The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1947
Page 5
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JACK SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 1047 • Soaring Living Costs Making Paupers Out of Middle Class In U.S., Congressman Insists By 1>KAN AV. mTTMEH United IVess Stuff Corr^jioiuliMit WASHINGTON, Sept. 10. lU.P.J—!?(']). Donald L. O Toolo ) D., N. Y.. today meed President Truman to call a spcciui session of Cnn^ress this Pall to (lo something about soaring prices. in a letter to the President, O'Toole said tlmt unless Confess is called back to Washington to act on the price situation, "tViis Winter will be one of the most severe economically Unit our pi'optc; luivc over faced." + The Sew York congressman sttid tile. ever-Increasing cost of living has created among (lie muldle class "a new and gigantic group of poor." It is virtually impossible, he salrt, for a family man earn- imf less than S4.5CO a year lo fe«d and clothe his children properly. Earlier this 'week, Ocinoeratl: S«ns. Harlcy M. Kilgore of West Virginia, and Joseph C. O'Mnhoney of Wyoming said the country \va.s "clamoring" for action against high prices. Rut Kopulj'k-.ui, k".utt'v.s. including b'fii. Rf>l:erl A, Tuft of Ohio anil House Leader Charles A. Halleck of rtulUnui, clnuneci Uiat :i .sp'OC-Jul session on domestic issues is unnecessary. The Amcri.'ini >Vdrration itl I.a- borV. eXi»'.'in.U r e couiKli s:tkl yesterday in Chicago that p't^sim- for higher waycs \vas certain to :iiount unless the cost of Jiving w;is n-- ducod iintnt'diaieiy. The council proposed A throe-poim juiti-niDnuon campaign: Immediate revision ->f Gome Called: No Umps (lAINttSVIL'-K, Mn., f3rpt, 10. fUPi — iv wasn't Inclement wea- tlu'i 1 thai postponed lasl night's Flovklu Sl'.utr I/Millie pluyoff Kamo iH'tWiH'H (iuinpsviile ;uid Deland. The [jflirinl scorer ynve tilts lul*. 1 - qu'iU* reason: "Xo unipit'i's Kttov*t:d up.'* loivi|;n export com moments, en- ! eoi:rn;',i im-nt nf in«'re:isi'd prtxhit 1 - j tioa, ;unl i xpan^ion ol transportu- I lien I.riliuto, In hi.x U-Uer to Mr. Truman, O'TouU' .^aid that lailuro ol Con- VU"".i 10 -A"t ctuw'kty <u\ lU'iftis would rit'i^c An'oricuns to "lo^e conipleie itUerei.i in the :ill-imporLaiU prou- U'in nf world pe:u'<>." "In>t»-;ul ol wiirUl peace," he s:iid, "v.i 1 \vill jiavc a dimmer of ornnnniic: t!im>s vviih a (ompieU- breakdown ol iho nioralo of tilt" Amcriean peo- p!i*. Tins wou'-d ^ ft ttrrilyiUK Uuny tor Ijuth the Unilccl Slates and []ie world." AM foods uiul crtotln'nc nri 1 "dLspro- j:unionuit-ly hlnh." CTootc saiil i'i ! his Jrtlcr. [ "Curbs must be p'nccd on thor;e I who juc ni:ikin< r : iitunetiM 1 profits at : ihc expense of the nrnlih iuul f-o- • i:t>;jii.' security of our in'oplc." Independence Offer Is Made To Sndo-Chsnese SAlCiON, Si>|)i. 10. (UP)—France offered Hi!! political Imlrupiulrnet' lo Irulo-Cluna today wilhin ili< Irnnu'work <il a J-'rcnrh connnon- c'lillli <;f nations. The independence otter was made. i n speech in Tonkin Province by Kmilo HoHaerl. the French liijili (.omJuij-Mom-r I'oi' Indo-China. H uas dKsluiied lei halt, the strife J>s v - t \veni French and Indo-Chinese forces Dial lias lii'i'ii uoing on .since December. Botlat'ii ri'lurnt'd rt'eenlly to In- do-G'una after consultations in I'iiris. In OUTBOARD RACING oi< GASOLINE COUNTS! Joe Louis Paces Golfers In