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HARKNESS OF M. E. CHURCH TO NEW CHARGE Eton's Luther, -C. G. Karsch -Worship man lasgtta m.

S. S. la OF DEDICATION Methodist Episcopal Rev. William Verity: 9:45 a. S.

Worship. Sermon Topic, The Two Departments of Life The Church and the 6:45 Epworth League Service; 7:30. Worship. Sermon Topic. "Every Man's Life, a Plan of God." Thursday.

4pm. Junior League: 7:45 p. Prayer Service. Zion Lutheran. Fraekville.

S. A 25 minute minute concert by the orchestra precedes the session; 11. Service. Sermon theme: "Walk In The Light" Music by the Children's chorus and the Vested Choir; 6:45. Organ recital: 7.

Vespers. The History of the Passion of our Lord will be read on Sunday as well as the Wednesday and Friday night services. Saturday afternoon week-day religious instruction for the children. Prbvierian. Rev.

John M. Min- Lich: 10 a- Bible School; Wor- CATHOLIC CHURCHES St John the Baptist Church, this city. Rev. Frederick A. Fasig.

pastor. Rev. Leo Klassen, assistant Sunday at 7:30 p. m- Stations of the Cross and Benediction will be observed, as well as on Friday evenings at the same time and Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock for school children. Wednesdays at 7:30 p.

oven a Devotion to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal, Lenten sermon and Benediction will be held. Benediction with the Blessed sacrament will be every Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock in the chapel of the Good Samaritan Hospital. First Friday: Holy Communion distributed a 6:30 A. M. Masa at 8 o'clock.

Holy Hour consisting of congregational prayers and hymns Catechetical at 6:30 p. vice, Wcc-dren's Lertcr W. M. S. met-ts p.

m. Emanuel I fumed. Rev, o. and sermon a at 10.45: Catechetical Cla p. nrv Crivloxr Thursday a- Ientcn son the Consistory a rehearsal af.r: service; Jttlor TRINITY LUTHERAN Trinity Lutheran.

German Service, 8:30 a. "Das Kreuz Jesu S. :45, "The New English Service, 11, "Fundamentals of Our Faith" Senior Luther League, 8:30 p. "Pocket Testament League Intermediate Luther League, Vespers, 7:30, Boy Scout Service. The music program for the Sunday Gefraan service will be as follows: "Andante Religiose" Hailing: "Cantilene," Salome; "Postlude." Knabet English Service: Anthem "Blessed are the Poor in Spirit, Ber ridge; Postlude, "Risoluto," Lemmens.

Vespers: Prelude. "A Lenten Supplication." Dittrich; Offertory, Anthem. "Father of Heaven," Haendel: Anthem "My Country Tis of Thee," H. Carey, Men's Chorus; Potslude. Hoamer.

Lenten Service each morning at Rev. W. E. Harknesa, pastor of the St Clair M. E.

Church, expects to be transferred to a new field of service by the Annual Conference meeting in Phila. the first week in March. Hi last official pulpit ministrations in St Clair will be on Sunday. In the morning he will deliver a valedictory message especially directed to the young people; entitled "The Winas of the Morning." At 7 P. M.

he wm deliver a farewell sermon to tht congregation, entitled, "Feeding the Lords' Sheep." At 9:45 S. S. meets; :15, Epworth League. Monday: 7:30 p. Official Board gieeting; Tuesday: 7:30, WsdeviUe ervice.

topic, aom i to Live'-; 6:30 p. m. Christian Endeavor Society: 7:30, Worship. Sermon Topic. "The Source of Spiritual Life" Monday evening, w.

E. Societr it the home of Mn. Thomas, Tuesday. Ladies Aid Society, at the Trinity, Rev. H.

Egge; S. at 10 a. Preaching at 11 a. and 7 p. m.

Morcinf subject: "The Best Lenten Evening; "A View of Christ's Splendor, or, a Foretaste of His Glory." A feature of the service will be the anthem by the choir, directed by Prof. John home of Mrs. Lentz. Thursday 1 evnini? Praver Service, at Lie Dillman. Saturday at 1.J0 home of Mrs.

Maclntyre; 8:30 p. Choir rehearsal. tJ 1A at vne noma of Mn St Peter's Reformed. Fraekville. after the Mid-wr (..

i and concluding with Benediction at Rev. Adam E. Schellhase; a. m- Church School. Lesson topic: auigusn Krv.

