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The Courier News from , · Page 7

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Thursday, September 11, 1947
Page 7
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVKN Lid Comes Off Tonight on 1947 Football Season Chicks Go South With Paps Tangling With Marked Tree Indians T m m-i i , To Play Wildcats "Kino; Kooiball" will begin it.s tlircu-moiilhs ici);ii in IHytheville tonight wliun UK Ulytlicville Junior High School Papooses lake on tlio .Marked True Indians in Ui<> lid- ])»])))iiig jjaine ol' the 19-17 season at Haley Field. Kk-kol'l' lime is set, for 8 o'clock. All (trussed up in new uniforms of mar.Hiu jerseys and brownish twill trousers maroon stripes, the Paps will open tlieir ll-(jame schedule, the toughest ever faced Klyllievillu Junior Hitfh School siitiad. Following their anuuul "dress- rehearsal" under the lights of Haley Field last nil-Ill. Couch James R. Fisher and his able assistant Sylvester "Pop" Mosley pulled up the lieas of their ])re-sea.son .training cam]) and pronounced the Paps roatiy for action. Sparked by four letter-winners from hisi year's «iuad. the l'a;>s will Held one of the largest if not the largest group ot pluyers ever known in the history of junior high school loolball in I31;lhcville. Three of those four monogram winners are members of Die 1317 Paps' backfield, namely. Mel Hay, <iuarieib.u'k, and Leroy Pruilt and Charlts • Hough" Lutes, haltb.icks. The fourth member of the quartet i.s John Paul Huteher.son, who will work at end tonight. l-'oruani Wall is Strong Irfty, Pruilt and Lules. and a newcomer, fullback Robert Reirl, shared the offensive spotlight throughout lhe entile three-week pre-season I raining period. Hay and Pruill were backfield regulars last year and lilies is a converted center. liui lhe Paps real strength is their forward wall where .several husky larl.s. even though relatively inexperienced, showed lots of hustle nil during the training period. Jim Deer, u lanky reserve from last year's .stinad will work with How Paps and Indians Line Up I'ulinoses Player J. Hnicl cr;cn jj. wuiuli'ilU-li j. nlankGiisliip j, o. Broke j. Phillips E. Orifiln J. D;er Mel Hay L. Prtiitt C. Lutes R. Reid r>o 54 uo 48 44 :)G 40 42 Wl. 155 no 155 14S 150 ICO I4f) IK 125 14(1 150 Pos. I, I. l.T rtr us QS HI! II « I-'.i Wl. U\ r ) 1:10 120 145 12li UO HI 122 NO 12-1 1119 .Marki'il 'I'reo I'liiycr Then u. Ii. L. J. K. O. J. J. Morgan Williams- Talbol l-'ord Spnrlock MCIU'O Oriffin 1'ord llrewei- Arlair Yanks' Page and Bums Stanky Termed Indispensable Players Blythcvillc Team Faces Tough Opponent for Opening Grid Season Coaches Nig Hymim and Waller Davis anil J7 members of the niyllu-ville Chicks departed by bus at 1::il) this morning for Kl u'ormlo to open tlhoir 19-17 grid season i.gainst the highly-touted HI Dorado High School Wildcats. Till' Chicks along wilh Ihe Junior High JScluuil Paps wound up llieir pre-seas:)n training period wilh an hour's scrimmage under the lii;htt; .if Haley Frolrl last night dressed in full game uniform. Following ihe I'mal- drill session, the Chicks bei:un packing for lhe long trip today. Coach Bynum staled that they v.-oulrl arrive in Kl Dorado late this evening and would hold light drills tomorrow mornlnj; or afternoon but lhe Chirks would spend lhe greater liail of tomorrow resling. 