The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1948
Page 12
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PAGE TWBLVB Bi/rnnsviLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW? Accuses Long Of Tax Frauds Opponents Seek to Discredit Candidate On Eve of Elections By Gnnt Dlllman United Prae Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 17. (UP) — The once-magic name of Huey P. Long, the Louisiana Kine/ish, again J* booming through the halls of Coagresi. But thli time it's only « strident echo of a drive by one group in Louisiana to prevent the election of his brother Earl K. Long, as Governor. Long's Congressional critics have charged him with income tax fraud. A top Republican said, however, that a showdown in (he drive probably will come too late to allect Long's chances. This statement was made by Rep. Leo Allen, R., 111. who calls signals on the House Rules Committee. Allen said his committee may act this week on a resolution to investigate Long's tax affairs but that the legislation probably will not come before the House until next week. That would be too late to nffeot one way or another Long's run-off race with Sam H. Jones for Die Louisiana Governorship on Feb. 24, Rep. James Domcngcaux, D., La.. stirred up the original rumpus over Long's alleged tax difficulties. Ho said Long agreed to pny the government $KX),QOQ in back income taxes and fraud penalties on income received in 1938 and 1939. Another Louisiana Democrat, Rep. F. Edward Hebert, said it wasn't so. He said Long agreed to pay W. 139.83 in back taxes for the years 1937, 1938 and 1939. But no fraud was Involved, he said, and he has the papers to prove it. Domengeaux was undismayed bv Allen's statement about possible delay on the resolution. He said he ntill hopes some way will be found to push the legislation through the House yet this week. He also discounted a claim by Rep. Henry D. Lnrcade. a member of the rival Louisiana faction, that Long will win the election by at least a two-to-one margin. "It's Inconceivable to me," Dom- tngeaux said, "that more than SO per cent of the people of Louisiana will vote for a man like Long. 1 don't think it's a run-away al all. I think it'» still a horse race." The water boa snake bears Its young alive. Europe Faces Threat of a Balkan Federation GREAT BRITAIN yottc, Greece fj rift with Red guerrilla activity. Albania, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria ore eying her norlhrm provinces, Epirui, Mace, donia and Thmet. Russia, Rimion- dymtnated areas USSR-sponsored Balkan federation A fleeing member of the Romanian royal family reported that King Michael was forced to abdicate o Communists could go ahead with their projected Balkan federation. Such an economic political and mill (nry alliance in southeastern Europe would Include (lie four Dnlksn states of rtomanin, Bulgaria Yugo slavla and Albania and their Daunbian neighbor, Hungary. Ma;, above shows some of the highlights of such a federation, which IE one o[ the basic aspects of present Soviet foreign policy. MacArthur Issues Warning Against Jap 'Blood Bath' WASHINGTON, Feb. 17 (Up) Gen. Douglas MacArthur advised the senate today that Japan will undergo a "blood bath of revoTu t onary violence" , ln |e.« £™j £ a'tlon° rnC f e8 ' )m V P the SS- eC ° no " ll ° P"*" In that Murder Note Sent Before They Know HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 17. (U.P.)— A "heavy, big man about 50" was sought today as the writer of an unsigned note which described in detail the murder of a woman real estate agent before the police knew she had been killed. As authorities read the mystery note, printed laboriously with a pencil on cheap note paper, another real estate agent reported he had found the body of a woman, Mrs. Kladys Kern, 42, In an empty hillside manor which he was showing to a prospective customer yesterday. Mrs. Kern had been slabbed in the back with a hunting knife. o i L -* mw L ow \ - <. / liquid shoe polish per bottle in p*i»l)r colors, ni Zr&K' /.