Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 2, 1891 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1891
Page 3
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In order to reduce our vast stock of Alaska Seal Skin Garments and Fur Shoulder Capes, we will, for a limited period, give a special Cash Discount of IS Per Gen! off present reduced prices on every purchase. Correspondence solicited. Illustrated Fur Catalogue sent free to any address. Highest market prices paid icr Raw Fur Skins. Send for Price ^ *• _g Current, 'X^T^r D. E. PBYOR The Druo-oist handles the s»o purest drugs which the market produces.— PRESCRIPTIONS A specialty. 516 E. Broaday st. Real Estate. For Sale OP Trade la all parts of Logansport. .Residence and Business property. Sole Agents for the ' 'West End Addition." And Johnson's Riverside Addition. Vacant Lots, on Monthly Payments.. Bargains in lands close to city. E. N. Talbott & Son, Real Estate Broker, St. Elmo Bloek. Broadway Shepian's Memoirs, BY HIMSELF, WITH AN APPENDIX BY Hon. JAMES «. BL.AEVE. 3,000 pagesrretall price two dollars. AGENTS W ANTED. Send nftycontu for outfit. The only authentic Life of General Sherman, and the only book issued from which bis family derive any profit. CHARLES L. WEBSTER &COJ1PANT Sola Publishers, 3 East 14th St., New York City. Pianos Timed, $1.50 For the purpose of introducing m? work to the musical people of Logansport I have reduced my price lor tuning Pianos, S^i-50 to $1.50. I also keep on hand a full supply of repairing material. Pianos repoMshed, restrurig, new hammers, tone regulated, action rewalted, the touch changed heavy or llgnt. First-class work. 33 years experience. Orders by mall or left at Allen Rlchard- son.s, 4M Fourth Street' Organs as above. martldSm W. ». CAPHOJT. Daily Journal. THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 2. Beeeham's Pills cures sick head ache. d6t. Make your ice contracts with John Baker, and you are certain to be supplied. mch25dtf Bed lounges of the best make and very reasonable at Rodifer's, No. 316 Broadway. mar29d6n&wl:j . The place in town to be suited in trunks and valises is Rodifer's, No. 316 Broadway, and don't you forget it. mar29d6t&wlt SHILOH'S CUKE will ;immediately relieve croup, whooping cough and bronchitis Sold by B. F. Kees ling 8 George Rodifer, at 316 Broadway, has just received a fine line of baby carriages at reasonable- prices. mar29d6t&wlt Short breath, palpitation, pain in chest, weak or faint spells, etc., cured by Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure. Sold at B. F. Keesling's '*) •Blush of Roses," "Blush of Roses," <Blush of Roses,'' "Blush of Roses," sold overy day and every hour at Keesling's drug store, for 75 cents per bottle, 6— RAILROAD RUMBLINGS. ItcrtiK Iroiii tlie Note-Book of Our Hallway Keportcr— Point* Per- noiiiil and Otherwise. George Snyder, the Pan Handle machinist, is down with the grip. The Machinists and Boilermaker's union of this city are making; extensive preparation tor a grand ball to be given at Kreuzberger's hall on the evening of May 29th. An elephant belonging to Wallace's circus passed through the city yesterday on Wabash freight train No. 97. The animal was shipped from Peru and was consigoed to Topeka Kansas. The condition of David Laing, mention of whose illness was made in yesterday's Journal is getting more critical every hour. He is suffering intense agony and there are but slight hopes for his recovering. Business on the Pan Handle railroad is rather dull just now. While a full force is employed in all departments the carpenters, repair track men, lumber yard men and other wood workers are working but nine'hours a day. Employes in all other departments are still working; full time and seem to have their share of work. On Tuesday the boilers, of engines 887 and 399 left the boiler shops after a thorough overhauling. It will be quite a while yet before these engines will be ready for service. A few years ago it was an exception for a railroad man to own a home, but this is no longer the case. This change has been largely brought about the organization of buildi«g and loan associations. Indianapolis it is stated, was the first prominent railroad point where a strictly railroad men's building and loan association was organized; now they are springing up all over the country, and engineer's, firemen, conductors and brakemen, as well as numerous men