Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 18, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 18, 1896
Page 4
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otio Gray's CORNER. -On the following Items: All kinds of warm weather dress g; nil kinds of'gaxwe underwear ladles.'gents :md children; nil kinds '.r irold. silk :uul leather belts; nil kinds »f laces and trimmings and all other of poods. DAILY JOURNAL rial Company. _ _ „ TTrT,T(-wT .......... President £' HAM)T ....... ,V... .Vice Preatdem C. W. GRAVES .................... Secretary * B. BOTER ....... ....... ..^..Treasurer Price per Annum. Price per Month.. »4.80 40 Official Paper of City nnd County. (Entered as second-class mall-matter at the Logansport Post Office. February s. SATURDAY, .1UIA- IS. ISUC. REPUBLICAN TICKET. For Vr*»ttlrtf*nt. «K1M.EY JK. ofOnlo. GABKETT A. BOMAHT of Now Jernoy. J'or flovcriwr, JAMES A. MOUNT of Montgomery county For Umiteuiiiil Governor, W. 8. HAGGABU of Tliuwcanoe C^iiu For Secrutury of Sthte. WILLIAM D, OWK3« of Cu«» County. For Auditor of State, AMEBICUSV.MAII.KYof Hoone county. For TreiiHui't'r of Stato, J-RED J. SCHOL/ of Vmi<l«*«r|r county. For Altoriiry jKenoml, WILLIAM A.KETCH AM of Marlon county For Keiwrter of Supreme Court, , CHABLKS F.KEM.Y of llurtliolomow .for Superintendent of 1'ulillc Instruction D. M. GKETIJiG of Hnrrlnon county For Stttto JiUitlntlciin, £. J. THOMPSON of Slielliy county. For' Judge* of the Aiii«>lli»l» Court, Flint Dlittrlct, WOODFOBD«01II>.SOXofGlbiioi> county Second Blxti-l.it, W. 15, HEINLE V of Bi»l> county. Third Dlntrlot, D \V. COMSTOCK of Wnyno county Fourth District, JAMES U. BLACK, of M»rlou county, Flftli District, U. 2. WILEY of JWilton county. El«<.'torn lit Lurite, H. C. THAYKK, CUAS. F. JONES. FOIl CONGRESS, GEOBftE W. STEELE, For Joint Be|>«w«ntatlvc, , WILLIAM T. WILSON of Ca.H county. ••or Bepre«entiillvc-CIIARLES B. LON« War pronMntor-CHAKLES E. lIAtt.. WOT Clerk-JOSEFH G. GRACE. For TreH.urer-BENJAMIN F.KEESLING WOT Sh«rlff-I. A. ADA MS. WOT Snrv«yoi-A. M. DOIJD For Coroner-I>B. J. A. DOWSE*. ForA«.«HOr-JOSEPH BAKU. For CommlKHloner, Flrnt Dlstrlct-JOHN SKKBABU. ' ' • For Coiuinlnnlonor, Third plstrlct- ABBAHAM SUIBELEK. - COMPARE THEM. "The Republican party is unreserved ly for sound money. It caused the en actment of the law providing for tht resumption of specie payments In 187-0 since then ever}' dollar-has been as good as gold. "We are unalterably opposed to ever} "measure calculated to debase our cur rency or Impair the credit of our coun try. We are therefore opposed to thi free coinage of silver except by Inter national agreement with the leading commercial nations of the world, which we pledge ourselves to-promote, and un til then such gold standard must be pre •erred. "All our silver and paper currencj must be maintained at parity wit! . gold,-and we favor all measures designed to maintain inviolably the obli gallons of the United States and all ou money, whether coin or paper, at th present standard, the standard of th most enlightened 'nations of the earth.' —Republican platform. "We demand the free and unllmltei coinage of both gold a-nd sliver at th present legal ratio of 10 to 1, withou waiting for the aid or consent of anj other nation. We demand that th - standard silver dollar shall be a ful legal tender, equally with gold, for al .. debts, public aj>J private; and we fav •or such legislation as will prevent tli demonetization of any kind of-legal ten der 1 money Ijy private contract—Demo era tic platform. ^' • -•We demand free and unM'mlted coil '• ace o-f.sllver and gold attlic present 1< gnl ratio of 10 to 1.