>'.,f,m .,(,"',1 BIRD DOG STRAYED OR STOLEN $10.00 Reward for information lending f o t h5s dog - s .recovery. Thin, light ticked, year and half old. If you know whereabouts of this <to|?, sec or call - - JESSE M. WHITE 111 So. Broadway I'hone 3231 Police Two Days Woman Is Killed The knife, washed ctean, was found In the kitchen sink nearby. She apparently had not been raped Her money ana wrlstwntcn were missing, but her car still was parked outside the fashionable Los Feliz district home. The note, addressed only "hurry to police." was mailed two days before the murder was discovered. Police refused to give the text but said the details It gave were accurate. The note writer said he would stay hidden until he found the killer himself. He said he had to prove his Innocence of the crime the slayer tried to pin on him. The writer said he met the woman's killer about three weeks ago He said the man \vas a racketeer who wanted to buy a Hillside home but couldn't because of his bad name. The writer said he agreed to front for the racketeer, whom he Identified by a nnme unfamiliar to police. He said he made an appointment with Mrs. Kern to visit the property. Employes at the agency said Mrs. Kern left her office Saturday afternoon with "a heavy big man about 50." He said he rode to the house with Mrs. Kern and that the murderer followed In his own car When they got to the house, the racketeer and Mrs. Kern went into the house. After a long wait the writer followed. He said he found the killer In the kitchen kneeling over the body of Mrs. Kern. The knife was still In her back. He said the man covered him with n pistol and tied him to the sink faucet. Then the killer shoved the woman's coin purse into the writer's pocket and fled. The writer said he finally man- I aged to wriggle free o; his bonds.) He said he took the knife from | the wound, washed it and left it 1 in the sink j "I must find this man," the nole ! ended. "He is my only alibi." i The not« said the murderer i ooxcd like a boxer and had curly blark hair. West Memphis Editors' Libel Suit Starts Today JONESBORO. Ark., Fcb 17 (U.P.)—The fighting editors of West Memphis, Jack and Pele Coughlln, went on trial in Craighead circuit Court today on a liable charge. Crittenden county sheriff Cecil Goodwin asked $10.000 damages for what lie said were llbclous state- menu marie by the Coughlins during .the heated 1916 political cam- on a change of venue. The editorials In the Wast Memphis News charged Goodwin with lax enforcement of the law. A Craighead circuit jury awarded county judge Cy Bond $503 damages against the Coughlins In a similar libel suit last fall. Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Feb. 17. (UPJ—Livestock- Hogs 11,500, salable 11,000- uneven; weights 180 lUs up 25 to 750 lower than Monday's avt •? Lighter weights 25 to 50c (owr- sows weak to 25c lower. Bulk good nnd choice 180 to 240 Ibs 23 5024.25: top 25.50; 250 to 300 Ibs 21.75-23.25; 300 to 350 Ibs "0-22' 100 to HO Ibs 22.75-23.50; 130 to 150 Ibs 19.25-22.50; lighter weights scarce, few 100 to 120 Ibs 13.50-is Sows 450 Ibs down 18 50-19''5- over 450 ItJS 17.75-18.50. Stags 14-1650 Cattle 3,000. all salable; c:-,lves MOO, all salable. Receipts light with about 20 loads of steers on sale. Outlet apparently restricted to major packers and these interests bearish. No early sales. Market on light butcher yearlings and heifers to small locals, but limited !Ulry from big kilters. Cows sli-a- _ under light receipts of this class. A few top medium to good cows 1850-20; common and medium largely 10.50-18; canners and cutters 12.50-16; bulls about steady but slow. Good beet bulls to 22; medium to good sausage bulls 1921.50; ven.lers steady; good and choice 23-28; common and medium 15-23. MncArthur> warning was mn tained In a letter to Sen. Bricn Mel Mahon, D., Conn., who read It L the Senate. McMahon had askciL MacArthur lo comment on receni protests of Sen. William K. Knowland, R., Gal., over "socialization" policies In Japan. MacArthur, Supreme Commander /or the Allied Powers In Japan replied that a free enterprise svs tern cannot be set up In Japan unless the "traditional pyramid of economic power" b> torn down. He said the some steps were even more "indispensable to the growth Of Democratic government and life, as the abnormal economic system heretofore In existence can only thrive If Ihe people are held In poverty and slavery '• MacArthur wrote that (he Japanese people fully understood the nature of the forces that had exploited them and had shaped the national will for war. " things arc so well understood by the Japanese |MopIc that apart from our desire to reshape Japanese life toward a capitalistic economy, if this concentration of economic power is not torn down and redistributed peacefully and in due order under the occupation there is no slightest doubt that its cleansing will eventually occur through n blood bath O f