The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1948
Page 3
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TUKSDAY, FEBRUAKY 17, 1048 BLYTHKVll.I.K (AUK.) COURIER NEWS Mississippicrns to Issue Call For National Conclave to Alter Presidential Election Laws Hy ,M Kiioltner I'niled I'ITSS Staff for respondent ATLANTA, Ca., Feb. 17. (U.P. 1 )— Politira! observers fipernhitccl Uuhiy that one of tlic eliiof results of tlie Democratic Parly's "Smulu'rn revolt 1 ' will he a hi;? decrease in the money Southerners pour -into the war rhest to elect a nenuK'ratic Presidotit in 10-18. The |>any uMinlly collects much* * -*—of its carnpft'Sri expenses t'rmn the finlid Smith in the fonn of receipts from Jackson-Jefferson day diii- Jj'iers. Al !ejusi three Southern stales ''will noi hold sm-h fiHuivs thi.s ypiir and some of ihe others wont LO put strings on hrr.v the money will s Uninvited Visitor Drops In 'Foreign' Arabs MtackSettlement Koreans Maul U.S. Army Men Russian Officers Stand Idly By, Say They've No Authority PAGE THREM 30 to 57 Raiders Reported Kilted in Bottle at Tirat Tscv! JKHU.SA1.KM, Frrnn 30 to f>T "[ ers were killed yesterday by Jewish ' settlors defending the colony of Feb. 17. i UP> — H" Arab raid- The active revolt -AHS -still cen- lered in Mississippi whore the slate Democratic . Executive Committee ifi srheduled to meet Thursday to pick Die dale (or n "nationwide" mm trig of Democrats. The convention, to lie held in Mississippi naturally, will be for the expressed of lining up Southern slates behiiui a plan to cast Ihe Month's electoral votes ni a block for a "fcivorite son" Prcsi-| lua <' ' * [ ' vl - '» "* ^™ unuioo rtpnliHl candidate, , area little more than a tnile Irom [ the Trnns-Jordnn border, reports Irom Ihc North said today. An official British announcement on the attack, one of ihe bloodiest in the Palestine. (iRbthn:, said Hint | n j] rt _ 30 Arabs were killed. Jewish casual- ' ties were set at one killed nnd two .seriously wounded. A communique issued in Tel Aviv The upside-down tail ns^eiubly ot ;in KAK l\vo~eiiRiii(ul plonc Ii jainmcri through HII nutoniobile root after the phmo ci'iishcd on Nonh London street HHi'ti with tuni•h-linui ti;illk\ The v\» knocked st'iuToldiiif; from Mp^rUnriUjs nnd i-iived in the ruol ol bus. Two jnen in thf phuic wrro roixulccl killrtt el 1'r 11, SUnloy Ktch rss Slaff C>lrrrsiii>iitl<<n!) KOI rii. Fob 7. UTl So- vli'l Ai'iny offlms sioml Icily \>v mid pmiillli'd n crowd of KmfiuK I" ninill two Unllrit filnlrs Unison nfllccrs ilmhitf n military pnrnric In I'vimi; YniiK. cnpliul of (hi- uns- M:m /om>. U. R. Arniv nilllldi itlcs xnl(i lodny. • 'I'lio Army ro]x)il MrnllMiM ilir I wo officers «.< MiVJ Oarrrl Ci. Civs- li'llo. linni>flir, In. nllrt Mn|. IJli'll- nnl (V Hltcs. Hnkrloy. CivMf. Imlh niv slalloni-ri In Ril.vlnn-nmuili'il Match Play Under Way [former Owners Launch In Everglades Tourney Move to Regain Lands PALM HrcACH, Fla.. Feb. H —Sixteen teams, heiuicd by mod- River Sii'Megy behind ihe Mississippi \ plan IK to attempt to have the I election of a President and Vice 1 Pri-Kirient .thrown into the House of Represent naves. ' Gov. Fielding U Wright said response lo the convention idea had J caught on all over the country, ,' ; bundles of mail and nee- ters at Jackson. The Democratic money raising season was getting off to a shaky strut, at, in the South, GeileraJ dissatisfaction and tiis>ention wa.s accentuated last, week by President Truman's ad vocation of a civil rights program abhorrent to "traditional" Scmihci ner.s In Georgfa, plans for a Jackson- Jefferson day feast .scheduled for March 5 were chnngr-d suddenly lo March 9. averting n delicate .situation involving Sen. J. Ho.vard Mc- Grhth, D,, R.I.. Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, II McGrath, who bad been sched- Miled 10 speak on (lie original date, ( . „ Hear Evangelist CR.NICHOL / of Clifton, Texas wounded while oilier Arab casual- tics were carried back across the | border. Arabs and Jews clashed early today in lite old city of Jerusalem. Three Arabs were reported killed and tliree British 1 soldiers wounded seriously. Jewish dynamiters blew _up an Arab house alleged tn have been used by snipers. When a BrlU ish patrol investigated, Arab guards opened lire frofli a rooftop post, wounding the soldiers, I Hap a nab gave additional details of the fighting, according to Ihe' Jewish viewpoint. The communique | said the first attack was made at 3 a.m. by a band of A robs." This H( lack was repulsed, but the Arab. 1 ; regrouped and attacked again'at 7 a.m. British forces appeared at. 9 a.m. and captured a ni RO quantity of Arab arms and mmunition. the com m unique claimed. There was no official confirmation of these claims. Inside Arab State Tirat Tsevl, five miles Southeast >f Bcisan, Is just inside the pro- ed Arab state as delineated by the United Nations Com mission. It Is _ practically on the Jordn frontier wtlb Trims-Jordan. Recent repnrls Irom the Nurtli said lhat hundreds of Ariibs arc crossing Ihe fi'ontier In this men Arrib (owns ami villages, wMUiu; for the BriiifOi to withdraw before opening an all-out attack on (lie Jcws^ Violence continued tn Haifa. An oflicial report said three .lews were killed there la si iu»ht under "unknown cirninislnncep." The situation in Jerusalem, menu- while, continued to deteriorate the May d' Princess Mary Avenue, formerly the shopping center nf the Holy City, has turned into a no-man's-land : between Jews nnri Arabs. The dangers of life in Jerusalem were illustrated yesterday when a n Arab patrw captured Don Pore*/., 25, an American correspondent of Jewish extract ion for the Nal ionn I Broadcasting Company. New York. Peret/, wa.s held for throe hours, micsitoned by high oflicers of the HOf'K. Ark., Feb. 17. i UP 1 *—The furnu'r OM ner.s of ilfi.ttflO acres comprising ;i v^i't of the Hope Proving Gi OI;D[| hmnrhed n move today to regain thr:r Intnl. Thrv \vili nu'Ol Friday nnd Mmi a pot il ion n>kinn -the State ol Ar- ksmxif; to \viihdr:iw iis claim. Thr HC.-IIIII (•(•>. ;u\d Development Commission m:nU' nn npptleiition re- icnlly to get the Innd ns a -Stute I'urk iinii tiiiiue refuge. M run while. .State Rrpn-senlntive 'ttillmt Field, Jr.. of llojie i-oiUiT- , ird wiib frov. Hi-n Laney mul olh- I 1n . rr slim 1 olluials Ui LHUe Kork vrs- ^h leniay »bont iHurnlng l'- P land , he May In date for British with- | i]s ll>imor nw ners. lie snlrt It wa.s .mwnl dveu- t-lri.s.'r. The fashionable ; i, n , mrt;ini ,i m ihe land bo rHiivn- P' ect tn ngiir the 51 me priority. The Church of Christ 12JO \V. Main St. Blytheville Feb. 