The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 16, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 16, 1948
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VOL. XLTV—NO. 278 Blylhevills Blytheville ! Newi Mississippi .. BJyiheville He _^L NO*™™, AHK* '~*' 1 1 1^ Leader Kent Control Extension Gets Committee Okay Introduce Bill t o Broaden Scope of Social Security WASHINGTON. Feb!^. IUP>- fo'dTs from Pay ™ U g<H S00tl m j s In Congress, the House Banking Committee approved a bill lo ex- lend the present rent control law one month until March 31, Chairman Jesse P. Wolcott. R., Mich, predicted that his Committee probably will continue Federal Rent C-ntrol In M-' ',i- anolliei year. And C .... Charles W Tobey, R., N. H , said his Senate Banking Committee probably wll approve a long-term Rent Contfe Extension Bill late today. Tlie Supreme Court got Into the rent act by unanimously upholding the constitutionality of the prosen Rent Control law. Although the Senate was In recess until tomorrow, this was a busy day in Congress. Th e House was in session and many committees met. These were the developments: Social Security—Rep. Robert w Kcan, n. N. J. Introduced a bill that would bring just about all wage- earners under the Fetlcr-f old-age Insurance program. At the same time, the Social Security Administration urged Congress to extend and broaden the Social Security act. Movies -a House Labor Subcommittee will start hearings tomorrow on jnrisctictional labor disputes In the Hollywood film industry ^Fli-st witness will be Eric John- »ston, president of the Motion picture Producers Association of America. Other industry and union officials will testify later. Postal nates—Jesse M. Donald, ton. the new Postmaster General cold a House Committee he nlan ; , to recommend a complete revision or postal rates. He said Congress has consistently authorized ' postal rates "far below the cost of service." BRP—Sen. Raymond E. Baldwin, R.. Conn., called for a, peacetime draft of business, farm and labor leaders to make the European Recover]- Program a success. These groups, he said/were most vocal in demanding a/"bus- incsiljke administration" of EEP- Now that the senate Foreign Rela would give these leaders a rejoon- sibiliiy to 'accept whatever assignments are requested of them. Cotton—a group of cotton state Senators. In a letter lo the U. s. ^Tariff Commission, expressed strong ^f.;)poosition to increasing import fluo- tas on one-and-one-eisihth inch Chamber of Commerce Banquet Tickets Go on Sale Here Today Tickets for the annual Chamber of Commerce banquet Friiday night are on sale loday and may be purchased at ony of six places. Chamber of Commerce Manager Worth D. Holder announced this morning They may be obtained from B' A Lynch at the Farmers Hank and Trust Co., Sam H. Williams at the First National Bank. J. w Adams at Adams Appliance Co' R. A. Nelson at the Dr Pepper Chan b 8 C °" " r ' "°'" cr nt '" e Dean"""' """ °'™"'" ^-""ooc" glories T. Evans of Little Rock, and Light Co., will be princlnal ir,""^. 1 .." 1 ' 1 "'"!"". '"beh'eld on a "fi FivefiiePefilionj For School Posts Candidates Announce In 3 Missco towns As Deadline Near* wS-sHlSaS rifffffi-isSs tiSta'ti:™ """""• » "' 'Hicse contests and others whlnii may develop between nowand he filing deadline Feb. 2 8. will be de- election at regular polllni; piaces throughout the counu Mai 20 Tn Blytheville. J. L. Gunn and • A. Nelson filed petitions with County supervisor of schools Jo Mayes for election to school bom-d DOSIS of two men whose tcrnK ev Pire at this election. S X " Red Controlled Radio Says North Korea a Republic American; Claim Action Is Violation Of Moscow Agreement SEOUL, Korea. Feb. 16. (UP)— I lie Russian-controlled radio at Nn?it? Y i?" R n " llm '"«'<t lort "V Dint rvoilh Korean authorities have proclaimed H "Demod-allc Peoples R" Hepublic" n, lhe^vVH-«cuS zone a-lilch ultlmalely I s Intended to embrace the American zone