The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1948
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY is, 1943 Memphis Manufacturer Says 7,000 Cotton P/c':ers to Be Ready for the 1948 Harvest MEMPHIS TO,,,,.. Feb. ,8. (U.P.>_ T | le ,, m mcehllnlcal „„„„ p«*er hu ; rolcd „« [(l e assembly line, the International Harvester ompany disclosed today pIWBglng 1ICW mass productlon twh| peed the modern macnmc, to roMon farmer, in time for „<.« ««rt ci op, * The company has produced about 200-ortrt pickers bv ha last five years via the machine shop methods. nd in U,e «iu.m Condon, the cojii|Mny' 5 *. manager here said that "we cxucct • to turn out that many in two or ^1 three months." • He said that the 8<M i for th e •*.Iemphis Works is 1,000 pickers this : "Our company is determined to f up P' y ' he coll °" Pickers needed to fill the gap^ caused by manpower The new assembly line machine Is a one-man, single row picker of the "selective" type which harvests cotton from open bolls without Baptists Favor Aid for Europe And Asiatics, Too WASHINGTON, Fe political expediency nr diplomatic advantage but simply on the existence of need." top speed." Arkansas Power Concern Seeks to Buy Big Plant LITTLE ROCK, Feb. IS (UP) —The Arkansas power and Light Co., today asked the Public Service Commission for permission to private or sectarian'schools 3. Directed attention to stands taken by both Northern and So'uth- iern Baptist Conventions calllm- [for extension of lull civil rights to 'all Americans Bt.YTHEVIlLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS ^ ^Something's Cooking ' *.\i * ^Jf^f w \ -' y^|> ^vs* "N ..C." •— •- ——. ^~».i>»»jw.ia. ... , "';T4, -*V. £ wtr\ / W&*: * / and equipped Arab troops in Palestine. Iho remil rapid rises In Uio real "'Male market, lie snid. "Anil at the sume lime, every(blue ruiiiicrd'il wllli llie'oiier.t. tlon of a sellout illslrlrl has jinu'- tlc.illy iluiililnl hi price." Mr. Held WHh (lie low nssi'ssmenl o( (ho illslnei, Us IxirrowliH! |imvrr Is nbniit S-IL'5.000. )«• sntrt. However, the PITS- eiit school btmvd [ell It would l» mnre nrtvlMlile (o borrow JM.1,000 »s repayment at Die entire 1425,000 from in,'sent Inn,me would lx> dlf- lU'iilt. Also, it WHS pointed nut the <'l!>er $100.000 would not Imlld n new hlRh school. rulnliiiB out flint school Inellltles here me .it least 'Jft yeurs ouljirown j mid OIH of date, Mr. Held snld "It • s mlr-restlllR lo nolc that Columbus, Miss., iviiid, | ms R \ m n (i,,, sumo population us lilylhevillc Ims Proposed a SUOO.OOO tomi I S511C [ ov u school inillilliiB proc.rmn." This inogrinn, he snid. liu-lmles coiiMriii-ilim of these buildings n'l Die followlni! costs: White hlRh school, $715.000; Nc- liluli siliool, MTS.OflO; white elementary seliool. $300.000; nncl nddl- llnn io tirgto elementary school, John A. White Wins Contest a Capadty Crowd to Hear Attorney General Clark LITTLE ROCK, Fcb. 18. <UP) — President Truman's civil rlgh( s pro- grain appeared torhiy to be hooiil- liw lickct .sales io Hie annual Jackson-Jefferson day dinner here tomorrow nl$ht. Dinner chairman n. A. I.ilc said sales reached .1,, all-lime high of 800 today and tlmt sales will be stopped at Bin. the capacity of the banquet hall. The principal speaker. U. s Attorney General Tom Clark, planned to Iciive Washington by plane tomorrow morning accompanied bv Arkansas Congressmen ivilbtir Mills of Kensctt and Orcn HarrLs of El Dorado. —Mayor J. L sherrard today sr>ld he was turning over Io the FIJI a »nrnliig from Ihe non-isecrelarliin 1 Aiill-Kani Lrasue of New York lhat Die K« Kliix Kliiu WHS out to "take hliD for a ride." "We nrrrl a|iiirovlmn(rl>- Ihe s.ime thing us the Columbus rlh- trlr iiocils. t.iil «•« flip not h:iv« Ihr (ax-ralMii); caparlly anil yft nur romniunlly lum -.,, ,n\\cli weallh and croalor liiFiiniit-irn- SCHOOLS 'ICoi, nlluiieil tram 1'aje II The nc\v firm would be knoivn as the Lake Catherine Corp. it would b e financed by issuance of Sl.000,000 worth of common stock to be sold to the parent orsanlza- ^on. ^The A. p. & L snid formation of tne new corporation was necessary to carry out plans to purchase the steam generating plant from the \VAA for 5925,000. Work on the plant was started during the war to serve, the Jones Mill aluminum plant. Although mor e than J1,000.000 was spent, the plant was not completed by the government because of shortage of generating and other equipment. Tiie life of an automobile lire has been increased from about 3,SOO to 25,000 miles in the last years. ' i ^?,'i"- c a ' ;<l fortune cal »e to John '}• ;,,.".?