The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, June 28, 1952
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VOL. XLVIII—NO. 83 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS • THK DOMINANT IT * \t*H OF NOR-rHlTAST AP KI M C , B .. , **"^ Blythevllle Courier Blythevills Daily News Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllle Herald NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI ARKANSAS, SATL'RDAV, JUNE 28, 1952 £ "± g-rvey Holds Stare's Crops Must Have Ram in 10 Days : \ A 1,1, THAT'S LEFT—This is all that was left of the 1949 Pontlac lhat crashed into the railing of the Yarbro bridge this morning killing its driver. Sum Hanley of 1217 Holly. The impact of the collision buckled the bridge railing in i wo p| aces/ V [. ficers said, irhoto by Sheriff's Office) House Votes Air Base Funds AfterCuttingTota I Requested WASHINGTON (AP)-The House today voted $1,200,000,000 in special tions for American air bases at dome and throughout the world It upheld cuts of 5G8 million which the ' tration requests for air baf Cherry's Name To Top Ballot List in County Drawings for Position D'ortvr.rr'nl-.V f ' "• n Blytheville base. Whether this^spe- I i™W>c works program' covering Lxc-mocranc v_O!nmirree | ciiic n mount will he reduced be- 1 * ""'«<• services for next year. Dies as Car Hits Bridge Auto Crashes Into Railing of Yarbro Span Sam Ray Hanley, 49. of 1217 Holly, was killed imtaiitlv at 9 a in today when the 1949 Ponllac he was driving crashed into the railing of the Yarbro bridge on Highway 61 four miles north of Blytheville. State Trooper Tom Smalley quoted Iwo eye witnesses as saying that Mr. Hanley's car was going at a high rale of speed when it struck the brldse railing. Mr. Hanley, who until recently was employed by the Ellis Implement Company, was alone in the car at the time of the accideiu ^Trooper Smalley said. nil! officer slated lhat apparently a lire blew onl just as the car entered the bridge, causing it lo swerve Into the bridee railing. The car was demolished and the bridge railing was buckled in two places by the impact ot the collision, Trooper Smalley said. Mr. Hanley was born in Yarbro and had lived in this vicinily most of his life. He was manager of Planters Hardware store for a num- Blylheville air base are included in this measure. Yesterday, the House, Appropriations Committee approv- j P°''ted to (lie Senate by the Sen- cd (he bill, which had been drawn j JfJ; Armed Services Committee. This up by the House Military Affairs'""" Committee. (The Military Affairs Committee cut lhe administration request by an overall lotel of S568.000.000. leav- '"- it unclear as to the exact 'A bill authorizing expenditure 0 ' thl;si: funds has not yet been re- bill must be passed by the Senate before it can act on the artual appropriations meas-ure. If culs reported contemplated by this committee are marie, the bill miisi be work on the base -here. (Originally, $16.203.000 was sch€d- Slll)jc( ,, ,„ The Air Force ]!o]| figures - uled to be spent in reactivating the I cl ' Jdc<1 In a $2.131,899,840 military Funeral arrangements were incomplete today. Cobb Funeral Home is in charge. He Is survived by his wile, Mrt. Minnie Hanley; one son. Billy; one daughter, Patricia Ray; his'par- ents Mr. and Mrs. Mill Hanley. all of Blyt-heville; one brother. Jack Hanley of California; and one sister. Mrs. Dixie Crawford of Jonesboro. Mr. Hanley's death was Mississippi County's nth traffic fatality for the yea.!'.. The name of Chancellor Francis j — Cherry of joncsboro w ill head thc list of gubernatorial candidates on ! the July 29 primary ballots in Mis- \ sissippi County, according fo draw- ' ings for ballot positions held here today. - Sen. j. Lee Bearden of Leaclivllle will be listed first in the three-man race for stale senator and Gene R Bradley of Blytheville drew first position in the listing of county judge candidates. H. o. (Charlie) Partlow's name will head the list of prosecuting attorney candidates Tile drawings were held this morning at the Court House here by the Mississippi county Demo- cralic Centra) Committee. Drawing was done by the candidates or their representatives. Here is the ordpr tn.