The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 17, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, February 17, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XLIV—NO. 276 Blytheville Courier Blytheville Daily News Mississippi Vallev Leader Blylhcvlllc Herald .HK UOMJNAN'l NUWSPAW'IK UK KOKTllKAii'J AKKANWAS AM)SOUTUKASl MISBOUIU BLVl'HKVll.!,!•;, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, KKBKUAKY 17, 11M8 T\VK1,VK PACKS SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Hurl New Charge In Commodities Investigation Grange Spokesman k Says Group Used Inside Information WASHINGTON. Feb. 17. (UP) — A National Grange spokesman charged today that a "well-informed" group of professional speculators was "on Ihc Inside" and playing the commodity market up or down to the disadvantage of othei traders. The charge was made by J. T Sanders, legislative counsel of th' Jarm organization, before the Sen- | ate Agriculture Committee. Sanders testified in support of ] nn administration bill to permit the Secretary of Agriculture to set margin requirements on the commodity exchanges. Meanwhile. Sen. Elmer Thomas, America's Position to Determine If UN Will Form Army to Enforce Partition of Palestine By Robert M.iiiiiliif {UniUd Press Staff Correspondent) LAKE SUCCESS, N. Y,, Kel). 17. (UP)—Most United Naif OILS cliplo- That would require u vo sound lug } One aspi-cl of the reixn'l not relrcAl from the l> single de- , heretofore emphasised inter- cislon the UN's 51-imtton assembly i preteu at UN was at\ advance argu- hus ever taken. riu'iit u po.sslblc compro mats were convinced today that While there was no American mist- move by the Security Coini- Amcrica's po.sUIon would determine confirmation of the foreign diplo- oil. Tho Commission snlcl that the whether or not there would be a | mat's report, it was said In re- Jewish Mlliiln envisaged In the UN Army to enforce the paritkm [ sponsiblp quarters thai American 'General Assembly pnrlltloii proof Palestine. ; nuthorlties have been combing ev- grnm would not under un.v clrcum- As principal supporter of the UN j ery possible .solution to Ihe prob- . Mnncc.* bi» sufficient to make parti- partition plan the United Slates j lem raised by the partition plan ; lion possible. was believed to be the only Security ! and Ihe Arabs' piitin to war \ 11 !uis been sugfteslrd unofficially Council member capable ot round- • It. here ihni tho Jewish Militia, if It Ing up seven notes in favor of a ! Consequences of the Arubs* re- \vei> b!(- enough and well-cnoufih UN Army—or any oilier act Ian; slsiante wen 1 underscoied by the armed, might, make a UN force which might be pro|x>scd a* an al- ! five-nation Palestine Commission unnet-cssary. ternative lo dispatching forces to i late yesterday when it formally told "The militia, If nnri when it is the troubled Holy Land. j the Council that Palestine cannot ; adequately armed anrl equipped. Immediate Action Necessary i be parlltSoncrl unless the UN pro- The .Security Council planned to [ vicles nn army (o do the Job. begin debate on the Issue In a few i Widespread Strife Scon days, probably Monday or Tuesday. | Tho Commission's request was Tlie UN's Palestine Commission ' contained In a special Palestine used mi tin- oilier side of the bor- asVrcd lor urgent action by the Se- | security report, the contents of rter lor preventive or retaliatory curity Council lo enforce partition i which won* disclosed in United ncl ion, however necessary such jic- and mnhitain peace between Jew.s - Press dispatches on Saturday and (ton mi[:hi appear to bo," the ro- and Arabs when the British lay ; Monday. ( port sitid. May 15. ' The Commission warned lhat it Arabs also are cnUtlefl lo tl)"lr Markets in Grain Seem Stabilized After Price Drop Grocers, Butchers Continue Mark-Down On Foods, However can. . , .be responsible only for the ! security of llmt (Jewish) state and ; il would be contrary to the Asxem- bly's plan If u mil it I a were to be Southern Governors to Meet With Democratic Chairman down their mandate Whether the United States would i would be compelled to ".step Into i militia under the UN plan, but I f i come out In support of the Pnles- a security vncuvmi" niter May 15 the Arabs of unless tin* council formed an In- Arab ij-ajiue Palestine and the States surrounding ful effort "lo find some data on me." Sanders