employed in shops, . offices, and even on tracks, are members. This is bringing about a ' thrift and prosperity which has hitherto been unknown in railroad circles. The average railroad man receives a salary which enables him to lay by a few dollars in a building association without seriously feeling it; each month, and the better class of railroad men, on the roads, in the offices, and, in fact, from the engine wiper up to the general superintendent, are becoming- members of such associations in numbers which will- be a surprise if the matter is investigated. The Indianapolis association has loaned, since it commenced operation, two years ago, $200,000, and now has $125,000 out on first mortgages. It has enabled 162 railroad men to build homes which they are paying for in such a manner as to hardly miss the sum from the wages of each month. — Indianapolis Journal. DcafneNB Can't be Cured by local applications, as they can not reach the diseased portion of the ear. There Is only one way to cure Deafness, and that Is by constitutional remedies. Deafness Is caused by an Inflamed condition of the mucous lining ot the Eustachlan Tube. When this tube gets Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or Imperfect hearing, and when It Is entirely closed Deafness Is the result, and unless the inflammation can he taken out and this restored to Its normal condition, hearing, will bB destroyed lorevsr: nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh, which Is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucous surfaces. We will give One Hundred Dollars for any case otDeamess- (caused by Catarrh) that we cannot euro by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send, for circulars, free. F . j. CHEN£y & Co ., Toledo , 0 . y Druggists, 75c IVliat Bid It. McCaffrey & Co., the enterprising grocers painted on the sidewalk in front of their Market street store yesterday these words: "Twenty-one pounds of granulated sugar for $1.00." Some Republican who wanted the whole truth told added late last night the words, "The result of theMcKinley bill." The gospel temperance meetings on the North Side under the .leadership of J. B. Stanley are proving very successful and at the present rate the North Side will be a solidly temperance community. In aduition to the 70 signers of Tuesday evening 64 nacaes were added last evening. The meetings will be continued during the week. T. O. O. F. Encampment. Regular meeting of Cass Encampment this evening, several candidates for Royal Purple Degree. To wind up with a banquet at Vendome. Good music, a good time. Come all. Sojourning Patriarchs iuvited. Judson, son of Wm. Holliday, of Harrison Township, died yesterday morning, aged one year, The funeral will be held to-day at the residence at two o'clock, burial at Indian Creek Presbyterian cemetery. John Gray thinks that every one should buy their dry goods at a place where they can always get fresh, clean goods without humbug 'or deception, and he claims his store is that kind of a place. _ Price the carpets and wall paper at H. Wiler & Go's, as they are bound to sell you Cheaper than anybody, A WORK UNSURPASSED. The Americanized Encyclopedia. In lite Best Edition TCvcu iNMicd. It is a fact that it is now more than fifteen years since the first volume of the ninth and last edition of the "Encyclopedia Britannica" was issued. This original edition is intended for use by Englishmen in England. The "Americanized Encyclopedia Britinnica" is the same work revised and amended for use by Americans in America. It is compiled "up to date," and is for sale only by the Journal or its authorized representative. Call at the office and examine the work, or drop us a postal card and our representative will call on you with sample copies. Read the following testimonials: LOGANSi'ORT, Feb. 19, 1891. I have examined the plan and scope of the "Americanized Encyclopedia Britannica." It has the following advantages over the original: 1. It brings knowledge down to a later date from two to fifteen years. 2. It includes the biography of living persons. 3. Although it condenses and curtails some of tie English articles, its articles upon Americas subjects are fuller, more perfect and complete. 4. Very fine and correct maps of the States are given. 5. Except on subjects touching special professions, the work is a decided improvement for the general reader. 