The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 14, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 14, 1948
Page 5
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fTBKPAItT 14, AtetuA Phon« 4461 Mri. Hayt Is Honored With Birthday Party Mr.. Willt. Tedder c. «nd, "• >>°«t «nd , , e " terla1 "^ last night thday party honoring Mrs. Hugh Hays at Mrs, Tedder's hoin« on W. Hose naaci s Guests included Hugh Havs, Mrs ' During the _ played and the kHays. y Lancaster "line Kamc., prlw won by were Mrs. cake iH'V"!"^" 1 * "' W'tMay with Iced drink* were served. * • » Mrs. Hardy Entertains C. B. C. Quh, Guest Mrs. A A. Hardy wa* hostess yesterday when slip entertained member* of the c. 8. C. Club and one guest, Mrs. Leon Schercr at her home. During the games play*,), Mr.s. Scnerer won high score. Mrs. Hur- oy second high and MM. Paul Byrum, rooko. The hoslfcsB seri'ed refreshment* ot i. salad course with coffee. Valentine Party Given At Marcus Gaines Home Council of Church Women Conducts World Day of Prayer Services Here The Blytheville Council of Church* Women met yesterday afternoon, 2i30 o'clock at St. Stephen's Eplj- cojial Ch\irch in observance o/ "World Day or prayer." Mr*, Willard Peiwe of th» «r«t Prwbyterlan Church waj In charge or the program nn the subject of I "The World At Prayer", with the I main lopics being Uken from the' Lord's Prayer. In lier talk. Mr«. Peas* chose the **• • «••-, ira«o. i ^anv uuu^c me 1 first line ol the Lords Prayer "Our Father Who Art in Heaven". She said that the two words "Our rather" are full of meaning. "To Christians they also sre heavy with responsibility, for as w e repeat the first two words of this prayer universal we commit ourselves to the world-changing fact thut (he peoples of the. world are one." "In one thousand and M languages and dialects today we are breathing these words Into the ear of the. infinite nod. In move than 50 nations around the world today people are mediating on rhst this prayer means." Mrs. A. E. Welenkump of (he First Christian Church . spoke on "Hallowed Be Thy Name " "Thy Will Be bone On Earlh A* H Is In Heaven", was the topic chosen by Mrs W. L. Green of the Lake street. Methodist Church. Her talk was bai.jd on the story a! "Four Kingdom Builders." Mrs. John Miles Miller ol the Bits of News Bertha Ann and Gena Gaines entertained is of their friends with a Valentine party Friday afternoon at - ,.., ineir home on E. Cherry. First Methodist church «nd Mrs uuring the afternoon games were John McDowell of the Episcopal Played and a quiz was held. Prizes I Church eho.w the lines of the pray- were won by MarjorLe Doueht«ry, I ft. "Forgive Us Our TrespuMen As Ann Hester and Shirley Halford "' *•—'--- Sandwiches, iced drinks and » dessert were served by the hostesses mother, Mrs. Marcus Games, Mm was assisted by Mrs. R HV Harrison and Mrs. Dave Seymore Entertaining rooms of the home vere decorated with attractive ar- rangemeiils of gladioli and other decorations to carry out the Valentine motif. Irs. Sanders Is Honored At Fan-is McCalla Home Mrs. pclMl Sanders of Green- «ood. Miss., who is visiting with her mother, Mrs. M. O . Usrcy. was honored Tu e6[)i , y uiKht whcn ^ Harris McCalla and M rs . Thad Nichoi entertained three tables of bndgen the McCiHa horn, on w. «, °rt ri " B the br '"se games. Mrs. Di also presumed u'^ ""*'' *"" Wlts ' M ™ T °!?' Ij ° ns wo " se co P nd ZE pd" e . ^o^SrecSw^co'j: . _ Forgive Those Who'Trespass Against Us." Short talks ou where the otter- ing money would go were given by Mrs. Frank Tilrck, Mrs. Hugh Whlt- sitt, Mrs. J. W. Strickland, Mrs. O. O. Hardaway, Mrs. James C. Guard and Mrs. Ivan Murry. A short business meeting followed the program, presided over by Mrs. G. W. Dillahunty vice- president in the absence of the president. Mrs. J. c. Ellis Sr-, who was III and unable to attend. Following the business meeting * film -I'lils Road We Walk", sent to the organization by the Church world Service, was shown by Jimmy Lowe. Mrs H, H. Blevins dismissed the group with prayer. Special Prayer Service Inducted tor Children H!