The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 16, 1948
Page 6
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fAGB SIX TiiB JJl.raiKVl.LLK UOUiUiiK NKWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W HAIKE8, PubiUoer JAMES L. VERHOEFF, editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Admtting Uuu(*r x ——— 8ol* Nation*! Advertiilnj ReprewnUUves: W»ll»ct Wltmer Co, New Vork, Chicago, Detroit. AUUte, Uempbte. Published Bveiy Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter it the post- office at Blythevllle, Arkansas, under set of Con- (reta, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Preat BLYTHEVILLE (AHK.) COURIER NEWS SUBSCRIPTION BATES: Bj carrier in the city ol Blythevllle or an; niburbaa town where carrier service tx maintained, 20c per week, or 85c per month By mall, within a ri'ilus cl 5U miles, 1400 pet jear. 12.00 lor »ix months, tl.OO tor three month*; toy mall outside SO mile zone, 110.00 per year payable In advance. Meditation And there aro&e a |T*ai stoin) of wmd, and (he waves beat Into the ship, to that It wai row full.—Mark 4:37. » • m By His trials God means lo purify us, to take away all our self-confidence, and oijr trust hi each otlicr, and bring us into implicit, humble trust In Himself,—Horace Biishncll. BARB* Driving your car fast doesn't help n bit toward keeping up with payments. * + * Black and while will be smart "for spring. If the vogue could only last until platform- wrltlnf time. • » * Some yachts carry cannon for sunrise and sunset shots. Others use a small glass and a. bent' elbow. » * • A resident of Boinbiy wai found tulHy n t bltlnc off a woman's nose. They must have bump« In the road over there, too. • • • We predict plenty of dentists In the future. Just look at the young boys who save old' magazine*. * Racing Corn, Weary Wheat Make Few Grains of Sense Th»t slump in the grain market touched off a bigger blizzard of guesses, contradictions and general mystery than the late surmises about General Eisenhower's political intentions. This is the break, said one expert- H doesn't mean a thing, said another. Wait and see, said a third. Probably a lot of people who don't usually read the financial news devoured the front page stories on grain. That may' have added confusion to worry. For it's likely that these new readers didn't know that it is (he custom of financial writers to endow securities and commodities with personal feelings and actions. They read that corn led a downhill race while lard reeled under heavy assaults and wheat struggled 1 0 rise and then fell back wearily. They read thai the. New York Stock Exchange was weak and nervous, and that the London exchange was sympathetic. They must have been confused. _ We felt a little that way ourselfs. But the feeling was brought on by a couple of non-financial items we had been reading about (lie time that corn went racing down the hill and oats came tumbling after. First there was that Federal Court deportation hearing of Gerhard Eisler, said to be' the top Communist in America. Comrade Eisler was sitting right there in the courtroom, the story said, and his attorney was seriously arguing that he had been barred from' his country by an exclusion order in mjl so he couldn't possibly be here now. Then we came upon a story out of Washington. The representatives of an association of apartment house owners were asking a congressional committee to end all rent controls. The basis of their plea was this: The housing shortage is a figment of the in-, agination. So the news from the grain market found us a little dazed. As we read it we suddenly wondered if the g-uns might not have been feeling the s;une way before they started racing and reeling and flopping wearily about. Had wheat heard about the hous- wg-shortege-that-wn't? Maybe so. And if there wasn't any housing shortage how could wheat be sure there was a wheat shortage—which was wheat's 'excuse for climbing higher and higher. Had corn heard about Eisler? perhaps. And if Mr. Eisler, who seemed so obviously present, really was the little man who wasn't there, how about all th*t money that people