6. The cost is only about one-fourth of the original. HORACE P. BIDDLE. LOGANSPOKT, Ind. Feb. 20, 1891 I have examined with much care the "Americanized EncyclopediaBriti- annica" issued by Belford, Clarke & Co., of Chicago, in ten volumes. To the average man this is superior to the original edition in twenty-four volumes. It retains all the substance and omits only the details of the original edition. Having occasion to investigate the subject of Mexico I found all the substantial facts I needed in a half dozen pages. Not the least of its merits are the maps, all of which have the last rail roads and the new discoveries, notably those of Africa. In cheapness in price, convenience of reference and fullness and accuracy of facts, the Encyclopedia is just the thing a busy man needs, either for personal or family use. D. P. BALDWIN.' LOG-ANSPORT, Feb. 21, 1891. •I have examined the "Americanized Encyclopedia Britinnica," and cordially recommend it as a valuable addition to any home library. The work is complete, condensed, concise, and is "up to date." and at once meets the wants of both the student and. the business man. It is cheap and within, the reach of most American homes and is precisely the reference work needed, as nearly all that which was so tediously exhaustive in the Ency- clopenia Britannica on subjects of English geography and history, is condensed to make room for American history and biographies. E. B. McCosrNELL, LOGANSFOBT, Feb. 23, 1891 I have examined a volume of the '•Americanized Encyclopedia Britannica," and consider it a valuable work for reference. Something of this kind should be in the library of every student. H. A. SEARIGHT, Sup't, Cass County Schools. A. Grand Surprise. Last Tuesday evening while Mr. Cornelius Fisher and family of Noble township, were taking supper with 0. P. Brandt, their neighbors and friends numbering about forty had assembled at their home to show their high esteem and respect for the family before moving to their home in the city. The evening was spent in social amusements until 12 .o'clock when supper was served which all partook of heartily. After supper the merry makers again-returned to their sport which was kept up until an early hour in the morning when they returned to their different homes saying it was good to be there. Mr. Fisher has proved himself to be a, man in every' respect since , he has been in our mi2st and the community regrets to see him go but wishes him success in his new business which is drayin'g. ONE WHO WAS THERE. CATARRH CUBED, health and sweet breath secured, by Shiloh's Catarrh Remedy. Price 50 cents. Nasal injector free. Sold by B. F. ing 3 Kees* Dr. A." G. Miller, of South Bend, will be at the Murdock House Thursday and Friday of this. week. Consultation free. aprld2t Biliousness, constipatioa, torpid liver, etc., cured by Miles 1 Nerve and Liver Pills. Free samples at B. F. Keesling's. (3) .The City FroliIbltloiiIfttN Nominate Foil Ticket. The Prohibitions of Logan sport met at the court house last night and nominated a full city ticket. T. C. Barnes, chairman of the Prohibition Central Committee.. called the meeting, to order. James W. Smith was selected chairman and C. O. Fenton, secretary. The matter of selecting a candidate for mayor provoked much, discussion, the most favorite candidates being Homer Kessler and James M. Burwick. The various candidates for the city council were nominated in the different wards Tuesday night. The ticket is made up as follows: For Mayor—James M. Burwick. For Treasurer—Homer 'Kessler. For Clerk—John .Hildebrandt. For Marshall—Charles C. Carter. , For Water Works Trustee—Wm. B, Smith. After passing strong resolutions- against the present city administration for its non-enforcement of our State and municipal laws governing gambling, prostitution and the sale of intoxicating beverages, the conven- tion'adjourned. It was Mr. Emeraoa who said "the wealth is health," and it was a wiser than the modern philosopher who.said that "the blood is the life." The system, like the clock, runs down. It needs winding up. The blood gels poor and scores of diseases result. It needs a tonic to enrich it. A certain wise doctor, after years of patient study, discovered a medicine which purified the blood, gave tone to the system, and made men-—tired, nervous, brain-wasting men—feel like new. He called it his "Golden Medical Discovery." It has been sold for years, sold by the million of