7:30 p. S. after the nine o'clock Mass. The New 11. 8.

Wednesday at 7:30 p. Friday The First Reformed congregation of this city will observe the ninth anniversary of the dedication of the rebuilt church tomorrow. Prof. Alvin R. Keppel.

executive secretary of the Board of Christian Education of the Evangelical and Reformed Church will be the guest speaker morning and evening. Sunday School will be in charge of J. S. Crossman, who will conduct the worship period in the Inter. Dept.

and Ray. R. Kerschner in the adult department Worship and Prof. Keppel will preach morning and evening The music prepared by Miss Effle G. Hoke, organist and choirmaster contains the following special numbers: Organ, "Fantasia on Duke St.

Kinder; "Festal March in Calkin; "Air for String," Bach; "Postlude in Volckman. The anthem at the morning service will be: "Praise God in His Sanctuary," by Lor en "When Morning Guilds the Skies," by Ash-ford, will be sung by the Ladies Chorus. The choir anthem at the evening service will be: "Rejoice The Lord is King." by Corne, and "Day Is Dying in the will be sung as a soprano and alto duet by the Misses Ida Tobias and La-verne Manhart Monday. 7 p. Meeting of the Mission Band; Tuesday, 7:45 p.

Monthly meeting of the Consistory; Wednesday, 7:15 p. m. Boy Scouts meeting; Thursday. 7:30 p. m.

Special Lenten services; Friday, 4:30 p. Rehearsal for the Young People's Choir; 7, Catechetical instruction for the young people; 7:45, Rehearsal for the Senior Choir. evangelical, rtev. a. a combined Bible School and morning Service, with Supt Harold Paul in charge.

The pastor is at-I tending the annual Conference. At 6:45 p. rn Christian Endeavor So-' ciety. There will be no Evening Worship and sermon. Theme: The On the first Sunday of the month at 4 for the children and Friday Bauer.

9 30 a. ship. Sermon -f Rounded Chara. Dignity With Vespers. Bajjiiiin; HfVtiisi fles Jesus." when the children receive Holy at 7:30 m.

a German service. Baptist, Rev. T. D. Morris; Organist, Prof.

C. R. Birch; 10 a. Bible School with offering to Social Hall and Missions; Worship with sermon, 11 a. m.

and 7 p. m. Wednesday, 7:30 p. Prayer and business meeting. Forgiveness of 7 p.

Worship and sermon. Theme: "The Longing of the SouL" Official Board meets Monday at Communion, the Sunday School class is held at two o'clock in the afternoon. Service. 7:30 p. while the Girl Scouts will meet at 7:15 under the leader Monday: The Consistory will METHODIST CHURCH Methodist Episcopal, Dr.

Frank J. Andrua, Miss Cora Cole deaconess. Prof. Harold C. May, organist-director, 9:10, Prayer Group for Men's Bible class; 9:30, Bible School, Topic: The Measure of Christian 10:45, Worship.

Sermon: "Coming and Going." Music: Prelude, "Larghetto." Handel; Anthem, "Lift Up Your Offertory, "Offertoura," Frysinger; Jr. Choir, "In The Highway Of His Love," Nolte; Postlude, "Festal Postlude, Andre. 6:30, Sr. Epworth League, Intermediate Epworth League, Jr. Epworth League, 7:30, Worship, Sermon: "Jesus Forgives A Sinful Woman." Music: Prelude, "Swan Song From Lohengrin," Wagner; Anthem, "Now From The Altar of My Heart" Federieln; Offertory.

"A Song In The Night' Sbeppard; Anthem, "Thou Wilt Keep Him In Perfect Peace," Holloway; Postlude, "Choral Postlude," Rogers. Phila. annual conference Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10:30, sermon. Bishop Richardson; 2:30, Consecration of Deaconesses and Ordination of Deacons ana Eiders. Rev.

Morgan Edwards of Pottsville E. Church, will receive Elders Orders. Dr. H. H.

Stewart will attend the Lay Electoral Conference on Wednesday. The following are delegates to the Laymen's Conference which will meet on Friday: L. K. Hannum, chairman, Mrs. Robt Allen, Mr.

and Mrs. Adam Dietrich, Mr. and Mrs. Norman Dietrich, Mr. and 'rs.

Isaac Dando, Mrs. C. E. Alter, H. W.

Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Helms, Mrs.

Marian Blickenderfer, Miss Annie Pollard, Mrs. L. Rich, Mrs. Elizabeth Ross, Mrs. Anna Simmons, Mrs.