* '!°:J^?^ or . p '^" for chil-' At The Hospitals Blytheville HonplUl isini.ssed: ' Mrs. w. P. Key and bnhy, city. Walls Hospital Dismissed: Mrs. J. H. Sutton. Luxort. Verna May Flowers. Rt. 1 Clarence Flowers, Rt, 1, c ora. Herbert Smythe. city. Mrs. Herbert Smythe and city. city. baby. Ohurei, Methodist te]y 8 5 at- f , or the Progra Marriage License* The following couples obtained marriage licenses yesterday in the office of Miss Elizabeth BJythe county clerk. Raymond Mlchle of Blytheville and Miss Marjorie Wright of Ken- netl. Mo. ' Eric Hall and Mrs. Willie Ander... , - — riesuyierian' 50 " Hniin »h of Blytheville. - ,. F ^»». Jc », i-j,i. as imcn and under the direction of i Milton Bunch and Mrs. Lillie '-he number ol college graduates Jili- r*. Jess Homer sajig two selec-i Mile Nelsori " f Blytheville. "' ' '' ' m Dal L h ?! nn ,, wa " '-father Lead' ^ a " k William Wagnon and Miss "- ?f; l L by Da ^ by Stratter and, Bl ">y Nell Bevlll of Blytheville. A group of and. "We Praise Him," by: cillldren from -— ~ ~; - w Artificial Light '" e . given by children from Mrs. Stout disci of the offering ways it will be and at home the BUDAPEST (UP)-Prof. Zoltan Bay. Hungary's leading atomic scientist, has invented a new nource of artificial light, called the car- borundum lamp. Carborundum is a combination of silicon and carbon. It is pro- trlc current through » mixture of -He Miss Stella Cain Is spending tho weekend In Jonesboro with friends. She went especially to attend the Zeta Tali Zeta Fraternity rinnte. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Cates have returned from several weeks visit at points ol Interest In Texas. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. J. w. liader of Caruthcrs- vllle, Mo. Condition of Tom F.. Mm tin, who wnj dismissed from Walts hospital yesterday where he underwent treatment for a severe case of arthritis, is Improved. Charles Lang.ston Jr., motored to Memphis yesterday lo accompany home Mrs. Langston and their daughter. Tanda. who wan dismissed yesterday Irom the Memphis Baptist Hospital after undergoing treatment lor a week. The baby's condition is improved. MlM Polly Stewart, returned today from Jonesboro, where she visited with friends lor a few days. Mrs. H. L. ixwe of Laurel, Miss., is spending several days hore with Mr. and Mrs. o. E. Workman nnd Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lowe. Miss Evelyn Marie Hill of Luxora, who is a student at Blue Mountain College. Blue Mountain Miss.. h«« attained first place amont the 32 students who made the honor roll at. the college lor the first semester, it was announced today by Dean Waiter F. Taylor. Grade Schools In State Still Need Teachers LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. Feb. 14 (UP)—Director T. M. Stinnett of the Slate Division of Teacher Education has warned that there will not be sufficient tiualitied Arkansas college graduates thu year to ease tile drastic shortage of elementary school teachers. Stinnett revealed that only 224 ; teachers colle K « graduates will go on to do elementary school work, whl;e 191 are