The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 9, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 9, 1947
Page 5
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TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER-9, 1947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)- COURIER NEWS PACK BETTER HOMES Back again on the Electric Hour THE HOUR of CHARM featuring Phil Spitalny and his All-Girl Orchestra 2:30 p.-m./CST, Sunday, CBS Sponsored' by Ark-Mo Power Co. Weekly Output of Hardwood Flooring Soars to New Peak As weekly output of hardwood* , flooring soured in late summer to a peak ol more than 13.GOO.OOO board Plnnc feel, industry spokesmen today held ' •*"•* hope that all annual production records in the nation's major pro- j (hieing ureas would be shuttered tliis year. Secretary Henry H. Willins of the National Oak Flooring 'Manufacturers' Association reported that with 308.000.000, board feet tinned out lu the first 34 weeks, total 1047 output of more than iiOO.000.000 board feet was a definite possibility. That would exceed by some 10,000,000 hoard feet the record production of 1020. The ligures represent output in the Southern and Appalachian regions, the nation's principal .sources of hardwood flooring. While production for the first 34 weeks was at the rate of approximately 503.000.000 board feet year, the rate has increased Build Own Home For those who want lo build n house with .their own hands, there are now available patterns showing every step rrom foundation to roof, so simple that anyone can follow them and erect a woll • built home Hint will comply wilh most building codes. No complicated blueprints are involved. All materials arc obtained locally. Directions tell the length and sl/.e of every piece of lumber, size and (|unnlliy of nails and hardware and \vhcrc used, the exact location of all framing members, and patterns .simplify the sharply during- the summer months, I making of all angle cuts, register-ing a gain of more than Total cost of materials for a ^LINOLEUM FINISH •* CLEAR - WATER : WHJTE WONT TURN YELLOW SATINY - NON-SUP if DRIES T - 2 HOURS TOUGH -DURABLE EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN ARKANSAS Paint & Wallpaper Co. 105 E. Main Phone 2272 100 per cent over the corrc.sponditij period last year.' In the seven weeks ended August 23, for example, output climbed steadily from 12,303,000 board feet and finally hit the IS.IJOO.OOO mark for the first lime since the boom years in the 'Twenties. Production during the .seven-week period averaged more than 13.000,000 board feet or an annual rate of 670,000.000 board feet. The record output of 13,03:1,000 board feet for tile week ended August 23 represented an increase of nearly 20 per cent over the first 34- v/eek average and a rise of more than 34 |»r cent over the weekly average during the first six months, i "H seems probable," Mr. Willins [ said, "that production will continue I al a high level for the remainder ' of the year, providing weather, labor and lumber conditions remain favorable. I( the industry can maintain a 13.000.000 average lor the remainder of the year, providing weather, labor mid lumber condi- three-room cotlase with bath. Including foundation of concrete block and mineral wool Insulation, was sliuhtly less than $950 In a recent test. This did not, however, include labor nor wiring, kitchen, bathroom and plumbing and heating ecpiipmcnt. A t\vo- bcdrooiu house, built in another lest, cost $4,000 ready to move Into. [ tions remain favorable. If the m- I dustiy can maintain a 13.000.000 1 average for the rest of the year, total output for 1941 will exceed GOO.000,000 board feet, which would be a new all-time record. Even a 12.000,000 average woucl bring the figure to 584,000.000 board feet, equaling the peak output of 1920. This would surpass by IG.000,000 board feet the production for 1928, the second highest year on record." Mr. Willins pointed out that demand for hardwood flooring remains heavy despite the fact that building activity has failed to reach the volume expected by many oli- .servers earlier in the year. Evidently, he said, oak and other hardwoods arc morn than holding their OMI as America's most i>opular flooring materials. Although the record-breaking production pace has made oak flooring more readily available than for several years, Mr. Willins explained, the abnormally heavy demand has prevented it from becoming sufficiently plentiful. He added, however, that with output continuing at a high level the supply situa- Home Still Best Thinq Money Con Buy, Expert Soys WASHINGTON. Sept. 9. (UP)— President Morgan L. Pilch of the National Association of Real Estate Boards said lasl week a home Is I "still the best thim; you can buy for your money." Fitch decried "hysterical and Uninformed" talk about hiuh housing PI-IOCS, contending it is based on •false comparison with a "long- vanished price and wage era." 