Chicago Negro Open CHICAGO, Sei>t. 10. (UP) - Ili'flvywelnlil Clifiinpion Joe Ijmi: IJitrftJ the aiiiutcitvs ificiay in th< Clilc-iiH" Nt't'nj Opon CJoK Tournament, lit* t\\<>' a one-undcr-par "- ycsfci'dny t» lend the amatc'ii nualificr.s while 'I'ctl Rhodes, u Nashville pro wlio tutors Ixniis ro- j!t^m'l> - . paced ilie iJla3'-tor-iriy ho>'s uith a 74. Missouri Joyces Head j To Attend Hoyti A>teeting ' CARUTHKHSVILLE, Mo., Sept. Hi. — Kay Nolle of St. Ix)uls, president of the i.Vfssoui'l Stale Junior Cliamhc'r of Commerce, plans lo atlmd Die qiiarlerly meeting of tin; Jaycre liootliee.l Council to be Isold wilh. Ute llayti Junloi' Cham- Der of Connncrcc a.s Sept. 23th, it van announced. Ihls week Ijy I ee Hoy Hain of Hayti, Missouri .Vlulc vice-president. 'Die Hootheel Council was or- i:ani/o(l in 1U45. fompi'lsing Junior Chamber o[ CoJnnierce clubs Konlhi'Bst Missouri, for the purpose of solidifyini; Ihc Mis- .-sjuri Jayeee slrenglli in ajjproacl)- mt! di.slrlct proWerns with a maximum Ju.vceti inanpO'Aer. 'I'lie Council meets eatiH (|iuii'ter, usually .-liorLly befure the Stale Jnycee Convention and ciuartcrly board meetings. At these council meetings, transportation problems are uorked out so that a maximum ^ Missouri Jayeee delegation <r.»n HI tend the various state mcelliiKS. Jnycec ('lulls included in the council inetnber.shlp are Stcelc, Hiiyti. Caruthersvillc. Kenncll. Miitden. Dexter, Campbell, Poplar liliiff, New Madrid, Sikeslon. Port- nnevillc, and Cape Girardeau. W. \V. Cliism of Hnyti is president ol the Council tins year. charged with stealing $12.000 from his Iwss over » period of 2'a years. "r spent every dime of it on (he lorses." Gravols .said. Gravols .said Ihal he wanted I'j leimbtirse his boss. "I ihuuglil l c^juld do nil along," lie said. "But could tocut those horses." it, too, I never People with the lowest incomes usually are sitk oflener and die sooner Hum those with hiah incomes, according lo a sun-ey. PHILLIPS GG IS CONTROLLED* FOR SMOOTH, POWER-PACKED OPERATION Shaving a racing buoy in n cloud of spray or building n great gasoline both take meticulous control. And that's just what wo do willi Phillips 66 Caroline to assure yon i a uniform, all-weather power-fuel! / The trick is in Phillips system f of selectively blending its high- * : Georgia V/idow Continues Her Fast In Protest fro Rent Control Policies season of the year! Try this "controlled" gasoline in your car. Stop at the Phillips 66 Dealer today! */wtuf>s 66 /s sfifcr/my HIGH-L&CLf>£RFORMANC£ SAVANNAH, Gil.. Sept. 10. (UO —Mrs. Amu E. Bo>er, 13-year old landlady on :i lumt'cr strike fur rent iii;-]*e.ise.s. l):icred her door tn tin! carinus lodc.y uml with llic w.ivc o( her hand MiKC.estcc! tliat the le.H contr(jl ^v.eney "si'ii-l ln\' mail to tin: :eineleiy." The widow Boyev said that six: \va.s stiirtiru! her . r ,t:venlh (lay 01" Instiiu: except fnr larijc intakes ot water and .small portions of olive oil for ••mediehiid" reasons. • WHATEVER YOUR COOKING PURPOSE; YOU'LL FIND HUMKO UNSURPASSED ! t>^s tfv ALL VEGETftBl^ "VOLATILITY CONTROLLED" fo give you POWER, PICK-UP and PEP! PHILLIPS 66 GASOLINE ELBERTA PEACHES $2.50 and $3.00 IVr Iliishcl \Vc Sell: • By the Pound O By Iho lUishcl • Triickloiid BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET 130 E. Main. Phone 973 .She labeled reports lhat she hud broken her fast by eating ice cream -n vicious lie spread, no doubt, by the OPA." When reminded that the OPA was now defunct Mrs. Uoyer parapln as- td a quotation from "Romeo nnd .luliel 1 ' by saying "carr'on by any other name stinks just as bad." Slip started her fast last Thursday, the widow said in protest against t.he rent control iav.'