Laura Royds. Alternates: Mrs. Agnes Shoop, Edwin Swartz, Mrs. Fannie Miller, Mrs. Norman Lee and G.

T. Burd. Monday: 7 p. Scout Troop No. 9.

7:30, Junior Queen Esthers; Tuesday: 8 p. Bardsley Bible Class. 7:30, Oppelt Circle; Thursday: 7:30 p. iru, Lenten Service. The choir will assist 8:30, Church Choir rehearsal; Friday: 7 p.

Cub Scouts. 3:45, Junior Choir rehearsal, 7 Cub Scouts. Boards of Trustees, 7:30 Official Board, Mothers of Scouts. meet at 8:30 p. Thursday: Mid Wednesday.

7 30 I service, Communion First Sunday of the month, parochial and public school week Lenten Services uuest preacher. Rev. John Herbster. pastor of First Reformed Church. Sch children.

Trinity CJfcpel, Back Rm. St Paul's Lutheran. Port Carbon, Rev. Charles W. Eberwein: Morning services.

10 o'clock; S. S- 11; Evening service. Catechetical instruction, Monday, 7 p. m. Midweek Services, Wednesday evening at 7: 30 o'clock.

Confessions Saturdays and the vigils of Holy Haven. s. n. oauer, a. man: "The Y.

Si Mary's Russian Orthodox, Rev. Basil Petratsky; Worship, 8:80 a. Church School, High Mass, 10; Vespers, 3 p. m. Slovak Presbyterian, Rev.

Geo. Bardarik; Services. 10 a. m. and 7 p.

Church School at close of morning service. or jesus nis SJ 10. S. S. days: 3:30 and 7 P.

Thursday before the First Friday, 3 and 7 P. Parochial school children. Thursday before the First Friday of the month. Public school chil PINEGROVE ship of Miss Claire Txrng. Week-day Church School closing session Tuesday at 3:45 p.

m. Cat-chetical Classes meet at the same hour under the leadership of the pastors. The Ladies Aid Society (Frauen Verein) will meet Thursday at 2 o'clock directed by Mrs. Chas. Bader, the Mission Study Class at 3, under the leadership of Miss Alice Krebs, and a social hour for the members of both groups at 4 P.

M. in the Recreation Room of the church. The S. S. Teachers' Asso.

will meet Thursday at 7:30 p. m. The Girls Circle will meet at the same hour. Adult Catechetical Class will be conducted by Rev. Herman at 7 p.

Friday. dren, Saturday before the first Sunday of the month. St John's Boy Christ Episcopal, Rev. John Henry Lehn Communion. 8:30 a.

Church School and Bible Class, 10; Morning Prayer and sermon. It. Tuesday, G. F. S.

Candidates' Class. 4 p. Wednesday. Holy Communion, 8:30 a. Thursday.

Childrens' Litany. 4 p. Worsmp, The Rev. J. P.

Briggs. rector of All Saints Church, Shenandoah, guest preacher. St Stephen's R. C. Rev.

Daniel Daly, pastor: Rev. Jos. F. Collins, assistant: Masses at 3:30. 7.

8 and 9:30. Sunday evening at 7:30, Novena to Our Lady of the Miraculous McdaL St. Johns Lutheran, Rev. John Janisak; Worship, 10 a. Church School, 11:30.

in charge of John Pallo, of Pottsville. (3500 Scout Troop No. 2 meets Monday at 7:30 p. m. in the basement of the church.

The fourth of erij Masses, Fall Schedule Sunday, 6 A. at Go. Samaritan Hospital; in church, 7, 9, and the last Mass is a High Mass. Holy days: 6, 7 and 9 (High Mass LLEWELLYN CHURCH RAVINE CHURCH ments on 321 41S granted PWA to the PAY OFF DEBT ON AMBULANCE followed by Benediction). district wan iir Friedens Lutheran Church.

Llewellyn. Rev. C. W. Eberwein, Sunday School at 1 p.

Service at 2, i terday's check u-s tot tjj i Douglas Andrews, PWA Dir Pennsylvania, inced The federal goven atsf promised to give the district cent of the total cr.i tat cm Holy Apostles, Rev. Jos. M. Brownlee; 8, Holy Communion, Childs. H.

Fox; 9:45. Church School, 6. Seitzinger, Mansell, T. Seitzinger, Crucifer; 11, Prayer. Sermon.