had been paying for corn? Maybe that wasn't real iio it could be that wheat and corn either. BUggested to outs and lard and collon- . seed oil that the best thing for them to do was climb down and start back - where they belonged. Tin's explanation may have certain logical weaknesses. But, like tlie New York Stock Exchange, we've been a little nervous lately. And all we can say is we hope those flying saucers don't put in another appearance—at least till we're feeling better, Too Much Bipartisanship Republican Senator Wherry .says it was/so, the GOP that killed the OPA, so there! With that statement he takes issue with Republican Senator Taft and takes sides with Democratic (.'resident Truman. Alaybe the gentlemen in Washington are carrying this bipartisan agreement business too fur. it's fine for foreign policy, lint election years are confusing enough at best without having bipartisan line-ups for a purely political nr.fttiment over who killed Cock Robin. •••••*••»• Crystal Gazers MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1C, 1948 The Greatest Tyranny Republican lenders in Congress, It, | s reported plan to give priority U> Federal iintl-lynchlng bills, and have agreed on a strategy which, they believe, will break tb.-oueh the expected Senate filibuster, oilier measures primarily in i )eria ir of the Negro and aimed at discrimination are to be shelved for this session. This newspaper often has expressed doubts about proposals to solve lli e American race problem thiouBh leeislatioii-particulnrly Federal legislation. But these have not been blanket doubts. For thc problem has many facets. Some lend themselves lo early remedy by law. Wilii others, Jaws will help only us they reflect mora progress in custom and attitude than has as S'el been attained. Lynching can be attacked by |,, w , and by Federal Jaw. The Republican leadership -mows wisdom in moving first O n this front, and on this front only. It wuu | d be a nuy , o col!demn all remedies ,to certain defeat by pushing an . omnibus program like the President's with FEPC and anll-JIn, Criw bills thrown in, too. The Presidents program falls into two categories. One deals with discrimination Involving social relationships between the races-how they shall dwell together, work together, travel to- jelher. The ethics are clear. The road to appiy- ng the,,, is ,101. Here even local !„„. mu5t Inove in step w ,th preponderant thinking. The oilier deals with the most fundamental guarantees of the Constitution: lhe exercise of citizenship through the right to vote, and the right to the proiecions of due process of i aw * Here is an area In which law, both Federal and State, can opcrau- appropriately and effectively Guaranteeing the ballot to the Negro every where is the less immediately practicable, it „ complicated by legal considerations as to state rights and by social considerations of untutored Negro majorities in 50 nie places suddenly given the power to rule. But lynching I, different. The Bill of Rights guarantees to one accused of crime the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury ... to be confronted by the witness against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witness in his favor and to have the assistance of counsel in his defense. A lynching consumes the most complete and permanent, denial of these rlgnts llni!gumblc We would favor a Federal law which goes as fas ; u, poss,b, c toward backing locoi olf!cials ather than taking matters wholly out of their •aruls. But it. must be recognized that both a Army S/ie/ves, But Keeps Eye On, P/an /or Gaudier Get-Ups THE DOCTOR SAYS White House Press Conferences, With Election Approaching, Become 'Cat and Mouse Affair high Hooper WASHINGTON. (NEA1 - White n«esllonablv House press conferences are now I ratins more fun than a radio stunt show .,-1 , The game Is to sec who c"n makc n ', ' npl>0 '' lumt - 1 thal " le Harry S. Truman admU that he's Prl 7 i "" im wi " »»« '9 "»*« » f°'- a candidate for President. Reporters attending the weekly news conferences think up trick questions to catch the President off Like: "Ate you going to do any traveling this summer. Mr President?" Or: "Will there lie a back balcony campaign-this year?" Or: j.,..