15-22 7:30 p.m. KLCN Daily, 12:15 The Public is Cordially said he couldn't make it at the lal- tinic. Sen. Lister Hill. D.. Ala., IR accepted an invitation to sub- i Lute for McGrath. Find McGraLh .shown up in Atlanta for the affair, he would almost rtainly have been put "on the spot j about Mr. Truman's civil rights pro- [ gram which h> had endorsed. Hill ha.s a Senatorial record o! | lion to the issues. Money raising at the Georgia fete placed in jepardly. also, by Ihe split in party ranks within the .state. The March 9 show will be put on by Gov. M. E, Thompson and his group. Most of the Herman Talmpdgt faction was expccied Lo boycott the meeting. Other .states plalining Jtickscm- Jefftfj'son dinners include Louisiana, Tennessee. North Carolina, Arkansas and Florida. Three staLc.s will not,. Mississippi ha.s never put on one of the.-e show. 1 ?, although during the Rnosevelt election year of 1936 people of the slate came through \vitii $102,000 through public subscription. Any money raised in Mississippi this year would doubtless have n lot, of strings attached. Sr-nih Cffrolina dis?ontinned the Jackson dinners before Hie war, bt 1 -^p of mounting nnti-Roos* sentiment in the state. The idea was not revived this year, party leaders explained, because of "general conditions," A meeting of the I state executive committee i-s schcd- I ulod for M£-.rch 1 lo consider a j snowdown with the national party over how the Democratic administration is running things. | Alabama also declined to hold * money-raising dinner. Col, Marion T. Rushton. State Democratic Na- liona} Commit tecman. referred tjurstifjiis 0:1 the situation in Alabama to Asa Caraway, national parly treasurer department, would be first to feel the. slack-off in funds from the Sonlh. 300 "foreign 'Arab National Guard, and thru released in the no,utral grounds of the YMCA building. Hf was warnrri never to enter the Arab area a»nin. St. I,mils Gives Key In Tel Aviv, a golden hey to the City of -St. I/mis was presented nu behalf of -St. Louis Mayor A. P. Knufmnnn tn Actinp Tel Aviv Mayor Eliezer Pcrlson by I. E. Goldstein, a member of the Jewish mission to Palestine. The presentation was made at a dinner given by the City of Tel Aviv last night to the visiting American delegation, which is making a tour of the. Holy Land. , Palestine police said an alert had been flashed throughout the country to apprehend two British poUcn- <\t kin. First i pf.:ii the Uniu-d Red Wmn, The (wo Amrilcnns were nmuJcd on I'Yii fi when they joined a crmvd of civilian .spectators (o watch it panicle bv units ol Use newly-form- erl "Army (or till Korea." Tilt 1 pn- mdr wiis hi'ld to mark the .second minivn sury of Ihe North Koreim I'ropl.'s fominlttee, As the Americans .stood nt EI vnn- liuie point ni'iir the offlrlal rsvlrw- lun sland. ihev wore approached by- six Korrnn fhlhtin. 1 ! and d I.lenlc- tiam c;o!onel [rom the nil Korrn Army. The IJ rut muni t'olonrl pinte.slnt that Ihe officers were on "Koronn soil nnd (he [Hilled Klntea hn.s no here," Immediately n forwards, ft luim- lifi of Korean civilians, officers and jmlii'r l rled to drns llir Amertciuis \ liv police liox. Fnltlne In • Koreans .sin rounded the \ Amrrii'an.s nnd trk'd to block their view of the iKii'iHlf. A Tier the piufide. the A me i leans irhirtu'd to (heir Joep which was : parked dlrcdly In front of the ! Pvonft Ynnp Soviet Officer.