The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1947
Page 6
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1947 BLYTTIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE Chicks and Paps Drill Under Arcs Grid Ploy to Begin Tomorrow Night for The 1947 Season Memters of Ihe niythevllle Chicks IUKI Paps will lupcr on" their pie-1 ; : : ":'>? Jn irainmg ih-ills iiiKlev Ihe i .s of Haley Field tonight at in preparation fur opening I heir 1847 schedules tomorrow and lid-Ay niuhts. The two squads will be dressed complete giunc nnifonns and will ti;n through light scrimmages more less lo gel accustomed lo Hie I'ellow rays of the arcs. Whether or not the two teams 'ill scrimmage against, each other |*ns not announced, but it is ex-. >ccted that the Paps will brief the Chirks in the fundamentals of the lotre Dame system of piny which s reported used by the El Dorado A'ildcitts, the Chicks' opponents hi heir opening contest Friday night. And in turn, ihu Paps will prob- sharpen up their offensive alack ut ihe expense of the senior | quad- The Chicks this year will work |niiinly from the "T" formation A'ith an occasional sinylo wing brown in and the Paps will work I'rom a combination "T" and Nore Dame shirt. I'review Tuiii^ht for Tans Tonight's drills will last for txp- Imwimatoly one hour and will give Ihe fans their firsl mil opportunity i Jo.see the two teams in action. Fol- lowinK tonight's session, the Chick;; |vill pack n]) preparatory to leaving Kl Dorado tomorrow morning Imd Ihe Paps will add the finishing touches lo the aiTiunjenienls |'oi- Iheir opening contest with Mark- Trce al Hnley Field tomorrow |iight. The !AVO squads spent all of yes- ^•rclay's drill session in hard, full- scnnumiyes. Coaches Nig By- |niin and Waller Davis sharpened Seminoies to See Action Friday Aqains Parkin Cub Rookie Belts Grand Slam Homer To Down Bums, 4 to 3 —Conriel' News 1'holi Coach Rube Boyee's Osceolu High School Semln^les will open their ID-IT ui'id eampiiiyn l-'riday ni^lil aguinst Parkin IliKli Hehool oil their home battle ground;. Pictured above are the llj eandidati's Irum which' Coach lioyee will eiioose his 1947 squad. 1*11 lo rii'lu Iront row—Charles MeFarland, ['mil Stllwell, luid Jim Shaneytrlt, Heeoiui row—Henry Ciriifin, Hilly Hivvbrr, Ronald filihvell, Hamoiul Meadows, carl Lan|;slon. Eut'ene Shuiicyfelt and David pondergrasl. Third row-—coacii )ioyce, Jnlin l/je Walker. Hobby Cean lieid. Dick l-'letelur. Hilly Kersey ( Waller llawlhoriie, and lioyd lleiuhix. Coaeh Hnyce stated that his Seminoies this year will be considerably move expevituced than his 10-Ui clan. «ntl a whole will bi> soincwhul bo'.ter ONE T CROWD BY Sonny Moyil wns lh« only Hull- d(i>; biu'lt licit slioM't'cl nuii'li sixii [iI' (U'vi-luimitf into :i rainiblc in r- fm'inrr in lh« (rt>ubli>.s<»i]H! li-ft hitlOKirk <li»l !i'f( vurant tiy Hir sradiinUini of Churloy 'iVipiii, it; tile. HullitOHs' fii-st si:rlinmHt;o scs- siun. Sonny \v;is l!tf only niut nt" ttu- ^loiip or five raniUilnd's Tor t>ir li:tlflKU'U jtosl that in ink- con- Mstrnl %\\i\\x on iLinnlnt; pl.iys in l;^t wi-t'k M'rtntdiiiKO sessions, hi; Very few football fans ever think , of fn of the turf that covers the grid- I TI, O iron as a possible major factor on scored which a victory or a defeat ol a ' aamc contest niny hinge, but to J. IS. Jj'ldn't Whitworth. the Ulyiheville-born facts sav portant la ...... ...jit ,,LIILI,L i.