The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 9, 1947
Page 10
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BLYTHEVILLE (AI^K.)> COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLB COURIER lyMg. D. HTTMAll. O*. Niw Tort, Cbteaco, Detroit. *my Aftwnoc* Bieept Bond*; Bitered u •econd du§ nutter at the port- office *t KyttMTille, 'Arfcuuu, under act of Con- October », 1M1. Berr^d by UM United Pra* SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In Vpf ety of fclytheyllle or any «ub\ux»n town where carrier service li m»in- Ulned, 20e per we**, or 85c per month. By mall, within; a radius of 40 miles, (400 per vear, *2.00 for six months, $1.00 i or three months; ty mall outside 60 Me wne, tio.OO per year payable in advance. Meditation But Peter said to him, "Your silver perish with you, because you thought you could oblatn the 1 gift of God with money.—Acts 8:2.0. '.*"'*' * The lift of God is readily available to any one and although it cannot be bought with money it Is not (rtt. The cost Is service. No Balloon An American pilot, Hying a Chinese relief plane.Jhad to jettison u luifc cargo of 'Chinese money to ke'!]i from ;-, clashing into a mountain when his , plane 'developed engine trouble. Who would have dreamed that anything as highly inflated as Chinese currency could he so heavy? Limited Power of Speech "Report Truman Hoping to Talk Prices Down"—(headline). If the President decides to try this method, we trust that he -jvill first reread and ponder, the story, of' King Canute and the tide. Now We Know '.. After considerable reading of such valuable, texts as Russian propaganda and the more, recent utterances of Henry Wallace, we believe we have at last found an adequate definition of the 'terms liberal and reactionary. A libera'. is a person who agree? with you; a reactionary is anyone who doesn't. In an editorial in the New Republic, calling for the 1948 defeat of Presi- i dent Truman and whomever the He• publicans nominate, Mr. Wallace wrote: "No liberal can safely pledge support -. to this administration at a lime when our foreign policy includes the support of. reactionaries everywhere." These reactionaries would include Socialist Britain arid France, and ihe democratic monarchies of western Europe, as well as Greece and China. For the Wallace liberals, that doesn't leave much to cling to except that great liberal government of the East which, through super-nationalism, super-isolationism, slave labor, political concentration camps and the terror of the secret police, is spreading the new freedom. ; The Brace Revolt irked by wartime material controls. The current vogue culls Tor iibout a yard more material in each dress, which means more money t'ov everybody concerned in dress production. As a 'consequence, the hemline has gone down about where it w^s in the early 30's. Present hems can't be lei dowi) far enough to approximate the mode of the moment. The resourceful woman might mask the missing inches with a flounce of lace. But this device would soon come to be a lell- tale symbol of the miulcover garment. Besides, there lire other things, like narrower shoulders, fuller hips and nipped-in waist that are more difficult to fake. So there is nothing to do but invest in new clothes, or rebel. The rebellion is brave, bold, and well-publicized, but we are afraid that it won't succeed. There arc too few rebels, and, the more the rank and file give in to fashion, the more conspicuous the rebels will feel. After a time only the eccentrically conscientious will be holding out. yashions change, and so do the times. Today it seems rather nonsensical for American women to bave lo change styles and discard good gai- inenfs when so many other women arc desperately in need of clothing of any sort. The dictators of fashion would do well to call the whole tiling off, it soenis to us. Hut we have no thought that they will. So men will pay and women will wee|>—or vice versa-— while the hemlines go down and inflation goes up. