The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 10, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1947
Page 3
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PAG1FOUB BLYTHEVILLK (AUK.) COUHIKR ' NKWS 22 Dead, Missing In Ship Explosion ' {Excursion Steamer •. iSiitks in Ohio River; ;Fire Follows Blasts ^ * : *' ' - ' t - PITTSBURGH, -Sept. 10. (UP) — 7S»enty-one crew members, in- eludinf two women, were listed M- missing or de»d tod»y hi the explosion »nd lire whlt|i des- trdrta the excursion steamer Is'• . ' Seven bodies were accounted for. The body of » Negro was recovered froin the river 13 feet astern of the sualcen wreckage today. ', the 23-year-oj<j sidewheeler blew WP, at her berth in the Mononga- feek River In midtown Pittsburgh yesterday • afternoon -while her crew w«j preparing her for a moonlight excursion down the Ohio. About 36 1 of the 90-man oiew were belle red aboard at the time. - Five bodies, all burned beyond recognition, ; were, recovered from the charred '•'•milk of the luxury steamer which sank in 20 feet of waiter One woman was pronounced d«»d at AV:rcy Hospital. Death was caused by drowning, Fifteen others were misting and presumed dead, Firemen, working In Die glare of searchlight, probed thc gutted Interior of the vessel throughout the night, seeking the bodies of the missing crewmembers. Fifteen crewmen suffered burns and shock. TAO »*re treated at Mercy Hospital and released, Thirteen were still In the hospital today, suffering from first, second and third degree bums and shock. A spark from •» welder'* torch was believed to. have Ignited a fuel tank, touching alt the blast. An inspection at tb« boilers showed they were utill intact. Assistant Police Chief Andrew Charles compiled the casualty list after a roll call for surviving crew members. Nearly all tr.e victims were from Cincinnati, O., home port of the Island Queen, ana Kentucky. Police Chief William Dnvls said he believed many bodies of the missing would be found In the steamer's bunk room. He said he saw parts of bodiej scattered n- mong the berths. Thay presumably were trapped In th.'li bunks when the explosion shattered the ship. The gleaming white excursion vessel blew up with a mighty roar that rocked the golden triangle i, 1 . section of the business district. Thousands of windows in buildings lining the waterfront were smashed Chauffeur for Spinster Inherits Fortune Valued at Half Million BV COE CKAWFOKU .'20 years ago. He ten Ills wealth to (United Cress Staff Correspondent) liis wife, wlio retained M:Ul;il]n i CHICAGO, Sept .10. IUP> •Dig, I during the remaining 15 years of laughing, Jumcs •Mattallna, who ne- her life. When Mrs. Sinitli died, she vet quite managed to make ends left the estate to Miss Crnlg. There meet on his $35-a-wcek chauffeur's were no other close relatives, salary, shook himself out of 11 s'or- "Noi No! No! You must lie nih- lou.1 daze today. His lute employer I taken." Matlallna told Israel J3o;- left him S300.COO, maybe S5CO.000.ldek. Miss, Craig's attorney who brought the news. "I expected lo get a Jllllc something because Miss Craig said .she would not forget me. But all this'.' You must be exaggerating." Dordck sutd Miss Craig's will, admitted to prouiUc yesterday, left WEDNKSDAY, SKi'TKJlHKR 10, 1947 and ' in cash, slacks, bonds, farms oil wells. '•First we've gotta have a banquet," he said, "for all my family and all my flue friends, and I cn:i watch them eat and cat and eat." For the first lime in his 53 years Maltalina won't have to worry about the cost . There was laughter today and there were tears as Mnttalina, slightly bald son of Italian immigrant.'), Mine Explosion Kills Four Men; Traps Four More DFAVSHUKY, JillH,, Ku;il. 10. (UP) An cxplos!,,n ripped through the mine 10 miles South of killing four men and >ing four mure in the pit. vi- men escaped the blast- keel mine, one of them injured. I toll Pemiscot County Community Wins Municipal Status CAHUTHERSVILLE, Mo,, Sept, 10. — The community of Goblcr, In thc Southwest, corner of Pemls- . was n'jorud that the wculd have been higher but foi tli.