'he Kin Chief pronounced all ol' By CAKI, (United I'roFS Stiorts Writer) NEW YORK. Sept. II. illl'l .They won't carry imniKli votes i" the balloting lor most valuabl'.? [ player uwitrds lo curry the population of n pop-corn stand, but for a i pair wlui liuve been indispensable i in their team's penrmiu drives how bout a bow today for lolly Hutohcr.son at end. Jim .showed up | p , of lne YCU&CCS ami stonily nicely m scrimmages ns a pass I E(klic Sla , lky of thc Dodgers? Kiiagger and his extra length will ;. ,,,,„<, who Wiis abolll U) , ose llls aid him considerably on the do- I Jol) with i ne yaukce.s because of lc '' lsu ' [his failure lo start and finish n At tiie tackle posts. Couch Fisher \ ball game, suddenly became lhe had five good prospects from which i most effective relief hlirler in either to his starters. Bill "liussy" i league and in that unglamorous Wunderlich. a beefy reserve from [ role yesterday won his Mth victory Lhe '4G clan held the inside track i of lhe season while selling a new on Ihe other four candidates all ! club record for total appearances through the training period with ! by a pKclier. Hi'! i?oyd, a newcomer, running I Slanky. never a slugger and sel- him a ciose .second. Boyd. a red- : doni a polished fielder, has ninin- hiiircd freckled-faced youngster, is ! taincd .his role for two seasons as his wan iors in uood shnpo und ready I" i;ci with lhi> oxcopllui! of nlter- rnle-capinm Harold Trnylor. Truy- lor-ha.s hern having considerable trouble with his back. Hymim sulcl. jj extra base liils by Dixie Walker'i'"" 1 I" all probability would not and Johnny Jorru'iison which pro-.^art tomorrow ni*-ht'.s I' duced a three-run seventh inning !' 'This will be (he- first year in (ho rally. j history of the .srluiol tlnil lhe Chicks .The Cardinals. In psrfect lime < hllvt> flu '«' tllc Wildcats and ncl- for tlieir vital three-game .series ™"<'e dope on the rutiiIKS of tilt! with Brooklyn which Marts loday, 1 two teams has the Chicks the tin- remained 4'- games behind Ilie <l<'i'tlni!s hy a lliree-touclidown mnr- Dodsers by defeating (he I'lills, 4 ""' : ' Mobile Leads League Playoff For Dixie Berth BASEBALL STANDINGS SOUTIlUtN IJKAGUh • il'InyofO W. U Pel. Mobile '20 1/0'JO Now Uilt'inis Nuxhvllie . equal to Wunderlich in .size but Itrek.s in experience. His hustle and will to learn the game won him a sun-line post in loniijht's lineup. At guards. Coacti Pisner is also i pretty well stocked. Junior Blan- kenMiip and .Jerry Phillips, a couple of experienced lads, ntong with Donakl Coblj and Lsroy Criner, turn• ec? in some nice • performances in Iho |:re-yaine drills. I'iips Hold Weight Advantage Kimcr Richardson ami J. C. Drokc handled most of the cenler chores in the drilis and witi probably share these duties throughout the season. the top "money player" of thc Dodgers and it was most appropriate yesterday that he brought them out of their brief .slump ',vilh a key home run highlighted a 5' to 1 victory .over lhe Cubs at Chicago. Makes 51s;t Appearance Page, making his Tilst appearance lo top lhe club'.s previous record set by Wiley Moore in 1927. struck out six baiters and gave up only one hit in 313 innings to ben't the Indians at New York. 7 to 4. The Yanks balled out Bobby Feller early and continued their onslaught against the eventual los- Bryan Stephens, making 12 to 1 behind thc four-hit pitching of Alpha Brazle. Brazle. who won lib 12th game, gave the Cardinals their ninth victory in 10 .starts. ' Gianls Win Fifth In Itiuv ' The Giants won their liflh .straight, topping the Pirates al 1'itlsburgh 3 to 2 as Larry Jansen scored his 13th vlc-lory. Ralph