said in his testimony that there is a class of professional speculators "who, being strategically located lo market information sources, are well informed on the up to the minute grain situation." "As a rulo," he said, "this group manages to benefit far more tha'jl any ... by unjustified fluctuation in prices. It is to their advantage j to play the market cither up or down to their own advantage and to the disadvantage of other traders." j Sanders said that tills group "be- : ing on the inside and better informed, they naturally •|try to take advantage of every prospective fluctuation, even though this advantage may be seUish and unsocial." ,-, "Unquestionably the dealing of this group frequently .should be curbed, but not eliminated," he said without identifying the group. Sanders i\lso charged that the exchanges, which now set their own margins, appear to be using margin requirements "as a competitive device to attract .speculative activity. . ." He referred to different margin requirements that usually prevail ai various exchanges. Sanders argued that low margins encourage excessive speculation by the mass of small, uninformed trad- One responsible official of a foreign delegation said, however, that the State Department had been "dallying" with th ing the entire partition program back to the UN General Assembly with the notation thai It Is unworkable in the fact of the Arab ternationnl force to replace O resit the Holy Lund are opposed lo the Britain's Holy Land Forces. In partition Mid-May Britain will (crtniLiiilo H-s The Omimii-sslcm" wnmed Lhiil if mandate ami divest Itself of all i "forces hoMUe to the plan of the responsibility for peace tn tine. Without an army, the report .suld, ! to Pales- General Assembly and beyond lh<- i control of the Commission" were idea of send- : "the period immediately following j the partition program ' Ihe termination of the '-'- the Arab half of Palestine entire program would be of the mandate i "gravely jeoixtrdivied." period of uncontrolled, 1 '''his. it added, would raise will be widespread strife and bloodshed in entirely new situation" which Palestine, including the city of Je- ; would ' hsive to be h nnd led by llie world's violent opposition to it, < rnsnlem. 1 ' ' Security Council. Extension of Rent Laws Still Asked Demands Persist As Senate Committee Pushes a New Bill By \Varrcii I>uffee (llniled Press Slatf Corres|ionrtcnt) WASHINGTON, Feb. 17. (DPI — Demands for temporary extensr,i of the present rent control law persisted in Congress today despite tile Senate Banking Committee's efforts to push through a new rent bill. Tlie Banking Committee unanimously approved a measure late yc5lcrday Lhat would extend controls for 14 months and continue through Dec. 31, 1949, the present ers who have no connection witu authority for "voluntary" 15 per production or distribution of com- i cent rent increases in return for moditi&s. j l£ascs running through next yenr. .could be no pyramiding of per cent boosts on existing "er.' the Ijlil caii not' go to ate floor for debate unlll 23—just six days before the resent law expires And even if the Senate approves it, there is no assurance that the House will follow suit. That's wiiy some legislators of both parties are advocating a temporary extension. The House Banking Committee already has proposed a 30V.ay extension. ways in chaotic price' rnoverrients7"disastrous* to orderly murktetini; and price ^stability," Sanders said. l" He said llie Orange wanted to retain the exchanges, bui. reduce harmful fiuicllon.s of "excessive gambling' and the "subsequent un- justilied price fluctuations." The exchanges have uniformly opposed the bill on grounds that it would drive out all speculators. Ask Coast Guard To Aid In Search For Youth's Body The United Stnles Const Gnnnt Station nt Memphis has been contacted io in the search for the body of 22-year-old Carl Gentry of Osceola, who drowned in a Mississippi River chute one-mile North of Osceola Saturday. H was announced today by Deputy Sheriff Cliff Cannon of Osceola. Deputy Sheriff Cannon slated lhat he called Lhe Const Guard station late yesterday after nil effort. 