- fa;;l that-a number ul miners stayed away inim the workings hi-raiisc of the Yorkshire coal ML ike. wrt,, . following Incorporation ac- U °" ^'"l*^ County Court. Urns '"" becn namctl ln " m " llnay ° r ?"? ",°" CC Jllll|f ? °' the '^'^-^^^ K>wn. Edwin Branch Is clerk and city treasurer and Denny Mitchell, Gerald Uurke and L. V. Elliott arc councllnien. Tlicse men were selected as n board of trustees by t;ic court vlien it issued the incorixiralion order. They have -idonlcd cltv or- county court of a petition .signed by at, least two-thirds of the taxable inhabitants of a community. The 'town of Goblor covers about 80 acres within tile boundaries dc- Under Missouri .„ tlon^requircs k presentation a-l the I law jncorpora- | marshal. Wlllle Stallions is serving as city feftj ft° m where I sir-...// Joe Marsh Is the backbone of our business. Bring -your prescriptions to the store you KNOW and TRUST ROTHROCK DRUG CO. New Phone Number 4451 'if 205 West Main Street stood in his shirt sleeves beside ..... wife in their dingy four-room apartment shaking hands with a stream of friends and neighbors. She wore n flowered print dress. | Her tear-filled eyes glanced frequently across the room to the silent figure of their son, Sum, :IO. Two years ago the Army sent him home sulfcring from shell :ihock and unable to work. "The first thing 1 vc got to do is take care of Sam." said Mattalina. "It's Just too wonderful to be true," Mrs. Maltalina said. "It's just loo wonderful." Mattn'.ina was overcome with shock yesterday when an attorney drove up in a limousine, knocked on thc door of the apartment and announced thai Miss Anne Craig. 83. who died last Saturday, left hoi loyal chauffcin the bulk of her forlune, Mattalina said lie had been driving for his benefactress for thc past, five years and before that he WHS employed by Miss Craig's sister and her iuis'oand, Mr. and Mrs. George B. Smith. Smith, a paving magnate, died by the force of thc blast. . Seconds after th-j first explosion, another blast rocked the vessel, followed by a wall ;>r ornng? (lame that flashed through the ship Irom bov,' to slern. Thousands of persons Jammed the waterfront ;o w.itch iircnicn fight the bl.i/.e whi-h was brought under control two hours after the blast. At one time '.he crowd on the Sniltlifteld St. bridge was so great that police ordered It cleared, fearing It might BEWARE OF PIN-WORMS i Mvdleal report* reveal that an amazing i number of children And adult* are victims \ of Pin-Worms. Watch for thc warmnp *:tta, ftpcctftflr !H* embarrassing, nacclnic rectal itch. After centuries of Pin-Worm diatrtM •. really effective war to deal with them baa Wen atabllahtd throuEh JAYNC'S f-W. the new Pin-Worm treatment developed In the labor atone* of Dr. D. Jar tie A Son. The imal], «u?-to-take P-W tableU etr« •atUfaction or your money back. So .-why tak* 'chance* on Pin-Worm* 1 1C you su»- rect this ugly infection, ask your drurcut < for r-W and follow thc direction!. It'ft Mir to re number; r-W for f m-Wormj I BIG AUCTION SALE Sat. Sept. 13, 2 p.m. —Rain or Shine! r WEST END AUCTION CO. ^- Formerly Lost Boy Garage—West Highway 18 Mattalina all but $20,000 of he. estate. The bequest Included $130- C03 in government bonds and class A slocks, Oil and farm lands in Texas, and farms and real cstiui 1 in the MiddleWcsl. He estimated Mattalina's inheritance between $3011.000 and $500,000. [ Matln:iiin said that during liv rcss. ! Umc ho wolko< l fo ' - Miss Craig and / r n- I tnc Sniitlis his average wage wfts •$35 a week. To help support Uicir three children, Mrs. Maltallna hail opened a tiny grocery store in thc front of their flat. Thc family's financial situation eased a bit after the two daughters. , Kathcrinr. 