• so " ot Mr - an <l Mrs. Floyd | A. Wmte of BIytheville Saturday | niglit at the University of Arkan- i MS. P^yettcviJIe. for the naming of ] -Miss Lush". Winner of the contest, which required the writing of a 25 word essay, receives SI50 in prizes, donated by Pnyctlevillc merchants Mr. White Is a pledge of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity at the University. On the Mend j Scorch is Continued For Eight U.S. Sailors HYERES, France, Feb. la. <IJPJ_ TOe of the eight American sail- i ported missing in a harbor 'accV dent ma v still be alive on shore French harbor officials , 5 air| torla}\ fto bodies have been found despite an intensive 24-hour search by both French and American officials. The men were reported mining when a short leave launch sank after striking a harbor pylon yesterday. " "As long as their bodies have not been found, there Is-hope they are £" \ ^ en ch port official'said. The Midway remained outside the harbor today while the search for the missing men continued. .Relaxed after a few days in [Miami Beach s tropical sun IOC Ruth puffs a ci^.-ir-on the ™-n of his Florida cottage WHY A/OT OUR REPAIR SERVICE IS DEPENT? SHELTON Motor Company lfl W. Ash Dial 443S SKATING RINK Opening Saturday Nite 7:00 p. m, AIR BASE GYMNASIUM 35* TWO SESSIONS NIGHTLY SATURDAY & SUN. MATINEE Ter Session Good Skates * Good Floor OPERATED BY BILL GODWIN and ERV/IN JONES Arrest of Arab Party Leader Starts a Riot CAIRO. Feb. 18. (UP)—Three Arabs wcr c hilled and 78 wounded in a riot awinsl British forces ves- tcrday In Tri|x>]i. British authorities announced today. Emht British soldiers were wounded. Military reports from the Libyan capital said the riol.s started after British troops arrested Alv Pckky Hassan, leader of th e Arab Kotln Party. Threatened by KKK ANDERSON, S. C.. Fcb. 18. (UP) opened a one-tcaclicr prlmarv school in a chinch in the West Knil of BJyilieviiic mid plan to do the same thing j n the East End." Central urade school was built In 1003 and ihn Junior. hlRh ..yhool «'as erected later, jvtr. Reid said The Senior High school and Stid- bur.v sclloo) were built in (he early 1020's and LaiiBe sch<ol was con- siructcd In 1327. he said. Mr. Held S:1 I (1 n lat an lirchl . d'c( has «limnloil that It would require at least $1,000.000 to liro- vlilc die niythcvlllc dislrl.-t «Hh Ihc srlini)! biillclings It actually needs. This rsllmate was based on current Imlldtnc unsls, he salrl. Mr. Reid thru pointed out that during the past 10 years the p>—chasing power of the building dollar has shrunk from 100 cents !o 51 cents. The assessed valuation of the lily- tlievlllc schonl district todnv is $'!.157.728. apin-oximatcly the same m the J9M assessment. There has hern no substantial increase in it during lh:ui Coluni- luis, Miss." Mr. Reid B»lrl. Mc-mbois of Ihp niythcvllle d|j. trlct's honrd of dlrccturs will confer with rcpriwnlaUvfs at bom! firms al the special mrailng Mon- <lny iilslit. Mr. Reid was Inlrodnccd last nlRht by W. H. Nlrliolson. superintendent of lilvthevilli- schools. KoiiiulPi's Dai OlKrrrnl The Pounders Dny |,roi;ram was opcnra «-H?i the group sindnj America", led by Mrs. Wilson Henry irlih jimmy i^wr „, Rc . companlst. Tlie Rev. Allen D Sle- wiirt of iho Mrsi Moihodtst church Kayo the invocation. Mrs. j. Cecil Uwc, vlce-|)rcsfdent of the city Council of the Pnrent- Tcacher Associations cnvc , trlbtilc to Ihr- founders of the association and presided ovtr the program. The Junior high school boys' chorus sang thre,. selections, nccotn- piuiied by Mrs. Lnnicr Held The boys' high school nllartrt sane three selections with jimmy Lowe as accompanist. Miss Rosa Hardy, principal ol the hiKh, school, presented n»'iir<l.i for the hight-sl attendance with the prizes BoillB lo the senior hi«)i schuol tor the best atlrmlancc. 