Wolfe. E. Fox; 7, Evensong Sermon, "Christianity- in Verse. Longfellow; T. Seitzinger.

Zulick. Wednesday, 7 p. Choral Litany; Junior Choir. Sermon theme: "The Second 7:45, Junior Choir rehearsal: 8, Parish Aid meeting and supper. St Johns Evangelical and Reformed, Porter W.

SeiwelL student fiastor; S. 9:45 a. Jr. sermon, Worship. 11, Sermon, "The Jericho Road." The choirs will sing; Worship.

7 p. m. Sermon, "We Would See Jesus. Monday, 7:30 p. Meeting of FORESTRY MEET AT VAtLEY VIEW Weekdays: 6, at Good Samaritan Hospital; in church for school children.

St. Patrick's Church, stt Rev. Msgr. James T. Heir, rector; Rev.

John Healy, Rev. Maurice J. Foley, Rev. Cornelius J. Devitt assistants; Masses Sunday at 6, 7, 8 and 9, Children's, 10 and 11.

St Joseph's Church, Rev. G. De-Stefano, Masses at 8 and 10. tion of eight additional vocational training rooms Sal ENGLISH LUTHERAN English Lutheran, Rev. C.

M. Nicholas, D. Rev. G. Leonard Nicholas, B.

Ass Pastor, Russell Kershncr, organist: S. 9:30 a. Harry F. Lehman, Supt; Worship, 10:45, Lenten Meditation. The Choir and organist will render special music, "Softly Now the Light of Day" will be the anthem, with the soprano solo by Mrs.

Jos. Fromme and the baritone solo by Nathan Hartzel. Young People's Educational Society Devotional ser Pinegrove High ject's total rost has been estB St Peter's Reformed. Pinegrove: 9:30 a. S.

S. Lesson: "The New 7 p. Worship and sermon. Theme: "The Judge and the Judgement" Friday, 6:30 p. Catechetical instruction; 7:30, chorus meets for rehearsal.

St. Paul's Reformed, Ravine: 9:30 a. S. S. Lesson: "The New Commandment." 10:45.

Worship and sermon. Theme: "The Day of Reckoning." Thursday, 6:30 p. Catechetical instruction; chorus meets for rehearsal at 7:30. Ladies Aid will have their monthly business meeting Thursday. S.

S. and church services will be conducted in the social room because the interior of the church is being renovated. The contract has been given to Gangaware and Fid-ler, painters and paperhangers, of Pinegrove. All woodwork will be revarnished, ceiling and walls will have a new coat of paint ivory and buff. Work will not be finished before April, therefore we will have no special Easter program vice, 6:30 p.

Vespers, 7:30, Lenten at 347,000 So far the Pub'. Administration has contrite 750. PWA aAMals i that the project man hours of employs ent en of Pinegrove and vie for those enjlsfed In ricating and terials and equ.prm construction of the scl St Francis de Sales, Mt Carbon, Rev. Vincent A. Burke, Masses at 8 and 9:30.

A forestry meeting will be held at John Schropes' farm. Mar. 4, at 10 A. under the direction of Frank Murphy, forestry specialist. Those present will look over the forest plantation, observe the different varieties of evergreen and their rate of growth.

Suggestions on woodlot management will be given. A sawfitting demonstration will be held after which tnere will be a log Consistory and Cabinet; rri- ay, 7:30 p. Lenten service. Mary Queen of Peace, Rev. John Brogan, Sector; Rev.

Robert E. Carr assistant: Masses Sunday, 7, 9 and 10:30 in Pottsville; 8:30 in Mount Laffee. Troy Laundry Known for years for depes service Are you troubW by SECOND PRESBYTERIAN Second Presbyterian, Rev. Harold J. Braden, Mrs.

Wm. P. Strauch. organist 9 a. Church School; 11, Worship and Sermon; 6:45 p.

Senior Christian Endeavor; 7:30, Worship and sermon. Sermon subjects: Morning, "God's Good Evening, "If." Senior Christian Endeavor will meet at 6:45. The topic for discussion is "What Do We Mean-Being Christ-Like?" Leader, Miss Louise Laznont The music for the tlay will be as follows: Morning: Organ prelude, "Inner Vision," Coerne; anthem, "Christ Whose Glory Fills The Skies," Gounod; Offertory, "Come Unto Me, Ye Weary," Mendelssohn; choral response, "The Lord Be With organ postlude, "Meditation." Federlein. Evening: organ prelude, Noble; anthem, Lord, My Trust Is In Thy Mercy." Hall; Offertory; "Jesus, Word of God Incarnate," Gounod; chime response, "I Am Thine. organ postlude.

