The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1948
Page 6
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t AGB SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, FEBRUARY IT, 1048 THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NKWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. u W HAINES, PubUtber JAUCS L. VERHOEH. Editor D. HUUAM, Adverting SUBSCRIPTION RATES: ihe city ol Blythevllie or service any main- Bf carrier in «iiburl»n town where carrier payablt In advance Meditation • .Ith ••» ml,M -«.rtln, to , unto ,11 p.«.n« and on,- ith jo> fuln. ..... -Col-tan. 1:11. Pitience and tmerton. fortitude conquer all things.— BARBS There is nothing wrong wild thc goal itself. Bui, coupled with the Kremlin's belligerent attitude, it gives no cause for complacency- It would be a different and far better world if it were not necessary to view Russia with suspicion. Thc lives of all of us would be happier. Rut both history of Lenin- Stalin Communism and the ciay-by-day propaganda from Moscow force the democratic world to be suspicious. Our domestic problems today arc pressing. They must be solved. But we would be unwise to let anyone twist the candid words of n great general into an excuse to devote our entire thought and energies and resources to their solution, at Ihe expense of safeguarding freedom. Gee Whiz! He Hasn't Come to Bat Yet! A horM flopped down Ctonta and blocX.d traffic for Probably the one we bet on. highway in half an hour. AUsiui K recommended for Ihe honeymoon. Iwtll for muihlns. M ,ny iUtes report wild life decreasing be- cauTof 1«* of Jood. Or maybe lu the cover charge. n » • Regardless of what Uncle Sam doe., soon comTs . noticeable 1-rease in the sighs of the incomo tax. • • A Chicago chel MS» Be ihould r««d Ihe poll Toward Brotherhood Strife may rend the ancient land of Greece, the new nations of India, and the unborn independent governments of Palestine. Hut here in America we are at least taking steps toward greater tolerance and understanding. The Massachusetts legislature has just repealed a 310-year-old law which ban- nod residents of "Providence Plantations" (Rhode Island) from Massachusetts. Slowly, painfully mankind inches along toward closer brotherhood, a nearer realization of one world, and freer access to the home of the bean and the cod. earvini It *. lot I' aren'l happy until hubby has a f Ireland, for that matter, the Bom* wive* lot of lron» in hl« woo* clubs, too. « » * A lot of politician, seem to think that what this country needs Is a good vile scent cigar. VIEWS OF OTHERS Bureau of Standards Issues How-Not-to-Get-Hurt Booklet THE DOCTOR SAYS By Edwin P Jordan, M. D. Written for NEA Service Although a nosebleed does not always mean that a serious condition is present, (here are some i the atoms in" atom"bomb7.' By JUrman W. Nichols United Press Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Feb. 17. IUP) — If you don't ito it right, you're liablo to get hurt opening a can of beans or walking to the front door to answer the bell. In fact, a !ot of people get hurt i thai way every year. The National Bureau of Standards, which measures everything from garter belts to —•• _„ , „, tjjvi ^ rtl% . OWJMV i LUI; alums n) atom bombs released kinds o( nosebleed which Indicate I a report oil accidents yesterday. It i ^^""^J*.? 811 " 1 be ln H ca !!?. rt "S^y to the Household." tigated and treated. The most common cause of When you first read it, some of the advice seems a little -silly. Li^ nosebleed is injury. Small ulcers telling grown-up people not to slick can appear in the nose and, If they I their lingers into thc turning blades burrow close to or into a small of a lawn mower. But by golhfi blood vessel, bleeding will occur! some folks do Just that'every yesj- whlch may be difficult to stop, j and lost a lot of fingers that way. There Is a family form of nose- ( One whole chapter of the 200-paq* bleed, which is sometimes found in j booklet is devoted to suggestions for several generations. This condi- building a home. Vor instance, nev- tion Is caused by enlarged blood' er. never put a one-knob