with the capital at Seoul. American mililarv authorities Immediately said the information of a Republic In Northern Korea was » violation ot (he Moscow decision providing- that Russia and , th,. u. s, should work together lo create an independent, Korea No Immediate reaction was available from members of the United Nations Commission on Korea whu arrived here Jan. 8 , mri er a General Assembly mandate to prepare to • elections hi both zones, niLssia refused to permit the commission to enter (h c northern zone Members voted Feb. 6 lo send Chairman K. p. s. Menon of Inc " back to the Little Assembly for further Instructions. North Korean Peoples Council ' to adopt x constitution which will bp !ha? a°rea OV c f ou,c? l ile; 0 'The WhCl : republic. ncw Until (hen. t| )0 broadcast sa id lhe capital will be at Pyoitg Yang.' The "Army of all Korea" appar- ,•" L".. S ? ri "—tcd lorcc, P " r &1±£SiKL. | 1 '^«~PresiderrtTo"Sk J-Jk More Military Aid S.nator Employed IOf 016606, TUIK6V Cullum o. Adviwr (n WASHING',-™ ,,„, _ +' Show Three Per Cent Increase Over Record High of 1947 raxes based on 1911 assessments o' *19.083.&H loday became due for Mississippi Counllans In th* amoiin' of t7a2.3J3.SO, an Increase 61 nearly ihrec per cent over laxes jxiirt Jmi year on 1946 assessments. i'he lax books were opened thli morning at tin; office ol William Heirymnn, sheriff and ex-o!iicl,i collector, on ihe second floor of Ihc t-ourt House here and also at the Court House In Qsceola. 'Hie taxes which became due anrl payable loday compared with »710 535.30 listed on the tax books last year and laws lolaling »«o:i 9G4 00 whii-h were levied in 1046. Vulunlary School TM Askrd Tills year's increase of 12174780 was brought about by a hike in assessments or $035.211; over those of SlD.-w.C3H in )94G Tins compared will' an of only $1,631.61 m U-17 luxes oi-er those levied in ig« winch were based on assessments made in 1045. The lax ligui-c on the books opened loduy may be increased by another $«.7«I9i If taxpayers re mill special school levy asked this year by Ihe district's school board. r\\t voluntary Im-y < ( being sotitfil aller arrangements were made early In January to have this lux placed on the books lo permit payment "axis "" *' Ul 1 ' cglllf " li ' "Messed, The rw.3-i3.60 tolal on Hie books, however, does not Include Mils 10- mill voluntnry lax and It Ls not listed In a breakdown ol levies bul It may bt paid by school patrons and taxpayers thlj year. Assessed valuation ol the Dlyttieville school district Is H.370,39!, largest ol the 30 districts in the county. Ae»ln Ask Kxlra Kniil T»i Assuming 100 per cent collections. Ihe IB-mill school levy, voted again ed 10-mlll levy was asked by school board members aller ii was loiiud Ihe dlsirlct hurt an operating fund of only 140,000 alter lixed salaries iur teachers and debt service requirements bud been .set aside. Tills High Court Gets Osceolans Drag Road Fund Suit Chute (or Youth Contractor Contests Constitutionality of 1947 Highway Act I Carl Gentry's Body Sought After Boat Sinks in Backwater OSCF.OLA. Ark.. Feb. 16,-Norlh R05CO LITTLE ROCK. Fob 16 (UP> — '"^ed-fo-d^rrhe'^moc™ I ,^ed'' lo n ad^r mC ' COl ' rt '" I8y M1S5 '"">V'"comity peace officer, ^rp-'ZrrSs-sha,, i c';{cHl,«nr v~ ^'ftft S-K^ SJHsw^ S satcK ' "'" «»""»"«- Stat c hiehwny^ funds '-Me Snlurti" J™** 0 "*" 1 ' ^"^ A special session of the People's ,,'"'",'7,'. 1 ' 1 . 8Brccrt tllftt the case ' ' According^o Dcmitv Sheriff rum sr ^^n^ -15««ir szx^ •, s- & ^VSn " d ° nt lh " """ - -• - ' .™W* »»I>nal was filed b,- Ben ' l"»ce officers «,„, cltl.ens .lagged " , ?n'.'r™ L !' C , RWk con ' ; « ^ |lhe ch " te " u "ay yesterday"^,, 1 unl'l ICllPrl In n* rll..., ,. trt'nt\nlli,n 1. f. _..,.. . . ^ .T, 7, -*" 1 ^ J| ^' UIM-U.SS ana adopt lhe constitution. The Republic's national flag will be write wnii a red horizontal stripe national emblem (te- - --. ..... lt , 01 , ,j, Jae ., - I.MIWIVUI was ue- In Dyess, Dewev L. Cox and w T-, sclll>tfrt Bs a *"lte uackqround with i P . , „ - ••">' >-'in tarnr..,. „„ ^. J . t c( ? x B ' ld W. D. . a circle ol crossed hammers ,,nri ' f nk r !