"Postlude," Kern. Helen Adah Frazer Missionary Auxiliary meeting Tuesday at 7:45 p. with Mrs. Howard Weston and Miss Lucy Helms acting aa hostesses. The meeting will be held at the home of Miss Helms.

laundry question" Let us solve it far you. Icallv and satisfactornj T17 one of our six wrvicsi PINEGROVE CHURCH learn for yourself. YOUR CHURCH Attend mrrrr Stmutmr FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST "Christ Jesus" is the subject of the Lesson-Sermon in the Church Oct Christ Scientist Golden Text Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever" (Hebrews Among Bible citations comprising the Lesson-Sermon is the following: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed ma to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the broken hearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of eight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of he Lord" Luke The Lesson-Sermon includes the fta a from the textbook. Science and Health with Key to ttie Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy: "Jesus is the name of the man who, more than all other men, has presented Christ the true idea of God, healing the sick and the Binning and destroying the power of death." "Divine Truth, Life, and Love gave Jesus authority over sin, Sickness, and death. His mission was to reveal the Science of celestial being, to prove what God is nd what He does for man" (pp.

73. 26). Morning Service and Sunday School at 11 o'clock. Wednesday Testimony Meeting at 8 p. jn.

The reading room is pen daily except Sundays and holidays from 2 to 4 p. m. REEDSVILLE CHURCH luldanrt ana the 1 Pinegrove, Zion Church of the Nazarene, Rev. John L. Moran: 9:30 a.

S. S. session, "The New Commandment." The Harmonica Quartet will render a special selection; 10:30, Worship and message. Rev. C.

I. Wilwerth of Ephrata will preach: 6:15 p. Junior Society: 7. N. Y.

P. Mrs. C. I. Wilwerth, leader; 7:45, Evangelistic service.

Rev. Wilwerth will bring the message. Special music. Wednesday, Mid-week Prayer meeting, 7:30 P. M.

Meditation. The anthem, "The Lord is My Rock," will be given as a solo by Miss Betty Stoudt. Church Council session Monday at 7:30 p. Discussions on "The Story of the American Negro" by the Mission Study Group Monday at 7:30 p. Light Brigade meets Tuesday at 4:15 P.

Ladies' Aid Society monthly session at the home of Mrs. Edw. F. Stevens, Tuesday at 7:30 p. m.

This meeting will be in the form of a "Big Sister" party. Mid-week Lenten service, Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. Anthem, "My God, Is Any Hour bo Sweet," featuring a baritone solo by Paid Brit-ton. Choir rehearsal for their Easter Cantata immediately following this service.

The men will have their monthly session Thursday at 7:30 p. ra. Children's Lenten Service Friday at 4:15 p. m. The theme will be: "Choosing or Rejecting Christ." Catechetical class meets Friday at 7 p.

m. EVAN CONGREGATIONAL Evan. Congregational, Rev. Ralph G. Bealer, Mrs.

Robert S. Hoffman, pianist, Edward Madenford, S. S. Supt, 9:45 a. Sunday School; 11, worship; 8:30 p.

Int C. Sr. C. 7:30, worship. The Sunday School lesson to be studied this Sunday is "The New Commandment." In the morning worship the pastor will preach the eighth sermon from Paul's Epistle to the Collos-sians.

Int C. E. topic: "Always Doing Our Sr. C. E.

topic: "Reasons for Praying," leader, Edward Madenford. The sermon theme for the evening service: "The Happy Man. The recently purchased community ambulance now belongs to Lans-ford, lock, stock barrel, the final payment of $200 on the $3200 vehicle having been paid to the Citizen's National Bank. The J. Wesley Garland Post ambulance committee ordered the payment of the debt at a recent meeting, having raised sufficient funds from the minstrel conducted on Feb.

17 and 18 in the Lansford High School School auditorium. The members of the cast will be tendered a banquet in the Legion rooms March 4. Nurse Receives Cap Miss Alice Sherman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sherman of W.

Snyder Ave, Lansford. received her nurse's cap at the Philadelphia General Hospital following a six months' training period for the nursing profession. She is a graduate of Lansford High School, class of 1936. Entertain Police Officers Police officers of Carbon county and surrounding districts were tendered a banquet at the Mahoning Valley Country club with the members of the Lansford police force as hosts. Don Zimmerman, chief of detectives in Northumberland county was guest speaker.