«-htnh *),„ of the overall cut or by how • over-all allotment also was approv- I cd but in boil-, cases the action was | subject to roll call vote later. t Military construction is included I in a SV0. prialions bill -•A-jjiviy.Jti.-Tr/Bjuu sidered under forced draft. After finishing military siibje the House turned lo a S6.2-J5.940.750 foreign aid budget lor next year. Further efforts to cut President Truman's 37,900.000.000 program even more were In prospect. Rep Taber iR-NY) predicted an effort to cut at least another 208 million out of the mutual security program for the year bcKinninsi July 1. :! Dorado Gels ITaif Maintains He Can Get Win Says That's Only Argument Against His Nomination WASHINGTON 1.1V Senator Roberl A. Tafl said today lhe maiding- hurdle to his non I for president by Ihe Rep i "mistaken b gates lhat he mis races - <'l appear on the ballot- Tne Om 'o senator to!d a news Governor—Francis Cherry. Jack I onfcrcne he believes he has tlis- Holt. Ike Mllrry. Sid McMath and i Posed sucssfully ot every other Boyd Tacfcett. I argument raise* asainst tils sele- lion as Ih party standard beaer j£™ I Seven People iclief" by somebij , r^ i nn't win m No- MeBt U@ath In Auto Wreck Attorney-General — ciib Barton. Tom Gentry. Dun Reed and William I. Puriioy. Commissioner of state Lands- Ira J. Golden, c. c. smith and Claude A. Rankin. National Committecman _ Rabie Rhodes, Dan Cowling. Jr., Noble Gill and Paul Chambers. Prosecuting Attornev — H G ^ " .••*_• — ii. »_T. ,..-. .,..,vi uiT uirnuves ne nas con- Fartlow, Ivie c. Spencer and Clar- vinccd mosl people lhal he can win ence Meadows. i,, November, adding that th" kind SUle Senator - j. Lee Bearden. of a campaign he plans U nominal- Henry K. Hoyt and William H. eri would make lhat resull cer "fn Wyatt. County Judge—Gene E. Bradley, I. D. Shedd and Phillip j. rj ee r.' POCAHONTAS. Ark. w, _ Seven people, includine two babies and three women, were killed near here early today in a head-on collision of two cars on Highuav 67 Three others were seriously injured. Coroner Gardner McNabb sa j ( ] Ihe bodies "were so mangled" that officers and hospital authorities were having difficulty identifying the people. McNabb said Joe Cooper of St Louis. Mrs. J. D. Davis, believed of St. Louis and a small baby—all ... -„ ridint; in thc sainc car—were killed IF* F Cl!Um that hc hns HP Said Jam<ls E - B »i»nl. two wo-' aooiit nail ol the 1.206 delegates.; men and a baby, occupants of thc IBM. said lie expects to go into i Second car.'al^o were killed the convention with the largest nu Injured vverr>- owei* Will By N Decision of Federal Judge - '"' • " Flowers, ROCK l.f| Pine Bluff _ Harold Negro at- EIGHT PAGES SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS torney, says he will submit to ruling by Federal Judge Harry J. Lemley denying his request for a 3-Judje panel to hear an anti-segregation suit. LemJey handed down (he ruling yesterday in a suit filed by Flowers segregation, pro- at May- Faulkner at Chicngo convention opening July "The only thing anybody has got against me is the claim thai I can'l carry the election and there is no basis for that." he declared -'It is the only effective argument left. There is no other argument"' Taft .said he believes he has con- Repeati Drunk Driving Brings $125 Fine, JO Days in Jail E L. Middleton was filled SU5 and costs and sentenced lo 10 day, in .tail in Municipal Cmirl this raornine on a charm of drlvin» while under the influence of liquor Weather Arkansas Forecast—Clear to part- Iy cloudy with no important PARTLY cr.ornv changes in ihe Irmpeiature lhi> afternoon, tonight and Sunday Mi.snuri Forecast—Generally fair end continued hot tonteht and tomorrow. Minimum this ninininr. 