° rt - e nlsmiwed the S,° Sr d i" ln ,«, "r ft " "'^ "* r 'r'"* ^»"«"'m«,"Kri s "U counties to oblnl,, tl.5S3.000 l ° "'«' »ny trace ot the body. Watc- HargraVea^^hseeklirrsu?: 2* ^™^r.^^ '- workers'^d only vacancy on the nycss st-lionl board occurring this year/* 5 5t "°° l a ^t'iSV' Leachvl " e I 1 " "led L^"Jl n , '? , nm . '" >h« school ,,„,, , •" ""lain ll.SS3.000 lu "»« »ny 11 Pranl n^ !ICl ' J . Plllaskl Chancellor .'" the clnile * v..«^ HIT: o^nrtu; rolLlSll KCI3- a PClltOn tn flln <n» tl ' •' —" lions Committee has worked out board seat to bTvacatJ M - SChO0 ' nroposedadmlu.straivve,machinery, by j. N^Pol, ^ho^SL""^^ hi. i ii „ , '">-?«a ims year ^^.SS^'iS-s S^>w«Cr^ v SSS!*! Education. Terms of Chai ance of Driver and G B t >/ Osceola expire tills year. -- — "-*^u jKiijiuiti. 1 , ni:n sickles and a rcd-.siar. ,;«: S MKS iron worker.s and a mountain. According lo a radio Pyong Yang broadcast, national sovcrclKnty I shall be exercised through people's' which . backwater from the Is fonucil by , —- • ...onii^-.cij me oripi- "jithw veniron l> " C H t0 " """ Ho(fl " lls lnl "- ' Rlvcr ' '» "PP'oxhmacly" bomlhower That C °awafdlng " t h " e i "'n' "* ^^ afternoon. 15 feel Cullum o» Adviser in Market Speculationi WASHINGTON, Feb. 16 iUI'1 — Sen. Elmtr 'nioiiiiw. D., Okla to(lay (-liaised senate lnvpstiRntors with enlerfng h| s - ]W lm\e close'' in search lor Information on TOIII- modHlejspeculullon. Thomas warncit i| m t /iirlher iiry- i'K into his art,,!,., and u,, lsl , „ his assistant would !><• coii.sldi'rrc an "Insult" lo the sl ,,i e ,„ okhl . Thomas, whoso spr-i.-uliilUiii In cot ion and o;ils has been under In- ve.sllsallon by !|,i- senate nnpropri- allons subrommluo,. ,,n spcculallon look this slanii in , ( |et( l!r lo <j| 1!llr _ man Homer Ferguson, I). Mi c | Ih , . c SiK-eulaUon SubcominiUw. ' - :ilsolo.siMl u T. Maynard, velenm ChU^v, -.J'"" 1 '',, 10 t , t ' 11 llo »' I" 1 mndc J.100.- COO on lhe skidding commodity mar- Thomas iii- S c { i siibeoniinltiec mcnibci-s lo buck an amendment henale rules which ho Is j,,op™ln K . H would ranihr. lull iinam:l n | and liusiiir.M disclosures by all mr-ir ol the Senate. Aller oiillinlng Hie Mcps he 1, IU | ilkcn lo s've the siibcomnilttcn a 'nil accounliiiK ( ,,i his cnmmodi'y ipcciilAtloiu, as well ns liLs wife's lliomns referred lo his employment of Dyke Cullum, local speculator as ills investment niniiacer. He snld- "he employment ot a tlimncial draft adviser „,. m, llmficl . 01 , a |mnni , r . " l ship basLs or i, vv small accumula- t on of funds was no dltlcrcnt from (hi! employment of n foreman 01 manager for a [arm ivcwspup ranch, store, hold, apartment or office building, factory, bank or in the Chrysler Aim-nip Siihu Thomas did not amplify his remark oil Chrysler Air Temp Sales Corp. Sen. Ferguson's nclminlstra- Itvo iisslslanl. William n. Reed was asked about it. He would not coimni'iu on lil.s 1.JIJ1JL-U uv ,..«,..., ,.uv l;<^lllllll'ln. on nl Mississippi Closed Jicsslon with Mn.viinrd. II ' 1*. tnnt ^>ll(l lilt! ,Sl]l)('n»nm I f I/n> ll-LLt- .>.,... I J-. said Hit subcommittee was meiittiiu again at 2:15 p.m. tK-STi and that reshlance tic did not yet know wlu-lhcr u public Hearing would bo held. Mayimrd said nny comment "will Imvo to rimcnlal to thr u. S. economy and "tend to wreck our price support program". Family stuiabble—House Republican leaders may reach a decision this week on the delicate question of Interrcnliur In n "familv" row among Louisiana Democrats. The Issue was raised In a resolution by Rep. Everett M. Dirksen. R., ill., to create a special committee to look into "possible fraudulent Income lax returns" from that state. It was an outgrowth of charges by Rep. .lames Domcngcaux. D., r.a'., that Earl K. Long, brother of the late Hucy p. Lone and a