The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 16, 1948
Page 3
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 1S U.S. Unprepared Eisenhower Says General Hits Defense Weakness in Last Report as Staff Chief (ARK . V By William K. Me.Menainin Wniifil 1'rcss Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, Feb. 15 iUpi-1 I'lie" International farts of life as Gen. DwigVit D. Eisenhower sees them are that Communism Is on the march, war Is always possible snd this country is not prepared to defend Itself. In Ills last, report as Army chief £M staff, made public lust night ' Eisenhower foresaw no planned nt- laek on tile United Stales In the Immediate future, nut unplanned War, world lemlons being what they arc, could break out any time and Elsenhower said, this country Is not ready for it. On the credit side, ol peace. Ki- tenhower said -tup defeat of the democracies, joined in common defense, would lie n formidable task for any power." He sairt "in case of early war." the democracies would exercise nlmost complete control of (lie ocean and, between them, (he transoceanic nil-ways. He also said a potential aggressor would hesitate to launch an attack thai would provoke a "coordinated—response." No stretch of the facts can the United States Army, as it is now manned, deployed and encased, be considered an offensive force," he said. And. he added, "unless remedial steps are taken, the Army with its civilian components may, in crisis. prove too weak for its defense mission/' One essential step that should be taken "without further delay," Eisenhower said, Is enactment of Universal Military Trninins legislation now locked up In the House Rules Committee Another, lie said, is adoption of the Marshall Plan to bolster potential U. S. allies in Western Europe. Eisenhower left his Army post lo become president of Columbia University. Recently he took himself out of politics with the declaration •that he did nut want and would not TOccept a presidential nomination. Separates Security, rnlilirs In his last official statement he sought also to keep national security out of politics in a period of international political, social, and economic turbulence "more marked and more widespread than at any previous time in our generation." "I have heard it, said that, in 11)18 major security projects have slight chance of passage because this is an election year." Eisenhower said. "But," he added, "our position of live, ten, fifteen years hence is being dclcrminetl now." Eisenhower left no doubt thai he considers Soviet expansion the bit- threat to peace. If "our traditional friends in Western .Europe—become the pawns of totalitarianism," he salt!. "America s security would be In dire danger " "We would find ourselvts faYine ncross narrowing ocean 'and hrtic barriers/' he sairt. "A despotic colossus spread over and beyond the combined , Eurasian territories of the Oman empire, the Persia of anti- the Germanic kings and the Mongol khans." He went on to say thai if u. s '!' "nes through the Mcditer- Vet Arrested By FBI After Case Is Closed ROCHESTER. N. Y., Pel). 16 I UP) —Fred 0. Michaels, 28. a former Army sergeant, was free today under $10,000 properly bond. He was arrested by FBI apents yesterday on clmi-fics of taking photographs from-the Los Alamos, N M.. atomic project. Indicted by a federal Brand jury In Albuquerque, N. M.. Michaels w:\s released after arraignment before U. S. Commissioner Robert Miller. Michaels, a Clarkso- College Kiad- uatc presently is employed at Rochester Projects Division of General Motors, said last lliuln Ihe arrest came "as u big shock to me." "Federal men snlrt only two weeks ago that the cnse had been cleared up and that I had nothing to worry about," lie said. Information received here from Albuquerque said thai Michaels was accused of stealing and concealing [both classified and unclassified pictures on June 24, l!H(i, the same year ,he was discharged from the Army. Previously, he had been on duty ,U the Oak Ridge, Tenn . nloinic prol- icc.1. I Assistant U. s. District Attorney Austin J Donovan of Rochester said Ihe government will seek Michael's removal to New Mexico for trial on the charge. SIPTOL Gives you instant relief to s ?lu)T- ffUup hpad-coli! nn«I cnnj;h, (hroal irritalton and Imarscnpss ilvie lt> n cold. Riptol loosens the fihicKm in Ihe naf.,11 rnitl hroncial tract, fln»1 nTflkpp hre-Tthin^ c.