^in [j LMIlll |.tv:llull ,. . , . . /".-,,!,, :i]> the Chicks' aerial offensive while 1 ll: } c c ,° llch ° l l ' lc Gc °!'K'a Bulldogs. -Joach Fisher and Trainer Pop Mos- | a Iowlv 1)lcul( -' of - 8 rass .. ls nlst '»•* "" ey gave the Paps last minute in- | flructions in blocking and tackling, i Conch Davis alternated two back- ields behind Coach Bymnn's two hies in yesterday's drills in a last ninule effort to separate the chair rom the wheat. The first brickfield insisting of Jack Elliott nt quar- erback. Co-captains Billy Wayne 'vicParland !in<l Harold Traylor at inlfbacks and R. c. Allen at full- Jack operated behind the poten- i.U' first string line consisting of Tiie em-tain will rise on the 19-11 hitih school football iinininilHii over tlie .state Friday nisht mid Ihe Dddser.s and Cardinals will have to lake n back seat in the Arkansas sport.s buggy for eyes or sportsmen [Billy Bob Elliott and Dennie Gen- football team I hard-running tailback or n pair of bfuisttii- taekle.s. For a few blade.s of Iiernmda have made ''Whit" famous as a plaee- kicking. tutor. Football folk nc\'er ((iiite realised what a dilfi'rence a fe\v blade.s of grass could make until WhiUvurth came idong as Georgia line coach eight years ago. But what those single blades of grtjss have added up to! Three games have been won on that Leo Castn in every Georgia footbvUl fov four years, although he play an olficial minute, lie- I \vj]| switch "from tlie rapidly [tulhm WHS merely a spcciniist. And they j baseball picture to the rising plE- further vevcal thai George Jerni- gaii kicked 47 extra poinLs in 51* attempts last year, as the Bulldog;; plowed through to an undefeaU-d season, for one of the highest per- and centages ever chalked up by a collegiate hooter. But the record-books skin parade. Dressed out, in their silver maroon nnifonns anil ni-v.- bus,, the Blythcville Chicks hit Ihe roue in« for the oil son's first cui>a8ement willi the; at IIV CAIil. Ul.N'lllll'IST (llnKril PITS-. S|inrls \Vrller1 NEW YO'.'.K. !-Vpt. II). nil'l Kiiotb.ill i!t'i..i; u touchy subject In Fliithush Ilu, ivi t'f. unjway, (hi- folks back home lud.iy rnuldii't see any- I Ihiug lunm about tlu 1 Drooklyn Dodgers li'Mii:-. ,-, io :t oin m ctiirako on 11 ^riiiul -!aiu hniner by an ex- Miuslttulc hall b.u-k from Given Uny. 'Wi.v Already pi(|tu'ii brcans. 1 ilirir sn- pcr-dupi'r end .star, (llenn ixiblis. •A'aii tr:ule<i away, ;he inns wen 1 in no mood in ha™ Cliff Aoeu.m ol Hie Ct'bs. :!H. om-ilmv i;i'idh-on porlormc'i, ve]> up In the ytRh'h iiuun; 1 , yc.Mculuy ami y.huck u homer as a ijliu'li Inner that nil Drooklyn's !ir:i plmv lead lo un insecure •! l-'2 va-.m-s over the unnish- U SI. l,-.ini.. C.uUuv.ils. Leading :i t i ;i in ilir i-lishth ini'l with their 11:0,'. cinvijve hiirler nl lute, liitl<- Vic J/iinl>:mll, liavin-i V'iven iu> lnu vinr liM. iln'y seiMiit'i certain wjjnu'is \\lii 1 :! Hoi) Schi'f- lint; nliil Bill Mi holson singled. IVe- wce lU't's: 1 t'-ini at sliorl on u dou- b'.e play l>a':l :i]H\ ihr \veri filled h»: iiMli- i/.nn siriu-k mi' l>inch-)nii<•!