preparing for high school teaching. The demand for mand In th« state. He explained that one ot the principal reasons for the preference of graduate teachers for secondary school work is the higher social standing afforded in the community a-s compared to that of elementary school teachers. To help meet the tremendous demand in the grammar schools this year will be 964 persons who will have received tip to two year's instruction in colleges ol the state Stinnett declared that (he teacher supply situation Is actually better thnn in (he prewar year 1041. as the number ol college graduates Jili- ing all teaching posts has increased. He said it was an indication that standards are rising. Read Courier News Want Adi need to make the crystal Storting Early Child Who Has Temper Tantrums Needs Exercise Not Punishment glowing hot nor to keep them in a [What he needed fnr more titan pun- vacuum. An electric current ot 20 ishment or fighting was more emo- VOltS suffices to Ollprftfp *h<» n/»tt- tiollal A mn>/-hi.i/y h*.™ B.v l.ewli Smllh (Written for SKA Servloel NEW YORK. (NBA) —What, to do about Johnny's temper ttint- rnms? In my experience ns a consulting, few problems bnffle parents marc than how to dcill with a young child's uncontrolled outbursts of temper. If your youngster Is healthy In body and mind but Indulges In a tantrum now and then, you will nerd to find ways of helping him ow this Infantile way of rending. To meet the problem successfully will require all the' understanding, love and patience that you have. Your job is to give Die same Intelligent concern to Johnny's emotional development (hat you Rive to his physical and mental development. In most cases, a child who has temper tantrums is highly endowed wtiii emotional energy That's fine. He finds It difficult to be crossed In his desires. He wants his own way. But he must learn to nccept a certain amount of discipline as part of growing up Co Yielding lo liis whims to nvotd a scene only invites recurring dem- omlrations of his pnwprt It does not help him. You'll lie .closer to the solution when nn outburst threatens If you can skillfully divert his attention to such activities as running, playing ball or even Jumping up and down while you count lo. A punching bag, installed in an easily ucce.sslblc place, has proved of real help In several cases because it offers R child a harmless and satisfactory way to "work off slentn." I remember one case of an cighl- ycar-o!d bny, Joe, whose abundant emotional energy lead him lo pick frequent fist fights with his friends After consultation with his parents and his teacher, it was evident thut what he needed fnr more titan pun- without, oimuelJiK; with his Mends Of course It isn't nlw( , ys „ S J Mb e to head off a lanlnunl-espe- cully in the very y m ,,, K ,.,,„,,.' , f a fri«l™t«l child Mos ,,fj , m „ emoUonal spree of kicking ,„„) screaming, k't him hnvo hi, t ,,n"«n In solitary fury. ue, )lc)1)))fl . ho acts that way for a reason lie's alu'll, 8 / 01 '." 1 ,* '' 1SC ""'• '" " l »»'Mlf audience, ' ,,way his nmlleiu'c "'id you'd be sn|.,,,.i. s( , ( | ,,„„, of( a tanlnini will dlo of Us own weight KcepInK your own vulcc culm £ PS you face a , nn tr llm . A cl,m relax ellc ° l "'aBes the child to Coming Events 'Sheik' Speaks . of officer, p.m. th. mrel!ii( O. K. o. Club home of Mr.. Jo, . Wonien'j Soclely of ohrtaltan mirV'T °n,"? "'" «•««>«"« w^U in. t In Olrol. group., oircl. Oil. u! "»" *' Ul Mr "' M « »• ™« will Mr. J, M«l| Brook. 