The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 18, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 18, 1948
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 10-18 BLYTHKVLLI.rc (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Hew Jersey Newspaper Tests Electric Engraving Process To Aid Smaller Publications By Sunnier I'. Alillunn (NKA Slaff Correspondent) HACKENSACK, N. J., iNEAl — A red-hot nrcdlc thai stabs at seconds. Hie operator s(u<ite<t Ihe nerile through a mieroseope. to ari- JuNi the depth nf (lie jabs to (lie tonal value of Ihe pholoRiapri, anil piece of plaslie 150 limes a second Is 1 then ihe cngrnviiif; machin* w-is giving newspaper readers in Norm- a I work. orn New Jersey today a previe-v of a vital link in pirlorinl Journal- Ism The neertle and the plastic are Hie production end of a dherl photoelectric engraving machine which L provides another electronic short* cut In speeding nirmre coverage of the news lo readers. Developed after many yenrs of experimentation, the electric engraver PAGE THKEK Electric Engraving Process Demonstrated K.loctrlc Kye Scans I'iclur* Like a Telephoto machine, an electric eye .scanned Hie picture us it revolved on the cylinder. transforming the light and dark values into impulses which controlled the needle. And as the plastic on the cylinder revolved in synchronization, the pyramid* pointed needle was burning 45-degree dot pattern to produce is now In opcMrvtiomil newspaper use! fl 65-line halftone which]> for the first time In a .small mmi-1 rr srinbles a zinc pl^te, etched b\ her of newspaper plants In the Nev; nitric acid. York niPtrnpoJilaa area. As prodii';- SOVPJI minuta-; and twenty .section and Hvaitabiliiy arc incrpaseri owls Inter, ihe whining .slopped. the machine should brnaden the I The operator mi fastened tlie plas- use of iiewspicturrs from the met-j tic, trimmed it nn what looke<l I'opoli'an dailies down to tlic small i like a paper c inter, scrubbed 't weeklies. - off in plain water. A watting copy Th« machine was developed by thrj boy mimed it away. Fairchilri Cumera ^ ' Down in the Record's compo.s- Cnrp., of Jamaica. N. Y., makers ot i nfi room. papR one. was already the famed Fail-child aerial cameras locked up—except, (or a two-col- L. A. Thompson, chief enclneei- if', utun" hole in one corner. Printers • took ihe plastic cut from the copy , liny, mounted 11 on a metal base, : wirh adhesive. Pagp one was trunri- ehild to widen thn machine's scope, j pr i to , np s'e.reotype rollers for its In picture transmission. . la.s't stop before ihe presses. AcrnR Teleclronix, cooperalrd in t develoiimcnl. and NEA-Acme ard rorillmiiiiK to work closely with Kair- . And a few minutes later, th copy boy was cabk in the room where the engraver was whining and burning and slabbing out A demonstration. Tliis time he had Few Mac hi tin's l)r Liver cil First, installations are beinc matin by Fairchild from lists recommended by NEA-Armo and two other newsphntn services. To permit a constant check'by Fairchild enein- ; a bundle of papers under his arm. ecrs. Initial deliveries ate be-inir kr-nt i Faster Handling f'nssihlr within easy travel ciistnnce of Nev, | Over in the left-hand corner of York, but greater production and 'page one wa.s the two-column plc- 5erv!ce facilities are expected lo lure of the woman that less limn make the machine available ovei ?. half an hour before was being wider area this Summer, arcordini! rushed out of the photographer's to Dudley Hollister, Fairchild exccu- darkroom. tive. ' Later, an intense little man heJtl The first public showing of the up the plastic cut and po.sprt for i machine was at Din Bergen Eve- ; his picture. If h* looked pleased, ning Record, a daily paper in this he had a good reason. George suburban counly seat, where it : Washington, Jr., whose family de- has been in operatTon for several I vclopcd instantaneous coffee, is ^ weeks. There visiting publishers '-. the inventor largely responsible for patched pictures become engrav- tin: direct engraver's present form. 7 1 ncs in as little as three minules Beside him was Donald G, Hurg, and 40 seconds for a one-column editor of the