• i:i..i!i' .Mc-C'iiii!ini;h'. Al mlKlilhnviM'iiili'd well hail not Aberson. ball in- 1 lor |?.lclier Jolmn. .'.'climil/.. \v.i;:leil 'In. imll oin n lh« i:iirk. II WHS th' 1 Illiivl ytraii'.hl Vietlll 1 ! l»\'C]' (III 1 I)di1l p r:j, i)y ESflllllil/. Wh reni.stt'i'i'd hi. niih irHimiih MI tli sniKi>i> by li.ihirin; in. ir, in MX Inl-s. At thi' :i:',ini- lutu- llu 1 Caitlinal uho now i:-;iil iinly by three Ham 1 .':; in the llli;;i>rl..m !ir;s I'oHlinn. .••.•.:»r- cd a '.! to ll <tci-isinn ul SI. I.onis tjver Iht 1 Piiilhe. 1 ., \MH;III diiik.v Murry D!el;::on bU;nk<-il on sire hits, nirksnn, who one,' had a s;ld (l-'f j reL-orcl this .x'tsson i-hi'.lhed up lii^; I'-Hli win iivainj.l 1: J tli'leuls :uul was hcipi'il ]n inci]i;ill>' by .Nippy Jone.s. v.-lui (ho\ r e in our run nnd scored the nilu-i liiinsi.'!!, Jones. sub):ii!|'. (or tlu 1 injiiri>;l Itcd Sehoi'ialifiisi, tloublucl home tfrv Dusak in tlie third and scored on Stan Ma-.ial's sinule lo hand Hnvdluck c«:u .ludd his i-llh defeat. Rookie Clint Harlunt! pil;-)ir<l his sportini- u ninth viuloiy but didn't get it mi- will! 1 ' BASEBALL STANDINGS SOIITIlCtlN U'h.votl) :i new liluli lor '\MUTieiin l/wuiie I shortstops. Apulinu celebrated the oiTusum by RvUiuv. \\ liU i\ml two walks and liiunllSiiK 111 clnnn-es per- l'i':'ll\- as Kil l.(i)):it \vull Ills IfHll line, ix sex-en hit Jab. 11 was a r,reat <lay lor the ".loii'.'S ny.s" us the M'L'ontt pluce clubs • !>l llirli pi'iumnt hcpi'.s aklndlf. lurrell Jones of Ihe lied Snx hit u irce run ]u>mrr to piuiiiico a !i i U iliTi.sHm o\ h ei p the Tigris at J isioii, matching the peilurinaiice I JniH'.s ol Ihe Cards who aivminl- d (or botli Kcdbinl nan,, 'rile l<m- wlnrh i-aine in the llmd en- bled liiiston to tnuiiunm a ^iime irl a hail lend over Del roll in llie lied in ol Mobile New Oj leans Nashvl.le W. 1 1 0 0 Pet. 1.009 1.000 .«OJ .UOJ NATIONAL LKAOUK W. L. Drooklyii 84 S3 St.' IjCiuis Iti 50 Hosluu 1C 02 New York 'ID (M Unichiiiuli BO 74 Chlcauo lii) 74 Itsbm-Bli 55 (il Chicks Stgn Subiaco for Two Games A,Mi:ittf,\N Yesterday',; Mar --Cliff Ahi'i- the Cubs, wluiM- i;v,uul slum hit lunner Ueat the l.)o<h',r!.'., - New York .. Ili'Mon Detroit Cleveland . .. Philadelphia Chii'iii!" , . j Washington St. Ixmls ... I.KACIH: W L no r>i T.I in 71! 01 71 IK) .... (i'J «7 m TJ 5H 11 Pet .lilil .5«'j .C51 ,S22 .47 \ .•Ml) .Wl .•1C-) .Pet. fi'2'd .615 .S3I* .WO .W.S .•130 Coach Pirnmn liynum added, the 12th BIUIIC to tlie Blytheville Chicks, , ii;47 football schedule yesU«<l»y. by,. signing lor a tlH" with the Bub- iuuo'Acjideiiiy for -Del. 24 to be play- 1 / ed at. Subiaco. ' . •I'lin contract signed by Coach Bynum and the Subiaco mentor car-' 1 rlcd a two-year agreement with, a return tame to \x played- here',. next yonr. This will be the first year that the Chicks have flayed'' the Submco team. ' '. The Out. 24 date wns declared open after the cancellation of the Smaokover Bnme scheduled early" 1 last sprliii; Pels and Bears Advance in Playoff Series NK\V •III «U Yesterday's Results il two \vere out hi the ninth when curly Thursday mom- I J«eV. UihrUi- h« » K«,-nm himwr oil country for llu-ir 1 1" g> v « - 1 "' <'iaiil.s ;i '•< lo 1 decision don't tell tl:c lale of sweat and in-- : hi:;h-toiilcd Fl iJovado \Vildt:Lit.s. iluous m-actico- with mi occasional