'n,c Junior nigh and Sudbury Schools tied for second place. A Founders Day offering was taken up by Mary Pinners Clalnes, Knmona Cralton. Mary Morgan and Dnrbnra Alonaghnn, all un- dents ol the high school. •^ Here i s opportunity for ^ou men with no special skill or training to better yourselves in the months and years ahead. In addition, you can count on long term stability of employment and good Pay. Beginning factory rates for jobs that require no experience range from $1.03 to $1.23 per hour depending upon type of job and shift. Many of your friends and neighbors have already taken "Caterpillar" jobs. Why don't YOU investigate the advantages a "Caterpillar" job offers? Apgly at your local State Employment Service Of- nee or call in person at the "Caterpillar" Employment Office in East Peoria, Illinois, any week day. "CATERPILUS" JOB ADVANTAGES • Opportunity to Uain »nd Advance • Long Terra Stability ol Em- ploymenl • Good Pay • Employees'ftadroraont Plan • Volunlary Group Insurance and Hospitaliiation Bene. Mi 'or Sell and Family • Complete Medical Program • Hoi Lunches al Low Cost In Clean Modern Cafotciiaj • V*cahon3 \Vi1h Pay Caterpillar Tracer Go. 0 R I A N 0 I Livestock FACE SEVEN SI. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- YAKDS, III., Fob. 18. (UI'I-(USDA) •-Livestock: Hogs 8.700; snlnblc 7.500; fntrly nc. Uic, 240 llijs up, slwulj'; llgdlcr wct«lil.s :in<t tows. sU'nily In 2Sc IUjjIior. liulV good and ciiolcc 180 lo 'M Ibs »23.50-2f35; lop »2450250 lo 300 lb.l t31.75-23.25; 300 to 350 Ibs J20-22; IliO to 170 lt»s »3a . 75-23.50; 130 lo ISO 1!]|.. 119.25-23'•>0: few «2.75; ICO to ISO llx<i fcm\-'t *la.SO-)*75. Sows. 450 Ibi down «I8- 50-19.25. lew »IO.W; over 450 llw 517.75-18.50; *l nK s »M.5»-lfl50 Call In 3,000, salable 2,500; m \ Vf!i HELP'^vr Hf IUIH OUT CU M U B SIPTOL coi»» tiivia you instant rcliff to • tlurT. c-il-ui* Wml-colii ftiut couxh, tliri>«l iirilftliDii am) lioir&nirat dii« to • colj. Siptol Ipaifiift th« phlegm in Iht iiBnil Bnil bronrfftl tract, »nil . SIPTOL SOO. «ll .i»ml)lc. Very light receipts or cattl^ Include about 8 loadj of 'Itftf. Cows malting uj> about I-'J of run. Market active and diowjiu uneven utrengih In sUer» and butcher yearling., with co*s Me. or moie higher to nllc Interests. Uu!h steady venters steady to $2 lilgli- ci; advance on good and choice. Small lot medium to top medium stMis »23-25.M; a few low good steers, t3t; good heifers and mixed yenrlhigs »2<-25; medium. 119-23; Rood cows, »20-2I; common «ml medium 117.50-19; cannera mid cul- lers, 114-17. KUEKX HAn Plmpi*, t*»Hm*tH. MA<IH4iH4HT(l»W1 IhlHi*. J* "Drujr Stores Everywhere" Perfect Service We pride turMlTM Ml »>r courteous, prompt Mrrle*. I'erfcct food pint ptrftc* wrvke KjUil. lh« perfect meal. Elliott Johni, Owner Johns Cafe 409 West Main Phont 3900 FARMERS! DO YOU NEED FURNITURE... AND AT THE SAME TIME NEED THE MONEY TO FARM? If So, Why Not Buy With HALF DOWN-BALANCE NEXT FALL At the Time When Your Crop Comes In! J Ther« are No payment* to worry with during the summer ... You don't hove to furnish references, or have anyone to stand good for your bill. All you do is come in and select what you want and pay ONE HALF down, then sign the sales ticket showing you bought the merchandise and where you live. W« do the rest. We send it out and set it up in your home, then send you a bill OCTOBER 1st, 1948. These terms are good anywhere in our territory, and they art flood to any farmer who wants to buy. Remember, these terms apply to ANYTHING WE HAVE IN STOCK . . .. just so the total amounts to as much as $40. This Means Everything, Including: i Furniture Electric Refrigerators Linoleum Electric Stoves Water Heaters Axminster Rugs and Carpels Oil Ranges Coal Ranges Ice Refrigerators LIVING ROOM SUITES THAT OPEN UP TO MAKE A BED, OR REGULAR 2-PC. SUITES Right now we have a complete stock on oil of these hard-t o - 9 «t items, but we don't expect to be able to keep our stock up en •ome items when spring business starts. We have reduced prices for our February Sal* and these iUmi can be bought on fall terms. G. G. Hubbard & Son, Inc. Phone 4409 Blythcvill*

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