bottles, and people found such satisfaction in it that Dr. Pierce, who discovered it. now feels warranted in selling it under a positive guarantee of its doing good in all cases. Perhaps it's the medicine for you, Your's wouldn't be the first case of scrofula or salt-rheum, skin disease, or lung disease, it has cured when nothing else would. The trial's worth making, and costs nothing. Money refunded if it don't do you good. XJncle Hirnn H'o-ulsrht. The Oil City (Pa.) Blizzard says: The drawing characteristic"of an excellent band were apparent in the large attendance at the Opera House last evening. The play, now called "Uncle Hiran," is just about the same as when last presented here under another name. But whether as "Eli Weatfield" or "Uncle Hiram," Mr.: Woodhull has a special creation in the character, and it is a good .one, too. It is true to nature. There is no such, thing as describing how irresistibly clever and funny is the character. The old farmer is as sharp and shrewd as they make, but in encountering city ways and holding his own against the crooks and gamblers of the metropolis, he gets into some very tight places, and has some intensely ludicrous experiences. It is a capital piece of acting all through. The villian was nicely portrayed by W. C. Talbott and it would be difficult to improve on J. J. Sheridan's impersonation of the Senator. FrankB. Rhodes,, the drummajor, is decidedly clever and was recalled several times. A New Cliurcli to be Located. Idaville Observer: Alex Reid of Logansport wishes to say through the Observer to the members of the Church of God at Idaville, that there is a good prospect for building up a congregation in that city, but they have no house of worship. A desirable lot has been secured on the wesi wide, and funds can be obtained f"r -building a church, if the steps taken be approved. The Ministers and others have been invited to meet in Logansport on Thursday, April 2d to inspect the field and determine on a plan of action He extends a pressing invitation to the brethren at Idaville to meet them on the morning of that day—stopping at Peoria Junction, where they will -be met and cared for. Millinery. Just returned from Chicago with a complete line of spring millinery. Call and examine before buying, at S 27 Market street. mar26d6t ADELIA BROWN. On Monday, March 23, the Chinese Laundry on Third street, CDmmenced cutting prices on. work as follows: White shirts, 8 cents; collars, 1J cent and cuffs, 4 cents. mar-29d3t Miss Cora Annis has the exclusive agency for Memoirs of Sherman, written by himself, for Cass county. Any other work than the one she has is not reliable. mcb24d5t THE REV. GEO. H. THAYER, of Bourbon, Ind., says: "Both myself and wife owe our lives to Shiloh's Consumptive Cure. Sold by B. F. Keesling « Rodifer's furniture store is full and complete. Call at No: 316 Broadway, and see his stock. mar29d6Uwlt Use J. B. L. Blood and Liver Tonic. eod&w ff|ree little kiHerjs, soiled Heir niiiiej|s, didn't rqov/ Wfy&l lo do; , Wise old frierid. " ' recon^e^d. Wl|efj%se liftie kilteijs, washed tlieirr?ifens l? fljis SOAP of arr|berfp, "Were as brigty- ^d soft as N.K.FAIRBANK&CO. ONLY BY CHICAGO. W, J. HUGHES & SONS CO. WHOLESALE DOOHS, SASH, BLINDS, LUMBER. N. W. Cor. Foucteenffl and Maple Sts.v LOUSVILLE, KY. ^Mention this paper. ORANGE BLOSSOM A POSITIVE CURE FOR ALL FEMALE DISEASES. ?nUC OVUDTflUCi A tired, languid Reeling, low spirited and^despondent, 1 with no appa- OUmL OlIllrlUBlOi rentoause. Indigestion, headache, pains in the back, pains across the lower cart of bowels. Greatsorensss in region '.f ovaries. Bladder difficulty, Frequent tions lyeucorrhoja, Constipation of bowels, and with all these symptoms a terrible n f counts experienced by the patient. THE OKANGE BLOSSOM TKEATMENT rem these by a thorough process of absorption. ' • ' A I nOAl I'nni inATinM Perfectly harmless, which ereryladycanuse, herself. Med- LUllAL AI njuflllyll icines taken internally mil never relieve the many forms_pf^ female weakness. The remedy must bo applied to the parts to obtain permanent relief. A m llll TAI V Tfl I *niC(?i Ilourclrcu l ar - Ask your druggist for one. or send two I LAI N lALK III LflUlLOcent^tamp to home office for sample box and circular. EVERY LADY CAN TREAT HERSELF. 