77. M 'Xinuim VtvU'i\-!ay- KI.T. KunsiH today 7:17. Sum ise tomorrow—-1:50 Precipitation 24 hours to 7 a in — none. Total precipitation since Jan I —2360. Mean temperature (midway twcen high and low)— 01. Normal mean temperature June—78. 'tills ll.ilf f.avt Minimum Shi- irornin • ber of delegates .anybody has bad at the opening for many years. The Ohioan was asked'about a slateniem by Governor Earl Warren 01 California that the scramble between Taft and General Uwi°hi D. Eisenhower for delegates ivas creating an immersion that the Republican patty was ultra - conservative. He said he didn't agree with Warren, who also ls a candidate for lhe GOP presidential nomination lie added thai he believes- tvrn- hower has hart to come lo Tuffs views on domestic questions in Ihe Scneral's effort lo win delegate-, " This doesn't strike me as any calamity." Taft observed Taft; who ' Ii he believed such action ought to , take the form of a Joint resolution passed by Congress Hc said hc had ; no plans to olfcr such a resolu- j lion. • lhat this country does not approve , the temporary European boundar- Lavcrnc Keys Cooper. Cooper's . bride of only a few hours. ; J D Davis. St. Louis. • A 2-year-old boy. bis identity not known. ! Tht> injuird wore lakcn lo Ran- dolnh County Hospital here. The accident occuned about fi\e miles norln of here about 6.39 this mot nine, MtNnhb lold ii iTjiorter Riat the : car in which Byiuim was riding was headed south and the Cooper car nonh. ; He .-aid it wa- hclu-ied one of lhe! cars wrnt oil the highway and in an attempt to right jt sc lf, collided with the sorond automobile. seeking to end vided by law. in shools flosver School District County. ' Mowers has filed (hree other suits — against districts al Por- dyce. Hughes and Gould — whirl, are pending in federal coruts f; e filed a fifth suil seeking equality between Negro and white shools or an end to segregation, at El Dorado yesterday. Flowers said that "the needs of the children are greater than at- tcmptiiig to prove a legal point," when hc Indicated he would sub- Flowers said a 3-judge panel mav j be requested when a slate statute 1 is questioned and that a case is pending before the U. S. Supreme Court which, when settled mav provide a precedent to allow -ill segregation .suits lo be heard by a tri-judgc court. Judge Lemley ruled thai proceeding in the Mavflowc. suit would be heard by a single judge! CONGENIALITY A»V,l«l>-MI S5 Shirley King. "Miss Blytheville ' was winner of the first congeniality trophy to be presented al the annual -Mi is Arkansas" Beauty Pageant at Newport Thursday ni e hl Miss King was elected by the 30 "Misses" present to compete lor the title ni-the "mast congenial." A similar cup is presented al lhe "Miss AinerlLa" contest in Atlnnlic City each year, aim the award will become an annual event at the "M 1S5 Arkansas" contest. The cup was preseiitcd immedialclr before inlroduclion of the five finalists for Ihe '^SE ; ''^^I < liS' !heV ' 1 ' e ' U * J " n ' 01 ' at t)lc UnlTO reity of Arkansar. * •—>••-— 7 _^_j -_J^ ^J___ Interim Agreement Signed By United Steelyvorkers PITTSBURGH (AP)_Thc CIO Unilcd Slcclworhcvs Jiave sifiiefl ,111 interim agrcenienl wlucli provides a r>\ , teni. hourly hike for 10.500 employes of the PiUslnivtfh ileel Cornp.-iny— a liasic producer. Big Three Ends Talks In London LONDON i.