The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1948
Page 11
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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1948 BLYTHEVII.LB (ARK.) COURIER NKWS IUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams! Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplc PAGE KLBVEN I iinc. •an.*.--. GHOST/ 16 T.UIS 1 'SOfAE: S1RP.S5GE VISION JUREO OP BY \\V P£ IT'6 ME., ALL RIGHT, AMOS.' J AS R6AL AS THE SOUP OJ VOUR hieoariE/-.- AKSD T M i^w, i ;j?v KNOVJ "WlS. ISKJT TH£ ^ f- FLESH? \ 22\ METROPOLITAKS ART ; — /V^ MOSeOM.TOO.' — BLKtovJt S :•.•*} •«0 Mft/JAGfi To Ti-ie HE'S LOST AND C/SBEMvSE ON HIS SHIRT--NOW WHERE DID I SMELL CABBAGE COOKIMG? I THINK NEAR TH 1 CHEMICAL WORKS-- SfAELL HIM.' WELL, IF YOU "\ (AH. MY SMELT CABBAGE \> DEAR WEAR TH' CHEMICAL T WATSON, PLANT HOW DO VOU EXPECT M6 TO SMELL -X CHEMICALS WITH CABBAGE ON HIM T TH' BOV AN' "KHJ HAVE MISSED •lOOR CALLINGS.' WE CAN HIND HIS--JUS-T LISTENS FOR MA N'/ l?ATHER AMD SOU PAN IKS THE COOLER. = THE FINDINGS Jury Box Koufh on Nylon* DAVENPORT, la. (UP)—1'lic ilcott County board of supervisors s wondering whether to install pecial scats for women jurors. •o women on recent Jury panels otestcd they had torn their ny- s oil the rough edges of chairs the jury box. The women have reatened to file » claim against e county. Eighty per cent of all activities e guided by the eyes. OFFICE 7?[/r^ By Adelaide Humphries e v, AJ.I..^. n.^i..-, Kir.ik.iw k, MIA sitvici,:«. Local & Long Distance Hauling Moving a Specialty Anytime — Anywhere Any Place Buck Mehorg 401 E. Main St. 1'hones: Day 4677 2986 Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any 8iic T. L. MABRY 4Z3 MISSOURI ST. PR. 1621 Delinted Cotton Seed (Actual Size) XXVI r rHIS particular dny when Betty Jane bad forced herself to take her red swollen eyelids to the office and Dr. Holbrook had wished he had not had to face Janice, was a day which Miss Willows recognized, from its beginning, as an .unusual one. To begin with, everyone except •Miss Willows Wiis late. So late, in fact, that Miss Willows began lo wonder if she were going to have to manage the oftice without any assistance. It promised to be one of the ''hectic" days; 32 patients were booked. Some of them were already sitting in the waiting room, casting furtive glance* at one another over the pages of magazines they were pretending lo read/ and undoubtedly beginning to wonder if Miss Willows were going to run things all by herself. Betty Jane finally came in, murmured a soft apology to Miss Willows and hurried across the waiting room. Hmm, Miss Willows thought what's eating her? Eyes all red and swollen, voice kind of wavery Tiff .with the boy friend, no doubi People, Miss Willows decided should keep their private live away from a business office. Dr. Holbrook cam* in shortl; after that—through the back doo .that he, and sometimes Miss Mil -ory ( used. From his own ottice h gave the signa*. which indicate that he wanted Miss Willow* I come to him. "Has Janice—er, Miss Hi come in yet?" the doctor asked a .soon as she reached him. Miss Willows glanced at him tie thought, Good grief! He looks Iniost as bad as Betty Jane this .orning, She said No, Miss Hilary had ot yet arrived. "That's good!" The doctor emit- ed an enormous sigh and let his ace unstretch. "Let me know the inute she comes in. 1 ' Miss Willows then asked If he would see Mrs. Smy the -Smith rst—who really was first—or if ic would take Miss Susie Fox who was on older patient. "It doesn't mailer," Dr. Ilol- ook returned. His face took on hat -strained expression again Vas it because Janice's name hac >een brought in, Miss Willows wondered. She sent in Miss Fox. • » • 'T'WO more patients arrived. Then Mrs. Downey went out to get a e of belated' breakfast hefor she returned to see the doctor Miss Fox was disposed of, an< Mrs. Smythe-Smilh had alread; entered the inner sanctum, whei Janice finally appeared. 