gubernatorial candidate, had filed Incomplete tax returns. ! The rom'mes hav a ot ap^ ed ra, >' * tl , c "™"- »*»•* Bl.crll , lli-ir ca^se. "PPcaieo jcniiiion staled, when Gentry an The court wvlAvl . „„ i a 12-year-old companion, Charlf committees, first G et up In August small plug had been placed In a . Mrvvnard should be examined close " Williom Wvatt Named Delegate By Jaycees William Wyatt. of Blytheville was chosen an olficial delegate lo Ihe 10-18 Arkansas Junior Chamber of jC-muncrcc convention at a meeting W-' tlie state Jaycce Board of Directors yesterday in Little Rock. In addition to serving as a convention tielcgales, Mr. Wyatt also will act as an advisor lo the stale S?r,:up-.s convention committee 'Jlirrc delegates were chosen from among 25 clubs represented vcs- lerri.iy. The state convention, held here l.i.«t year, will be held this year at Hot Spriiv-s May 1-9. Blytheville representatives at the stale board meeting yesterday were Stale Jaycec Director Marshall Bkckurd. President Jimmie Ed- w.u-ds. Jennings Bailcv and Mr \Vvalt. Mr. Dhu-kard. as state dlrccior. airomatically becomes a member of Ilic noniin.i.'iiii; committee which will pick candidates to run in the state election of Jas'cce officers a' the coLivcnlion. Paragould Optometrist Dies at Home Yesterday Dr. Hugh A. PcnninKlnn. prominent Paragould optometrist, died « his home at noon Sunday follow Inc a heart attack. He was president of the State ol Examiners of the Arkan- Spring-Like Weather Eases Flood Trouble <By Unilcd Press) ptilf of Mexico broke the imuidi- OIIE spell or sub-normal weather lotiay and reminded the nation that pring was little more than a tonch a\vay. Floods, which had driven more nan 10.000 persons from their homes, were receding. Residents of he inundated lowlands began mov- "\c back to their homes. The steady Northerly flow cf balmy air raised temperatures in the midwest and plains states to U en- highest readings of the year and many degrees above normal for the season. The weather bureau stitulion, These authorities predicted the °" 1(>r d!sWc 's June 22, ._... next step would be the declaration ' n 'e Supreme Court upheld an or an independent government 18 - |n( "iths prison sentence asscucd They declined to comment further b> ' " Crlttcnden Circuit Court Jury although one source said there was j n s al «st Jnincs o. Benson uu . ..^ niuiiijoi lillK pll]* T worked loose, causing the boat to become filled with watrr. lie sn i,j •hat when Ihe boat, sank, lie swam lo shore and Immediately ran for help. The officer quoted him „., saying that lie did nol see drnlry come to the surface. Deputy Sheriff camion slated "'.?... WR ?. "° l notified of the ac- nlBhl and ,, ~ . — — .-,. ...I... fcijim; >sii.i . •-•' ^^. L.^IIOUJ, on n | v...»^ iiu WHS not, nolitu ample information" that the Ml- f' 11 "'^' of iiivoiiinlary manslaush- ' cklcnt until Saturday nlchi «,^ Korea armj . was well-equipped with ! '<:'' -Benson was sentenced after ! that he organized , ,e"rcl, n ,v Soviet arms, ammunition and ,,ia-i ".to truck struck and killed 15-venr-' to drag the chute eiriv Ji\i ri lf ™ ls ' j ot[| B °bby Wheeler on Hl-hwav 84' morning lie said Ihni V H * North Korean authorities w«J >™ Earle las! A«P. 21. Wlt«4es : other £J' "',.„"'" ,.! cc(ls """ North Korean authorities wen: said to be making no effort to keep these developments secret. Three Primaries To Test Dewey's Political Power ALBANY. Feb. IB. ilI.P)—Gov- ernor Thomas E. Dewey lias decided to place his political future at stake in the KC W Hampshire. Wisconsin and Oregon Republican presidential primaries, it was learned today. - — ~..,^,.,, ,^ald that oi-""5 ni1crcilr - v woulti mom tip to « possibly higher temperatures" in bSa rl ' IOWRl Ki "' Sn5 a " d Nc ' Upper New Yort and Northern New England sill, had some cold weather left The governor, nn associate said .s confident of winning a majoritv of dclcsatcs In the three pri- luanes. but realizes the