28. and Geraldine. :>:i. I were married.-Bui both were divor i cd and returned home with their j children, a boy and a girl. I Then Sam came back from Ih'. 1 Army two years ago. j "The first thing I (jottu do." Mattalina said, "is to :,|jtncl $50.0:0. or ( whatever it takes. <n cure fiam. i "And we will get a nice home. A small one—just seven or ei'^u rooms," he said. "But before we do any of that, . there will be a big banquet. All our neighbors will come;. Our friends,, j i too. And our store customer.';. 1 "It will be a big banquet. Maybi: j it will go on for three days.'' ' Claims Board fosses Out Checks for $16,000 LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Sept. in (UP) — More than $1G,GOO will in paid out to claimants against ll;» state, following authorization yesterday by the Board of Fiscal Control. The two largest amounts authorized by thc board we/re for SV QOO each to widows of two former slate employes. Howevi'i-, Ihe b-i.'.-ii postponed lor conskicratic:; at .-: Inter meeting a number of sizeable claims. Mis. Jake nichcsin received lui S7.COO authorization as loinpen.w- ticm for the death of her husband, a former game warden. «ho dicri JM 1045. Mrs. Bessie Hutto of Liuic Rcrk received a like amount for l!u> death of her husband who v,as killed while driving from tho Cummins Pri.son farm to his home. Noah and Carrie lliggins of pike County were awarded $!120 compensation Ior damage to their barn by stale police, and the u E. Myers Company received $031 for damage done to one of their trucks by- a highway department driver. 'Postponed until a later date was the request of William Brooks for $10,000; Sam E. Montgomery ol Little Rock for-$25.000; ex-state- Senator Hoy Milum of Harrison for $4.000; Jack Handles of Liuin Rock for $1.000; Coy L. Ellison of Houston. Tex., and Mrs. Franklc Lee Hanson, for $15.650; and thc American G.uarantce ami Liability Insurance Company for $12,591. Sues Msmphian BIRMINGHAM. Ala.. Sept (UP)—Miss Virginia Herring of Birmingham, Route 1. today asked $100.000 damages from Harold Hall of Memphis for permanent injuries allegedly received while riding as a "guest and passenger" in his automobile last September. Miss Herring claimed she had to Have a le« amputated after the accident. Her suit in circuit cmui here alleged that Hill was driving at "great speed and was under influence of an huoxicjint." Liquor Store fobbed MKMrillS. Tenn., Sept. 10. <U!'> - - roller- were- still looking tociay FOR SALE Hardware • New"8r : llsed Furniture Electric 'Appliances Army Cots • Army Surplus Stoves, all kinds " Cooking Utensils New & Used Clothing Motor Bike ..Concrete Mixer, with 3Vi horsepower motor Bamboo Fishing Poles New & Used Radios All kinds of Notions Office Chairs Army Pants & Shirts Garbage Cans Ashes Piano Chenille Bed Spreads Antique Bed Room Suite Sewing Machine Large Skillets, new Many More Items At Bargain Prices! If you hove anything of value, we will sell it for you. We will pkk it up free of charge. Be sure to cafl before Saturday noon Phone 951. THESE ITEMS MUST SELL . . . DON'T MISS THIS SALE! 10. Negro Deaths Funcrnl services for Iic-al;i]: <i.i'u1. •II. who died Moncir.y inninin^ :U her home on South Railroad atirot. wiil be held Tlinrsclny ut 2 p.;n, r.i Bethel Methodist Church with /lev. I R. K. Green, pastor, otfir isitini; jun- I iat will be at Burton Spur C n mou:ry. Slie was thc wife of Willir (Jtxid ant) also Is survived bv her n-ithrr, Aumisla Myers, anti -,\ it,,u ;i 3 ;i'r. AiiiiiR Pulley. Caston Fuiifi.i] Jijuir- i.s in charge. Listlcss Feeling Brought To Halt As Vibrant Energy is Released To Every Muscle, Fibre, Cell Do YOU get \ip In thr- morning', -tltl llrrd, feel down-anrl-out nil dav? !ir\vr. you chccfcrd-vip on your hto<xi M^ n-ni lalrty? Overwork, undue worry, m--i ji lt or otlier Illness often, wears c!n •,«,•» ')hn Tcrt-blootl-coils. Every tiny — cvrry hour —mtltinTi - of liny rtd-hlood-cflts must r^-u r.vt'u from thc marrow of your bni,--; f n tr _ S ince Ihosr that are worn-out. A low loo<l count may aftcct you in ••-* • <•- \ wsys: no apiictlte, underweight' cncrRy. a run-down comllUc.n. inr rciUtanco lo Infection nnd iM^r.