0. B. Pile Remedy. $1.00 KOR ONE MONTH'S TREATMENT. O.B. Stomach Powders. OB Catarrh Cure. -PKEPAKED BY- Cfc B. Kidney Cons*. J. A. MCCILL, M. D., & CO., 2 & * PANORAMA PLACE, CHISAGO, ILL. FOR SALE BY B .ir. KEESilXG and. JOHNSTON BUOS. feMOd&vrlf IVorthlts •Weight In Gold, If a price can be placed on pain, "Mother's Friend" is worth its weight' in gold as an alleviator.. My wife suffered more in ten minutes with' either of her two children than she did altogether with, her last, having: .previously used four "bottles of "Mother's Friend." It is a blessing to any one expecting to become a mother, says a customer of mine. HENDERSON DALE, Druggist, Carmi, Illinois. Write the Bradfield Regulator Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. 1 Sold by Ben. Fisher & Co. too DK. J. MILLER & SONS—Gents: I can speak in the highest praise of your Vegetable Expectorant. I was tol'd by my physician that I should never be better; my case was very alarming. I had a Qhard cough, difficulty in breathing, and had been spitting blood at times for six weeks. I commenced using the Expectorant and got immediate relief in breathing! I soon began to get better, and in a short time 1 was entirely cured, and I now think my lungs are sound.—Mrs. A. E Turner. ' dec7d&w6m Randolph, Mass. A Foul-Mouthed Woman is even worse than a foul-mouthed man. But no one need be foul-mouthed if- they will only use SOZOPONT and rub it in well. Don't spare the brush and spoil the mouth as some parents do with their children when they withhold the rod, . to29 Rodifer, at 316 Broadway, is rapidly getting to be the people's outfitting store. Baby carriages, bed lounges, furniture of all kinds, trunks, valises, and anything else you want at very reasonable prices. Call and see. 'mar29d6t*wlt Houses for Sale. Two cottages on Tenth and Toledo streets. One two-story house corner of Tenth and Spear streets. These houses are all new in first-class order with gas and water. Cheap for cash or part on time. mar28dtf Wjf. HAGEXBUCK. WHY WILL YOU cough when Shiloh s Cure will give immediate relief? Price 10 cents, 50 cents and $1. Sold by B. F. Keesling. 7 SLEEPLESS NIGHTS made miserable Shiloh's Cure Sold by B. F 2 THAT HACKING CODGH can be so quickly cured by Shiloh's Cure. We by that terrible cough, is the remedy for you. Keesling. guarantee it. ling Sold by B. F. Kees- 1 A Little Girl's Fxperience In H tlc**- Mr. and Mrs. Loren Trescott are -A keepers of the Government Lighthouse at Sand Beach, Mich., and are ' with a daughter, four years old. La April she was taken down with the' measels, followed with a dreadful,^ cough and turning into a fever. Doc~»;J tors at home and?at Detroit treated; her, but in vain, she grew worse rapid-'; ly, until she was a mere "handful ot< bones." Then she tried Dr. King's: New Discovery and after the use ot, two and a half bottles,, was completely;^ cured. They say. Dr. King's New Dis- 1 ^ covery is worth its weight'in gold, yet you may get a trial bottle free af!: F. Keesling's drug store. 6 An Excellent Medicine! ."My wife and myself .were in bait til health for some fifteen years. I chanc-.*~| ed to be looking over one of Simmons < Liver Regulator almanacs and saw A. } H. Stevens' and Bishop Pierce's names to testimonials. I then obtained some of the Regulator, and' 'can heartily|| recommend the Liver Regulator to m friends as an excellent medicine." Z. E. HARRISON, M. D., to 5 Gordonsville, Va. Dr. Koch, with the assistance of German government, may have covered a lymph that will cure consumption, but how much better it J would be to prevent it by the use of Pine-apple Syrup. It will do$ it as well as cure your coughs, coM r and sore throats. It acts wonderfull^ in cases of croup. Mothers 6hould.| not be without it. For sale by J. 1 Coulson & Co. to8 Wn-E BE THERE SURE.—If yOU SO potatoes from a measure with a bottom, you will find on the judgment}! day that the measure will be there/g too, If you buy a bottle of White's Pulrnonaria you will find: the best cough remedy' you ever us and full scripture measure. to6 Excursion to Indianapolis. On account of State Encampment G. A. R., the Pennsylvania line will sell excurson tickets to Indianpolls and return for all trains. April 6th 9tb, at one fare, $2.35 .for the round trip. Tickets good to return until April 10, inclusive/: mar29d5t l Good Pasture. Good pasture for cattle, 75 cents'*^ month, just east of. Seventeenth .bridges south of Wabash river. Inquire at toll gate. . ' mar28d5t >Jt 1 .,

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