The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1947
Page 9
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f PAGE TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS AFLRanksSplit InFight Against Hew Labor Act 'CHICAGO. Sept. 10, (UP) —Dissension was reported today among members of the American Federation of Labor executive council who apparently disagreed on methods of fighting Hie Tart-Hartley bill. -• Trie 15 top officials, who deter- 'mlne policy for the AFL's 7,500,000 members, deferred n decision until Friday on whether AFL union officers should sign affidavits certifying that they are not Communists. The affidavits are required by the new. labor law. AFL President William Green announced Monday, before the opening of the council's quarterly meeting, that he would recommend that officials sign tlv certificates. However, after a full day of cloj- ed meetings, Green said the decision had been postponed. Massachusetts Has Heavy Wind WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1547 Seed for Cover Crops To Be Rushed Southward WASHINGTON, Sept. 10. (UP) — Tiie 'Agriculture Department said today,thnl.the Association ot American Railroads lias assigned 503 box cars to (he Pacific Northwest to rush•cover crop seeds to the Somli in. tiiiu; for'Fall plnnlinK. The cars will be available to \VcM Coast seed growers for the next '.<0 days.'Officials said Southern fann- er's must plant their fields in cover crops such ns rye gross to prevent winter rains 'from Washing away the soil. Southern cover crops also arc nswl Care sire pinned under llio wreckage of n plastic mould factory in South Easton, Massachusetts. The town was hit by a strong wind of toniado intensity wJilcli Wow down the factory, killing one and injuring many. (NI3A Telcrtlioto.) extensively as pasture for live .slock. In addition to ry« urcss. Hie principal ones art 1 hahy vetch, AH.J- triun winter poas aiul crim.son ch)- ver. Total production of these .si'eds tins year.i wiis 145.000,000 pounds. Gi'cnver.s rcciue.slinf; box car.'; must Kpecily they are to'bc- used lor cover seed shipments' and -the- cars will be loaded quickly, anri to capacity. • Read Courier News Want Ads. Public Health Official Addresses Lions Club John Cantrell. a representative ol the Public Health Service, addressed members of the Lions Club at. their weekly meeting yesterday noon at, the Hotel Nuble. He told them of the work of the health -service in the control and eradication of venereal diseases. Oilier guests at the meeting in- , eluded Irving of St. Louis. (Jiiy Lelin ol Pnycllevillo, James R. Fisher and James Tull, both of niyth»- ville. Six hundred of th c 800 kinds of trees, shrubs, and vines or Neiv Zealand arc found -nowhere else In the world. Read Courier News Want Ads I © by CliroUiIi S?Jfcrl, Dijlr.bu'cJ by IJCA SCRVICC, INC T1IK KTOltYi Mnrirri <rl[« TCmt ' Ihiit SuK.-tn tin* prime to the Cn. ' I \\lth Amlrr w WuutUvn ; Xnncy IH xhoi'krd, iiMkN if iltry i out (o^Ihrr urirn. .fltirlln NII ; kr doi-xn'1 think MIL .\:iin-y ji* why Mil dirt doc >.ti' I innrrj SUM a**. Margin- ?»pT;iIriN Ihnt Stis ; r>ftii«-i< to Irnvtt MjiU-nlm. lit- n . 'MTV thai, WoiHluurd umy Iji- il I I hC SUMUtl MO UN <« Kft til Mlllfill r'li*4hiK> *'"*X a very nnililii. y. begin* - hi»K itln ondrr If > in her, wife. -She rut In SUSE Ji-Mint* or lil* Intvr- .- i XXT ^.r IjVIKKI- GLENN 'was (he sort of ii. ; girl who, on cnlcring any ball « Toom, drew all eyes, nncl n con- !rr- ;certed breath ot admiration. Niklti, ^^ [fiancee of one of llicir popular of- 'ii. [liccrs,-entering n Cartel ball, drew S- -a sin-ill whistle of approval. She — ibluslied, ami smiled, and waved a | lacc-mitlcd hand at the compli- 'meiitary young men. Brinn grinned . .:wideiy and looked proudly down - upon her golden head. He'd known ;ihe minute ho saw Nikki in her Jiower-sprigged black taffeta that she would be the belle of the ball. He was. quite content when the C.O. claimed the first dance with her, and circled her away in n sedate one-step. When, on his first turn with his own girl, Dr. Woodward cut in, Brian nodded, and stepped aside to walch them. That .Woodward guy got around—he could, dance, and he must know the things to say into a girl's ear. Niklti was looking up at him, wide- eyed and sole'inn-faccrl, ns if she was eagerly believing what he had to say, This was not, evidently, to be Brian's evening. It seemed to him that, he. scarcely, touched Nikki. Some darned cadet or officer was always cutting in. That would have been bad enough—but Nikki so obviously was enjoying her popularity. And fostering it. Brian was no fool. lie could, standing oif against the wall, sec the she looked, wide-eyed, at Ihe slag line as she passed, then dropped