jwssibiiity of an "upset." "If we win these Once „ .. ,, ,,^^, t:l un ni"nwav 04 niurnitlK He SHld M>^i «. A rn othei^ action, lhe SupremeCourt: i 1 Upheld the Carroll County Jiid™ in ruling thnt nctlllons filed ' carried enough signatures lo call local option election. Opponents os- ly "ivilh H view not only lo discovering whether a group of speculators deliberately began sclllUR short simultaneously bill whether other Interests were back of this selling." To Die conmiutec-s main question was his killing on (he market helped by nny "inside- 'Information I rum tiovernmcnl sourco.s? entry | s the son of Mr c . Earl Gentry, who reside in contended' thai 'tnV'petilTonT'were ' "eniatp 1 *!,??"' co "" m "" t > °» Al- Insiifflclent because lliev contain-: o ,K ,,,'lf , 1W ? 61 ' '" a(ltllt ">" ed names from the n^rrvvllle and ,Lcr r, > ' ts san ' hed ^ a Eureka Sprin Es districts.' <"'„,?.. * . G «"iT. of Osceola. Slien'ff Ch.irlcs Cannon, Eureka Sprines districts. 2. Ui>hcld a ,^00 Jud» Hays Mrdlock of \vard- also " the i after his work horses were killed by a car driven by Carl Favrr. 3. Approved a Llttlr- nivcr Ctr- cull court decision dissolving an attachment granted against fi'nln Tr-xari-ana lands owned Held in Osceola for Tennessee Resident Shire:- Tho O'l 1 >1 Puncrn! services for will T — •-"•"*.. »n>. u-1 i -i —'..m .^ci vices i or win ' Judgment was AWRrdcd lo Car.-nil f "cy, K, wllo (]Jcd Snt .* rri ^ '• >»•- «ji t inc.sp uij'ce primaries \r n K . u VJ*H.'HII -• •". *>nu men i>ni«r we will be in a vcrv Rood no"- U? «*" ** ( ^ W " T " Shlrcy -' '" M>lll ">'-<i. Ten,, lion at -the Philadelphia nalioiial , , Sllm ' cmp Col 'rt -«ld Hie at- » monlJi s ill,,. convention." one supporter said. l cBhl ?™ „!!' .2™ PC .^ "J™ 1 "".«» '"'I.*' 1 " 1 ""!' Northe l}\ft nip below zero. ,. n . .. * o(.i|j|»».n LCI .'liim. But If we lose we will know the -—, t v.j'iv. i lay oi thc p land rarlv it ic tuet^'rPH^ ! ^ °',^ en-nces'^u 1 l^t Politics and Governor ' to no interest lo his wife's Meanwhile, people dwelling alnnt; he rivers of Pennsylvania. West Virginia. Ohio. Kentucky. Tcnnes- and Mississippi watched the food waters recede as 5 wifilv a.s as 5 wv a. tncy had swept across Ihc low lands. f nn r Oplomctrlcnl Association and a .nember of Ihc American Academy :>f Opticians. He also was a member of thc Board of Regents and » past worshipful muster of the Masonic Lodge and a Shriner. He ts survived by his wife, Mrs, Lily Mae Pennington, and one son, Hugh A. Pennington Jr., who is a (Indent at the University of Arkansas Medical College In Little R oc fc Mineral srrangements are Incom- !lo0<1s muv',, , nl ' 1<: Pally a "big river" proposition to- lay. as the Cumberland swirled more than 10 feel above flood stase (r ri°7'!r. POlnl5 and the TVA -controlled. Tcnne.wee edged Into more lowlands in West Tcnnewec Ir> ,h C J L ' U1C « lv e>-s"-trii)Utarlcs la,,H Tcnn es«c and (he Cumberland-were back within banks at _ is taking it." n was pointed out that should !' the East. him delegations in Midwest and FSr which was subject to sel/u're. <• Upheld a Pulaskl Probate Court decree naming Luventa Adams. Ada Cole. Minnie Lockcti. Re- . at tils follovvinR were conducted al Swift Funeral """"•L, ^napci i,, osccola |, V \ hr . estate " e v. Herchcllc Coiichman. pastor of 'ne First Methodist church In Os- »•„., i n Ermc[ , C( , m( ,_ , ' -^ ••• «ii*- iiirti ,M] OH JO — • "»•"""- u>jvr\«;i i. nc- --•• . /viiuit v ivas 1>O1'I1 Dewey win In the three primaries, °. l!> Tl '« vt - 1 ; Vd Willie Ma c Lockelt !*'*.. _and ba"d''iivcri in -- 'VTd WIlUt iM.ic iwWs-Mai. ^ •-•"" niiu []Hrt "lived Jrj thr vJrlriltv Johnson as riclr.< of the late Llllle ! pf Mississippi Count., before mov „ , -. '•". ""• rar wesi'™~ Joncs of Ll[tlc Roc)-. She was Ing to Miinforr? three yuan a'«T7n several months in advance of the lhe wldow « a well-known Neiiro' """kc his home - K lo convention. The New priinarj? will be held Wisconsin in April, and May. Dewey will be opposed in the primary by Harold Slassen. an f™. WC<l .