'He said also that today's new homes include as standard equipment much machinery, equipment and Budgets that were left to be supplied by the owner In previous buiUlinj; eras. Pilch asserted that many potential home buyers, once persuaded that prices were out of line, now are coming back into the market. Construction Step-Up Noted During August WASHINGTON. K,.pt. 0 IUI>) New coiisn-ucilon moved uloiig n:. u liisU-r cli|) In August limn }i»(t been cxiMcted 1U id i^ere was „ more limn seiisumil i]K-rc.tse of five in>t trill from tin- July level, nccordlnj to_ Hie Commerce nepuilmeiil, Tlie viiim- of new construction In August was si.arj.Wi' Tills coin- pared win, i» juiy. Tin- August liKurcsiiHw;:: the voliinie 15 |>oi ccnl above ihut of August Insl year. New coiiMi-iiriion put in place In the first eii;ht niiinllis hud n value or $7,721.000.0110. aiiainsl $58*2000.- OSO in [be eii:!it mouths of IfKli. Here n:v Mime ol (he highlights of the Augmt iu-w conslrueilon Dielure: Total pviviUi' cnnuruclum hud im e.stlnmU'd value 01 Sftau.OQrj.UOO, or five per i-cm ulun'e i he July level. Private m>:i-]nrm residential con- .slriicliaii IVILS value,! ill $44^.000.01)0. | five per rein In-lier tlmu July. j Privntc ii'in-i'csidc'iillal constiu;-- ! lion was valued :it $2«i,000.003 a , slight but seasonal gnin over llm : previous momh. j Privately linanccd public ulility I construction at!t;n';;aled $12">,000.0l)!) compared with sm.OUO.COO hi Jiiiy! Total public construction wns valued »: S-ra.OfJO.OCO. n more tlinn five pt-r cent mcrciiM! from July. Of total public const ritcllon, spending lor hiHiis .-liowoil 11 small increase and iimuniied lor SIM.OOO.- 000. Con.serviUien und development, construolimi. esthm-.tcd at $4(i,COO,000 was nine per cent greater than Hint of July. Sewer and witter construction UK- grcgnlcd sai.OIIO.OCO. about unchanged from July. Koiser Asks RFC To Adjust Debt On Big Steel Plant WASHINGTON. fippt. fl. (UP) — Henry J. Knl.ser yestevdiiy r.sked the liecoiislruclion FliiiincQ c.'ovp. to write off {34.510,000 of (he debt he owes thfl liovernmenl lor the Fnnlinm. c>il.,-Meel jilaiil. Tho West Const indu.slriallit promised, lu return lo raise $110.000,000 by private finnm-tni; uiul double the steal-making rapacity of the l-'ontltna plant. This. Kaiser ucldcd, would hnve n material et'1'ei-i on relievinit the steel Nliorluue. RFC lurtiL'd down an curlier Kaiser proposal In write off u large- jiui-l or Ihc .drill, lor Fontnna. but Kaiser refused lo ulvc ii|>. His In- dcnlediKJss u> Hie government now Blnnds at $110,010,000. Tank Replacement Can Make Hoi Water Supply Free of Rust and Dirt Dirty and rusl-bcnring water, whirli hns been nn abomination for householders since the first hot water storage tank was installed, can be ended by replacing the old iron tank witli one which i.s lined with glass, or which has a copper well with the water. And becaus c heat has. a tendency to deposit scale from the minerals that are present in all water. par- Spa Hospitals Seeking Priority on Hot Water HOT SPHINOS. Ark.. Sept. 9.— (UP)— Repie.senLntlvc.s of the three Hot Springs hospitals were to iu>- pi'nr today before a federal committee Iryint! lo establish the priority of a declared surplus of 300,000 «ul- lon.s a day of tin- Spa's mineral wn- ter. The cit.v's hospital-;, balh houses, and hotels have been kept on a ((uola heretofore, and a dispute lia.s arisen .is lo who should get tin: water. Ycslerduy. Carl -Bailey of Little Keck represented the hotels, a:u! -.1. W. HOUSU of Little Rock represented the bath house-;, in the presentation of their respective eases. tion can be expected to ease some- i liculnrly on iron or steel, the in- what in the coming months. I stallatlon of copper or brass piping —. , | to carry the hot water will cliini- ' nate much of this condition. It is Good Percentage I'quitc common to find the diameter Of the 279 kidnaping cases in- f of a hair-inch pipe reduced lo less vestigatcd by the FBI from the i than one-eighth inch as a result of enactment of the federal