^- r- To pet real relief you must krr'n your blood r>trctif{th. Mfdtc^l a\ui )<>-! by analysis of thc blood, hive !iv T llvc proof nhnwn Hint KSS Ton!. Bina^Lnrly cfreclLvc In bul!<Hii.- i--, blood RU-ciiRlh In non-me-mir m Monnl anemia. This Is rhio to lh" Tonic formula whlrh ronlnins r-:^ ind potent actlvatlnB Irprcrttcnf;; > Also. SSS Tonic help* you cnjr.'v 'tif> food yo\i ent by IncrcasmB ihc'ca-rrr digestive Jutcc when It Is non-nrrstni- cally too lilt I R or scnnty — thus Ihr stnn;. &ch will have Utllc CRUFC to Rf t, tmj-y wllh gas. bloat and give on tii^t. 5,m:r food lAStC. I Don't wait! Energize your bodv u'th rich, red-blood. Slart on SSS Toni'c i.ow As vigorous blood surjjcs throughout your whole bo<ly. greater freshnp.^s nml >lrenglh shoulrt make you eni better ilccp better, feel better, work bolter' piny better, tmvo a. healthy color pirjw ui your skln—tlrm flesh nil out hollow places. MlHlons ol bottles sold, Got n pottle from your drug store. SSS Tonic bclp« Bull a Sturdy Ilcultti, of -- \ for two youthful bandits who staged a daring daylight robbery yesterday and made off with $280 In cash and a valuable watc'a in a liquir store holdup. They escaped in a new maroon sctian with Franklin County, Ky. license plates. Music Studio Piano and Violin EDITH STEPHAN, G. S. M., London, England 207 Noilh fifth St. Phone 850 Advertisement Your Problem and Mine During the hist several wcclcs I've noticed five headlines in a so- called "dry" county publication reporting activities of local boot- ICKpers. Faulkner county v.-hcre that paper is published, voted against the legal sale of alcoholic beverages so\'eral years apo — thereby paving Lh c vvay for |, oo t. leggcrs. The headlines read like this "Three Arrests licsull froin l-iiiuor Kaidfi; Admits Sale of Whiskey, Fined $100; Tuo |.-i, ies Arc Assessed hi Liquor Cases; Another Hig Fine t'ahl In Liquor Case; $110 ISond on Liquor Count Forfeited." I guess that shows that prohl- bilion doesn't prohibit These fines were paid by boot- leggers In one of the state's leading college towns, \vhcrc most of thc boys and girls are under 21. I-XJgal alcoholic beverage outlets are not permitted to sell alcoholic beverages to minors, but how many bootleggers do you think would mis3 a sale just because a young man lacked a couple of years of being 21? Prom where I sit legal sales of alcoholic beverages would provide safe-guards for Arkansas young riien and women in thin college town as well as in other communities where bootleggers are busy night and day. ARKANSAS COMMITTK, UNITED STATES BREWERS TOUfJDATION HACO BOYO, STATE DIRECTOK . . . 402 PYRAMID BtOC., lintE ROCK. ARK. K1RBY DRUG STORES ARKANSAS ALARM $2 & 2.59 TABU Platinc and 20 Carat By DANA Bath Pov/der — Face Powder Cologne — Perfume Lipstick Apple Blossom , Both Powder! 39c Kl C1RSY IBt COMPUIt list OF U«CU', Fountain Pens Ball Point ABSORBINE JR. *1.25 BOTTLE (Limit i) 50c She FILLIPS 1 MILX OF I 25 Peruna ALCOHOL RUBBING COMPOUND 50 Plnkham 'Vj.ounce WHITE Gianl Tin COLGRTE TOOTH POWDER \ j E RI S OFFER Hair Tonic 50c Croom Oil 50c Both 51c Vegetable Compound 25c Sire ANACIN' TABLETS Tin of 12 • 19' FOUNTAIN PEN O39 SELTZER; Tablets 49 lO-ln. kyB-m. Composition BOOK for STE«0 NOTE BOOK 9 After Shave Talc Shave Mug PENCILS Dictionary 2'or5 C a.^1^ ! 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