The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1948
Page 9
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1948 BLYTHBVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NKWS PAGE NINE UT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople FOR. rlAMKSiBW. UOOPLeJl'M, 'tHJR MWO,lri6PECTOR OH, MRS. MUPGE IP VOU'UL GIVE US , , BOT MX) CpM fetWSOOR. a THIS ADDRESS.'-~SOMeGUV IH TMC STATION KCK.LEC- lie Ufc'D Beert HOSG6D 8V A Hi THIS Ro^JDY ? 'RWW -"-THE 60Y SUCKER-POMCHED M6 AND t PUT ^ FEVO PRET S6N1D& W tAlJA?-"' WAIT TILL t GET M.V MAT , AMD ta SO ALOiG: WITHOUT WAKIWQ HIM UP. IF I HADN'T SEE ER. FOLLOWS I/O •5brSS FOOTSTEPS ' //I A. PART Of= THE BED ItKCKI.KS & HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOSSRB <>n With the Hath cet in Miami Tourney PALM BE\CH. Fla,, Feb. 14 <UP> -Easy prey to every upset artist the Winter circuit »r> to now. lly Rlley of Fort Wortli. Tex., lay met Peggy Kirk of Flndlny, In the 18-liole finals of the 1m Beach Women's Colt Tourrm- ent, »nd was determined to null least one championship cS of E tire. OFFICE By Adelaide Humphries ,I«.J. Hvr.fki.ti, ftiliibulri d N[A UIVICE, IXC. Radio Service At Its Best! We service all makes radios «nd back our repairs with a guarantee. Ours in the most complete radio service to be found anywhere. W« socialize In Frequency Modulation (FM). • Complete Line of Name Appliances See- Felix Carney -at BLYTHEVILLE SALES COMPANY 138 East Main St. Phone 3616 THE STOKYt J:mlrr I1ll>rr. yrcl ly, rfflc^nt jounjt nur*r lo poikular and tiMediumr •orlrty dni-lnr KH- lloUiruak. run. hi* oltU-e tor him. l-Irlr ami Jimlcr bnvr fullf" U> IQYP—allliouKk HrJ* • Irrjirir Kn* a wlfr Iwfco I* «vmy> nnd Jnitlrr h"* » lu»jr-f Hrnd (Hr» A ri- n «• r >. fr'ii r a n h 11 r .1 a n I ft t« cn n 1C nl I OKI la know Krir |OT*» her—CNm «*«• *irnln of the acrrtl hnvr la CHIMP 10 A rji'flntlr Jrct- iili. Her aunt told her that the oursc ol line love never ran all l!r» M*r» nl lirr cullly !• guinK tn d him <*t let him anl«r »*hfc thr .ovr. aftki whnl annul h. 9K* knnw how IhlniEft eom« Krle t*H« jMBle* I • •k bi« »»lle *°* • br- vunt* In mnrry Janice'" lather, (ir •lolhtr. h*» « «*»«* ' parent* have dfclJfd home and no »way i honeymoon." Bnr ibey can nnly do rhln tt Jnnlrr «^(ll takr • *•<••- tl(in her** It, Janlrr can no I fa*r her f»lber*« requpil. »nyi will ink« » trip t» Mexico. up led bj hrr .rh her. tier to Bell Ibelr an • "•eeond lange my mind and marry him ght away. Imagine Bill owning garagcl" she added, with a long 1 g llC5sc d It was. liclty Juno line) said Ihat thnl WHS better. Hut she had not liked Ihe way Dill liacl spoken. H would be better—common sense—sh« told him. (or him to go and Ret things huimniiiK nnd then, Inter on, she could join him. "That's reasonable, now, Isn't it. Bill?" she had pleaded. Bill had said, slill in that grim way slie tiadr.'t liked, thai ht So Betty Jane hod supposed that he had agreed with her and hnd given in. However, when he did he way downhill. As a matter of I not show up fill thn. next week, ict, most of it was uphill work. and, especially, on Saturday night. 'Just the same." Betty Jane she hnd begun to b«Hev« that sh« aid -"Bill doesn't have to be so hnd been mistaken. He was, of ^^^-" t . t lk ljrr^Ar n i!,n s r bo H" i w.i I !s eic h r r^Lro.^!"