Public Opinion from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania on February 17, 1984 · 37
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Public Opinion from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania · 37

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 17, 1984
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Weekender - Public Opinion Friday, February 17, 1984 EVENING 6 00 (SOCDaDGDMXLDOQIia NFWS (J WKRP IN CINCINNATI 50J THE JEFFERSONS 3D 33 MACNEIL LEHRER NEWSHOUR STAR TREK 8:30 f8 (B 55 NBC NEWS (S) TAXI (Y (YD CBS NEWS 09 THE JEFFERSONS OS ABC NEWS g 7:00 (D WHEEL OF FORTUNE (4) NBC NEWS (5) THREE'S COMPANY CD 0D ABC NEWS g OD NEWS () CBS NEWS Q LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE (J j) FAMILY FEUD 59j BARNEY MILLER (31) TIC TAC DOUGH SSM'A'S'H eb alice (ED 5 BUSINESS REPORT fcj TWILIGHT ZONE 7:30 CD TIC TAC DOUGH US FAMILY FEUD M'A'S'H (T) ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT A retrospective ol the entertainment industry during World War II (Part t ol 5). 0D P.M. MAGAZINE Behind the scenes ol the TV series "AfterMash"; white water rafting on the river featured in the movie "Deliverance." (i) WHEEL OF FORTUNE (3J PEOPLE'S COURT S3) EVENING MAGAZINE Behind the scenes of the TV series "AfterMash"; white water rafting on the river featured in the movie "Deliverance." 56) SANFORD AND SON M TAXI (ED UP ON THE FARM Glenn Tolbert and Charlotte Nichols bring the latest in agricultural news. 53 MOTORWEEK 3 SOAP Show Biz Q&A - Chicago Tribun Co. Question: At a recent dinner party, an argument started over what happens to Aurora Greenway (Shirley MacLaine) and Garrett Breedlove (Jack Nicholson) at the end of "Terms of Endearment." Half of us are convinced they stay together, the other half equally sure he leaves her. Is there any inside word? Mrs. B., Denver, Colo. Answer: While the film did leave the ending up to your imagination, Shirley MacLaine has some strong opinions on the subject since, as she expresses it, "Aurora is inhabiting me now." Shirley feels the couple does continue their relationship, although "Aurora's matured so, with the death of her daughter and all, that she can't regard Garrett as more than an amusing child." That "child," she believes, will go on playing the field while continuing to play around with Aurora. Q: I'm a big fan of the rock group Air Supply. Read a while back that they were getting ready to do a rock opera based on the Robin Hood story. What happened to that? Bobble, Bakersfield, Calif. A: "The wraps are slowly being taken off of it," according to Russell Hitchcock, who leads the chart-topping group with partner Graham Russell. Demos were made of Graham's 32-song work, "but we haven't decided whether to do it first as an album oras a theatrical production. We've been so busy touring Monday 8:00 SKI) D 55 TV'S BLOOPERS David Steinberg and Richard Crenna are the victims of practical jokes, and Robert Klein presents another "Streets of New York" segment. fSJ P.M. MAGAZINE Behind the scenes of the TV series "AfterMash"; white water rafting on the river featured in the movie "Deliverance." CD OD MOVIE "Superman II" (1980. Fantasy) Christopher Reeve, Margot Kidder. While saving Paris Irom a nuclear explosion. Superman unwittingly frees the trio ol powerful villains who were originally imprisoned by his Kryptonian father. CD ISO MASTER OF THE GAME Kate Blackwell (Dyan Cannon) turns Kruger Brent. Ltd. into one ol the world's mightiest corporate empires, but her attempts to turn the Blackwells into a family dynasty lead to tragic consequences. (Part 2 of 3) 56J MOVIE "M'A'S'H" (1969, Comedy) Donald Sutherland, Elliott Gould. During the Korean War, a pair of zany surgeons turn an Army medical post into madcap chaos with their pranks. IXD MYSTERYI "Reilly: Ace Of Spies" Reilly befriends Russia's minister of marine, hoping to get for England the construction contract for the czar's new fleet of warships; Reilly also becomes friendly with the Russian official's wife. (Part 5) 5 FRONTLINE "88 Seconds In Greensboro" This documentary raises questions about the use of police informants inside militant political groups; included is footage shot during the 1979 "Greensboro Massacre" in North Carolina (R) Q 91 MOVIE "The Carpetbaggers" (1964, Drama) George Peppard. Carroll Baker. Based on the novel by Harold and making appearances, we just haven't had time. We're hoping to get to it next year but that's what we've been saying the last couple of years." Q: I understand Susan Saint James has a new series coming up. Can you tell me something about It? Tommy, Spokane, Wash. A: The actress will star with Jane Curtin in "Kate and Allie," a story about two divorced mothers who decide to share a household. Ari Meyers ("Author, Author," "Running Out" with Deborah Raffin) has been signed to play the juvenile. The series will air on CBS next fall. Q: Is it true that Demi Moore (who plays Jackie Templeton on "General Hospital") has split from her husband? - Blbi, Miami, Fla. A: Demi and husband musician Freddy Moore separated a few months ago, and Demi has been seeing eligible and wonderful Tim Hutton. Demi makes her motion picture debut in this month's "Blame it on Rio" with Michael Caine. Q: Was Joel Hlgglns, from "Silver Spoons," also In "Best of the West"? - D.L., Peoria, III. A: Yes. And before that in "Salvage I" (1979). Joel believes the survival of "Silver Spoons" into a second season proves that three times is a charm. Tell that to Tim Conway and Don Rickles. Send questions to Pat Hilton, Chicago Tribune Co., 220 East 42nd St., .New YorkN.Yt JW Robbins. A rich young executive becomes involved in many romantic affairs. 