8 r a, h'«; circle Two. will „,„'£ . t the honi. of Mr*. Allen ». w» w . rt . O rcle Three, will ,, wt ., n,. h","; "f Mr,, r. K . Black and M. ioh,' ^allirrslono „, iMBiew: Clrcl. fV'ur. will meet with Mr.. M.rcua Mr? r J : M" rli , MVt ' """"••t.lS; Mi*. A. M. milt and Mr«. A. U R nrunsoi, „, co-hostew lnd olrr j, Six will ninol with Mrs, u. 8. Br,n- Alpha Chapter ,f volts suffices to operate the new lamps. Pro! Bay thinks that his Inveu- tic s may revolutionize the electrical lighting industry. It is pointed out, however, that there is yet considerable engineering work to be done before the Invention can be punching bag tional release. A solved tlic problem. Every aternoon before he wns dismissed from school. Joe wns sent to the gym to hit the punching bag 100 limes. This slicnnns exercise siphoned off his excess en ergy and Joe was able to play Sound Waves Used To Kill Pests I.OS! ANGELES (Up)-An operation for the destrucllm, of ,™, """ Insect., by sound was described ay Or. Isndore Rmlnlck pennsvl- vama stale College, at the „, ,,„ •<.rfnl ultrasonic waves were us- to kill mice, r-nrkronrhtv vrt- low fever mnsqnltnes. hlmvlllr.t' fire- bftls, ineahvmms and caterpillars Sound waves, in.iwo »„,„ morn nicnse thnn the pfitn level of the human pnr. were dirprtrrt nt » rnnge ol a few inches nnd produced rienlh by licnt and vibration Dr Hudnick said. It Is prolmb-'c that human bc-lniM could be killed by the same method If a sufficiently large sol |,, rt ,„,„,„ could b« created, he reported. Four Hnrvarri University biillil- »ES sUll standing were used by ..en. ueorge Wnshlnclnn to bar- ack his troops in ms '!!!<' will .tpoiuor « Itoimrt- »»y program al Ih, ni|, n .) Auditorium at I o'clock. MM B, Reid will bis guest speaker. 'Hie Alplm Bel.-i Sli-iiiii r _i i . „ ,, vi_\. i uiYUiny ni .W.,:.10, in the ,,iu!> room- r .\\~, ," , l "' ((1g '' C '"'' '"ember. '"'ting at the hnine o l Mrs. o. o. I-a Neuvc Club meeting » t )),„ '>">e of ^"^Nrwcll o. Jeromei lei'lnln'. "" (t Cnimll ' y cl "'' ^'"S «n- Avnlon Hiinco Cluli mcetln, »i i? home of Mrs. w P Mahon tl,mT'lM '"'"I' 1 ' °''""' I " : V A««H-la- iX^'M^^M"-' 1 "" Thursriny Jolly Kijjhl Club mrmbn-i Jx-Snc 'nterlaincd at tii« home of Mv Octet!c oluti mcinbrr* meeting (the home of MM j. c. RIIU 3r Club Eight memlters being en- ertained at Ihe honw of Mrs, a O -'0017, * ' ' Thurstlny Contract Cluli members mooting at the home of MM u w Wylle, ' Friday Mrs. O, O. Elklns enlcrlalnl.ig members of O. B. C. Club. Civic Calendar Monday Junior Chamber of Consinrrri* 7:00 p.m. Pounder's Day program or nil P. T. A.'s B:00 p.m. at High School Audllortuin. Tnp»rt»y Lion's cliib-l2M» p.m. American Legion—«:oo p.m. KlwnnlV clyb—13:10 pm Girl Scout Lone Troop-«:rm. Thuisday notary CHlb—12:10 p m. Frldny Chamber of Commerce Btmiuil —7:30 p.m. Tropped up on pillows lo reach tho microphone, « 6-ycar-old Cairo klnderjjnrlon pupil recllci vet-sea by memory from the Koran, llol.v Dock of Islam, during the annual celebration of the birth of Mohnmmctl. The boy la In ihelk gnrb lor Iho occasion. . He referred to to. rtarUr for "am"? 1 inJltltuUen » * higher '-rii. elmrter U th» rtronfut cnll over nude to the llberd p*M>]« of every Kiulon of t h« UnltiiJ 8t«lM to recognl., educational problemj which »r» peculiar H »ucli > large section ef th» eoun. try," Staple., ia | () . • ™ n He explained that moiit of th« educational facllltle. contemplate* In the oharter will b« at the irart- imtc and r««arch leva! and will I>iovli1 e training ..for both whit* an* N^m Jtmteit.i In .uch d(v«mlfle<t Hi-Ms » jnre.Mry, o>nti»try, «on- M-rrallon, nursing and th« flni ails. ".Southern ulatwi ilmply do not nnvc th» !ln«ncl«l resource* to provide, e»ch *t»te for it«elf, th« Quality of Krndimte study and r»- si-iucli made possible by th« r»- Bloiml plan," hi declared. LIBERTY CASH GROCERY FIRST to announce NEW Soap and Soap Powder Prices Large Size 36c Small Size 2 for 31 c SUPER SUDS DUZ RINSO OXYDOL VEL or DREFT Large Size ...... 