-isicr and checks GKT SIPTO L TOI)AV Hangover Case Lands Cat in Hospital Xl-'.W YORK (UPI — The Ellin Prince Speyer Hospital for Anirnls reported that riurinp; the last I ,11- it had cared for 20.009 sick or Injured animals, including: 1- A cat with a handover from drinkhiK too much egpnog. 2. A cat that would cat only sf- . (cr hearing a tune plaved on a harmonica. 3. A beakless parrot. ranean should be cut "the effects would be instant and catastrophic." In that event, Eisenhower said, "war would be close lo us." But conditions right now "are sufficiently turbulent." he added, "that war might be visited upon the world without the impetus of planning or deliberate policy." One isolalcd action, he said, could precipitate a conflict involving "nations whose whole desire Is lor peace." Ke:idiiu'ss Basis nf Security That, being the case, "our future security depends on American willingness to combat unceasingly the conditions that provoke war. and on our readiness to defend America and its principles should war break out despite preventive measures." In addition to universal (mining, Eisenhower called for strong land, sea. and air forces equipped with modern weapons, a lie;hleuiiijj-fast force capable of delivering prompt and smashing counter blows, a plan for quick Industrial mobilization, and stockpiling 'of strategic materials. Because the Army's budget and manpower are primarily devoted lo occupation duties. Elsenhower said, defense has taken a back seat. The Army. 100.000 men under strength and laking in modern weapons, is spread out so thinly around the world that it could must only "the merest handful for possible tactical use." Aleanu'liilc. atomic and bacteriological weapons have made the United States with its great cities and concentrated industrial areas more "sensitive" lo attack than ever before. "Many million urban dwellers who raise none of their own food would starve within weeks if the transport system were broken," Eisenhower said. "We could scarcely carry on if bacteria should destroy the grain crop of a single year." The answer, Eisenhower said, Is "dispersion, duplication and armed protection." is Is The Answer To Low Cost Housing will ram $25.000 Following Counties Now Available B, -.!,.,-. Cby. Cbbnrno, Crat C ), Md . C i WS , F,,i,on Grrrnc m ;-,;-,:-;;-;— ;,—.»;'=':„-• FOR APPOINTMENT Call coinp;my iTpiTscnlntivp 11 TT \r f ;rr . T UO ; . wc , „ ^."-^m " r^r-i «* Eccmomy Hama , m K . 1st 14lh Klmi Ka-Zoo! NEWg Tri-Power Conference Is Postponed . Saff Cni-rrsii ..... ( . . ...... mi Ainerlcnn-Aiii'lo. rri'nch ronfornirp on ll»> ful»r<> poncii Uxliiy t iimil tln . In- Hiisslii. was nosl Kaiscr-Frozer New Stock Issue Hits a Snag NK.W YORK, Fel). Ifl. (UI>> Kulsrr-Fnwr Corponition tnditv flli'ii » *7,7«2.!illO suit «K«lm( (lie Cleveland Investment, bunking Dm, to do business In New York Mate I "'"^nieiii j n the matter. The suit wn« filed In |] U . Ncsvj ['"slpmird once, the Issue wan Jn- loik County Court iimnedlutely aft-1 li ' lllll><1 to provide ?r ihe County Clerk's olllce opened for Ihe duy. PAGE THKBB with funds needed to «tep up pr duct Ion of can from 1,000 to I a ,!*>*, • • ' A day, t ' • ••"• r, "lift 11 |iLIUlil- tuin uf an nuiveinriit lo purchase stuck of the corporulkm. 'I'lic suit Hi'i'W out of the action of Otis ,V Co., ,inil the Fust Calt- yjlornia Co. .S;m Fraudsco, in a,,- lusi week "the wlml umij nn' loiioivinn- MonM'ii- i. • .