^,,, mi., .»i_<ii ; i_j[ . Will you support lhe Democratic By Harman W. Nichols (United Press Staff Correspondent! WASHINGTON, Feb. 14 (UP) — When President Truman went to South America last Fall to shake hands across the ' canal—so to By EKwIn p. Jordan M n speak—he saw lots of Brazilian mill- Written for NEA Service ""'" brald ' More people have, or think they i Wllat braid! And on what unl- have chronic constipation than I forras - u became obvious to Mr. T. almost any other ailment. True I lhat llle America to the South was constipation, however, is not as' out-doing the America to the North common as It Is believed to be. In I ' n ">c matcer of frilling up its gen- tiue constipation, fecal matter is' erals «"d admirals for fancy dress kept In lhe Intestinal trad longer i occasions: lhan it should be, «nd there is delay The presidenl's own aides were in emptying of the bowel. In such! wearing; a variety of work-a-day cases the bowl movement Is hard' uniforms. ... and dl ' J '' When he got back to his snugW Tlie beginnings of constipation oval roonl '" tne White House, Mr. can usually be traced to neglect. T "»"<' 1 n sent a memo to Secretary and Improper training during child- j of Def ense James Forrestnl. He hood. Much of the difficulty comes i suggested that the defense eslab- from failure to set aside a regular • l' sl »» e »t work up a fine new dresi time of day for the bowel move- '' uniform for all the services. '" CIU - So were called in the best pants Poor diet, of course, can rj\A of- makers, the fanciest coat makers ten does cause constipation. Too ' and other experts of tlie scissors and many people gulp their food down ', needle. They came up with an cve- witlioiit allowing enough time for! ntng dress uniform to tickle Ihe INCH- meals, just as If they were ] bluc-blonmed vanity of the spil- refuellng a car at a fllllnc station.' ficsl hostess on Pennsylvania Ave- h-iesn fruits and vegetables make I nue. A uniform with tails, iron shirt up nn _ Insufficient part of many . and white tie. One with sleeve room' peisons diet. These foods not only for nil thc braid a man could carry • th Ji i c Part of tne blllk aml sl111 st ' iml crcct alld sa hile his n me diet, but also aid In per- ' fellow officers. Plus enough cloth uaiss. me wave-like movement.'!' room above the belt—in front—to A,,( „! '" l<!slmt »'hlch carry [he hold several pounds of medals, tlnal tract ™ e " the ' ntcs - Ycs ' sir ' il " as a beautiful dream. 'iiiotlipr But ovlr Rencrals and admirals slill linn K thJf ,Yi c caus f °f constlpa- I wear thc same old gct-up. And •li ,nrii/, A . Iaxatlvf ' s or 1 they will, unlil the office of de- inve nie mM,^ r n R .H m! £ y , P , Mple > tellsc can nl » ke "P tlleir min(1 ab °" 1 : hip hcmTelvef out! one I '' C ° lor ' A choke bctw< *" mid - i'Kh a goo T s rong 1 p°u gc T^Tte i r ' 1 f "t Wue and coal black, good for them i 2 ; How a scncral can pull him- CMuse N«d s Correction f'' to a ' V k ;"?.°' d , le " Us ' f f ho The results of treatment, of slm ' 1, m "' to BcL hls talls ca "Sht "» Pie constipation, unlessthe troub ; "« c " s |\'°» of an overstuffed chair, has begun In childhood or has last- Tnc ,, ld ea of more snazzy dressed for a very long time »re usually K ""'forms (from braid on down) satisfactory. Th e underlying cause. f has n ""^'atins throughout whether diet, neglect or abuse of ' . services. Plans were drawn and laxatives, first has to be corrected P attcrns wcre cut out. But ths EstablUhlng e°od bowel habits ' , t' ed "-bonilng. Or almost. G. I. by having a bowel movement at a \~ ose 1 > " mu be wearing the same particular time of dav and bv ' togs In the Eas 'er Parade that he yielding to these desired 'to defecate i K ' ore last year ' when it comes, is extremely im- . e government had planned lo portant. Exercise, loo, helps to ov- I °" Joc and hls captains and colo- ercome constipation. It Improves llcls up '" blnc ' Da rk, formal, grapejfl peristalsis and sttengthens the colora! bulc for lhe coat wit™ muscles of lh e abdomen which aid ! a li B hter . complimenting shade of ' ~ ,, blue fnr Hip Hrrec ,,r. v% n ..