'I'm sorry I'm so late/ 1 she sail to Miss Willows. Like Betty Jan she did not sound sorry. But Mis Willow* did not object. Janic. might be having her person; problems, as Miss Willows wa well aware, hut she kept them resolutely to herself. However, to Miss Willows' su prise, Janice said now, "Miss Wi lows, I want to tell you somt —rather personal." Miss Willows nodded. She hn learned that people often to more if you asked less. "I am going away " Janice sai "I have to go away. I know n't seem right Just now with rs. MeFlae gone and "o one rearing hop, but 1 have to go. and imedintcly. Thai's* why 1 wns Inle. ! slopped to see about set rations. I got them for dny tcr tomorrow. I know this will em hasty lo you, hut I'm telling ou because 1 know 1 can count i you lo buck irie up when I tell r. Holbrook." ^ "Rack you up?" Miss Willows sked. • 9 • 'VES," Janice said. She gave Miss Willows ont of her arm smiles. "I wanl you U> as- 11 e Dr. Holbrook that Hie olllcc an Ket along without me. You ee"—something like » shadow rossed Janice's candid eyes— >L 1 romised I'd go for at least » innlh." "Then you are coining back?" Janice fj'ive Mj s3 Willows • tartled look. "I—why. yes, so far as t know." Miss Willows reached across lh« epic to give one of Janice's hands quick, firm pressure. "Don't I'orry," she said. "The office can et along well enough. After all, 3etty Jane has been here long enough now to handle nearly any- hing that might come up. And I vill promise to do more than my Dart." It was just then (hat the outside door flew open. And at the same moment, several other doors also opened, but less dramatically. Betty Jane opened a door from the room where she had been closeted with Miss Susie Fox; the door to the doctor's inner oftice was opened and Dr. Kolbrook himself stood there in a last-minute polite leave-taking of Mr«. Smythe-Smith. Miss Willows jumped up to stand behind her desk. And Janice turned around. A man stood at Ihe outer door, an unshaven, disheveled, wild- looking soft of person. He held a shiny revolver in his right hand. (To Be Continued) STATE CERTIFIED CHEMICALLY DELINTED COTTON SEED cost less to plant. These pure all seed are treated and Free from all seed borne diseases. Quicker germination, plant and plow the same week. Reduce chopping expense. Us« any bean, corn or p«a planter. STATE CERTIFIED VARIE TIES packed in attractive 50 Ib. bagi. Come In «nd book your requirements today, we will hold until planting time. BLYTHEVH.LE SOYBEAN CORP. ' BljthcTllle, Ark. Branches: Lcachville, Ark., Card well. Hornersville & Senath, Mo. Action! No use lUylnc at home when there's real fun lo be had! Try your hand at Blythevlllft's new- cat sport. Bowl Tonight! ChitwoocTs Bowling Alleys Kast Main Street Phone 4929 Here's Looking At You! . . . for a more immaculate, attractive appearance this .spring . . . bring soiled suits lo us for rapid, fresh-as-new cleaning and pressing! 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WASH TUHBS Sloppi'dl H.v LKSLIK TURNER IT'S TRUE ...THE WM-t&MSllf./ WOULD SOU WNS NO WUISION.OPTMN.,./ CMtBT.0 PROVE BUTlRtS 1 IVSSUWT10N THM | THKT, SUH..IM7Ht NOVI.IF ^VlELLilHM SEEWS T HE CMTT K RIGHTi SOU VIILL / TO FINISH KNOCKJNGI f **N! J'M IS2.T LOSI« BHCU5E IW\ THE PROPS OUT O' \ W SANIt>(...H)T IT'S ILL GET \ VH THEOPy.lRlS ...THEN IF WU RECALL T^ING THE H.D, VOU CM IDENTIFY THIS MfkN I DOS'1 REtttWBER^i WE OME WHO nWEOll! IT WAS! IT WAS MOT ME \WPM5JMENT? WHO RfiN THEr AD! PUTTERING MWNO MS PUSH NOTE-, By FRED HARMAN l''flr (he Record RED RYDER R1N60 ftOBSE RMROCK TRAirJ.' I TtU TOU,SONW.,Tr\AVS iHE FUST WE 1 E«R HAD PROOf THAT OhlE O'lAT DORIES V1A.S TRUE' LUCKY YOU TOLO U1TIE BtAVER WAI 1AII STORT ABOUT USIhJG THE DRAFT 6TEAr\SHIP TO DRAf 1 CM CCWKlA'5 5TOVE TOR SOS 1C3 RED RIDtR-' ALLEY OOI* V^'El-L.CUR TIMC- T?AVEl.r-l« SEEM TO HAVE LANDED sios UP. Is II Itealily? i r- By V. T. HAMLIN . BUT WHEKEf TH£ ) IF t DlDNT KNOW NISHT5 TO BE A^ FICTITIOUS THE SITUATION V 1 WORK, ItPiAY 7HEYE3 VO CAN SAY 1AT 16 FIC- TIOU5 UNTIL KNCW By EDGAR MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Just Like Hoots

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