-. Can(lidto r °r Hie nomtna- _. -• " "I-H-MKIWII 1>C^ Hampshire altorn < 1 V- the late Scrlpio Joncs." In lion. campaigning. has been actively persons planning t'o TeTiir'n ' 5ChooIs . and — ..,,,.,,^.0, o^tiuuj.^ cioscti arin -«veral millions of dollars In dam- "ircs to houses, furniture, factories, ter plants, lumber yards, roiriv Soybeans SoyBeans Mar. ... ETAOI shrda 533 327 3J3b Blytheville Man Waives Hearing on Rape Charge Vei-non Ray of Blytheville belli* held without bond in county Jail here today afte was the hc Weather "^HH'irSLsaSfSSr-- David W. Judkins, Blytheville, Dies; Rites Tomorrow Services fo us, R7. of E; died lasl nlel . ( , "- "•"' ..... r ...^ ilv^- flernoon a^ Cn " ductcd tomoIT o w j Norlh portlom.' om<? Chapel. The Rev. H. I, Roblson. paslor 0} lh_e West Blytheville parish, «m farmer. ' '" : wn " " rct "' C(l tunf '? slirvlvcd by I wo sislcrs. Mrs Wll Jackson of Wilson and Mrs «• '» Smith of Atlanta Ga ami six nieces. ' ' NEW VORK. Feb. IB. lUPl—Tllc U. S. Conference of Maror.% was urged at tin- opening session today to take an nctli-c part In meetlnif Ihc nation's problem of Inflation Ihe tlncnl of n depression. lh c housing shortage and mllltaiy defense. Joseph c- Grew, former Ainl?<i.t- sador to .lapin, spoakliiK at Hie annual luncheon session of the three- day mcclinrc. accused lhc House fiiiles O'oinmltu-c of refusing -n place Universal Mllllary Trair i on the leRlslatlvr prom-am a., i "drnytn^ Iho rcpiT.sOfll.ltlves of fttc American pcoiilc the rli;lu 10 vote on this vljally needed Icplslntlon." Grew chained that UMT had been distorted by il« tors and that il Wa., oppa-erl only 11 was misunderstood. He said lhat thr |>i-o^r.ini K'II> twn-.ncrs opportunity lo dcmnnMrate leadership dcin.ind'rt in business, Indusiry and the profcs.sion.'i. President Truman In n message tc the opening si-Mion w.irned thnt without Inflationary curbs, the llv- 1K standard of mfilions of families .111 faced a critical threat. Chester A Bowli-s. former OPA chief, echoed this demand for relief [rom risliiE prices and said Urge UN Army For Palestine Will Ask Council To Organize Force Without Delay * Mr ' Tl " ma " Hy 1 AK 'r ' I.AKK * Stuff Corr«-s,i, :;CI-:HS, N. Y., i; u.l'.)—The unlii-d Niulons Hue Commission w m | cl | t | row Ihal II niusl smd a UN to Palcsilne or risk •'•' ij 11) Armv A (ra Unlied Nai'loi's ...„ Tlic Commission will tell Council (here Is an "urKent" and "couipelllnB" need for an In er national force in buck up P" "-" lar the whole th a emers force without delay, form the '-oncluslon.i 7 '""•' *» '-i'iu:ju>sion.'i 1"T. l :!" t1 , 1> ,..' lv " n "" l( ' '« »» United '"" '» , <?"" of of llu, | OJ , K , l K violence In l> 'Kcd report - -ilcMhu' and .- ... earrying out. Holy partition hi the race of the Ariuis threat lo report Comuilssion probably ' to the Hous« "• loday. ' '" Its principal , )0 lnU ,, rc these: 1. Arabs Inslrlc lhe outside Pnlcj. tine aro consphiiiR to prevent The program cannot be car- i'l«l out without -,,n Hdeqiintc armed force" to nut down Arab order ,, two wlill | ntte -.. and keep Palestine is cut lul in-ndenl slides, .1. Rrtreiit frmn the partition <i,-- clslon in u,e flu . c „, Arab tim[its win set a, (tiingcrous and tragic PI 'i' CO i«iM \ fm ' "'" Ul)Ilc<1 NfUoin. ,, j ••• V.I.P provke. "a calas- rophlc concluslnn". to the violent Holy I-nncI problem unless tlie UN "Us ihu laciuu,, with mi | |U ,,,. ualiunal army. S. The qiicslloii of hovv R HWcnl ble train and equip a UN 'army »Jid send it (a Palestine Is left lo' the Spcurlly Council, In whlcli.tlie ., r v« powers liold a veto and! u which there are only six ncliinl' <up]>oi-tcrs of partition—one less! nan the seven required to approve' Security Council decisions. - ----- •••"*.!