1 ? of Lhe search party, composed of South Mississippi County peace officers and citizens, which dragged the chute for two days, hnd proved futile. He said that the Coast Guard would dispatch a boat to the scene of the accident just as soon as n crew bee me available. He said that the search party continued dragging the chute nil day yesterday but no trace of the body was found. He stated that there wns a possibility that the body might" have" become EMI hi lie, !c the bottom of the chute and thnl- it could have floated into the jnair channel of the river. Young Gentry drowned late Saturday afternoon white he and 12-year-old companion, Charley Ashley of Osceola. we a boat on the chute. A used to stop a leak in the bottom of the boaL is said to have come ]o_.._ causing the boat to become filled CHICAGO. FVb. 17. U)Pt — Th- Riiviti mui'kels opened slendy today and appeared tn have stabilised shyhtly above the bottom lilt dur- , lap lasl week's big price break. ' \\nshlnglon On the ChlcnRo Hoard of Trade, wheat wns imchnnfied lo I cent A bushel higher. Corn was unchanned to S J-8 rents higher. Soybeans rose the eluht-cenl limit. Grains M Minneapolis nnd Kansas City were about the snmo. The government, reported (hut it • bought no p.rnlu or tlour laM week. ' but some traders bollevetl the government .soon would resume purchases for export, They lu'licml IhLs iiitfihL send prices upward ap,aln. The lion market at Chicago opened slow with linhter weight lio^n .selhnu 25 to M) cents per lunidreil pounds lower. j Retail prices still were catching up vvllj; the sharp decline. Mnny grocers and butchers were Just be- to mn rk I tie! r pi Ice Ln w.s down in line will) llie adju.slmeul which most economists agreed was nc'ccs-sary and henlthy (or the na- Lion'.s cconom:c wehnrc. 'I lie Salewny chain of j{i'()i:ery slotres al New York nnd tlhe Nation nl Food Stores a I Chicago announced sweeping reductions. Safeway reduced 105 meat Hems from 2 lot 10 cents n pound, mark- , hiB chuck beef flown from 55 lo 4!l cents, ribs of heel from U.'j lo 01, veal rib chops from 79 lo (>9, smoked hums from 50 to 55 niu! sliced grrulu A bacon from TfS tn lilt. A penny was lopped off salnri dressing nnd mayonnnlse In einht, ounce Jnrs. National's price cuts bronchi bread down to 11 cents for n one pound loaf, flour lo JI.S5 for R 2ft pound btiR, sliced bacon to 50 cenls. rib end pork chops to 43 cent*. Bath soap was reduced lo as low as three bars for 27 cents on some popular brands. VcKelnble shortening was offered nl 43 cents pound. Two one-pound packages of lard were offered for 49 cents. Prices of grains, livestock, lard, collon, cocoa, coffee anrl hides rose yesterday in the commodity markets. New York stocks moved upwards fractious lo more than point in line with the commoclltj I re tid Dun and Brndstrcct's dally weighed price index of 30 basic dilie.s rose for Ihc first U week. Tt Jumped from 2T2.9B ol in-day to 27G.(i:i yesterday. COIAJM1J1A, 3. C.. l-Vb. n. UIP) ---The Southern Oovernois Committee seeking concessions on nu-liil Issues from the National Oemo- cratlc 1'artj' hns tii'lu'duU'd n meet I UK wi Chairman Howard Washington Feb. ^ ll nn Gov. J. SI torn Thurmond nn- notLiicetl lodny. Thurmond, commit tee clmli uuin, said McOrnth hnd iilten i it n sjieak- liig diUc In order to nuTt with the Committee of lU-e Southern Governors. The commuter will mort In National Party McGviUli hi south Cn ro- ERP Funds May Stymie Economy Sen. Ball Sees No Chance for Budget- Cutting if Aid Given WASHINGTON, Feb. 17. (HIM —A Senate group today moved to safcjoianl (\or tax-ciittlnp plans by requiring that 53 billion of prnpused foreign aid spending be. drawn from this year's government surplus. The \cnatr foreign rrtalionn committee wrote that 5urprl>^ .stipulation into the European Itc- cnvcry Program. Then it approved. 13 to C). a hill lo authorize KKP expenditures of $5.3 billion for the 12 innnlhs starling April 1. By John K Sleele United Tress Stuff rnrrcsrMmdenl WASHINGTON, Feb. n. (UP) Sen. Joseph PL Ball, R., Minn., said todity he saw no elumce for Congress to achieve its budget-cutting KOftl if it grants S5.3M,OCO.OOO for . ci'cnse of 3.65. IL w«s .still fnr below the European Recovery Program, Bail referred to the Senate For- 'M, Thurmond -suid, lo decide wlwl- ls,sue.s t^> rulse Iti tho confprcnco wllJi MKlnUli. Tho Ro\ r ei'tiors dclefinlLon wns formed nt n 3onUu<]'ii Ouvornors conference nuicLiiiR tn Wiikullr Arkansas Man Drowns in Ohio As Rivers Rise n.v United IVi-sK Ill.sliiR Itlvcrs swollfti by n Winter thaw (lueitlencd flnods iti K!X st»K'« Kitlny. At