On iianci-. tho wildcats nre rated I duous practice- with an occasional laugh — that are behind it all. Ten years ago, while Whitworth \va.s coaching at L. S. U.. he stood otl a putting - green with T. P. "RED" Heard, the Bengal athletic director. Also golf conch, Heard had completely mastered the art . On paper, tlie Wildcats are rated as the stale's No. 2 team this year but by all indications Hyiuim's And the second backfielcl. E. B. 3ee Jr., at quarterback: Roger Lum ,nul Donald Hney, halfbacks: and I Icharles Owens, fullback, operated Ibehiml the second line consisting of Illoy Smith and Cal Gossctt, ends: •Don Besharse and Buddy Donncr, Itacklos: ,Klv,'j'n Caldwclt and Kcn- Ineth Hood, guards, and Bill Doolin, |ce nter. Coach Davis led the first team |lhrough the aerial offensive while Coach Bynuni set up the defense , • , . the second squad. Both lines! '; ilck . Charley Lutes |and biickfleld were alternated from ' ' ........ " olfense to defense to give them the Ibenefit of both set ups. L. W. Pltzhugh, n potential start '• pt guard who is nursing a sore •ankle, participated only slightly in •the practice session but will make |the trip to El Dorado. Tommy Craig, who alternates with llim Deer at the left end slot for llhe Paps, showed up nicely in Coach It's knowledge, that Whit is one of Ihe inosl [iroficienl place-kicking teachers in the Bailie. He fashionetl Leo Cost'l, Georgia KMC-12 siiecialistl into an ununhiK converter, and the year lA'ti le.Ct, U'liit look George Jcinl;an under his wins :1 " [l turned him into one of the finest cxtra-liciml artists in llic history Pislicr's dsfonsivc drills yesterday with quarterback Mel Hay and hall* ' sharing tile offensive spotlight. Crate broke through numerous would-"bo blocke'rs to upset several good attacks by the first string backfield and also handled himself, nicely as an offensive Mocker. Hav and Lutes shared the pass Hipping chores and got olT several good passes. Fullback Robert Reid and right- half Leroy Pruitt handled most of the blocking assignments. There's an idea for place-kicking. Make 'cm always keep eye on Ihe; ball and don't look up." : Whit agreed, in 1937-38, he had! "Cotton" -Milncr, Tiger halfback. I as an experiment. The method ar, taught by Whitworth at, Hint time | '.v:i.s far from perfect, but Milnet's field j;oal against Rice beat tluv Owls. 3-0. in 1938. Comiiu; to Georgia tlie follovi'tn;; season. Whitworth had lo get to work on a novice and do it fast. Even so, the novice, end Knox Elilrcdge, totaled n high iMsvcentase on his kicks. H wasn't really imlii the next year that Whit land Georgia! struck their bonanza, ill t'ne lonn oi' I_eo Costa, a tir.rk- haired Athens boy of Italian descent. "Chickcry Chicks" have never tearn- jcd to read, for all durini! the three- ! week pre-season Iniinini; jieiiod the Chicks have been prtdiclinK the .score of the i-ame lo range anywhere from one point to 10 and all in Hlytbeville's favor. As a whole, Un: Chicks' siiirit lias liciiii up til par all tlir«ii|fh Ihe IniininK iH'rlod and it serins to hi; gruuiiij; in niiimcntillii Knur aj)|)i uaclies. The ladK rcali/.r llt:it Ihi-y are rated as Ihe umlcr- il"l, r s for'llicii- open'ms: contest but it sliiiuHlii't anil 1 doesn't "bother them. Oni! .vounRslcr