The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 16, 1948
Page 11
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 1948 " ~~ —— - _._ __ _ rn* i 1/1 UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams, Our Boarding House WithMaT •^ I BI.YTHRVIU.B (ARK.) COURIER NK\yg ~ l OP VoiiTO TAG MG Ck)NlOR,BCT X WAS INUONJ& FVWS WHEW OLD A<Wi BWER VJAS BORNV'-" -VooftGOEST COULD se MV %oi AMDS. MRS', wesrrz. WA.S COMIM 1 OVER, BUTT SHE TDL 1 ME TO TELL vau....s>ne sez MRS SIT STRAIGHT IN THAT CHAIR BEFORE , 6POR.T, I 1 NA.TIOMM. I4OOPL6 CLUMP--SAV. WATCH THIS, WALKIM' COM- PV.ET6LY AROUND WITH TWO FIMGERS ASi' ONE CHAIR LEG-WELL, SHE--WHAT BALANCE/ WATCH. BASTILLES^ 5OTA LPiRG&ORDSB Of^SUFFW-O OhilCe HERE ALREADY ^JHO AM6 MiS NAME- AS, HOOPL6 -~ AMV REt. A.T- VOORLWS CI4PVMP AT THE VOROM& P&W.' MORROVJ: FAMILV K.B- UNMON IKSTUE: CUSili - -,.!<. MOTHERS 6ET GRAN LOWVILLE. N.Y. (UT>>— A time )lf or coyote is woilli $25 in Lew!" aunly. The brard of supeiviso.-.i seed Ihe bounty ort wolves and tyotcs shol In the county anrt '1'J mnty on bobcats. SAN DIEGO <UH)—About 30 ots are expected lo compele for phies and cash awards in Hie cond animal Pacific Coast mid- inter soaring chaniploti-lilps for ider pilots at Toirey Pines Feb. 29, the chamber of commerce ation committee announced. | OFFICE nurse By Adelaide Humphries j »d,la,j, H,n,pk,,,i. D,l!.,kvl,d h, N[A SriVICI, INC. Local & Long Distance Hauling Moving-a Specially Anytime -,- Anywhere Any Place • Buck Meharg 401 E. Main St. 1'hones: Day <IG77 Nififht 2986 p Steel Oil Barrel Racks An; T. L. MABRY «23 MISSOURI ST. PH. 3«Z7 Delinked Cotton Seed (Actual Size) STATE CERTIFIED CHEMI- 'CALLY DELINTED COTTON SEED cost less to plant. These pure all seed are treated and free from all seed borne diseases. Quicker germination, plant and plow the aame week. Reduce chopping expense. Use any bean, corn or pea planter. STATE CERTIFIED VARIE TIES packed In attractive 50 Ib bags. Come In «nd book your requirements today, we will hold until planting time. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Bryfhevflle, Ark. lynches: J.eachville, Ark., Cardwcll. HornersviUe & Senath.Mo! xxv [T was Belly Jane who appeared at the ofiice Ihe following morning with reddish, swollen eyelids. She haled to go lo the oflice looking the wa.v she did, but she couldn't slay home crying all day. She had no way of knowing (hat it was a day when Dr. Hoi- brook, loo, would have given al- mosl anything he possessed not lo have to be there. For Elissn had arrived borne the niijhl before and Eric hod had hi.s talk with her. Before his wife's return, he had told Janice that he wauled to marry her and he was going to ask his wife lo give him a divorce. Janice had not appeared as surprised, or quite as elated, over this piece of news as Eric bad fondly hoped she would be. She liaci asked him if he were certain that that was what he wanted lo do. and if he did not think that perhaps no one could buy happiness at the cost of unbappi- ness to someone else. His lalk with Janice had left him vaguely unsatisfied. After all, he would be making quite a sacrifice for her. Not. of course, thai it would he loo big a sacrifice for a man to make. He was more than willing to make it—lo give up his wife, his home, their circle of im- porlant friends, even his large and lucrative practice, if need be. If Janice had nol apprecin^d Ihe enormity of all this, Elissa had. True, she had not appeared nearly so surprised as Eric had ex- peeled .when he announced, lhat firsl evening at dinner, that he wanted a divorce. "Dear rne," she murmured, her large violet eyes looking into Eric's over the rim of her collee cup, "it's a flood thing 1 came home. A divorce is pretty ilrnslic, darling. Il might ruin your professional reputation. And it docs seem a shame to sacrifice all that you and I have built up during .ill these years." "I know." Kric .'aid. He was glad lhal