The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 22, 1931
Page 3
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m..YTnKynj,rc. (ARK.) COUKIFJI NEWS PROSPER!!! BUT DUBIOUS FUTURE "Ghost Towns" of West 0>st T'lC'r Slwlow O l '?r Wide-Chen Nevada City Where Reno Crowds Spend Their Money PARE TTTUEl '.:_ KUITOK'R NOTK: KiroTi of two I'M'lii "Il'liillil the Sri-ill's rliilin J. KiniiDtt, Tliis is Illf vi- stories on in He-no," Vjy NKA Srrvl wtllor.. Vi^icritav. Slinmtl IcM flic opmdoni of tlic dlvcrvo mill. BY I' J. SINNOTT NKA Scrvici- Writer I H'-l vriMil.JMI. NE.V Sfrvlr?. In".) RENO. N»vnda — Li-tcn to the dron-' o( t'"- ' ----- er" for i.Vr> M' wli'i-1 rl foitime In any Rene "Over she j.'oo Wherr'l! she Ovei 1 st"P? she t-'Oi-s! Nobody •And l!ie same applies to the city of Reno, now sc'vral weeks nlona ivith legalised triinWitv, nml well Into Its first, month uT '•qnick-titid- rasv divorces." • Where si'o'H . r .to;>— or settle down —nobody knows. A uusv couxra IN -n;c utccd u'ith (be full a]:|:r.\'at i Meantime, Ihe gambllm w spin steadilv. Ihe. divorce mills grind steortilv. And spring finds: Kfn"'<i linl-V;, bnantfni: tinuses, apartim-nts and near-town "Jude ranclieb" cniwded. K-nfi's slretls crammed "itli j-aikec] aiiltis. anil hundreds morf tnl'line ttiroli-h the Ir.ifTic jams. Thousands "f Californians cum- inr in r<-r week-end vacations. SIrstauraiits working at capacity, anil all lines of business prospering Mire n-1 inrr? canili'iMT ''I"* 1 oprninf—and all crowded, alter' ni-ons. nijlils and early rmirninfs, \v',th fair palronape even' in lore- noons. I'.escrvations pouring in and letters of lni|uirv showing that trie summer vacationists c.vt-r wide area alieady have sfk'C Kcno as the place where they'll :cck exciting surcease from every - dav attairs. Where'll it step? Nobody knows —yet. -It's too early to hazard any- Ih'n? tret a E"ess," sny business men. "Wait until the second or third crop of divorcees arc Ilirough." Under the old Nevada divorce law. n . six months' residence wa- necessary. This meant the divorcee would purchase consldcr- abie clothing here with the change ' ot season. The three-montlis' residence provision was enacted later. And now that a six \vecks' residence in the stale is sufficient, it's up to business to do smart merchandising mid study buying habits all over again. The state is colled with abandoned ghosts of what were hell-roaring big town* in various mining booms. No- vadaiis, as n result, are keenly nrrrc thai llierc is constant change. So they arc alert lo trying to Ritess tt-fi future, rather than supinely figure tho pay streak in- exhaustable. Tt'r, a little too early yet, to tell whclhcr the "new crop" will jus: "live out of ll'.?ir suitcases" in- rti'nd cf Inlying from the smart shcps. Rr-no wcmcn demand good r'rti'e.';. It's a case'of sleeking judiciously. ' • * * "I've made il a point to spend rni'siderablc lime on the floor ol late," says the head of one big e- lablishment. "I fiuri that since legalized gambling and shorter divorces, the trafTic into the store is the srcatcst it has ever been, and Hv". "any loss in the sale of gowns is more than made up in other •_r>s. such as sifts and novelties." Lingerie, hosiery, etc.. hold up in k nlcs. There is increase, also, in W i al;s of riding habits and riding hoot,-;. The short stay now ncces-: sitnted makes th; Irip here more of a vacallcn lhan actual residence. So hcrsetack riding is a? popular as golf, swimming and Bumbling. The uayroli ol courthouse attaches, attorneys' stcnoavaulicr: liiij clerks, n say nothing r,f the hundred? of higli salaried dealers gamekeepers, lockouts and cass- kcf-er.i at the gambling houses i iraf.