The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on August 12, 1957 · 19
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The Daily Oklahoman from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma · 19

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Monday, August 12, 1957
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Fish Eggs Used In Cancer Fi By IMOGENE PATRICK "Working 'with zebra fish, an j of development; vBuwuna awe university proies-1 veiopmeni. abnormal de ltas develooed an ingenious technique for fast and accurate testing ot compounds lot: meir e- iecc on ceu division. One substance which was found to hold back the cell division pro- ing tried in human cancer oE 'the prostate. Dr. Roy YV. Jones, head of the university s zoology department, devised the method that is expect ed to give scientists a needed new tool ror quicK screening ot a vane-ety of possible medications. H it collaborating with Dr. Max Huffman, Oklahoma City medical research scientist, in the testing ot compounas. Some 100 new steroids (hormone-like agents) produced in Dr. Huffman's laboratories have beenj screened over the past two years. Jones and Huffman have pub lished their findings in a national scientific journal. Transactions of tne American Microscopical society, describing the method in detail. It involves mass production of the fish eggs, exposing them to very dilute quantities ot test cnem-icals and observing the reaction. Dr. Huffman predicts the Jones technique will supplant the sea urchin test, now standard for screening compounds that stop mitosis or cell division, because it is cheaper, zebra fish are plenti ful, embryos grow rapidly and, like men, the fish have vertebrate organ systems. Zebra fish embryos are suitable material ior testing potential cancer-inhibiting agents. "Cancer is a very embryonic situation." Dr. Huffman explained. "And with the zebra fish, a -vertebrate, we are closer to the human being than we would be with the sea urchin egg." Since cancer is a wild, irregular growth of cells, one approach to the problem is the testing of many chemicals that might be effective in controlling cell division in such a way that the wild growth of specauc aDnormai ceiis, we cancer, is restrained. So far over 50,000 of the tiny zebra fish kept in a battery of tanks in Dr. Jones' lab have been used in the experiments with Huffman's compounds. It takes only one to two days to check out each compound. The embryos turn into recognizable baby fish within the first 24 hours and usually hatch during the third day. This speed makes it possible not only to see the effect of various drugs on cell division with 24 to 43 hours but also to readily determine whether any abnormalities in development are produced. Dr. Huffman said. In their paper, th two men point out thiit the technique is based on the assumption that "any chemical which interferes with embryonic cell division or metab-, olism will cause death, stoppage Chess Leaders Are Tied at Half CLEVELAND, Aug. U W) At ; the half-way point of the U. S. chess federation's open tournament, Donald Byrnes of New York and Hans Berliner of Washington, D. C are tied for the lead with 5V4 points. Tied for second place with five points are Robert Byrne, Edmar Mednis, Allen Kaufman and 14-year-old Bobby Fischer, all of New York, and Geza Furstner of Toronto, William Addison of San Fran, cisco and Igor Garais of Cleveland. In the women's open championship, Graf Stephenson of Los Angeles and Eva Aronson of Chicago are tied for the lead with three points each. Dr. Huffman said thev "went dl- ! rectly from the test to the patient" j with the compound that is being studied in prostate cancer. j Dr. Jones keeps about 30 fish f in each of 10 or 12 tanks set up I in his laboratory. I By controlling temperature and i light, he has been able to maintain f some control over eee production. f And this allows him to work with i embryos at "relatively uniform i states of development," an import- I ant factor in careful measurement of results. I The male fish under normal con- a ditions would devour the newly laid eggs. But Dr. Jones came up with the idea of covering the bottom of the acquarium with glass marbles. Eggs go to the