«vnn MIU yruiiraiTi fur Ihc t wo Mediterranean nation" in an accompanying letter h» snl'l (hat continued economic »»-• »stance for Greece will b* provided through the European Recovery program if it I, approved by Congress. "nt IK- nddcd that EHP will not pinvltlc "(or any additional jnlli- laiy assistance required for Gre*.c» and 'Jiirkcy. which will, at the apCon'grel: ."."> "" " OU8hi ' r °'" lhe In connection with Coimmmitt iictivliifK In Circece Mr. Truman did not mention Soviet Russia by name But hl.s meaning was clear. .Greece has been subject.d to cvei-Increasing pressure by tha Communist minority, which, subservient lo |>,e foreign influences rom which it draws support, would mpose Its will cm the Greek people said " "' "''"*'" "" Pr<wlde '« The President's report gave an luicoimtlng ol lhe manner In which lie American Mission to Greece ha» been spending the »3CO,COO,000 ap- proprlaicd for. that country by Congress Inst year. * In connection with this statement that funds for additional military assistance will be sought later, lhe. President described "riclib- maie n , I( j wanlnn" Communist guerrilla warfare against the people of OITCC-O. He sal,( that any prospect ol substantial economic recovery i« "AllhoiiKli economic program* most effective under lhe circumstances #IH continue to be actively praipculed. the benefits from Ihem can be fully realized only when th« warfare against the guerrillas ha.i been .vuvcesslully concluded" h« said. • "If the KucnlUi menace ihonld Increase as a rejult of greater outside asslslanoe, t new situation would be created which would ha.v« lo be dealt with in the light of circumstances prevailing »t that time." Mr. Truman found it "significant" Dial lhe Communist guerrillas »r» warring "not aualnit • the Greek army bfiV the people of Greece." ' '•The. deliberate and w'mft>n de- sttilcllon ot dror-k villages does not result from mllllary engagements,"he said. "U In determined «nd ruthle.s* dMtnicllon intended to render people homeless and drive them from lhe soil; lo force them Inlo overcrowded urban centers where they become charges of an alrcmiy'over- iMmlcnpd state; and create for them susccpllble to polllical agitation." CIO Calls Wallace Truman Urges A Ph °"y Liberal j D . e . Mayors to Help °" Eve of K*«™?" c * ^pport r- LJ. i fi .• ,... WA SHINGTON. pcb. u. ,UPJ - riant Loo/us riant Inflntinn , ro look ".' Mwei -fm sock «t y *-«»*• »*j I lyill IIIII UlfUfl »«'nry A. Wallace loday on Dip eiv of :h<. fi,-.i ...... i.i. :.," ."" '..* WASHINGTON, Feb. 16. (U.P ) —A North-South fight Is shaping up In Congress today over pn posed changes in the gorernincn WASHINGTON, Feb. 16. ctJPJ — lie CIO look a, powerful sock at lenry A. Wallace loday on Die ei» >f ihc first test of his real strength « « third party presidential ca-.i- dldiac. The CIO News assailed Wallace s a phoney liberal. "Hie charge WKJ made In nn article signed by Allan L. Stvlni. eriilor of the News, tt was published loday Just 2-1 hourj lie/ore polls open In New York City Congressional by-election which b. extremely Important to Wallace I If Wallace's Coiiuniinist-^parkcd c.mdldnli- lulls to make a i: ood slioii-ltiff In tomorrow's election it will suseest that Wallace may turn out to be a pliancy presidential candidate loo. Tllr contest Is in (lie 211 ii DiMricl In New Yoil Clly s | nrlcc-support program for farm products. The main thing at Issue Is * proposal to make the support price flexible and link It with supply. 1 Under this plan, the support price would range between 60 and 00 or possibly 100 per cent of parity—depending upon the supply, The greater the suply, the less lhe support price would be. Sciitlicrn Congressmen fear thig would result in a lower support price for cotton -than tin- present 02 1-2 per cent parity. For most Arkansas forecast: Partly cloudy :ntlcred showers. Not so Northwest and extreme . _„ •;, ", <- """ ««s urocrcci < to await Circuit Court action. A capacity crowd tcTlrTn? ZAX' Jammed . Mr. Jiidkins. a retired faimer. had ,,, ...,., morning—30. Maximum ycslcrrfay—57. Minimum Sun. Atomlng—39 Maximum Saturday—4S. Sunset loday—S:4i. Sunrise tomorrow f'H Precipliallon. w hours'lo 7 a.m lower court. Ray* was arre.stcd IU housewife »g»in«t him. Feb. 3 by nice alien, a Man- filed t complaint ,. i - " i tun 11 uiiiiier, nau . pre . no| re'mov"rt r ?