-rial. loo. Add to this the money left in town by (he gambling visitors. * • * rseir.g referred to as "the viclt- cilpst cily" doesn't worry Rene fr'ks. "The frames arc ail on llic square, f.nd nobixly Is ur?cd to risk a pen- HV." they remind you, D:o:i Inlo any club, day or n:a>.l Vnu'll find it filled Wilh a milling ll.rohs—rich, humble, Chinese, while. Divorcees nnd their escorts, business men, cowboys, all go abcut their pursuit of pleasure. \vhelher it be in gambling or in Ji'5 1 . lookinj on. Tlrrc's 113 crow;: cf "panhandlers" following for a p!ckup, no arguing about change o: play. And writ'.? liquor can be had In Reno without too prcat c!fo:l. y.u don't find intoxicated r.eop'.i- around the cliibs. Police ropcrts fhcv.' nrrcsls ar." just about the r.-.m: as a yor a;o for the same offenses. No shoD'.injs over pimblins. no holdups by d;s- rerfile Irsrrr. "When H'.e low first went Inlr elect. tlrre. was a. (loort cf 'dips the usual c:rnl\al followeis. rlgir. HANK Cl.l.'ll" AT RKN'O wlirrc Hie fiiikle lav.- ot Neva:!:. Is shi-vin l.ric. Obstrvt the ail of uhi li arc shoM'n. of various i-lianrr Is games, nol it's our duly to «;• t!i:it It, alto viflll oilier relatives in llayti day ami were accompanied to thl 1 Is licu'ftly ccii.liic:cd. W Potatoes Ib. 2ic I? AC Hn K !ish ICC iflO 2 U>s. IJ HLANK 1'ri'sli Slrinu- 1AC •cii.liic:cd. We have no I and Caiuthcrsvllle Ii3tore her n- city by JoUnnk-'s mother, Mvs. T | ooiji !o:' crooks and racketeers.! turn to her homo in Savannah. D. Rhodes of Blylhcvlllc .h:-y have fjuml thai oul, and tivc "Uefci. j Misses IX-Lsie Stewart and John •s ?. wide- berth." ,. j ,M. 5S Roslne Simmons.ol Herrln, : nic Phillips spent Hi- ttesk-eni A bi-j rush cf divorcee.!, incrc-.s-; 111., E p:nt a while here il;n:lay al- wit |, Mrs.'O. Slionvo uf niyll-cville nj l:cr.c-j v.ho like 15 ijamttc.; (erncon with Mr. am! Mrs. N. Ko.i- .\| r and Mrs r' E Pcn-l-r le(. - ::-fr rrn.d-i cv• ry -.v.'ci-.-iul.?.n : | |ry. n-ida'y for a visit'with trcir so.! .!. vac-Ion .vcason not yet here—j Mis. Etla Higdon of Holland vis- Hoy II.. who is attending the £UU Cvrr she cccs! Oscr she to?s! j Ited with Mr. nnd Mrs. John Slorv 'university at Columbin .Vhcrcll she sltp. nolicdy kno-.vs!" BujKiny. Mr . an: i M rs . Charles S3 rays th- whorl of fortune I Mr! and'Mrs. C. P. HasvarJ vis- .arker. And ;:o ray Reno's business m: 5/ee/o Society—Personal itetl their d.Auyh'.er an:l -Mr., anrl Mrs. Clay Lrwh of n?a; Haytl Sunday. Mr. nnd Mrs. J. ]f. Smith visited Mr. ant) Mrs. Emory Brou;:; of Cooler Sunday. Mrs. Mable Martin, owner and operator o! the lake [arm, is spend- L. Jjn- kins anil children. Harry. Knthleei and Bernice, visited with Dr. an-Mrs. M.' Allen of Walnut lildsc, Ark. Mis. Allen Is a-, aunt of Mrs Jenkins. Quite a number of locnl pciplc attende diha baccalaiireats service; ut Cooler Sunday morning. The address was delivered toy Hev. ES- A number from here attended the Cooler Alumni banquet which held at the Cooler high sehoDt building Tuesday night. Mesdames T. C. Beasley and C. P. Howard and Mrs. Sims Michie attended Ihc show at Blytheville Thursday evening. Mr. ana M's. A. J. McCaHiim had as Ihsir guesls Sunday Iheir daughter, Mrs. Bill Woodard and i ^" f ' two children of Copier. ' Rev. Elmer P^-al ol Carui*jrs- ing on extended time at her home ; mer Pealc of Carulhersville. in Lincoln, Nel), v , v .. , | Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Davis an: Walter DcJ/lsle and little diugh- j Muss Htittie Brown and Mrs. Uicy ler, Betty, visile:! their mother n:r.l. Blankenship motorerl to Caruthcrs- Hrandmo'.hcr at Porlageville Sun- j viilc Sunday nflernocn for a shor, visit with friends. Mrs. O'.is Fowler and sistur. Mis' ; !Hut:i Wall lelt Wednesday morning tor Joi'.csbovo. Ark., wl'.ere Alv.