-n _ The Big Three top-dawe talks on world problems loday and put lhe final loub- cs lo an offer they will make lo Russia for ondilional four-power talks on unifying Germany. After talks logclhcr on Issues overing (he Far East, thc Middle East, Europe and Russia. U. S. Scretary of State Dean Aheson! British Foreign Screlary Anthony Eden and Frenh Foreign Minister Robert Sbuman met .se^araieh- ,- , ' . " rlls ln ] ~ moininy. + The agreement was personally negolialcd yc.slerday by Philip Murray, president of thc steel- workcr.s. It provides a modified union shop and nthewlst Old Sol Runs Mercury to 105 Here Tying (he highest readings recorded here thus far this year the temperature In Blythcvillc yesterday soared to a high of 10 r i degrees. And the heat wave Is due lo conlinuc. Ycslcrdny's 105 - degree hljjh matched the readings of June 14 and 15. The low recorded in (he early hours of this morning was a warm 17 degrees. In Lillle Rock this'morning the U. S. Weather Bureau said the hot and dry weather will prevail today and tomorrow, An Associated Press story today *atd yesterday's heat brought a rash of a hove-100 readings throughout the state. Morrilton. Newport, Arkadelphia and Ozark all reported readings of 103 degrees. Gilbert reported 102 and it was 101 In Pine Bluff. Walnut Ridge and Plippln. ( Other readings included liatcs- vllle, Dardanellc, El Dorado Ft Smith and Caindcn, 100' Mule Rock. 98; Tcxarkana. 97 and Fav- etleville 96. The state forecast Is clear !o partly cloudy with no Important temperature changes loday and tomorrow. Today Is the 3lilh day In Arkansas without a major rainfall. Additional Polio Aid Sent Here Notional Foundation Helps County Third Time in Patient Care For Ihe third lime this year, the Mit^ippl • County .Cbnuler n/ (he National Foundation for'infantile Paralysis has had to rail on I h e national • organization f o r extra funds lo pay for conlinuini; care of patients in Ihi-j county. It was announced today. A. s. Harrison of Blytheville chairman of the county chapter said today that a check for $1.000 was received yesterday. bringing Ihe total received from the National Foundation ibis year to S3 050. The chapter's share of the .SII - 9B2.55 raised in lhe January March of Dimes campaign was exhausted by February. Mr. Harrison said, and lhe chapter will be i ! il l"" i ," K ,, Cn * dviincps f 'om thc Na-: timber have been destroyed by ' """" ' " " 'ires and the timber is "tinder Drouth Now " Believed at Critical Period By The Associated I'rcjs Arkansas farmers say that tlie -stale's crops may be irreparably damaged if a general rain doesn't fall within the next len days. An Associated Press survey covering the stale's vegetable crop pasluraue. cotton, livestock' fish timber and water supply reveati that all crops have reached tho critical stage in 30-day drouth, ' Miles MePcek, agricultural statistician, says that the crops can be saved - if rain comes soon. But he was nimble to estimate bow long the crops could withstand a drouth. Farmers, however, have reported to Ihclr county agents that rain is needed within (he next ten days to prevent a long dry spell from unninK into a major crop-killing drouth. In Sebastian County, Agent Wilson E. Porter said that the vegetable crop production will be poor ble and the 1953 strawberry and lavacaberry crops will be damaged badly unless the drouth "breaks within the next seven days." In Pope coumy, Assistant Agent Virgil Reading said pastures are in n critical condition. "Korean lesperiena, lhe basic, summer crop, la moslly dead," ho said. "Tho hay crop has been shortened and catllo are being sent lo market (but ordinarily • would be held for later selling." I'asturcs ISurned Extension Agronomist W. 71 Freyaldenhovcn said Northwest Arkansas mm Red River Milter county are the only fw-o nreiis of lhe state where pasture land has nol been burned disastrously. The bend of the Animal Husbandly Dept.. of lhe university ot Arkansas. Dr. Wirrren Olfford, said he knew of no cattle being shipped elsewhere to escape the drouth. Many sections of the stale report that early com has been damaged badly, the lomalo crop has been cut short and curly peach varlelies are nol ripening on schedule. County agents said cotton, cucumbers and soybeans arc not affected by lhe drouth ~ but aro reaching lhe critical stage In some areas of the state. Taking a look at the forest* which