—Populist platform . We, 'liold tR tli* J 180 .? 11 both. gold an .«llv'er. as" ilie. standard, ino'iK'}:,,ot ,th . ' couiitiy. mid to the coinage at both gol nnd • ^P.vor, without ' (Uscriminallu against ertlmr inetitl or charge .for mJn •JU?e, but tlie dollar -unit of coinage o . both metals must be of equal lutrlnsi and txcimngt'iibU) vaUie or be adjuste through 'intonwitlonal agreement or b . «uch safeguards, of .legislation as sha Insure tht> ronlfltenniice' of the parlt of Hie two-metalrf nnd the equal powe of everj- dollar at all times In the inark ct« and l.o payment of debt, and we d wml tJiait nil paper currency slmll be i>l>t 'it. par with and redeemable, lu ueli coin. WE MUST INSIST UPON HIS POLICY AS ESPECIALLY <KCESSAHY FOll THE PROTEC- HON'OF THE FARMERS. AND LA- tOKING CLASSES, THE .FIRST VXD MOST DEFEX51M.BSa.VlC- 'U1S OF UNSTABLE MONEY AND Deinooriiticjjlatforni. 1S02. 1 -.;;:' THK PHAROS lyliOP. Tin- i-vciiiiiig'' Pharos -formally an.- .oinices its floj). Tlien-is not'n good .-ISMI hi, th* wholo. lot of boish for ro- ouuclnig rts.'hojitst eonvlctlons or for howiup b;iso l'Ufffat!tndu to G rover Cleveland who so llbernlly remombered Pharos. It.would.have been more plausible had 'it enfld font the recent uc-rease of $100 in the salary of Uie Lo- gnosport postmaster was too great an .rgumcut to bo successfully coiitrovert- :d! The Plmros Is for sound money. It' idvocntod It hi its party platform t'oui- •c;i,i's ago :uul two ywirs ago. It ad- •oc-i-tinl It up to the day of me Chicago •ouvoiifion. At'un- four ypna-s of study uul iiivcsilpmlon <Thc Jc-unial presumes that the Pharos.-, odltorials In- ,-olvu some study and a llttle : tn'vestiga- .1011) ami a coiislstenit support 'of sound iionoy as :i result oil' rliat'Iiivostlgntion, t iiunoiwccw wlrliin ten dnys after tho IiiwiKO coiivwi'tiou that it is for'free allvcir iwul ssiys,"TJi<; Plmros has ronchc'il SIO vi<;ws a'fter riiroful hwcfltlgation." With one liwiared and thirty of the eadiug Democratic'papers of the country denouiidiiK flic Chicago' platform ho Pharos arrives at Its conclusion, 'after cartful invosrtlgaitloii." How will tlie public dctennlnc lierc'nCtor what edL'toriaJs a.ro the rebuilt of .Investigation .'nul.-H-hat the result of tomporan- instiulty or miisculnr contraction, and especially whom the aberration lasts four years and the investigation ten days? Here are some of the choice paragraphs: "Our Bevolullo-nary 'fathers established a iuonctJiry sytem for jlils pm'-ern.- meat and that system,provided for the free coinnge of both and silver." . • . A groat argument. The Chicago platform is certainly in line with -this idea In being revolutionary bat our Rcvoln- tioiWTy'fathors used fllnt-l6ck guns and built stockadf-s to proteeV'themsclvcs ifi-om tlic Indians. Must 'we.do the* sonic? ••••:.' ! ...• "SilverS -hiis l>ecii' against by the mont-y kings of the world with a view of enhancing tu.e. ; ynlue ot gold." . . •' "•>( ' ' Nonsense! The people creiito the monetary system by their demand for sound money. No mnn will exchange a horse for a note signed.by sojnebody he never heard of. TBi.e demand for good money In bui'tcr and trade compels a government to furnish that kind of money. No man will lw quicker to refuse a riO-cent dollar than'the mnu who Is loudest Jin his demand for free silver. He.simply wants the gveromcat to help him make somebody el.sc take l;t. In 1849 there was .f50,000 of .silv.cr produced in tho United States.. ..In. 1SG1 th«i-e wfl*-'$2!oOO,000.'