Kiner made both of the Pirate runs on homers, bringing his total for lhe .sea.sun to 43, only three behind Johnny Mize of the Giants, the major league leader. Lloyd GciirharL hit a Giant homer. Clyde Shoun of lhe Braves blanked his ex-team mates, the Reds with four hits in an 8 lo 0 decision at Cincinnati. Danny Litwhiler hit a three-run homer and Bob Blliott smashed one with one man abase. Freddy Hutchinson of the Tigers shut out the Red Sox al home for the first time thus season, 5 lo 0. as Delroit moved lo wilhin half a game of second place in lhe American League. gin. Hul ii being lhe first game of the .season, the Chicks slum! n fair chhnce lo pull nn upset. Fact- Tough Opposition Doa.slitiu a line that looks similar lo. (hat of the. Chicks when they were in their hey-day, the Wildcats are rated as the No. 2 learn in lhe slate, second only to (he Uttlc Hock Tigers. Coach Skipper Hays had 17 lust year letter winners return lo the fold this year and lolal of some 70 candidates from which -to choose hl.s 'VI squad. In thc line, thc Chicks will be outweighed a tittle better lhan 10 pounds to thc man but will hold |lu edge on weight in thc backfleld The Tribe's backfleld will nvernw approximately 11)0 pounds lo th( man with lhe Wildcal backs averaging around 157 pounds per man. This would give the Wildcats :i approximate weight advantage i five to eight pounds, per man fm the entire team. In the cxpcrionc doparlmenl. thc Wildcats agail have the advantage inasmuch ns greater number of them have playei high .school football while .seven members of the Chicks' lineup Dick riS\i j, •Ktfa-.'i r is dressed in tin- •noiU'ttl. sh'i'.inihm'il K^ar of tin 1 ari'Srnl T<-arnin:ili' Kr<-il Hams ill iminsliato:; what * Oie >vol!-cln'ssi-cl i.n.thall pUiyi i .vole in Ihe dliy:: cf thr Ulllii 1 heck :.wi'Mi'i. MCIIII.K. Ala.. Hf)!t. 11. UfM — The Mobile Heals, lu'innml winners In the 19-n Smilliirii Assorlutloii llnii chase, loday went oui In trout In the l.vaiiue Hliaui;hncssy 1'lny- ol f and loomed us a <lellnite tnv- orite to iciiresenl lhe loop In lln> Clxle .Serifs. The playoff winner v,'iil be Ulxio .Series rein'est'iitaltve. The IJ; i ars maile SI i\\o in a row last night over ilu- fourth seeded ('haUanoojia I/n)kt:uls. winning '1 lo 4. with lillli' riKlitlmndiT 'toy llulis i'l'ttliiii Credit lor tlie win in a rcliri role. H:ilcs relieved tall i iuhl bander John Hall, who finished tl»' si'at.on wilh Ii! i'uiiseculivv M-orci.': s lun.'iiij.s-.o ,ii:. rredit. Homer Miitney homered lo aid Ihr lli-ar cause in the .se.'oii'l. llLill u as ,appcd Ujr two ^icore^ In i he !hs: Juuue i.nd Holes '.'amo in in lhi> fiiuith us the Oklahoma City lad sho\\ed streaks ol wi'dness Dolt's in turn had lo have help lioiu l''ntnj; l.aita. .submarine spe- i-laliM who won Tuesday night's I'lune. and Lt-lty 1','tr Miiuu-r finished u]]. Vertion C.ntis, of four 'Nooi;a luuleis, wns chari'.ed will] the loss. The Dear:; not 11 (ills, the l.:iol:ouls 111. In New Oilcans tin 1 Nashville Vo!:., ihii'(!'<'ded. cvc'iied up Ihi'lr playoH st'iic:; \cith llie .second phire I'l'hCiins. \\-inilinn :i to 1!, The Vols ; rapped losini' pitcher (ii'mv.c iiienl lor ti htl:i wtillt- I In- 1'eli^alls t'.nt i:) olf youlhltil l!o:i Hush. The scries nami's \\i\\ be resumed Friday night in t'liitltanoo;!a and .N'li.shvillr with lonUiiil of I lor Ira- 0 .50D .500 .DIM Showdown Battle en As CJhdndler L'rooklyu , St. l/ims . Ho.stou . . New York Cini'lniiaii Clii(rni;o . !'hll:idel|:h I'ittsbmi'.h NATIONAL I.KAO11K W. L, 70 SO '17 82 71 01 <X 75 GO 1f> 55 81 53 02 .