The Lansford police force is made up of Robert Gallagher, Robert Bacon and Chas. Stanley, head of the L. N. C. Co.

police. Concert For Crippled Children A concert for the benefit of the Carbon County Society for Crippled Chudren will be given by the Panther Valley Choral society, under the direction of Prof, John Trembath, Lansford. in the Lansford High School auditorium, Monday, March Dr. L. C.

LaBarre, surgeon In chief of the Coaldale hospital will render a talk between the first and second parts of the concert. Dr. LaBarre will illustrate hi talk with exhibts of bone formations and general phases of body deformities and Women members of the Choral society who will participate in the program are: Mrs. Thomas Davis Mrs William R. Eden.

Mrs. Robert Jones. Mrs. John West, Mrs. Fred W.

Weaver, Mrs. James Trembath. Mrs. James Stout. Mrs Howard McLaughlin.

Mr. Michael Krell Mrs. Richard Bacon, Mary Hill. Edith Storch. Ruth Strauss.

Mrs. George Raabe and Mrs. A. Carl Neumuller. Male members are: John Atkinson.

Chester Berry. George Heftel-fingcr. Kenneth Davis. Wilbur Dornbach, Elmer Stout. Garfield Stevens, Alfred Bemtx, Orville Mantz, Stephen Miller.

Bernard Sharpe. William Pollock. George Monroe. Charles Krause. James Holmes.

Robert Jones, Howard Pforr. I YOUR THEATRE Attend eTery tm went and 1 help tergal 7 sawing contest with prises for the winner. Take Over Shop Russel Herb and Clifford Ossman have taken over the Ray A. Kehres barber shop. Served Dinner The following enjoyed a turkey dinner at the home of Mrs.

Alvar-etta Updegrove on Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Updegrove, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Updegrove, Mr.

and Mrs. Walter Miller, children Betty, Richard and Robert, all of Reading; Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Mayer, daughter Gloria, of Scranton; Henry Updegrove Washington. D.

Robert and William Hart, Mr. Ellaworth, Mr. and Mrs, Ira 'larner, children Bruce, Joy. Nancy and Bemice; Mr. and Mrs.

Gurney Umholtz. daughters Hannah and Mary. Game Clob To Meet The He gins Valley Game Association will meet in Daubert's Hall on Thursday, March 4, to discuss membership, dues and distribution of quail and ringnecka as they are received. Play To Be Presented The play entitled. "The Million Dollar Butler," will be presented in the Hubley Township High School on March 4 and 5 at 7:30 P.

M. Announce Births Mr. and Mrs. Leo Underkofller announce the birth of a baby girl at the Warne Hospital. The mother was formerly Miss Eva Herb, of Tower City.

Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Happen haver announce the birth of a baby girl The mother will be remembered as Miss Thelma Morgan. FIRST PRE8BTTER1AN In First Presbyterian, Rev. Merlyn A.

Chappel, G. Francis Pyle, organist the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be observed at 11 o'clock. In connection with this service, pledges will be made for current expenses and benevolences for the new church year. Church School meets at 9:45 a. m.

At 4:30 p. a Lenten Vesper Service will be held in the church auditorium. Mr. Chappel's subject will be "Psalms for Calvary." The Young People will leave the Church at 6:30 for a service at the Slovak Presbyterian Church, St, Clair, on "Peace." Monday, monthly meeting of Board of Trustees, 7 p. in the Church Office.

Tuesday, the women's Lenten study class meets at the church at 2:30 P. M. Mrs. H. O.

Bechtel will review the second part of the book. "Congo Crosses." Mrs. A. Julian Pilgram will be the hostess. Thursday, Men's Fellowship luncheon at 12:05.

Lenten Prayer service in the church auditorium at 7:30, meeting of canvassers for Every Member Canvass, meeting of the Session and Choir rehearsal at 8:30. Friday, Mrs. Thurlow's class will entertain the women of the Church and congregation at an informal patriotic tea to be held in the lecture room from 3 to 5 o'clock. Junior Choir rehearsal at 3:45, meeting of Pastor's Communicants' class at 4:15. Mid-week servica in Lent Thurs Capitol Theatre day at 7:30 p.

meeting of the Session Thursday at 8:15 p. The Communicant'- Class will meet next Friday at 8:80. W. M. 8.

delicatessen sale in the annex Saturday morning at 10 o'clock. 60 0' Rehearsals: Junior Intermediate Choir Wednesday at p. m. Senior Choir Friday evening at 7:45 p. m.