- ^ ,„ Um .. quarrel. "You're being unreasonable. Bill," she liod said. His re- orl had been that she was the one who wns unreasonable. He .o put thai old office betore him, PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices lirby Drug StoreS XXIV BETTY JANE and Bill had ha their first serious quarrel. A the time. Betty Jane did not thin of it as serious—not too seriou | anyway, since Bill always ram around in the end to her way Oi thinking. The quarrel had taken place on one of their usual Saturday night dates. A whole week—and anoth- Saturday night—passed, and still Bill had not come around'to say he was sorry. | "I didn't know," Betty Jane admitted to her Aunt Mame, "that a man. especially Bill, could be so stubborn. You'd think if Bill real- ly'was so crazy about me he'd see it isn't mj fault and give in." Aunt Mame said that most men were as stubborn as mules. "I told him." Betty June s»id. "that we'd get married in June And now just'because he's got a chance lo go into partnership with thai fellow he met in the war who's got the dough to put up if Bill'll put up his experience as a mechanic, Bill thinks I ought to S HP; thought Bill was waiting too Ions, ttioush. Sunday wti a long day. On Monday evenini couldn't sec why she always nad I she decided she would give him a ling Bill's married sister, with whom i he had lived sine* comlni back not putting it before you. from overaeaSi , ec med jurprlsed She had endeavored to be wl)cn Bclty j anc as k c d [or Bill, patient. "It's just like I told you, .ij Sl ,pp 0s( .d. naturally." his sls- 've already told Miss Hilary that tcr sai[1 .. ytm knew that BUI left I'm slaying the full year, so when tor Pennsylvania a week ago Sun- she said she was depending on <j a y. He's going into business for me staying, what could I do? The l|,i msc if i yO u know Ain't that office is upsel enough as it is, |g rana ? I always said all Bill needed wns a chance—and the riphl Action! I No BM st»yinj at home when there's real fun to be had! Try your hand at Blythevtlle't new| eat «port. Bowl Tonlcht! ChitwoocTs Bowling Alleys East Main Street Phone 4929 what with Mr.s. McRac just walking out one noon and never showing up again. You ought to be easonable. Bill, and see that this s no time tor me to quit without my reason." "Without any reason!" Bill's ;ood-natured face had grown a deep purplish color. Well, i didn't mean tnat exactly." Betty Jane had attempted to mollify him. "Things will get better soon—or something will-happen, then maybe I can let them know I'm thinking of having lo leave." "Skip it!" Bill's lone hnd been bitter "Don't bother thinking about it. I can't wait while you do; 1 gotta let this fellow know if I'll go in with him. I gotta leave for Pennsy as soon as he sends word he'? taken over the garage and needF me. Course. I kinds hoped you'd go with me. But 1 guess I can go alone." was a chance—and girl to help him. It's about time he settled down. And he'd already kept dear Charlotte waiting long enough—she's my husbsnd'f youngest sisler. you know, and she's always been head-over-heelt love with Bill. Poor girl. sh« almost died while Bill wns overseas. And she—** "What's Charlotte got to do with it?" Betty Jane asked. She knew all about Charlotle; Hill had told her how his sister and brother-in- law were always throwing Charlotte at his head. "You mean to lell me — Well, naturally, I thought you kncwl Charlotte and Bill got married Sunday, right after church. Charlotte went with Bill to Pennsylvania She and Bill—" But Bill's sister did oot get the chance to sa. anything more', Bcl- ty Jane had hung up (To Be Continued) Bible No Good As Bank \ TOPEKA. Kan. (UP)—Mrs. fern 1 Williams hid her house key on the front porch. An intruder found it, went In and stole »ia.50 hidden In I the family Bible. Nothing else was , taken. GROCERY For Free Delivery 2597 313 South Second Here's Looking At You! . . . for a more immaculate, attractive appearance this spring . . . bring soiled suits to us for rapid, fresh-as-new cleaning and pressing! NU-W A LUNDRY-CLEANERS Dial 4474-4475 The Right Place To Buy Your Car . . . EAST END AUTO SALES 503 East Main Street Phone 4191 Clean Used Cars— J - W " I - ovcl « (1 y Al Larman All Mdkeil Grover Frazier Clinic 5H Main. BlrlhrTille. Ark.. Phone 2921 10 Ford Tractors Complete Wilh Equipment MORE EQUIPMENT ARRIVING DAILY! See or Call Douglas I.awson at Russell Phillips Tractor Co. South Highway 61 Phone 2171 FLOWERS BODY SHOP New Location 118 So. Lilly St. • ALL NEW EQUIPMENT • GUARANTEED WORK • ANY MODEL CAR or TRUCK All .lobs Restored to Factory-Like Condition. No Wreck » Total Loss! Cur Work Must Satisfy Our Customers! FREE ESTIMATES GIVEN I WE WILL PICK UP AND DELIVER YOUR CAR Late Model Cars A Specialty Wf INSTALL AUIO ACCESSORIES Hev-WHAT'S THIS TMPUV:ES BATHS, DOESMT MET IT WOULD BE TOO&H ow we T?AM IF HE SUPPED AND HIS Mt»RKEV COT X3 WlIW THE I FAN PIAYIN6 DID TOO K MOSE PEOPLE GET HURT IM BKTHTII99 WOULD BF MDUDfR! 1 G1.IP5 ID Bur GOSH. ITD OMLV BE FEW , WEeKS/ OH,NO: ira NICE OF you TO 8E INTERGSreb IM MY NECk, BUT I'M NOT GIVING UP BATHING — EVUN FOR HADYSIDB HUSH ' You've been i\ doctor for two years! Why don't you write yourself a prescription and cure that cold?" \s I.OIIL' us They Fit I'MISCILLA'S I'OP / /tope he gave you a •square deal! I don't like it when a boy tok^s advantage of his / gave nini my old pocket knife with no blades. He gave me sounds enough, Nv MICI1AKL O'MALI.EY nmi KAL1MI LANB 1 IIIINK VOUR PtAM IS GOING WORK OUT HAPPY 50HYA, A CflPABlf WOMAN 3U TO HAFF TOR 14RTN6R ' DON T AWO«D, FIAIFOOI OR 1'Ll LET YOU HAVE IT EXCEUENT: WE CAN IN MY CAR TAKE FLINT TO SOME IOHE-LY DITCH WHERE HE WON'T BC- rOUND FORA WEEK IT'S &NOWIUG UP fl BLI77ARD. HEAD FOR THE COUNTRY, my only chance was to break up ' this unnatural honeymoon. If I didn't, I was a goner WASH TUBRS THI6 IS THE ROOM'/ HtNTHINS TO HOUOR VOL) 60 IN PIKST, ^H^D, AMD SOU, IRIS. BUT I WISH KEEP THW HOWSTEK. IMK..X 1 COU1D 5FWS.E HOU 1RI5'. HMLUCIMMIONS IOOKBD ML THR.LJ 1H' BUILOIMG CHIEF. EVERV TH1NCV 15 A, IWMENT w LWEIt. IRIS STW05 SEEN ML TOO RE TO THE UICIIM! SHE fULW EUPECTEPTOIW/ BE ON OUR Ml SHE HAD CINWD HO TR^CE THftT ITS BEEN OCCUPIED. .AM ML SHUTTERS HKf. LOCKED INSIDE Bv FRED HARM AN Delicate Silimtion BETTER SURRE ' WO!AEf5 Alf^'T LINE"' 5riUTUP,YOU LITTLE WEASEL' LOOK-UttOUT REDRYDtR YOU MIGHt Hit THE KIO' CROP YOUR. FJy V. T. I1AMMN NO. NO: CA*'TV!* S . BROTHER. IF 'HIS 15 A DR6A.M. NOBOOV EVIR \*AK WILL YOU W.VESOME *^ I i/"Tfi HU«Yr DON'T }*£L S . •U9T t ISISI-* I y,-TB*.fc.'^« BOTHER MS _ f «J?£ N . < ?j Bv EDGAR MART If BOOTS AND HKR lUJDDIICS * \4,000 - \-V OOVST TO we 'sen* f t^^_

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