The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 9, 1947
Page 12
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,., . , FACE TEN- HLYTHICVILLE (AUK.) COU1UKU NEWS TUESDAY, SUPT1CMI3KK !), 1<M7 KC Will Rule On Editorials Over Airwaves .WASHINGTON, Sept. 3. (UP) — The Federal communications Commission yesterday set next Jan. 12 u the date for lie.-uings on whether radio stations should .be permitted to express editorial opinions over the «ir. I Tfie FCC now is guided by a nil- ' Jiig laid down in'the so-called May- j (lower'Broadcasting'Corp., case of J»n. 1941. That ruling states that j rsdic stations cannot seiv; '!;e| best interests of the public oy nU- | vocating partisan issues. The commission said in ordering . the hearing that the question ofj radio editorializing is of such iin- j portance that a public hearing is i necessary to decide the issue. | "Free speech" groups rcccnlly' urged the commission to revise its 1941 stand. They contend that radio stations have an obligation to the public similar to that of newspapers. • The groups also po:mca utit there wcic only radio siaaons Irefore the war whereas there are 3,000 now. The 1 FCC sairt it will hear leaders in the field of public opinion, radio industry spokesmen and,others to: "1. Determine whether the expression of editorial opinions by broadcast station licensees on matters of public interest and controversy Is consistent, with their obligation to operate their s'lvtions in the public interest. "2. Determine, the relationship between any such editorial expression and the-affirmative obligation of the licensees .to insure that a David Crocket's Rifle Presented to the Alamo A rifle believed lo have belonged lo the famous David Crocknt was presented lo members ol the Daughters of Texas In an impressive cerniion.v :it the Alnnio. 1'reSentaliou was in:ulc by Col. Waller Finney Sicginnnd, who hns had the rifle In Ins Inmlly for many years. Mrs. Andrew Warren llolden, chairman of I lie Alamo committee of the DaiiKhtiTs, Mitlfxlinns of the Alamo, accepted the "Alamo rifle" in Ihc name of the peoplr of Texas. From Id I to rii;lU arc: Mrs. Clyde C. Kicrk. president of Alamo Mission Clmplcr of the Daughters; Mrs. Henry R. Mare;;!), State I'rcsidenl of the IJaniihtcr.s; CJenmil Jonathan M. Watn- ivriijIH, who placed the ium in a cabinet at Ihc alamo, and Mrs. Andrew llolden, receiving Ihc Bun from Col. Walter Fiiuiey SleynuiiKl. iNEA Tcicpliolo.) fair and equal presentation of all sides of controversial iv,ues is made over their facilities." Head Courier News Want Ads. George \Vc.slin£hi) wen a pa- cni lot a rotary .steam engine Three weeks after Ins 19th birthday. This was the first o; Ml patents which won him world acclaim. A gallon of vinegar \vill weigh in the summer than it, ctocs in the winter. Head Courier News Want Ads "Sometimes ! have my doubts about ever getting married —I know I'd look a fright in one of those house dresses'." FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS Jiusiness By MERRILL BLOS3ER TIIK STOItVi Nniicy confesses IB Andmv ih;il slip It In love n II II »!•!. Allilrrir Is<J ,!,..,, K |, c • kinilil luki- lln-lr rnsunl rilrtii Him •<-rl,,uil). lip re,,™ it Kc'.iiiilnl IUnl will ruin MX rliniK'en u r mlvmipp- mcn( n1 Ihe htiMitltnl. H u >v;irii* Aaiiej (o be "dlscrcc*." JVTANCY took a taxi from the ': hospital inlo town, and did her Tnarkeling, thinking how odd il {< from a tender love scene ito such a domestic task. But An- jdrew was right—life must go on, 'and os decently as two mature, "conscientious people could-moke it peem. f That afternoon she got out the jtrunk which contained her imbiber's wedding gown that Nikki jWas hoping to wear at her own wedding. She, and Nikki and a jcouple of Nikki's friends spent a (delightful afternoon examining the relics. !."