feed thc slate's lumber and pulp mills, James R. Talley, for control chief for the Forestry and Parks Division, said "it's (he dry- esl sonson we've had in 10 years*" He suid some 3,000 a cits of pine Stabilization Board in an cfforl to avoid a strike which now Is in the 20th day. Murray, himself, didn't comment after giving the green light to Pittsburgh Steel lo immediately start plans for resumption of production. However, one of his associates—who asked not to be identified, said lhe agreement "is nn important break in the solid front put up by the basic steel industry." remain- Although n record {420,000 was raised in Arkansas this year Mr ' Harrison reported lhal in addillon lo Mississippi County, 28 other Arkansas county chapters have re- National dry". HP said mo.'it of lhe daniago was centered around Crossett, Oj- r-irk, Salem and El Dorado. Fish Trapped The Stale Game and Fish Commission has disnalchcd rescue crews lo save millions of fish cclvcd £107,250 from lhe organization. juH'coSi?'^^ 130 lor the past four vc-irs '' Ulc Rock ~ are t:lki "S 3te r« Mr Hovr-i. , ' '" l )revt '" 1 a Possible water short- Mr. Harrison urged lhal Missis-insc. i talksi i of us ----- " •* .11. I 1 ^ U . l raft ; who has called for rcpudia- o I I- rbehc^h 1 :^™^ii ec ! rch Ex P erf s Help Hunt Body Of Lorna Horner Miss Brooklyn Vs. World in Beauty Event LONG BEACH. Calif If _ n - s Brooklyn against the world for the Miss Universe title tonight "have served to inform cacl on developments in various ,,,..,., of the world and to stionptheti the liaison and undcrsl.inding among us." The three ministers announced in a communique last night they had agreed on the substance ot a note to Russia -- expected to be delivered to Ihe Kiemlin bile next: week — outlining (he conditions! under which the Western Powers, would agree to meet wilh the So- i vi^ts to discuss uniting Gcinanv i and mapping an eventual „ , Professional searchers f r o n, ne r",r h^' C 1 ?"' cd in thc search! tract, . , tor the body of i, O rna Homer. 14. |cr laMsh cilt ' l' ' t „ ," '.' . c<1 ' "me - eyed Jackie • i<: icry. Ji, won Ihe Miss United Slates crown early today at That haam^",^"^ 0 ^ spectators bleary-eyed. Beautiful repcscnladves torn 23 other lands bar Miss New York'" path to a seven-year movie con" sJ.flOO automobile nnd olh- ocfittiiiK the "world's They ulso aimtmmjort they had "considered means" for insuring Ihe close co-operation in Korea and the Far East during their two 1 few months, said he had no com- :/in-ill on (he agreement. When asked il any negotiations arc , planned soon to end lhe strike he P ar ' s said merely: "We are ready to negotiate at any lime." K*|iccls .More Although no nonoliations are' planned wilh U.K. steel or other I fomp.-tnies making- up (he Indus-: : li-v's "Bin Six," one of Murray's >i.-..Mi;:ialr.s .said hf expecled "more i companies lo fail in hue soon." He s;iid flppioxnilalelv 48.01)0 of the (inO.OOO men who struck June 2 now have been covered in interim a K i' c e m cuts wliich have been signed since thc strike began Most of (hesc are in .smaller companies. Companies which have signed include Detroit Steel Corp.. and ' polio precautions. The following rules appl\ .said: 1 Avoid mixing with n e w groups: -l Avoid having any mouth ur ihroat operations: 3 Avoid chilling of any kind: -I Avoid over- falisiie fiom work, play or travel. 