Ciiu-lnniUI, Ibe Ohio Hlv- er rose pusL flood level tuul ftirecd 1.000 persons from Imvlinut homes. l.nrtjo uiL-iis of Honllu'i'ii Olilo »]ready wen: undi-r \vnlor. Mnimvhllf. [lootlx wore threiilened Ln I'c-nn- sylvanin, Mary lucid, Kenturky In- dttuui nnd Illlnoi-s. De.spltc tlie floods. tlu> Ounv brought welcniue relief lo umtiy nui- Jtir industrial ureas when" eMtlcnl KIUH and fuel .shorlnKi'N iicid cui production nnd forced Dimifiiindx of vorkcrs lulu Idleness during Lhe rc- cenl weeks ot cold weatlu-r. AI Deli oil, the bit; nutmiintlvr ilant,s itud otliiT liulnslt ii-.s \vn\ iperatliiK ui enpnclty fin llie line In llirec week.s us lE>0,OOfl Idle workers returned to their Jobs wltr .he end of the KI\S shoilniie. Mcnn\vlille the swollen Ohio olnl- incd Us first drowning \kcliin. .lulu E. Turner. Jr.. City, Ark. was IjRHuved to hiivo druwned whet lie fell from n btii-^e. A wharf boa nnd a cruiser .sunk ninld the lee AL Clnclnnall, the Olilo pussci tho ,VJ-fooL Docxl .singe nnd chn|)e( toward nn expected of f>5 feel Scnatler strenins, held bnek by th rising Ohio, mennu-lillc ftoodec !owlniHt?i In Southern Ohio. The crest Kt Cincinnati ul noon tomorrow l.s expected let C:IUIRC no scrlou.s flood. Up.ilren,m. the city of E'orlsmoulh, O.. appeared to hnvc e.scnpcd ri serious flood. The river crested at- * c ^i. buL_tloodcd only camps nnd inns, yla,, two weeks ago In n. slroiigly worded resolution crlllcl?.- l^i'csklenl Truman'^ stand on civil rlnlil.s, The Houtliei'n Governors ORrcrd (o defer discussion of an nut-right party boH for 40 dwys to see what concessions this .sub-commlttre would he »blc to win from Ihe nn- tionnE party. A contevr-nce wtlli Pit'.sldont Tru- mun was at Lhnt time contemplated, when Ihr group confers with McGi » Ih next week. fliMvitiR on I ho Rprcltxl committee In addition to Chnlrmnn Tlnninoi.d were Gov5, Hen , n. ! ,11 1 icy o[ Aikmisns, iKnuford Jester of Texas, u. of North Cni'ulli Tuck of Vhnlniu. cherry M. Renew Filmland Strike Arguments Movie Spokesman, House Committocmon Clash Over Causes ny (IrcilKp K. Ki-eily, Jr. lliillnl I'rfSH Slafr CiMiTsiiimilfnt WAHHINCri'ON. IVb. I'*. U.I'.) — A lop movie spokesman and the ihairmnn of a Housi^ Labor Sllb- uoinnilllec clashed sharply today liver causes ti[ Llie union Jurlsdlc- tloiial si i ire Hint has planned Hollywond lor HI mtmths. Hup. Carrol U. Kenvjis, 1^., 1'a,, cluirKfd IlinL the strike Is a "liu:k- oul." ol workers by movie produc- s In "cnllu.slon" wllli one ot the Me was amwered by Krlc Cruise Launches Speculation on Uranium Source British Ship En Rout* To Falkland islands In Antarctic Rac* LONDON, Feb. 17. (UP)-Admlr-' ally quarter* snlcl today thnl, tho cruiser Nigeria Is en route to th» Ftilkland Islands and Die pic-is speculated IhnL the possible presence or uranium in llie Antarctic nmy lie behind the three-power contest for Antarctic lands. H wa* estimated lhat the cruiser would take about a week, to net to (tie Kalklnmls. This will pul It » Illllc behind the arrival of Argentine and Chik'iin warships which nlri-ndy are en route there. The Nigeria Is biting sent to the Falkland* us a iictnonstratloi\ of Ih-lllsh nnvni strength. Tlie sending ol Hie Nigeria nnd the statement of Hector McNeil In the I rouse of Commons yesterday made pliiln Una Britain U determined to make n .ilronx right for Antarctic claims. While newspnpcis. like the News- Chronlelc nnd the Dally- Mail worked on the Imagination of tlieir n-ud>-r.s by discussing the posslbll- I Hi.", or uranium iul gold which might lie uiKlcr the Antarctic Ice- cn|) the Communist, newspaper, The Dully Worker, nave scant heed lo the problem. The Dally Herald, organ or lha l.ubor !>arty. usually devotes llttlil spuce lo foreign affnlrs. However. It piLhllshed something resembling nn Antnrcllc edition, devoting cm entire column to the government.'