, !*-*»* LAWN MOWER Tor thow wh» > w»n» Admlr* it! Ifltli Oflntury r«bln«t . ( . euloy tin l»t«t In «!•»- tronlcii. lUi »«lom»tle rocord pUynr «Hm[n»l«ii , 13 tnbM pin, rrctin.r, FM AM u Fhort -wftT*. Lightweight. Slrnnir. outturn Htitmpwl »t»«t W«d». T.cnz Bl-inc GARDEN HOE liikndlo- GARDEN RAKE SPADING FORK 1.98 Te mp«r« 4 (lat tlnen. H»rf- wo od "D" type fcandl*. BROOM RAKE AS LOW AS 1 .M A 207 W. Main St. Blvthtvilf«

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