.;-In 1802 there was ¥74,089,000. Does any sensible man believe that I'egJLslatlon. would prevent a decrease-In vnlueiwitli. this,great increase In production? ji; . The truth of the whiMe business Is that the Pharos advocated whnt was right until Its party was run away with by a,n emotional South and an experimental West, and then It sacrificed Its honor and Its principles on the altar of party expediency. '..•'•'• There is no more sense In advocating tlie froe coinage of silver at 1C to 1 than there is to advocating the .free coinage •of Iron at that-ratio, sliver haying changed in value the precedent of 10 to 1 loses'all Its force.' Just as well might similar argument .be' made for a numl)er two shoe for a 'nineteen-year- old boy, because at one-,time.It was n pei-fect Ot. ' And Just as,w.'ell,'silver being' worth less than Its;prop<)^d coin value, might Iron or •rfmp'i'-clwaper inoirej' be given tlie st.imp:."onc dollar.'^ It Is not at all probable that tho next House will have a majority favorable: to the free coinage of sliver at a ratio of 16 to 1. When It becomes a demonstrated fact that there Is no danger of this country adopting the silver standard In conducting.the business of.the,country, prosperity will;.come again and, with lower 'taxes-online 'necessari.es ot.llfe. every kind of "business will boom again. '—Pharos edltor/al, March 12; '00. - • '• • The-Journal-adds-two other. plaiiUs 1 to its com-parUson-o-f, plattorais," Xhcy ,.are -.the Popiilitet.piaitform pf : ;i$92 and-the b'eniocmtlc 'platform' of that y'ear.xThey ..make, good jeadta,g and.'jare- sufficient 'argument in Uiemse-lvesrtdjeoitvlii'ec'iihy man that the' Republican; party^ fs.th'e party., to'"bs'^iiprjorted.a-nd trusted inilils .campaigii,,,.,;,,,.-.,..-.. ; ''•'•- .-•..'' •. Had the plitcago convention been f-or sound ' money, Populist; 'Bill•'•-'Bryan would have bolted to hl'g ; real; supporters. Yet he calls the'gcM/m^traltors. Democratic failure is.a : fac.|;.^Speak-, ers of that party-'ask for'-nep^eibate .on •that point, . ' ••$£$(. • • '• •; " •• —.... u-"V/Kl Fluency and Inexp'erlence^e twin demoralizers. "•& Advertising Manager left his Rhetoric at home, put that the prices will please you more than beautilul tJ V Cl y l*O^C*>A tjll.li*<'**V **«»»••» "-— 1 —; y*»w-~ »• f . *. sentiments. iCome our .way from TOMORROW, 1EY 18th, TO SATURDAY, JDLY 25th, and we will'positively save you 33".. per cent, on everydoUar purchased^^^ A Guess With- Every Purchase ladifes' High Grade Bicycle FREE! FOR.A..LITTLE SUMMER EXCITEMENT we will display in our show •window a-HIGH-. GRADE LADIES' BICYCLE. Every purchaser during this sale will be entitled to a guess. The wheel will be in our window in motion'-- It will travel a certain number of miles every day and the person-guessing nearest to the number of miles it travels in a stated ' period will win the wheel. t -, -; ] , ta*M»^ EaaaaaaaaaaQaadadaaaaaaiaaaiaHaaaaaaiaaaoauaaiaa DRESS STl/FES. J -All »he -season's loveliest sorts, g sometimfs .at quartered prices; al- B ways at prices that will clean.them B out. Our seaip.n is over; yours is just begirinlng.