door on i vessels in the nose which frequently rupture and result In nose' bleeds at all too frequent intervals. closet. How would you like to be caught inside while searching for the clearest of the soiled shins on Growing children quite often have; a day when the laundry man did- noseblecds from time to time. It .s a question whether these nosebleeds n growing children are serious n'l come? Also IK sure that the vinc-cover- — ed shack you build is sound-proo', enough to require treatment, since, ] The Bureau says that there Is noth- wilhout treatment, the condition I ing worse than going nuts taecai'™ disappears In a few months or years. | the mice running through the walls Among the most Important i keep you awake at night, causes of nosebleeds are certain bleeding sicknesses. Whei How Big Is Our Debt? It may be profitless In convincing the taxpayer that our national debt burdens him as well as the big fellow, to point out dial he, as an individual, owes a certain amount. Perhaps It it because he is never called upon personally 10 pav on the debt. K • I Ing thc depression Is here - -- the blood does not clot properly, bleeding Is particularly likely to show up in various openings of the body, Including the nose. Nosebleeds are com- ' mon at high altitudes. They occur ! in nil kinds of long-lasing or chronic anemias, and in certain diseases, in which fever is present. High blood pressure may be associated with extensive nosebleed- ing. In such patients, bleeding may last a long time and be extremely difficult to stop. It is a question in such cases, however, as to whether the nosebleed Is not nature's way of relieving some of the pressure in the blood vessels. USUALLY STOP Grave Case of Political Jitters is Developing In Wake of Marathon Dive by Commodities Exclusion of vermin: There is ; nothing as awful as having the roof '• fall in because you forgot to make the house termite-proof. Bathtubs: The plumbing manufacturers are still arguing about why the bathtub is slanted in the back. Some say it's for comfort. Leaning back and reading the papers while soaking. Others say it was made that way so the little woman (in the old, old days) could pour water on the old man's back and wash off the suds without spilling things all over the floor she hd jusi scrubbed. Any rate, the tub is ? hazzard. And if you're afraid of it, the safest thing to do—quoting the bureau—is to give yourself a sponge • bath, standing | Most nosebleeds stop of them- t 5ant n B on the tiled floor, selves without producing difficulty.] Lying down in ft quiet room, ab- i scnce of excitement and cold com- I presses will usually help to end Ily Prior Edson NEA Wastiiii&Cnn Correspondent WASHINGTON. (NKAl — Grain market breaks have made a lot of people jittery. There's a great tern- tation to say, "This Is It." mean- vere cases, it may be necessary for . . ,. .. . . , I a doctor to look into the nose, and line for one of those bland assur- have wage Increase demands pend- ; perhaps to cauterize or pack the nces that there's nothing to worry '"| nationally. Hundreds of local, rcglon armmd the blood vesse] ,„ What Ike Did and Didn't Say About Russia's Aims Nothing could be more typical of General Eisenhower's honesty than his • statement on the possibility of war with Russia, made iit an informal speech before the National Press Club two days before his.retirement as Chief of Staff. In answer to a question, the Ecnentl said that the Soviet Union would not deliberately provoke war- He probably knew, even as he spoke, that there might be some who would take that statement out of context and quote him to the country's disadvantage. But he had been asked an honest question, and, since his knov-'ledge of the answer was certainly superior to that of most Americans,' he undoubtedly felt he had to give that answer honestly. It will be surprising if the opponents of aid to Europe, of universal military training, of an adequate armed forces budget and other necessities of national defense, do not try to make capital of General Eisenhower's opin- ( ion. So it might be well to' remember that the retired