! position. The more serious nrtllsh news- liend «r tin; Motion picture Association of America, "Labor Mrlfe , In Hollywood tins hern chlelly Juristlkllonnt — a struggle (or power among union lenders nnd their unions." Johnston said. He claimed the producers are "always caught In the tnl<klle." Johnslon nriscd Hi. pnpers such us ll;c [/)iii!on Tlmc.s, the Pnlly TcleRiftph nnd the Man- cheslt'r GiianlJnn pnlil scnnt heed lo Iho Antfirclle situation. The London Dnlly Express. SIIR- Itesled that thc ; dispute over lh« r'nlkland Islnncl dependencies WAS a syniliol of Hrltbili wcnkness t '1'he News Chronicle snlil this, was ] "believed to lie one of the reasons Siibcommlt-1 for the challenKC lo British sov- ' r tcc to consider tc^lslalon to require crlRnLy on Antarctic territory." unions lo arbitrate and settle Jnr- ] The Dr.lly Express, however, tspcc- Isdictlonul dLsputes belorc they netuiilly slop wnrkliiit. He called :1 this "preventive medicine." Knuns opened Ihe hcarlnns on the strike with a statement sny- in^ lil.s* "lockout" charges would become a roiinni report to con- gresx unless movie producers could disprove them. Wtirkrra "llfftl Vlrtlm.H' 1 Johnslon snld workers are "Ihi: VMrire anionii the 1Q48 hlRh of 30H.8Z set Jan. .. .... Dun and liradslrcel reported yes- eign Relation Committee's tentative I terday thnl, business Jnilures In the approval or that amount as an ERP e repairing I downpayment. '['he c o m m i 11 e e wooden peg scheduled a fornml vote tin Ihe Sen. Homer E. Capehart. R.. Ind.. with water and sink. Ashley swam today recommended a three-month , to shore following the ' accident Astronomers To Look for Life on Mars MCDONALD OBSERVATORY, Alop Mount Locke. Tex., Feb. 17. tUPi--If tliclr hopes come Irue. astronomer!! here tonight, may determine whether life exists on Mars. For weeks work has been progressing toward tonight, when, at 1:13 a.m. CST. Mars will approach within 6,000,000 miles of the earth. Astronomically speaking, that's! almost as close as your next, door' neighbor. ^ Scientists will be using McDon ^.]d observatory's 82-inch reflecting telescope—th e third largest In the world. And through it, if the weather is good, Mars should appear nbo\it four times ns large as « full moon. The observatory, located on this rounded mountain top far out in the Wastelands of West Texas, is operated jointly by the Universities of Texas nntl Chicago. Preparations for tho work lo- night have been supervised by Dr. fierfird P. Kuiper. director of the Yerkes Observatory at Williams Bay, Wise., as well as the observatory here. World-i'ameri scientists and laymen will be present to wiincss the observatlons- Defore the sun crests these mountain peaks tomorrow. Dr. Kulpcr hopes to determine whether water -either In the form of ice or vapor continuance lo give Congress a i and was unabl chance to evaluate the effect of I to Gentrj the market .slump on the cost of ' living. Sen. Harry p. Cain. R., Wash.. who helped draft the Senate's new rent bill, conceded that the Bnnk- JHR Committee probably would be asked to consider a stopgap extension later this week. The Banking Committee okayed the new proposal after two hours e to give assistance of wrangling during which it scuttled several controversial provisions. Discarded were clauses that would have granted landlords a virtual Block Chairmen Named For Red Cross Roll Call L. E. Old Jr., Blytheville chairman of the 1948 Red crow fund campaign, today announced block and ward chairmen for the drive blanket 15 per cent increase nnd j''" ch is scheduled to begin March mended decontrolled many large cities. The committee also tossed aside a provision pemitting "sky's the limit" rent increases in leases c.\» tending through 1949. Each block and ward chairman, he said, wifl appoint their own helpers in each of their divisions measure todny. The ERP bill, as approved by the committee last Fridivy. put a $5.330,- QOO.CCO ceiling on ERP spending for the- 12 months beginning April 1, That amount followed the spend- in s timetable of the administration, which had asked S5,8";0,C03,000 for the first 15 months. Ball, a leader of tiie economy- minded Semite ''revisionist" bloc, has been thinking in terms of about S.Vi;;0,OOQ,COO as an ERP down pay- inent. He Lold a reporter he was "con- fidcnl" Congress could not. tnrcl ad- mi nistration fimires and .still cut $2.500,000,003 Irom President Truman's 1919 budget. A House-Senate Budget Subcommittee has recom- cut of Ihnt .size 1 . TUvtsiomst.s to Meet Tlit- "revisionist" blue, about -0 strong, cxpcct.s to meet .soon to de- Would Retain Present Cotton Import Quota WASHINGTON. Feb. 17.CUt>> — A Department of Agriculture spokesman told the Tariff Commission tn- day tlie present Import rjuota on forelKti long-sfnpie cotton should be retained. If It is junked, he said.! Broadway to Railroad Street. O. E. week ended Feb. 12 hit the highest level