• The gown was yellowed to a jtpft golden tint which Nancy nt jjirst decided they could not use. But when Nikki tried the dress on, and the color was so right with lier brown eye.; and amber hair, jihey decided thatMhe whole wcd- jding could be worked out in lones pf ivory and gold. : It; was interesting to do this sort !of planning, lo make their lists, v and draw funny little sketches, and t', laugh hilariously at Ihe little hat Nikki found in Ihc bcl- [tom of the trunk, mashed so Hal JBhe said it was in the latest style. ! The young people finally scal- Jered to dress for the Cadet For- inal at the nearby Naval Air school jthat night, and Nancy, pulling the clutter away, agreed that Andrew -had been right to counsel her lo icaution. There were things to be ;got out of the way—Nikki's wcri- •ding for one. Nancy could not rpoil jthings for Nikki; a month or two (was not long to hold her own Romance in abeyance. UT she found il dirflcull to sct- llc do\vn to a domestic o\'cning alone wilh Malcolm and J\;ac before the living room fire. Malcolm, having talked all clay lo patients, to classes, lo hospital personnel, was always us silent as a clam on his evenings q} home. Nancy should have been used lo Dial— and she was— bul tonight slie could not sit ;md share the restful quiet. She would no down •id pick up the boys' clothes. On the stairs she smcllcd tobacco; a liyhl burned in Martin's open. Martin himself sal reading in his big easy chair; he looked up qiicEtioningly al Nancy. "I'or heaven's sake," she cried, "I thought you'd gone to the dance!" He smiled, gestured toward a cliair. "Come in. Why did yon think I'd gone to I'nc dance?" "You had me send your dress shirt to the laundry the first of the week." He chuckled. "My dross shirt. Well, 'that was largely - wishful thinking, Nancy. The first of Ihc week J, too, thought 1 would bo going lo the dance." Nancy dropped upon (he cushions of his couch. "Bui, what happened? II wasn't patients— ?" 'No, it wasn't. The lady just had olhcr plans." "Susan?" ; ' ' • "Susan." "Wouldn't she go wilh yon?" "She said she would have, bul Woodward asked her first." Nancy gaped. "You mean Andrew Woodward?" "That's exactly whom I mean." Nancy's gray .eyes fiiappcd, her checks were pink. "Why, that's the most awful thing I ever, heard! von, why shouldn't sin go willi him?" "Dnl lie — Does .she like Ijim?" "She must, though she says she docsn'l, especially. J| e asked her, and she could find no reason lo refuse to go." of her wards. I don't go go lo Why should she with him?" "Here, here," Martin advised, his deep voice steady. "Take il easy. As Susan would point out 'o[ Our Boarding House with Maj. Hooplc caught enough control to choose her "Martin," .she said firmly, Ihink yon should let Susan places wilh Or. Woodward." lie laughed. "I tried to persuade lier nol lo .lo this—but he's n much more persuasive man than I am, Nancy." "f didn't know she went wilh lim." "I clon'l Ihink she docs, much." "Martin, why don't you marry Susan?" He col up from Ihe deep chair, strolled around Ihc room, a lull, elim-waistcd man in brown trousers and while shirt. His black '' was roughed upon bis heart :is if his fingers had ploughed through il many times. "Susan thinks she could nol leave Malcolm jus', now." / "That isn't any reason for refusing lo marry you, it she loves j'Oll." x "Then maybe she doesn't." ' "Oh, but slie does!" He shook his head. "I hope she docs. 13m she brings nu the argument of Malcolm needing her, which doesn't seem to me lo be an adequate reason. And she docs accept dales wilh Andrew Woodward—who, I'll admit, is much loo attractive far my pence of mind. Though I do fool myself into thinking he may Ije using Susan lo get lo Doc. lie's a very ambitious ca-veer doctor. Woodward is." Fearing thai Martin's keen eyes would read her thoughts, Nancy leaned forward to pick up one of (he magazines on Ihe low maple table before the couch. Could it be that Andrew had cultivated. Nanry to get lo Malcolm? Looking back lo that morning, she realized that lie had not received her offer in a truly lover-like