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER' 9; 1947 r The Battle of the Hemline has produced some, reasonably good gags, like the Little Below the Knees Club and the various interviews with male oglers. But perhaps the whole thing isn't as silly as it seems. We are now in the midst o'f a flourishing junior-grade, inflation which threatens, to attain an awesome maturity. Everybody is feeling the pinch of high ' prices, and certainly more than half our population is feeling it severely. Now along come the' dic- • * ators °? fashion to tell women that a basic style which was becoming, : with minor alterations, throughout the ; war years, is now strictly old hat. Thjs means that millions of women who c^n't (or their 'husbands can't) ; afford it, "must lay'out money for a new wardrobe, or be out of stylo. The dresses in last year's wardrobe probably aren't worn out, but some- body has come along and declared them passe. ' ' 'This has been going on periodically for centuries. "Women generally have seemed to believe that the changes of fashion were as inexorable as the movement of astronomical bodies. Theirs not to reason why,'theirs but to change or practically die of mortification. Fashions this season have changed because the designers thave decided .that they and the*'p»ubli« are tired of wartime styles, but mostly because the <J««!tners and dressmakers have been VIEWS OF OTHERS Got Your Garbage Can? Earlier In the Summer, the Memphis ami Shelby County. Health Department Issued an edict that every property owner would have to acquire Bolvnnlvied meUl containers with tight fitting tops for' gnrbBBe disposal purges. Tlie order was In line with the department's el forts lo make Memphis as ratpioof as possible, and to frustrate disease and filth-bearing Hies. It has now developed that some 150 persons have failed to comply with notices sent out by the Health Department nnd that warrants for their arrest will be asked. To the high cost ol cans, which will have lo -lie obtained anyway, there will tc the niUlUiomil burden ol court costs and probably a line. Inasmuch as it is a matter involving public health ami a not unreasonable regulation, we yo along with the Health Department in what it is trying to do. It is n pity the department comcidentaily lacked power to prevent the price profiteering which resulted when a few dealers took advantage cl a compulsion situation. Some of it was conscienceless. And while we arc on the general subject, and now that most Mem)ihiatis have been forced to equip themselves with new containers, how about a little co-operation tram Uic garbage collection department? The whole purpose of the campaign will be lost It, alter .a lew weeks covers no longer fit because cans arc battered and bent from rough handling. The co-operative citizens will expect protective cooperation in return. —COMMERCIAL APPEAL. BARBS BY HAL CC/CTIKAJS If they keep on making new -stamps we'll soon be able to see America on our morning mail. * * * \Vhnt if our pumpkin crop is short? I'oets won't have any place to put their frost. 9 * * An Australian convict escaped I mm prison in an airplane. Not a bad substitute lor the wings of an angel. * * * A conductor siiys few of our modern songs will li\>. Yet somr people will still say we have Hltlc to be thankful for. * * * A circus advertises ICO clowns. The one usually going on in Washington is Mill ahead. SO THEY SAY T do not believe that Ihis present world situation is as threatening as il is often made out to be. I am convinced thai no responsible statesman in any country can. or does, contemplate the prospect of war.—Trygvc Lie. sec- relary-genernl of the UN. • - • « Russia is afraid of economic recovery in the world because she knows that recovery will give communism a kick in the pants.—Eric Johnston, president, Motion Picture Assn. ol America. * * » World War HI will consist of a short, sharp, paralyzing bombardment, followed by nn immediate airborne invasion. Fewer than 300,000 men could descend under silk and take tins country.—Lt.