*' Club. Thev were surrnundrd Immrdlntelv by alxmt \f\ Koreans who tried to rlraii 1 hem from (lie vehlclc- Durinn the scutfle, u Korean ite- . i Irclivr drew his pistol nnd de- IP A v mumlcd Uu\t Costelln hmul over V' I i"' i i-illip raiuera'he wns rniryine. The d yesterday when ^ ]ll!|1oi . hnmlrd over the Mini but, in ' ' " kepi the camera. II was simtrhed nwa; Irom him bv nn nnldentKind Knri-nn. While nn estimated 100 .Sovlol n[- firrrs looked on. nix Korean prtllrr approached 'he jeep and kepi Ihc Ainerirans prisoners for n hnlf Iiciiir. :'hp officers' appeals to the So- j Seek Release Of Five Airmen Held by Poles WARSAW. Feb. 17. iUP) - The U. S. Embassy MI id loday It \\ u,s ai templing to obtuln I hi- ot live AmerU-an nirtnen arii'.sit'd i>y Polish ollu'lnl.s ald-r Ihry brought AmbaNsiidor Slanton Grillis lo \Vnr- aw [IDILI Uorlm last ni^hi. An Kinlja.-vsy stiun-e nulical.'d ihal ihe luuiieii would he able to Imvis lur lleihn any time tlioy clio.s: 1 , which would dene nit on the su-uth- tiut \\nuUl be held niulrr urri'.si until ihcy dul drpiitt. The itiriiU'ii \vei i> ai rc.slt'tl f iiilniK i to proper VIMI.-S ru- (IL)IIIK lliein in enter Pol nnd. Tji.- I' is the ,see(iiul of its kind \\nhm u month. Kml)ii.ssy oflicia]s said I hi- i-rrw l.v lii'ln^ held lucfunnumiciidn knu -well iHken -,-are of" in the llri;unl Hole] in di>wtuown Wnv-suw. They wtne 11110.-*Ird wlii-n tin y liuuled Oril I is nt Oket'ii- Airport oulside the capital. Ciriftls, rrluin- m^ frotn a tv\o numtlis vIMt to the V). s. wlu-re ho ic]X»rlcd Ui Hie sinte Uepiirtmeiit, U-H the Hold hcfnro the nrrcMs. Fivt* other U. S. jinnien wi-n- nr- resn'd under slinllnr nrcum.slinu'e.-; on an. '32 when they llrw here doin llnhn to |>it-k up an injiuiMi ABH'tican Army serne»iH. Tln-y were released the tolUnvuit: ilny, S/iipping Cots to Europe fxp/oins Wfcy Mink Arouses Controversy Coats Art Costly NKW YORK (UP!..-The Ami-ii- ctui l-'ehni 1 .Sorirty came up with rt plnn t(» sblp l,000.000 healthy ami vigorous mis to ICuropo to kill the nils ciitlnn up niidn and other food. The A merle it 11 Society for tlie •ventIon of Cruelty to Animals l.sli'icd ilx objections lo the plan. Sidney II. Colcman. SI'CA execu- (ive vice president, said. It mUht become u .source of U cruelly to the it n I inn U lhat i e (Inis dumped In counlrle.s where pi'1 o^'nei'.s have Ionn been I in vt nn «n'at difficulty in obtaining o noi IK| ' ' CK>1 ^ l ° tnke euro of Mr pels." The Feline Hoclrly. however, said ii would M'c'K tin 1 views of l»rd Tn- M-rcliiijH'l. iiniDa.ssiidoi' (rom lirit- iiiii, mid Srcrcliuy ol Slulc Oror^c t;. MsiiKlmll. Ucml Conner Ncwfl Waul Ad5 l lu< i-tnisi rui'llnn ol hoinc.s ino.%1 iinpoi'lanl. At Miir MI me time \ don't think U Is \VIM* to Ignore- the [into need lor Ihe utclon ol icorv- CHICAGO (U.P.) — If would like to know why-It cost* M much money to wrap a soft mink coat around her shoulders, «h« cnultl talk to some of the mlnX nmchoifl near here. They ralfie th» animals and complain how expensive they arc (o feed. Otto Ii., who sent 10,000 in Ink pelts to market last year from his mink farm, places the hlanic for $:i,00<) mink coats on a, lot of tilings. "Number one," Grosse said, "U tin 1 '20 per cent federal