fashion —and tonight lie was dancing with Susan Terry. Nancy had never been jealous of Susan as Malcolm's nurse, but as u girl Andrew dated— (To lie Continued) Free Delivery CaU PICKARD'S GROCERY I'lione 2013 10'M Chickasawba INSURANCE dial 2311 For Complete Protection • Accident & Health • Hospitalization • Fin: • Automobile • Liability • Burglary • Plate Glass • Tornado • Surety Bonds • Aviation BOY , WHAT ATE! WHAT A GIMMICK' HOW MUCH _ FOR IT? " WHV. LARD! VOU MEAN ID SAY WELL, INCLUDIW& BATTERIES. ITS YOU'D ACTUALLY WEAR A Tie .LIKE THAT? LOOK. MR- STUFrLE BcAM, I'LL MAKE A OE AL WITH VOU.' GIVE ,ME A COMMISSION .AMD f'LL PUT ONE O TIES ON EV BUT MOW ABOUT THE OIUEK. KIDS, THE OfJLS WITH GOOD SENSE? WOULD AM AMGEL. WEAR. HIS VA/1MGS? THATS FOR ME ---' DEFINITELY / SEfWICE-lSC T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFf BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN : FICE NQRTH TE^TH Phone 315t GATEWOOD GROCERY | Phone 975! Ark.-Mo, State Line on the left at the Arch ' 'A fi. 7 Crown 1.35 Culvert i -ic _. . • ••'•3 achenley . -\ 35 Three Feathers Hill & Hill . . Old Taylor Four Roses 5% Beer GAS, rcg 1.35 1.40 Ft. 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.75 4.35 2.85 Hh 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.15 4.40 6.90 4.50 per Case $2 j 17.5c; .Ethyl 19.5:J All BrandsCigarets, ctn. $1.35! STUDEBAKERS T U D E B A K E R CHAMBLIN SALES'CO. S;i!cs—Sltulcljiikcr—Service Hcinl(ju:irtcrs for Guaranteed New and Used Cars and Trucks 13i7 .New Int. I (i (on Sliurf U'lircl Rase 1917 New Ford 1'i Ion I.oiij; Wheel Base 1917 New InlernaliuiKil \y. toil Long Wheel l!ase 1010 Dodge '/•• tun I'ickiip 1!MB Chevrolet >i tun Pickup 1916 CMC >,£ ton Pickup 1311 Chevrolet : )', ton 1!)11 Chevrolet !i ton Pickup 1!)IO International l Ion 1917 New Fortl "8" Coupe 1342 Nash 2-Door 1811 Plymoulh 2-]>oor lIMl.Sluilcljakcr -J-Door 1939 DeSolo 4-l)oor Scd;in T U D E B A K E R STUDEBAKERS WASH TUBBS l.t't 'Km THE INJUSTICE OF IT AIL! A CALLOUSED CHACLA.TAM LIKE ISM MANEUVERS AM IkWOCENT MAW INTO THE ASHUM FOR A FEW PAYS.AWP BBANDS HIM FOREVER AS UNFIT FOR HI6H PUBLIC OFFICE; IT-; NOT THAT BAD, J.R ! SENATOR McPlPDLE AND UNDER-SECRETARX' OF STATE POHATCH ABE MERELV BEINfi CAUTIOUS. I'M SURE WE CAW CONVIMCE THEM YOU'RE STILL MENTALLY] SOUMD.' THEY RE ACqUAIUTANCES OF WINE, ANP IF VOU'RE INTERESTED IM A GOVERNMENT POST, I CAN ARRANGE FOR YOU TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH THEM FOR A VMHILE .. ) " 50 THEY'LL SEE FOR V VEIiY WELL! I AKT THEMSELVES THW YOU I INTERESTED, TITUS) ARE STILL THE 6U\PIW6 AJJP I'LL SHOW THOSE 6EM1US WHO HELPEP \ JACK-LEG POLITICIANS SHAPE THECOueSEOF\ WHICH OF 1)515 5A1IE! AMERICAN INPUSFRVVth Insurance Agency 108 N. 2nd Charlc.i u. BlutiGr-W. M. (Bill) Wilson I'r> GLi\0 YOU'RE COIS3S To tflCHTSCHOOL5 TOfOlGHT-' C- E tri£ flRST O.-JE AT THE SCHOOL TOi-JlSHT 50 I I 6WT OR tAH5 OF TOUR ACCOUNTS, _-- SPECIAL W.\Y O' BOOKS, COA'-tEK.' Out Our Way By J. R. Williams NEW GRON^-VJP ^.PUPILS. GASKET, ' THIS MftKES' BREA<FAST CEREAL is GET TIM' ME IMTO SWELLSMfkPE — I'LL FOLD TMA.T FATHEM3 INSTOA PARKERHOuSS BESIDES.T GST EIGHT I KNOW. AUI01Y, BUT WE'CE NEAR PEAD-HE 1CO'< U5 FORTY-TWO MILES TOPAV AN' WITH KC DIMMER.' ^T THE SAME, TT FOR A COWBOY TO LET C-OME- ONC ELSE UNf-APPLE A.MP !=EEP HIS HORSE. WHY, r OSJCE SAW A. COlVBOy WITH TWO BKOKEM LE6S TRYIMG TO FEEC> MIS HOR-.iE DUPE5,ak.--EUT. OH THOSE BALES DP FODDER? SOD MUSTN'T ' j YOURSELF BEFORE you GRAPPLE VJIW BIG SLAM SClAULTZ. CYT/ V. T. HAMLIN •*' HIS Hf\N' DAY BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH VirougJi a broken windwj in the Mogul plant r watched -the Brief turn .on fiis ally, Cribb. THAT SLAG pilE 15 AT IMOT $:XIY YARDS FCOSV THE WINDOW. ,0 NO I THIS GUN WAS INTEHOED fOR MUCH ClOSER WCfM. If 1 COUID JUST 6£Tft SPRING FlftO RIPIE INTO A 5HOUIDEP KOlSTEft MEANT FOR A. w;s TO EURYCRIEB.TOO,'

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