ENGINEER BUSH WINS PROMOTION W. R. Adamson, county WPA director has announced appointment of William G. Bush, chief construction engineer for 20 months of the WPA bureau here, as director of airport construction throughout the state. Bush will assume control over 26 major Pennsylvania airport projects March 1 when he moves into a headauarter offlre at Harrishurff TRINITY REFORMED Trinity Reformed, Rev.

Robert A. Bausch; Helen Schlmpf. Organist: 9:30 a. Church School with Anthracite Beit Product Adult Bible Classes, lesson: "The New 10:45, Divine Worship, Litany and slermon, theme Made from Anthrac Tuesday. 8 p.

the Woman's "The Road He music: Pre Missionary Society will have the One of the largest projects under Pottsvillf Can regular monthly business meeting Personal News Mr. and Mrs. GJenn Malick, children Leah and Marilyn, visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.

Felter lude, "Jesus Cajls Us." Matthews; Offertory, "Andantino," Franck; Postlude. "March." Faulker; solo Repentance." Gounod, Dorothy Evan. Congregational, Rev. T. E.

Paul; Reedsville Bethseda, A Prayer K. C. 7 p. Evening Worship and dedication of new hymn books. 7:30.

W. M. Thursday at parsonage tn Cressona. 7:30 p. Friday, -Prayer meeting and T.

T. Class. FRIEDENSBURG CHURCH Evan. Congregational, Rev. T.

E. Paul; Friedensburg Union. S. 9:30: Morning Prayer, K. 7:30.

and prgoram. Mrs. Marian Wert-ley will review the third chapter in the Missionary textbook. This his direction will be the municipal airport construction at Philadelphia. Replacing Bush here will be Paul F.

Spencer. Pottsville. ndministra- FULL GOSPEL MISSION Full Gospel Mission, 301 S. Centre St, S. 10:30 a.

11:30 a. worship; 7:30 p. m. Evangelistic theme. "The Return of Christ" Wednesday; 7:30 p.

Evangelistic; Friday. 7:30 p. Evangelistic. The sick prayed for. Mall Kerr, pastor.

Brosius; anthem, Lamb of God." Stults. At 6:30 p. Young Peo meeting will be held in the church pie's meeting: 7:30. Prayer and ser Wednesday, 7:45 p. prayer i live assistant in the county.

Joseph mon, theme: "The Faith That Saves Quigley, Shenandoah, will be mov meeting followed by the meeting of the Official Board and the School at Girardville. Mrs. Enoch Williams, of Renovo, spent several days at the home of Mrs. Tillie Updegrove. Mr, and Mrs.

Mausser and chil- dren, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel ByiPr and children of Mahantongo. visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs.

John Byler. Mr. and Mrs. William Reed and of Methods club ed up to fill Spencer's post. Bush, a Girardville native, was chief engineer for the Pine Hill Friday, 3:45 p.

Mission Band Robert S. Hoff- Collieries Company for five years. in charge of Mrs HOLINESS CHRISTIAN Holiness Christian, Rev. Wm Neidhammer; S. 2:30 p.

Young People's meeting, 6 p. Prayer and Praise service, Preaching. 8. Prayer service Wednesday at 7:30 P- m. man.

Sunday, March 21. Anniversary Sunday. Bishop C. H. Mengel will be the speaker.

DREHERSVILLE CHURCH Evan. Congregational, Rev. T. Paul, Drehersville Emmanuel; S. 6., Special Brass quartette from Cressona; Prayer, K.

C. 7:30 p. m. Here and music: Prelude. "The Lost Chord," Sullivan; Offertory, "Nocturne." Stroughten; Postlude.

"Allegro," Kroeger: solo. "Just For Today," Seaver, Mildred anthems, "Jesus My Saviour. Look on Me," Nevin; "Approach. My Soul, the Mercy Seat" Thompson. Tuesday, 4 p.

Catechetical Class; 7: 30, Consistory meeting. Thursday, 7:30 p. Lenten service and sermon, theme: "The Test of Constancy. Friday, 4 p. m.

Children's Lenten service, theme: "The Widow's mite." children of Tower City, visited at the home of Mrs. Minnie Herb. Mr. and Mrs. William Shomper, children, Mary and Joseph.