since Jan. 2fl, 1943. Failures lust week totaled 128 compared with 97 tn the preceding week and 62 R ycnr HRO. In the week ended Jnn. 28, 1913, there were 138 •failures. Weather Ions flood had passed. Scores ,,r I review of tlie history of the dln- famlllc.H In Maryland, however wen: 1 I " ltl '^ "• hivolvi's an alliance of ready lo flee their homes In case " l<Mllu ' the river slurts rising iiRiitn. At one spot the river wns 20 feet nbove normal. The Ice jnm be^un brcuklnfj up yeslcrdny, niltl sinbs of Ire were floating downslrnilin. Ilcecnt floods In A'lnlinniii. Mississippi. Tennc.ssco nnd North Cnro- llnn hnd run up n dnmtv:e bill Into the millions and directly cost one life. , Over 4.000 who had been left, *!: k ,?." s ^.. f °™ c ? sl: , Fnir n " d " llkl aloiiK the CumberlMKl and tonight and Wednesday, Mlntmu.ii this inuniliiK—38. Maximum yesterday—65. Sunset today—5:>I5. Sunrise tomorrow—G:4'j. Precipitation, 24 hours to 7 a.m todny—nolle. Total since Jan. 1—8.13. Mean temperntinc midway twccn high and low 1—51.5. Normal mean for Feb.—43.4 Tills Dale I.asl Vcnr Minimum this morning—^! Tennessee rivers niul a number of Iiitrrnnlloiml unions iiKnlmt ttic Alllamv of Tlieatrl- cnl slaiie employes <IATSE>. Al. one point, Johnston .said, the .strike \vtis almost settled by an nrbltiutltii! ooinmitU'e. but then, lie said vvillinm Ilulcheson. president of the United Brotherhood of Carprnlers, refused to abide by the decision of tile nrlll Ira tors. IATSK wns willing to go along wllli Ihc decision ot the arbitration cuminl! tec. Johnslon said. Kcarns claimed thai, the evidence demonstrated "collusion" be- IrlblUarlcs began rehalillallnn their! twecn llie ' producers nml tlic farms and today. J1ATSE. lie snld It appeared to be Two Negroes Arrested On Larceny Charges \ Willie Jefferson. Olythevllh; Nc- lc ~ I gro, \vnlved preliminary hearing In Municipal Court this morning on I iin allernpl lo "create Incidents which would inukc It Impossible" for members of ihc Conference of Studio Unions tCSU) to continue working on sets. Prccljiltation. Jan. — H.19. to tills date g charges of bniulnry and unind I Inrceny nrd wns ordered held to I iiwalt Circuit. Court nctlon. Bond New York Stocks Florida Brothers Sell Jonesboro Banking interests Andrew .1, l-'Jorldn nnd George El (if community in™ comr sippi county later, "' numty chairmen for ontlv- i Vt- '""•"• "• ^.,^. b . .... munitlcs En North Mlssfs- I Mlch " . makcs a fl « h ' Ior IL IIow - :ounty will be announced i cvri ; "^ a »w»»»- sti11 rn ^ ]l1 , be CU J tor, it was reported Has mornlnij. I !" ' ie IIuu - sc or lt; tllc h " "" "" Block chairmen appointed by Mr in lhe "PProprintion bill Id follow; * Mesnr.vni..-;. "ic spccia Sixth Street lo Broadway. Roland Bishop and Geo the country will be foreign coition. J. H. Dean, head of the cotton section In the Department's Pro- —and green vegetation exist Mnrs. If they do. then mi^ht logically follow (hat form of animal duction and Marketing Administration, told a (arift Commission hearing Hint even the prewar quota of 45.5G5/i20 pounds of long staple cotton was "larger thnn nccc.ssary. ' The hearing was called at the request of cotton manufacturers. They rge Hnbbiirrl; Muodetl" \viOi; Knurtsen nnd S W. FrHnun; Rnil- roacl Street to Second Street. Louis Anplrbnitm: sccoiul Street lo First Street. W. j. pollard and J. E. Stnvenson Jr. First Street to Lake Street. Murray Smart; Lake Street. Jimmy EM- wartls and jack Finley Robin.son; industrial areas. W. F. McDanicl \ power to transfer 550 ships was cx- al House Committee on Foreign Aid issued iUs 17th prelnniniiri, 1 report, iliis one doming with tho relation of trans- linrLntlon to p:RP. Tiie rt]iort reconiin< Congress not require a centage of Europear] aid to be carried in American Mag shi]>s. IV also endorsed chartering of U. S. vessels to foreign shippci-s but saitl the admini,sLration request Ior Anaconda Copper Beth Steel Chrysler Coca Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Int Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio Socony Vacuum SUKtebakcr yes- wn.i .srL nt $500. Jefferson is atlciicd io have entered the Jim Howard Nc^ro HII- liiirt] parlor on Ash Sl-reeL on the nls>H of Fob. 13 ang stolen $10.05 in money anrl several small nrtl- »™^d o ^,^N'tehT^i,"^*'? *v - Fi " r '""° f ° stMinimvc(iisii ° sfi(i «' 3ii.z'SLoi, ^^"omorihc lhelr In1pro ^ "' two Jo " cs1 ' 0 '-" ^2 1-1 bnlllllllR. Sfi 1-3 Prellrnlnnty licurlnf- for another IG.i rilyttievllle Nc«ro. charged with W 1-4 Kranti lii'c'Tiy wns coritlniiL'd until 52 :i-H Sntur(tay by the court yrstcrday. •in 1-0 lie Is James Wells, tin-rated i-'ii- 13 ^-R day nlRht by City Policemen Ar- 83 1 2 H 1-4 24 1-8 K 3-8 ilnlccl tlmt tnnylic the LnLln nix- Jons' challcnRe sprailK from the ilcerense In British ni-nicd strength in the. postwar world. "Uccausu of this, mi Impudent ?sttn-c like that of Argentina in the Antarctic becomes possible." th« Raid. "The world is deprived o( IUs oldest established pollca force, tlm Ilrltlsh Navy." All ncwspancrs bnnnered the snlllnn of the 8,000-ton British cruiser NJtferln Ironi South America l(T~iin "ll'n'lll.selavrl ilestlnntinn" which everyone Rjjrced WAS the trouble /.one In the Falkland Island ftrea. The Nigeria sailed early yesterday tnornltiR from the British Naviil Ilase of Sllnonston, near Capetown, currying A full compliment of 700 Bailors and Marines. Di.spatches from Capetown said the warship set off at i\ forced speed of 24 knots la a southwesterly direction. The Colonial office took occasion to nnnonnce that two British expeditions, one with American scientists attached, had recently explored a.SUO miles of the Hope Bny of Cirakiiiinlnnd In the Falk- ainl Island dependencies. The announcement paid the scientists nt times had to tl^hl bllzzanls of HO miles nn hour. The controversy developed when ArKcnllnn announced It was scnd- IIIR a Naval task force to the Ahdcn- tlnian area of the Antarctic on maneuvers. Shortly thereafter Chile announced that n transport had sailed for the same nreu with Chilean President Gabriel Oongalcz Vldela aboard. The President Intended lo look over Chilean claims In the same nrrn. The Chilean announcement said. brinks, they announced then lerday. The luottiers sold their lute in the Citizens Bank of Jones to Morris L. McKlnney, C. V. Klnney, Gene McKlnncy nnd D. Frank Williams of Osceola. The ihiir "licj'ok and liaymoild "tioiiiar ' p 'orldas had purchn.scd controlling after he was nllei;eti to have sold I Interest In tile bank rrom the Mc- sevcrn] loads of roal liclonjshiK to Khincys In November. eight Naval Si!Men Missing as Launch S/n'rs elided th:u!S ta " [1: "-'l of N J ... sp,cincper- '«?> «"P and Honnon Carlton: West End business section. Jack Thro, Chnr- Ous Eberdt and E. M. ccsiive. The Senate committre voted to cut that flcure lo 300. some to Its present perfection during Ihe war— nn Intra-rcd spectograph. .. Will) It, these scientists will ol>- the green areas and liie polar of Mars. contencd they can't get enough "" J Jf ,^ n , of the long-staple cotton to meet i ,,, .' ,„ < •;iii>riiiiti™i 'their needs Hiythevllle Municipal Airport 1 , . _ , speculation, meir needs. ^ Velcrnns Houshlg Qll31 ., crs Rl Arkansas Roads the air base. Ernest Halsell. Mr. Old also appointed (he following ward chairmen: First Ward. Mrs. Tim Estcs; Second Ward, Mrs. W. D. Cobb; and Third Ward. Mrs. Rupert Crafton. The list of workers for lh c Nc- business. and residential sec- The current annual quota is the life exists there, J same as the prewar quota. I \ 'ew York Cotton Mar. M:>.y July Oct. DOC. open . 3225 . 3257 . 3198 . 29D6 111?h 3235 3258 3109 29<)7 low 3187 3213 31S3 2050 1:30 p.m. 31S7 3213 Truck Sideswipes Bus ANNISTON. Alii.. Feb. 17. (UP) — A tj^itck loaded with heavy pine logs sidesvvlpcd a school hus packed wilh 60 children today, killing one child and injuring seven others, four crit. Ically. At least 20 others were treated for severe cut.s and bruises Al n doctor's office and dismissed. U. S. Army planes will soon be equipped with static-free radio communication systems by using micro-waves, better known as tx- tlwis has not been completed to date and will be announced later, Mr. old said. 59M 2956 2920 2937 ceedtngly short radio waves.' Wreck Takes Toll PARIS. Feb. 17. tUPi — me French press agency reported tonight that several persons were killed and about 40 were injured in a train crash at Thumieres near I Lille. Show Improvement ' LITTLF. HOCK, Ark . Feb. II. (UP)—Sunshine and wanner weather of the past Ihrec days have improved the condition of Arkansas roads. Ingtmay director J. C. Baker said today, Baker said that conditions han improved sufficiently on pavei roads to permit resumption of the regular load limit on trucks as recommended by the American Association of State Highway Officia.s. The load limll was reduced to 9.000 ixmnds recently, then raised back lo 40.000 pounds. 