-Wl PCt. .Dili .585 .1534 .521! .408 .441 AI\ti:HI<;AN I.KAGIJK W I, New York l!7 51 Huston 13 C2 Detroit 7.) (X) ... 71 ...ID ... 0! ...5!) ... SO .I'd .(BO .fill Ml .S'.'U .504 .400 Yeslerthy s Results or Iwo years o Coach Kolm Bray, who is noted | hits including a homer by Billy mo?.tly for hi.s basketball coaching ability; bill 'is ito slouch \vh'efv'W comes lo tutoring pigskin .sport, will liclcl a fair-sizsd team tonight, consisiim: of six or seven lads who have had previous experience m the sport. His .squad will average between 130 and 140 pounds to the man. slightly less than the Paps but will hold Hit ui:perhaiul in experience. Fisher and Mosley insist on taking no chances and will instruct I their charges to play to relv on ! .straight football ns their main ] means of both offense and defense, for in this.opening game, the Paps' | chicflains will probably feel out his entire scpiad in order lo determine 1 their starlers in fuinre contests. ' .lim Lyons and Ebb Pickens, two *-,. ' Johnson. L?s Fleming hit t\vo homers-to account for thre? Cleve* land runs and when he got his second in the sixlh. Pago succeeded rookie Vic Uaschi and gained cre- dil for the victory. Stanky. a one-lime "has-been" wilh the Cubs who was traded to the Dodgers (wo years ago for pitcher Bob chipman. hit his homer yeslerdny againsl thc same Mr, Chipman and realized n long- alanding ambition. Although it was his third homer this season and his lifth in major league competition, Stanky said that it was the first time he had ever gotten a "solid .smash." The clhers, he admitted, were just "chcapic homers." This one went sailins; high into the left field seats at Wriglcy Field and followed veteran officials, will work tonight's . game as referee and umpire icspec- ' field judge to be chosen lively, with the headlincsmau, and loday. sometime All Acclaim FARMALL The Tractor that does the job! Owners tliroiighnul Mississippi (.'oiinty and Soiilhenst Missouri aUcst the fine service Riven by tlieir FAKMAM, tractors. KARrMAIJ, has proven itself repeatedly (o he (he UIOHT (raclor for tho PAR- TICIir.AU JOB, whatever it n..... .e. If you own :\ KARMAI.L . . . care for il as you \vouh1 something livinpr - . - for il's life is of utmost financial interest to yon! Hrintf i( lo DELTA IM- I'l-KiMENTS INC. for service and expert repair. No for our estimates on repair work! INTERNATIONAL 'HARVESTER 3/2 SOUTH 2»P ST. PHONE863 Errors by MlKc Trcsn nncl Rurly j fro^h from" junior hiyli scnool whort Yock gave the Senators two im- they witnessed on- earned first inning nuts and on- fooUxill. ablcti'Walt Masterson lo snacle Or-; Tllc chtck.s will open their homr val Grove of the White Sox. ^ lo 1 i schedule ngninsl the -ParuKOUl in a duel at,Washington, Mapler-| Bu ]m ogs atJIulL-y .Pickl Sept. Ii). son gave up four hits while Grove j yielded five. The Browns maclfl it two in n ro\\- over the AlhSeLics at Phihulel- )hia ns Fred- Sanfonl coasted Lo .m-8 to 2 decision, his sixth of lhe vear. lie gave up five hits, one n Homer by Sam Chapman and \vn.s insured thc victory when the Browns scored five times in ihc ievenlh with Jeff Heath's t.vo-nm lionier the big blow. Yesterday's Star — Lefly JOD Page, who won his 14Ui game iti relief role anrt set a new club record with his 51st appeanmi-c, striking out six. and giving up Inu one hit as the Yankees topped Cleveland. 7 to 4. Read Courier News Want- Ads. Babe Zaharias May Play In Arkansas Tourney FCRT SMITH. Ark., Sept, 11.