Mr. and Mrs. Rav Schwalm. son Eugene, of CRESSONA CHURCH laier he became assistant engineer of subway construction in Philadelphia. Before coming here as chief WPA engineer he had been LWD bureau director at Johnstown.

Spencer came to this city ten years ago as an engineer for the Stone. Webster firm. He helped build the giant St. Nicholas and Locust Summit brea'a for the TRINITY EPISCOPAL Trinity Episcopal, Rev. Howard W.

Diller, D. rector. Rev. John R. Ramsay, curate.

Holy Com- GILBERT ON CHURCH munion. ft a. Church School. Prayer with Sermon, 11; Young Philadelphia and Reading Coal and People's Fellowship. 6:45 p.

i Irtn Company and has made his Bethany Evangelical Congregational. Cressona. Rev. J. S.

Harper, Bible School, 9:15 a. Worship, 10:30. Singing by the Young People's Choir; Sermon theme: "Form Without Power." Junior K. L. 6.30 p.

Senior L. C. Service, 7:30. Singing by the Senior Choir. Sermon theme: "Defeated by Doubt." home here since.

Prayer with Sermon, 7:30. QUAKAKE CHURCH A special revival meeting will be held at the Holiness Christian Church, Quakake, beginning Sunday and continuing throughout the week. Rev. Ira Bechtel. presiding Elder, of Pottstown, wilLjpen the meetings.

The pastor, with differ, ent speakers, will preach throughout the first week. There will also be special singers and players. Services begin at 7:30. Let 1 1 Your I Bv I Cream I GUberton E-, Rev. Earl R.

Thomas. Worship. 10 a. theme: "The Cheer of Church School, 2 p. m.

"Special Building Fund Sr. Epworth League, 6:15, guest speaker. Miss Mia Frew, Fraekville: Worship, 7, theme: "Prepare Ye the Congregational meeting, 8 pm: final Official Board meeting of this conference year, 8:15. Wednesday, Mid-week Prayer service. 7 p.

Mrs. Kitty McCabe in charge. St John's Chapel, Fishbach. Prayer and Sermon Thursday, 7:30 p. m.

St Paul's Chapel. Mechanics ville. Holy Communion, 8 a. m. St James Church.

Sch. Haven, Prayer and Sermon, 10:30 a m. Optometrists Opticians Established 1908 Tower City, visited Mrs. Tillie Up- degrove. I Mr.

and Simon Hand, chil- dren Dallas. Russell, Patsy Ar.r. called on the tatter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Ressler Mrs.

William Schwalm, of Fraekville, is spending days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Bowman. Mrs. Allen Romberger.

children. Alice and Junior, Mrs. Emma Kuntzelman and Miss Helen Rom berger, of KUngerstown, spent Wednesday evening with the for-1 rner's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Straub.

Miss Gertrude Conra.d spent the week end with friends in Baltimore, Lenny Alberici of the U. S. Navy is spending several days with Mr. Lloyd Schucker Mr. and Mrs.

Frank Neyef. of Lykens. visited friends in town am Saturday. READING HOSIERY MILLS REJECT CLOSED SHOP "Put Your BEST Toot Forward" Clothes for Men and Boys DOUTRICITS PUREST, RICHEST MILK ft. E.

Gotischall Dairy Breakfatt have cream top of th from CREAM' cream the whip (tiff jest tht kind tke eream-to Brokh'-' Tumblsr.g FIRST EVANGELICAL First Evangelical, Rev. H. C. Moyer, Conference Sunday, 9:30 a. Sunday School.

There will be no other services, due to Annual Conference sessions at A lien town. Eyes Examined Without Drops WEBER'S Funeral Home 306 West Market Street PottjviUa READING, Feb. 27. iJF A demand for closed shops by the American Federation of Hosiery Workers was refused Friday by 19 hosiery mills of Reading, and vicinity. Tne workers threatened a county- strike on Monday if the companies did not sign agreements with be union.

MIDDLEPORT CHURCH St. Pauls Lutheran. Middleport. Rev. Chas.

W. Eberwein, S. 1 p. m. There will be no service.

Mid-week Lenten service. Tuesday at p. m. Junior E. L.

C. Tuesday. 4 p. m. MILLER MILLER 9 South Centre Street Bent en Serv Wednesday, 7:45 p.

ice. W' Lake to Tm.

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