bottom of the tanK ana tne marDies protect mem. He siDbons the eszs off. using a rubber tubing and tea strainer. j Tho transparent gg; half the ir.e of a nin head in diameter, are rinsed, sorted and counted out into f culture dishes. j Chemicals to be tested are add- ed to the culture media. Twenty to so eggs can oe piacea in a culture dish at once, permitting researchers to run a statistically significant number, Dr. Jones said. It is relatively easy to detect cell injury or death because they turn opaque. Dr. Jones reports that each female fish will lay 80 to 100 eggs t a time ana ao so every inree r four weeks "if kept well fed." Fish, averaeine one to one-and-a- half inches in length, cost from 8 to 25 cents each. About 100 are usde in each experiment and experiments on each compound are repeted three to five times. "In general the effects of a specific concentration of any given drug have been consistent in re peated tests, ur. jones saw. "Thus, it has been possible to compare the cytostatic (restraining action) of closely related ! drugs." ! Dr. Jones, on the OSU faculty! since 1947, started experimenting to see the effect of various chemi cals on the erowth of embryos when he headed the biology de partment at central Mate conege. H has used a variety of fish, but finally turned to the zebra fish "because we could Bet mass pro duction and a degree of control of Droduction. His goal is to obtain more basic information about embryonic development. Dr. Huffman ran across an ab stract of some of Dr. Jones' work three years ago and immediately contacted mm to see it tney couio team up. "We felt the technique had very keen utility in the steroid field," Dr. Huffman said. Dr. Huffman, former bead of the medicinal chemistry section of the Oklahoma Medical Kesearcn foundation, became director of re search July 1 for the Lasdon t oun-dation Research institute. He will continue to use laboratory space at the foundation here until construction of Lasdon's new research center is completed in With tube and tea strainer, Dr. Roy W. Jones, OSU zoology chief, siphons off zebra fish eggs to use in testing new compounds. Wife Appeals to Khrushchev To Let Her See Soviet Mate PARIS, Aug. 11 If) A. French woman, separated from her Russian husband for 12 years, has appealed for help to Soviet party chief Nikita Khrushchev, now tour ing East Germany. "I am heart borken. Still without news of my husband. Please Mrs. Colorado Springs. FRANCOIS SAGAN: YOUTH ON A FLING At 18 the was both the scandal and the darlinB of international society. By the time she was 20, she was the author of two best-selling novels about clandestine love affairs. The current issue of Esquire Magazine takes an intimate and revealing look at Francois Sagan, a sensitive, stormy nd outspoken young woman who only feels alive when she is on the brink of death. Don't miss Sept ESQUIRE now on sale Yvonne Yafarova said in a telegram to the Soviet boss. Durine the 1955 Big Four sum mit meeting in Geneva, Mrs. Yafarova threw herself in front of the car carrying Khrushchev and Soviet Premier Nikolai Bulganin to attract their attention. Subsequently she was given the address ; of her husband in Russia by Soviet authorities but was later in formed he was in residence under surveillance and could not cor respond with tier. When she tried to visit him his villaee she was told he 1 to furnish proof of being able to sneiter ner. Mrs. Yafarova and her husband met durine World war II when he. an escaped Soviet prisoner, fought with the French underground against tne nazis. xney were married in 1945. 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WOMEN SAY: Lost 6 inches from hips . . . for the first time in 10 years I've skirt and sweater." M. C. "So pleased . . . after ten days dvced mu waist fjpr 2", my abdomen mKm and my gUW hips 2"... HRk also grand not HIHB to constantly hold BV . in one's tummy." flV D- K You may lose less ...or morel I Retax-o-clror. Dept. 37-03 FREE 1126 Uonhordt Bid., Okla. City, Okla. I . O I went Fre Booklet. No obligation. Send In plain .nv.lop.. - Mn. Mill Mr. Mail Coupon J wont FREE TRIAL fsone me. I Today 500 Educators Meet Thursday Some 500 state educators will take a look at local problems con