-Gen. K-a Eaker, u. S. Army. Relieving an Acute Manpower Shortage Othman Repents arid Retracts All He Said About Long Skirts The DOCTOR SAYS By WILLIAM A. O'BKIF.N. M. D. Written for NEA Service Tick-Borne Rocky Mountain spotted fever lias been reported tram over 40 states. About 500 cast's of Die disease develop annually la-trio United States. Authentic!;- advise complete removal of clothing TKl inspection lor licks twice a clay for workers or Scientist Deplores Mistaken Ideas Public Holds Concerning U.S. Use of Guided Weapons ISY DOUGLAS LARSKN NEA Stuff 'Correspondent WASHINGTON, Sept. fl. (NEA) — II U. S. citizens iiren't, worried over Ihr Air Force's'clriim'Uinl America'^ Ins ally in the most cloistered ob- nlr defense has fallen dangerously Iscrvntory." "This drops the problem of ns- 1 development." Ironomicnl navigation in our laps, The biUion-doliar-CiuesUon of the the solution of which will require guided missiles' field,' according to researches i\& basic or fundamental j Dr. Hal.slacl. is the doubt over v;hc- lo\v, it's because _they Drink there art a lot of secret, pusn-buiion- giwled missiles hidden in our arsenal. But they've yot another bjji think coining, Take the word of Dr. Lawrence R. Hafsla<l, one of she nation's leading scientists, who 'was* connected with the development ol ninny wartime .scientific weapons, and who is now executive sccratnry of the Joint Research and Development, Board. Just before taking over the job with the hoard, he prepared an outline which tries to show just how /ai* the U. S. is from luving a satisfactory guided missile. He says: "We have all heard of n person described as so stupid that he did- I't know which \vtiy was up, and mve probably enjoyed a .smug, .self- aifsltacl chuckle a« his expense. "Jtb s embarrassing, then, to discover ,hat in'the guided missile field, not* eve nthe brightest of us can define" up 1 in a manner .sufficiently pre- isc or sufficiently general for use n lon»-raniie guidance systems." IIOVV HIGH CAN' YOU (SO? The German V-2 flirts with the outer rim of l*ne earth's atmosphere to travel <t03 miles along the earth's surface. To double thai range with similar missile involves a projectile that loaves the carth'fi ut- mcxrjhcrc entirely. Ol this Dr. Haf,tad "says: Dr. Hafslad has been closely connected with the development of radar, proximity fuse.s, the atom bomb and rockets. He clnims that "the most complex and difficult of the lot.'tis) Use guided missiles field t which) includes all the others as legitimate/and essential parts." An artificial hindrance to the the development of guided mi-ssiles,- rtcrcording to Dr. Haf- d, is the over-eagerness the services display with regard to security. He -says: "U is characteristic: of .scientists that they want to exchange ideas on troublesome points. Yet -strong military pi-assures cxisi to prevent information from reaching not only the general public and foreign agents but. unfortunately, other servii-es and even other bureaus n.nd bra aches within the service where such information originates. Gush a tendency" is extremely tin fortunate." TOO MUCH SECUIHTY IS HAD He says thai on-j of the big piob- Ipjns is drawing n line to? iAve?:i what inlormation -should a:» considered flas.sificd arid what, .should JL; imc-las.sified. Putting the \vraps on too mutrli of the information-handicaps the informal "consultation and exchange of ideas between the technical men." lie .says, "handicapping the program at a crucial slak r n of thcr .scientific data gathered from •scale models is valid when applied to the real thing. This could rule out the wind tunnel as ix research aid. Dr. Hafslad, summing up the over-all problem of developing n guided missile, .says: "A moment's thought will show that \vc really are expecting of a guided missile essentially the same performance we now get from a fully-manned B-2D or v. battleship. Wo expect our missile to cross an ocean, locale a target, and then bombard and demolish it. However, our missile is expected to Slave only a mechanical brain. Now it would be much easier, within the space arid weight-carrying lini (tat ions of a big airplane nr ship, to make an airplane or ship automatic, yet we have never beard of either a radio- controlled B-'2y or a uaUle.ship carrying out n mission of. Kay. 2CO mi!fc.s or more under complete radio-control from a fixed .suriace control station. One cannot help tout wonder why people seem to feel that guiding a missile, with Us additional severe restrictions uf weight and space, and of aerodynamic, temperature, and acceleration effect:; is