32c MEDIUM IVORY.. ............ ,. . .'2 for 21. LARGE IVORY .................... 2 fof CAMAY or LIFEBUOY ,...,.,. J f or 19« New Prices on Flour, Too! Take Advantage of "Low Prices Every Day" WHY? Spend tack-brcakinj;, brow- perspiring da}'s . . . enslaved fty your washtub ... in an inadernmlely healed, dismal unfinished basemenl? TRY! . . . bring your wash to our foundry. At the drop of » list . . . presto! Sparkle- Clean wash and linens. Betteh than ever before! Blytheville Steam Laundry-Cleaners Phon« 4418 Osceola Event* ff'iynt Srrvkr nf W.M.U. of tint First BnplW. Oliurch n\re[f J-SO p.m. at the church. Blhlr study of W.8.0.8. of thlt First. Church wtl] meet 2:30 p.m. nl tlie plnireh. Prp.shyUTlnn Auxiliary rnretlnr rt Ihp lioniB or MlM Bl«iich« Ol(-»r«, nt 2:SO p.m. Ohrlxtlnns Workers of the ChilstliiK church B-lll me«t «t the home o( Mrs. George Ralm > J:00 p.m. Reviviil Service Rt tin Firil Christian Clinrch nt 7:3o p.m. Minnesota ImposM tnxc.s on her LITTLE 60VS ARE SMALL BODIES _ DIRT COMPLETELV 'SURROUNDED BV MOISEI lllj-llicvlllr, line iln Slrwt. Max C.RAMI'AW S Dovrntlmn In hlork ,oft > . POST to jir OV |,| r (I,,,,,, nnttnary, «very-,la,r |1,|,, 8S (| Klt y(H1 „,;,, «> ncrf»sarj' for nnjiiyiilcllt. Thrre, al bnrn.iln iirlri'.i you cnn- nnl Hud i-!i,.«-h r rc. nrr dins of evi-rr tlMcrlptlon lor Ihn luinlcr and fl|iort\rtmn; h[in(liiK knives, l«o; cimrru. n»ril ralllos, Itilnh- llslltn. f-'ur I In. linniK thrri! iiro hol-wntrr lu-alrri, ciirppntrr (ooln. A larise vniifty of used nlolhlnn awaits your Inspection »t ih« TKADINfi TOST Max Parku ivrlrmnrn yon lo "rome in anrt Jiml Itiok nrounil!" POST »?o WBST ASM! Educator Lauds Regional College Program Charter OONWAY, Ark,, m. 14. <UP)_ 0"» of ih, thr» «<jue«t<ni who •ccomimi.led a ov . B«, ££, t« l -ollcge, MM' the eonferenefcpro?- need "on e of th, rre ,t«t doeu. Continuous Show* Every Day , Box Office Open* 1:« Show Starts 2:00 I.ISTKN TO KI.CN 8:00 ».m. 12:45 P.M. 4 : ]« r Last Tim« Today Poors Gold with William Horrt Kcrlult "llrlrk Brsdford" N«. | nnd Htxirt Continuous Bliowlni lalardar U:30-ll:J» Sunday and Monday ' They Won't Believe Me wllli Rnlii-rt Young and Hujan H»jw»rd Fox News and Sel«eteil Short Cnnt. Showing gundty 1:>*-11:O* ENRII NATIONALLY KNOWN HAIR STYLIST, FORMERLY OF MARSHAL FIELD CO., CHICAGO, WILL BE OUR GUEST Tuesday, February 17th MAKE APPOINTMENTS EARLY! ENRII will feature the famous Electronic Flash Wave GIVES YOU THE WORLD'S FINEST PERMANENT WAVE YOU CAN "FEEL" THE DIFFERENCE MAKES HAIR SOFT, SMOOTH REMOVES THAT "WEIGHTY" FEELING FROM YOUR HEAD FULLY GUARANTEED The Beauty clinic ,. R1 ' 1h .„ . l8 B1 > lh « vllle » Fmnchlscd Salon NOTHING LIKE IT! The Beauty Clinic EDITH BOLLINGER, Owner 1st National Bunk BMsr. Phone S274 ( Box Office Optnii «:M Show RUrU »:U 0|inii! .Sunday 1:0*; SUrit 1:13 Conlliuiou> Show. K»l. A gu«. Bnr^aln Nl»ht f.itrj Nljh* Kxcept S»t»rcl»y No pane* honored on Sandnj • Roiy ThMtr* Lnst Time Today Man from Music Mountain tfllh Roy R Cont'd Show. S»t. Sunday «nd Monday '/Men? Came Jonts »-,UUK CKMIS1 • fox Movietone New* and fihortu Conl. Showing Sun. 1:30 - 11:30 p.m. PIANOS New and Ut«<f Music Instrument* Repairs A Supplies Sheet Music Records Radio Repairs BROOKS MUSIC STORE 107 E. Main Phnot 811

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