-••••.., .,, I,,,- A'r.M^ Stales representative to remain in h ." "^T'J.™ 1 :!.'." . l - >no - nut » thi-niich thr> - jii. <i( Intention KI brim; n,p suit was lili-ri ypsiprdny m Allnmv N. Y., with the Ri'i'ielary o| Slatii us leKa! nucni lo,- ,,n n n ; ls Hcetisril while Coimic.w considered the Fu- ropcan Recovery I'ro^rum Russia had cliHiped in n rorninl protest to the three western powers Ihal the mi'flini: would violate- '™, ^^.u^"^^*"* 1 '* Br °"' C »' L/VCS CuuiH-ii ,| KorciKu Ministers, anil ' ° & c Subject of Film wculd not be i-ccOBiil/iMl In Ihc |S ".;:"' IS ,. , HOM.YWnoi). ,. V |). u llIP,- Ihe liintc,! Slates p,,,,,,,,,,,) ,,„, \\nrnrr |i,-o.«. ,,,, < ||,, ,,,, s „,„,.,, 1'ns.ii.ineiuent. cirent lintiiln and'.«"ik on n mnvln deplclliiK the lives ThT,; 1 ,';^!'''', , , , i,'" ""' Wr '* M Hiothers. It hml me Kintcieo,,. (o an cxtcnl will|'n-cn postponed until llm death (if Mampela, rlumpun/.ce al nocheslcr, N. Y., 2oo, is Irj'ing to i;ot rid of coid by iisinc all tho ivuu' she knows— .-ill al oni'c. hopi.i honey and molasses, foot bath and hot hcnd will do the Iriclc. the .ik her 'dies She hoi he a Tlm-e-i'owfr i-ersimi C'onnnl M-.i-iiiiit; nf the nf I|H e undcrwrltiiiK' «r,,up ),,,d t ,,k- ' (liW.dOO shares of the new ioiu- U'on and mi [,|itloii ,,n an additional' fillil.lion shares but Mihspi|in.,it|y „,,. » i iii'iiiii'pd thai "(ho ,ir,,i i s "If and lluil !nn,ls d.-posiu-d ),, I'liMVliilul by drillers would lie ,i'- Iurned to (hem. j This iiimiiuiiiVmeiit [ollinv,.,! i, v only 'J-t hums inin» ,,i ., Kim (ll ,,,;. trolt by a stni-khulder. ,l»m< s I-' I MiiMtersim, IMilludc'Ipliln luwycr wlni, ii^kod that the s: ,l,. In. eiij.imril on i Ihi- mound Hint Kulscr-l-'ur/iT had 1 wniuiii 10 •',-!,,•• Uu , ,„[,.,, , M;) j share. j Siilwi-nHcnlly, Dow Juiu-s A- Co j Inc., aunoimivd linn MaMcisnn «-v-•' I eral years a«o hml m .|r<l a: utt.n- lin-y for otl.s \-. <;,,. „,„) u, ( , ,,,(,,,,, rsls of Hobn-t It. Youmj tu „ sntl JiKiilnsl. tin- I'l'ini.sytvanin llnllruad Masli'l-son said, howvvn. |,<. ,„, l«iii:ci- hus nny coiuicillon w ilh cilhi'i Hie tnni.Miiu.iii tlrm or Yuuni. Tin' tii'curlllos ,«.- Kxi'linnuc d.m'- iniwlon. whii-li hml Hppmv.'d the riTi:.tra(liiii of ,| u . | s ,,,,,. j,.,^ , ln noiinccd ihal II ts InveMiniiliii- Uir inls-ii|) but linn not isMu-d 'i, llv up In rivllutT last IVi-einber. Tin. nucmhi will cli:M-ly I'.-ii'iillcl that of n,,. i.,,,,, ton mi-i't'- lll. In- S*. Louis Firm To Operate Steele Factory The Bnrkhari shoo Co. subsidiary 01 Huikhiin MamilaclurinR Co. of SI. Louis-, today plmis to heuin operation ot a slmr faclorv in Steele Mo. in about .six weeks. The factory plans to evemual'y employ aljom 400 workers and anticipates production or 1.100 shoes per day. Local hinds totaling Sii.i CCO are expected to po into consmic- lio:i of ihe linn's factory. The Steele Building Committee will provide $18,000 to complete construction and the Biirkliart ro'ii- pany will add S10.CCO. A total uf S'17.000 has been spent in cn;is(rii,-- tion to date. The company plans to Invest approximately JIOO.OOO in ninchine'i-'.- and equipment. More than a dozen homes have been built m i h;. factory addition to the city to house workers coming; to Steele. Others will be constructed later. Total cost ol constructing factory buildings is expected to raive from 575,000 to S80.0CO. It was orU- inally planned to locate the factory in Cairo. 111.,, but the Stctlp site was picked later when another shoe factory failed to complete a contract lor use of the bnilrihiBS. The Kopman-Woracek Shot- Manufacturing Co. forfeited {10.000 when it did not carry out the original contract to locate at Steele. The Steele Building Committee -s composed of Russell Prakes. Sam Hamra, Harold Cooperman, Wade Hollenbcck and Frank Huffman. (icciipa- IKIII con,, into the already merged -'-- lleud Cornier News Want Ads, St.. New York City. lie was laken to Ellis l.slaml i n New York harbor where he is i>eliit: hi'lil without bond awaiting iH'piirlation ' ,..iv, \,ii- .im';niv uii'meu Annlo-Alui-ru-iin ndmlntsl rut ivc setup. Also to be discussed were methods of ussociatliiji the lleiiclux cciuntiri-s llelcmin. tiie Kelher- liUUl. 