revolutionary violence," MacArthur aaid. Groves Soys We Must Educate Our Better Students NEW YORK. Feb. 17. (UP)—Lt, Ceil. Leslie R, Groves, wartime head oi the Manhattan project, said today that one of the major problems of the atomic age is the education of promising students, regardless of their financial means. "We must see that a proper education is truly available for our most competent students," Groves conlerence of mayors at the' Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. "Lack of financial means must not be permitted to block their education and thus diminish their potential value to the country." However, lie said that as well as detailed scientific education, it waj necessary that the cultural side „[ education should not be overlooked. "Leaders of America mus,t not be blind to the political and economic side of nature. It is evident no matter how technical their education may be. the cultural .side of their education should not be overlooked. We need leaders of vision in nh fields, and that requires background training in much more than a single educational field." Issac Singer patented the first practical domestic sewing machine in 1851 and Is credited with placing it In the home. l Read Courier News Want Ad» Kohbins and Mother To Stand Trial for Murder CLINTON, Ark.. Feb. 17. <U.P.l —Three persons will go on trial, here next Monday on charges of murder growing out of the strych- ' nine poisoning New Years Eve of lUrs. Sue Dudley rlobbins. Lonnfc Robblns and his 11-year- old mother are charged with first degree murder, and Henry petty. a former employe oi Rcbbins'. Is charged ss an accessor}'. Robblns' mail-order bride of a week died a fe\v hours after arriving at the Ilobbins farm home following her marriage to the 47- year-old man in Abilene. Tex. Bobbins was arrested several days later in company with another woman whom he was about to wed. Bobbins' mother and Petty were arrested last week. GRIFFIN smys because it has a hard-wax finish HACK - BROWN • TAN • OXBLOOD REPAIR NOW AND SAVE! Save <i,ne . . . Save Money . . . Savc Worry . . Sav . further expense on repairs and replacement, by catchln, h>d, d,™ 8cs wh[( e they're relatively ,„.„ and „„,„, •hem reared by Lee Motor S . te expctl W()rl(mcn ,_ rate, an easy term, if >„„ , lcsirc . ImmedfclU «„,,._„ WE REMOVE DENTS QUICKLY... All Work is Fully Guaranteed! LEE MOTOR SALES 307 East Main Street CMC TRUCKS OU)SMOim,R Phone 519 NOW YOU CAN BUY A NORGE CHEST-TYPE HOME FREEZER FOR ONLY ONE-THIRD DOWN, WITH 18 MOS. MONTHS ONTHEBAIANCEI w The lid's ol you can now buy ibis finest-of-all home freezer on the finest-of-alt terms! Only from the Norge freezer can von get tlic economy and efficiency of the famous "Rollator" hermetically sealed cold-maker; and only for a short time can you get this Norge freezer at these special terms! Hurry in and sign up! Get Delivery Today! NORGE B£rOHE YOV BUr HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS IBS W. MAIN ST. PHONE 515 Truman Ask* Women to Use Consumer Power* WASHING-ION, Feb. 17. (UP)— President IVuman today called on women to use their "(xj'ver of (lie consumer" to flglit high prices. The President spoke at the opening meeting of a national conference of women's organizations i sponsored by the women's bureau j oi (he labor department. H e went i lo the departmental auditorium to j deliver his message. | After surveying accompaluli- I TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, Political Announcements The courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject (o the Democratic primary; FOR AI.IIEKMAS (Second Ward) J. L. (Jodie) Nahers ?,„ f> ,J*°T en , ln recent deKdos, ! pan--"the power at th. <xW ta/h'fd t * d , "' dr 01 '8a"":-- er"-wlilch had not bee* tSSN llom had at hand "a ready wea-i its full effectiveness. Don't Forget the Big BINGO PARTY Wednesday, Feb. 19, 8:30 p. m. at the LEGION HUT Prizes Valued Hot Less Than $5 All Proceeds Will Go For Building School in Ulytheville Admission $1,00 Sponsored by the Ladies of the Catholic Church ENJOY SCHENLEYS TREASURE OF e-Wa, Qlu , ily B.ended Whiskey 86 grain neutral spirits O1946, Schenley Distillers Coif . N.Y. C another big Barbara Wooddell William Wright flobart Cavanaugh ADMISSION BY TICKET ONLY If you don't have tickets ofneed more...ASK US FOR FHWI— See It! 9:30 a.m..Wednesday, Feb. 25th. Missco Implement & Hardware Co. 110 West Walnut St. Blyfh«vilU,

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