Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on September 15, 1966 · Page 6
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 6

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1966
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

6-A « « LUBBOCK AVALAHCHE-JCHIRMI.—Thursday Horning. September 15, 1966 SESSIONS HERE PROTECTION AGAINST DUCKS Marriage Lionise (»dry Pon Harns. rd Mim Man Lubbock Wa1 mon to Lillian nountioe •Í. Bik sr>. Overt on I »or.« it Kent Bat row and wife to Wa; io" Mulke.'. I-ot M, Bik Mi. Overtoi ie Hai Lubbock, iis- Hilda of H Peokei u-dotn and L’rban Pe- J M Oil re and wife, e Manors. 11.VI and oihr, h/V Hr Mac-). Hai a Mtnlyn of Lubbock. ‘.‘4. Petersbu Linda LsliitP of Nat ha B Southall. dp< ea^fd. id others to Darrell I. Vine* ami wife Lot 3. Bik 4, Delmar Adtln . *11.300 ... ann Douglas Xea> Cat! and wife to Bobby a^.-on, , ,aton WiHon Humphries and wife. 153 Broad- moo. Addn I1L4U a) Lubbock Courts fhesestial W»od and husband, rmme Thornton and husband and Frankie Prn- I V It!'I M< ! t Ot KT i'-e to Beulah B Arm* rone. W i Lot »••'»eh * I'rtnlfi. -ludce 1’teslding His 1 R.-' .* dr Ida If«; J.<KX> ' * P Kn ,ht Co.. Ini s„-unM Dennis I,. Armstrong trustee to Filv "f.t *■ Ste\e.n<m >e ' ices, suit on of Lubbock K sect .12 Bik 3. J'iti.000.’ a cied patent infringement. Lubbock Savings A Loan to Mike Ouer- rero and "ife. K 2 Loi l. Bik. 4. Burleson1 :?M> nisiRM T ( ill RT ar .. b.."-,r - ' id Add. Victor H Iindsex. Judge |*ie*ldlng ian;rs K Stanton and «ife to \V T K * se;' *t Jr asainst Eldon Gdes. suit seseni' F 1; Lot 173 \v .v; ] <n j 7 k ' daniae»- a'.i-ns from a collision Oct TarrMown Addn. '*•» *.s i ‘i , judanient a>ked Rula .1. Moud'- to o C Newsom and Bo'd smith Mito Supply, Inc. asainst tttfe, E - Lot f*. Blk h. Roben-Neill Ht> Gob>. don. bus*ne>5 as Brownfield s,i ;,o V r. .e • t"<: st.--a^e suit on agreement Do aid n Bransom and wife to Kenneth ' ‘ " * «samst Kenneth i, Kdmon.-or ar-1 wife W : i.ot liM lean K; ea»*. »ut for divorce Ml H M'TKIt T < <U RT Howard < It a % Ison. Judge Presiding v aK»’■! M Hobbs asainst Bernice (‘ • stud ant -¡.'t for damage;, allea- ; rer'ooa) injuries in a fall May [ B 2 3 Pat Lot 10". Pink Parnsh Addn L shaudio and w fe to John E ami wife, Lot 17. Sunn' ¿slope I.o, a ne ift asainst F I-er BusicV Addn. Wilson \V Ayer* and wife to Goodpasture Inc . Lot Bik Livermore Addn Kastman Development Company to Burl Kurt. Lot 435, Melóme Park Donnie Charles Thorne and w fe to Dwight David Headley, lxit 'S'. Bik 4. t ;ri h Iti' iRlt i t oi R i t»n>fs tills, ludg* Presiding eav 1er against Donald Joe vu.t for divorce \\r doinî busme-.« »« Bates- Co . against Jim Robert*, suit on 11 ! H ttl' I RI« I COI II I Tî'heit W Judge Presidine V • c; aîH -St L. G Millet. *uit ; a! F eetric Credit Corp. asan r \ \| Mjit on promissory note . e- F B -rd and wife and ofhf ist î;obert 1/er Morris, suit ?or da a- '.ru from a collision Aug ia Higginbotham and wife to Christian Church of Tesas, i e I : act NIV ! ;-ect s Blk } 1' Schwie ow and wife to Gl 13, Pink Parr-sh Addn Work Project Development Ideas Discussed irnitiian Peasant Uses Rocket Sheds For Fence Four moni session arc1 brine iam T Brat tin and snd wife. UH 1.13, I w __________ ______ _ — THRILLERS FXPLAINKD TELL AVIV, Israel (APi Thrill-chill producer-director Al- HONLl M(M)NIN<* HI MPHRE\S IN HAWAII Mr. anti Mrs. Robert A. Humphrey, son and frod Hitchcock explained his daughter-in-law of \ it o President Hubert H. Humphrey', visited the Polynesian Cultural Cen- boxoffiee success on arrival for ter over the Labor Day weekend. Martino Mapuhi, 6, a Tahitian dancer at the Center, plants h week’s visit: “A .’’