Chief of Staff said something more. He said that Russia is in no position to support a global war—and die has a number of firsthand witnesses to bear him out. But he also said that no other nation in the world is in a position to support one, either. He was obviously speaking of this country. General Eisenhower does not think Russia is going to provoke war. But, as a professional soldier, he favors ERP as an excellent security measure. He urges universal military training and believes, even with, atomic bombs and the "almost transcendent position of the air force" in modern war, that ground troops will always be necessary. The general did not say that the Soviet Union is not preparing for war, or that it would not resort to war if it had the strength and if present pressure, methods do not succeed. He did not say what Russia would do if capitalism crossed up Soviet predictions by failing to collapse. No one can say, and no one dare assume, that there is no danger when thinking of our own defense problems. The goal jf Russia's current five- year plan is io repair war damage and ' bring the country's industrial potential at least even with America's' by 1D50. Americans, who have traveled in Russia recently doubt that this can be done. But that i* the stated goal. At least that, is what he thinks, am! doesn't know won't hurt him, is the line philosophy of the politician "gold-digger" who said the best tax is one which will get the mast feathers with the least squawk. Thc taxpayer's indifference to his nation's debt also may spring from the feeling that the next generation should pay the debt m gratitude for the blessings It inherited. That may be base selfishness but it does exist. We hive always questioned the worth telling the taxpayer what he could have If didn't have the debt, thereby making the If the break Is only temporary, yet still serves to bring on fuller realization of the dangers of tur- ther inflation, it can lie a good thing. On th e other hand, too much of this fear that the country is now in the first grips of a recession is bad psychologically. a"d can only promote ft worse depression, Ever since the end of the war. abnut. Everyone should know that just isn t so. There are still too many danger signs ahead. While no one Is smart enough to say just what the effects of this AfT^ unions also want All demands are based on Increased j living costs. All labor unions have ' Most nosebleeds stop of ...„...- . „„ , The mess be darned] When you think that 10.0UO people die of accidents each year and nine and a half million get stub- an ordinary nosebleed. !n more „. | %* ^^ ??^2*™% Take icicles. In this kind of we?? they, a man ought to look up when he walks by a building. Many a man has been stabbed in the back by & falling icicle. I And fires. The "Safety for the Household" leaflet says that every member of the household ought to learn how to use the telephone. the nose from which the blood Is escaping. QUESTION: What can be done girl whose face and head seem to of he taxpayer "more conscious" o( his obligation. Bui that remains a more or less popular pastime of experts. As an example: Tax Outlook, discussing the national debt of 1257 billion, points out that this sum would build a new million-dollar school in 251,000 American communities .That means there would be 5,350 new million-dollar schools in "your" state, or, If you prefer, 1.800 such schools, 1.800 new libraries, and 1,750 new community houses in "your" state. Which Is about as convincing as the argument of educators you read about so often, that If »H of us would fuit chewing gum, or drinking soft drinks, or smoking, we could build plenty of schools in every stale. A more impressive case can be made, we believe, by pointing out that thc nation is like an Individaul with a mortgage on his home.' If that home owner raises the amount of that mortgage, naturally, the interest he must pay Increases. At two per cent the "carrying charges.' that is, the Interest on the national debt, is $5 billion, HO million, nnd that amount must be paid along with other taxes. And it must come out of your pocket