scemeil lo Sinn up the Kciu-ral opinion of tin' siiuail wlH-ii I"' replied "Kl- |]<ir:i<lo aill'l so lull". Again Ibis year the Chicks will be plagued with Ihe lack of reserve I power. It was this same obstacle i that ushcrrd them through a los| ing season last year and unless a i miracle happens Us liable to do the .same, (his year. The 20-odd candidates that braved I lie rough going of the pre-scason ili-i" sessions supplied Coaches Dy. mini and "Davis wiih some pretty I «ood material from which to choose with about . Hiuluu^ t;ave iu> livs 1 hits and strut/: out .six in oilldnol- ine, l-'.l * Pi i::u-lu:r) Roe. iBnrky Wallers "thanked" tlu; fans who !;ave him un automobile, six live turkeys. 11 .set ol |;ol] chilis mill other items In ;< ilium, hi his honor at c.'iiu-innati by blanking Iioston, 2 to 0 on lour hits. It was his JQSth Nali »1 Lcaiilie victory and his 'lanil slniloul.. hills Kinder ol llu: Browns shaded Phil i.Marcliililo.i of the Aih- lelie. 1 ;, 1 to 0 in a due! al Philadelphia as he won the. lirst game in fJUI.KAN.S. -Sell!, H) iljl'i niniU'L'-up ]Ie\v Oilean. L used the laelies ut ilu-U- toes last nii;bt in Iriimpllii); th Nashville Vols In Ihe HIM uaii.e of I 1 heir Khuntihnessy playoff i •i-i-'.m I hr-rc while I'm Mobile Hears el;ed ont a elose victory over (.'hntta- :i.;:i;n in Mobile. The- ivl.s blasted hi;: lieu -Wade Uvv Uvi' runs in the second lunlmt before a erowil of only 0,. r ilKt. 'I'liey went on In a ti to i win as Jim Hlien hmicd a neai four-hit tei 1 n- I'.ninsl. Ihe vaunted Vols. The bin Innilii; iviiii Ihe Vol iiee-lii-the-hole nil season and the j;ood pitching put the Mobile Uears on lop n.s the- season ended. Wade wns relieved in the liflh frame by nick Conner who turned in a niity relief job. llolh leuins were churned with tAvti eriors. I'ele Ijiij'den's Ihree-run triple In Hie second luriinji iced .Shi liutiie. Miydeii also ^ot a .single ^^ld made a brllllnnt running ciilch of H.vam's drive in the seventh. Shea's tight pltehlm; enabled bnseiuan I ; 'hilr to Ciarncv 17 nitouLs. And three Vols were retired from the outfield. In Mobile, the pcnnnnl-svinnei's look an early lead over the Look- ouls, eoininy home with three runs in the secoiul frame off Hid 'i'oenes, one by virtue o, Hill Hurt's home inn with the base;; clear. Prank New Orleans (i. Na.'.liville I. Mobile '!. C)iallaiHioi;a -I. NATIONAL l.l'AdllH Cllleiu;o '1, llrooklyn M, New York il, Plfsbmyji '• Chiehinali ->, liii.siun (1. SI. Minis 2. I'luliulelpblii I). AMI-UK AN I.I:A<;IH: •lioslon T). IJet loit Li. HI. btiuis I. Philudeluhla 0. Chicago (•, Washington 1. Only names x-hcdidcd. Today's Games SOIITIIKIIN I.KACIUK (Shiiui'.hni'ssy Playotf) Nashville at at Mobile. New Orleans. NATIONAL I.KMUIE Hrooklyn at Chinuj'.o. New York at Pittsburgh. Huston at Cincinnati. Philadelphia lit SI. I.oi'ls, n AMKKICIAN LHAfilllv fjlevelaud at New York. Oetvall at Huston. St.. L-mls al 1'hlliuleliihla. Chliriiuu a: Washington, nlB Oyess Eagles Schedule Nine > Football Tilts DYtfSS. Ark., Sept. 10.