going to be easier than similar control 01 conventional vehicles." Tomorrow—Airplane \rrsus guided missile -- vacationists in Infected areas. That way ticks can Ije removed with ease, since they rarely attoeh themselves at once. The cause of Rocky Mountain spotted fever Is a form of rickettsin, which cuter the tyody through the nite of a tick or through contact v:ilh ink material on the unbroken s'/in. •Die Incubation period for Rocky Mountain spotted fever is two days to two weeks. Illness starts with fever, headache, muscle nnd joint pains, chills, nausea, vomiting, and fever. The rash, liy -which Ihe disease is recognized, appears on the firms ami let':; from the sccoikl to the fifth day, and spreads rapidly over the body surfac?. It varies from red blotches lo small hemorrhages in the skin. In severe Infections, extensive skin hemorrhages give the putiont a peculiar mottled appearance. The Illness var!?.; from n nn!d infection to a severe, iiau disease. High fever may last lov several weeks. Rocky Mountain spotted iovcr cnn be prevented by animal injections of two doses of vaccine. Inoculations should be given one month before the time of possible exposure. As' most adult ticks are found early in the summer season, infection most often occurs then, although it is possible to contact the disease at any time. SUGGESTED TREATMENT Patients infected with Rocky Mountain six>Ued fever are treated with para-arninobenzojc acid. This chemical, which apparently Is of little value in human -nutrition, is a successful competitor for the unknown substance required for growth and development of rick- etl.sia. Sulfa drugs seems to make EJocky Mountain spotted fever worse, and penicillin is without value. Because of damage to small Wood vessels in the illness, there may be loss of protein and fluid. These can be replaced by u high protein diet and transfusions of plasma or whole blood. Injections of fluid and minerals once considered harmful are now used to good advantage in treatment.' QUESTION: Is ringworm infection of the scalp a blood disease? ANSWER: No. It is a surface infection. , A Ai'4i * By i-KnnEKicic r. OTIIMAN (United Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, .Sept. 9. (UP)_. 'MSy bride came home wearing n>i embarrassed expression and a new- style dress. Poor gnl. Her froc!; was a black sahn job. with a ruffly business down the front, twists of cloth something like knots in Hie region of the hips, and a long skirt. She wore with it black stockings, high-heeled shoes, and a I rick black hat I won't attempt to describe'. She looked, different, all rltjIH. .But truth 'is truth, I thought s he ' ' also looked pretty'doggone pretty. And there she stood, apologizing. Said she knew she looked funny'i Bit her lip. stureu in the mirror] Offered lo take her new dress back to the store if 1 believed she looked like 'her word) a frump. Fellow husbands. I was honest about, it. I (old her it was one of the nicest dresses .she'd ever bought,, kissed her.on the nose, put my arm around her shoulders and--'-hey!—a miracle happened. That was woman I felt under the satin; not sponge rubber or quilted horse-hair. No shoulder pads. This was a pleasant, shock. Almost as long as I can remember her shoulders have felt n .stuffed elk's. And looked like they belonged on the Notre Dumc batkfield. If this style catches on. gentlemen. It's going to be a pleasure to put your arms around your wives. So I gave Mrs. O., a final squeeze. Her eyes lit up and she walked confidently out of the room. Sakt she had to practice holding her breath on account of her new waistline. Women are wonderful. All this by way of introduction to 'the apologies I must make to the (( designers and their agents, the department stores. When these new .styles were announced a while back I wrote some bitter, brutal pieces about 'em. I snarled in print, suspected a Parisian plot against my pocketbook, and said long skirts were useful only for"ii wrapping nooses around " their makers' necks. Tlie evidence at my own house indicates how wrong I was, or per- IN HOLLYWOOD BY EKSKINK JOIIN'SON NEA Sluff Cm n'spnmleiil HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 9. INEAJ — ioltywood's