-months-old a kiss on the cheek of 1 he newly married Humphrey as his wife, the former Donna Erick- baby learns to fear r.nd when he son, and Jubilee Kawika Ij)£an, chief of the Centers Hawaiian \ illago, look on. The Hump- grows up he is regdv to pay hic\s plan to return to Minnesota this weekend. (AE’ Wirephoto) money to he frightened.” MOSCOW (UPI> For a quar- new,- agency reporled vVedn< , . , it r of a century Yevdokia da>. 'V!L J!'n.1'*" Nechiporenko, a 79-year-old -s\ compromise solution was i i r Ukrainian pciHSHnt \\onwin. itnHj pjftor lon° n^- ird toda> at the Lubbock Cham- protected her kitchen garden [ ' " ..." her of Commer. e-Board of City flfjm marauding ducks and lavs 1 r,K), ,(?ri- J 1 U]s Development offices as part of .»PCSe w ith a fence built from Pemrn' ' 'n--ln' -s '■ 'the pmgram of gaining new used rocket shells. I^V'^^th ,• ideas from members and pros- when Russian military rn- ,iK,i! ^ '' /" pective members. spr.eers becan clearing the area On sCri^ ’;J i i i ,;t. u, fence was excellent, the pea* twowerk series oi su. hfof dump- h> ^ B)imsn ,.Hcnle(| ||](, meetincs bcR»n Tuesday when the N ii / is in World W hi II Hie (||n| o( lhrowin,_. jnt0 more than 50 persons pai*tici<:cnscoverotl \evdokia and -i , j ih barrel of nn puled. valuable supply oi ensljns*. ^¡-tiTlrry piece which she h, d The prosram development *e-,sin "rrs“l,Tnl to'!k> w,Th lie .;«1 ,“s a l’r0P in hor hrn |ries is conducted periodically, at creation, the old woman armed house. about five-year intervals bv herself with a pair of tongs Tass said Hie tneident hap- the chamber. Members ’ and -roni hrr kitchen and took up a ¡.ened in a hamlet near prospective members are invited ¡defensive position, the to cHitline specific and general services or projects desired of! the chamber relating to 1 heir own businesses and to the good |of the community and area as a ¡whole, chamber P r e s i d e n t George McCleskev explains. Tass Chernigov. WATCH FOR FORMAL OPENING ANNOUNCEMENT DATA CENTER SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 18 il N\ Harri» Robert Abbott r , and wife 1 o f>t 1020, < aproek i Ml MV ( O! It I M I \tt \n 1 1 dujn H P.iftlpkri. .Iiidsr Precidine I. ■« - C,!a s and Mirror Co. asains r • Witt Or».’-, suit or. »ccount. ml Ml CO! K1 Rodrtt k I.. '■ha». -!uds» Presiding te of w ill. k L Good P Br I'. Turne: to .Jen' 1 , Aker. I/)t 11, Hultn Ht- Addn 2nd Inst A Sheffield and wfe to Ed Bar- T0 IS' ls>l 204. Bnercroft. .1 to Clyde I: Owens sect :> Rlk h, I Urban hevelc and wife I/>t dependent Kit. It»\ oft« I » <.R \ vi I 1 » i’urham against Bobby Fred D. Bradshaw and \ i\ i ight ano wife. l>ot 451. lame» C Turner to R wife I/it Kh, Beverly Ht- FNMA to Housing and I'rban nent I,ot "21. rieasant Rid«e A \ erlie shearei to Murra v VV. It 11 Bik 71. Overton foe Garner to I>a^ id l-ewi.*, ] 'aprock. to to l’i^d E :and Hills Hall and lflSS ,t t ilkfr Psainft Otis Walker Warranty Deeds Blk !. Ciultf r 'Jnd Addn. . Lota 1,. R --ha ti H M o-ie' to V. r. Chich and *-ir Lot 9, W 10 Lot g, W e siley Squate >i0. \Y¡i¡iam r.obfrt A bbot t and Kdna ■ Tour-h A htwtt to Henry A Walket1 « fe, Lot7K, Indian Actes Addn . Jimni' r>on 3 ordan and «if» to Frank ; p r, and Hifr Lot 511. Ku>ki ondali Hts ' ,-vi JjOd andother ron-sderi anons F Kllthon and wfe andother* to V, Moorf and «f^, IvOts 58, Blk ; f Placp KM\ to Hot iMng and Urliai i Pevelop- m»nt Lot 64, .McCulloch Addr 1 . Sth In-} KobP t C Mr'ay In Pal»’ Me Kown and « ir L<(Jt -1 Bl k !, Benson Addn tanwo t'rourr i and wife to Wayne A Vii- a id »Iff. I»t ">42. re Ta k nifr \V It Cleat Ijin and w f* to ,loe is and1 >an l'ouiton and wife to V 1 l/)t 4. Windsor Uts ins a 11 Fauhion and husba1'1 imack, Ixtt 4. Blk. S, F. R. A W i\ orman , W 10' U idei Al O Cheatr and hi />t 50T*. 