kidnap- • the scaling process. Consequently. statute in 1932 to the close of the 1945 risca lyear, 277 were solved. the flow of water is reduced. BE YOUR OWN DESIGNER ...wilh a KENTILE floor! *r***K% Why envy those smart floors you see in model kitchens? You can have one with Kentile. It's tile-set—combine colors as you wish. We'll help you plan the design. Yes, and lay it for, you! Kemile's a real investment in economy, low cost and wears for .' decades, always looks new. Kentile's colors go clear through—need only simple mopping to keep fresh. And it's the modern floor that's practically •'j'dirt and scuff proof. Jttst ask tis anything about _^. Kemitc — trc'i'e got the facts. DEAL'S PAINT AND WALLPAPEK STORE "Your Wallpaper Style Center" 109 East Main St. Phone 4469 Read Courier News Want Ads. Sawfish snouts are used ns .spearhead models by various savage tribes. Want Airways Marked LITTLE ROCK. Ark., Sept. 0. (UP) —Arkansas soon will be "air-murk- ed." ii a group of private flyers cun carry out their aim to develop u .statewide organization. The (Iri™ opened in Little Rock lust niulu at u meeting of the Arkansas flyers association. So fur the organization has only two chap- teis—in 'Little Rock, and Fort Emit]]. Cattle Rustler Given Fivc-Year Prison Term CLINTON, Ark.. Sept. 0. (UP) J. C. Staiulridgc. 18. ol Humphrey luces prosecution on charges of cattle thefts in five counties. The boy was sciiteuecd to five years Imprisonment when h,> pled '(•ullty on n similar charge in Van Bureu Circuit Court yesterday. Slaiitlridgc is said to linvc confessed 10 cattle thcrt.s unioimtin" 10 some $2.003. He w:is nn-e.strcl ) v.eek in North Little Rock bv Stale Police. • Ask us about Doming Water Systems. AH sizes and capacities of shallow and deep well systems arc available. The "MARVELETTE" Shallow Well System (illustrated) is low priced but has features you would ordinarily expect in higher priced systems. Quiet operation, dependable performance, low cost maintenance and long life of Dctning Water Systems protect your investment in running water...the greatest of all modern conveniences! There's a right type of Deming Water System to meet YOUR requirements. Ask about it! FARM LOANS At Lowest R;ifc Long Term ick Service A. F. Dietrich I'ni led Insurance Agency I0(i H. 1st. St. Ingrain Upho.lstcring Add new colors to your home nntl prolong (he life of your furniture. 1. Expert- Craftsmen 2. Finest Materials 3. Custom Styling E. V. WALLS 21st Street at Gateway JUST THINK! For onJy^SlO y ou can buy a yoar-n freedom Irom worry ovnr damage suits wilh a S10.00U Comprehensive Personal Liability ( policy. -, c a j] phone or - wrilc. No obligations! NOBLE GILLi A.G EM C V A heavily-branded cut of sole less than the same cut without th* leather Is worth about 40 jX)r cent 'brand. . - ;. •-•,,, GLCNCOC HOTCL •LCS. Fine Quality Fixtures Make a Difference! K <if siiiH'i'h ((imlily prove llieir worth, in .«lui- ahilily ami in beinily. lit- sure you liny COO!) I'ix- I tires I'm- dial new home of yours. We Feature: • CRANE • AMERICAN STANDARD • KOHLER "PETE" the Plumber 109 N. First Phone 2731 NITEAIR i ATTIC FANS We hove the following still in stock: 2 only Window Fans . • $45.00 2 only 36" Attic Fans .--. :. '$80.00 NITEAIR 2 only 42" Attic Fans $126.00 1 only 48" Attic Fan $148.00 Less 10V. We luive the celling grilles lo (;o with this cduipmcnl nncl miilcrmls to build suction boxe.s. Instnlliittnn or these runs can be hniiiicecl over u period t,f 3ij months with no down pny- inent on imiLerliil or liibor. WINDOW FAN • Ideal for ^porfmcfifi • Small Hornet • Offices , , • IRlil, enjoy ruwl IMn* ramfurl .mil il-r -111'." H»Irt MIKA1K WINDOW- IMN.' <:.,«.I a Ml* *l..ul,»U«,»J f , «,. I.JU.U Ihe ilatflhut air, lira** l»-v*et nlnlit Lrcr'f*. MlKAIH WINDOW IM.N U li^ki MC^M, «-a,ll r fHirtabU. • Urn'li<f In a|i|ir.iranr?. II** pral**- ttvr K'iai.1 RrllU. l..r* .it.II* Vur,_^• Ull, t.jicrjie, Aik f«r dcmoBOrillaa. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY 319 West Ash Friendly Building Service Phone 551 Open the Way To New Profit On Your Farm! Call Us Now For Complete Farm Wiring... Electricity opens ;i broad Hold to belter living and boiler tavmin;; methods. Klectricity saws clcnii.s, milks, pumps, refrigerates, lights your farm buildings. Klectrify your farm now—SAVE JMONKY—increase efficiency. CHARLIE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 116 North First Phont 2993

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