open-armed welcome to vgnrct Trmnan'x sinpini; debiu it the Hollywood Bcj\vl didn't sut> >rise Abe Burrows, who saut: "U wus a pleasure to have aonio one here from Washington who was- I'L on an investigation." Chubby, semi-bald, bespectacled Abe UniTpws ostensibly i-s ;x radio writer. Ho helped Eil Gardner wriio Duffy's Tavern for three years, will write the Joan Davi.s .show ;ig:iin this year. But for some time now he has held the undisnulcil title of Hollywood's No. 1 party entertainer with mad routine ol ktdding Pupuhiv son^writing. sntiriKing Norman Cor- i win's radio dramatic.s ami just saying funny things. Like the time IV. r amount hired him as a producer-writer when Grv -My AVay" was u b%* hit. Tnc xlutUo asked him what he'd like to do nnd Abe said: '•I'd like t» Film a ro-mnkr." 'Great." said tin; sludui. "\Vhnl picture would you Hk|* to T ?i make?" Ami Ahp replied: ''Going- My Way." LAUGHS, IHJT N'O CASH Vov almost five years, at private parties, Ab£ entertained the sophisticated upper strata 01 NY\v York and Hollywood show business. But he couldn't got paid for an>thin-t except his radio writing. "XVe pet your humor." bis shots in the film and rat1i,i business lold him, "but the public won't," Eut now Abe is proving the big .shots were wrong. He has his o\\n radio show now aim he's proving that Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Public can understand lius humor, "Hollywood and New York sophisticates," says Abe. "don't know what's going on in the world. They don't read the newspapers. The public knows more than they do." So now a;l of Abe's party routines are going out on the air, mul all America is laughing over .such Burrows* classics 'a.s "Father Wants to Start a Third Party. He's Been Thro\Vn Out of two'Tonight." "Oh, the Kifibt We Were Wed, l Needed n Wile Like a Hole in Ihe Head,' and such 'IBurrovvs' observations as: "Torch suti;;s are written by sonsnritcrx so ruih that a dame Mdnldn't tiling of leaving 'enK" •Abe jint picked up a big hunk of change, too, more jokes into the film version of "State ol the Union." yor example: A couple nl local politicians are discussing a presidential candidate. One .says he's u c 1- eat possibility. The other says: "I'm from Missouri, you'll have to show me." And the; tirst says: "ff you were from Missouri, you'd have .t job in Washington." QM; von: von JOAN Abe will be writing his own show as well as the Joan Davis program in tilt fall. He thinks Joan is tb; gre;.^ comedienne is Amcnca. He says: "You oaii give lirr a joke and forget il. .loan handling a Juki- is like u:\lching Joe IHMaggio C'aU-h a Fly. You look at the riaijrr instead lo see who's up next." Tliey hauled a drunk out of Abe's radio .show just hctore air time Ihe other night. "It's all right folks." said Abe. "that's our man of c;isiLiieiion." Ycp, the people a:e getting A!v Burrows. pionships tournament. More than 1003 other conU'.stantr, came to compete, with those greal players, ba- calisc they know tint such competition will improve their s;uiue. ""Today's hand camo in for a lot of discussion in tin: \vee hours ot" the morning during the tournament. It shows'that the old suying. "There is many a man walking the .streets of London because he foiled to lead trump," does not always hold true. Declared won the opening lead with the eijrht of clubs, ami if he » ,1 !) 5 2 j. n <i 4 •> A K n n 2 v Q fi 3 • A fl -1 * 107 5 N W E S Dealer A flfi 3 V K J 108 T>2 * Q 107 A A 10 V 374 # KG3 * A K Q .1 « Tournnmenl—N-S vul. West Double Soutl i N; T. 3 * a * 5 A Pass Opening—•? North Pass 4* Pass Has I 'i * •! V Pass 0 '15 Years; Ago , : In Etlythevilie— The marringe of Miss Mary Roney only daughter of John H. Roney to Bancroft Terry of Jelferson City, Mo., imrt McGhee, Ark., will be solemnized on Saturday afternoon. The Rev. p. Q. Rorie of the First Methodist Church will perform the rites in his home. The first bridge party of the Autumn Season was day afternoon when iMhsdamp-s M. A. Isaacs, p. P. Moss. Harry Kirby and J. Nick Thomas entertained 70 ladies at Hotel Noble for a luncheon. Winners of the prizes \vere allowed to mak e their own selection with Mrs. W. D. Chamblaiu taking [irst prize, a "What Not". Mrs. O. \V. A'pCutchen