. She claimed that she did not receive sufficient income from rents on her two-story dilapidated property to buy groceries. Ucz-?ns of neighbors dropped in at her one-room cubbyhole apartment on the secotid floor offering her groceries. Mrs. lioyer would politely thanlc •,voi:ld-i)0 donors wilh the remark: • I'm not in this tor groceries, hut for justice." As for her own statement of not eating. y$r- s . Boyer said "tha God I have no cooking or dislnv-ash- mg." She had refused thus far to call in n physician, explaining that she did not have money to pay a doctor. Meanwhile, Robert J. Travis, renl control official here invited newsmen lo scrutinize property res tration figures on file in his office here permitting Mrs. Boyer to ob- iain a total of S83.50 monthly in rents. Mrs. Buyer claim'; that she collects U'.^.s than half that amount. \Employe Uses \Boss Money At Race Track NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 10. (UP — Leopold Gvavois, miM-mann 44-year-old department store work er blamed his troubles today the old story of trying to beat th ! hnv.'ies. i Gravois x\ as in police ciistoc IfourHu >~r^HAT motor car of yotirs deserves the 1 best l;iiul of service: If it's nc\v, j;on<I care now will s.ive you money later, ;\ml let yon enjoy your car more and longer. If it has served you long, careful service attention now will help preserve its value tor tr.tde in. Those arc tiro re.trout why your Hudson (lc.;li-r is a pmd man to know. Me is an e ness nun with a rcptu.iflon tor efficient npcr.itkiti. T lis men nrc trained 1 to £ive you Hudson Ptotcuive Service. He has a well-balanced stock of genuine Hudson parts, and he is funlier supported by 120 Hudson Distributor I'.irts Depots spotted strategically over the tniuinem. EJKTC you have j/.v vmrc retitnns why yon should see your nearby Hudson dealer tod,iv. tor a new car, used car or service on your present car. - . ~ . »•» . imt -• • . i-p HD SON 'SERVlC GUN HARRISOU A Hudson Dealer to serve you wherever you go \Vhcrevcr you go, you're ntvcr I'ur t'rora iliis sign wliicli Ulcmifics aullior- i/cil lluilwn dealer anj service csuhlKhnicnis. Vf'licncvcr )Ou drive in a Hiidwn dealer's place of hoMticss you get ihe friendly attention anil skilled .services of one of more ilwn 3,000 dealerships qualified under the most ev.ittins standards in Hudson's 38-year history. IliiJton h,n one ol Ihe /•/rgftl. smiuilcil ors<iiii- Zitliont la Ihe im/Hstry! MOTOR CO. 517 W. Ash St. Blyfhcvillc, Ark. Phone 2552 • PLEASE return empty bottles promptly Ask for it cither way . . . both trade-marks mean Ihc same thi BOTFLEt) UNDER AUtllORlTY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY Bt COCA-COLA liOTTLiNt; CO. of KLYTIIKVIU.E © 1947 Th« CC Co. FOR ALL At the Mississippi Co. Fairgrounds 2:30 o.m. AND EACH SUNDAY THROUGHOUT THE SUMMER THRILLS! SPILLS! FUN GALORE! * Full Racing Program! Stock Model Racers! See the Jalopies in Action! ADM. 601 Sponsored by Dud Coson Post 24, of the American Legion I*,,

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