before you can even begin to cat. buy clothes, educate your children, or pay for any other necessities. And you must continue to dig for that five billion unless the debt is reduced. —ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. some economists nave ueen predict- j anti-inflitiollary proposals now being that a crash was du,. in a mat- i forc concrcss. It mav influence re! ter of months. None of these pre- ; sll!Ls of lhe Novemb e r elections. came true, so far An assumption that the inflationary corner has at last been turned be used both for and a'-'ainsb the Marshall Plan. Lower grain prices will be a help. They will mean grain mark^'break wUl he on gen! xS^H^tHj^S'' fi^oT^* WMl mT^ta'p"? oral business conditions. i s can I "^win ""^,. re cestl?n'a4" ' ANSWER: Massage almost cer- have important political conse- ,' °* ers ' U5e a "> >£"^"„[*"; j tainly will not help the face or head W™' . ' prove prSes are "coming down, or ! <° < ake f ™™?1 ^ape. In the ab- At this crucial time, even a mild at , east Bren . t going any'higher \ smce ° l knowing the cause, it is | recession can have great effect on | Tn congress, th e break in grain Marshall Plan legislation, on the pl . lccs will probably be used to tax program, on coming wage-in- • bU)ck labor a ernan d s for price con- crca.? D demands, on rent control. tro i s jt, w m be said that since the I price control, rationing and other i COU ntry Is now past the price peak. there Is no need for putting con- impossible to say what. If anything, can be done for her. Small But Good MEDFORD, Mass. (DP)—Sylvia Hall has become the first girl ever trols back on. Truman administra- . dictions came true, so far I A break on the commodity mar- J ket Is not considered sufficient evi- | dencc on which to baie a preaic- Jon of immediate disaster, say qov- ernnient economists. For one thins, to play the Bowen chimes in the hazard." To call In fire alarms. That's sound advice and I'm going to post A bulletin in the kitchen when I get home tonight. Another thing. The Bureau of Standards says that the Mrs., when she goes to red up her face and lips, is taking a chance, sometimes. i Some of the materials used in cosmetics—and this is the Bureau of Stadavds talking -"present some the break has been of short duration. Department of Agriculture has been saying since last fall that bu- tton leaders don't look at the situation this way. Their reasoninc is that the fnftatlonnrv threat Is not yet over. They are still savin; that, jstnu unless more control machinery Is ! tion of energy set up. there Is danger prices will j for the job. that relief supplies can be purchas- go still higher, cd at less cost. On thc other hand. I jf a ncw depression should dc„,. .,...„ „..,„ - tllls may be used as an excuse for j vc , 011 , it ls not unlikely that Reshel supply. The present drop may tnkf "S a bi.Bger hack at approprla- i publicans will say the President's b e a natural price .readjustment llons requested by thc State De- j fears of inrlatkm were all wrong. It's too early to tell just what It pavtmcnt to carry out European ] But what the President has actual- doe.s mean. recovery. ! ly been afraid of Is the crash that Oiher Phases Must be Considered Ix>wcr prices will probably work has always followed uncontrolled The grain market ts only one to the advantage of tax-nutters | inflation. part of th c economy. Employment They will argue that since the long- j There Is probably nothing Is still high, industrial production: predicted depression Is now Is stil ihigh. Profits are still hii;h. - hand, business will need a shot in Wages have not dropped Genera! the arm. They will propose provld- price levels are still high. And the ing that by Increasing snending stock market—which did not tol- ; power through tax reduction. low the commodity markets on their Employers Mny Bre.ik postwar rise—has not followed on Against Wage Demands the first major postwar decline. ; Fourteen CIO industrial Goddard Chapel of Tuffs College. "Rouge for cheeks or lips," It The Qnlncy co-ed, a slight bru- , says on page eight, "has been ths nett, was the first girl