5 Besure that hands are kept clean, especially before calms. Great Strides By US in Atomic Fields Hinted WASHINGTON - Hints of major American rievelo|»ncnl.i i;i the field be let in August (or consti uction he of a 50 per cent expansion in its water system. Little Rod: lias authorized Insinuation of a «-mch water mam Irom its auxiliary lake to thc filter plain to increase the rj(3's wafer flow. Little or no preclpu.ition in the stule is forecast h\' the U. 5. \\ea- Ihe Duieau at LHtie Rock for the next (our days. Temperatures are ! expected to average 4 to 8 de- yiecs above normiil. c, ,„„, .. . ^- ~" nuu ...,,.,, uriciufj; formal meetings which ended last! cr blc<> ' c °mpany. A few days] of alomic energy night with a dinner Riven by Eden.' a8 ° ' "--'-- - "-- " -•-- • In his separate meeting with :are lodnv oqsed ?irl." to be determined In Kden loday. inloi mcd sources said Achesoii again loiirhed upon (he of ago 12 companies m lhe Pittsburgh' ^ h " r fc of JoltinR new estimate area, employing 9.000. signed pacts' Soviet atomic and air power which followed the general pat-- Optimism stemmed from a \V1-.' C - _ tcrn " r lhn WSB i-ecoinniendations. • House visit of the tialion', lop American offer of a British link WSB rc <:onimciidcd a union' alomlc exports, one of them Dr with the. United Nations command; ^ h " p , in Korea — possibly ' T ^'"* 1 BriUsh ' downed in a ni . Basnll. f'olo.. Accottlinii [ T.ift said a I] (o 111 vole by which 'he | Virginia Krpublican dti- „,-, psnllon n.linc<l one of his suppoit- h, re walr-r ers as Us representative on lhe!Kr\in« I',-,,, River GOP convention Credentials Com-i fro,,, : t.s hiph st-, CP mmee was not indicative of his ! and a more intensive il 1 ,± eB S.' h *;!. t . h _ I . n - lhe . aj -« e ^: ^"f «» lcrt on" 1 Jimtain stream near his, w,.,.k. > if'lJorrs HMcivrd i 'he slrram. I h r has dropped of last week search is now • •f ,„ ,-h be- for legation. He claims a majority oi j the group. He said local issues j and personalities figured In Ihe delegation's vote. j Tafl was at the University of IViruinia in Ch:.rloH(".vllle ye'sti-r- fHv. ennfrri'i:!!, ivifn the Virinfii Prr. iri'aiion date-M.M. . Jsi.jjry 1 u> air is forrliii policy. ' Jor points: , . , He made ihue ma- /• ; «'lv b ...,,„ In-.t-plar-e !i« thai . , ^ PI c-limirinry iniwu-n .MI.<S NVw York ana Mlss I-omsiana. Joanne Thompson 20 a statiu^smie bnmcue from n a ion Houjtc. it took an extra ballol before (he judges picked the Brooklyn s , *»»^ » ^'»&dW'£ ft !;£, ^ empties into River, which ! deputy lo lhe Far East Command•e O. S. Oen. Murk W. Ciark. Senate Views Controls Biil WASHINGTON '-I'.-Thc Senate becan consiticiaUon today of a compioinise bill lo extend price. ullcrcbv "» -slcclworkcr's rnusl belong to Murray's union Pittsbureh steel's contracl calls for a modified shop. iVew employes must loin the union hut can wiib- iliaw beUM'cn ihrir 20ih and aoih ill'-, cj| wnik. A I'lttsburxh Sloe I spokesman -s^ui ^9^4 per cci.l of his company's ''hsible already belong ,„ the union 'and therefore H was Inside Today's Courier News . . . Number Nine. I.ppanln ad- vaiirr it <)>renhi Tourijnirnt . . sports . . . t'.ii;c ri. . . . Inside Democratic Party. !... .Icihn Ctunlhcr . . . fourth of -i ^clirs . . . r.t!:f. s. . . Nen f nf .Men in Scr\lrc . . . r.T-c s. J. Robert Oppenhelmer. rlwiiman of lhe Atomic Energy Commi^ion's Kcnrral advisory committee, said, later: ; "There have been such great developments In. alomic enerzy «c' Toll we should report on the-e di- I lei-tly lo Hit Piesidcnl. We wr-h we 1 could MV »hal was in the report. J bui we cannot." j T1 ' e Br'n'mcr side of the picture: decided no practical purpose could.'*, relcalcd '" screened teslimonv • of top Air Force and ' ' UZ— ,----,, be achieved bv continuiriK thc •>ase. rent and other dcfcu;-e con-; strike on the union shop issue " irols before they expire at mid-1 The agreement, rctroacllvc' to ti.tJlH Monday. (April 1. provides six paid holidays />.,"., ''" Ml ' F ' lrllltld f D-j!hr(.e weeks' vacation utter 15 Pentagon Appro- "^ prfimpcri ,„ leaders before the Senate priations committee. UrKlng approval of lhe 46 billion dollar defense money bill. Gen Na| than F. Twininp. acting head of the ' .Mr V.n-rc, said Hussians Sllon ,, 1; , v ' hmc enoiiBh at.imic bombs iii. .aimch^a .s'.npiivo atiait: "plus ., , e - ''icfecding Lries if the. ordstohelplxiry lhe heroes.

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