___£very purchase entitles you to a chaqee on the LADIKS' u HiGHGOAPKiWiiHKL. v-;r ' g AtlSc-ehftllies. in/.light and "dark g - grounds.- Goods that were Oo. and. g . 8c. 3S r o •e.o.dnds'.',, Fast col ors. : C At 8C—'Stripe?;''dotted or fancy : K hho.t Organdie*;'" the season's best; a ---SS-WTT , sellers-tbait^eTelOa, 13o and 130. ' , 1 At lOc-All our choice Flof ett« printed. Dimities wool' a - •-• ,]aee (tripes, that,wer«;;Wo, ]8o and 200. ine .aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 1 WOMAN'S SHIRT WAISTS. H n- OhttllHWilfl''*' (tripes, tD»S'i«r«' r R''i u V' JUU " 3 --.rooHrniaf make the prettiest summer dresses. . a At 13^c-A'l our elegant linen effects, JaconetteDnoh-: g- B ^CT*?lfefa Ceylon OrKanay^«« dcorded DlmltieB i B i that were I8o. 20c and 35o.' "'-' •> '•*' • ? -•.; .g At 25<?-FreDAh : uiatprials for elegant Shirt WaistB. , Q - -" - lY • ••'- •— • - - 40o, 50o and OOe. n ALL REMNANTS, Th'e season's ace u m in n I a- tionof ourenr, tire stock of wash goods remnants will air be dls-. played and marked at half or lesf>. , nvtv TWVJ wv»*.—— •—. ---•—,• ..-..!,• • • n IBBBBBGBBBBHBIHBBBBBBBBBBBBBBIBBBBBB, 5UNDRY BARGAINS. .•At^MSc—Iinportelii Qpyx , Hosiery, fine guage, split feet real maco cotton, double heels and toes. "A regular, 50:c ta**»ini--'Nev*r sold-for less. .',.,' •,• ••:•,: ••• •>•..•';•• • At ,5c—Gents mixed half' Hose. At 8C—ReaTmacb cotton Vasts, short sleeves, 'fancy'neck. 40doz/- of a 15e ve'et 'to close. 11. ..•'•• -iSanner -Corsets that ' At ! '3Pc-c?-,QJiildwn's. Brownie 6yera)Jl»;th^t;,w.ere DOq., .. ,.Y;r>* •;.'t.rw ,«fi-.v3--.'... . ' i At ,19C— All linen, richly. em ; : tsf, jfflRv, . brpidered H'an^ kerchiefs worth froiu-25c to 40o. : fAt lOc-Bicli: ly euahroidered lawn Handkerchief s,'worth from lOelto 25fl. 'to ?.•>',: . SUNDRY BARGAINS. 'At 'G'/c— Our splendid embroidery stock with all the pretty effects will be divided into three lots. The first lot is worth up. to 13>ic At lOc—Embroidery worth up to.lSc. .•-..-,., ' At 15c —Embroideries worth upto25c at 20 peri oeotv off, Ail linen Embroideries . .w.hich trim ;be-llnen effects sornieely; At 35c—All wopi.French Chair lies, lace stripes "and plain that were 150, 65 and 75c. • \ . ' At 15c—All our best four ply line'n Collars that .were 20,and 35c. .-^jv'Tie— Choice of fifty pieces •Drees O-ingbanis that were l,2ic and.lSc. ''At U9c—All our Japanese Silks iiat were 85o, 40c and 50o. • At 28c—Men's outing flannel ^h'irts that were 40c. ... 25 per cent. off-On all Pocket Bodks and Hand Bags. u c D U For less than poods alone would g cost. We're overstocked and are g making price reductions to make the B goods move lively. ^ At 50c-Lot I of Ibis Marvel Sale ii g composed of Woman's Waists with E collars and cuffs. Kew goods 11 | choice percales of many patterns, g Thi y were 05c, We and 85c. B At 75c—Lawn, Percale add Satin E Waists; some with white collars E Rt.d cuffs. All our best made E Waist s that were good value at 98c, B $1.25 and $1.50. . g At «1 GO—This lot comprises our be»t Stanley and | Defby VVaists the ones wi.h detaotable oolars and g n cue's • t -e lawns, the dimities, the fine percales that B 13 ' 'were #1.25, $3.00 and $2.50. c .'fsBBBBBBBBEEEBBEEEEEBBECEBnnBBBnBBBHCBEEEHEEE so much The prices were Delusive, now they are within the reach of all. "dresses. Were C5o, 75c, fl8c end |1.2S. SUNDRY BARGAINS. At Ac-Best Indigo Blue Prints. The Americans. At 4ic—Unbleached Sheeting, Lawrence L. L., that always sells at Oic. At 5c—Or 22 yards for a dollar, a floe, bleached Musliu, sold elsewhere for T|C. At 3c—Fancy printed Challles. light and dark grounds, fast colors that were 7c and 8c. At 5c—Figured and fancy Calicos that were O^c. At 18c-Fast Turkey Red Table Linen, 52 inches wide, that seJls at 35o. At 38C-58 inch fast colorTu r. key Red Dama»k that sells at 45 c At 15c—48 inch White Loom Damask that sells at 20c. At 19c—C2 inch Cream Table Linen that sells at 30c. At 25c and 35c-Table Linen in White and Turkey Red, worth up to 60c. SUNDRY BARGAINS. At 2O per cent, off—All Fans from lOc up. At 2O per cent, oft—From marked price. .All Jewelry, consisting of Shirt Waist sets, Cuff Buttons, Collar But'ns, Watch Guards, etc. At 25C-A11 8 i Ik Garters w'h Gold Backles and Ribbon Bows, worth 50c;> At : 25c—Clothes Brushes and Hair Brushes, real bristle, w'th 50c. At 25c—Silk Belts, with Silver Buckles. A large assortment and belts that were 85o and 50c. At 25c—Leather Belts in endless variety that were 35o and 40c. 5O per cent. Off—On all Novelty Belts. . • i?»i-iv to ?• AND SUIT ANNEX and Remodeling Sale. 10 more We have made two lots of this entire stock d you-oan-tske your choice. China silks sripes and figures, Persian effects in Taffeta ^iWed^Bfps^^uje? and dots. All colors. — Lot-r,~*n J tbe above handsome ef- -';;$o.5o and iroo. •Wal-ts. ' .',1 'tjaa. Wai8t ; in',eithe.rlpt,,.r styles, an old. ' <l Tl'f'^ :/> At $1.37— All our Duck •. JU*l qt.: .'gait,, that remain; i,one --)a1 ; d a^a'y'. 'Tb-ey were'-$1;50, $2.00, $2. BO '''" "'' ' " ' in them from now,,mi.tiil|W.i nter - T , b , e ^ ; -"ew $'-»'0 ' ' ,.. -' Brillla-n; . ,f:,ibe and Mohair,: !B»yf.-blne and; I AU/N ' LAW-fN . At $3.48—The Lawn Dresses, em- hroirtered trimmed, five yard ekirts, made to fit. They were $7.00 and $7.50. At #l.O8-Li»f D Lawo Suits that were $3.50. Only 20 of them left. At 08c-P.-rcale Dresses that were $1.71 and $2.00. All light colors and good materials. . LAWN WRAPPERS. A * a ^Vra AP " per*, hat bold for $1.00 and $1.50. Light lawn, nicely trimmed. At $l.*8-Lawn Wrappers that sold at $2.50 and $3.00 They unist be sold. So come ana j get them. LINEN PETTICOATS. **£^™g£Sjg£ At.$1.08-Lioen Petticoats of finer material tb*t sold at $2.75, r-uoTAIM«- ; - 25"per ceat-off'on .alKfCurtains in CuKTAINb.. •• : .f n ^.!:bou«*.i:-pa;i:-;L'ae«seurtains are letf ant. -Come and see. -~: •&*•?/. ?'&'& : ' Oar(frearesi.ou-i-io'i«'»««'••• «"•- —-r „„_»«.. *< At *l,88-L6t: II,-: elegant Paraso.ls, wor^ $ : ir.i-,.,:.i i..... ;; ;.T-_.- - • - T-I»W-I<I •"" • • - 'virino'; 'r 1 . 1 ,- '"-• '^'••- '.'.'• ' "£ .'"flliOJ' , a;V-v ' »«5,'n ' v. ; Wrt." •• : ;--;.'i-,iw::-; JHEI«I-. ' 'i-tliSiftf i ^-ift'i'.: -m - : j"-"i' : T^ - - sn °'""'' •H\&*:.-.h.&&-< ':&**•'-. . , .. ..i-c i:. i;f:-w iV 1 .'-'-- .-'.-nfi :s .,.:-.•-.'.-.;o j»-iv anil < :.-••• •r: I'f/T. .'.a->-:-. ..•.;.,"- Ji'-•'.•-• •'••• - .'-:t- r »! ««' '"> : . - . '.->•(:!:.«..•'•'..' -.-.H'l- •''-•• • ••'•' ~W:"'-'--- "'• "' 306 FoorfStreet. ..}:;K-:.'., s'^y-ti- ;•:.''•.;;;:,';.:-;..; ; ; : :,-, ' •:,/^ .-IV- : '..':„- •.•.-••••/'-•,)"-.. '. ••,••>'-;.' '.^i.-^^- >;-';;• :>:•:• J '/fe^-S^li^^i^M^fciisisSii. ;i £^'^li£^^:^i^ifeT-i,?: ^ -~S l^zM&?M&ti^l&tim

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