at the I cause of serious mercury poisoning, school to have tile right combina- I owing to the presence of vermlllion and musicianship could make a free bid again. But suppose he and his partner did not buy the contract at spades? Thus he started to plan a defense against | cure, the hand, and made his psycnic bid' of two hearts. West's later bid of four no trump asked East to select diamonds or clubs, and East (mercury sulfide.i Kven some hair dyes. Still quoting. So, watch your step, folks. And remember about the ounce of P'ittt vention being worth a pound or This does not mean that it's' and three railway brotherhoods now be full of this buck-passing. i corectly bid five clubs. at i Republicans would like more than j « *™™ h»ve been a good sac' a good depression they could blame I »" ce lf North hat ^ not P'"'""* the on a Democratic administration. I defense in te easly rounds of the The Democrats' answer to that will I bidding. South cashed the king hA iimt tho rionrc«inn ramp hp- I of spades, and when he found a cause" the HepubK^vouWn't co- sing^on spade in dummy he shifted eacn child in «« «hool Coci Liver operate In keepln? things under to the ace of hearts, then a low unions i control. Thc coming campaign will ' heart. East naturally figured Nortn 15 Years Ago In Blytheville — Central Ward Parent Teachers Association have decided to give !N HOLLYWOOD NEA Staff JOHNSON Correspondent SO THEY SAY For most areas rent control will ht necessary tor the next two years.—Tighe E. Woods, U. S- Housing Expediter. > * » Thobc who give and tiiose who receive should know tor what (he aid Uo Europe) was given and how it was distributed.—John J. McCloy, president. World Banks, asking careful supervision of European aid. * » • Every country on the European co.ument will collapse into communism it thc MarsliaU Plan Is not adopted.—Will Clayton, former Undersecretary oi State. * * • No results are guaranteed. It is not possible. even with 17 billion dollars, to buy peace.—John Poster Dulles, Republican foreign policy expert, urging adoption of the Marshall Plan. » » » Money can't buy friendship, affection or the tincr things in life—of bourse. 1 mean Con- fedcrat2 money.—Jimmy Conzolman, coach, Chicago Cardinals football team, to Ihe Touchdown Ciub Fly Ermine Johnson NFA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD. CNEA1 — Kurd Hatficki is trying to pet away from those stone-face ro'.c.s he has bren playinr ever since his film debut in '. 'The Picture of Dornn Gi;?y." Hurd wants to do comedy, "Nobnciv knows it." he told rne. "but I'm i frustrated Red Skcltou." There's talk of another of "Seventh Hraven," with Diana Lynn and Guy Mp.dison co-sUmcr!. That's a celluloid match I think Uie fans would relish. Bob Preston tumrd do ; ,ui a term contract at RKO because he said he wanted to try frcr-l^noui^ after 10 years under contract to PIUA- ! mount. He ha.s the best rn'.o of his career in RKO's "Blood on tho Moon." With "Blood on tl'.p Sr;r>v." and "Kiss thc Blood Of/ My Hands" comin; up, I'm wonclrrmi: what happened to Hollyunod's prnnii;-c of more comcdifs in '•*<!. Jack Kirkwood c'aims that ,n Ihe ricp south the Gincer Rotfr.i- Corncl Wilde picture is boins btilc-.i as "It Had to He You-All." . . . Frank Morgan's new yacht. >n route to Hollywood via the Panam.i fi75 times, "When are YOU goinp to be in another picture" His answer, 423,075 times, was "Never." Ramon Novarro has given up thoughts of a film comeback and ;s selling real estate near San Diego. . . . It's a little silly, I think, for Warner Brothers to be talking acout an Q-car for Jane Wyman's work in "Johnny Belinda." The voting on that one ts 14 months away. Fred MacMurray has given up the ghost of his own film producing company. . . . June Nash, one oi the original Our Gang kids, is working as a dress buyer for a New York department store. Hroadway Binnle Binnic Barnes is practically set to do a Broadway play. . . . ROLI Russell is reading a comedy, "Thc Indestructible Susie," as a possibility for her next film. . . . John Houston Just bought Frank H»r- ris.' "Rcintscences of a Cowboy" as one of his