tax and then po.ssibly a stale lax, dcpend- I in^ upon where you buy the coat. ! "Number Uvo is thai it cosU an ! iivrni^e of $18 prr animal to feed tint I rni. i e thorn," Grosses added. i ''Then you not only $25 for the |skin." Grosso said tlio animal.i breed slowly and it re extremely sensitive to Ihrij. environment. "Cold, nnlw unit bud feed nil can kill them," Ciro.sse rompliihied. As main' as 1,000 skins may no I'.ont nnd thr finer furs nnd iho nmtohrd furs all bring the premium prices. Fire Run ail mid ould not, HP tell Mire Firomcn ftii^wi-rrt n>.sldcnr<* m MJSS [lonnhy I-'OLIV 2010 ChlrkiiAii\Um. early i».si. nt^h when an nil hintliM- bt-cntni' over hrnliMl. No ilainan'' rrniiltrd. City Building Codes Hit As Aid to Delinquency Navy flier Killed Him. f'Vl f milt or plane crashed during euvers in thr Caribbean. The pilot was nlUi'hrd to the Carrier Philippine K<M \vhirh Is Inkinp pail In trannii'i < i \'Tr;s'^ here. His name 1 wni withhold iiendlntr nntlflratlnn! HI .ski lournamonl •Stairs wns heir! MuiiK, on Feb. i" CHICAGO P. »nnk, pM Instltule, H'.^ tin- nutlon ;\i own JuveniUi iun ..... -Col. Ttinnlme lih-ot of tin 1 AlhlrHr ihc major rlttns ol coiilrilnilliin l<i their (U'lhuiiH'm-A problems. lie bliune.s tltoiu for Ihclr rest i iftivi building rudos \vhU'h lutinnci iho construct ion ol reel ruilonal f iiri!- i 11 e.s. Bonk objected parlitulnrly to iho fi'dernt system of prior ii les on building mnterhtS^ whK'li cU^sMlierl nthlelir IneiUties with ''nluht dun* nnd Kiimhllnx hoii-'-ies." "We i eL'Onnizt'," Hunks snitl, "that piesenl st; nrc i I ie.i nl bulldlm n ml cm Is make Ihclr niloi'fkion to AT DREIFUS — Hack Again . . with all Us Traditional Dependability viel officers were me I, Oie men who were believed to have dc- .sertcd with an ai morcri cur and giuif from • Rehnvot, township, 10 miles South nf Tel Aviv. Police said the two did not rr- port after they had been ordered to return from Rehovot. where they were reported to have threatened ind fireri upon Jews as the result of the slaying of two British po- icemen two weeks ago. alJsis Mai|L;uei Ginither of Memphis, Tenn . mill socliilute J. E. Mc- Axilinne of New York, were slated to bop in imitrh play to<l:iy In the. 1'Hh anniuil invitation mixed foursome 1 oui'Luniipm »t the exclusive '' EvernhKle.s Golf Club. Me A ul in i u> <i ml Miss Gun! her took tlic medal honor.s yesterday over s\ field of -14 U-ums by shooting a 74. tbrre over par. Today they faced Ainry Ken you nlui Gco- rpr RnsniusMen in elimination play. .lean Hopkins <if Clr\ eland. O., and Reginald Uoardman nf I'nlm Beach were second in medal play v;ith a 75, Their first mnich opponents will be Carol DiriiiKer. feminp star f i Din Tiffin, O.. nnil Frank Ahern. answer. "Sonv, we have nn niitlior- Ity." Although no protest has yrl been made, H. Gen. John n. Undue. America n Com inn nder in Southern Korea, pointed out, that Soviet liaison officer.'! In .Seoul havp "complete- liberty of movement plus full [rcedom to photograph all military parades." Fine Traffic Violators Hrrbnrf ClifimplfiTi WHS f turri $,;ifi nnd this mnrnfii^> in Municipal Cntirt nttri' ho plcruJrp RiiHty lo n rhnrgfi nf ri riviiin whlln nnd or llic irifluiMicc nf Hqiior. 