nected with an expanding program ot education mis wees. Oklahoma Educational Association and National Education As sociation members will meet in Stillwater unursaay, a rraay ana snip wornsnop. The program calls for seven gsneral sessions in which school leaders will discuss problems ranging from curriculum to public relations. Miss Edna Donley, Alva teacher ana president ot u&a. wiu ais- cuss "The Professionalization of Teaching" in an opening address. Another kev SDeech Thursday low, executive vice - president ol TTrnnHori nf Sr-ience Foundation. He will discuss, "An Expanding Program of Education. H. B. Marston. director of rirncc ru pHncators Fridav. dis cussing, "An Expanding NEA." Dr. Charles Mason, superintendent of Tulsa schools, will present an address entitled "A Long Look at OEA" Friday. Oklahoma City attorney, Russel B. Hollo-way, will he the fontiirerl -sneaker at a buffeteria dinner Friday night. School and community relations in ho rtier-nsserl in Saturday's sessions by Stan Keas, Midwest City assistant Superintendent of schools, and Mrs. W. Fred Scott, president of the state PTA. A number of panel discussions havo Vippn arranged to bring school leaders up to date on school legislation. Fire Problem Studied TISHOMINGO. AU2. 11 City councilmen have set a special meeting August 19 to deal with Tishomingo's fire fighting problems. They were notified recently that fire protection is inadequate to keerj the nresent rating the city holds with fire inspectors. ,112 H. Bath-BE -2?4 GIANT" I "TlM 04HE 4-RE 6 5054 S OF MONTANA" Homecoming Set MEDFORD, Aug. 11 -School districts 29 and 30 will stage their annual: homecoming September 1 at ' the Methodist Fellowship hall nere. ; You have never seen its like -and may never see its equal! GkstT FRANK EjW fTTsTANLEY KRAMERS MONUMENTAL FILMING OP f THE J&RflXEl and I rECHNICOtOK' - VISTAVISION' STARTS WEDNESDAY j prees AUGUST 14 J .r,cpm IS Shows Ooilr from 12 Noon Very Limited engagement may- be only oae week will not show in this Area otter this very NOW! 2 GIANT COLOR HITS! In "MRMARDiNE" Kirk Douglas Jtanne Crain In "MAN WITHOUT A STAR" .Open 1:45 50c til :30 '1m OnemaScoPE: color by Deluxe 'iiiicRrr'"" li!.- - "HOLLYWOOD ORBCSTj TE TATTEBElf DRESS" I Open 1 1 :4S 65c Til 1 fHeEiirseof Frankenstein "X, THE UMKNOWN" FIRST CITY SHOWINSI I "NAKED AFRICA" Vr.OJV.S.ON-COLOR I "WHITE HUNTRESS" W L ?. v X O a ) m m w-g m wmm m mm . . . and glad of it! There's nothing else like plenty of hot water when you need it! A Famli-Rated heater provides the entire family with an ever-plentiful supply of hot water . . . heats water twice as fast, 6 times cheaper with GAS! Your appliance or plumbing dealer awards the Famli-Rated Seal only after he helps you select the water heater properly sized to meet your needs. Call him todayl OHLAHOran nflTURflL L THE HsL Ism OPEN VI:45AM-75cTIM Feature: Women Pile Up Miles NEW YORK; Ailg. 11 WS-The average American woman wanes 70,000 miles in her lifetime, the Rl ALTO - TAFFY O'NIEL "The Candy Kid" In "KISS ME BABY" PLUS GLORIA DICKSON "NOT WANTED" Open6p.m.-Refri. Cooled 30c-3Sc-20c-Mmv thru Wed! THE DAJLY OKLAHOMA MONDAY. AUGUST-fia.. 1957 X Tredrie Mlrth- T TOKO Kl" (Celoz) ISKYTRAIN i M "GIANT I DEL IJt JSg&SW B ''"SEVENTn's'lN?"T'f I a cfi-?.lb ho f: I B "BADMEM Of" MMSOtSl" CIRCLE ho?; I BOMBER s? "SOMETHING O net i crm gTINKER 77" Cprinqtake W Amusement Park, Inc. F ' Roy Stoton and Marvin Staton CinbmaScoPE Open 1 PM 75c Til 2 Feouro At 1:00 3:05 S;1S 7:35 9:55 mmm FAMU RANTED LOVING YOU Positively Last 4 SHOWS TODAY & TOMORROW Positively IAST 2 DAY'S Positively) lost 4 Shows TODAY & Tomorrow 2.-00 PM $1.50-52.00 8:30 PM $1.75-$2.40 Michael Todd's engagement 1 SHOW TONIGHT at 8:30 P.M. ONIY j nly The LOWELL THOMAS Production -pi db SEVEN WONDERS ! warnIr "" ityiii 213 W. Grand Okla. City iMejeManakVaHMBaMMeMH CINERAMA WILL NEVER BE SHOWN IN ANY LOCAL OR NEIGHBORHOOD THEATREI The MOST UNUSUAL STORY r EVER PRESENTED ON A MOTION PICTURE SCREEN k k TOMORROW JaX' "mmmm It's ROD STkIGER e POOR 'JUD- ef -. . STARRING IN THE ROLE OF THE ONLY MAN TO LIVE " thru Ihs . . . Mm ur Ismwk jomW ! WEDNESDAY BBMrTt-iWBHfflSi'" ' - I HARDER . J&leMWSTOMslra

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