future independent films. Jack Carson takes his airshow on lour of the midwest when he completes "John Loves Mary." ON BRIDGE By William E. McKcnncy America's Caitl Authority \Vrilten for NEA Service In tournament bridge there Is a real problem in the handling of a I hand in which you arc vxilncrable and the opponents are not. If you! ' have a declarer type of hand, one I ;for i his . . i dummy's king of hearts, only to ' have North trump it. A small club was led. South won, cashed the queen of hearts and led the six of hearts. West played the jack and North trumped with the queen of clubs. Thus North and South took the first six tricks, setting the contract 100 points. They could have made five .spades, but even vulnerable their' score would have been only 680 points. Oil as one oi their projects for this year. The idea is meeting with good Ve.sponse from both parents and teachers and most rooms report 100 per cent cooperation. The awarding oi prizes for the room with the highest average has stimulated the- cause. Miss Outlaw's room was given a box of cookies for this weeks prise. Herbert Schwartz member or Luxora High School faculty was the principle speaker at the high i School lasi night when parents j met to discss puroblems of adol- I escence in a series of eight weeks of study. I Award Winner Canal from Now York, i.s 91 feet, long and has six bl3 staterooms, Buddy Kn-ris Poll What the people in the liinter- Ian d.s want, anrl what Hollywood gives them, can alwa\s start an argument. Buddy RO^CLS i.i jnsi back from a nine-week. 19-rlty tour I or the U. S It was a b.iliyhoo flunt ! (or 'Sleep. Ms I/>vr," which he and I his v.-ife, Mary Pick ford, prodmc'.l. | He i tporU: ] Double fcaiiiros are still favored. Admission* are too hlsh. People ate tired of biz. super-:olo:-sa1 epics. Sydney Orcenstrcet's wedding present to x his son. who will marry a BcrVelev Calif., girl. Beverly Hnr- * .196,32 ¥2 « J983 *Q0.1 V K J 5 4 A K Q 10 + KJ 108 N W E S Dealer AQ 10 » 1087 » 642 •f.7654 2 A A K 7 6 4 V A Q 9 6 3 • 75 + A Tournament—N-S vul. South We»l North East I A Double 2 V Pass 4 V Double 4 * Pass Pas? 4 N. T. Pass 5 A Double Pass Pass Pass Opening—A K U you think you are going to play HORIZONTAL 3 Gem 1,7 Pictured U.S. < Volume surgfion «lease 7 Rhymester 8 Arrive fab.) fl Measure 10 Play >>ail 11 On the sheltered side 12 Approach 17 Symbol for tellurium 18 Tantalum (symbol) 21 Conductor vev is a in the San Fernando [rather than defend, thc apponcnts Vallcv. Sydney has lost 35 pounds, ; are very apt to take a sacrifice but I'dcn't know where. I against you without any high card cut I don M^ _ _ | (ricks. Therefore the expert some- Promised and hoped for: Dor- i times plans his bidding deliberately othy Ford, the six-foot-two Clam- from the stand-point of defense,! °z"n and trail, snd-eycd Bon BHis \ figuring that he will not play thc husjand and wife in "One : hand. With six chil- That is what happened in to- l day's hand. Holding two five card j sutu with more than three losers, , _ . South could not open with a two- Vclcraii Trains Doomed j ^ so playinR Sunday Afternoon." drcn yet. History jhows that we have always at catastrophe by our failure to act In —Gen. Omar Bradley, urging the U. S. aid to wester Europe. general 13 Rumor 14 Song bird 15 Age 16 Waver 19 Meadow 20 Tax 22 Type of fuel 23 Soothsayer 34 East Indies (ab.) 26 Preposition 27 Fortification 30 Peruses 34 Wear away .35 Performer 36 Interior 37 Prevaricators 38 Right (ab.) 39 Symbol for samarium 40 Male sheep (pl.) •I 3 Trial 47 For fear that - 51 Winglike part 52 Ionic 54Sainte (ab.) 53,57 He is known as (he nation's " 59 Barters 60 River VERTICAL 1 \Vaste allowance 2 Demigod 26 Russian 42 Mother mountains 43 Plnylhings ^7 Portuguese 4-1 Half-em ; coin 4"> Yes (Sp.) I 2F.S(?.i eagle 4C Small children 29 Put on 48 Italian city 31 Indonesian of 49 Portico Mimian.-io nO Tenure 23 He was given 32 rjronc bee 52 Island (f'r.) a Laskcr 33 Seniors (ab.) S3 Negative word j award 40 Log float 56 Heredity unit | 23Inactive 41 Winged 53 Credit (ah.) f.

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