Elissa appreciated the sacrifice. "gORRY, darling—but I don't' want a divorce." Klissa pat her coiTee cup down and »ot up from the lable as if lo indie-ale that her remark had ended the discussion. Eric got up loo. lie followed Ms wife in!o the living room. She sank into a deep chair and picked up a book from a low lable. Eric knew he had a fight on his hands. "May I ask your reasons for not wanting a divorce?" "Certainly, darling." Elissa pu! the book halfway clown toward lief lap, giving him her polite, amused attention. "I simply don't want a divorce. Isn't that reason enough?" "Hardly." His laugh was brittle. "There's more behind it than that. And I do want a divorce. I am determined to have one. I am Uy- inR to play fair with you, Elissa— with everyone." Elissii smiled. "So am I, darling. I'm not making a scene, am 1? I'm even willing lo accept part of Uie blame, myself, if our marriage has not quite—" "You know it has not been a marriage for a long lime," Eric interrupted. "We don't love each olher any more. We aren't necessary to each other any longer." "Ah, you have placed your fln- Rer on it." Kllssa's lovely violet eyes Widened. "Thai's where my faull lies—I thouuht 1 had done cverylhiiiH lluil wns necessary for you. 1 see now lhat I haveri'l. I should nol have spenl so much time away. We'll begin again, dar- liril!. We'll go somewhere together. Mexico or—" "1 DON'T waul to go lo Mexico." He tried lo hold on lo his temper. "You don'l seem to understand, Elissa. t am in love with someone else. With Janice Hilary." Since he was being strictly truthful, as well as bonornble and fair, there was no reason to conceal the identity of the woman he loved. "I have told her that I will marry her. She means everything to me. Surely you won't stand in the way of my happiness." Elissa allowed her book lo drop al) the way into her lap now. "Ol course I shan't, darling." Her whole face smiled up into hit. "Only 1 Ihink I know beller lhan you where your happiness ties. "Now. don'l interr'-lpt, 'Jnrlinuf" Her smile was patient. "Perhaps ymi do love tins girl. But lov« isn'l everything, darling. What we have is just as important. And no one can hold on to lhat first excitement after a few years of marriage. Even you and your Janice would lose it. "What would you have lo take its place then, that 1 canno! giv* you?" "Am I to understand then," h« said stiffly—it was cold fear inside him rather llinn hoi anger— ''Ibal you absolutely retusc lo get a divorce?" Elissa inclined her lovely blond« head. Erie knew lhat further wordi were useless. What could tie do against Klissa if she sluck lo Ihe stand she had taken? What could he lell Janice? How could he lace Janice in Ihe office in the morning? And worse that—how could he face himself now? (To Be Continued) Act-ion I No DM staying at home when there's real fun to b« had! Try your hand at Blytheville's newest sporl. Bowl Tonight! 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No Wreck R Total Lossl Our Work Must Satisfy Our Customers: FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN Wf WILL PICK UP AND DELIVER YOUR CAR Late Model Cars A Specialty Wf INSTALL AUTO ACCESSORIES This is the first nice long letter from Bill since lie wont back to college—that was a good hunch you luul, forgetting to send his allowance!" PAGE ELEVEN. I-'KKCKI.KS & HIS FRIKNDS Hold It By AJERR1LL BLO8SER FJflWG /WWMAKf", WPATD f A PRODUCTION seven / our OF ITT ' FFC-r OF I THE BEAW CLUMSV I MANAGED* TO BOOK- / SURVIVE Tyis WORM I U3H3 wl TH5jj- ft WO ' rrwi _ you GOT INTO THE / ^ADtJLDWV PAINT AT SCHOOL/ /FCol fMOLO MAN, WOULD oin i SURE FEEL GRAY/ BAIL [CAM sliy » RISC11,LA'S I'Ol Don't worry, lianey. f i\vs IH tic conceited, too, when I was a hid... _.., Waldo! I'd ha'(e toseeh/m grow VIC FLINT Not Thiit She Liked Me Iflit farther ive drove into tlie country, the faster 1 talked. 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