her lashes demurely to her checks. What thc dickens, she was flit-liny willi those guys! A fine tiling— lie cauyhl Woodward wniclifng her, too, and lifted his lieml angrily in resentment of Ihe other man's amused smile. Brian was not amused. He wanted his girl to be sweet and lovely, amP his own— He hud never liked a flirt, lie never would like one. He'd (ell Miss Nikki so, before she went Xurllier with this little game. AS nn ofTiccr, Brian had lo stay unlit Ihe billcr end of llic dance; as an officer, he and Nikki had lo drop a couple nt Ihe cadets and their dales al the Girls' Dorm. Uiinn had only begun lo slate his case to Hikki when they drew up fronl of. the Glenn steps. He continued there as he walked willi her lo Die frptil door. Hut there she turned and looked up into his eyes. Her own face was puzzled. "Don't you want other men lo ike me, IJrinnY" che asked. "I doii'l want you lo like other men!" he cried, his voice harsh. "You're my girl —I waul to know you'll always lie my ijirl!" She looked wistful. "If you're too sure oJ me, you mighl uol want me." He tool; hqr slender shoulders in his slronc brown hands. "Listen to me!" 'he cried, not worryini; about who heard him yelling nt his bride-to-be. "I wouldn't bother wilh a girl I couldn't be sure of! I know I'm darned lucky lo have you bin ir you'ro mine, you're to te mine—and nu nonsense about it!" Malcolm was a light sleeper. lie wished he were not. He envied Nancy's ability lo inslanl cried, to hear il rain, nnd got up to shut the windows. Nnney paid she was no fool—she didn't mean to wake. Tonight, she slept serenely under thc orchid-satin'puff ol her bed. Malcolm was the one to IK> awakened by voices beneath their open window, to throw the covers aside, and go to stand looking down upon Nikki and'young Cox. He clenched his fists al the tone Brian was using to Nikki. By jeepers, no mail should, speak so to his girl, telling her he'd stand toe no nonsense! -j.~.-<iAiv.j •»••.» • '•' ••"• T-TE leaned out of. the open window to call down' lo Brian, to send the young squirt oft and about his business. Malcolm was not ready lo hand his daughter over lo any man who talked ihat wny— Nikkfc's voice came lip to him, tinkling like shallered glass. "Such lalk is positively feudal, Brian Co>:3 I'll lot no man speak so to me. You might as well know now, ns later, that I belong to no man. No, and I never will!" Malcolm gasped. A -fine way for a prospective bride lo talk! What did she expect lo do when she married? Just live with n man, granting him no rights-of. protection? The silly lilllc .dil'ruwit! His daughter needed to he told .a few plain truths, and quick! He loaned oul o£ the window. "Nikki!" lioth young people looked up. '"I'm sorry, sir," said Brian quickly.- lie was ;i decent diap; Malcolm liked him. The doctor growled in his throat. "Nikki, come up lo "bed!" he snid sternly, nnd pulled his head nnd shoulders back into the room. He'd have a (nil; with that young lady tomorrow—or at his very Xirsl op- porlimily. ... Bui the next day was n busy one for Malcolm, and by Ihe day after he had somewhat forgotten his pm-poso. He decided that Biian had talked like a man well able to Icai-h his bride the things she should know. Malcolm would probably s;ry exactly the wrong things, and risk, destroying the affection there had always been between himself and Nikki— (To lie Continued) "Let's try some different cereal for the football season, —| ate this kind all summer and only got one home run!" FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSER Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2013 10H Chickasawba ITS A D!TAL,LARD, I'LL GIVE VOU 10% ON EVERY GLO-BO VOU HELP SELL — EVACUATE T^e WOMEN AND CHILDREN/ THERE'S 6OIM& TO BE A HOT TIME IN 'itoue. . STORE TONIGHT; STEP up/ STEP RIGHTLY.' 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ME fJOT 50 5 foGOTOPAYTiME AMD SCHOOL RED RYDER: MISS SUNNY V KOrt'T EXPE.C.T N YOU To DO MUCH REOTIS5G AT NIGHT, LITTLE" AW1 TOD GOlrt A K!SS FOR THE FLOWERS; had lo hear the bnbies when they I'll HAVE TO GO AMD GET THE CLASS ROOM REWl ByJ. R.Williams SPORT SCRIB6 30E- ALL. T_ GOTTA S<V/ IS THE DEPAfiTi'AEMT RESCUE SQUAD BETTER. BE THERE SCHULTZ THE AR£M/\ ONl A. PLftKSK LIKE A SHAT3/ SLlRi;-.HE'5 GCXMij TO -' ~X TAKE LESSONS- \ EVERYBODY I SAYS HE HAS > EXCEPTIOMAL I J SAY LEARN A TRADE I=IR=.T. IF VOU DON'T HIT VVlTtVIHFM , TALENT THINGS 173 CITHER A SHOVEL OR TH' RODS HOBOES ARE TH 1 MOST TALEMTED CLASS OF PEOPLE ISJTH'WOKLP, BUT MOT TALEM7EP BEWEEM BIG SLFM SCHULTZ AND HE 0 REtACNE SURK& FROM. THE FLOOR. A. vjJ/\UU AlvSD TELL. LiS HOW PAPER SCRAPER Taking Word to BY G^DFEX F \TAINT ONE TH:XS. ITS 5UMPIN T. 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