Record, who feels cut, and saw the ctismvinRs, printed j proud al hcing a sort of "guinea a few minutes later in a paper thi»l j pie:" anionc editors for whom formerly had to reply on out-of- j Washington's invention will make town engraving facilities for its possible .same-clay publication of local < local newspiclures. While they huddled around the I Others who watched the mn- lalhe-like apparatus, a Record pho- I cl .'no's public debut saw fan-each- i tjigrapher handed the operator a ' ing advantages to bjg papers'! too, 1 picture of a Hackcnsack woman as well as those with no engraving 1 Electronic wi/ardy of the latlie-lil-.e machine at leu carves a new future for plrlorlal Jciunmllsin In lo morrow's newspapers. Inventor Geornc- Washmmon, jr., fondly winches the dlieet pholo-elecli tr enRrnvc burning a half-tone cut into a piece o| plaslic in Its official clehni at (he lleriten KngriivInK riccovd. Hack ensack. N. J. The machines cl''i'tri<- eye '!> scans a photo like ,\ telepholo machine inul trans. ills Ih impulses to a red-hot needle 1^1 whu-h stalls the plastic sheet un Ihe left cylinder 350 times a seconi producing a CS-screen halftone. MiMiope c;ti is usert at .start of engraving pun-ess lo control halftone riot.s the needle burns. (Below) The finished cut. two columns wide was lix-kcrtnp up un minutes afier photo left ttie dark-room. Invenmr w-isliiiiglon dieltnv Hollister (lefti, Faircliild executive, and Record Fdunr Ucinnld Ci. Bnrg. rt's pace one (bclnwi less Iliau l lefti proudly sllowj It lo |)ml)e being honored in a big local home- makine p.vent. "It's for pnpc one—today," MI id thf- photographer. Thp operator clainprd the ptiuf. —cropped exactly to the two-col- plants or their own. They pointed out the machine's speed—about 20 minutes for the maximum eight- by-tcn inch engraving—will enable newspapers to make pictures Into cuts almost as fast they put news photos lrt vr,::r;i ,„,„„ Of Truman Arrive For Arkansans wl11 decide whether lo nend the e.< |j|i _ ilmnted S1H.OOI1 proceeds to the Nil ner were hoominp, after his an- l ' oni ^ Democratic Party or ken nnuncernrm ycstercla>- that the ][ ' n Arkansas as suggested liy prngrani hart been arranged so thai ' c '" v - Bl> " Lnney and other party opponents of Mr. Truman's c ] v n I ofllcials. liberties proposals ^ill b,, pel-milled limn size in which it would appe;,i into type, in the. paper—on one of the imchi- : The future posiblllty of a rti- ne's two cylinders. On the other, he, I rert engraver hooked into a Tele- fasiened a sheet o< plastic, tightened 1 photo network would give piclorial it. and threw a switch. j journalism virtually the speed ol There was a pulsating whine, the. written word. something like a New Jersey mos- [ -.^- — quito in a power dive, and k faint j In Cuba, a refreshing drink ol smell ot burning plastic as the sly-j sugar rann juice, pressed out while ! c his, warmed lip to 12(10 deRiee:.. | you wait, is sold /or it penny a ' bepan Us lightning Jabs. For a few i elnss. ' LITTLE HOCK. Ark., h't-b. 18. — iUPi—Approxhnalely li.dfio co]iics of President Truman's official c;i;ii- paign pictures arrived in Little Rock yesterday clesjiite a request tliat they be kept in Washinutim. R- A. Lllc, cliainnati of the Jack- j snn-Jrffcrsoti Day dinner, said he Committee not to send the phri.o- for distribution ru Tliurs- Pi'csi<3ent,'.H na- fra- p;nty unity, iRlitu I'phHH Wnsh. tUPI — Dogs to leave brforr tlv tionttirie brondeaM for p;nty unity, OiA'MI'IA. 'Ihe piiuti|j;i] speaker, u. S. At-i have Iliclr rlplits In Ilils .Male. Au lurney General Tom Clark, will tin- jOlyinpia resident wns arrested and required lo post $50 ball after run- ninp ovei' d(hwrtt(i\vn Ml his talk at allowing 10 iniiuues to lap'-e before Din start of Mr. Truman's brnarlcn.-Jt. UurillK^lhc interim, tlie KUI-STS; a stray mongrel on a street. Tha charge wn.s hit-and-run driving. lines up the new rounded look Combine stripei round out the trimmest, tiniest waisled little jacket ever. Circular goei the skirt and 'round goes the little coltor, too. With all curves played in Cerey'i 100% woolen. 7 fo 15. 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