™ i ' CVCr " 1 m ° llUlS ' "' was i I 4:, y - no ,,e. .1 : .- .L. .. ..' . 1 R home lasl night, Total since Jan. 1 8.7.1 Mean temperature i midway between high and lowl—48, Normal mean for Feb.—43.4. This Date Year Minimum this morning. .39, Precipitation, Jan. l to this d«u He is survived by his wife Mrs ? c " Ju ! ik ' ns : « n <l two brothers. J- E. Judkins of Webber Falls Okla,, and Will Judkins of Oklahoma CJlj, Okl». s sa :hal "some sort " of depression was Lnr-vllablr. Bowles nffrvrd n nine- point program to avoid a "spVtoVis depression. lie recommended: lowering ( ,i taxes nt nil levels, bul particularly In the lower brackcU; a slum clearance and housing program; con tinned rcnl controls for another year: extension ol Sochi Security to self-cmployt:<t, domestic hrlp am! farm workers: enactment of a National insurance plan: at the start of a depression begin a public works program Including development of the Mlwmirt Vallrv Authority and SI. Ijwrcncr- Waterway; ' more schools; minimum uapr Increases to 75 ceut.s an hour, and cnnct- niMit of the Marshall plan Immc- dlal:-ly lo prevent » fnrci'in d-pres- .slon from back/lilnx against llu- United Slates. Mayor George Welsh of Grand Rapids. Mich., read Mr. Truman's message. The President did nol mention (he recent slump on the Commodity Market as lie asked th« mayors to help him obtain In- JUlion control* tram Congress. s± x rr -fr ^-™^ s™ IJK^.w^*"^ ^^^..^ccum,"^ ^ ^^frSSSftiSSSi i.n-m.r '11° ^ a1 .'• A J **-. ' s c - x l je cled to equal his purchasing power In n",m !, . rtlst " < : 1 s Io l ) - Hi(lc <t 1»- ' h c 1003-13H base period, llticnllj. Hut political observers will The flexible support price Is » oc more interested In the percent- Ikey part of a long-range farm pro- asos polled by each for the candl-'gram proposed by Sen George D (Ultra than by tlic Democratic plur- ! Alkcn, n.. VI.. chairman of a spe- y- j clnl Senate Agriculture Subcom- - - — j m 11 tec. k., -, . _ I Sens. James o. Easlland, D.. New York Stocks "£"£ ?™SU^ WA. S: Ga. expressed strong opposition | to It. Rusicll labeled it "the Taft HO 1-: program to lower farm prices" M S-8 P«i- Rcbrrl A. Taft. R.. o. had 31 :i.,< said he believed th c government's .11 7-8 j » nc c suoports tor farm products SS 1-1 I s "0uld be -much less" than so ner 1M jcent "' palrty. But hc said he had n not decided what specific changes SI S-S sl «'»l<« be made in thc present 50 1-4 " artl i piflRram. 13 1-S T| ie fight ever agriculture price 2 iviil. Slurks- A T and T Alncr Tobarco Anaconda Copper neth Strel Chrysler or i Coca c.ila Grn Ek-ctric . ,, f>n Motors . ... Moulpomery Ward N Y Central Illl H;iivr,--!r Nortli Am Alien Hepublic Steel . Hartlo Socony Vacuum Sludcljakcr , .., St.Tiiil.ird of N ,! Texas Covp. . .. Packard . R. U,S Sloe! New Yo'rk Cotton open high low 1;30 " ar - 3190 3226 3190 3221 M? - v 3224 3254 3211 3217 V 3IS8 ,11ns ,1155 3isn gf l MSO 2903 2060 2984 DM. ,. I.I i -*> ' — --D..- *..... "fit i^tiiini t; jji icf 83 1-t support may be put off until & 9 j_, later session of congress, in this 23 3-8 , vol>t ' " 10 Present program would 8 I be extended for a year or two to 15 1-2 ' kccp U from ri - vin S Dec. 31. 17 3-R Chairman Clifford R. Hope, n., 70 5-8 Ka'^s.. of the House Agriculture S3 7-R Commlltte, said he believed thin would happen If farm commodity prices stadv now and do not de- 1 elitie much more. "Tint if the markets continue to drop, t believe it will lend to bring loj-elber lies of diffcrenl agricultural sections for agreement this session on a long- range farm program." he said. 70 1-4 S&50 »63 2830 »6«iwood. s.'.oco.tro of tiie ISCCO.ODO homes, in America art built «f

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