—Coach Tom I'ark of Dycss I!l|jh SeHool todny aiinoLinced a nine-game schedule for his 1947 squad which will play regular ll-mmi iodtball I this Pull for the first tltne-in-sev- I eriil years. Tlie Kn«ln» will open their' 1947, |.schedule at home Sept. 19 against l.epunlo lU^h School and will close the schedule against the Shuwnee Indians Nov. W at Joiner. i Coach Park .slated that .ouciopei} tlate. Oct. :il, marred the completion of the Uufjlcs schedule and Hull he Is seeking n game for this dale. ,., > Twenty-six candidates, includinii live letlermeii from the 1940 six- mail sqund, arc working oul dnllyj he said, mid should be In good shape for their opening date. The schedule follows: Kepi, I'J- Lapnulo here. Bcpt. 2ti—Kelser there. Oct. 3-Wilson here. Oct. 10—Trillium there. Oct. n—lUillwrt-Wcst Memphis' there. i Oct. 24—Luxorn here. Oel. 31—O[ien. Nov. M—Hanlsbuvu there. > Nov. 21 — here, Nov. :!ll--Sliiiwnee Uivra. ... ,,,,.,. ..., ,,, -••"." " " •" Limn and I'sil McOlothln wen II- I his last nine stnrls. Kinder «ave tip Ili!(|r nln , rs wllll ,,„,,„ ,, cl t.i lm five .liils lo three lor Marchlldon |jlc w|n .,.,„,„„ Bllv< > w ., 5 , t(| A |,. x but won when Al /arilln tripled ''» . /iUktuvski ulul t llUu .,. K[U . a . ., uu i the fourth and came home on a ,, |n K( , lllu , ( | y followed lu Hint or- The Whili: Sox lopped the Sen- Tlu , pi ny(l r f scries will bi- resumed atm:;. ii to l at Washington as Hike dmij,),!. Apiiiing played m his- lUBOlb gmnc. FULLER DEALER illot I welcome gaily doesn't interrupt me daily) ; good mops ond brooms end brushes I avoid ilia downtown rushes. ,,.,,..., i a starting line-up Costn bad kicked extra points for,, , m( , u u , rt ov er tor one string of the famous point-A-Mimitc [res'i-| ,„..,,.,„ 1)llt n!tci . that there Is (man Sfjuad which included Frank Poschner an: Sinkwich, All Acclaim FARMALL The Tractor that does the job! FAKMAI.I. tractors, repeatedly (o lie (he Owners UirniiKhniil Mississippi County and Southeast Missouri attest (lie fint service given !>y their FARMALL has proven itself RIGHT tractor for the PARTICULAR JOB, whatever it may lie. If you own a FARM ALL . . . care for it as you would sometfiinK living . . . for it's life is of utmost financial interest to you! Urinrr il to DELTA IM- PLKMKNTS INC. for .service nnd expert repair. No charge for our estimates on repair INTERNATIONAL T HARVESTER 3/2 SOUTH 22° ST. PHONE863 reserves. George Poschner ami | This ' rt e,c>n't leave much room for others, but he had done it in more i s iurick . or su-uiicss or for many of haphazard fashion and it; ,, - j.,,, to Kn ;1 B00[ | ijicather \vhc:i i • ' '•"as a matter of coincidence ie split the bars. Whitty grabbed him his sophomore year, and kept pounding the minovable concept into Leo: "Kc^p 1 .-our eye on the bull. Keep you--} inkle locked at point of contnc:.: inap through., and above all. don't ook up! Reach ovcr anil pick u[i in imaginary blade of grass af'.'i 1 .hethef it^s ^eSrnc^ F°»"« ChickoSOW Coach Costa couldn't seem to break i /$ Visitor in B'ytnevii/e himself o; the habit of looking up.! toilRh game. So, barrlna; | accidents and illness and provided that, nil of the, squad is in 8"<>d enough physical condition lo play 48 minutes or gocd hard and fast football without having to slop for n bi-cnlWng spell, the Clucks should have a pretty good season. So the teacher and his pupil came lo an agreement; if Leo looked up. he would run ten laps around the •100-yard track field circling the practice turf. i One day, before the season start-1 G«v Lclin. former coach of the lilythcvillc Chicks was IL visitor in I nljtheville yrslcrdiy and was a \ guest at the Lions Club luncheon. Lehn couched here m 1945 and in i Smankover last year, lie retired from , Whit walked away from Costa., - ,„„„ c .,,.