'banil ist ruction ( ind wife t er race, *16, fO JOIK'S HJVfj S? MacKenxie Terra n« B Essary Willie P Walker and «r fie Terrace. 110,800 in! r> Turner and wife to .lame* C. ier Ix>t Be\erly Hts Aildn II Garlington and wife to Jarne.« C ter E 35’ Lot g«, W 15' Lot 87, Live L Holloway and wife to Ra'mond o Holmes and wife, Lot 53. Gordon Addn , *15.900 ed E West. Froadus A Spivey and Quinn Brackett to Ro' L. Bobbitt James B Mott. Lot 4. Rlk I. F R nd Addn «correction d^ed' aitci* R Balter and wife to James| r!>‘‘,7 v on and wiff. K 59’ Lot 3-52, W Richland Hills ^.>74 and othei ,j0' idr; ations -PJ n F Coll and wife to Warren T An>n and wile Lot 83. repiat of Left-'1', 1 Monterey HU . >20.800 . fn 'lelville Tuttia and wife to Manue Hiarreal Sr. and wife, l^ot 2. Rlk 5 tn Park. or,e E Bullard to Treva L. Bullard Blk .I, Kinser Addn. Renewal Atenc' to Matti* 1 tract of Ora Vt^ta Addn J'CO it'i» E Day to Urban Renewal »an of Lot 11, Rlk 58, Ora Vt lies Teeter to R omi E Mitchell t I of sE' sect 10 Blk R r; Jame« to Emmett (,ene Nepse U fe. W 1? l»t 731, K ;t0’ I/'t 732, nn M Terrell to Gilbert Rosa es wife Lot 1. Blk 1, Frank A White Paul Veaiei af Lot 1, Blk 1 '* tn W ill ank A \\ L Hor i B Yot 10 B; ee i harnn C Iiavr ip to William I c Davis i H Bartlet l/i' :ers to Don L Hai Lot 4 Blk. 58. Overton and wife to Billv G Miles and wifr. Lot 108, Richland Hill« Rdly Bud Sim^ and wife to Mood\ Huchrs, F 56' I>ot 84, VV. 1’ Lot 83 I Hamman HU lames C Tlimer to Georja C Bobo and wife. VV 15' Lot 41, E. 80' Lot 24. Bnercroft Addn Robert F. Barnhill ,!r and wife to Dous Howell. 1 />t t« Blk 12, Hultn Ht< I' oue Howr; to Arthur I Keene and wife Lot ft Blk. 12. Hulrn Hts. 2nd Inst . j I10.H50 Leonard M A*h!ey and wife to Billy F Shmman and ffolden F'urseson, Lots fi, 7. 8, 9. B>k 165, ar Abernathy Lucille Rice to .tuanita Arellano W/2 I/v 4. K 45' Lot 5. Blk 4. Highland Paik Addn Nad "e l/*ach to Oaith D Womack. Lot 8 Rlk 2. F R Friend Suhd Ro L. Freund and wife to Rov Archie, Hensley and wife VV 25’ 1/it 300. E 45'' Lot "'9. Render Terrace. 12,500 FN’M\ to Hous- ">• and Uurban Develop-! mem I/'t 58. Indian Hills Johnn Houston and wife to J R Eas- tei I/'t i7, Gleindae Addn Duane A Crawford and wife to Jack Goodman, Lot 20, Blk. 1, Sunset Addn.,i 13.001 36. Philip A Watson Tr and wife to William R Harris and wife. VV 60’ Lot 575, E 8'; Lot 576. Pleasant Ridte W L Combs and wife to Roscoe Ta, lori and wife, W 20' Lot 5, I/'t 8. Blk 1. Deerwood ?’-T575 First Federal Savins* * !/>an to secre- tari of Housing and Urban Development,! First Federal Savinas & I/>an to secretary of Housing and Urban Development.; l/>t 257 Wilshire Park W 0 5* I/it 470, I/'t 471. E !' Lot 4T2. Kuykendall Hts I/>i | 39 and l/it 42, Wilshire Park: Lot 18, Blk 15 Parks Addn. FNMA to secretary of Housing and I’rban lie'elopment. Lot 292. Mackenzie Terrace i/ji 110. Indian Hills Addn.: Lot 114. Rroadmoor Addn Wtlma Warden to FNMA. I/'t 890 Cap■ Idrt I Tidmoie to India Mae Childera, Rlk 17. West Gate Dr, *24,510. D Pullig a^'d wife to Jam*« B due &nd wife VV 43'. I/»t 241, E I/'t 242. Beverh Hts Lorene Childers Hanling and husband j B F. Brown, l/it 3, Rlk 40 Overton Edward Harkins and wife to Flo’ L. I jbio and wife. Lot 3, Blk 2 Tech Hts j: L Wilson Jr. and wife to Pat Garrett,! >t 101. Oakwood Addn , j Fa' Garrett to Arthui I/*e 'Vil-.on Ji and wife, 1712 Pontiac A'e 1 /»t Terra Vgen Estate' S '10,1) A I V Bowman and wife tn Gene Allen. tract w fe. I/tt 1. Bowman Addn 826.600- F L cooper and wife to Jame‘ A I Raile' and wife E 24'. Lot 332, VV 3s l/'t 331. Kuykendall Hts Treva L Bullard to George Bullard, | ltfs 1/its 15. 