<_ | in thc expulsion of fecal mailer. To Be Held In Two fluids Simultaneously , The affair will be held simultan- j QUESTION: ~Does hair' g'row"«'f- cously in the Mayflower ami Stal- I tcr a neraon dies? i.'l,?. otc J:!' Thc . r ? wl " bc tw ° h ead ! ANSWER: There Is a popular Parly's candidate for President?" To all such questions, tile PITS- .,....„. idcnt Just gives his sunniest smile j .''.f and sometimes lct,-i out a real good ,' ~.., belly laugh. To hear him talk, you'd ' ,,, think that tunning for Prcsiclrm wa.-i the last Ihlng he had on his " mind. i It wouldn't bc sale to bet lhat .\lr. Triiinan will nnnoiine. his can-i The President will make a speech rtidacy at lhat time, though some! lrom the second beanery at 10pm. party stalwart might announce it : Eastern Standard lime". It will be foj" hilll \'m\ Irnnur ti^i.p H, A. .. • (flf^vi^firl Kiot Ift tV. _ m ii :. ;._A for him. You know how th /.•_- • televised—back to the other joint I "•'"— go. Somebody gets up siiid i ~ and broadcast on all networks, i, an introduction of "that! There's a lot of jockeying lo gel 15 Years Ago In Blytheville — Then off goes thc roof, i dinner committee is trying to keep .'•\a. from the way things look! "• a secret «her<? fhe President H. A. Smith atte in Memphis today. Mr. and Mrs. Guthrie King are spending n few days in Lltle Rock. — .,.._, ..,,,,£,-, iiTuiv. i - ...V i it.i,in;iii. sueiioniK a lew oavi in Tltlp Wort ?^"&A^&"~^&tt\?&&-A^:j,^J;*s£Z ^^•£»^2" i s™-™»,^.£'E l • - ^---.™ « to apprehend and pm,,,n .vnchins and f atlu »e ynchcrs mean .hat local government and morality have failed. n lias long been established thai a C on- person maj . appeBl ,„ Slh rs »'«"»• <"' Sixth Amendment have not been observed and Protected <„ his tna,. Ly ,,ehing MM to „ ° '• under SU spic,on is executed first and survives neuhe, for .rial ,, ov R , )p( , al rlo^T* U " Ot J " Sl " U """ C ''- U is "°< J»« """UK. n ls an HCt w|lt( . h J ccptandal, the process or Wrlcan ,, s ^ used ' """ Pr « CCdC " 1 Ca " Mre «" - u cd fnm crrors ^^ tyran(iiM o c IK * ab ' D '° """*" tho -' Bother <"e B LcY nCmlWS "' " " 10b ' " ho n-wtnuo »ie greatest tyranny 0 [ all. -CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR. SO THEY SAY Company » » , The housc-bulldmg nitiusiiy need h* built, most of tu * momob " cs thc »'»y homes are U. E. Army, cn. Jonathan ~ lions, a reporter asked the Prosi- ' 22 dent, ning mate?" He answered ra'ther seriously that this was a leartuis; about it question and he had no comment Game Would Be Terrific on Air the President did say there .,. • --• <nc rt i.Mm;iic nm sav ttlere „ ^» y °H " ° CC ° [ r ""- uoulcl bc «" "TOoupcemeiH. eve" "° f "' "° ""-, but that there was no h«rrv " v «jut it. This Feb. 19 dinner ts going fo bc ^; '"^ --• - «•»« !>» i srwss 1 aTSt ^ been on, and fafr'game tt year some is. fix). • southern parts ol the country the T ' ....- ,., lv i^, < vn i. .•M.IILI iivi ]) I Jill is Ol LnO rnilllT rv Mio Kr^^.z^* 1 ™:™ r 1 *- ol<1 v; m " s<l01 " = to * sliowini. the proper enthusiasm. Hut. here in Washington, the Democratic National Committee al- this program and offer machine, a free permanent wave for the Indy of the house, a miuV. coat or even a good three-rib mast . | -• .- «<tm- iivuar i>uAct were usea lor Hut. since all arrangements have , lun-.ber. These were brought to school been made for spotlights, micro- \ by Bert Dcnley and BoSbie Maxwe'l phones and television cameras at. Nails were furnished by Amelia the Mayflower. It's a fairly safe Jwt T'Salibn and tools were brought by ,, . ,, ^ . J u ...^ u^,^ i—..~i. .nn, luu .