— fUP> — Babt? Didrick.son Zahnrhv | tin- nation's io;> woman golfer nn i rcc-cnt u-innrr of tlic British wo inon's tilli 1 , is expected to com pot jn the Women's Himlscrabblc Opet here O?t. I-I anc' 15, Mis. Tom Licit ly. tournament chairman, annotin ced yesterday. Mrs. Lichly ,snid Iho Babe woul liiny unless lier movie contracts in tcrlerc. Also expected to play are Belt Jameson, li'43 Hsircl.scrabblc'winiie 1 anct PaUy Hei'g, Womeri's Nationa Open Litli-Iioldcr. The. slilrliinj 1 , ond tl:c add ti|i ID an air ol liiir; |i'.u:ii" alt -Y u;r ,Mi".'rn. r> R. D. Hughes & Co. UMayoIli Mobile 'i. ChiiUaiiooi!a •!. Nashville 3. New Orleans 2. NATIONAL I,I-:A<;IIK DruuUyii , r >. (.'hlcano 1. SI. Ixjnls 4. Phlhu!el])hla 1. New York :|, I'lttslniri'li 2. •IJnsliisi II, r'iiiclimiitl t). New York 7, Cleveland -I. illetroil 5, lloslon 0. St. I. mis II. Phtladelphla 2. Washington 3. Chlcauo I. CINCINNATI. O,. Sept. 11. (UP) —A showdown battle which tnay,rer ult in lhe tcrnilnulipii * ojf noisy .a i-ry MacPhall's baseball career, I IB weakening of A. B. (Happy) Chandler's position ,'as thc sporl'fi ommisslouer. or In an. ahU-cllmac- ic stalemate was expected here to- ny. MacPlmil, definitely on tl'ie carpet n his position us head of the NeV.' York baseball dynasty, was sum- noncd by Chand!er to explain 1 - why le allegedly violated a silence or- ler which directed him, lo . say lolhlng about his pr.rl. In the celq- jraled one-year suspension of lirooklyn Manager I.eo Durbclier. Chandler, also on the spot with funs and perhaps with club owners because he failed to divulge 'all of the dentils ol the drastic action again/it Durocher. called upon four New York newspapermen to tell their version of whnt went on in a recent interview with MacPhail. M that lime, and each of- the newspapermen carried thc Interview in almosl (domical form. MacPhail allegedly slated that it was a ''one hundred lo one shol 1 ' that D»i-o:lier would not be buck with the Dodgers next season and that he would' !iiiil have bom smpondcd in the first place If Brunch Klnkcy. bass of" the Dodgers had not wanted It that way. Hit by Train >ro Grid Teams Stage Opening Games o1 '47 Season; 2 Arc Exhibition CHICAGO.'Sept. II. (UP)—The x>\vor-)>:u-kcd Chi.'ano Cardina's. sjiarkcd by their siWI.Cna r:;oki" Charlie 'Iriiipi, look a 52 to 21 vlc- .ory over the New York (Hants in in (xhiliil inn football inline liere asl ni>;hi iK-lore n n cord Cominskey Tark cix^vd ol 3!),tt5',i tans. DES MOINK3. la., Se])l. It. rUP) —•Bob Wali'i [ield. Iho lormer UCbA ;rctit. |):rswd i.nd l-.L'ked the A^igcles Ii;uu.s lo a 24 to 0 vlclory over the IJ<i:;lon Yanks of lhe Na- :U)iial Pinhssional Wjnlllall League list nielli Iji-lore 12,([10 rain-soaked fans. UENVKIl. Scjlt. 11. (UP) — 'I'he Washington Hedskins and lhe Don-oil l.ions were ready for the National Professional League Football wars li;day alter the Redskins handed the Lions a 23 to'M beattni; In an exhibition <'.ame here night. Pemiscot Farm Bureau to Meet In Braggadocio CAHUTIlBHSVILLf. 1 . Mo.. Hcpl. II.—The I'cinl.scdt Cininty F;inn Tin- :e:iu will hold a community mootinn at Urn|!KH(lo=in l-'riclny nliihl, it was ninouneetl todny by J. II. i'';irr;ir. I-\irm Bureau .sri-retary of Ihin •iiy. Tlio mcclitiH will iieKin nl 7::iH |:.m.. nncl wil'i be held in the liit-li -eiinol [?