8 30 CD JOHN THOMPSON 9:00 CD (59 SUPER NIGHT OF ROCK 'N' ROLL Howard Hesseman hosts this musical salute to the last 30 years of rock 'n' roll, with vintage clips ol performances by superstars Chuck Berry. James Brown, Graham Nash and others. CS COLLEGE BASKETBALL Connecticut vs. Providence (ED S3 THE SHAKESPEARE PLAYS "The Comedy Of Errors" Wendy Hiller, Roger Daltrey, Michael Kitchen and Cyril Cusack star in this play about two sets of twins involved in schemes of mistaken identity. Q 10:30 53 ALL IN THE FAMILY 11:00 (SffiCBCDCBCBlSiffJjO ta NEWS 54 BENNY HILL (ED TONY BROWN'S JOURNAL "The Longest Struggle: War With Jim Crow" The three decades following the race riots during "The Red Summer of 1919" are examined, tracing the NAACP's continuing campaign against lynching, segregation and discrimination. (Part 3) 33 DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE 83 LOVE CONNECTION 11:30 S) SOAP CD S3 BEST OF CARSON Host: Johnny Carson. Guests: actress Bette Davis, comedian Richard Pryor (R) CD ABC NEWS NIGHTLINE 58 HART TO HART Jennifer borrows a rhinestone outfit which conceals $9 million in stolen diamonds (R) Q 1) BARNEY MILLER 59 TWILIGHT ZONE gTJM'A'S'H 53 BUSINESS REPORT Q LATENIGHT AMERICA Guest: Hollywood columnist Rona Barrett reveals the ups and downs of her life and the lives of others. 83 THICKE OF THE NIGHT Scheduled: gossip columnist R. Couri Hay. 12:00 CD THE ROCKFORD FILES CS THICKE OF THE NIGHT Scheduled: gossip columnist R. Couri Hay. Q3! HART TO HART An eccentric, wealthy man decides to murder Jonathan so that he can marry Jennifer. (R) 50) ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS 63 ABC NEWS NIGHTLINE 12:30 CP LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN Guest: comedienne Paula Pound-stone. CD MOVIE '? "The Daughters Of Joshua Cabe" (1972. Western) Buddy Ebsen. Karen Valentine. To keep his land under a new homesteading law, a wily fur trapper recruits a thief, a pickpocket and a prostitute to portray his daughters. ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT A retrospective of the entertainment industry during World War II (Part 1 of 5). 54 JIM BAKKER 5J JIMMY SWAGGART 12:40 SS COLUMBO A prominent doctor eliminates his lover's husband and involves her in a lie to protect his reputation. (R) 1:00 CD THICKE OF THE NIGHT Scheduled: gossip columnist R. Couri Hay. HAWAII FIVE-0 NEWS & INDEPENDENT NETWORK NEWS 1:10 QD COLUMBO A co-worker threatens to expose the fraudulent activities of a leading scientist's son. (R) 1 :30 MARY TYLER MOORE CS) DANCE SHOW RHODA & INDEPENDENT NETWORK NEWS 2:00 BOB NEWHART C3D HERE'S LUCY St 5 CBS NEWS NIGHTWATCH REAL TO REEL 2:30 CS QD NEWS 4:00 (31 CBS NEWS NIGHTWATCH USA 12:30 a.m.: The New Serendipity Singers 1 p.m.: College Basketball: LaSalle vs Holy Cross and Seton Hall vs Villanova 5 a.m.: "Baby And The Battleship" 7 a.m.: Cartoon Express 8 a.m.: Calliope 9 a.m.: Alive and Well 11 a.m. : Designs For Living 11:30 a.m.: The Great American Homemaker 12 p.m.: "Baby And The Battleship" 2 p.m.: Sonya 3 p.m.: Alive and Well 5 p.m.: Candid Camera Hour 6 p.m.: Cartoon Express 7 p.m.: Radio 1990 7:30 p.m.: The Care Bears Battle The Freeze Machine 8 p.m.: Sports Probe 8:30 p.m.: NHL: Los Angeles at Minnesota 11:30 p.m.: The Alfred Hitchcock Hour ESPN 12 a.m.: To Be Announced 12:30 a.m.: NBA Basketball: New York at Philadelphia 3 a.m.: Sports Center 4 a.m. : Professional Rodeo 6a.m.: Business Times 7 a.m.: Business Times (repeat) 9 a.m.: College Basketball: N. Carolina State at N. Carolina 11a.m.: Ohio State at Iowa 1 p.m.: Sports Woman 1:30 p.m.: Tennis: 1984 Pinch Scotch Invitational 4 p.m.: NBA Basketball: Milwaukee at Chicago 6:30p.m.: Sports Look 7 p.m.: Sports Center 7:30 p.m. : To Be Announced 8p.m.: College Basketball: LSUat Mississippi State 10 p.m.: College Basketball: Providence at Connecticut WTBS 12:05 a.m.: People Who Fish . . . America 1:05 a.m.: "Hollywood Hotel" 3:20p.m.: "Value of Money" 5:20 a.m.: World atLarge 5:30 a.m.: It's Your Business 6 a.m.: Morning News 7 a.m.: Superstation Funtime 7:35 a.m.: I Dream Of Jeannie 8:05 a.m.: Bewitched Warden Upholstery Service Ft. McCord, next to Edenvilla Quarry 369-3246 8-5, Mon.-Fri.; 8-12, Sat. 14 years exper. 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Wimirtj T"b1

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