'Dip court nlso final Uonnld LOP $25 \vhrn lir plriirlod guilty to n chnr«n of speeding. •Hone^, I Didn't 0560 fKK W/ERE STilL BAOty HEEDED.' Lady, whrre li»\ s' ymi tirrn? USCT! lala nre npcrled unir more llinn PVIT, lirransc I ho. shorlaRe of (;ils »nil lorl.iy is Ihf urrulrst in ihn world's history. Our (lovcrninriit w:irus us tliiil Ihn supjily siinfily cnnnol mcrl today's indnslrinl nonls. Ymi ran }IP!|I )>rov(!ii( tins supply (mm j!<'lt'i>K too low by continuing to turn in your uwil fi'ts. BEWARE OF PIN-WORMS McUlckl repnrta of I «[> I v Itcli. . for thr wirnlnir Ih* *nibnrr*.Miiiii:, nnck-ini- r After evnturie* of 1'ln-Worm rf«llf vlTec(iv« way I" <lrat with them bn.« l.r-^n,) Itunuyh JATNE'S P-W. th« nor Pin- Worm IrcktiurnV iltvt-lopcJ. In DIP UUrfttnrion of I)r, 1) J»yn^ A Snn. Thr *mx!L »sr-m-Uk« f-W t.l.ItU r l'<> »»li»f»cUon or yinir rnnnfj h»ck. tio wliy 1»kr rhAixcrA nn I'ln-VVnrmj I ]t yiui I;IR. nrct tMn nslr int<>clinn. H^ rntir drurirlsl 'or P-W mil follow the illrrctjoni. 4t'» CMT ta remcm)>cr ; P-W for fin.Wormi I (Tuv Mlo NEW HAVEN POCKET WATCH 4 95 iinekrrpinj; ivus tlie ipuilily llinl brought tlii;* iN'r\v Ilioen I'orkel \\ p ulcU sinli popu- hirily lu-Corr the wnr . . . and it's llic HJinif! tndiiv . . . ^CK, l hi* j^ra iitl '' mekcrpvr N l>m'k ^llli nil tin ti usiworlhy nceuraey anil .^tnritinesH h> renew it* l>i ijjju n-eort! of her%icc U> [irople. DHEIFUS \li:i;l Hindis . . . Ui:;n Iliiininiiils :i« \\ !!i MA \ ST. IN MlMtHU, IITIHIVILH AND DIlBIIUBC ollis \Ve A10 I'leascd That \\'c Now Hare to Announce a Complete NEW MACHINE SHOP In Addition to Our COMPLETE BLACKSMITH, WELDING AND WOODWORKING SHOP Wo Have Also Added a NEW PORTABLE WELDING MACHINE We Weld Anything Anywhere All of our employers have 15 years or more experience in Ihcir line of work! DICK HALL, Machinist SAM PATTON, Blacksmith HAROLD GOODMAN, Welder TROY MAYO, Woodwork HENRY WESTBROOK SHOP You say you rouse them for cooking! ! Rul «vpn tlio. drops left aftnr thai wurili sidvti);iii|;- Then how nhoiit iin; ilown fat I rinuninns, skiininiiiK grj«vi<'S? Those Irirks yield }>\rnt>i! And come to Ihink of It, what olhr-r kiti-lipn \vaslc can you convert into Komi hard cash? li's a prjint to rrnunn- hrr, those tiavs of lii^lt foofl costs! ^"ou know, prices Imichfrs pay (or used (als nro ni>, on tin: avrracf. So please . . . ilun't throw your fat.s away. Save 'cm, and turn 'cm in! Day Phone 4161 22o Norlh Kirsl St. Nife l'hun« 4132 Keep Turning in Used Tats American Fot Salvage Commilteo/ Inc. For Improved and War-Proved Power GET A II You get a truck-built engine 'when you get a CMC . . . an engine of tlie Bnme bnsic design as that which powered nearly 600,000 military GMCs and earned the title "the Army'n Workhorse" for its performance and dependability. CMC engines «re proved, efficient valve-in^heads that, in every size, give you features unsurpassed in the industry . . • features such as Turbo-Top pistons, full-pressure Kibrtcation with rifle-drilled rods, airplane-type main bearings, Tocco- hardcned crankshafts and completely cooled cylinders. If it T s performance, economy and dependability you want, you'll be 'way ahead by putting your money on an "Army Workhorse"-powered CMC! LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc, 307 E. Main Phone 519 JHf TRUCK OF VALUE ' GASOLINE - DIESEL

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