> r inn;jsinin. Tlu- pro^'riun inelnde.s .showinp (if :i mo\'inf; iiietnro. "The Men Y/alker Cup Linksmcn Advance in National Amateur Golf Tourney lll'.l, MONTH, Oil!., .Se[>l, II. lUl'l -'The c-liiiiiiplonshlii i'.s|)lr;ilion.s "t hiitl a (l<m;'n n[ the l-olllltiy's oruek iniinloin n")ferii were hnrle;! tudiiy In the Imps ol InK-shnindeil I'oljlilo j Uoi-rli Cinlf ! lint a irlinnpiiunl 111, hciidod hy llwu luniu'r eh:nii|ilmis mill Ihieo members «r lhe U. s. Wniker Cn]i team, nnirelied uhei'.d toward their itoal ill Ihe 47th Ni\li<nnil Amateur Ciolr 'ronriinment. Headlining tlie -list iif slurs ad- vaneinu within ran;;i- of the chinn- |)iuushi|) were Mnrvin 013ml I Wurd. who won tiio crown in 11)3!) and iiKiiin in Hill; nii'k Chapiniin. Iho I!HO lltle winner, and Hkee Hiei'.ol, who i\loii); wllli Ward and Cha|i- ini-.n are Members oj the Walker U>i|j loam. Today's Games xoirnir.HN I.KACIJK I.SIiatlKllno!,sy Playoff) liaine.s .scheduled. NATIONAL I.KACHIK lirooklyn al si.. 1-onls. ninlil. Philadelphia ot Ohleai;o. Neu' Vurk ill Cinolnnuli. lliMloii at Piti.slniiiih 12). AMKItlOAN I.F.ACIIK Di'lrott at New York 12). Cleveland al Hoston i2>. ChU'ago at PhlliKlolphla, night. HI. l^iuls at Washington, night. Who I'rtxluce C'uHon Four Arc Favorites In U.S. Net Title Meet NKW YOlilC. fiepl. II. (UP)—The United Klato.s held the four big lu-es today as 12 o[ lhe 14 survivors moved onl on the l:atlercd turf al I-'orest Hills bidding for six places in' ihe quarter finals of the XJ. fS. Tennis Championships. All four lop-seodcu Americans— Jack Kramer, Krankie Parker, Tom llrown. Jr.. and Oardnar Mulloy— i were slrong lavorlles lt> wrap up LI'lTLK '.DCrjK, Ark., Sept.' 11.— iUI'1 I.oule O«'.:hot. .00, was "rcst- nicely" todny at Missouri Pa'ctfic Hosjiltal hcut after being slrucK lij" a triiin in lhe L'.yie Rock yards las:, nif.hl. ;. t Cnnductor Shelby Matthews'saiil the nun appnrenliy was slltliig : oii crosslies and Icanhiu against a rail when he was hit. 'Matthews "said lhe lights from a:i 'appioacl)!!!'.; iniln ]irei'onled lhe crew frdiii see- In!; the man. provider! by Ihe Memphis office: ol!' 011 ' 1 Berths In lhe round of eight lhe National cotton council of llm ' (| nis juin Hob Valkenburg of llollywoad anil J.u-oslity Drobny,-the chunky, tacllurn Czech who rcaejied II >'i'sterday. America. Also. .Secretary Kanar slaloil ihiit .several mailers of In- Irresl and ImporlalKo to farmers and resident. 1 ; of this srcdon will be rll.setis.serl. Opens at <i:ir>; Klarls 7:15 Rend Courier News W.uil Ads. DIRT FOR SALE ie 4 Usrey Phone 517 I«ist. 'i.'ime Today "NOCTURNE, with : nrRc l(:ifl und J,yi m B I'nx Movietone News Also Short Subjects Kriday At Siittirdily ..." "FOOLS GOLD" with Wlltiiim Hiiyd.. . ' us "l!o[i:il<m|.' Casshly" I''llliil Chapter: "Lost City of Hie .lunglo" Also Shorts New Theater > Manila's Finest Bh.wsl EVKKr tllCSRT -* Matinee Satnrrtij A finrd»- B«i Opens Werk I)»T« 7:M *-m. (Ut-Swn. 1 p.m. Cont. Bhv ' I-ast Time Today "LOVE AND LEARN" with .lark C'nrson and Martha viekers Also Short' Subjects Friday "COURAGE of LASSIE' wiIh fuHious Collic "Lassie" a M-G-M 1'iclurc. ' Also Shorts --'. Thing You Know SEAGRAM'S 7 CROWN BLENDED WHISKEY. 65% Giain Neutral Spirits. 86.8 PfOOl. Seagram -Dislillets Corpoialion, Chfysler Building, NewYoik Saturday 'ARIZONA TRAIL' with Tex Kilter Also Shorts THEATRE Mpnila,Ark. Last Time Today "NEWS HOUNDS" ! wilh G.irccy and thc East Side KM.t NOYS and Com<dy ^ Friday and Saturday ''' 'CODE of the SADDLE" with Johnny Mack Brown ' Cartoon and 13th Chapter '} "Purple Monster Strikes" ./

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