16 Blk 223 OT: Lot 4 Blk 7. j ,ite Forrest H n Charlie Mavnard and wife to Kenneth! Neal and wife, I/>t 3. Blk 14. WestOver( ,,te Hts Elwood F French to Melmc Corpora- a ,,i tio*' part of Blk S3 Arnett and Benson uh. Addn . *2.«30 c M, Hutchln* st'd wife to petlro r; ' Puenie and wife. Lot 8 , Rlk 1. Kurth-l yfj. i wt*'d Subdivision. 15,00(1 C. Iiale Brooks and wife to Tack R •r.. Noble* and wife. I/'t 20. Rik V \ andelia N Z Addn n. Wharton and Houston Butler Estate Addr irtin and wife to A Hartar ■ Lot 4 Melóme Park Addn y Jr. and wife to Jerr> A wife. Lot i4. Blk 2, Bel u£ Howell to Moselyn VN'illiams Ln ■IV 12 sunset H's. 2nd Addn . SU.50T ;k Payton and w ife to state of Texa acres of tract of sei' 24 Blk. E Trcli niscu^^ion Srt On Educational I N Texas Tech will play host today to representatives of West Lumber Co to John g wtiarton Texas colleges and universities for a general discussion of edu- ala’ and others to .-antos ;-al8* " k F.' Park Addn, siator. eational television ( orpoi at ion to J L I1,by an/i. ... . r, , . . s 6. r< io. b i k it overton T r*'h President Grover h. d. Brown and w fe to Deimar Murray invited the heads of 17 ?! 8-,,; .MrK/IUif *XjG \\>>t Texas institutions of high- V Bntt and wife to Martha Sue er learning to the 10 a.m.i i/it ?: ink Cor -ajenio Put mi n. Ben pea,ant Ridge Addn ration to John A Wines Addn neetmg in the Anni\ ihe Student Uf Mtry Bv t,il I ox mmt SELECTS LUBBOCK As Home Test Market For The New Generation of K3L0 • OF- KEAT GAS & ELECTRIC DRYERS! ACT TODAY! You're Invited To Come In and talk this offer over with the MAYTAG HOME TEST MANAGER YOU Can Be Among the Lucky Few to Test This Revolutionary New Dryer in Year Home No obligation . . . fust test a new Maytag Halo-of-Heat Dryer in your home tor a limited time . . . then state your opinions on a short questionnaire mailed from the Maytag Company. Williamson's delivers, installs and picks up dryer after test is completed, all comments confidential. MAIL THIS APPLICATION TODAY! REMEMBER ONLY 20 LEFT TO BE TESTEDI WILLIAMSON, 4134 34th ST. I am in*er»st*d in helping the Maytag Co. survey consumer opinion of Maytag Halo*of-Heat Dryer, At th* end of th* test period I will answer a short questionnaire mailed to m# irom the Maytag Co, about my opinion oi Maytag s new dryer. Nam» ----- Address City . Phone MAYTAG AUTOMATIC NALO-CF KKT GAS S ELECTRIC DRYERS... BETTER THAN EVER! • PERMANENT PRESS? YES! ALSO REGULAR AND AIR FLUFF. • LOW TEMPERATURE-HIGH SPEED DRYING-DRIES A REGULAR LOAD IN LESS THAN 30 MINUTES! • THERE IS A DIFFERENCE IN CLOTHES DRYERS! NO OBLIGATION! PLEASE NOTE! Moytog selected Williamson. 2 great names work together on this outstanding home dem- itration test. No expens« of ony kind to the testing house* wives. No obligation either to Williamson or the Maytag Co. 1. 2« 34th ST. STORE HOME TEST CENTER REMEMBER, ONLY 50 CAN BE TESTED ACT TODAY! WILLIAMSON MAYTAG 1915 AVE. Q SH4-8479AND 4134 - 34th SW2-2901 34th ST. STORE OPEN THUR. TIL 9 “Wake me up when they’re through rolle

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