| y -n,is Sprin;; and alter a few inimues of practice He: r ,p M atim; a sporting Boocls heard tlie thud of a foot, then," ' quickly asked Costa. "Did vou make j it. Leo?" j "Mis.'ieri it just a liltle. Coach." sai<i Leo and caught himself—too late. 1 If he hadn't have been looking up. he wouldn't have known that he mussed, reasoned Whitty, so f Leo was dispatched on a io-lap ! journey. The Bulldog coach relurn- | ed to a scrimmage session and for- Kot, about He didn't think n- j uout him again until llic exhausted ] athlete had traversed the track 40 limes, or something like nine miles. Leo's kintolk, nil ol them living in proximity to the University gave. Whit a cold reception, and wouldn't, even speak to him until Leo tied the 1MO Kentucky game. 7-7. with a dead-eye kick. Then they knew that Whitty bad been right. For seven jears Whitworth had Costa ami Jcrnigrvn. Ihrco and four .reasons rcs{>ectively. I. The vein of place-kicking gold | j may have run out now. Tlirrn j 1 halfbacks slater! for regular play.- 1 ! ing duly—Joe Grri, Sonny UO.M! ' nud Hob \Valslon — arc being I groomed for (he )'. A. T. role. ; They are all promising. Kill \}\f ; Hulhlngs face a Irrrifio II-game ] schedule thai will take, a lot of ; manpower anil the fact remains j that cillicr one of the three, alter halting llicir brains out acainsl ! llic Houlh's better lines, may he loo tired lo bcmi ovcr and snatrli that ttcc piece ol vcgct.Uion, if and when Ihe touchdowns are ' til.ide, i Anil speaking of Georgia, .lack Jackson, a sports writer for the I Atlanta Constitution says that Kentucky IJourlion Whiskey Old Faithful is back FULLER DEALER C. C. ELDRIDGE Phone 4496 HAIRY VETCH - l{:ilhn;i nnd Common Hyo, Oil Is, Wluml and Hurley Seed . . . Hwidy for Fall Seeding New ;u«l I'aclor.v Kei'iindifioned Soybean Sacks Blythevilic Soybean Corp. ISSd \V. Main Phone 8. r )(;-ri7 DIRT FOR SALE Pride & Usrey Phone 517 COfiiCORT-SlYUD SEATS COACHES More Service, More Of/en, fo More Places No other Innsiiorlntioii r.ystom lo nearljy towns urul to Ajncrirn, JMor*. 1 .vrftrt/w/c.s clioosts from and better -tim \Vl>aL*s more 1 , you RO nH the way by ( lick- r-t on oru 1 ! Hy-s(cin. And you travel niorv sci/r/y, \vitli ft l\i^l\- ]y-lr;iinrd Circyhound driver nt. (lio \vhroL Only Ori'yhrnmd. offrrH yoti Kiioli convenience in Iritvrrl. ILLDW5TDNE "eOTTLEO IN BOND Also Illiick I.ahcl—90 1'roof Barrett Hamilton, Inc. llislriliutril.s I.illlc Rock 6 R E Y H O U N D MINNIE LEE JONES MUSIC STUDIO Teacher of PIANO THEORY — HARMONY Special Classes for Pre-School Children and Beginners 807 C'hickasav.'ha I'hon* 2994 FARM & LOANS Home Oflice, Newark, N. J. 10NG TERM PROMPT CLOSING LOW 1UTS CM.!.. WRITK OR SF» , RAY WORTHINGTON 115 S. Third SI., Blylhevillc, Ark. Scrvlnf This Sjclton 25 Yca« Authorized MorlKage f.oan SoHfttflr for TIIK PRUDKNTIAI. INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA

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