^ • Fowler will enter the A. and M. college for the summer I aim. Viva Henley, teacher in (ho Mrs. E. A. Boon retiirnad In he 1 home in tins city Wednesday from Si. Mary's Mo., where she was called di:e to the (loath of an uncle Otto Benner. Misses Alice and Ruth McDanic' district schools, left Tuesday for a shopped in BlytlieviUe Monday, brief visit nilli her parents at Frank Harper accompanied Mis Clifton, after which she will enter Eunice Oulhrlc to her home a" ville delivered the baccalaureate address nc Cooler Sunday. Commencement exercises wsr:- heM at the high schcol here Thursday evening. Th? address was -1=livered by Dr. Charles Brou;h, e;:- govcrnor of Arkansas. Diploma: were presented by Atty. Koy \\ Ttarper. Tile graduates were: Jua nita Steele. sahiiatoriai), Ben Burn valedictorian. Imojene Mar.nin; Inez Sinele. Thelma I'attcrsoni Wi! liam Carter. Vernon Bishop. Baxter Southern, Elmer Bullock. Chs Crawford, Henry Jci!fcl!i=. Conrj Hidings, Harold Steele, Alber Wcody and Beaumont Smilh. Charles York who has b;cn i' l!h typhoid fever is aKe ts be ba?' at his work. The B. Y. P. U. association o: this county held a meeting at Tyler, Mo.. Sunday with approximately 150 present. Dr. and Mrs. Alvin Stephens ei:- terlained n dinner at tlu-ir but we rr/.inSed tlicm lackssm University for the summei Black Oak. Ark., wr.ere she wll, c ™- spend the summer. She has ba.-n C'.arke l-'ra:r,e and William "Bns-'he:c vritli lur E:it;r, Mis Rut! Carter were Caruthersville vis- Lawiiorn, allendins the local lilgl: home Tuesday evening honoring (he graduates. Mrs. Grace Jordon of Cooler and Mrs. Bessie Thompson of Memphis jre spending a few days here i-i he hnusc'iicsls of Air. and Mrs. Tony Jordon. Sheriff Sam Smilh of Pittsboro, Miss.. vLsiled in che home ol Mi ind Mrs. G. W. Dowdy Sunday. JuJge leaden Robinson attended wrt in Caoe Oirardeau Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Payne of tlie -Jank of'Steele spent Sunday after lorn with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Oilman of Caruthersville. Roy Wo-kman of Partagevllle i •pending (his week li-re with his "Athens, Henry and Elmer Workman. Morris llubsr-stein viill=d i'.x Os-1 •cola Sunday. ! John Azbiit visited in Blylhcvilb ' Mcnday eveninj. i ^fr. nnd Mrs. Louis ',Vi's-ii o' irlaseville visited wil'i Mr. and ! Mrs. L. A. Sunday. I Mrs. Lindsey Smith cf Cirui;;- | 'svill" is vislttnr her narents. Mr. | ind Mrs. J. F. vick. this week, ; Mrs. Maude Pick-in! rMiirnc-l ti 'ier home in Memphis Sunday af- 'cr spending a u-eek here'with 'rlends. Prbnns cf Mrs. C. \V. Shrad;-. vill be phased (o learn that rti.» H •mieh Improved, and hopes In be •b'e tn ho rut soon. Ralph Vick is spsndln-j this vet* in Wilson. Ark., with his sister tors Tuesday. Mr. aiu1 Al's. n. T. Clar!:e EJI:' :'::ildrcn vhited in Hiythoviile Sun o'a yafternom. Mr., and Airs. Amer T. A?.bill and children visiled relatives al Rutherford, Tenu., Sunday. John Itowcl o! Summervi'i!? Tenn.. is visiting with friends an; relatives in this citv (his v.e- 1 ';. Mrs. .V. Koury. Mrs. Sam Hamra ir.d Misses Sallie and Wndad Hamra visited relatives in Memphis nnd ~ovinsio:i. Tenn., Tuesday. Lcn Burns was a Blytlievilb visitor Sunday. Mrs. Jeuel MatWs of this city has acceuted a posliion with the, Erolhcrs S'.ore company.' fnrmrriy The Hub, in C.init:iers- Mr. and Mrs. Cap Taylor accompanied Miss Anna Laura White to Blyiheville Saturday w'herc she lefl for parts of Mississippi for the Mrs. H. E. Doerner left Saturday morning for Los Arijclcs. Cal., to spend the summer with her motht-r, Mrs. M. Regan. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Rhodes visiled in Brownsville, Sun school. Jack L. Manning made a business trip to Carulliersvilte Monday n( ternoon. Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Miller an:! Misses Virginia Crlder and Sinn Duggar s'roiipcrt In Memphis Wednesday. Shor-hesls are of Persian origin, and wtre originally attached U sandals in older lhat (he wearers might keep Iheir feet above the ourning sands. ml; nnd Tar belter than r-iTy laxatives. K«DJVOU ~1_ Iccltog light. Ztc. 9 AUllOSIT Jht All- Vegetable Hectic Days- Sleepless Nights Mrs. 0. p. Bcnnlc left T:ijsi»v •nornina for Hannlbil, Mo., to vlsil brother. He will probably h!s ?cnc a month. Mr. and Mrs. Frci Fault cf niv- 'lieviile veiled the htter's i>ir<<nL«. Mr. and Mrs. c. W. Shradcr ol tills city. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Workman ind small son. James Honry. visited o short while in Portafcvillc 1 Sunday wilh Mrs. Workman's parents. _ Mr. and Mrs. Can Taylor and Minnie visited in Caru- Ihersvlllc anr) FrHiy. . miny. and -no3t;d' Ihrm r.:-t a*\ Mrs. W. M. Spencer, molhcr "or vagrants." Police Chief J. M. Kirk-|L. C. Spencer of this cily. !<; vk- Icy says. "G.i:nb!inj is legal In Nc- lllng here for a few days. She will T OO MUCH work, loo much rmmlnl strain, too much worry then "NEKVES". How they torture you, tire you, keep you awake nights! "NERVES" make you irritable, restless; give you Headache, Indigestion "NERVES" mnko you look nnd feel old weaken resistance and pave the way for seriotts nervous or organic trouble. J. M. Feeler, a druggisl, suffered torlures from Over-wrought Nerves. He had dozens of so called "Nerve Remedies" in his slore. One by one lie tried them without relief until....But let Mr. Foster tell his experience in his own words. "J lli'tnk Dr. Miles' iVcruinc is (he best tieruc medicine innde, nnd l/ifil n better one. cnnnol be mnde. Dr. Miles' rVcruine tons the onli/ medicine on the she!/ or in [iie prescription case ihflt pat me on my fee!." J. AI. Fosfer, Dmjyinl Man/scilte, Ohio i'sli Slrinu- 1AC 1,1). 1U Bananas tb.5c Bargains for Saturday and Monday (•AllliAGrO Nuw (iicon QC LI). 0 BREAD * '""•'• s 5 C Oranges Doz. 35c l-'l.OUK I'liim (;<mil (PI IP 21 Lbs. (iOc -IS l.lis.«pl,lJ MliAI, White Cream 2-1-1,1). Ssu-k Coffee Old .Iud(;e or Maxwell House ib. 32c Fresh and Meaty Ib. lOc nic i.i). i i BRAINS „ 15 l LIVER ,,,, 40' VKAL K. ('. KlinnliliT Ui. \Kc; SU'ak 2w Sk'W, l.h. 15c LAMB ROAST..22° NECK BONES......5 C BOLOGNA ,.,15 (; Shotilik-r 1.1). llli- Thick Kill I.I). IV'/.e Claii-k 1,1). 15c Drislicl ib. lOc LARD |IUK ,.,,11 C LARD Compound lit' ' 1l l ,t). 11 BACON ,., 16 C ' (Ji'iitiinc I.onjc Horns Lb. 19c HAM liaked CHILLI " : -"" lk i.,..25 c - !JAI,T AIKAT Hrat IIIC' Silks. I,b. H 2 Machine Sliced, Very Best Sugar Cured Breakfast Slab IL ID. FRANKS ... 15° WEINFRS ,..20 C STRAWBERRIES Fresh Qt 15c ROAST V "\*M SAUSAGE 1>or L10 c ' HENS ;m(l BROILERS Lettuce, Large Heads 3c BEANS Cr AITf,K BUTTER Quart Jar 'JAKKS Complete LincOCC Each lf>c and Lo Soap While ICuglc or Silver I.caf 10 Bars 29c iBANANAS ... COHN l,itlle P'olks 1AC No. 2 Can Each 1U R UTTER I'urc Crc:irai'ry I.I). Beef Liver Ib. 20c OLEO "™S,25 C KACON Fancy Sliced S25 C SAUSAGE Pure I'ork '1AC S20 C Hens and Fryers Full Dressed I GRAPE FRUIT tl ,f CORN I'resh Ear 5c SQUASH Lb . TOMATOES -. ORANGES D 2!c OKRA Vresh r CARROTS cc Bunch 0 CUCUMBERS ,.,15 C CANTA- l.nrgo l:">'s Ea. We EGG PLANT ,ATf PEAS Frfsh (; tr T? RHUBARB ,,;10 C School Day Peas, Can IOc ROACH I'OXVDKIt Red 1QC Devil. Can U TOMATOES , !c aJ5 c BEANS ,otns25 (: CORN EUKES KellojfS's 3Pkgs.25c Quart ,W art u</ SYRUP ^S GRAHAM.SS 1 Package PaSmolive Beads With L'ach Purchase of 1 Package at Regular Price IOc COFFEE 8 ,,„, $1 HLACKKKKIilMS OCC 2 Cans,--" BAKING 1'OWDKK OOC Oilunicl. 1-1.1). Can Gdiffin N'o. 2«/ z Can Ea,18c SHRIMP ^ 19 C ['ORK & HEANS ICC 2 Cans it) Sugar, Limit 10 Ib. 47c

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