17 1-2 71 3-4 53 1-2 4 3-8 Olrncoe Hotel. According to I Controlling Interest In lhe Mcr- the arresting offlcrrs, Wells had cantllc Bank was sold by the Flor- «)iHrai:tcd lo hniil coal for the Mas lo a group of Jnnesboio citl- holel nn<l Is nlli'M*! to have sold zens. No changes in bank officers some of (he coal to nther cuslnm- will be made pending a meeting ers. of stockholders. Americanism Motivating Spirit to Provide Leadership World Needs, Pastor Tells Jaycees Americanism Is the motivating | he said that leadership required! Plans call for a bulldinp in by 30 spirit lhat will help provide the more than* spontaneity allhonRh [ feet. It Is tentatively planned to type of leadership lhat this country) lhat quality should not be omilteri. I build 11 of brick. Plans may be ready musl show today, the Rev. H Roblson. pastor of Ihe West Bly- thcvllle Parish, told members oT the Junior Chamber ot Commerce al a meeting last night In thr Jaycee club rooms. The Rev. Mr. KobLson addressed the club during a program held In con junction with the Jaycee- sponsored observance of "Americanism Week," here. America today stands at. Ihe threshhold of an era in which we must, not only feed the world but Me clleil as an example of Amcr- for submission of contractor's bids Icanlsm the spirit shown by lhe . by Mny. It was announced. Unofflc- Junlor Chamber of Commerce In' lal estimates indicated froii workhiR together for the benefit of | ;tO lo 60 working days would be rc- the city. The spirit cvolvhiR from j quired to finish the building to a working together tr> Improve lhe j point whehe It could be used for city as a whole despite Individual ! competition is Americanism, he said. The Ilcv. Mr. Uoblson also addressed an assembly of Hlythevillc High School students on Americanism yesterday morning. Today marks llie mid-point In 'Americanism Week." which began must, provide It with the type of j Feb. 12. Lincoln's birthday, and ends leadership never before offered, he: Feb. 22 Washington's birthday. said. Al the Jayccc's business meeting "The spirit that will motivate Ihis'last night, preliminary sketches of Baker said lhat portions of 19 leadership Is Americanism," 'Che i lhe contemplated clubhouse to be tcv. Roblson asserted. | erected on North Second Street op- Polntlng out that research Into poslte MIR Legion Hut were approv- gravel roads remained closed yesterday while six other sections had been opened to light traffic. needs of a group neces.sary f | cd by the club. I're.sidcnt Jitnmle Edwards announced that he will name a nominating committee to pick candidates for chairman of lhe Nntlon:il Cotton Picking Contest to be held this Fall, Election of Mils chairman will be held next month. Plans for a fimd-ratshiK project to obtain money to send a delegation lo the Arkansas Jaycce convention In Hot Springs May 7-9 were launched. The ckib adoplcd a resolution drawn up by the U. S Junior Cham. Mar. ber, supporting the Marshall Plan. May HYERKS, France. Feb. 11. (UPI — French Navnl authorities reported today that eir,ht American sailors are missing niter a shore leave launch of the Aircraft Carrier Midway sank as it was returning be- taren IGO nnd 200 seamen from a Knl» farewell party at the municipal Casino. The launch went off course ns it was preceding back to the Midway the early morning hours an.-J crashed into a concrete pylon mark- ins the harbor entrance. The collision stove a large hole, in the side of the cutter and water jxmred In. The crew manned pumps in an effort to keep the launch afloat until it could reach the Midway. However, the small craft rapidly filleJ with water and bepan to capsiz-; as the seamen leaped overboard. The commandant's office at the French base said those missing were one officer and seven sailors. Naval parlies still were searching for the bodies among the tricky currents of this rocky coast at midday, 10 hours after the accident. Although first reports said that 40 sailors were missing, most of them were saved by other launches thai sped to the rescue of the Jink- Ing boat. Soybeans (Pricts T. o. b. ClilOKol open high low 1:3» . 341 341 339a 3<0* . 336'., 336Vi 331 Ml*

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