^ «uru orougni ov that tlie President will end up his I Billy Cross. George Muir brougnt :r;r B « ^ 5tart " 1B th ' M ^ ^..P-^ •«- » «, ^^y gre^n at the Statler Both dinners are, of course, invitational affairs. No tickets are being sold at all. to keep out crass commercialism. Nobody h being Invited, however, unless he has cor ... ,„. jmu^j glccll paint. Paper for the rooms was brought by Phillip Reed. The work was done by all. of three clubs WM not ft sisn-off ' ----- ----- ---- , — v ^, ,, t , laa vull _ o ree cus WM not ft sisn-off trlbuted aUeaat S100 to the Demo- On .the contrary, it was not only »' °" !l1 Committee cotters, game demand bid. but a. slam try. ' . «« **. I. a m, -, ques N ,T VS ?"'; " UlC i'" the should would South's three diamond bid with IN HOLLYWOOD" BY EBSKINE JOHNSON NEA Stalf Correspondent Bj- Ersklne Johnson NEA Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD. (NBA)— Th in -Body and Soul" and the current "My Girl Tisa." She also debunked a Hollywood MCKENNEY" BRIDGE John Barr.unorc's 14-year-old son. theory lhat the British govcrniiicnt- JacK iby Ins marriace to Dolores .sponsored IS per cent tax on U S *..-.» — ., Co.stello). probably will follow in hi.s films from showing the Enclisli the :' Sthnllje Kit! pa's actiiiE But. says ma- postwar American "way of life. i «'«"«/o **««• ma. not until he's 18 or so. He lias the famous Darrymore profile an-I already is taller thnn John. Do- i lores' present husband. Dr. John ' Vruwink. is thc medico who olii- ciatcd at Jack'! birth. j Clark Gable is back in to\m ai- ter baking out that ailing leg u- Tucson, Ariz, He's still walkhv- with a limp, and his next. film. "Ansel'.* Fli;ht." won go into production' to:- anoiher two month.?. . . Jo.m Crawford is being paced to Hclcn Ha.vei in the Broadway tut. I a friend. "That's nonsense, ton." she said. "It was either another foor) cul or the film lax. The government had it.s choice." Happy, Happy Horse Producer Bob Fellows is leilitu; | this one: A couple of gents were doping up a race horse, giving him shots every hour for 12 hours before thc big race. -"And then." said nne. "I'm gotnc, to fill his stall with maiijiinna smoke just before the race." "Uo you think he'll win?" asked Happy Birthday." when Itelru leave* (lie show In a few weeXs. Mr\ican bis-«i;s :up in.ikiiii; ovcrlures to thc Hollywood cnmd to Invest in several proposed KitnililinR casinos 100 milrs south «f llic borilrr. Thc ban on Rninl)- IhiR in Lower California will be' liflrd any day. "\Vell. if lir doesn't," was Ihe re Ij. "at least he'll be tlie HAP- I'HCST horse in America." j It's about time. I think, for some- ! body to tell tlie Academy of Motion Piclure Ail.s and Sciences thai I thc price scale of tickets lor thc | Oscar prscmation at the Shrine i Auditorium is ridiculous S12 on the main flew. S6.60 in thc first 20 rows of tlie balcony and 53.60 for the remainder of thf scats. Hollywood can afford those prices. b>it not thc public. I say let the . By William E. McKenncy America's Card Authority Wrltlen for NEA Service The American Conlract Bridge League reccnlly released thc names ' of the ten leading Master Point, i winners for 1047: Charles H, Goren. i Philadelphia; Mrs. Helen sobel, i New York; Charles j. Solomon, Philadelphia; L. J. Kabakjian. Philadelphia; A. P. Harvev Jr.. Louisville. Ky.: Frank Weisbach. Cincinnati. O.; Peter Leventritt. New York; Mrs. Paula Bachcr, East Orange. N. J.; Mrs. Ruth C. Goldberg, Philadelphia; Maurice Levin, which can be very effective if used I with caution and at the right time. t But Goren iiad to be very' cau- [ tious because of the weakness of ' his spade bid. which had not been supported by his partner. However when South bid four no trump there was no further n» :1 for caution. While Goren then and today wouM open with a short club suit, he knew that South did not have a short, club suit as at no time was the spade suit supporled. East's double was not good. If quarter inches for colonels, and so on down to the thlnline that says a nran Is a buck private. And shoulder straps! For dress-up, Ihe whole business would have been covered with R blue overcoat. Estimated costs would have been from $46 per outfit, on up. The average was $75, plus (lie overcoat which came at around $45 extra. It was the dough which stopped the Army. The appropriations won't stand the strain right now. But the Army, possibly thinking morale or something, said not to write that the idea Is clear 01.