1 ;, [ .uxrilllioilt'i;^ In Hil\ p lilllf- "" ' ••'*"" •"" i« m ftMiiii^.s. ('•"ii d<-ii::mns for Oermaiiy. !he ''''"' J'l^Hre IXipariment suld Hie ii'laliimslnp ot Western (Ji-rmaiiv lm ' |lst w -«s iniide under the spp- lu (he l-.lil\ control of the liulir ',, l(w """'^ <>f Attorney Cicneral •ccm-itv arainst any further cer- '',''." c - cl; "k- man UIHULSMUH, reparations and' ''' lu ' -histic-c Uepiirtmeiit suld lerritoiijii Hrmnm-iiieiu.s ini-liidind "'"' Kin "-'' " h «.i l)ren nciivi- for (lie cession or the Knar lo France V<' B1S '" behnlf of Ihe Ciunnnnilst U. <>™. Sir Hrliiii HoUcHsrm'l ''"" y a " d u " lifelong member of "'•Ilish Mil y governor In Cier-' ""' ' m "S'- many. arrn-ed yestrrtlay rrom ri-anklurt to ,,sMsl the ehi,-f llrleyate to the conference, Sir « ilhum HiraiiM, prrnianent [oiclKii umlervcrvtary. Gen. Lucius I) Clay, Amn-ii-mi Mtliinry tioveriu.r «'lll ciiini. Inter. MftNY RHEUMATIC PAIN SUFFERERS RELIEVED BY . , Hsuidly Hlni'lN In lulu.; i.iimi! ,-MIII(,,,I »ml Mi'.-.*-,! ioli,.[ fmm IVU ,1,,.,,,,"',, ,': J.:uii "ninety." <'miltim: (•_,. ,,,,| v . 1( lini-rti'il. 'I'll, lav- ,., | ., l,,,llliu,f(:-j>i.(, TIPS THAT KEEP YOUR CAR . . . TOPS! OUR MID-WINTER CARE MEANS LONGER WEAR PONTIAC SERVICE MEANS MORE TO YOUR CAR! I..-I us ,1,,-,-k ,-„„,- 1,,,11,.,-y, |, ( .eii .,-„„,. i|,-,,, r |, r ,.l,,, (1 126 South Lilly St. eminent by force nnd violence. 'Hie arrest was mndc today l,v i l-'Bl and Immigration Service Asenis at B-KI „. ,„. ln ,,, m , „, the smith's burnt- fit 270 Convent ^ *" * ^V ^ •» W •* ' Coughs ""—'-'" >slllg"wl. ....,„ , VICKS . W VAPORUB out to conn iiin^'cKn'f 1 '' 151 '" 110115 ' 01 '" 1 '' b.-ick at. bcdlimc with time-tested Arrest Maritime Union Secretary For Deportation WASHINGTON, Feb. 16. (UP) — The Justice Department announced today that Ferdinand Chnstafer Smith, national secretary of the National Maritime! (C101 and an alleged Communist' lias been arrcsleri in Ken- York' for deportation to his native island of Jamaica. ! Smih, a Negro, was cliamed with' having no visa the last time he entered the United States in 1045 He was charged also with bcini- a member of an organisation advocating the overthrow "oi the gov- FLYiN'S FUN by RICHARDSON YARBROUGH If I hill's when, vim w;tnf In ,,„, The HJvlhccilJc Hyinji; ServK'L- is Keiidv!" AND FOR ATTENTION FARMERS AND FARM FAMILIES DON'T MISS THIS: FARMER'S GET-TOGETHER i At the BIythevilie Armory Tomorrow Night (Tuesday) ot 7:30 p. m. 2 BIG FREE SHOWS featuring the Colored Motion Pictures: "Liberia, Africa's Gniy Republic" And "The New Champion" Refreshments Will Be Served assed Bcoufy, Jon» Faster . . . Qui»t»rl Pick-Up CART Long HcindlcH ROUND-POINT SHOVEL 'Concer* Sheraton RADIO PHONOGRAPH 399.50 Easy-Rolling, 16-Inch LAWN MOWER For t h OKO who w ft n t th o flnnsU Ailmiri Us <t1t;iilftcrl Jfllh Cftntiiry enjoy ttin In tost In oloc- trrmlcs. Its automatic retort! player 2 Rpe.ikevs, 13 luhei plus rrctillnr, TM-AM ami short wavi. Run* smoother, quieter — wiilo iG-Lnch cut, Height of cut atljiifiUhlo froni %" to . Ball -bearing cutting reel, in.incli disc wheel*, n malic '.tics. . fltrontf. Han c.irlinn .slumped 5lcol liladr. Lout' ft] inch »»»»»ui(v "^z-^=0? Garden Hose ^i4_ GARDEN HOE argcd I art <!. IS" srrt wooil ivti.Uc. GARDEN RAKE 1.49 50 F.t. 6,25 i n a (1 . fi 0 "" i a T [1 w o o rf h.\ndln. SPADING FORK 1.98 f U t a t c n I ttnos. Hardwood " D " Lypo han<Uo. BROOM RAKE 98e Your Car With Liberol a for four Us*d Tirei! LOW AS 1.25 AWtnt 207 W. Main St- Blvthoville

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