winning secon-J high chose a "Lamp". A crystal Vase of Roses was Mrs. E. B. Wooc-son's gift for third high frd :i nnir of hose was given to Mrs. R. L. Gaines for consolation. Miss Frances Rosen thai has returned from a business trip to St. Louis. haps how turcs In cockeyed were the pic- the fashion magazines. Other ignoramuses like myself also have been denouncing, the new styles. Women around the country have been organizing short skirl clubs. In Hollywood they went still further, of course, by parading in bathing suits to prove -they needed no artificial padding around the hips. This has had its effect on the'dress business, which has full-' en off'alarmingly in many shops. Many a woman has been frightened/of the new styles • — and if my. fashion model is any criterion— of her husband when she wears them home'. This has caused stores across the land to tak e full-page ads, pointing out that no woman need wear a bustle unless she wants to. or herns around her ankles, either. _ .. The. actual clothes prove simply that skirts arc a litlle longer than they were last year, that the ladies inside of 'em look a little rounder, and that the world isn't going to end. The scenery is different, but as handsome as ever. I'm sorry for what I called you, dressmakers. Department stores, please accept the apologies of a customer's satisfied husband. 200th crossing of the Atlantic Ocean given Thurs- he became a member of an exclusive but unofficial club. The airline said only two oMicr pilots have flown the.Atlantic an equal number of times. They are Captains cl messenger and W. L. Stewart, also of the British Overseas. Most Traveled Pilot NEW YORK <UP)—When Captain Donald Anderson, 36-year-old pilot for the British Overseas Airways Corporation, flew from I/v Guardia Field to London for his For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLi HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. 124W. Ash St. Ambassador McKENNEY ON BRIDGE Trumps May lie Injurious BY WILLIAM K. McKKNNEY America's (-aril Aulhorily Written for NEA Service Do brlrtge experts devote their lives to playing iirtdgc? Certainly not. On the list of life masters there are prominent business men from nil parts of the country. Of the 38 life masters or the nation, 63 nl- tcndcd the recent nnlinnni cliain- had been a believer in pulling: trumps, he would have had quite a problem to make the contract. Instead, he led a small heart to the ace. then led a spade from the dummy and finesseditlie ten-spot. West won with the king and came back with another trump. South won, rufleri a heart in dummy, came back to his hand with a ?pade. and ruffed the third heart in dummy. Then he led the queen and jack of spades discarding two losing diamonds from his own hand. Tlie only other trick that -West could win was the ace of diamonds . If South had drawn the trumps he ivou'.d not have had sufficient entrie.i to handle th? situation. Warmer Ni:ar Cold The water near an iceberg is warmer than Ilia*, some distance away. Cold water from the melting iceberg sinks, and warmer water is drawn in to take it.s place. 1 Besmears 2 Compositions 3 Born 4 Ambary jji, 5 Eager S? 6 Entangle .v 7 Devotee i 8 Soothsayer 9 Afternoon ( alj -) 10 Dolt ; HORIZONTAL 50 Conducted ; J Pictured 51 Arabian ; Greek ambas- 53 Ardor 1 Va d ssiH t 'i^ S " 54 Greek ' Ietler B Ke^r'e'cently 55 Italian city : look over his 56 Mental ; new perception ,13 On the ocean s VERTICAL HUrn 15 Companion 16 Employ 17 Scattered j, - rubbish 4 19 At a remote distance 20 Soul (Egypt) ,21 Bounder 122 Regret :24 Rupees (ab.) j25 Ecclesiastical • council 27 Laminated rock 29 Oceans 30 Dress edges 31 Postscript (ab.) 32 Mother N 33 Tardy 35 Netting- 37 Ohio city 38 Genus of geese 40 Symbol for erbium j41 Narrow inlet 43 Deep hole 44 Musical note [45 Pinnacle J47He presented , his credentials to President ;11 Begins 12 Pithy 17 Youths- J 8 Hurry 21 One who coasts 23 Substance 20 Asiatic kingdom 28 Accumulate 33 Toils 34 Eject 35 Principal 36To this 37 Bristles 3!) Fortification 42 War god 43 Cooking ^ ; utensils ^ • <IG Rodent 4H Rubber tree 49 Male 50 Hawaiian wreath S2Kxist 54 Haronel (ab.l I

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