^ the window. Just say, the man ^ni™ that It's been filed on the sill for reference. "We'll get around lo it." he said, "when our ship comes In." True Lore Never Dies SCRANTON, PA. (UP) Edgar N Goodall and Osie Scot will be married here after 50 years' "separation." They were childhood sweethearts in Orange, Va They were reunited recently when Miss Scoot visited Scranton. Both are 68 years old. Goodall is a widower. Read Courier News Want Ads there was any doubt about how~to play the diamonds, Ihe double gave it away. East probably figured that Jus king-Jack of spades should produce a trick, sincp North had bH spade.-;. Goren said he would not have doubled. There «as no play to the hand, as all declarer had to lose was a diamond. Congressman Grtiesoiue business department: Hollywood realtors are listing ih>- house where Bujtsy Siegcl was murdered at $165,000. Tlie multiple listing guide acids: "Includes the coiu-ii i c^. out uvi me puuuc. i say ici im on which Bugsy was sitting nlicn i fan* in for free .is .1 sood-will gcs- -' he was killed." ture. They pay thvoush the nose at Uuscrrarnliii; KnclKli the box-office all year. It's a mal- EnsHsh movie fans are not ter of record that the balcony .U ; scieamlns for Hollywood movir.s, .13 I the Shrine was half empty last ' Hollywood would like America to l year became oj the sui! tari'tf. oc '" c '' c - I How times change department: "That's nonsense." said Liili Pal- Fiitren years a?o, Ed Wynn wa> ' mer. ""5:,r. only ones scvcamin; ! . unions from coast lo coast as the I about lhe Hollywood film short- j Fire cliiol. Recently !>c Introduced I age in England are thc British film I himself with the line: "Maybe you \ producers. They can't make enough j don't remember me, but I'm Kec- ' Newark N J pictures to fill theater dates and ' iir. 1 .-. Wynn's father." '.he theaters are closing. | _ "The English don't CKIC whether I Private Flying nooms they see American films or no;.' Goren A 9 7 6 3 2 ¥8 • K 102 * AK 32 A 10 8 4 V 7 5 3 1 » .1 -i t *765 N W E S Dcolcr * K .1 5 V C} IS 9 6 \ » A 9 8 3 44 * AQ V AK J « Q65 + QJ 1098 Tournament — Neither vul. South West North E«t 1 * Pass 1 4 2N. T. Pass 34 3 * Pass 3 N' 4 N. T. Pass 6 4 Opening — 4k 10 Pass Pass T. Pass Double 1$ HORIZONTAL SSScoltish 1 Pictured U. S. lexicographer representative, 58 Conjurer Christian 60 Sow again 7 He led the 61 Mo(m House Select Committee on Aid 14 Interstice 15 Hem 16 Ballot 17 Consideration 19 New Zealand parrels SAN DIEGO (UPi— Pri. ! flying, . Thc William E. McKcnney Tro- ' phy goes to the leading Master | Point winner a.s the outstanding, . . = player of thc year. Tills is the I They prefer the realism in Euro- which already hns increased" 300 per.n and In their own English pic- per cent since Vj-U.iy, will more lures to Hollywood's escapist en- ' ihan diuibie in San Dicao County tcTi.unment." (durmc the next five years, accord- Jjlll. wife of Bex Harrison, is the j Ing (o local flying enthusiasts, j shown today^. gal who has been bringing some o! | Some Mil private pilots arc using* Goren sat North. The iiist round mac r.nclisl; realism into Holly, j San Oirgo County's 21 commercial of birtdins was normal. When South fourth time Goren has won. Tlie first year G.ivcu won w:<s in i;37. At that time I asked him for : a hand and he gave me the one woo<! films via her performances | fields no"w. 20 Consumed 21 Nook 23 Underworld 24 Nickel (symbol) 25 An (Scot.) 20 Symbol tor silver 28 Ruthenium (symbol) 2DOak fruit 31 Attire 33 Pole 3'S Excavate 35 Topic 37 Type of lyric poem 10 Artificial language 41 Area measure , 42 Compass point 43 Bone 44 Type measure (pl.) 46 Convulsions 51 Wrong (prefix) 52 Masculine 54 Competent VERTICAL 1 Cuban capital 2 Secret 3 Network •) Pedal digit 5 Hebrew deity 6 Grade 7 Visage 8 Leavings 9 Right (ab.) 10 Piece out (var.) 11 Chilled 12 Egg whites 13 Centaur 18 To fprelix) 21 Translates 22 Makes uniinppy 25 Seoul 27 Distress 3fl Mineral rock 32 Self 3.T Vibration 38 Praise 38 Lake in Macedonia 39 Hebrew ascetic •f 5 Slide 47 Hurl 48 Help 49 South latitude (ab.) ;| 50 Disorder | 51 Imitate SSCIolh measxirt RSSRlit pulse 57 Virginia (ab.) 59 Pronoun I bid Iwo no trump, Gorrn's respoass | 55 Dreadful

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